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Due in Jan 17 Chat Thread #2

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#76 Tesla

Posted 02 June 2016 - 06:40 PM

On the dating scan, I asked for one because I've had a missed miscarriage before and couldn't handle waiting until 12 weeks to see a heartbeat. It was such a relief for me.

We told our immediate families at around 7 weeks (once we figured that yep, this looks like a goer) and once we saw the heartbeat we gave them the go-ahead to tell aunties, uncles etc but to keep it to family only. Of course, I then got a text yesterday from a mate of mine congratulating me on the pregnancy and I was like WTF?! Forgot that his girlfriend's best friend is my husband's cousin, who's obviously excited enough to tell people...but jeez, I wanted to keep it under wraps to friends and the wider public until 12 weeks.

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#77 a letter to Elise.

Posted 02 June 2016 - 07:41 PM

Hi everyone,

I had my dating scan done today, so I'm tentatively joining in. I miscarried in Feb, so I feel quite nervous this time but seeing the heartbeat today helped.

Blood tests estimated I was between 7 and 9 weeks, and today's scan measured as 7 weeks, so that's good.

Ive told a few people here and there, but no big announcements yet. I have a little bump already, and feel like it's really obvious, but DH assures me it's not! I was showing by about 9 weeks with my last two babies, so I probably won't be able to hide it for long!

#78 amie484

Posted 02 June 2016 - 09:56 PM

I'm so sad that I won't get a proper baby bump 😔 But it's my own fault so I really can't complain. In that regard I'd be able to keep it a secret for months. There's a photo of my mum about 7.5-8months pregnant with me and only that she is pulling her shirt tight under her belly and sticking it out that you can even tell that she's pregnant.
I just wanna shout it to everyone and enjoy the moment lol. Although I'm not too keen on being the centre of attention so I'd like to be able to just announce it to ppl and then pretend like nothing happened lol

#79 88nobody88

Posted 03 June 2016 - 06:38 PM

I'm 9 weeks and 5 days and have a little bump that I'm struggling to hide at work   (Hubby calls it a beer belly Coz it looks like his!)  ...I don't like being centre of attention either, and I've seen mates at work trying to manage "belly touchers". You know those random people that just come up and touch you?   I'm struggling to not bite my mums head off when she does it now...I can imagine it won't be pretty if a work colleague tries to touch me or the "alien" when they find out!
Anyone else super grumpy at the smallest things?

#80 Princess VFR

Posted 03 June 2016 - 11:58 PM

Congrats to everyone who has seen heartbeats and the start of baby bumps!!

So I'm back in Sydney and finally got my positive blood test. I'm also past the chemical pregnancy stage so I'm letting it sink in that I'm actually pregnant. I've booked my dating scan for next week.

My last due in group I was one of the first to deliver at the start of the month, so it feels odd to be at the end and so far behind so many of you already showing.

One big difference to my first pregnancy is I can already feel the hardness of my uterus when I'm lying on my tummy which I didn't really notice until my 2nd trimester last time. Very weird.

Booked in to my OB for Tuesday as he wants to see me as early as possible due to my history of GD.

I was hoping to keep it secret as long as possible but I've already had comments that I was glowing in Facebook pics while I was overseas, and if you guys are showing at 9 weeks I'm guessing I won't be able to keep it quiet for too much longer

#81 kat02

Posted 04 June 2016 - 12:45 PM

Hi all, my names kat and im pregnant with our first bub, due roughly 30/01/2017 so only just over 5 weeks!
Just thought id jump into the group, ive tried to read most of the thread!
I see my ob for the first time on the 23.06 and will get to have a scan then, getting a bit impatient as i just want to see it!
I had a terrible migraine yesterday and i get nauseas if im hungry but feeling okay apart from that!
Im hating not being able to tell people though!

Congrats to you all x

#82 GreenEyedTigerCub

Posted 04 June 2016 - 07:41 PM

Grr I wrote a whole post and my computer decided to hit the back button.

12 weeks- I was going to get my dating scan done this week (8 weeks) but seeing as I haven't had any issues I might see if I can hold out until 12 weeks, the less time I'm in a flu infested doctors office the better.

