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Due in September 2018 chat #1

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#1 Sandra

Posted 28 December 2017 - 09:50 AM

Welcome to your own little section ladies and a HUGE congratulations.

:BFP: :BFP: :babyboy: :babygirl: :babyboy: :babygirl: :BFP: :BFP:  

Enjoy this wonderful journey and I wish you all a wonderful birth.

Please make sure you read this forums rules in particular Facebook, this group is a safe place and inclusive of anyone due in this month.

If you need any help just let me know.


#2 newlywedandready

Posted 28 December 2017 - 09:57 AM

Hello ladies!

I got my BFP yesterday on a FR digital, followed up with a CD digital (1-2 weeks) and a FRER normal. All showing BFPs.
I also did a test this morning and got a super strong BFP.

Went to the doctors yesterday to do some bloods. Waiting for tomorrow for the results.

This will be our first. I had an ectopic pregnancy in July at 8 weeks.

I am a little nervous about this bean - hoping that it's a sticky one. Will be doing a dating scan at six weeks to make sure it's not another ectopic.

Congratulations to you all. I am so looking forward to taking this journey together. :)

#3 RhiRhiTTC

Posted 28 December 2017 - 12:02 PM

Hi newlywed ✌️🖐️

I am almost certain I am due around the 4th of semptember like you!
I am 31 and this is my first pregnancy, cycle #4. Polysistic Ovaries and 40+ days cycles.

I have done FR tests and a digital CB which puts me at 2-3 weeks after conception. Have had a bit of bleeding (brown, spotting) and cramps that I would say are worse than 'mild' so having bloods done tomorrow and hopefully a scan next week to check all is okay.

Feeling good apart from that!

#4 newlywedandready

Posted 28 December 2017 - 12:31 PM

Yay! Rhirhi! Hooray for the 4th September.

I'm 30. DH is also 30.

I'm glad you're having bloods done. That must be really stressful - I hope you're doing well and keeping positive!

Will you be 6 weeks next week? My doctor is keen for me to have a scan as well - but that will unlikely be until the week after next when I'm 6 weeks.

I'm dying to get to the 6 week mark so I can know my little bean is in the right spot.

How quickly will they give you the results of your blood test?
I get mine tomorrow and I'm so nervous. My doctor said anything above 1000 is really good. But that seems really high to me for 4 weeks 1 day.

Looking forward to getting to know you better as the months go on.

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#5 RhiRhiTTC

Posted 28 December 2017 - 04:38 PM

My DH is 40,got myself a sugar daddy... Minus the sugar lol 😋🤣

So I think I am only 4 weeks and 2 or 3 days like you, Doc said we shall see how high the hormone levels are and then he will decide when I can go for a scan as he sia no point sending me for one if they can't see anything.

I don't feel too stressed but I must admit I didn't think pregnancy would be this uncomfortable so early on... Maybe it's just me being a sook and nothing more hopefully.Doc said usually for pregnancy the bloods come back in a day or so... But becuase of NY and work i can't get results till Wednesday which is annoying!So looking forward to getting to know you too!!

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#6 newlywedandready

Posted 28 December 2017 - 05:10 PM

That's good! I'm glad you're not too stressed.

I've got strange cramps in my left side (the side I ovulated from) but I'm trying to think positive! A lot of what I've read say that it's totally normal.

That's annoying about your bloods being so slow. I get mine back tomorrow but I only had them done at 4w1d so I'm curious to know what they are. fx for something over about 400...

Have you told anyone yet?

We are telling our parents on Saturday and my husband's siblings as well (I'm an only child).

#7 Lil_Schnitz

Posted 28 December 2017 - 09:02 PM

Hi newlywed and RhiRhi, :smile:  

We just went to the doctor today and confirmed what a whole stack of tests could have told me if I'd been able to believe them. I'm just on 4 weeks and waiting on bloods like you both.

