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Due in March 2017 - Hello

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#51 SydSurprise

Posted 12 July 2016 - 03:25 PM

Thanks PolkaDot for asking. I am beginning to get comfortable with the idea of a baby again.  My husband reminded me that we'll have 2 instant baby-sitters or simply extra hands.  That will be a positive.

But, I saw my OB yesterday and both she and the doctor reminded me that there's a 50% chance of me losing the baby just through chromosomal abnormalities due to me being 41.  So I feel happy and then worried and back again.

I am awaiting the dating ultrasound in 2 week's time.  

Good luck everyone.

#52 Ruby2Shoes

Posted 13 July 2016 - 11:25 AM

How's everyone doing?

I've made a choice on my care model for this pregnancy. It's been a confusing week - I live in a small down with a great medical clinic but they don't do antenatal care. So after I got my bloods done by the GP they gave me some options - hospitals in 3 surrounding towns all about half an hour away. I've chosen the midwife program at one of those and I have my "booking in" appointment for that on Monday.

Is anyone else going through the public system?

Terfl, welcome and congratulations!
I think blokes sometimes don't get the intricacies of TTC, especially from the woman's perspective! Don't worry about bawling in the doc's office - I'm sure all those pregnancy hormones played a part in that :)
Hope you have a wonderfully uneventful 9 months!

#53 sydowens

Posted 13 July 2016 - 12:03 PM

View PostEJ79, on 11 July 2016 - 06:01 PM, said:

Good luck with your scan tomorrow Sydowens! How far along are you?
I'm scheduled for an early scan (due to previous miscarriage) at 7w2d. It's on Thursday week. But I'm worried now that we won't see/hear anything as I ovulated on CD19 so really I guess I'll only be just over 4.5w for the scan? Wondering should I ring and voice my concern (it's a new OB....I've never seen her before) and reschedule?

I'm 7 wks today...though scan has me 2 days behind! So DH & I saw our little bean's heartbeat yesterday on an abdominal ultrasound. Heart rate measured at 130bpm which is pretty good for being 6w4d (according to their measurement).

This feels so much more real now and DH is over the moon! He's finding it hard not to tell the world lol!

Congratulations to all the newbies!

I'm currently under the public health system, but will be switching to private.

#54 EJ79

Posted 13 July 2016 - 12:44 PM

Aw that's great you saw the heartbeat!! Makes it all the more real I imagine!
I changed my scan to the following week. I'm 6w1d today but that's going my LMP so I didn't want to chance having a scan next week only for it to be too early (I ovulate late..CD19) so I'm booked in for the 29th July...seems aaaages away now!!

I'm going private. Its our first so I think Id be more comfortable seeing the same person throughout. I'm booked into an OB on the 29th (for first scan) - does that mean she will sort everything out re booking the hospital? I'm not only new to pregnancy but also to the Australian healthcare system. (have lived here 9 years but have never had to go to hospital...touch wood!)

#55 sydowens

Posted 13 July 2016 - 01:02 PM

I'm new to Australia's health system as well! My reasons for going private are similar to yours EJ79. Plus, I 'm somewhat high risk based on medical history & being over 35.

I guess your OB will gladly answer your questions. I have my first appointment wth OB July 27 and yes it seems like a very long time. That's the reason I opt for early scan as I wanted to know if my bean was developing in the right place; wouldn't have been too bothered by not seeing heartbeat at this point.

My OB does ultrasound at every appointment, which is one of the reasons I selected him. I'm a worry wart and ultrasounds will help keep my mind at ease.

#56 EJ79

Posted 13 July 2016 - 03:51 PM

Thanks Sydowens. I'm 37 so similar age to you. Had a miscarriage last October, hence my GP put me down for an early scan but I just know if I didn't see anything and had to go back a week later Id be highly stressed!!!! So I'm just gonna wait it out!!!

Hope my OB is as forthcoming with ultrasounds as yours! That will be so reassuring for you to see lil bean at every appointment!

