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Due in May #4

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#176 Inda

Posted 25 January 2018 - 02:10 PM

I'm still hanging around but don't post much. Just reading info in other areas and I'm on that other place :)

Nothing much exciting happening here, just in a sort of limbo and trying not to buy before our baby shower!
We have our Cot (& mattress) and pram w/ capsule on layby which we will pick up in a couple of weeks.
Emptied out the room that will be babies.
Trying to discuss and agree on names.
Work know when I'm going off (I'll be 36+3) and when I plan, all going well, to come back.
Just doing all of that sort of organising while counting down the weeks and appointments. Currently 24+2 and getting kicks and movement daily which is nice.

Hope all who is still hanging around in here are going well.

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#177 McBumcheeks

Posted 30 January 2018 - 05:10 PM

It's great to hear that you guys are doing well :) onetrick, that sounds like a great little project. I'm the same as you on blue things, I'll have them regardless of whether we have a boy or girl.

Inda, sounds like you're really organised. We ended up buying a pram 2nd hand (Uppababy Vista, as tempting as it was to buy a new one, in the end I couldn't justify $1500 on a pram!) and we've been given a bassinet and some bedroom furniture. I haven't done anything to the spare room - I wanted to keep the spare bed in case our sleeping arrangements need to change when baby comes, so I may not really set up that room properly until baby is 6 months old and a little bit more settled.

Other than that, I've put my car seat on layby (Britax Millenia) and compiling a list of things we need to buy or that I'm going to ask for at our baby shower. I wasn't sure if I wanted to have one but people seem to enjoy them so, oh well.

Glad you guys are still here!

#178 onetrick

Posted 30 January 2018 - 06:54 PM

When are you both having your baby shower? I’m going for st Patrick’s day (17th March) to play on the whole ‘team green’ thing, and it’s the weekend before my bday so I figured we may as well combine the two things :) I think instead of a shower, I’ve just said ‘join us for a celebration before the arrival of baby’. People will still bring presents, I know that, but I hate asking for it... I’ll let the mums know what we still want/ need of people ask (including some little things to suit all budgets!), but I’m happy for people to just come and hang out :)
Back at work yesterday and totally exhausted already and the students haven’t even come back yet (they start tomorrow!!). Oh well, counting down the weeks now!

#179 Inda

Posted 31 January 2018 - 12:53 PM

McBumcheeks - I don't feel organised! lol we got the new Steelcraft Strider at a good price with the capsule so not too bad. Our cot was on special also. We had BabyBunting open locally when I was 14-15 weeks so they had some really good deals at perfect timing for us.
We figured it's our first so if we get decent stuff for the bigger items first up we should be able to use for consecutive babies.
Thankfully we have two spare rooms so have cleared one out and rearranged the other with the spare bed etc.

Onetrick - my baby shower will be 10th of March. A little early at 30 weeks but it was the only weekend we were able to use as my parents have a holiday booked, then there is Easter and April is already busy so any other weekend would have been too close.
My mum and SIL's are organising and we are just having a lunch and will do a few games etc after that so nothing too over the top. I just wanted something casual and not at home so we don't have to clean up lol I'm looking forward to it. Being that it is early also means we have plenty of time to still gather what we need once we know what we have :)

#180 McBumcheeks

Posted 02 February 2018 - 11:39 AM

I'm doing mine on the 24th March. Onetrick, I love that wording, can I steal it? we haven't found anything that doesn't sound cheesy but that's a good one. I'm a bit uncomfortable with asking for gifts too, but I know people will bring them and I really don't want to receive things I won't use, so I'm putting together a list with invitation wording: Gifts are absolutely not mandatory, but if you would like to bring a gift and need some ideas, Mr and Mrs McBumcheeks have put together a list (and then a link to the document that can be edited with peoples' names).

Inda, two spare rooms! lucky thing. Actually we have a 3 bedder but one room is the office - definitely not making it into a baby room. Awesome that you got a good deal on the steelcraft. They seem to be incredibly popular, I see them all over the place.

