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#26 Primadonna girl

Posted 03 August 2015 - 10:09 AM

Tracey: glad your transfer went smoothly! Now the dreaded 2ww, keep sane!

Butterfly: good luck with getting top embies to transfer and freeze!

Jaeh: you have been through so much, i'm so sorry. Extra pressure just makes this journey all the more difficult. I hope your surgery and recovery go well. Stay strong. My cousin's wife had bad endo needing surgery anx polycystic ovaries and after 20 something transfers she got her prize, a beautiful DS, hang in there!

Animal and Tracey: hope you're staying sane in the 2ww, not long to go!

Elsee: good luch for your lap wed!

Babygame: hope your 1 is a little fighter, mine is my 22 month old DS so it can happen!

Vanilla: we all know how you feel. Take care of yourself and try to relax.

AFM: just came out of EPU and got 10 eggs! For me this is incredible and i'm really feeling happy for a change! Fert results tomorrow but i'm already dreaming of my first frostie, would be great to have a back up!

#27 pinki

Posted 03 August 2015 - 05:41 PM

Prima - 10 is a perfect number. Congrats!! Wishing you an excellent fert rate.. Do keep us posted.. Fx you get a couple of frosties

#28 Shiv7897

Posted 03 August 2015 - 07:16 PM

congrats prima!

#29 DButterfly

Posted 03 August 2015 - 08:29 PM

BabyGame, fingers crossed that this is the one! Sending lots of positive energy your way!

#30 DButterfly

Posted 03 August 2015 - 08:33 PM

Day 3 and all 6 of my embies are still growing. 3 are 'grade 2' and 3 are 'grade 3'. Speaking to the scientist & how it all works got me excited for Wed!

What are your thoughts on having DH present during transfer? I went alone for the 3 IUIs.

I'm taking the day off work for transfer so I can relax.

#31 TCCC

Posted 03 August 2015 - 09:45 PM

Congrats Prima! Good luck from here!

DButterfly, fantastic! I had DH there for my first. I guess I thought it'd be 'the one' so I made him come. After that I went on my own.

AFM, I'm booked in for transfer (FET) on Sat. Fingers crossed!

#32 Primadonna girl

Posted 04 August 2015 - 09:16 AM

Butterfly: hoping your embies hang in there and grow, grow, grow! My DH always comes if he can, it's nice to go together but I only get 1 blast per cycle to transfer, I understand that if you get lots it would become a bit difficult to go together to each fresh and frozen transfer.

Anyone else have any news?

AFM: my optimism is wearing down, update from today is 50% fert rate, so 5 embies left. Not happy, we usually have an 80% fert rate aprox so I was hoping for 8. No update tomorrow either, so now I have 2 days to worry myself sick!

#33 pinki

Posted 04 August 2015 - 04:15 PM

TCCC- best wishes on sat! Very exciting!!

Butterfly- sounds very promising! Hoping you have a lovely transfer and some to freeze. DH has been to both of my transfers. The one that took we were able to see them on the screen beforehand and that really was an amazing moment for us both. Will never forget that!

That being said if I'm lucky enough to get to get to another FET I may go alone and not even tell DH :)) been toying with the idea of a "surprise " PG.. Lol if there is such a thing in IVF. Mostly day dreaming here but still kind of like the idea.

Prima- I'm sure it's a disappointment to go form 80 to 50% for a fert rate. But 5 embies still is very promising.. You may still get some to freeze and hopefully another lovely one to transfer. Maybe of the 10 you got not all were mature? If so that could be why it's lower? And if that's the case of the mature ones that did fertilized would change the ratio. Either way hang in there! Sending positive vibes your way xxx

#34 TCCC

Posted 04 August 2015 - 09:51 PM

Thanks Pinki. I feel like I'm going into it expecting it to not work given the others haven't, but fingers crossed. The only thing we're doing differently for this FET is that I'm having a couple of pregnyl injections.

I'd be keen to hear how/if you manage to pull off a surprise FET! Crikey!

Prima, I hope things start looking up from here. I know what it feels like to get a low fertilisation rate. At my first pickup we had 30% fertilise and 10% get to day 5, and at the second one about 25%. It's hard to hear but I guess all you can do from here is hope for the best. Thinking of you.

#35 Tracey57

Posted 05 August 2015 - 07:33 AM

Hi All

Elsee - good luck with your lap today xo

Pinki - I agree with your comment, it is getting crowded in here and we are overdue for some BFP news!! :p  I think we were a bit spoilt in June with all the good news which made July such a huge let down for everyone. FX things pick up from here.

Vanilla - I felt the same as you over the weekend - my neighbour was having a baby shower (apparently its a boy!) and I was outside doing cleaning etc while they were all gathered around celebrating. I waved out to them and wished them all the best, then scurried back inside to compose myself...

