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Due in June 2017 thread #2

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#51 berrysparkles

Posted 17 November 2016 - 06:16 AM

Hi ladies,

Great news that so many of you have had scans recently.
Our 12 week scan is next Monday, it can't come soon enough! I did have  dating scan but that feels like a lifetime ago.

Regarding exercise - I am a runner and do a fair bit. If you listen to your body and go with how you feel it is safe to still exercise, and recommended to do some rather than none. Having said that, last pregnancy I ran til the very end and I probably should have stopped sooner. It's a bit hard when you're stubborn and love something. I have cut down speed and distance of course. Ellawood if you want to keep running you will probably find in the second trimester it feels a lot better again. I found the progesterone at the start and nausea makes it hard but then I always feel better when I exercise than when I don't for some reason. The heat really gets to me though.

This time I have bought a program from a site called pregnancy exercise. I follwed them last time but didn't actually purchase anything. It looks pretty good, althogh i'll admit trying to find time to do it is a bit hard at the moment when still doing all the usual running/gym stuff. Last time I went to lots of pregnancy fitness classes but not sure that there will be time in my week now that I have a two year old. I still have a bit of ab separation from last pregnancy so trying to do the right strength stuff as opposed to making it worse.

KJI they are very cute ways of announcing your pregnancy! I'm sure your family will be so excited, you'll have to get photos of their reaction.

Terfl are you due on the 1st June? Can't wait to hear how your 12 week scan goes.

#52 elawood

Posted 17 November 2016 - 10:00 AM

Excited for all of you 12 weekers! I'm 8 weeks today and it feels like it's going soooo slowly. Will be good to have everything confirmed as normal and then be out of the pregnancy closet.

Glad there's light at the end of the first trimester tunnel. I am getting up FIVE times a night to pee so I'm exhausted. Yesterday had my first actual 'morning sickness' - not just nausea so I took a day off work. Luckily I have told my immediate boss and a few girls in the office so they all understand.  I won't be letting management know until I'm 14 weeks or so - but I'm a teacher so will be on school hols, no need to hide a bump!

Sounds like very cute ways of announcing! I'll be 12 weeks the week before Christmas so will hold off on extended family announcing until Christmas day - I figure that's pretty special.

How long did the harmony test take to come back? I'm going to the GP next week to get a referral for it, not sure what week I need to have it done. I also have my first OB app at 10 weeks - what happened at your first appointment? Do they do a scan then or wait for 12 weeks? My partner is coming along, I figure one of us should be awake enough to absorb the information!

Thanks for the running advice berrysparkles, I hope I feel up to it more in the second trimester. Attempting to get to the gym today....tried the other day and failed. Managed a half hour walk though - felt like I was walking through a swamp!

#53 EJ79

Posted 17 November 2016 - 03:12 PM

Hi guys...slightly freaking out here. Had some extra genetic testing done 2 weeks ago (when I was 10w) just because of my age (37) and the fact weve have 2 previous mcs.
The genetics lab just rang to tell me that I'm a carrier of the Cyctic Fibrosis gene. Absolutely no family history of CF so this has come as quite a shock.
Next step is for DH to get tested on Monday. If he comes back negative then that's that. But if he comes back positive (1 in 25 chance) then theres a 1 in 4 chance that bubs might get CF :(

Ive just been brought back down to earth with a loud bang. We were going to tell our families over the weekend and work next week. I had a scan yesterday and everything is looking great and I was finally starting to feel relaxed about everything. I'm such a worrier that I just know this is going to affect me until we get DHs results :(

#54 Terfl

Posted 17 November 2016 - 03:35 PM

Oh EJ, what a nightmare. 1 in 25 is a pretty small chance for your DH to have it and 1 in 4 still doesn't mean the baby will get it.

Try not to stress about it too much, but i know, it's easier said than done.
Did the doctor say anything about the steps if DH was positive?

#55 elawood

Posted 17 November 2016 - 03:44 PM

I agree with Terfl, it feels like a big chance but it is still small.

I read something today about even when you appear 'high risk' in those tests, the risks are still pretty small and plenty of people in those categories have healthy babies.

I would also still plan to tell your family (immediate or extended?) Whatever the results on Monday, you'll want their support.

Hard not to worry (I'm a natural worrier too!) But it's out of your hands - whether you worry all weekend or not, it isn't going to change any test results. Try and keep yourself busy, do something nice for yourselves.

#56 EJ79

Posted 17 November 2016 - 03:44 PM

Thanks Terfl - its just one thing after another eh? :(
If DH tests positive then theres a 1 in 4 chance the baby will have CF. If we choose to, further testing can be done on the baby to determine once and for all via CVS or Amniocentesis - testing either the placenta or the amniotic fluid.