My fella and I are both 31, so we're all around the same age and stage. :D

RhiRhi, sorry to hear about the PCOS, but it might encourage you to hear that my fella's little sister has PCOS and is mother to a vibrant, happy, smart and beautiful little 4.5y/o. I haven't had any spotting/bleeding yet, but the cramping is pretty regular most days.

newlywed, I've also been getting the pinching pains in my left ovary for a few days. Today's around the day I normally get AF and the pinching was replaced with pretty strong cramping and a constant need to pee that made me run to the loo all the time and expect to see that AF had arrived. But I think the pinching feeling is supposed to be the corpus luteum and it's apparently normal... like everything that feels totally terrifying and abnormal about this! ;)  Definitely agree with you RhiRhi about it being more uncomfortable than I expected.

About being a sook... I got my bloods today and nearly fainted. I'm not squeamish about needles or blood, but for some reason as she retracted the needle, I started to see stars, hear rushing and feel nauseous. Then it felt like everything was rushing in and away at once and someone was standing on my chest. I genuinely thought my body was shutting down - it was terrifying! I have fainted before, but it was nothing like that.

The nurse put my reaction down to the fact that I had just got the confirmation and was - according to my fella - totally crazy-eyed and amped up, and the pregnancy, which is already messing with fluids and blood pressure even this early according to my GP.

Anyway, I was totally embarrassed and apologetic to the nurse for being a primadonna :blush:

My GP told me to book a dating scan at 6+ weeks because the technician is more likely to find a heartbeat by that time. I'm booked in for the 15th of Jan. I was taking medication right up until conception that carries risks for the baby, but I had tapered to the lowest dose and my GP thinks that it will have cleared my system. Still, I think extra scans are just protocol.

I told my immediate family (mum, dad, and younger sister and brother) this afternoon and my fella is telling his tomorrow (same: mum, dad, and younger sister and brother).

We're telling a couple that we're friends with (they found out they were pregnant a few weeks ago when my fella was with them) out of camaraderie, but everyone else has to wait until the first trimester is out of the way.

Do either of you still feel like you could wake up and just not be pregnant anymore tomorrow? I have been testing every morning and am still going to until my tests run out in about a week. Sounds a bit paranoid, I know.

What other symptoms have you guys had? Have you been moody/teary like me? Some days I've felt great and others I've been totally all over the shop. Physically, I'm pretty wrecked most of the time, but don't seem to get/need much sleep at night. And I pee. A lot.

Anyway, it's good to be here and really nice to have people to share this journey with who are at the same place as me. I promise I'll try not write all my replies in essay format, too! :grin:

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#8 newlywedandready

Posted 29 December 2017 - 08:04 AM

Welcome Lil_Schnitz - so good to meet you.

It makes me feel so much better that we're all having cramping! The cramping makes me nervous because of my previous ectopic but as my husband keeps reminding me, I didn't have this pain when I had my ectopic and I was bleeding heaviliy which I'm not now.

I'm so excited and nervous to go to the doctor this afternoon. 3.45pm can't come soon enough. I'm really hoping for a good number today. Luckily my hubby is coming too. Hopefully we can ask lots of questions, when I went on Wednesday I was too excited to ask any questions.

I'm testing every day too. I'm going to try not to test tomorrow if my number is good today. I'm getting really strong lines on my FRER which is a relief.

When are you getting your blood test results Lil_Schnitz?

In terms of my symptoms, I have sore boobs and the cramping. I'm feeling a little nauseated in the morning - but not too much yet.

#9 Lil_Schnitz

Posted 29 December 2017 - 08:32 AM

Hi newlywed :smile:

Sorry, I accidentally replied with just that! A neighbour's bull has charged the fence and is in with our cows. We have a couple of girls in season. There's a bull agisting in there to service them, but he's young and gentle and this new guy is BIG and is bullying everyone and scaring the calves. I've just sent the fella over to the neighbours to sort it out. :rolleyes:

Yeah, I have to say that already I feel so much relief from my anxiety just knowing that at least two other people in the world can sympathize and are having similar experiences.

I can only imagine how nerve-wracking it must be for you after your last pregnancy. I don't know much about ectopic pregnancies, but what you describe sounds like it would have been very hard. Well done for trying again!

I will be crossing my fingers and toes for you this afternoon :pray:  Hopefully it will be a good strong result that indicates a healthy, well-placed little beanie!

My GP said that she wouldn't have the clinic contact me to follow up the results unless there was anything out of the ordinary. This was my first appointment with her, but I gathered that she is a busy lady! She said if all is well, she'll have them call to book an appointment after the scan. It's a long wait!

