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I found it!

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#1 StillDreaming

Posted 18 January 2016 - 10:56 AM

We can post here now :-). I found it.....

#2 White-Lily

Posted 18 January 2016 - 11:45 PM


A2 - can we please get a thread started or are we able to carry on in this one?

#3 StillDreaming

Posted 19 January 2016 - 05:36 PM

I don't think anyone other than us comes here by the look of it so we should be ok :-).

#4 White-Lily

Posted 21 January 2016 - 11:45 PM

Doesn't look like it! I reckon we will be alright too!

Finally have Quinn's hospital appt for her hips. So we are heading to the children's hospital tomorrow and we are pretty sure they will put her in a harness tomorrow :( it will be good to get treatment started but bad because she won't have access to her legs basically and the harness just makes everything that bit trickier. We are hopeful that because she is getting her harness earlier than the other girls that she might not need to wear it for as long but we won't know that for at least 3 months.

Had our newborns and family photos done today. Should have some good ones of the three girls at least. The big girls were brilliant posing for the photos. They were very photogenic and sorted out outfit changes and everything lol Quinn was less impressed by the end and just wanted to be left alone to sleep, poor thing!

#5 StillDreaming

Posted 22 January 2016 - 03:17 PM

I hope the visit to the hospital goes well today. Sounds like you're pretty experienced with the harnesses which should make the whole process a bit less stressful for you. Fingers crossed the early pick up means only a relatively short time in the harness.

Great that the older girls loved the photo shoot. I don't blame Quinn for being less impressed and wanting to sleep instead :-). I know the feeling!

Had my second mothers group yesterday. While the talk from the nurse is not much help there are some really nice girls in the group which is great.

Looking at signing up to a gym next week. My reflection is not making me happy at the moment so I need to do something about it rather than just feel sorry for myself. This gym has a crèche so I need to go and see if I'd feel OK leaving William there for an hour.

How old are your older girls? Is one back at school soon? I'm a teacher and for the first time I'm really looking forward to the school year starting :-). Too many people around!

#6 White-Lily

Posted 23 January 2016 - 09:05 PM

Hospital appt went ok. They didn't do an u/s and just went with the results from the scan she had done when she was 4 days old. We got her harness but it is different from the ones the big girls wore as Quinn is so much younger than they were when they got theirs. This harness seems a bit more flexible though so that's good and it's all soft, the big girls had hard bits of foam and plastic on theirs.
Will take us all a few days to get used to it but we should be OK after that. Back to the hospital in 2 weeks for u/s to find out if the harness is going to work and fix her hips. If not then it would be casts and surgery sometime between 6-12months old

That's great that you are connecting with some of the other mums in your group. Just having other people in similar situation to talk to is great :)

I am thinking about joining a gym too even though we have stuff at home. But a guy would be good for some classes. I would love to do Pilates or yoga or something but not at night time. Then the crèche would be good for DD2 to socialise her now she isn't at daycare anymore.

DD1 (Shae) is nearly 7 a it's her birthday on Monday :) and DD2 (Neve) is 3.5yrs. Shae starts back at school (grade 2) on 1st Feb I think it is. Neve was born in August so misses out on school this year and will start Kindy next year. Shae can't wait to get back to school, she is getting a bit bored being at home all the time. Neve is going to struggle when she doesn't have Shae to play with all day and getting up early is probably going to kill me! Lol
Your so right, there are so many people around so that will be good about school going back!

#7 ~bluebird~

Posted 25 January 2016 - 09:44 AM

Good that you are getting somewhere with Quinn's hips, hope the surgery isn't necessary.

Joining a gym really isn't my thing, but if you are happy with the creche then would be good to get out and not have to worry about Will.

DS1 starts school on Thursday- I cant wait! he is so ready and at least with Eleanor being born early I don't have to worry about missing the first day of school (her due date was tomorrow).

Meanwhile, pretty angry with DH after he sprayed insecticide on my beautiful veggie garden, apparently didn't bother reading the label that says not to be used on food plants, even more PO that he didn't tell me till after I'd eaten some tomatoes straight from the bush. I'm breastfeeding a newborn and he didn't think it would be an issue.

Anyway- think he's glad to be back at work today.

#8 StillDreaming

Posted 25 January 2016 - 02:17 PM

Happy birthday Shae!! Hope you're all having a great day.

The harness sounds much nicer than the one I have seen before - hopefully she's in and out of it in no time seeing as though she's so young. Very good that she should be done with it by the time she is moving.

I'd love to go back to the Pilates studio I was at before Will was born... Back when I was working and $50 a week wasn't too ridiculous. Could not justify it now so it may be a while before I get to do that again. I just hope Will is OK in the crèche. It's not like he will be able to do much while I'm gone - hopefully he just has a good sleep.

I managed to get him to have a decent sleep in his bassinet today! It was almost 2 hours and I was able to go to the shops and grab coffee as well seeing as though DP isn't working today. Wins all round :-). He also slept for just over 6 hours in one block last night. Woohoo! Haha. It's the little things that excite me these days.