#57 äirly

Posted 13 July 2016 - 07:10 PM

Hi :) I'm currently due on 20th March. I was a bit hesitant to join the group as I was only getting faint lines and was worried it would end up as a chemical pregnancy; however, I had bloodwork done on Monday (15 DPO) and my hcg was at 600! So no idea why the lines weren't getting darker.

This will be my second child, DH and I have an almost 4 year old DD also.

I was hoping to enjoy this pregnancy more than the first, but it seems the worry doesn't stop after the first unfortunately.

I don't have many symptoms, a little tired and crampy. I have a lower backache every now and then and very mild nausea in the mornings.

#58 funkymumkey56

Posted 13 July 2016 - 08:40 PM

Hello to all ladies in this thread...the last time I logged onto the Essential Baby site was nearly 5 years ago after my dd was born and my due date group were still going strong before we were bumped off the site to form a facebook page. I was certainly not expecting to be back but I remembered my password first attempt! Certainly unexpected...both the possible pregnancy and remembering my password, LOL.
Like Sydsurprise I am 41, my youngest of three started school this year and I was free and clear! I began a couple of courses online and was looking forward to the next stage in my life.
The last three days in particular have felt a lot like pregnancy...I have felt so sick for the first half of the day then fine in the afternoon/evening. I've been telling myself I must have the flu or a virus but cannot explain the dramatic change from morning to night. I cannot stand my Hawaiian breeze room deodorizer and am having particular preferences in food. I feel nauseous and headachey and sort of foggy and dizzy and tired! I am waiting a few more days to see if my period comes then I will do a pregnancy test.
The odd thing is both my DH and I are quietly excited by the prospect. We both always thought we'd have 4 children but stopped at 3 due to financial and workload reasons.
So I am tentatively joining this group and particularly look forward to sharing the journey with you.
May you all have a good beginning to a very special gift.

#59 Terfl

Posted 14 July 2016 - 07:22 AM

Hi everyone,  
The nurse called yesterday to confirm I'm pregnant - yay! But no word about HCG levels. To be fair, i didn't ask either as i was too overwhelmed (again, haha). Did you get your results straight away at the doctors or did you have to wait a day? Did you get them on the phone? I won't be seeing my doctor face to face until next week to discuss the rest of my blood tests. But because i continued having this pale brown discharge I'm so worried all the time. It's not a lot, it feels more like it's getting flushed out with the heap of watery discharge that I'm having (which according to DrGoogle is normal) Sorry TMI...
How are you all calming your nerves? Have you told anyone you're pregnant?

#60 The Falcon

Posted 14 July 2016 - 09:04 AM

Hi everyone,

Well this is a bit of a surprise, although it probably shouldn't be as I know how babies are made!

I was on the pill, but ran out during an especially busy period at work where I have been working 7 days a week so didn't have time to get to the GP for a new script.  Told DH to withdraw but he forgot.  So here I am.

Its not that I'm unhappy about it necessarily, its just terrible timing as we have a very expensive holiday booked (non refundable) for October that I no longer think I will be able to enjoy, and doubt we will be able to afford to go on again another time, things are finally going wonderfully for me at work, and announcing my pregnancy may very well ruin that, and the baby is due just after my youngest starts school which I'm concerned is going to be a massive emotional upheaval for him.  First world problems I know.

That aside, I have always said I wanted 3 children, I had just become resigned to the fact that life is easier with 2. I know once I get through the difficulties of the first trimester I will be thrilled.

The Dr sent me for a blood test and said I'm 5-6 weeks along so I guess I'm due around 15th March or so, but he hasn't booked me a dating scan, so I guess I won't know more until the 12 weeks scan.

#61 Ruby2Shoes

Posted 14 July 2016 - 09:14 AM

Hi Terfl,
That's great news!
I got mine the next day, I had to go back into the doctors because my current clinic doesn't give results over the phone.
Try not to worry too much - lots of women have a little bit of bleeding in the early days. If you feel like it's subsiding then that's probably a good sign.