#57 EJ79

Posted 17 November 2016 - 03:58 PM

Thanks Elawood. I just feel like our happy news is tainted now with this dark cloud looming over us. After 2 previous mcs I was finally feeling positive about this pregnancy and feeling that this is finally our time. I just feel like we cant get a break.

I was so looking forward to telling my in-laws on Saturday (first grandchild) but now I just know that I will have this in the back of my mind :(
I had this huge feeling of contentment after my scan yesterday and now I just feel like the universe is laughing at me and saying "ha ha, gotcha!" :(

#58 Terfl

Posted 17 November 2016 - 04:12 PM

To be honest, i don't know much about CF. What would this mean for the baby? Would this be reason enough to terminate? Sorry for asking blunt questions, i know this is such a difficult time for you. But i completely agree with elawood, worrying won't change the test results.
Absolutely tell your family! They probably would have the gene too. It's so important to have their support.
And you know, there are a million other things the baby could have and it's not worth worrying about all of that.
My OB was telling me about a woman whose baby failed to develop kidneys and they only saw that at the 19 wks ultrasound. So i immediately started worrying about things like that. How stupid!
Please try not to stress. You need to be calm as stress will impact your body and the baby.
How long until you get DHs test results?

#59 elawood

Posted 17 November 2016 - 04:15 PM

I know the feeling. I am waiting for a 'gotcha' moment as well as it has all been a bit toooooo easy thus far....

I'm the same age as you so I understand the extra weight of anxiety about that too.

But at least there are other steps to go through first. First hurdle is Monday - how soon can you get those results?

And then at least they can keep testing until they give you an absolute definitive answer - and then you can make decisions.

And maybe all this testing by the universe means you will have the world's easiest, healthiest baby on earth!
Crossed fingers for you.

#60 EJ79

Posted 17 November 2016 - 04:31 PM

I like your thinking Elawood :)

So the lady from the screening place has said she'll meet DH at the hospital on Monday morning which will hopefully speed up the process. They only do one run of tests a week so if he gets there first thing Monday he'll hopefully make next weeks run. We should then have results by next Thurs/Fri - otherwise it will be the following Thurs/Fri.

Terfl...as you can imagine, Ive been googling. I don't know much about CF either but basically its a chronic illness that affects mainly the lungs but also the pancreas, liver, kidneys and intestine. Issues are difficulty breathing and frequent lung infections - theres varying degrees of symptoms which can also include slow growth, infertility in males etc.
But the most alarming issue is the life expectancy...early 40s. I know our baby is only 12w but the thought of them having this hanging over their heads all their life is hard to get my head around.
According to the info I just received from the genetics place termination would be an option but we're nowhere near thinking about that yet.

#61 Terfl

Posted 17 November 2016 - 08:32 PM

Oh that's a lot to deal with! I'm so sorry you're going through this. BUT think of it that way - you get to find out all of these things now, which gives you a choice.

The majority of us didn't do any further tests and god knows what our bubs might have. And as per my previous post (the kidney example), there are still so many things that can go wrong and we can't protect ourselves from all of them unfortunately.

Take one step at a time. Like elawood said, 1 in 25 is only a small chance. Let's turn this around for a sec - what do you think your chances are of picking the envelope that contains 1 million bucks out of 25? Pretty unlikely, hm?

I've got my fingers crossed for you!

AFM, I've got my NT scan tomorrow, I hope all goes well. I've done a big wardrobe reshuffle today and packed non-pregnancy suitable clothes away. I hope this wasn't prematurely.

#62 EJ79

Posted 17 November 2016 - 10:19 PM

Yeah you're right. Thanks guys. Was just such a shock.
After further research I've found that there's only 3000 with CF in Australia so it's pretty rare.
There's nothing we can do now but wait for DHs results. We're not gonna announce the pregnancy until next week now. I just don't want this hanging over my head on what should be a lovely day.

I'm starting to feel a little more optimistic now and am thinking yes DH has a 1 in 25 chance of also being a carrier but that also means he has a 24 in 25 chance of NOT....so I'm trying to keep thinking that.

Best of luck tomorrow Terfl. Will be great to see bubs tomorrow and get the reassurance that all is well. Will be thinking of you xxx

#63 berrysparkles

Posted 18 November 2016 - 08:01 AM

EJ79 that is hard news to hear. Unfortunately in my experience pregnancy (and then motherhood) is just one thing after another to worry about ... i'm sorry that this is hanging over your head for a week. Hopefully it comes back negative and gives you peace of mind. I have a friend with a daughter with CF, she also has severe autism so it's a challenge for them. The autism is unrelated to the CF, just bad luck in the genetic lottery. They didn't know (like most people I guess) until she was tested as a newborn.
You have a 99% chance that baby doesn't have it so those odds are pretty good.

