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Home Birth - Fleur Liliana!

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#1 Lionness

Posted 08 May 2015 - 05:54 AM

Hello All,

Our baby girl arrived 5 days ago and as today is Fleur's due date I thought it would be fitting to post her birth story for you all to enjoy this amazing journey with us.

Many Thanks

Zoe x

Birth Story – Home Birth – Fleur Liliana Dóirnín

This is my fourth birth story, to explain the birth of my second daughter Fleur Liliana Doirnin. Unlike her brothers and sister, she made her arrival early (5 days early to be precise) - Saturday 2nd May at 22:55 pm; she weighed 6lbs 1oz. After my last three births, with my 6 year old son Ryan, which was quite long and very intense (it lasted 6 days) my 3 year old daughter Maddison, which was also quite long and very painful, intense and difficult (4 days long) and my 1 year old son Joel, which wasn’t as long but was quite intense and a little difficult. I was prepared for a substantially long birth, but I was VERY wrong! My husband Max and I, had again planned for a home birth, without pain relief and this (thankfully) is exactly what we got. Although, Max had a more hands on role than he was expecting.

Saturday 2nd May 2015 – 5 Days Early

Today is the day of my friend’s wedding. It’s 11.20 am and the kids are up, have had breakfast and have been bathed etc., Max and I are getting them and us ready for the wedding; we need to leave in about an hour. I over hear on the news that the new royal baby has been born. I tenderly place my hand on my bump and wonder when the bundle will put in a surprise. I’m due in 5 days and as this is my fourth baby it could be any day now. Although, I’m not expecting it to be today.

The day carries on as normal, with no signs of labour at all (So I thought) by the late afternoon we have enjoyed a lovely wedding and are in the midst of a wonderful reception. Around 7:00 pm we make our apologies and head home as it’s time to settle the kids down for bed. After arriving home, we begin the bedtime routine. By 8:45pm all three children are in bed and Max and I are relaxing on the sofa, I’m feeling quite uncomfortable with a backache, which has persisted throughout the day, I put this down to the excitement of the day (In retrospect, I should have recognised that this was the labour signs) I’m craving scones with cream and jam (A frequent craving throughout this pregnancy) Max heads off into the kitchen whilst I head to the toilet. In the bathroom I notice some rust coloured mucus in my underwear. I know this is my show. I head downstairs and tell Max, he gets a bit jittery (doesn’t matter that this is our fourth child, he panics every time I tell him I’m in labour) and asks me if I’m in any pain or have any other signs (still ignoring the backache) I reassure him that we’ve got ages because I have nothing else to suggest labour (BACKACHE!) except the show.

Oh how wrong was I? …

Outwardly things stay the same (However, unbeknownst to me things are progressing really quickly from here) and we continue to watch TV and chill out. By 22:20 pm my backache has become a little more noticeable, not excruciating but enough to make me shift the way I’m sitting (beginning to realise, maybe this is early labour signs) we decide to head to bed. As I head towards the stairs, I feel a heavy pressure and I need to stop walking (Ok, maybe labour is starting – this isn’t unusual, my others started a few days before they were due/born) The pressure ceases and is shortly followed by a popping sound and with a fierce gush, my waters have broken and BAM! Like a freight train, a contraction hits me. I call for Max (trying not to wake the children) and he runs to find me on all fours rocking back and forth, grunting through a contraction. Max sits on the stairs in front of me and with my hands on his knees I brace myself for the next contraction that is building rapidly. This one is stronger, I’m breathing deeply, digging my fingernails into Max’s knees (Sorry babe!) The contraction subsides and I relax a little. Max says he’s going to call the midwife and proceeds to dial as I am hunched over in pain again, gripping Max’s leg and grunting deeply. It’s 22:25 and the heavy pressure is back and so is another contraction. Breathing deeply, I can hear Max telling Chris that my waters have gone and my contractions are already 1-2 mins apart (WHAT!) I hear Chris say he’s on his way and for Max to make sure I’m comfortable and for him to leave the front door open so he can come straight in when he arrives.

