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Due in September 2018 chat #1

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#51 JustMarried!

Posted 05 January 2018 - 08:23 PM

Hi ladies. I'm back. Newlywed I think I remember you from around June 2017 or someone with a similar name.

I'm 27 and my husband is 28.
So my story - I had an early misscarriage/chemical pregnancy in July 2017. I was about 6 weeks pregnant when i started bleeding. Fortunately the bleeding only lasted 3 days and that was that. I stopped trying after that until November 2017.

I got a postive test the second month trying. I tested last Sunday and then went away for a week and still positive test today. Freaking out a bit that it's going to happen again so not getting excited for a few weeks yet.

My dilemma is do I go to the doctors next week or wait until I'm 6 weeks and passed the point I had the misscarriage last time?

Hope everyone else is going well so far :)

#52 Lil_Schnitz

Posted 06 January 2018 - 07:30 AM

Welcome JustMarried! :)

Great news about your positive result. I'm sorry about your miscarriage and that it means you have to hold your excitement back this time. But a new positive is a new chance. That's still something to let yourself feel happy about.

I crumbled a bit last night. I really had to lean heavily on my other half to keep my fears and anxieties from getting the better of me. He's so good and patient. All relationships have their difficulties, but loving someone with a psychiatric illness takes a special kind of strength. I'm very grateful for him.

I seem to have shaken the blues off this morning. Feeling positive and stronger.

I know it's a bit corny, but reading Max Erhmann's 'Desiderata' really helps me to gain perspective when things get a bit off kilter.

So any of you have something that has helped you through hard times, especially while TTC?

I hope you are all feeling well and strong and positive about things today.

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#53 JustMarried!

Posted 06 January 2018 - 07:46 AM

Well since my misscarriage I did get a bit upset when I found out. But I did some research on it and it is quite common so that made me feel a bit better and being early some people just think their period is late and don't even know. That's why I want to delay the doctors visit this time.

I also wanted to do something to take my mind off it so I started photography just as a hobby. It has allowed me to forget about trying to much and it's very relaxing going to different places to take photos all the time.

On a totally different subject what is everyone's idea of exercise in early pregnancy. I do group pt 3 times a week, I'm already on lesser intensity due to a bad knee and foot but I'm not sure if I should tell them I'm pregnant. As I read things like crunches are bad for the baby but other things we do like squates and planks and weights are good. So now I'm confused. Any feedback would be appreciated :)

#54 Taz82

Posted 06 January 2018 - 10:01 AM

Hi everyone, I’m cautiously dipping my foot in here.  I got a BFP this morning and have managed to pick up some forms to get bloods done today and again on Monday.
For those that don’t know my history I had my first MC in September 2016 where I was 12 weeks but baby was only about 7 weeks. Then in Dec 2016 and Mar 2017 I had CPs.  I ended up having a H, D &C at the end of May 17 as a bit of a clean out and to see if they could find anything, which everything back negative. So I have a few milestones to get past to out my mind at ease.
I am currently only 11DPO so still only very early days.  My due date will be around the 18th September.
FX everyone has a great 9 months ahead of them.

#55 rowd

Posted 06 January 2018 - 01:50 PM

Welcome taz82! Sorry to hear about your losses, I can imagine this first trimester is an anxious time for you. I hope you get some good numbers from your bloods to help set your mind at ease. Keep us updated :)

#56 newlywedandready

Posted 07 January 2018 - 05:22 AM

Hi JustMarried! Yes, I remember you from earlier in the year too. We lost our baby in July as it was ectopic. I'm so so sorry to hear about your loss too but I'm excited to see you back here!

Welcome Taz82, I think I remember you from the TTC groups as well!

Fx everyone's bloods come back great!

AFM, I went to my OBGYN on Friday and he wants me to have an earlier scan to check placement based on my history - but is keen for my HCG levels to get to 2000 first. He did a blood test on Friday and is going to call me tomorrow with the results. Praying for really good progression from my 390 last Saturday.