Have you guys started looking into any particular birthing methods? I'm reading a book about hypnobirthing that my friend gave me. It's a bit wishy-washy in parts (I hate how it talks about intelligent design and how man is made in God's image and therefore we should be able to give birth without pain) but the philosophy is solid: fear of the birthing process causes pain and finding a way to let go of that fear will make labour easier and quicker.

PS - the reason we can't give birth as easily as other mammals is because the size of a human baby's head is enormous compared to the birth canal - you won't find that any other mammal comes close. They seem to not realise this in the hypnobirthing world.

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#181 onetrick

Posted 02 February 2018 - 06:06 PM

McBumcheeks- steal away! I struggled to find something for us hosting the party instead of someone else and I hate the term shower (even though I keep referring to it as that lol). My mum and MIL both offered to host, but I don’t want something big. Just something to celebrate a baby coming... that’s it. I know people will bring presents, that’s what happens, but I don’t want to ask for them.

I had to get my bloods redone this week and my doctor mentioned the possibility of another scan at 32 weeks... I’m a little nervous about this so have kind of ignored the whole ‘giving birth’ part of having the baby as it might not be my choice if there is something wrong. Avoidance is a totally acceptable coping mechanism :)

Counting down the weeks left of work now- it’s so weird planning for a term rather than a semester or year. Kind of loving it to be honest, and the kids at school have been awesome about me being pregnant, it’s a little bit cute. Like I’m more human now or something lol

#182 McBumcheeks

Posted 08 February 2018 - 09:30 AM

Aww, that's nice :)

I have only 12 more weeks to go, so that's exciting, assuming that I can work up to 38 weeks.

My husband pointed out that the problem with not writing that it's a baby shower is that you might get blokes showing up not realising that that's what it is. So I think we ended up changing it back to a baby shower, but I still put in a caveat that gifts were definitely not mandatory.

What are you guys putting in your registry? I'm a bit stuck for ideas and want to finalise it this week.

Anyone else having absolutely rotten leg cramps? :( I've had both go this week, I can barely walk today.

#183 onetrick

Posted 08 February 2018 - 04:37 PM

Haha- i want the guys to come along to keep DH company :) I get more baby talk from his friends than mine!

I haven’t done a registry, and I’m in two minds about having one, and as it’s my first but we are pretty much the last of our friends to have a baby, I kind of figure that others probably know what we need more than I do! I was thinking of telling Mum and MIL what we have so that we don’t get too many double ups, and they can keep track of any gifts if people say ‘I’m getting them this!’, but I think we should be ok? We haven’t got many little things other than some clothes, and a few books.

And the leg cramps really pretty much the worst thing that I have ever experienced!!! Omg! I was screaming in pain the other night as it just wouldn’t stop- I’ve had a few that are awful but only last a minute or so, but I got cramps the other night that lasted for ages and I was in agony! I’m going to ask the midwife tomorrow about them, but others have recommended magnesium/ potassium I think?

#184 McBumcheeks

Posted 12 February 2018 - 08:37 AM

Yeah I feel like these cramps have been the most intense of my life. I started taking two a day of Blackmore's mag-min this week (magnesium, recommended by my pharmacist friend who says they are better absorbed). They're safe to take in pregnancy and that's well below the recommended dose for adults. We'll see how that goes. I'm still too scared to stretch in bed though, haha

As for registries, I did a small list in a google doc and linked it to the invitation so that people could see what we're shopping for, but i also made it clear on the invitation that gifts were really not expected. I don't want it to be that way. I just want to have a nice day with my friends :) I think whatever you end up with will probably be fine, and no one has to use your suggestions.

#185 McBumcheeks

Posted 08 March 2018 - 09:31 AM

Hey guys. I'm sorry that this group has become dead. It makes me really sad :(

Things still going well here, nearly 30 weeks. Hoping all is well with you guys too.

#186 onetrick

Posted 08 March 2018 - 04:34 PM

It’s crazy, isn’t it?? I keep checking but don’t want to talk to myself!
32 weeks here and people that didn’t know I was pregnant are asking when I’m due so I’m at the ‘obviously pregnant’ stage now! Baby shower is next weekend, and we just got he phone call to say our car seat is (finally!!) in stock so we can pick that up- ordered in the Boxing Day sales so it’s been ages!!