Prima - hang in there and try to stay positive, 5 embys is still a great number :)

TCCC - best of luck for your transfer on Sat !  xo

AFM - I'm at 6dp2dt and just hanging out in the 2WW crossing everything for a better outcome this time.

#36 TCCC

Posted 05 August 2015 - 08:47 PM

Thanks Tracey. When's your blood test?

#37 Nettnett

Posted 05 August 2015 - 11:56 PM

Hi girls....

I'm back :( if you remember me, sorry that your still here. For all the new people HI!!!!!!

I tried to make prep for my FET today, but was advised I need a specialist follow up first. To be told it's a 6 week wait, and that he wanted to do another fresh cycle rather then FET. After pleading with the receptionist she put me on the cancellation wait list for an earlier appointment, but it's the best we can do. Grrrr

My fresh cycle resulted in a pregnancy, but very sadly we lost our little Charlie :( physically only last week (11 weeks), but we had known for a week prior to that, that the pregnancy was no longer viable.

So my question girls, can I request my FET? Both me and my DH do not want to do another fresh cycle at this stage, as I feel only now since I miscarried has the effects of the last fresh cycle started to dissipate.

I wonder if you can do PGS on frozen embryos?

Sorry late night rambling

#38 Tracey57

Posted 06 August 2015 - 07:45 AM

TCCC - bloods on 13th - FX...!

Nettnett - yes I do remember you, and I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My heart goes out to you and your DH xox
Sorry, not sure why the specialist would want another fresh cycle instead of going ahead with your FET - seems strange to me and I would definitely be questioning it..  Again my condolences xox

#39 Primadonna girl

Posted 06 August 2015 - 11:09 AM

TCCC: if everything continues well i'll be having my 5dt on Sat too so we'll be symptom spotting for exactly the same time!

Pinki: all 10 eggs were mature so a 50% fert rate is very disappointing. I can only hope that really good ones are left I suppose.

Tracey: hope you're not going mad symptom spotting. I'll hopefully be joining you in 2ww on Sat with TCCC, such an agonising wait!

Netnet: so sorry to see you back here. I had a miscarriage 2 months ago at 9 weeks and I understand how devastating it is. Just to shed some light on your FS saying to do a fresh cycle, my FS told me to cycle asap after the miscarriage as we're more fertile for the next 2 months. Your FS is probably trying to capitalise on this and get more good eggs. I am doing a cycle now and got 10 eggs when I usually get 5, so could be true although we'll have to wait and see about quality. The frostie you have may not be the best and so your FS thinks it's better to take advantage of you being more fertile to do a fresh cycle. Just something to think about while you wait to talk to him.

AFM: today I was told I have 3 left, 1x5 cell with quite a bit fragmentation so that one won't make it and 2x8 cells which are looking good. Hoping I end up with at least 1 for transfer. How things change, on Mon I had 10 and was dreaming of a frostie and today i'd be happy with one to transfer!

#40 TCCC

Posted 06 August 2015 - 06:51 PM

NettNett, of course we remember you! So sorry to hear of your loss and that you are back in here. If you don't mind me asking, do they know what happened? Is it anything that could cause issues in future embies or do you have all the all clear? I was going to say I thought pushing for a fresh so soon after a miscarriage when you have an FET seemed odd, but Primas comments make sense.

Prima, fingers crossed you get at least one for Sat as well as a frosty! Hope we both get good news!

Tracey, still so far away!! Waiting is the worst!

#41 Elsee

Posted 06 August 2015 - 07:16 PM

Hi ladies, thanks for thinking of me Tracey and Pinki. I had my lap yesterday. They found some mild endo which has been removed, my tubes were flushed and they are all good, and they took an endometrial biopsy which has been sent for testing. I get the results on that next Wednesday. I think there are mixed thoughts on whether mild endo actually makes any difference to fertility, but I guess it can only improve things by having it removed. I am feeling quite sore today and am very bloated, but my FS is confident we will go ahead with a September FET (pending biopsy results next week).

Prima and TCCC, good luck for transfer day. Hope those embies keep developing well.

Tracey, thinking of you in the awful wait and hoping for a BFP!

Pinki, hope you are going ok. We will probably be cycling together next month.

NettNett, sorry to hear about your recent journey. It's so unfair. Wishing you all the best for your next cycle. x

#42 Primadonna girl

Posted 07 August 2015 - 08:38 AM

Elsee: hopefully you recover quickly. Everything you've done can only help! Hope you'te better in time for your FET in Sept.

AFM: I have 3 x morulas grade B today! Didn't think the 5 cell would make it but it caught up quick! Much happier knowing I should have 1 to transfer tomorrow and maybe even a frostie...in my dreams but I can't help being hopeful!

#43 DarkChyldeKat

Posted 07 August 2015 - 09:28 PM

Hi Ladies.

Just a quick pop in..I hope we are all traveling well.