My DH has worked really hard to keep me busy and distracted this weekend. Yesterday we went to the gym then on a 8.5km walk around a lake in the northern beaches then out to dinner with friends. And today in this crazy heat (it's 38 degrees here in Sydney), we're going to the movies then to the pool for a swim!

I find that exercise really helps calm me down when I'm feeling anxious!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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#57 rowd

Posted 07 January 2018 - 07:24 AM

Good luck for your beta results tomorrow newlywed! It's a bit rough you've had to wait the whole weekend for results.

Does anyone else POAS like crazy? I must've done 10 tests... I used all the expensive tests sensibly, but now I have tons of ICs and can't help but test every morning. My lines are getting darker which is reassuring, but I know I should stop so I don't keep analysing every line 🙄

#58 JustMarried!

Posted 07 January 2018 - 07:46 AM

Newlywed I'm sorry about your baby too. I hope your hcg gets higher and they can do the scan to make sure the baby is in the correct place.  

I don't know when to book into the doctors. I don't want to confirm it only to bleed again but I think I need to think more positively. I also didn't like the last doctor I had so need to do some research about who to see this time even though it will probably only be for the initial consultation.

I poas for 3 days in a row last week. Went away came back Friday tested again in 2 different tests and both strong positives so I left it at that. I still have the cheapies left too but trying not to use them and just go with whatever happens happens.

#59 Babybun

Posted 07 January 2018 - 10:47 AM

I'm very sorry to hear about everyone's losses, it is very hard, especially when you get symptoms you had in a failed pregnancy.
My miscarriage milestone is tomorrow. I will be doing a hpt in the morning to see if it's as dark as the control line. My first hpt positive was at 10dpo and was very faint, then darker (half colour of control line) at 14dpo and hopefully as dark as the control line tomorrow at 20dpo. I'm getting bloods done this week and my first ultrasound this Friday. I'm definately anxious to see baby developing well and get good beta results. Fx.

Super sore lower back recently which is a real pain. And the occasional nausea/off feeling. Not too bad otherwise, but struggling in the Sydney heat, that's for sure!

#60 Kallie88

Posted 07 January 2018 - 03:24 PM

Hi everyone! I haven't had a chance to read all the way through the thread yet, but i wanted to pop in and say hi lol. Got my bfp yesterday at cd39, after my first period back from baby #2 Haha we're crazy. But anyway, so i don't know whether ill end up being end of august or start of September, i have a feeling it'll be September. Anyway, congratulations everyone, i look forward to getting to know you all better!

#61 newlywedandready

Posted 08 January 2018 - 08:03 AM

Welcome Kallie!!

Rowd, I have literally done over 10 tests! #noshame

I do them when I'm starting to feel worried/anxious or down about the pregnancy.

I did a FRER yesterday which was so strong it actually pulled the dye from the control line to the test line. Which I'm hoping is a good sign.

Waiting, waiting, waiting on my doctors call with my blood test results. He knows how anxious I am to get them so I'm hoping he will call early!

Edited by newlywedandready, 08 January 2018 - 08:03 AM.

#62 newlywedandready

Posted 08 January 2018 - 09:22 AM

Hi everyone,

Just want to update you! I just got off the phone with my OBGYN. My HCG levels have risen to 4839! So he's happy for me to have my ultrasound this week.

I have booked it for Thursday! It feels really far away - but closer than it was. And also I feel kind of calmer now that I know my hormone level is so high!

So relieved!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! xx

#63 Babybun

Posted 08 January 2018 - 09:50 AM

Great results newlywed!
How far along are you with that hcg figure? I'm going to get my bloods done at the hospital today I think, and an Ultrasound on Friday afternoon! It does seem forever away..

#64 newlywedandready

Posted 08 January 2018 - 10:05 AM

Thanks Babybun! That figure was from Friday when I was 5w3d. I'm 5w6d today.

How far along are you?

That's so exciting!

#65 Lil_Schnitz

Posted 08 January 2018 - 01:07 PM

Welcome Taz82 and Kallie88

Congratulations to you both!