Showing - I don't think I'm showing DF thinks I'm starting to. I haven't had any issues laying on my stomach yet though I'm sure early on with DD I had the 'lump' so maybe its a boy *eyeroll*

Tummy touchers -  I had them last time, hated it especially when it was strangers.

Announcing - I have only told my best friend so far, I saw some cute ideas on the losebabyweight forums of kids reading 'what to expect when your expecting', them standing near the oven with a bun in it and eviction notices on cribs, IDK what ill do but id like to do something funny.
I don't really want to tell work as ive just started in this new store but as soon as one person knows the whole store will know (the joys of working in retail).
I have no intentions of ever telling the ex, he will be blocked from anything to do with this kid and will only get his information from DD, nosey sack of s**t he is LOL.

Not finding out the sex of this one, DF wants to but I'm sure if he knows he will slip up somehow by telling someone or buying something and ill crack it as I wanted a surprise. I've already started looking at names as if he knows what it is I'm sure he will give me some hint that I shouldn't be looking at boys names etc.

Anyone else already have a nursery set up? Admittedly I had it from the last pregnancy but I have soooo much stuff!

Pretty boring on the health front here, had 3x of 'lightning crotch' yesterday, yep that was interesting as I had never had it before, scared the s**t out of me and of course I thought 'this is it I'm going to MC" so I was being even more of a serial knickers checker than usual.

#83 ThrilledWolf

Posted 04 June 2016 - 08:56 PM

Haven't posted again after a week of bleeding but hcg is looking good and had a scan yesterday can't see baby yet but saw yolk sac and sizing put me at 5w 4d
Just had a twin miscarriage in March so freaked out and assumed it was all over with the bleeding but now have hope again
Looking to be due around 30th Jan so end of the group this time last DIG we went early and managed to even end up month before our group
Having another scan on Friday will hopefully see a foetal pole and heart beat

#84 ThrilledWolf

Posted 04 June 2016 - 09:06 PM

My son was IVF but dates changed on scans we went by IVF dates tho
They measure them on scan and compute does it automatically so I wouldn't stress about it too much
My son had to be induced 2 weeks early anyway when they have to come out they come out we don't get a lot of say lol

I've read that the earlier scans 12 weeks or before are much more accurate for dating seeing as had a very very rough idea of when I ovulated I'm happy to have them

I didn't really show with my son till 20w hopefully show earlier this time as I loved it couldn't wait to have my baby belly

We will wait till 12 weeks to publicly announce but I tell immediate family lol within 5 mins of peeing in the stick 😂😂 very close specially with my mum

We have my sons nursery set up that is used to store washing 😂 15 months old and he has had like 2 naps in there lol we are still happily co sleeping 😍😍😍 so thinking will put him in the next room in a toddler bed when we are around 5-6 months pregnant will co sleep with new bubs too

#85 Darcy41

Posted 05 June 2016 - 09:39 AM

My dh is dead against co-sleeping won't even tell me why...I can't even start the conversation. I'm hoping to get something like the cribs that attach to the side of the bed with a little divider so that we can co-sleep without co-sleeping lol. Our bedroom is very large and there is plenty of room for every nursery furniture item known to man and then some so same room makes sense to me the room that could be a nursery is separated by a wall closet with my nieces bedroom (we share a house with my brother and his wife and our two nieces 3 and 6) so not sure that would work especially the very early days.

Dh is also an anti-vaxxer 😵😱 won't get himself a whooping cough vaccine later in the pregnancy even but we will vaccinate baby.

Nausea has really been getting to me but this morning seems okay again strange how I can go from chucking literally all day (yesterday) not a single item of food or gulp of water stayed down to feeling fine but at least I get a gap every few days. I'll have a day with nothing a couple of just nausea then one or two crazy vomit days. Is that what happens with others?

#86 WaityCaity

Posted 05 June 2016 - 10:53 AM

I have gaps like that too and thankfully the gaps seem to be getting longer! Friday was a shocker for me, but I felt mostly fine yesterday and feeling OK this morning too.

I'm glad some others are waiting until 12 weeks, I thought I was the only one! Less than three weeks to go so that's pretty exciting ☺

#87 amie484

Posted 05 June 2016 - 11:46 AM

My hubby and mum spent yesterday 'nesting' lol while I sat on the lounge keeping the puppy out of the way and making the cuppas lol. At least we will actually have space for the baby now, previously it was looking like bubs would be sleeping in a drawer in a chest of drawers or something lol!