Well I started the meds and I can tell you I do not like the synarel arghhh yuk.

Anyway as I said it was just a pop in to wish you all well with your transfers and pick ups :)


#44 MrsP2014

Posted 08 August 2015 - 10:17 AM

primaddona- yay for possible frosties!

Elsee i hope your doing well after your lap, look after yourself

afm- completed our counselling, finished progesterone yesterday just waiting for AF to show up, never think I've ever been so excited for  AF to come in my life. DH gave me a big hug the other night saying "in 4 weeks we could be pregnant!" then started talking about planning to go shopping for things. nice that he's so excited!

super baby dust to all!!

#45 Primadonna girl

Posted 08 August 2015 - 10:44 AM

Dark: I haven't taken synarel but have heard lots of terrible things about it. When I did my long down reg for IVF 1, I took Lucrin instead and the side effects were bad too, but not as bad as what i've heard about synarel. Hopefully this cycle works but if it doesn't lucrin is an option for next time. Good luck!

Prawn: it's great to finally start a cycle after so much waiting! Let us know how you're feeling on the stims. What is your protocol? Hope all goes well!

TCCC: how did your transfer go? So exciting to finally get to this point!

AFM: I had 1 excellent blast transferred today and another frozen! Yaaaaaaaay! Still can't believe I have my first frostie! My third blast is still growing so there is a chance of another frostie but i'm happy enough with just one! It sounds silly but I feel like I won the lottery! Hoping this one makes it but if not, at least I don't have to deal with another fresh cycle just yet!

#46 Animal Lover

Posted 08 August 2015 - 02:55 PM

Prima that's great news! Good luck during the 2ww. It's hard but you'll get there. Fingers crossed this is a sticky one for you!
Mrsprawn - I love it when my DH gets excited about anything baby. It's rare as he doesn't like talking about an actual 'baby'. I think he thinks he'll jinx us!
Elsee I hope you get to do your FET in September. My fingers are crossed for you.
TCCC- are you having your transfer today? Good luck!

#47 TCCC

Posted 08 August 2015 - 03:04 PM

Elsee, good luck with your biopsy results.

MrsPrawn, it's a nice thought huh. And pretty cool.

Kat, I haven't used it either but have also heard its not great! Eek!

Prima, that's fantastic. Hooray!! And thanks :) my blood test is on 19th. When is yours?

AFM, my transfer went well. They only had to defrost one (of two frosties) this time which is great. And they said it was looking good. It's hard to remain positive when it hasn't ever worked before, but still keeping my fingers crossed!

#48 Elsee

Posted 08 August 2015 - 03:20 PM

Congratulations on your transfers TCCC and Prima. Prima, great you have a frozen - I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you have won the lottery. I felt like I was in shock when I heard I had frosties last cycle. TCCC, also fantastic they only had to defrost one. My fingers are crossed for BFPs for you both.

MrsPrawn and Animal, thanks for your thoughts too.

I am feeling a little better each day but still moving about very gingerly. Bring on Wendesday results day....

#49 TCCC

Posted 08 August 2015 - 06:44 PM

Thanks Animal, yes I had my transfer today (sorry I didn't see your post earlier).

Thanks Elsee, I hope so too! Hope you feel better soon.

#50 Nettnett

Posted 08 August 2015 - 08:30 PM

TCCC fingers crossed for a sticky embryo!

Elsie good luck for results and a September FET. I can only imagine it's similar to an eg pick up on steroids. I am not looking forward to going through it again.

Prima good luck in the 2ww. I remember being told we had managed a frostie, I couldn't believe we were so lucky.

Mrs prawn. Good luck on your first cycle! Come on AF

AFM. Our infertility issues are secondary related to having my tubes tied 8 years ago. Both of us have proven parentage with other people, and neither have any other identified issues impacting on our fertility. FS said everything looks positive for our ability to achieve a pregnancy. And falling pregnant is obviously achievable as proven with our first cycle.

As to what went wrong with Charlie, it's very hard to tell, as I refused to give up Charlie's body or placentals I wanted to bury them in a special spot. Given the ultrasound and blood results and Charlie's and the placenta observance It appeared chromosomal. And both drsm discussed that the placenta looked great, no abnormalities, Charlie stopped growing weeks prior to the actual miscarriage. And that genetic testing may not shed any light, because of mosaics, and other growth issues that can effect embryo fetal growth and development. They all put it down to a random chromosomal event. I support that belief. It's hard to put faith in trying again. But this time the FS wants to refer me to an early pregnancy specialist at westmead vicinity to watch me closer and test. But I tried to clarify again with the clinc on Friday and see if I could just FET my existing one, and skip any more invasives and was advised again I need to wait till my official FS appointment and discuss it with them.

We looked at pgs, but have decided not to test the current frostie.

Anyway 30 days to go to FS appointment, unless we get in earlier, fingers crossed.

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