#187 vanilla_bear

Posted 09 March 2018 - 08:45 AM

I'm still around too! 32 weeks and I am desperate to meet this kid. This is my second and I am definitely struggling more with this pregnancy. Baby has been head down for weeks so I'm feeling a lot of discomfort and pressure on my bladder that I didn't have with my first until much later. I'm also very hormonal and emotional!

Managing my diabetes well, still diet controlled so no insulin thankfully! I do four times daily finger prick blood tests which are a pain! I have fortnightly appointments with an OB and monthly scans.

Had my whooping cough booster last week and have picked up the new car seat. Next on my list is washing the tiny clothes! I just know I will sob seeing all the tiny things on the clothesline. (See: hormones.)

I'm curious how often everyone else in the public system has their appointments? Both my pregnancies have been classified 'high risk' so I'm not sure how a normal low risk pregnancy is treated?

Enjoy your baby shower one trick! I just love baby showers! It's lovely to just get together and celebrate a pregnant woman and a new life :)

#188 onetrick

Posted 09 March 2018 - 05:59 PM

Vanilla_bear- we went public and the appointments are varied depending on how far along I am. At the start they weren’t really frequent, they then went to every 4 weeks (I’m doing go shared care so some are with my doctor, some with midwives), then 3 weeks between the 31 and 34 week appointments and after that it’s every fortnight until 40, then one last one to figure out a final plan if the baby hasn’t been born yet. I’m low risk (or ‘green pathway’ according to my hospital...), so until I reached 24 weeks, the appointments seemed few and far between. I then had some icky blood test results so needed to get retested and saw my GP for a few weeks in a row. Things seem to have gotten slightly better so I’m back to the normal schedule. GP at 34 weeks, OB at 36 and then GP again at 38, midwife at 40... and all of that seems like it will come far too quickly!!

#189 McBumcheeks

Posted 11 March 2018 - 09:10 PM

I'm in caseload midwifery (low risk) and it's the same deal - up to 3 week appointments now (next is 31 weeks, next week) and then I suppose either 2 or 3 weeks after that, not sure. Then yes every 2 weeks I think until the last couple then it might be weekly.

In case anyone remembers me stressing about it months ago - the antibody thing turned out to be nothing. They did blood tests every month for a while and the levels were so low that they eventually decided to stop testing. I've also passed my GD test and everything else is looking good so I'm hoping this means smooth sailing right up until and through labour :pray:

Anyone else started prenatal classes? I've got weekly classes for six weeks, two hours each. They're actually fun.  We laugh a lot.

Baby shower in two weeks! Hoping it won't be too stressful.

Husband is working like a dog during the week and then painting on weekends. He's so tired. I feel bad for him but I can't really help with the painting especially climbing ladders and things.

#190 onetrick

Posted 12 March 2018 - 06:02 PM

We did the antenatal class last weekend (one class, 6.5 hours). It was actually so funny! It was split into ‘childbirth’ stuff and ‘parenting’ and so much of the info was new to DH... I realised that a lot of his friends Witt kids just gave him the highlights/ good stuff and no one mentioned the day to day monotony of the newborn phase... I’m glad we went :) the labour stuff was interesting but I still feel like I could read all of the books and know nothing- everyone seems to have such different experiences!
I painted in the summer school holidays... cause I like painting and didn’t want to do it once school went back (and I don’t trust DH to paint- he can do every other job he wants, but painting is my thing!).
Baby shower next weekend- yay! The forcast is for a top of 33 at the moment so at least I don’t need to worry about it being cold. I’m not planning too many games or things, just getting together with friends and family before the baby arrives.
I feel like time is going so quickly at the moment though! It will be April before we know it... and then may! Eep!!

#191 McBumcheeks

Posted 12 March 2018 - 07:41 PM

I know, only two months left!!

All the best for your baby shower, I hope it goes swimmingly.

What are everyone's thoughts on parent visitation after birth? we're probably going to be discharged within 4-6 hours if all is going well and we feel that we wouldn't see parents at least for the first few hours to get a bit of rest and to try to establish feeding etc. I want to be presentable - not bleeding, naked, traumatised, getting stitches..whatever may happen.