Sorry to hear about your troubles with your previous tries, Taz, but like I said to JustMarried, this pregnancy is a brand new chance. I hope you won't need worry about anything this time around, but you're definitely not alone - there are several here already who can sympathise with your situation and backstory.

Great news about your level and your scan, newlywed :DSounds like you've really been hanging for this scan, so I'm happy for you that you get to push it forward. Exciting!

My GP doesn't seem too interested in HCG levels, but I don't have a history of complications, so that might be why...? I have bloods due to be taken on Monday week, but that's just an FBC.

My symptoms dropped off the last couple of days and I was overcome by self-doubt and worry. It was actually pretty overwhelming and scary to feel so lost and upset. But I woke up feeling a lot better today... in fact I feel pretty cheerful and positive about everything today. I think I'm in for a bit of a  rollercoaster.

My guy has to go away next week to help with the takeover of the family business. He is self-employed these days, but he's still obligated to his dad. His parents have helped us with so much - it's only right that he goes.

The takeover is a total shamozzle, though. He could be down there for months, which means I'm going to be up here on my own for a while. I think the meltdown might mostly have been me freaking out about being alone on a new property in a new town while newly pregnant. Sounds more reasonable in hindsight. :closedeyes:

How's everyone feeling? Got my first little waves of nausea this morning. Strangely, water on an empty stomach seems to bring on the queasiness.

#66 GuidanceNeeded

Posted 08 January 2018 - 03:19 PM

Hi ladies
Not much to update here, but been reading your updates each evening.
My bleeding eased right off after my last visit to the GP last Wednesday to the point I’m not even having to wear a liner (which is nice in this temperature) I had a big day Saturday doing a bit of yard work and then attempting a shopping trip that I totally collapsed when I got home but was fortunate my partner got in fed the kids and got them ready for bed and delivered me dinner to my passed out spot on the lounge.
Yesterday I ended up with a afternoon snooze too which was nice until I got up and morning sickness kicked in, I had to take something for the first time for nausea this morning.
I am going for a blood test tomorrow, she is testing progesterone as well as HGC to further test viability of this pregnancy, then I have a repeat scan Wednesday morning and GP for results Wednesday afternoon.
If our viability is looking better we will tell our close families one in particular who would be our biggest support person who is talking about going to America for 10-12 weeks from late august.  Won’t tell the kids yet though.

#67 JustMarried!

Posted 08 January 2018 - 08:00 PM

I'm feeling ok. I'm 5 weeks today and I'm worrying about not having many symptoms. I do feel nauseous a lot I think or it's all in my head. My stomach is also a bit bloated and im very tired. I know it's only early but I feel like I should have more symptoms. What about everyone else?

#68 Kallie88

Posted 08 January 2018 - 09:09 PM

I would guess I'm 5 weeks, could be 6 based on lmp, but no real symptoms yet, starting to feel a little nauseous but not the full on morning sickness yet. Some  people get lots of symptoms, others none or hardly any. Mine have been different each pregnancy! My first i had sore boobs and some cramping, not a lot of morning sickness but very sensitive nose. My second i had no sore boobs or cramping but morning sickness was heaps worse and the sensitive nose coming back made that even worse. I'm hoping this one ends up more like my first, i could definitely skip lots of morning sickness lol.

Went and got bloods today so hopefully the results on Thursday well help narrow down how far along i am a bit more before i book a dating scan.

Fx i get some time to read through the thread properly soon, i want to get to know everyone better!

#69 newlywedandready

Posted 09 January 2018 - 07:18 AM

Hi Kallie!

I've had mixed symptoms, but my boobs have been pretty sore continuously since last week. I've almost stopped wearing underwire completely. I might need to go buy a few more soft cup bras because ouch!

Other than that, I've had light cramping, a little nausea but not loads. Increased sensitivity to smell and insomnia and exhaustion.