Good luck to your little one starting school bluebird and I hope Shae enjoys the last days of her holidays. I got Will's kindergarten enrolment/registration confirmation on Friday. 2020 is his year :-).

#9 White-Lily

Posted 25 January 2016 - 11:47 PM

Hi bluebird! Shae was so excited to start school too and she is excited to be going back soon too! School is a big deal for the littlies :) and it's so cute to see them all dressed in thier uniform, love it! Hope your DS has a great first day at school :)
How annoying of your DH! Sometimes they just don't think.

Crèche/Gym - hopefully he will be fine, and if not at least you will be close and can come get him. Can you do a trial or something and see how it goes before you sign up properly?
$50 a week, ouch!! Yep, that would be out of the question for me too! I haven't looked much into prices but my sister goes to a gym that is about $6 per week with classes (not sure if that's additional fee) and unlimited crèche so I'm going to look into that one and see.

Great sleep! 6hrs overnight is a dream! Hope he repeats the effort again tonight, and then every night! And way to go with the good sleep in the bassinet too!
the little things are sometimes the most amazing things :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Shae. She had a great day though she started it earlier than she would normally get up due to be so excited! Which then meant I couldn't go back to sleep lol
We just chilled out at home building her new Lego set and watched a movie. Then out to dinner and then to the beach to watch the sunset at her request. Was a lovely day, can't believe she is 7!!

Wow, kindy registration already! 2020 will be here before we know it though :( time goes so quickly when you watch little people grow

Got our next appt for Quinn's hips, it's on the 5th Feb, so 2 weeks exactly after getting her harness. Have to be in the city for 8am (I'm rural, so this will be a feat in itself lol). U/S and consultant, then ortho clinic if the u/s shows improvement.

#10 MyPrincess

Posted 26 January 2016 - 12:51 PM

Hi :waves: Happy Australia Day!

So after a bit of searching, I finally found this new place we are now posting in! I didn't realise it had been a couple of weeks since I'd been in here - how time is flying!

White-Lily - thanks for the info about your friend who also had name regret. I am still torn with what to do...I love the name Clara but at the same time, I really love Madeleine. Arghh I just don't want to make the wrong decision. I'm holding off from putting the birth certificate in until I know for sure what to do. My DH and kids all seem to think Clara suits her more...That's great that you finally had Quinn's appointment. Fingers crossed that the early intervention and harness help her hips so no other treatment is needed. Has she had her hearing test again yet? Good luck with the test! We have been meaning to book a photographer for photos as well, but I've got no idea who's a good photographer. I really need to look into it...Your DD sounded like she had a lovely birthday. My DS is also soon to turn 7 and is starting year 2. My eldest DD is starting year 6 - I still remember her being a little baby like it was not long ago yet here she is, about to go into her last year of primary school! Then I will have a high school kid next year! OMG!! And my DD2 turned 4 late last year so she starts kindy this year - yay! She is so ready and so excited (and so am I coz it means I'll get one on one time with Clara 2 days a week & 3 every second week!)

StillDreaming - how is William going? It sounds like he is thriving! I hope your DH is giving you well earned breaks so you can do something for yourself without Will...That's great your Mothers Group meetings are going well. Geez 50 Mum's invited seems excessive! Fingers crossed you make some good friends as they can be life savers at times. I still see 3 Mum's on a semi regular basis from my DD's mothers group from 11 years ago! But sometimes I wish with subsequent babies we were offered the opportunity to join a new mothers group coz this time round, my friends don't have any little babies and are not likely to (they are all finished having kids)...Did you have a go at eliminating dairy from your diet? My chiro also suggested I do this to try and get to the bottom of Clara's tummy problems. I've been dairy free for a week and a half and it is extremely hard. The one thing that keeps me going each day (and I really look forward to having) is a latte. Hmm try having one of those with no milk! :lol: So I've started having soy milk in it and it's pretty gross :( To be honest, Clara has not improved, if anything she is worse. I'm also not meant to eat anything too spicy or acidic...I'm not sure what you wrote and then deleted but I hope everything is ok?

Kai.star - Congratulations on your little boy! How is it all going? I hope your little boy is settling in well.

~bluebird~ - Congratulations on the birth of Eleanor! I'm glad she was born safely even though it wasn't what you were planning or expecting. The bleeding you experienced must have been scary. 2.4kg is little but as you said, she will be putting on the weight in no time (my first DD was 2.5kg and I remember how tiny she was). And I love her name - it seems we have similar taste in names as Eleanor was on my bigger list as well! That's great that feeding is going well for you and Eleanor - unfortunately we haven't been as lucky :( ...Yep my DH can do some stupid things at times as well and I think wtf? How did your DS's first day of school go?