Anyway.. my mother lost her mind when I told her this. She's extremely unhappy that she won't be able to see baby immediately and feels really excluded. I feel sorry that she feels so bad about it but I'm pretty set on having a bit of private time first and I don't think I'll change my mind. What difference does a few hours make?

Anyway wondering what decision you guys have come to or what considerations you'll make in that regard.

The other question I have is... do you tell parents that you're going in to hospital? or wait until after? I don't want to feel like I need to give hourly updates... I want to get into a zone and be as relaxed as possible and I don't want husband to be on his phone texting everyone constantly.

UGH how do I navigate this really tricky territory?? I feel like there's no way that we can do things in a way that we'll be happy with that will also satisfy my mother. One of us will be upset.

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#192 Inda

Posted 14 March 2018 - 01:46 PM

Hi Ladies :)

Hope everyone is going well.
Not long to go at all now! I have 5 weeks of work left and just under 9 weeks to EDD!

I had my baby shower on the weekend just gone. Had a great relaxing day, like onetrick said, I didn't want many games and it was just a gathering for lunch and baby talk really. I wanted it relaxed and casual. I had about 17 ladies (mostly family and a few friends) meet at a local function room and we ordered lunch and had a laugh. Was a really good afternoon.

Just had our last antenatal class last night. We did 4 Tuesday evenings, which worked for us. We both enjoyed the interaction and discussions within the group and met some lovely couples. Thoroughly enjoyed it, considering I wasn't sure we would get much from it. It reinforced a lot of what I have heard/read and DF learnt a heap which was good cause we all know they won't listen to us lol

Glad all of your tests are good now McBucheeks.
All those questions you have in regards to when to ring who, visitors in hospital etc have all been on my mind for the last week or so! So hard and stressful to try and keep everyone happy but I think you just need to put you and your preferences first.
DF will most likely ring parents and siblings after baby has arrived. At this stage we don't plan to be informing of labour, I don't want them watching the clock, ringing for updates or arriving before we are ready for them to. I know a couple of family members (step MIL) who may be upset by this but I don't need that distraction.
I would like some time to settle and adjust as parents and baby before we get swamped by visitors so will be saying no visitors until the afternoon after baby is born also, but we are in for 2-3 days.
Maybe you can ask the midwives to prevent visitors for a few hours.. they are there to be your advocates so if you don't want visitors they can make up some reason and turn them away.

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#193 onetrick

Posted 14 March 2018 - 04:44 PM

They mentioned keeping relatives at arms length at the antenatal classwe had...
I think I’ll need to let Mum know when we go to hospital so that she can puppy sit for us, but we can leave that pretty last minute (she lives an hour away but has it in her head that we will have bubs 2 weeks early cause all of our family have had their babies 1-2 weeks early... so she’s told me that she has no plans that can’t be cancelled ‘if she’s needed’ lol). Hoping that I can get through to Mum not to tell everyone!! DHs family will be hard to convince to stay away- they live closer and his sisters are a little younger and don’t really ‘get it’. They seem to think that they will be visiting as soon as the baby is born (his youngest sister jokingly said not to have the baby one weekend cause she’s busy and all I could think was ‘but you don’t have to visit instantly anyway??’).
It stresses me out thinking about it... so far, every conversation with DH has pretty much been ‘don’t tell anyone when I’m in labour- wait until baby is born!!’. I don’t want an audience when I feel like rubbish :(
And having been on the other side- I knew when my best friend was induced and I was so nervous waiting for the next text message saying that the baby was here that I hardly slept!! I was so worried that something had gone wrong... but they were all just too exhausted/ excited to message when bub was born and decided to wait until the next morning.

#194 CoffsJen

Posted 16 March 2018 - 01:08 PM

View PostMcBumcheeks, on 08 March 2018 - 09:31 AM, said:

Hey guys. I'm sorry that this group has become dead. It makes me really sad :(

Things still going well here, nearly 30 weeks. Hoping all is well with you guys too.

So sorry mcbumcheeks! Had kind of totally forgotten about this - I find it hard following these threads just one after the other, and tbh was annoyed that my post was edited/silenced a couple of months back. Please come join us in the place we’re not supposed to talk about - posting is kinda prolific, multiple topic threads each day, we’ll chat your eyes off in the community over there!