I am desperate to tell everyone, go massively public but I know it's most sensible to wait til 12 weeks, but I doubt I will make it quite that long. I'm thinking maybe after my 2nd scan at the clinic, which will put me at 9+5, might be an OK compromise. Although, a lady in a DiG I'm part of in another forum, went FB official at 6+ weeks a couple of days ago is currently miscarrying 😕 I'm not necessarily superstitious but I'd hate to jinx things.

I'm happy to not get the belly if it means ppl don't touch me LOL!!

Darcy - I told my mum that they would all be having to have the whooping cough vaccine if they wanted cuddles. She's fine and hubby will do what he's told lol but apparently dad was a little funny about it. Oh well, he'll do it. First and possibly only grandchild and all that lol!!

#88 ThrilledWolf

Posted 05 June 2016 - 06:25 PM

Darcy41 I have a co sleeper that attached to the bed as well for when my son was newborn just for those times I was so sleep deprived didn't feel comfortable with him in the actual bed but he was right there could still hold his hand while we both slept so def came in handy
Maybe if you researched and showed your DH the benefits and that if done safely lowers risk of SIDS, promotes breastfeeding and wellness of mother and child he might be more open to it? Lol just print out info or get some booklets on it to leave lying around.

Had 2nd hcg this morning so back in tomorrow to see if levels are rising fingers toes arms and legs everything crossed!! Hoping and wishing
Still feel pregnant, still testing positive on sticks
I don't think I'll feel more at ease until we see baby on scan tho as know hcg can sometimes still rise even if lost baby
Have booked in for Friday but think will change it to next Monday so there's more chance of seeing Bub will be 7 weeks then

#89 Supermummy19

Posted 06 June 2016 - 04:02 AM

I still come on quite often and read through but never have time to respond haha.

Currently my daughter is in my bed and god knows what she is fighting in her dreams lol. She won't stop saying STOP DONT TAke it its my TOY

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#90 doubledee

Posted 07 June 2016 - 12:57 PM

Hi all!
10w2d here, feeling really great.  No bleeding since 8 weeks, positive scan and HCG levels after. Just waiting for my first OB appointment at 12w.

I had some nausea from 5w through to 7w and have felt regular since.  Only symptoms id have to say are occasional bloating, frequent urination and Siatic nerve pain.  Anyone else just feeling completely themselves?

The only people we've told is my penpal in the USA, shes basicly my bestie, talked for 7 years and never actually met, she's actually due late Novemeber, which is very cool for us both.  I don't plan on telling anyone else until around 20weeks.  Personal choice.  Not that we're not excited, but we shared with our first at 12 weeks and having a history of eating disorders some of the comments (mainly from family) put my mental state down a lot.  We didn't share until 23 weeks with number 2, and it felt so much more 'right'.  I don't feel like I 'showed' 'popped' until around 20-25 weeks both times, so avoiding pointless, rude, typical bump comments for as long as I can, I would prefere.  Also, we don't plan on telling the older kids too early, pregnancy must seem like a lifetime for little ones!!

I haven't purchased a single baby item, though in itching too.

Gender, I want a legit suprise, even though we discussed it before falling pregnancy DH has now decided he 'neeedsss' to know! We found out the girls sex, one time wanting to know, one time on accident.  So, I guess we'll see.

DD, x

#91 amie484

Posted 07 June 2016 - 09:41 PM

Hey DD. I wouldn't say I feel completely myself (as a result of being off my meds) but as for actual definite typical pregnancy symptoms I've really had nothing... Yet. I'm only 7w4d so it could still happen. Yeah I've had the fatigue (also a side effect of bring under medicated) and my digestive system doesn't know if it's coming or going (thank goodness for  coloxyl!!) but no morning sickness and no sore boobs so at least I've got that going for me.

I seriously can't believe how much of a big thing it is about when ppl choose to 'go public' with their pregnancy. It should honestly just be the parents decision and that's that but everyone is just so quick to judge these days. It's actually quite intimidating for me coz that's where a lot of my anxiety stems from, worrying about being judged by others.