Feeling good today. Not much cramping this morning and finally had a BM - constipation kicked in a couple of days ago and definitely added to the bloated, crampy yuck feeling.

Good to hear you're not having too many uncomfortable symptoms. My boobs are a bit tender now, but less so than with PMS. I've had a bit of very mild, fleeting nausea. Nothing much.

Anyway, all the best with your results today.

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#10 newlywedandready

Posted 29 December 2017 - 04:43 PM

Back from the doctor. My number was not as high as I would have liked (81) :(

I'm doing bloods again tomorrow and hopefully it rises.

#11 Lil_Schnitz

Posted 29 December 2017 - 08:59 PM

I'm sorry newlywed :(

All the best for tomorrow's test.

#12 GuidanceNeeded

Posted 30 December 2017 - 08:42 AM

We too will join for now
due 1st sept
But everything is on the rocks at the moment.
Christmas afternoon I started bleeding,
Boxing Day saw a random GP who was not interested (my gp was closed)
27th had scan & bloods but egg/sack is caught on scar tissue of previous csect
29th retested bloods and risen nicely as per GP (in the 5’thousands)

Did myself the displeasure of googling the outcome of c-scar pregnancy (CSP) and caused a lot of anxiety however with the gp yesterday and also speaking with a private midwife (which I will employ) that our main concern if we get through the next 7-8 weeks without miscarriage is the placement will result in a low lying placenta which can effect birth.

So here I am just for now, everything is a day at a time and back for another ultrasound on Wednesday to see the if they can’t see more

#13 Lil_Schnitz

Posted 30 December 2017 - 10:18 AM

It really is one day at a time right now. I agree.

I'm humbled to hear about the challenges and anxieties you're facing with this pregnancy, GuidanceNeeded. And grateful to be able to share them. I hope we can be of some support.

It's encouraging to hear that your bloods levels are rising well. I'm waiting to hear from my GP on Monday if my results indicate that there's anything to be concerned about. Otherwise it sounds like I won't hear from her until after my dating scan on 15/1.

It seems a bit cruel to leave me hanging until then to know that things are progressing healthily. But at the same time, it's a chance to learn how to trust in the process and my body. I'm finding that pretty hard, but the initial anxiety I was feeling has subsided and I'm starting to accept and feel good about my pregnancy.

Still, I don't think that the part of me that worries this will just end suddenly and traumatically will completely shut up at any point. I remind myself that it's normal to feel like that. We all want these babies, after all.  

Just taking each day as it comes - hoping for the best, prepared for the worst. I hope everything that can go right will for all of us.

#14 Lil_Schnitz

Posted 30 December 2017 - 02:35 PM

I missed a call from my clinic today requesting I come back in to discuss my blood test results. When I called, they were closed. So now I'll have to wait until Tuesday to call and book a follow up appointment with my GP. I just hope that they prioritize it, so I'm not waiting too long to find out why.

Now I'm worrying about all the worst possible reasons for asking me to come in. Oh well, nothing I can do but wait and see and try to keep from driving myself crazy in the meantime.

#15 Babybun

Posted 30 December 2017 - 06:06 PM

Hi ladies,

I'm joining now also. Hi newlywed, guidance and rhirhi it's nice to see familiar names, for lilShnitz and anyone else coming new a bit of a summary on me...

Dh and I both about to turn 30, ttc #1, 1 cp Sept, 1 mc Nov, third time lucky this time Dec. Had negative frer hpt's 24-28th Dec, faint positive 29th with frer, faint positive 30th frer and an obvious positive with clearblue on 30th also.

Called my midwife and she's sending me for bloods around week 6 and a dating ultrasound around 7-8 weeks. She doesn't want to send me too early for a scan so we can actually see something positive after the mc.

First day lmp was 27th Nov which would put my edd 3rd Sept. However I O late, estimating cd22 this cycle based on bbt rise, which puts edd at more like 10th Sept. I'm not going to worry too much about the date until the dating scan. I'm going to concentrate on not stressing and being generally healthy.

The week before the bfp/this week, I am really tired, sleepy all the time (dh said he knew because of this as out happened last time) and feeling really bloated. Sometimes I feel a bit nauseous for no reason, sometimes after eating. My boobs aren't sore this time unless you really bump them and I'm not cramping continuously all day like the mc cycle either, but having occasional cramping on both sides at various times.  

