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Due in October 2018 chat #1

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#51 Teddy17

Posted 02 February 2018 - 09:41 PM

I was seeing a gynaecologist and supposed to go back in March but I don’t need to now. The doctor did write a referral to the obstetrician I had heard about as all of the girls from work have had their baby delivered by him, so I’m trying him first. I’ve decided there are two local hospitals that I’ll go to, he delivers at both, so we’ll go for a tour of both and see which one we prefer.
I have the Ovia pregnancy app too.

#52 Ancla&Owl30

Posted 02 February 2018 - 11:08 PM

Generally Teddy the GP will write you a referral then the OB will do the scans (if they have the equipment) or they'll refer you to where the scans will take place. Most OB's won't see you til 8-12 weeks depending on the OB. StaceWA and I are seeing our FS so we're slightly different :)

Is anyone else getting the NIPT (Harmony) test done? We've decided to get it done this pregnancy, we didn't with DD but we weren't offered it. I'm getting it done at 10 weeks, which means we also have the option of finding out the gender; we didn't with DD but we are very tempted to this time around!

Also Teddy, feel free to ask any questions here like StaceWA said. happy to answer any questions! This is my 3rd pregnancy, but second bub :)

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#53 Teddy17

Posted 03 February 2018 - 05:31 AM

My husband and I haven’t spoken about it yet. I was reading about the Harmony and Generation tests last night, as I’m 36 and possibly a high risk pregnancy, I probably should have a test done.
At this stage I don’t want to find out the gender, but that may change!

#54 Itsok15

Posted 03 February 2018 - 06:36 AM

Congrats Teddy and welcome! Ask anything you need! There’s a couple of us second time mums on here already.

Afm I’m not getting the harmony. I didn’t with my son so won’t again. I’m only 30 and wanna save my money as it’s expensive.
I’m having an early dating scan but only because of a previous ectopic. Normally they do as at 7-8 weeks as the girls said.
We will consider finding out gender which we didn’t with DS. My husband would need to really adjust if we have a girl so would potentially find out at 19 week scan so he has a couple months to adjust to the idea of having a girl haha

#55 stace_wa

Posted 03 February 2018 - 08:44 AM

We are thinking about doing nipt this time. We decided to save our money with DD and only get it done if our nt scan came back higher risk, but I'm thinking with all the extra we've already paid to keep this pregnancy going, what's another $400... We found out gender with DD and we will this time around too. In the end I had to pay extra for a gender scan with DD as she wedged to cord between her legs at our 19 week scan after wed finally decided we definitely wanted to know and we were too impatient to wait another 20 weeks to find out at birth so getting nipt appeals in that regard too. I'd also like to get another scan in between my dating and nt scan so might see if we can as a check with nipt. My ob I had last time was fantastic and I'd like to go with him again, but he doesn't scan in office and I don't know if I can deal with that this time after so many losses so thinking of changing...

#56 Ancla&Owl30

Posted 03 February 2018 - 11:07 AM

Having an OB who scans in office is so important to me. My OB is so great, he's says at any time I feel anxious or uneasy and just want a scan to put my mind at ease, I can come in anytime. My last OB scanned in office too but when I was looking into changing I found lots don't scan in office which surprised me!

I'm excited to have the nipt testing, I wish it was an option given with DD. We're going through Genea this time as Harmony in the USA have been having some issues and it's local. I don't mind whether it's a boy or girl, a boy would be lovely as our surname will end when DH dies, so having a boy to carry on the family name would be lovely but healthy is the most important!