According to Ovia Pregnancy, I hit 6 weeks today and bub is the size of a chocolate chip! :)

#70 Taz82

Posted 09 January 2018 - 10:03 AM

Hi guys,
Thanks everyone for your welcome. I haven’t had a chance to read all posts yet but will go back and fill myself in.
Just a quick update. Rang fir my bloods this morning. Only Friday’s were in so far. They were 20 which I think is ok for 3 weeks 3 days. I had another lot done yesterday so the receptionist is going to chase those up and give me a call later today. It’s going to be a very long day! Lol! If everything is going well I will be 4 weeks today. No real symptoms yet, had s big of stitch like cramping last week and today I woke up thinking I wS going to vomit but went back to sleep. Haven’t had any nausea since. It’s like the 2ww period with all the symptom spotting!! I know I am still very early so fx if all goes well.

#71 Lil_Schnitz

Posted 09 January 2018 - 10:19 AM

Big W Emerson wire-free contour bras! I wore them before and will keep wearing them as I go up in size. They are so comfy I even wear them to bed. And $15! Just my hot little tip.

My symptoms at the moment... I have a little queasiness that comes and goes, but it's not consistent and doesn't stop me from eating or just getting on with things. It's super duper mild. Right now I feel fine. My boobs are little bit tender and sometimes achy, but less that they were last week. I still need to pee a lot and I am always a little thirsty, but again not as bad as last week and the week before. I'm moody and volatile and quite suddenly weepy, but that could be because I'm now off-meds completely. I get a bit of back pain, but nothing much and I'm tired and am finding even going for a walk impossible to contemplate in the heat here. I am often feeling a bit flushed and breathless. My appetite is good, but I think I am getting a bit obsessed with meeting my RDI targets. I feel like in the past few days I've been eating too much. I have gas, especially after eating, and some abdominal cramping, particularly when I eat or go to the loo.

I don't know if I'm getting used to the symptoms, though, but if I didn't know I was pregnant I'd just think I was fighting a mild bug or something. Definitely no dramatic indications of pregnancy here. It changes from day to day, but today and yesterday I've felt calm and positive that everything is going okay.

Oh and I have an aversion to eggs, which I would normally eat most days.

#72 rowd

Posted 09 January 2018 - 11:40 AM

Good luck for your blood results today taz! Keep us updated.

I'm not having a repeat hcg at this stage. My initial level was in line with my dates and I am trying to de-medicalise things a bit, after having a highly medical and traumatic pregnancy with my daughter. I have even gotten my husband to hide the rest of my HPTs haha.

I was just thinking the same thing about how if I didn't already know, I wouldn't be able to tell I was pregnant. Mostly I am just hungry and very fatigued. Also have a full/heavy feeling in my lower stomach. Early pregnancy seems to go sooo slow, reading into all the little symtpoms and twinges. Although I suppose we should enjoy the first couple of weeks before morning sickness really hits!

I know its so early for this, but I love thinking of names. Does anyone already have name ideas picked out?

#73 Lil_Schnitz

Posted 09 January 2018 - 06:51 PM

We want a boy, so if we have a son we already know what his name will be. I've always found girl's names trickier. I've been looking for THE NAME for a girl, but just can't find it. They all seem to be too plain, too weird, or too popular. I know the right name is out there somewhere waiting to be found. Just gotta keep hunting.

#74 GuidanceNeeded

Posted 10 January 2018 - 09:29 AM

Well we went today, 3rd Wednesday in a row for an ultra sound.  Our first ultra sound concerned with placement (CSP) second we had a small measurement and no heartbeat and today we still have a smallish measurement but a heart beat although very slow and still some question over placement.
Back to the GP this afternoon for the full report and updated blood figures. I suspect we will be having a repeat ultrasound again next week too.

As for gender preference we really don’t mind, I keep digging at my partner saying “she” to which he replies “he”.  My youngest is a girl so convenience would be to have another girl but it truely doesn’t matter we just have to continue taking everything one day at a time.

#75 newlywedandready

Posted 10 January 2018 - 10:04 AM

Sorry to hear that you're having such a tough time GuidanceNeeded.

I hope you get some clarity from the GP this afternoon.

Glad to hear they saw a heartbeat! May I ask what the rate was?

Thinking of you.

AFM, in terms of gender I really have no preference. I have more girl names than boy names. But I honestly just want a healthy baby!

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