We are still trying to settle into life with Clara. Trying to get out of the house is challenging - I've got no idea how I am going to get the kids to school on time! lol Clara is a pretty unsettled baby during the day. Night times are better coz I think she is just so exhausted. I took her to the Dr yesterday as she is showing a lot of the symptoms of reflux - she vomits a lot, doesn't like to lie down, screams like she is in pain a lot of the time etc. And the last couple of days there has been some bile in her vomit. The dr thinks it could be reflux so she has given me a script for medication but I'm still tossing up on whether to start her on it as I've been doing a lot of reading on the subject and I'm not sure it is 'good' for them...Breastfeeding has also been a struggle and excruciatingly painful for me. We saw a lactation consultant and she believed Clara had a tongue tie and a lip tie. So we saw a GP nearly two weeks ago who specialises in releasing them. He assessed her and diagnosed just the lip tie so he cut the tie. After it was first done I didn't think it made any difference to her feeding but in the last few days, we are finally breastfeeding pain free! I have also been taking Clara to my chiro. All is good in that respect. My chiro wanted me to go dairy free to see if that is what was causing Clara's tummy problems as well as her going on goat milk formula (as we are mix feeding). If anything, the goat formula made her worse so we've switched back to cows milk formula which then makes me going dairy free pointless. But after her symptoms are now looking like reflux, I'm less convinced it is a cows milk intolerance (she doesn't have any other symptoms other than the upset tummy that would indicate a cause for concern). So that is what our last few weeks have been - a lot of unsettledness and a lot of trial and error trying to get to the bottom of my little girls unhappiness.

My goodness, that was a mammoth catch up post. That will teach me for being missing for a couple of weeks! Take care x

#11 StillDreaming

Posted 27 January 2016 - 08:42 PM

Great to hear from you again my princess!! 😊 It took me two sittings to get through your post. I always admire people who can read so many posts and then acknowledge this when you respond. I forget what I've read in the last post and always have to keep scrolling back.... I didn't eliminate dairy. I discovered that sorbolene on a makeup pad cleared the rash/sore on Will's bum so that's not making me feel guilty about dairy anymore. He still gets a sore tummy but it seems to be less frequent now so I don't think it's dairy. Giving up dairy would make me pretty miserable so its not something I'd do lightly. Like you I hang out for a coffee or two every day and I imagine soy milk would not be nearly as enjoyable.
Sorry to hear that Clara is so uncomfortable... I'm no expert but surely the medication from the doctor is more likely to have more pros than cons if it means she feels better and the rest of the family can also feel better. I also don't like the idea of medication unless absolutely necessary but if there's one thing I have discovered in the last two months it's that seeing your little creation in pain is so heartbreaking. Hopefully it sorts itself out soon!
The thing I deleted was just me feeling super guilty about accidentally making our dog pull the pram over..... 😳 At the time I felt so incredibly guilty and I still do but I know now that he is ok and I'm not likely to make the same mistake twice.

White lily - 8am start will be massive! Hope you have help - at least getting the school run etc done. It sounds like Shae had a great birthday. It's nice to hear about birthdays like that because it seems that parties have gone a bit ridiculous now. Dinner and a sunset is perfect.

Will is wanting to go to bead earlier and earlier (because he doesn't sleep enough during the day) and so it will be interesting what time he wakes up tomorrow after going down at 7:30 this evening. Hopefully we haven't missed sleeping during his big stretch. DP will do/attempt a dream feed shortly just before we go to bed.

Will is now 6.175kg and 9 weeks tomorrow. He doesn't look like a newborn anymore. Loving his smiles and cute little noises!

All the best to your kids going back to school and enjoy some more time with your bubs while they're there!

#12 ~bluebird~

Posted 29 January 2016 - 11:26 AM

Survived the first day of school. DS suddenly became nervous and hid under the table for half an hour, but apparently was fine after that. School must of worn him out because he started sucking his thumb at bedtime again, and only played up for 20 minutes until he was fast asleep. Day 2 was harder for me I think because he was of with his friends and didn't need me.

Myprincess, hope Clara settles soon, with all trial and error, must be really hard to work out what is making a difference. Are you keeping a diary of food eaten/feeds and behaviour - would that help? What is lip tie? Eleanor has slight tongue tie, but it doesn't affect feeding, so just need to keep an eye on it and make sure she stretches it.
Hope you can become confident with your name choice, it so difficult. when I was in hospital a midwife came in and said 'are you Madeline?' (I'm not and I said so) 'oh your baby is Madeline.' I said no its Eleanor, and she was like yes thats right I've got the right person. ?? Then I started thinking what a nice name it was (Adaline was my my list) we definitely have similar taste in names, and I think whatever you choose to go with will be perfect.

StillDreaming - Wow 6kg! and smiling, how lovely. I was talking to my boys last night, DS1 is looking forward to being able to make E laugh.

#13 White-Lily

Posted 30 January 2016 - 07:26 PM

Bluebird - congrats on surviving the first day back at school! We go back on Monday and waking up early is going to be soooo hard!! Then there are so many small people to get ready! Glad your DS has settled in to school really quickly.

Still dreaming - how did Will sleep with going to bed so early? 6kg is great and 9 weeks already! Wow! That has gone so quickly!
Shae is so grown up with her birthday choices. We always do dinner out for birthdays, watching the sunset was all her choice. Birthday parties are so OTT these days, I have a friend who goes mad with birthday parties, no expense spared and spends 6months planning, etc... Crazy!
Got our epic hospital trip stuff sorted out, DH will take Shae to school and mum is going to have Neve for a sleepover so I only have to take Quinn, but it also means I am going by myself but I have a pretty good idea of what we are in for that day so it shouldn't be a big deal. Going to have to leave home about 615am to get to the city on time so the less people I have to sort out the better!