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#195 Inda

Posted 19 March 2018 - 10:12 AM

Onetrick - My DF is very much on the page of 'no-one will be told till after baby is here' also. Which I think is kind of good. I will happily pretend I didn't know and it was his decision/too much was happening ;)

I have told my mum that she won't be getting a phone call till after though, she was slightly disappointed/annoyed but said she expected as much from me lol I just said we don't want people arriving at the hospital, phoning or messaging for updates and if it takes a while people worrying. Plus we want some time to become parents before getting swamped. She said she can understand the reasons, but was sceptical at how much 'time' lol

#196 vanilla_bear

Posted 02 April 2018 - 12:53 PM

How is everyone going? I hope everyone is enjoying their pregnancies - I'm guessing there are a few with baby showers and a few who will be finishing up work soon. We are getting so, so close!

We don't plan to let anyone know until after bubs has arrived, except my mother in law who will be looking after our toddler. I agree with you onetrick - one of my best friends let me know when she was in labour, and it turned out to be a very long labour and then recovery and I was stressing out until she updated me more than 24 hours later.

Technically I have four weeks left but I'm feeling doubtful it will take that long... bubs dropped this morning. I never had this feeling with my first pregnancy. It sucks! I feel so much pressure on my bladder and my pelvic floor, I feel like one good sneeze and this baby would just fall out.

I have a scan tomorrow which will determine a lot - bubs too small = induction, bubs too big = induction, bubs just right they will leave me be! Bub's size has been tracking right along average at 45% and 47% so I have everything crossed this pattern continues so that I can go into labour naturally.

#197 McBumcheeks

Posted 04 April 2018 - 08:59 AM

Hi VB!

I feel that pressure sometimes too, it seems to drop right down. Doesn't stay that way all day though.

Hope baby's growth is on track.. do they have reason to think it won't be? I can't remember but do you have GD, is that why the extra scans?

I had my baby shower a week and a half ago, it went really well actually. Tension between my mother and I seems to have gone down a little, so I'm hoping things will go swimmingly from now on. I think I'd rather tell my mum that I'm going into hospital but only if she is happy to get limited/no updates because I want husband to be focused on me only and not answering his phone/sending texts. So I'm not really sure how to handle that. I know she'll be worried if she can't hear from me and labour is long.

I've had 5 classes out of 6 now, we talked extensively about breastfeeding last night. Husband thinks it's all completely fascinating, especially that breastmilk responds immediately to infant saliva to supply an infant with exactly what it needs, whether sick, deficient in particular nutrients, whatever. That is really mind-boggling and not something that any piece of technology can do.

Only 6-ish weeks to go now! we are having a lot of work done around the house, so it's going to look like a tip for probably another four weeks. Oh well!

How's everyone, feeling well? keeping active?

#198 onetrick

Posted 04 April 2018 - 11:59 AM

Hi everyone!
This things getting real now, isn’t it?? I mean, I will definitely have a baby by the end of next month. Wow. I’m 36w1d, so seeing the OB today and really hoping that there is something magical out there that will help with the heartburn (struggling to eat at the moment- it feels like there is no room for any food!!).
I keep swinging between ‘I’m ready to have this baby any day now’ and ‘we still have so much to do!!’. I’m excited for the baby, but over being pregnant. Oh well, almost there!!

#199 McBumcheeks

Posted 06 April 2018 - 10:23 AM

That's so exciting.

Ask for a prescription for ranitidine. It really helps. I hadn't started taking it until very recently when the heartburn got really nasty and other antacids stopped working. You can just take one tablet when needed, even though it says to take two every day. Swimming seems to set off my heartburn so I take it before I get in the pool.

CoffsJen, I actually don't have facebook! I know it will cause me problems in the future with parents groups and that sort of thing but I'll have to live with that and find other ways to keep in contact.

#200 vanilla_bear

Posted 03 May 2018 - 11:04 PM

Just in case anyone drops in - our beautiful son joined us on 1 May!

Baby William was born after a short labour and so far my recovery has been excellent.

Best of luck to everyone, can't wait to see everyone's news over the next few weeks.

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