I'm going to concentrate on being happy and healthy and enjoy this little secret dh and I have for the next 2-3 weeks until our scan, which I'm excited for.

Hope we all have an uneventful 8 coming months! I also won't write essays in future lol.

#16 Lil_Schnitz

Posted 31 December 2017 - 06:34 AM

Hi Babybun :smile: Welcome

An uneventful 8 months would be such a blessing! I feel like I have the least to be anxious about of us all so far, but this being our first time, there are so many unknowns and weird sensations. Plus it appears that I'm already an emotional basket-case. My poor fella has a long 8 months ahead if I don't settle down. So teary and melodramatic already!

Your symptoms are pretty much just like mine if it's any help to hear. I've had a few others, too. I had a couple of pale beigey-pink spots in my underwear yesterday afternoon and evening, but no cramps with them and nothing since. We had sex a few days ago and I think that could have something to do with it. My breasts are a bit tender- left more than right. The nausea has been pretty much non-existent, especially since I stopped taking my additional supplements on my GP's recommendation.

What supplements have you all been taking, if any?

Do any of you get cramps in the early morning and need to get up to pee?

For the past week I have woken up between 3am and 3:30am with mild to moderate abdominal discomfort and a stretching feeling. I go to pee and as soon as I have, the cramps subside. Of course then I can't get back to sleep, so now I'm in the habit of rising at 3/3:30 and going back to bed at 6/6:30 and having an afternoon nap to combat daytime tiredness. I am dead tired by 8pm and in bed by 9pm.

Do any of you struggle with insomnia along with the normal tiredness?

Last question :closedeyes: do any of you have a gut feeling about gender... or a preference? I think mine's a boy, but that could mostly be wishful thinking, because we are really hoping for a boy!

Hope you all have a wonderful NYE tonight celebrating what looks to be a very exciting 2018 ahead! :hugs:

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#17 GuidanceNeeded

Posted 31 December 2017 - 07:34 AM

I’ve been taking a Swiss pregnancy supplement GP said really anything is fine for now most importantly just to take it daily.

So my bleeding all settled down yesterday I had a nap and a day where I barely left the couch and was felling really good, now today I have woken and showered ect and got ready to go out and the bleeding has started again :(
Riding with it for now, I know if it ends up heavy I have to go to the hospital but if it dwindles away like previous times I just have to continue taking it easy.
I’ve not bleed during pregnancy before I think it’s a big mind game trying to tell myself not to be excited, not to consider myself pregnant just yet and just to be sensible.  
We’ve only told one person because not expecting many people to be so supportive anyway, I have 2 children and my partner has 2 children so it will be the 5th child under our roof which we know will come with much criticism as it is.

#18 Lil_Schnitz

Posted 31 December 2017 - 09:38 AM

I'll be the first to admit that I know very little about what's normal and not normal, but I do know from my travels on essentialbaby that many women have had successful pregnancies after struggling with bleeding throughout. Hopefully that's the case with you, GuidanceNeeded.

I was initially reluctant to tell my family for my own reasons. I live with a psychiatric illness. It's well managed after years of treatment, but it's definitely impacted on my closest relationships. My relationships with my mum and my sister are particularly charged. We all have our own hang-ups and our egos can sometimes get in the way of caring. But they, in particular can be very disempowering, discouraging and sometimes just downright hurtful. It makes a person learn to be tolerant, but wary.

My younger sister received the news with an exaggerated tone: "Ooooh... how exCITingggg for youuu". She then proceeded to spout advice (she has a very young daughter) and ask questions with negative implications for most of the conversation. There's a deep-seated competitiveness there. I've come to the conclusion that it suits her to think of me as incapable because it inflates her own self-concept. She listened little and seemed very uninterested in how I was actually feeling. I felt like I was justifying everything and trying to counteract her negativity. Hardly the joyful phone call I might have hoped for.

So, I think I understand what you're trying to say in my own way. And I empathise with your reluctance to spread the news and expect it to be received with joy. Family are complicated. Sometimes "well-meaning" comments can be very lacking in self-awareness.