My princess - hope you settle on a name soon but don't rush it. Hold off on the birth certificate for as long as you can so you are sure you have the perfect name for her. Names are so hard to choose.
Glad to hear you are BFing pain free now the lip tie has been released. What happened with the tounge tie?
All of mine have been refluxy - with mine it seems once they get thier harness for thier hips, everything gets compressed in thier tummies and they get spewy and upset bellies. Neve was on infant gaviscon which worked pretty well for her. What meds did the dr prescribe? Hopefully you can get to the bottom of her unsettledness and find something that works for her that you are happy giving her if you do decide to medicate.

AFU - Quinn had her hearing test again on Wednesday and she passed pretty much straight away! Yay!

We are having some issues with the harness :( she has settled in to wearing it and isn't worried about it but her hips pop in and out sometimes when I pick her up. I called the hospital to find out if it was normal or not but no one got back to me... Just being careful with the way I handle her and they aren't popping out as often now. And she has blisters and sores in her hip creases as there is no air getting in there and her skin is rubbing really badly right where the nappy tabs are so they aren't helping either! She isn't too worried though, well I don't think she is, it's probably worse for me as it looks like it hurts her
And then we have some kind of nappy rash that won't clear and a possible hernia in her belly button, so we will have to head to the dr this week if the nappy area doesn't get any better over the next few days. Otherwise we have our 6 week check up soon so will check then.

But now she has settled into wearing the harness she is getting her sleeping back on track to what it was. Got my big sleep happening at night again after her going back to every 2 hours when she first got the harness. She stretched it out to just over 5hrs last night then a 4hr stretch right after. She cluster fed before going to bed like she had been starved all day though but I don't mind if she is going to sleep well at night! If she keeps that sort of night time routine up then I might be able to manage getting to school in the mornings without looking like a complete zombie! Lol

#14 StillDreaming

Posted 31 January 2016 - 08:21 PM

Bluebird, I imagine seeing your kids run off with their friends would be bittersweet..... Great that he was happy and you're not having to convince him to go to school in the morning.

White lily, Will had a great stretch the night he went to bed early (over 7 hours between feeds!) but was not keen to go back to sleep after 4am..... It was a long day for me! He wasn't keen to sleep much at all that day and I ended up driving around for an hour so he'd sleep for a bit before mothers group. Every night is still different but at least the longer stretch at the start is still happening.
Good to hear you're sorted with a plan for getting to the city. Fingers crossed all goes to plan and you get some answers at the appointment. I don't know if I've already mentioned this, but I eventually got rid of the sore/nappy rash on Will's bum by using sorbolene on a make up pad. I find that it's smoother to wipe over his skin than a pad that's simply been moistened with water. Perhaps you could try that? It's good that Quinn doesn't seem too uncomfortable with it all even if you can see rashes etc... Hopefully it stays that way (her being comfortable).
Is the hernia a bump/lump over her belly button? My nephew had this - it looked quite painful but it never seemed to bother him.
Will is starting to feed more at night (before going to bed). It's the only time of day when he will sometimes feed from both sides. Like you, I'm happy if it means he will sleep longer!

I have my first session at the gym tomorrow. I'm joining in the class that is supposed to be good for post natal but is apparently full of grandmas... Haha. Hope they're nice to me!! I also have our first playgroup session tomorrow which should be good. My weeks are pretty busy now which is great but it means there's not much time for spur of the moment plans....

Hope everyone had a great weekend and good luck to Mum's and kids with first full week of school!

#15 White-Lily

Posted 01 February 2016 - 11:47 PM

Still dreaming - that's great that Will slept so long but not so great about not going back to sleep after 4am! Quinn struggled to go back to sleep at that time last night and Neve made the 4am wake up a regular thing for about 3 months when she was little, DH used to take her and watch F1 every morning so I could sleep. Hope he doesn't make it a habit like Neve did!

Our nights are different everyday too. Quinn didn't do her long sleep last night, was 3/3.5hrs all night and I don't think she went to bed before 10ish. Tonight she flaked it at about 8pm after cluster feeding for a few hours. Hopefully she will have a long stretch tonight.

Thanks, I will give the sorboline and a makeup pad a go. Willing to try anything ATM. Been putting coconut oil on her and it looks like it is getting better slowly. And have tried sudocreme and bepanthan but wasn't sure if they were helping or not.

The hernia is like a lump that is in her belly button hole but underneath her button if that makes sense? If you slide her tummy up the hernia pops from under the belly button. What did they do about your nephews hernia? That's good that he wasn't worried by it.

How was you first session at the gym? Was it full of grandmas? And how did playgroup go? Busy weeks are good! Much better than sitting around with nothing to do :)

Was back to school for Shae today! She was so excited, at she was up and dressed by 630 this morning, possibly earlier, not sure - no one else was up to know! We made it to school on time, early even, which I had been worried about managing, but we made it! I missed out on about 2 hours of extra sleep that I have been getting with holidays but I will just have to get used to that part!
Neve was actually alright with Shae being gone for the whole day. She actually enjoyed some alone time I think but by the time school pick up came round she was pretty keen to go and get her :)

#16 StillDreaming

Posted 03 February 2016 - 07:38 PM

Sounds like a good start to the first full week of school white/lily - great that Shae gets herself organised (albeit a bit early!). Hopefully the novelty of being back doesn't wear off.