Good luck for your scan today Terfl! How exciting is that. Ours is on Monday, as is my first midwife appointment, and i'm totally hanging out for it. I really need to start telling people as second time around it's getting obvious wearing anything fitted. With my first pregnancy I didn't look pregnant till about 20 weeks. I guess those muscles aren't as strong as they used to be!

#64 KJI

Posted 18 November 2016 - 08:56 AM

Thinking if u EJ. Like the others have said. 1/25 is still low. And like u said, it's 24/25 chance that it will be negative. And then even if that's positive u still have a 3/4 chance that it will still turn out negative. I'm confident you'll be fine but I also know if the roles were reversed I'd be worrying too, it's just what we do. There's always something to be anxious about. I'm constantly fretting about the next thing. The waiting is the hardest part. It allows little things to grow and manifest into bigger worries that consume our thinking. I'm mostly speaking out of my own experience coz I'm an anxious person. Try to focus on something positive for a week while u wait for results so it doesn't take your joy away. You are pregnant, your baby is healthy and progressing along nicely and you're heading into your second trimester. Make it a mantra. Thinking of you xx

Good luck with your scan terfl!

#65 Terfl

Posted 18 November 2016 - 07:13 PM

Scan went well! Very happy and relieved. We told a couple of good friends tonight. Loved seeing their faces. I've given my friend the folded up scan picture and casually said 'oh hang on, there was something i wanted to show you' and she almost lost it. She just had a baby and i think she's really glad to have some company soon.

#66 berrysparkles

Posted 19 November 2016 - 06:01 AM

Yay! That's wonderful news.

#67 EJ79

Posted 19 November 2016 - 06:58 AM

That's great news Terfl! So happy for you. Such a lovely feeling being able to tell people and see their genuine reactions how happy they are 😍

#68 EJ79

Posted 19 November 2016 - 07:00 AM

Thanks KJI xxx DH was away all week for work but came back last night and I already feel calmer. I was focusing on the worst case scenario and getting myself in a state but he has a knack of calming me down.
No point worrying over something that hasn't happened. Fingers crossed for next week. Will let you all know the outcome. Thanks ladies xx

#69 KJI

Posted 19 November 2016 - 09:51 AM

I'm glad you're feeling calmer EJ. Keep us updated. We're here for u for every moment in this pregnancy. Exciting and nerve wrecking xx

Yay to a great scan terfl. I bet your friends face was priceless. Congrats on being 12 weeks xx

I managed to get through a wedding yesterday without drinking and without raising suspicions. I'm thanking my lucky stars because I was so sure I would be busted. We're telling DHs family today. I hope it goes well.

#70 EJ79

Posted 20 November 2016 - 11:32 AM

Wow well done on hiding it at a wedding KJI! I have my Christmas party this Friday (in November?)and, being Irish and being known for loving a vino or two, it's def gonna be hard to hide!
Best of luck telling the fam today...hope it goes well!

#71 KJI

Posted 20 November 2016 - 01:14 PM

Something that helped me hide it was the fact I was driving. Is that a possibility for u? I just ordered a couple of mocktail style drinks, complained of a headache which explained the water I kept drinking then it got "too late to drink" before I needed to drive home. All the best!

#72 Terfl

Posted 20 November 2016 - 01:18 PM

I'm glad you're feeling better, EJ. My DP has the same effect on me. He's just very rational and just manages to bring me back to reality every time I get caught up in something. And you're absolutely right, at this stage there isn't actually anything worth worrying about.

I told my mum yesterday morning and she was over the moon.  Now I just need to get my little brother on the line and tell him that he's becoming an uncle. DP told his parents yesterday over the phone and I don't think they had a big reaction. They already have 4 grand kids and I think they like coming to visit us in Australia because we don't have children and it's so nice and relaxing here (they're from Scotland). Haha, tough luck!

I'm feeling pretty happy, relaxed and excited the last couple of days. It's really fun to openly speak with friends about this and to plan my mum's visit next year. Sometimes I have to stop myself as it's still early...

Overall I'm feeling pretty good but somehow got hit by a new wave of fatigue and had to have a 2 hr nap yesterday.