Apologising, Max leaves me on the stairs and runs to open the door. He returns to me (on the phone to my mum) and I’m contracting again, another strong one. He joins me on the stairs and gripping his hand I breathe deeply, noticing that his fingers are going purple, I apologise for hurting him, and he tells me not to worry and explains that mum and dad are on their way. Using Max to brace myself, I feel another contraction begin to build, with my head pressed into Max’s torso, gripping tightly to his arms, I hold my breath through this contraction and whimper in pain, Max reminds me to breathe and I hear his phone ring. Gripped by a vice-like contraction, I feel Max tighten (he’s panicking) I look up at him, grunting and he explains to me that Chris is stuck in a road closure so he will be a little longer (He says the police are working on getting him through as quick as possible) Another contraction arrives and again I’m grunting through it, I hear Chris say that he’ll stay on speakerphone until he arrives as things sound like they are moving fast. Max reassures me that I’m doing fantastically and he’s not going anywhere, he’ll be here the whole time, he’ll help me through it step by step.

It’s 22:35 pm and my parents have arrived. I stand up, to let my Dad upstairs to keep the children occupied, should any of them wake up. I use Max to brace myself for the next contraction. It rolls on quickly and this time I can’t even grunt, it’s excruciating. With Max reminding me to breathe and my Mum rubbing my back, I feel an overwhelming pressure and tell Max that I need to push. Chris hears me and he asks to me keep breathing deeply (in theory, to lessen the urge until he arrives) I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth and the contraction is gone. I’m sat on the stairs, leaning against my Mum and Max sat on the stairs in front of me holding my hand. I feel another contraction building and with Max telling me how well I’m doing, I grip his hand tightly, my knuckles are white and his fingers are purple and before I know it, the vice-like grip, hunches me over and leaves me grunting in pain. Again, I announce that I need to push, the urge is too strong for me to stop and I tell Max that I can’t stop it; I really need to push this time. I’m almost pleading. Mum rubs my shoulders and Max, tries to reassure me by holding my hand and helping me breathe (He leans forward whispers “I’m sorry baby, if I could take it away, I would. But you’re doing so well and I’m right here, not going anywhere, I love you so much?”) I hear Chris on the phone saying that someone needs to see if they can see the baby’s head, Max takes a look and says he can’t see anything yet. Chris says to watch what happens with the next contraction and he doesn’t have to wait long as another one begins to build. Gripping Max’s hand and breathing deeply, I feel the urge again and manage to grunt out that I need to push, in fact my body is pushing, and I can’t stop it. Still holding my hand and rubbing my knuckles, Max tells Chris he can see a dark mass when I’m contracting. Chris tells him that sounds like the baby’s head. He then says that with the next contraction he wants me to push and explains to Max that he needs to rest his hand just under my vaginal opening to help reduce the tearing and help ease the head out.