William has continued having a good stretch at the beginning - we even had one night where he went 8 hours between feeds! While he hasn't been staying awake at 4am like last week, the sleeps are pretty short after the big block but I'm not complaining.... Too much anyway! :-)

The gym was ok. Boring but ok. It'll be better when I have a program to follow. The worst part was leaving Will in the crèche. The ladies are lovely and the time I go is when it's pretty quiet in the crèche so I know he's well looked after. It's just hard when you know he's not able to really entertain himself sitting in a pram. He's been calm enough when I pick him up though.

My nephews hernia just went away by itself. From memory they had a timeframe where if it didn't go away on its own the dr would look at doing something. A bit like Will's teste which hasn't dropped yet..... Not a big problem at the moment. Just one of those things.

Losing 2 hours of sleep is pretty big! Hope you're functioning ok or have found an extra two hours somewhere 😊.

My DP is driving me crazy. Pretty sure we're driving each other crazy. I feel like he doesn't spend enough time interacting with Will. He plays games on his phone more than he plays with Will and I can't say anything because it just turns into an argument. I understand he wants down time but so do I! He can have it while I feed Will and put him to bed and then after that as well. Tonight we've had an argument over dinner so have ended up doing our own thing (I had cereal haha). He always gets in funny moods when he has a function with my family coming up.... Coincidence? I think not. I need to get it off my chest so sorry for the vent. There are just times when I look at him and think 'I could do better'. I know that's a horrendous thing to think but all of my friends have partners who would never treat their in laws the way he treats my sister and her family and I think if Will and i aren't worth him putting in the effort what does that mean for us long term? We will just have the same argument over and over, I'll resent him more and Will will think it's ok to hols grudges forever. Arghhhh! He's a stubborn piece of work.

Thanks for listening.....

#17 White-Lily

Posted 05 February 2016 - 12:09 AM

So far the novelty of school hasn't worn off, she is still enjoying going and is pretty organised in the morning with a bit more prompting but she is still keen to go :)

Glad Will is still doing the long stretch. We get the longer stretch first up and then after that they get shorter and shorter until she ends up sleeping on my chest in bed with me some mornings!

When will you get a program for the gym? Have you got some personal training sessions arranged? DH is into weights and we have a decent set up at home so he will put me on a 'program' when I let him and can be bothered! I looked at the classes at my sisters gym but I don't think I will be able to make it to the one I want to do - too far away from home and too close to school pickup :( I might try and find something closer to home to see if I can get something that will work
Leaving Will at the crèche will get easier. I had trouble leaving Neve in a crèche when she was 12 mths while I went and did some study. It's hard to separate from them when you spend almost every moment with them. When Shae first went to daycare that was awful! Pretty sure I cried the whole way to work but she was fine.

That's great about your nephews hernia. Hopefully Quinn's will go away by itself too.

Hope you and your DP have had a better day today. But seriously they can be complete idiots sometimes! My DH has grown up so much since having Shae and he is much more hands on now than he used to be so there is hope! Family is tricky, I'm lucky in the sense that DH actually doesn't seem to mind my family, mostly... He thinks my sister is an idiot but she kinda is but in a good way and he has learnt how to get along with mum out of necessity. It's his family that cause us trouble, they are so different to my family and I don't understand how and why they do the things they do, which he thinks is completely normal... Well mostly

We have the epic hospital appt tomorrow. Fingers crossed for some improvement and some strategies to sort out the blister problems she is having from all the rubbing.

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#18 StillDreaming

Posted 05 February 2016 - 03:38 PM

How did everything go this morning? Hope you had a stress free trip there and got some good news.

My DP is similar re fitness. He wants to teach me how to use machines and be like a personal trainer. I'm not that enthusiastic though. I'll get my program on Monday. Thinking now though that I'll cancel this membership and sign up to one closer to home. They have a Mum's and bubs session twice a week and are happy for prams/babies to sit in the gym at other times as well. So while they don't have a crèche, Will would be doing much the same thing as he does in the crèche. Just have to check the prices but I don't think it's any more expensive. I find it makes a big difference being part of a class too rather than doing your own thing. Hopefully you can find something you're happy with close to home too. Have three kids you should definitely make sure you find time to do something for yourself.

We have a catch up tomorrow with a few of our friends and my sister and her husband and son. It's to try and help DP get over the tension that is always there when we catch up at mum and dads so hopefully being on mutual ground and having DPs friends helping to build the bridge will mean my sister can see he's not a complete idiot :-). So annoying trying to tell people someone's not an idiot when they only see that person being an idiot.... 🙄

It's always nice to hear that other families have their things as well. Not nice that other families don't have smooth sailing all the time but it makes me feel like we're not completely doomed. I think it's just because my family likes getting along with everyone so when it doesn't happen, it's a big deal. They don't understand so much that other families aren't like ours.