I told my family the other day after deliberating over it a lot . We're pretty isolated where we live and new to the community. I decided some support, whatever it looked like, was better than nothing. My fella's family would clearly prefer he found a nice Italian girl and so it's been a story of slow acceptance with them. There's a big culture clash. They do their best and things are slowly getting easier, but emotionally I don't expect a lot from them.

His mother met the news with hurried but genuine congratulations and then made it clear that any further excitement was inappropriate. Some of that is cultural, but most of it is because she is not a very well or happy person. So I'm looking forward to sharing with our wider circle more than my family in a way if we get that far.

As for having 5 children and kids from previous relationships... I don't know your full situation, but it's still your choice. If it's a happy home, it shouldn't matter, surely. Your kind of family unit is becoming more and more the norm these days, as opposed to the traditionalist's idea of a mum, dad and 2.5 kids scenario. We're all just doing the best we can with the hand we've been dealt. That means the judges and the judged.

I hope you can share your feelings, good and bad, here with us and it can be a place where you feel like you won't be judged for your choices.

#19 newlywedandready

Posted 31 December 2017 - 09:54 AM

Hi everyone!

Sorry to hear the bleeding has started again Guidance Needed, that must be so stressful for you. Sending you a big virtual hug!

LittleSchnitz, My left boob hurts more than my right too! It really hurts and is itchy today which is so weird.

I got my second round of bloods back yesterday afternoon and they were good 390, showing really good progression up from 72 hours prior at 81. More than doubling in the time period which has really eased some of my anxiety.

Going to book in for my 6 week scan the week after next and just try and stay happy and positive (and calm).

Here's to a wonderful NYE. We have some friends coming over to our house so I've spent the morning cleaning which has left me quite tired. The couple coming over know we're UPD so I don't need to pretend. :)


#20 Lil_Schnitz

Posted 31 December 2017 - 11:23 AM

That's great news about the levels, Newlywed!

NYE with friends who you can celebrate your pregnancy with sounds perfect :D I hope you have a great night.

We're going down to the central park in town where there'll be some kind of celebrations - picnicking and fireworks, etc. It's our first festive season here in our first home and in our new hometown, so it will be fun to see the community coming together.

We have some new friends who are agisting their cattle with ours who I hope will join us. They have two gorgeous girls and I love to listen to them chatter away.

I've been up since 3:30am though... I'll definitely need a rest I'm going to be awake for the fireworks!

#21 Babybun

Posted 31 December 2017 - 01:37 PM

Lil_Schnitz, I take Vitamin D and Elevit for pregnancy and Vitamin C for general health.
I have been walking really early to go to the bathroom too!! I can't say I've noticed cramping though. I've been napping also to combat feeling exhausted, which I do all the time. I just don't want to go out and do anything. Already dressing going back to work after the break!
No feeling on boy or girl for me or dh yet. Last pregnancy dh thought it was a little girl, but he's said he's not sure yet this time. It might be him protecting himself from hurt at this stage though.

Guidance, sorry to hear about the bleeding and the stress you'll be feeling. Not that it's any consolation but my sister had bleeding up to 6 wks and she now has a beautiful 3 week old little girl.

Newlywed, great news on the bloods! That must be such a huge relief!! Even though my midwife isn't sending me for bloods until week 6, I might go and get them done at a random doctor for my own piece of mind. I feel a bit like I'm betraying her though..

It's unfortunate how we all have family troubles. My parents are divorced and it's always awkward when they're at the same event. The most difficult for us is that my mum and sister refuse to be in the same place as each other. It's stressing me out because we're starting to think ahead to gatherings like christenings and first birthdays etc. where we can only have one there, or neither, which both make me sad.
Dh and I are planning a joint 30th party and planning to surprise everyone with the baby news then, which we're really excited about, but either my mum or my sister will miss out. It's unfair as the rift has nothing to do with dh or I but we are the ones copping the consequences. It's not really my sister's fault either but I would feel so much guilt excluding my mum.  We don't know what to do!

Feeling too tired to go out tonight but we're going out with friends who don't know I'm pregnant, so bummer lol.

Happy New Years lovey mummy's!

#22 Lil_Schnitz

Posted 01 January 2018 - 06:59 AM

Good Morning and a Happy New Year to everyone!