EJ, regarding the Christmas party, you might have to stick with fake Vodka Sodas again and arrange some sort of deal with the bartender. Or at least tell one colleague so that they can get them for you. Always helps to have a secret companion. I find the worst is if you're saying 'I'm not drinking today' then people get suspicious. Just keep quiet and make sure you're always holding a drink of sorts. Even if it's a class of champagne and you pretend to sip it or a beer bottle sneakily filled with water.

Last week DP and I went to a nice restaurant for dinner and by complete coincident two of our friends were there and they were getting drunk at the bar. I was having a mocktail and DP a glass of red wine. Those two friends then sent a bottle of red wine to our table and kept toasting into our direction. The waitress filled my glass and I pretended to sip but the wine barely touched my lips. When they weren't looking DP took a big sip of my glass. Somehow we got away with it.

I bought a bottle of alcohol free sparkling wine at Coles the other day and took it to my friend's house for baby celebrations yesterday. Everybody was like 'what are you doing?' until I showed them the 'Alcohol removed' note on the label. It actually wasn't as horrible as it sounds. It looked exactly the same and went down pretty well, without the alcoholic taste of course.

Jeez, long post, sorry guys, feeling a little chatty today :)

#73 KJI

Posted 20 November 2016 - 04:54 PM

I'm very excited on your behalf that you're starting to tell people terfl. It's a shame DPs parents weren't overly expressive about their emotions. Where is your mum located? Will she visit around your due date or after bubs have arrived?

Your non drinking tips are great too. What are the chances that you'd bump into friends AND that they'd buy you a bottle of wine. It sounds like u avoided it really well.

I'm sorry about your fatigue too. I actually needed a nap this afternoon but I had been quite active cleaning the house and it's very warm here today. It could be to blame. My nauseousness has gotten worse over the last couple of days. I felt sick all day and food didn't help make it any better. At the family lunch yesterday I was ready to vomit while eating lunch at the table which was before we announced our pregnancy. It would have made an annoying spoiler. I'm glad I kept it together.

Does anyone else have strong aversions to food still? I normally eat very healthily, lots of fruit and veggies all the time. Since getting pg (and everything smells or makes me nauseous) I've gone off so many healthy foods and all I feel like is plain, flavourless carbs. Vegetables stink, I can still cope with fruit, no meat still. I'm taking elevit but I'm still worried I'm starving bub of good nutrients :(

#74 Appletree8

Posted 20 November 2016 - 08:10 PM

Lots of good cheer to read about so I'm glad everyone is all well.
EJ - sounds like was quite a shock at first about being a CF carrier but glad that you're feeling better about it & your dp has helped to ground you
Terfl - so exciting feeling relaxed & happy & starting to tell people!
KJI - how did your pregnancy announcement go?! That's a shame you're still feeling fairly average & having food aversions....hopefully will pass soon
Afm I just got back from a work conference in Sydney & managed to avoid any of my colleagues guessing despite two dinners & drinks at the airport! Got the 12 wk scan on Tuesday then ob on fri & if all well can start to announce!

#75 elawood

Posted 21 November 2016 - 09:53 AM

Very happy for you Terfl! Must be so exciting to be out of the pregnancy closet.
I am shocking and can't help myself, I've told a few (very close) friends already - I figure if I miscarry I would want their support. I told one of my best friends last night and she started crying out of happiness so that was a great reaction!

EJ good luck with the testing today, fingers crossed and hope you're feeling more positive.

As for getting away with 'not drinking' - I had a family wedding of DPs a week after we found out. It was a weekend away too so we had to tell his parents and sister - there was no way his dad would let me get away with not having a glass of wine when we arrived! I just carried a glass of champagne with me all night. My doctor had actually said I would be fine to have one glass, so I just took tiny sips all night. Once everyone else was hammered, I filled my champagne glass with water and no one even noticed!

I have seen the 'no alcohol' wine at the supermarket so I'm intrigued that you've tried it Terfl! I am really struggling with not drinking -especially with summer and christmas coming up. My friend told me that Becks made a beer called Beck's Blue that is 0% alcohol and she drank it through her pregnancy. It helped her feel like she was having a drink in social situations.

I am really struggling this week - had a few days of full on nausea and exhaustion. They seem to come and go which is good.
And yes! food aversion galore! I've gone off coffee and yesterday I cooked up some chicken thigh to have in a salad for lunch and found the texture too awful to eat!

I am living on vegemite toast, cheese on toast and vegetarian pasta at the moment. It's not good! Oh and Premium crackers at my desk so I hear you KJI. Friends have said all they ate were carbs in the first three months so I think it's pretty common and their babies were perfectly fine.

One of my work colleagues is 20 weeks and is STILL sick every day - I don't know how she's coping and I really really hope that doesn't happen to me!!

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