#92 ThrilledWolf

Posted 08 June 2016 - 01:35 PM

Sounds like it's going great now after your little hiccups at start DD that's great
I have a sore back and in always light headed and dizzy (always dizzy when I'm pregnant so only way I know lol as soon as I'm passing out do pregnancy test! ) besides that feel completely normal could forget I was pregnant at times 😂
We will announce around 12 weeks as I can't keep it in but very lucky to also have a very supportive family who will be just as excited as we are

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#93 ThrilledWolf

Posted 08 June 2016 - 01:38 PM

Hcg is still rising
Not completely doubling in 48 hours but should be 6w 3d now so that might be ok
Scan booked for next Friday fingers crossed we see a baby and heartbeat

#94 PrincessW

Posted 09 June 2016 - 09:48 AM

Had our dating scan yesterday, came in at 6wks 4days so only 3 days off what we initially thought. Little Boop has a heart rate of 120bpm and is the size of a tic tac lol

On the GD front I think it's a load of crap, been monitoring my levels for a week now and average 5.4 which is perfectly normal. Seeing the nutritionist again today and think we both agree the GTT is flawed.

Started a new job this week so doing my best to keep all my appointments etc on the down low. Haven't felt ill yet just tired so spend a lot of my weekends sleeping lately.

#95 Princess VFR

Posted 10 June 2016 - 01:44 PM

Great news DD.

Good luck for your dating scan thrilled wolf.

Aside from bloating and dying of thirst and peeing all the time I wouldn't know I was pregnant.

Princess w congrats on seeing your heartbeat. I had GD last pregnancy- it didn't show up until 19weeks. IVe also been asked to do the GTT early this time round as my OB wants to tackle it early on. Despite having lost weight it's almost inevitable I will have it again due to family history and my age.

I got to see bubs heartbeat today at 135 and measuring spot on 6 w 6 days, which is exactly as my dates show me.

I guess it's more real seeing the scan, I've let myself actually get excited just a bit.

I've told direct family and will tell most people I'm close to. Friends and distant relatives I'm happy to wait until after I get the nipt results.

#96 Supermummy19

Posted 13 June 2016 - 11:09 AM

Love hearing all these great news :) my scan went well too. Also 3 days behind so now due 27 not 24. 138bpm

#97 Kris123abc

Posted 14 June 2016 - 06:24 PM

Hello everyone! it's been great reading everyone's story so far,  this is my first post. this is bub #2 for us and was a little bit of a surprise, bloody timing method,  haha.  We were going to start trying in June so not too far off the mark but it took us a while to conceive our first so we certainly were surprised.
Have seen bump on the screen twice at my ob/gyn so that's reassuring. It's hard to shake that feeling of thinking you are going to lose your baby in the first 12 weeks because it is so common.
Anyhoo, due on the 14th and looking forward to sharing this ride with you all!

#98 a letter to Elise.

Posted 16 June 2016 - 07:01 PM

How's everyone going?

9 weeks today! Had my first OB appointment. I'm getting the NIPT bloods next week, which apparently means I dont need the 11 week scan. Getting one at 14 weeks instead. It feels like such a long time to wait!

#99 Princess VFR

Posted 17 June 2016 - 07:49 PM

Hey everyone, bit quiet in here. The wait until 12 weeks for me is excruciating!! No symptoms still except for tummy bloating making me look 6 months pregnant.
A little hunger at odd times and the occasional afternoon of fatigue but nothing like my first pregnancy. I don't even have my hyper sense of smell I had with DD. If I hadn't seen the heartbeat last week I wouldn't actually believe I was pregnant.
Elise I'm also having the nipt at 10 weeks and scan at 13 weeks. Still debating whether to find out the sex or not.

Congrats on your scan super mummy, youre due a day before me.

Welcome Kris- I always laugh at whoopsies due to timing method, glad it was sort of planned anyway.

Good luck everyone getting ready for nipt or NT bloods and scans.

#100 mrs.y

Posted 17 June 2016 - 11:34 PM

Hi All

Had my dating scan today, and all looks fine except for a minor (I'm trying not to freak myself out) subchorionic haemorrhage seen on the ultrasound. Baby is measuring 9w6d today.

This will be #2 for me and DH, DD was born 10months ago :)

Any tips/suggestions/advice on how to handle 2 babies under two is most welcome.


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