I've only told my best friend so far, will tell our parents in the next week or so and then everyone else after the 1st trimester.
Trying to keep busy with work otherwise I find myself distracted about pregnancy all day! On that note, I better go do some work :laugh:

#62 Terfl

Posted 14 July 2016 - 09:45 AM

Thanks, Ruby2Shoes. Really helps to distract myself. Sometimes i even manage to forget it for 5 min or so :) I've told my mum, i knew she'd be ecstatic. I'd never really mentioned to her that we wanted a family and she never asked or pressured me so i think she'd given up her grandma hopes. Now I'm almost regretting it though as i know she'd be so disappointed if something goes wrong.

#63 funkymumkey56

Posted 14 July 2016 - 11:52 AM

Welcome The Falcon, your post made me laugh. DH and I rely on condoms and they have served us well until now. When I pressed him on how it could be possible, he recalled going to put on the condom the wrong way then swapping it over quickly...it's the only way it could have failed us this time!
He reckons he's going to get the snip now.
Anyway, welcome to the group :)

#64 Nutty nut

Posted 14 July 2016 - 01:28 PM

Hi ladies, suspect I'll be a bit busy to pop in much but wanted to say hello. I'm the geriatric of the group at 42, work full time and have a 1.5 and 3.5 year old. I'm thinking I'm crazy to go for another one, but at my age it was now or never. Currently on holidays in Vanuatu looking longingly at everyone's cocktails. Last trip as a family of 4 all going well: I'm also aware of the stats at my age though.....

#65 borboleta14

Posted 14 July 2016 - 06:22 PM

Hi everyone.
A bit excited to join you all!  Got my first bfp 6 days ago,  and only truly believed it after 9 more bfp's!
HCG 2 days ago was 502, so feeling like things are traveling well so far.
Going for a dating scan on Monday as my cycles are really irregular.  34 days one month,  52 the next!  But based on ovulation date (LNMP would be useless with me! ) my current EDD is 17th March.
This is first pregnancy for both hubby ( 29)and I (34) after getting married in January.
Didn't expect it to happen so quickly  (I'm usually an optimist but seems to be the opposite with this stuff! ) but really happy it has
Had lots of urinary frequency which turns out to be a UTI and not pregnancy related so on some antibiotics for a bit. Absolutely no other pregnancy symptoms yet otherwise!
Have made an appointment to see Dr David O'Callaghan in fitzroy based on a friend's recommendation.  Anyone else decided on birth options?
Hoping things continue to go well for you all!

#66 EJ79

Posted 15 July 2016 - 03:56 PM

Congratulations and welcome to all the newbies!!

Borboleta14 I'm seeing Dr Emily Olive who works out of St Vincents. Seeing her for the first time on the 29th. Had another FS/OB but didn't gel with her so once I got my BFP I got a referral from my GP for a new OB.
Havent any birthing options chosen yet - this is our first and I'm a bit clueless to the system/what happens. :unsure:  Hoping Dr Olive can enlighten me!!!

#67 borboleta14

Posted 15 July 2016 - 08:33 PM

Hi EJ79, well that makes 2 of us first-timers for St Vincents!
I'm not seeing my OB tool the 4th august (when they think I'll be 10 weeks based on LNMP) but i strongly suspect the date will change when i have my scan next week!
Is anyone else constantly nervous about miscarriage?
I've never been pregnant before but have seen so many people go through it and know the stats. I'll feel so much better after the first 12-14 weeks!
To add to that,  i don't feel pendant at all!  Boobs are same as usual.  Not nauseous (i know 5 weeks is probably early for this though). I just have this constant feeling of fullness in my lower abdomen and lower back ache that i usually get before my period so that doesn't help!  
Bet in another week or so's time I'll be wishing i had no symptoms again!  
Keep us posted with how things go at your OB EJ79 :)

#68 funkymumkey56

Posted 16 July 2016 - 10:25 AM

"A bit nervous as I had a missed miscarriage in April.  Luckily I have fallen on my second cycle after my D&C.  I was very unsure as I am 38.  Counting my lucky stars.  Just hoping..."