It’s 22:43 pm and with the next contraction, I am gripping Max’s hand and with my mum supporting my neck, I put my head in my chest, take a deep breath in, bear down and push as hard as I can. I feel the baby move and then slide back when the contraction stops, Max explains this to Chris but there is little time to relax as another contraction builds and again, I put my head in my chest, take a deep breath in, bear down and push for a count of 10. Max can see baby’s head and the contraction is gone. Chris explains to Max that as the head emerges, he needs to increase the pressure on my perineum and support the head as it is born. He tells us the road is clear for him to drive on and he will be with us in about 5 mins. I glance at the clock and It’s 22:49 pm and with the next contraction I grip Max’s hand, take a deep breath in, put my chin in my chest, bear down and push as hard as I can, Max is counting to 15 and I can feel my pulse in my ears. I can hear Max and my Mum telling me to keep pushing and that I’m doing so well. Then; the contraction is gone. But not for long, again a contraction builds and I take a deep breath in, put my chin in my chest and push as hard as I can. I can soon feel the burning that signals crowning, I grip max’s hand a little tighter (he lets out a little grunt of pain – Sorry! – He tells me not to worry and to squeeze all I need to, as long as I keep pushing) I breathe in again, bear down and push, the burning gets more intense and then the stretching – OH!! The STRETCHING!! (I hear Max announce that the heads coming – really?!; I never would have guessed) The next contraction arrives and gripping Max’s hand I take a deep breath in, put my chin in my chest and push down, again I can feel the burning and stretching, it stings like crazy but I keep pushing and then I hear ripping material and know that I have torn. I can hear Max encouraging me and with the stinging, burning pain, the baby’s head is born. Chris asks Max if the cord is present – it isn’t, so he explains that with the next few pushes the baby will be born and he needs to guide the shoulders out as I push and place the baby on my tummy as soon as it arrives and await further instructions. Another contraction arrives and I grip Max’s hand (again he grunts in pain – Sorry!) I take a deep breath in and push down, hard, as hard as I can manage and with pulsing in my ears. I continue to push and finally at 22.55 pm our baby is born. Max announces that the baby’s here and puts a loud, screaming baby on my tummy and crying in shock, he leans forward to kiss me. I thank him for being so amazing and begin to cry, he cups my head and tells me he loves me and that he can’t explain how well I did or how proud he is, just that he loves me more than words can say (crying harder now) On speakerphone Chris says well done and congratulates Max on his midwifery skills and asks us what we have. Max holds baby’s leg up to announce that we have another beautiful, baby GIRL! I’m in shock and awe of my gorgeous girl’s arrival and my wonderful husband’s involvement. Max, still crying and telling me how amazing I was, thanks me for giving him another beautiful baby. My mum gives me a kiss, hugs me and tells me she loves me and how proud she is before hugging Max and going to tell my dad that the baby has arrived.

Chris tells us to await his and to keep both baby and me warm and comfortable until he arrives (he should be here within 10 mins) About 15 mins later, Chris arrive, he apologises for not being here and congratulates us again, then he replaces Max at the business end and proceeds to clamp the cord for Max to cut. He checks baby and I over and concludes that we are both fine. Chris begins to roughly stimulate my now deflated bump and minutes later I can feel some milder contractions building and with Chris pushing on my tummy he asks me to push again and finally the placenta is out. As he weighs the baby, Chris tells me I have a tear which will need stitches, about 25 (OUCH!) before announcing that she weighs in at 6lbs 1oz, 18 inches long. She is wrapped up and given back to me to hold. My mum comes back with my dad. Dad congratulates us and has a quick peek at the baby. Max is so proud and sitting with his arm around me, he says thank you once again. I hand the baby over to Max while I get stitched and cleaned up. By midnight, all the paperwork has been completed; baby and I have been checked and are both perfectly healthy. Chris has had a hold and has left us. My mum and dad have gone home. Everyone has been told of baby’s arrival and I am lying in bed watching my daughter asleep on her dad’s chest, reliving his incredible calmness during a time when I needed him most, he was there, by my side at every step, helping me through it, I wouldn’t have done it without him and I am filled with love for my family more and more as every second goes by. Watching our baby girl I know that the next important task for us is to name her. That will be fun! I’m filled with excitement at how the kids will react in the morning when they find out the new baby has been born and that they have a new baby sister. Wow! What a day it has been. Eventually, I fall asleep and I couldn’t be happier or prouder of my 4 beautiful babies and my truly amazing husband.

Thank you for reading and experiencing this with us. I loved sharing yours too and Good Luck to all you expectant mothers, I look forward to reading yours too Posted Image


#2 SplashingRainbows

Posted 08 May 2015 - 07:14 AM

Congratulations, what a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

#3 ~*bella*~

Posted 08 May 2015 - 09:26 AM

Congratulations. Beautiful story and well done to Max.

Enjoy your baby moon :)

#4 Lionness

Posted 28 May 2015 - 09:20 PM

Thank you both!


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