Have you finished studying now? How long do you plan to have off work? I can't imagine going back to work but I'm sure I'll look forward to it later in the year.

Hope you and Quinn had a successful day!

#19 White-Lily

Posted 05 February 2016 - 06:30 PM

Made it to our appt this morning, not much time to spare thought so next time we will have to leave a bit earlier to allow for more traffic! Freeway was packed but thankfully I got a close carpark once we got there so that helped!

We didn't get good news but it's not all completely bad either. One hip has shown slight improvement, the other showed none and is still very much dislocated - flapping in the breeze was mentioned! The 'better' hip can be popped in and out pretty easily. So we persist with the harness for another 2 weeks as there has been some improvement and hope to see improvement start in the other hip also. If no improvement in the next 2 weeks then basically the harness isn't going to work and she will more than likely need surgery and then a spica cast sometime between 3mth and 9mths old.
The ortho adjusted her harness which was fitting very badly due to her growth spurt she had recently and this is why she is covered in blisters and friction burns. The ortho dropped the harness down about 3 inches! So now her knees sit where they should and not up higher than her belly button! I can't believe she has grown so much in such a short time! We have to keep her sores/burns/blisters dry with cornflour and uncovered as much as possible and see how they are in a week, if they are not getting any better then we have to go back and she will try a different harness on Quinn or find some other way to stop the rubbing. But now her harness fits properly when I pick her up, I can feel her hips dislocating again, that hadn't happened for a few days, probably because her knees were so high up and were holding them in place better?
Another u/s in 2 weeks and then we will see the Dr again and the head specialist if there is no improvement as the head guy gives the go ahead for surgery if it is needed.

I am the same with fitness, DH is so much more motivated than I am! I managed to keep up with him for about 4-5 months before falling pregnant with Quinn then m/s put a stop to that for me!
I did a mums and hubs program with Shae when she was little and I really loved that. Was a good balance between doing something with baby but then doing something without her but not needing to leave her with anyone else. Nice balance.
Yeah, I like the classes too, easier to be motivated when everyone else is doing it too!

Hope your catch up tomorrow goes well and the buffers and mutual ground allow some headway to be made. Not domed at all! Families are just so tricky! And when you think everything will be great, something happens to set it all off again :(
My family is like that too, and my sister is especially super outgoing and DHs family is completely opposite! DH sometimes struggles with everyone knowing everyone's business and being in your face (my sister) when his family don't seem to take an interest in much other than the kids - which is another issue completely - and then themselves, we don't seem to matter, we are just the people who look after thier grandkids... On The other hand DHs sister is the greatest thing since sliced bread

Yes!! I have finished studying! Thank god!! Lol I finished in September! I underestimated how hard it would be to work, have kids, be pregnant, volunteer and study... Oops! I have a tendency to overcommit myself just a little. Took me about 6 months longer to complete than it should have but I got there. I now have a diploma in Community Services Coordination :)

At this stage I'm not sure I'm going back to work. I don't think it will be cost effective for me to work, with what I would earn and what we would have to pay out in childcare. We are going to wait and see how we go and how long I can hack it being at home! I told work I would have 12 mths off (so will have at least that long) but I can extend for another 12mths if I want and still have my job to go back to.
With Shae I was ready to do something by 5 mths - went back 1 day a week, then 3 days when she was. 12 mths then full time when she was 18mths.
With Neve I was made redundant while on leave so ended up having 18mths off before finding my current job which was 3 days a week. I really enjoyed having longer off when there was more than one kid at home, I would have stayed home longer but finances wouldn't let me :(
In a better position now so could potentially stay home for a few years if I want to this time round :)

You having 12 months off?

#20 StillDreaming

Posted 07 February 2016 - 03:07 PM

What a shame there hasn't been more improvement with Quinn's hips... Perhaps the fact the harness wasn't fitting properly played a role in that though and there'll be more improvement in two weeks. It's amazing how quickly they grow at this stage!! I suppose having had the other two girls in harnesses makes you stronger when dealing with Quinn's hips popping in and out. It sounds tough!

Any improvement with the blisters? It doesn't sound very comfortable if her knees were sitting up so high! Good to hear she'll be more comfortable for a while and hopefully she won't need surgery.

At least your DHs family is interested in their grandkids.... Though it's strange that they won't even pretend to be interested in you as well. DPs family rarely ask how Will's going and definitely don't ask how I'm going - I think DP got his ability to hold grudges from his mum. I told her a week or so after Will was born that if she had an issue with DP she needed to speak to him about it and not me (she's loves playing mind games) and since then I've only heard from her once and the msg started with 'Not wanting to bother you but....' No 'How's it all going?' or anything! Not sure why I'm surprised seeing as she didn't even say congratulations when Will was born.

The catch up yesterday could have been worse but it definitely could have gone better. It was a nice catch up but DP still didn't make conversation with my sister or her husband and they have pretty much given up on trying with him. At least it wasn't as awkward as Christmas I guess (though that would have been because DP had friends there and it wasn't just my family).