Hi Bidi, I came accross your old posts from a thread on the 4th child pregnancy and recognised your name. I hope this pregnancy is a success for you, congratulations on falling pregnant so soon after loss, you must be so happy. Would you mind if I prayed for you and this pregnancy?

Edited by funkymumkey56, 16 July 2016 - 10:27 AM.

#69 lissyrose

Posted 16 July 2016 - 10:47 AM

Hi ladies, I'm a bit nervous to join this group.

We have been trying for almost 6 years and got a BFP after our 4th IVF attempt, beta yesterday was 239 and I'm due around the 22nd March.

#70 Bidi

Posted 16 July 2016 - 11:19 AM

View Postfunkymumkey56, on 16 July 2016 - 10:25 AM, said:

"A bit nervous as I had a missed miscarriage in April.  Luckily I have fallen on my second cycle after my D&C.  I was very unsure as I am 38.  Counting my lucky stars.  Just hoping..."

Hi Bidi, I came accross your old posts from a thread on the 4th child pregnancy and recognised your name. I hope this pregnancy is a success for you, congratulations on falling pregnant so soon after loss, you must be so happy. Would you mind if I prayed for you and this pregnancy?

#71 Bidi

Posted 16 July 2016 - 11:35 AM

So I tried to quote and reply above funkymumkey56 but alas my technological ability let me down yet again.  That is lovely of you.  I am refusing to stress about it this time around.  What will be will be.  I cannot change it by stressing about it.  I've had a few losses in my last 10 years of baby making and I know there is nothing I can do to change things.  I feel really positive about this time too.  At least I am deluded enough too 😵  We have been on a 9 day campervan trip so haven't had much time to think about it over the last week or so.  Three kids and a husband in a camper keeps me busy!  I've probably stressed more about how crazy I am for wanting 4 kids!!!!  I hope the old saying 'it's no harder than 3' is true.  It's madness in our house already so I suppose it will just be more madness.

What are the ages of your kids?  Boys/girls?  My kids are pretty crazy so I suspect people will question our decision to go again.  No.2 is especially wild.  But we aren't quiet parents so I suppose we had to expect to breed 'energetic' kids.  

I was surprised to see someone else having no.4 on here!

Looking forward to sharing the journey.

#72 RockChick22

Posted 16 July 2016 - 02:14 PM

Hi all,

I guess I will join you. I got a bfp today, sooner than expected and I think I am due March 26. I have a drs appt on Tuesday, which I booked ages ago, so I'll get bloods etc done then.

I have a 19 month old girl who will love being a big sister, she just loves her 'baby' (doll).

Reading through this has made me remeber how early morning sickness starts... I think I made myself forget. I hope it doesn't hit me bad, it was awful last time.

I will be going private as I had a bad experience in the public system last time so that was the deal when we started TTC.

My husband is away with my daughter today, so he doesn't know yet! I am making her a top that says "I'm going to be a big sister" and will put it on her when they get home to surprise him!

I hope everyone who is feeling nervous gets good news and those coming to terms with a surprise pregnancy  are ok.

Looking forward to getting to know you all.

#73 TheQuilter

Posted 16 July 2016 - 05:17 PM

Hi all!
Glad to be joining you. Due March 15 with our 3rd child. Little surprised after experiencing some complications with IVF for a surro baby early last year but here we are :)
I've never experienced much in the way of morning sickness with my two boys (3&4yrs old) but have been with this one!
Looking forward to the next 8 months of being fat hehe

#74 funkymumkey56

Posted 16 July 2016 - 05:31 PM

Welcome RockChick22,
Early days we all know...I haven't even had  BFP yet! But feel pregnant...suspecting I am due to morning sickness symptoms.
Bidi, i was trying to do the quote window too but couldn't work it out LOL. My kids are 8, 7 and 5. I believe it is possible to have 'easy' children and 'difficult' children. I haven't found parenting easy which is a shock because I am a high school teacher..or I used to be. My eldest son has Autism. Two sons and then a boisterous girl.

#75 funkymumkey56

Posted 16 July 2016 - 05:36 PM

Welcome TheQuilter, you just popped up!

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