We had thunderstorms and lightning here last night as promised, but it didn't stop the fireworks. We woke up to see that our valley is shrouded in mist. So beautiful. Feeling very grateful and blessed for my life this morning.

Babybun, I hope you had a great time celebrating with your friends without falling asleep in the middle of them. It must have been hard to contain your secret last night. I guess when the time comes, all the waiting will have made the telling all the sweeter.

I'm sorry about the position your family have put you in. It's a very sad thing when people don't know how to put their personal grievances aside for the sake of others. Especially in a situation like yours.

I can imagine the rift you describe between your mother and sister happening between mine so easily. Both my mum and sister tend to give ultimatums when they feel a challenge to their self-concept, rather than take it on board. Many times my mum has stopped talking to one of us for weeks at a time after she took offence to something. She has a bad gossip habit, too, which has caused trust issues and set a sad precedent for scandalising and slander in my family. My sister and mum have both threatened to cut me and others out of their lives at various points over things blown out of proportion. Being right at all costs is a trait on my mum's side that has estranged almost everyone in her immediate family. Every difference of opinion is a battle to be fought and won and contrition is seen as a sign of defeat/surrender.

Time will tell if the next generation learns or if history repeats itself. Mum has softened as she's aged and my sister is very slowly learning that showing humility isn't providing an opportunity for people to gloat at your expense. But I could definitely see myself writing your exact words at some point if they don't learn to pull their heads in!

Aaaand you wonder why we've moved halfway across the continent to a backwater town! Ah family... In our case, distance really has allowed the heart to heal it's hurts and nurture fondness again.

Of course all my commiserating is useless. I don't have any advice other than to practice patience and to avoid getting caught up in their disputes. Plus, I'm no angel. Many a well-meaning intervention has ended in me blowing my top and making things worse.

I just focus on being super self-aware, authentic and honest with myself and others and being vigilant about taking responsibility for my own emotions. For me, the biggest thing I can do for myself is to break the cycle. I am intent on showing my kids that it's okay to be vulnerable and admit you're wrong, that they will always be safe with us and can trust that our love is unconditional and puts them first.

So much for no essays... I think I forgot who I was for a second there. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I'm off to pack my swimmers and head down to the beach for the day! Get a bit of iodine and Vit D for bub.

Hope you all make your first day of the year a good one.


#23 newlywedandready

Posted 01 January 2018 - 07:04 AM

Happy New Year's Day everyone! I'm waking up feeling sleepy but refreshed. It got really hard staying awake until midnight last night. Did anyone else find it tough?

I'm lying in bed watching Will and Grace next to my sleeping/hungover hubby and a sleeping cavoodle. I'm not a huge drinker but it is really nice waking up refreshed on NYD.

I am hoping to get up in the next hour and do the bay run and then maybe go for a swim. Make the most of the first day of the year! But I think I will need to clean our house first! Eek :(

Hope you all have wonderful days! xx

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#24 Babybun

Posted 01 January 2018 - 11:10 PM

Yes I found nye tough! I think everyone thought I was a bit of a party pooper but I didn't care much. And now I'm at the bloody WACA watching the 20/20 cricket wishing every minute of it would end gah! I'm tired all the time at the moment (plus the cricket is super boring lol).

Our friends are taking us to Rottnest Island tomorrow, leave home at 8 and leave the Island at 5. It's going to be a big day on and off the tour bus and walking around all the bays. I'm hoping I'll be feeling well and not too sleepy.

Lying in bed next to sleeping dh sounds like the dream!

#25 rowd

Posted 02 January 2018 - 05:56 AM

Hi all, congrats on the BFPs! I am jumping in to say hi. I got a BFP 2 days ago and just did another test this morning which looks good. I am very early, only 12 DPO but it is nice to have people to share the journey and the worries of the early weeks with.

I am 29 in a couple of weeks and DH is 31. This is our second baby. Our first is 13 months old and has a very rare and terminal genetic illness. It is very scary for us to have another child. Our daughter's condition is considered to be totally random, and we are not carriers, but I still have a lot of fears for the pregnancy. And I feel like I can't handle more heartbreak, so I desperately hope everything goes smoothly.

Haha I was in bed well before midnight!

Wishing everyone all the best.

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