That's great that you don't have to rush back to work. I think the only way we will be able to have a second is if DP finds a higher paying job. I don't want it to be a big struggle for us so would rather just have one child and be able to do more for him and take holidays etc. I have to say though, I already feel more positive about having a second than I did a couple of weeks ago! It's funny how quickly you get over the absolute shocker that is the first month or two with a newborn. 😊

I plan to go back to teaching for 2 or 3 days a week in term 4. It will come down to what my principal offers me though as well as Childcare. I don't really want to think about it yet. Hopefully we win tattslotto and I don't have to think about work for a few years 😊.

Last week was a much better week with Will. He was having a sleep in his own bed each morning and I felt much better about letting him make a bit of noise before he fell asleep - as long as it wasn't a sad cry. He is currently having his third sleep for the day in his cot!!! 😳

Hope you're having a nice weekend.

#21 White-Lily

Posted 10 February 2016 - 11:20 PM

I think about 4 days rolled themselves into one! It's been a crazy few days!!

We are hoping like crazy that the harness will do the trick and her hips will show some improvement at the next u/s, really don't like the alternative. I think having had the other girls in harness has made us a bit better equip yo deal with it again but I am still asking so many questions of other people who have done this too. I'm lucky to have people to ask :)
The blisters are so much better! Cornflour is amazing - I had no idea! It has dried them out really well and they are healing well. She hasn't had any new ones come up for a few days either. The ones on her legs are looking the best, the ones in her creases will take a bit longer coz I can't keep them as dry but they aren't getting worse.

Yeah it is nice that they are interested in the kids and it used to bother us that they don't show much interest in us but now I guess we are just used to it. That's awful that his mum didn't even say congratulations when Will was born :( Shame about the catch up but at least it wasnt super awkward. Hopefully next time someone might strike up a conversation that will help with the tension.

It is amazing how quickly you can forget about the first few weeks with a new baby and only remember the good bits! That's they only way people end up with more than one kid! Haha
DH had the same thoughts when we were in discussions about having #3, he didn't want us to struggle and not be able to do anything with the kids. It took us almost 2 years to decide to have #3 and sometimes I think he just let me have another baby because it was going to hurt me more to not have one... He still has all his worries about money and being able to give the kids everything they need and then still be able to do nice things/go on holidays, etc.

Fingers crossed for tatslotto!! But if that doesn't work out then hopefully you can get Childcare and a few days work teaching in Term 4 :) I think 2-3 days work is a pretty good work life balance. If I go back to work I will just stick with 2-3 days until Quinn is at least in school.
What grade do you teach at school? Will you get a class or just relief?

Yay for sleeps in the cot! Quinn has most of her sleeps in her bassinet or capsule. I have to help her get to sleep probably half of the time, mostly in the evening. She has taken to having a lot of awake time in the evening (5-9pm) and she just cries coz she is overtired but won't sleep! So she cluster feeds and grizzles for a fe hours... But... Then she passes out for 6 hours (sometimes a little longer) so that's worth the crying and fussing. So we have been getting her to bed about 9/9:30pm and then she wakes for a feed at around 3/3:30am. After that feed she goes anywhere between 2.5 and 4hrs which can sometimes throw the mornin out with getting up and ready for school but so far we haven't been late yet.

Is Will in his own room or do you have the cot in with you? We had Shae in with us for 8 weeks and Neve in for 5 weeks. I think Quinn will be in with us for a little while longer though. she isn't as noisy as the other girls were! Have to start use the cot soon I think though, maybe just for some day sleeps.

Weekend was super busy! Ballet started back up for Shae, I had a hens party and we went and saw my sister perform in her dance troupe. Then ere was the usual errands and stuff.
This week has been pretty busy too. Dr appt (I got an eye infection which was super fun... Much better now), P&C meeting for school (I'm secretary) and first playgroup and my stupid car broke down this arvo as I was running errands and picking up groceries. It was so hot too, Perth is in the middle of a heatwave. RAC guy came out after an hour and the bloody thing started up first go for him!! I was so annoyed at that but at least there isn't anything majorly wrong with the car. He ran few checks but couldn't find anything wrong with it so who knows. Hopefully it won't happen again otherwise I will have to get it in to the mechanic and get the starter motor checked out. Sigh.

#22 StillDreaming

Posted 12 February 2016 - 05:46 PM

Here's hoping your car is all good! It would make me nervous that no reason was found but obviously relieved that it wasn't going to be an expensive job at the mechanics. How have you handled the heat otherwise? I'm not very good with more than one or two hot days in a row.... Low 20s is perfect for me 😊  

Will sleeps in a bassinet in our room at night and I have not long started getting him to have his day time naps (when we're home) in his cot. He smiles when I put his love to dream suit on him (not sure if I've already mentioned that...) so it's nice that the idea of going to bed makes him happy - even if he grizzles for a while sometimes. Not sure he will be able to stay in our room much longer because he's getting a bit big for the bassinet.... Luckily his room isn't too far away.

DP and I took him swimming this afternoon and it wasn't a complete disaster. The water was heated but not super warm and it was an outdoor pool. I think he'll be a bit of a water baby like his dad.

Sounds like Quinn is doing much better and is sleeping well at night which is awesome. It's much nicer only getting up once or twice though I still struggle to wake up in the morning.

I quit my gym membership.... Will be signing up closer to home over the weekend and if that fails too, I'll just make sure I walk a lot.

I've taught year 2 the last couple of years but have taught all primary levels. I haven't been told what I'd be doing in term 4 yet. If they offer only crt work for the term I may as well look closer to home. All depends on child care really.

Have been wondering about josh2003 and really hoping things are ok with her little one..... So scary for her and her family.

I wonder if anyone else is reading our conversations..... ☺️

#23 White-Lily

Posted 12 February 2016 - 11:52 PM

Stupid car broke down again this arvo - was fine yesterday! Broke down at the petrol station, at the bowser, all the kids in the car... RAC came again and my starter motor is broken. DH is going to make the arrangements to get it repaired through his work on Monday so hopefully I won't be without it for too long, but I won't be driving it again until it's fixed that's for sure! Pretty over it!

I'm not great with the heat either, mid 20s and I'm happy. It wasn't too hot today but the humidity has been awful. We have been going out straight after school drop off to do whatever we had to do, then have just been hiding out at home mostly. Aircon has been busy though.

No, you haven't mentioned the suit before. That's nice that he likes going to bed and the routine that goes with it.  Quinn gets rocked/forced to sleep mostly but she is starting to resettle occasionally. When she is out of her harness we will be able to use a sleeping bag or something but too hot and awkward with the harness on. She has no routine with sleep, if I can't rock her to sleep, I feed her to sleep lol
Quinn is starting to get a bit big for her bassinet too. If her legs weren't pulled up by the harness I think she would almost be too long for the bassinet! So not ready to move her to the cot even though her room is only across the hall from our room.

1-2 wake ups a night are ok. I still struggle with mornings too. If I didn't have to get up then I wouldn't... Last weekend I stayed in bed until nearly 10am! Was brilliant :) DH got up with the big girls and brought me coffee in bed when Quinn and I woke up.
When Shae was a baby, she would wake about 6am and I would feed her in bed and we would both go back to sleep until 9ish haha those were the days

Hope the new gym works out. If not maybe see if there is a walking group or something. I know in Perth there are a few parents with prams walking groups around.

Hopefully when the time comes for work you might be able to find something closer to home and get something worthwhile when you work it all out.
Shae is in grade 2 this year. Having a meeting with the teacher next week... Barely 2 weeks in and we are having problems... Well same problems as last year, just need to get a jump on them early and hopefully make progress.

Really hope everything is ok with Josh and her little one. If your reading, know we are thinking of you Josh, and all the other ladies too

Got much planned for the weekend?
We have ballet and a catch up with a friend from work and her kids at an indoor playground which should be good.

#24 White-Lily

Posted 12 February 2016 - 11:54 PM

Just googled the love to dream suit, that looks awesome!

#25 StillDreaming

Posted 13 February 2016 - 08:29 PM

I don't know what we would have done without the love to dream suits. They're amazing. William loves having his arms up and we love that it's so easy to put on and keep it on. We often just have him in a nappy in the suit with nothing or just a muslin tucked in over the top. They're a bit pricey but worth it I'd say.

We took William swimming yesterday and today. He's going to be a water baby. So relaxed in the water after getting over the initial chill factor. So cute :-).

Indoor playgrounds sound great. Another thing I'm looking forward to doing with William one day.

He's changing so much every day! It's awesome. Loving watching him interact with DP too. They're developing a great bond now that Will is doing more. I just had one little whinge to DP today about perhaps tidying up a few things in the living area if he has nothing to do other than sit on the couch with his phone while I'm spending 45min feeding our son :-). He seemed to think it was a reasonable request so we will see what happens tomorrow.

I didn't sign up to the new gym today. I'll start kanga training in a week and try and get out for more walks (there are a few girls from mothers group in the area who will be up for walks). I don't want to feel guilty paying for something that I'm not using enough so I might look into it further down the track. I really need to start eating better and that will probably forward fix a lot of my issues!

William likes the suit but doesn't like the process of going to sleep yet. He still protests for a while and I often have to go in and resettle multiple times but the win is that he is actually going down for naps at home now which he wasn't doing for a long time. Night time is fine but I feed to sleep... Is that bad?!

Are the problems Shae's having academic or behavioural? I probably can't help much but feel free to ask for my opinion if you like. Sorry to hear it's not smooth sailing though. Is she still keen in the mornings?

Bummer about your car - though I'm relieved it broke down at a service station and not in the middle of nowhere in the ridiculous heat! Hopefully it's as good as new soon.

Glad you found a positive with the wearing of the harness (besides the obvious) - it is going to be tough moving William to his own room once he no longer fits in the bassinet. The one we have is long and narrow so lucky he's not too chubby. I'd love to have him in our room for 6 months but it's not going to happen.

Only plan for tomorrow is meeting a friend for coffee and I guess grocery shopping. DP is off playing hockey so yay for him!! Hopefully he gives me a bit of a sleep in first.

Hope you had a great day! Funny how we've become modern day 'pen pals' now :-).

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