#57 Serendipity91

Posted 04 February 2018 - 07:39 PM

Congrats and Welcome Teddy :) Our October DIG is slowly getting bigger!
I had my repeat HCG and thyroid test done on Friday and see the Dr tomorrow morning to get the results. Fingers crossed!
I did another clearblue digital yesterday (14dpo and the day my period was finally due) and it came up with the 2-3 week result so I am happy with that already, has given me peace of mind over the weekend that my HCG has atleast tripled!
I am feeling a bit bloated and like I can't suck in my tummy anymore, which is making me feel like I am already trying to hide a bump haha boobs/nipples are soooo sore!! and I have the metallic taste in my mouth, like I have a mouthful of coins, it's pretty gross!
I feel like I am avoiding social contact with my friends so I'm not tempted to tell them!
I am also getting some very light cramping and a few twinges here and there, mainly on my sides. It does freak me out a little bit though when I feel them (a good friend of mine had an ectopic pregnancy so I feel like I'm extra paranoid)
Anyone else feeling those?

#58 Ancla&Owl30

Posted 04 February 2018 - 07:52 PM

I'm feeling the exact same Serendipity, except for the metallic taste. It was the best feeling in Thursday undoing my pants as soon as I got into the car from work, the bloating has been crazy! My boobs are soooooo sore too! I've also broken out in pimples in the middle of my chest and on my face (I hardly ever get pimples!) and they are so so sore. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow!

#59 stace_wa

Posted 04 February 2018 - 09:46 PM

Jealous of those with such strong symptoms! My nipples are a bit tender and I get that yucky taste occasionally. Tip for the taste, I used mints flat out with my daughter, helped disguise the taste so I felt better. It's working so far this time too.

Afm, I'm feeling less confident. I just wish my hcg had risen better last week. It was still within range, but not great and it slowed a lot. I guess I'll find out about that in Tuesday from my test tomorrow. I'm still feeling quite crampy sometimes but I know that can be perfectly normal as things stretch and move. My progesterone dropped a bit last week too and isn't particularly high anyway despite the pessaries. I'm trying to think positive, but I'm just getting more worried. I hate that this is all out of our control and I hate the we are both "fine" apparently and yet I've had such trouble getting my body to holds a pregnancy this time around. I truly hope this is our sticky and I never have to go through ttc again.

#60 Ancla&Owl30

Posted 04 February 2018 - 11:53 PM

Fingers crossed for you StaceWA. You'll be in my thoughts xoxo

#61 Serendipity91

Posted 05 February 2018 - 12:19 AM

Fingers crossed for you too Stace! It must be hard, I know how paranoid I’m already feeling with no reason to be yet.
Hopefully we all have sticky meant to be ones :) xx

#62 Teddy17

Posted 05 February 2018 - 06:06 AM

Good luck Stace. This waiting and the unpredictability is awful!

I need to call for my blood test results this afternoon and I’m hoping it’s all ok, I know that there’s a high chance of developing gestational diabetes but I’m hoping that all of the changes we’ve made in the last few months have altered my levels.

I seem to be getting the same symptoms as you all too as well as a little lower back pain on the right side at the end of the day. I just went back to work last week after the Christmas holidays so that could be part of the tiredness at the end of the day too!

#63 Itsok15

Posted 05 February 2018 - 11:53 AM

Don’t worry stace I hve zero strong symptoms. All I’m getting is tiredness and bloating/blah feeling in my guts. But from memory I had the same with DS so honestly don’t stress! We should be thankful we’re not throwing our guts up! Haha
This first trimester sucks.the waiting game to know it’s all ok and waiting to tell people. I’m seriously struggling atm because I have so many social invites which revolves around drinking and I’m usually not one to knock back a drink! Gonna be so hard to hide!

#64 Serendipity91

Posted 05 February 2018 - 12:14 PM

Just had my Dr Appointment, everything is perfect :)
Thyroid has gone down to 2.58 on Friday so she said that is no problems at all, don’t need to take thyroxine yay!
And my HCG had more than tripled within 48 hours and was 185 on Friday (which was still only 13dpo). And my progesterone on the Wednesday when I had the original blood test (11dpo) was 55. So she said everything is looking really good and also gave me my 12 week scan referral too!
Feeling very relieved and like I can be a lot more confident now :)

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#65 --binda--

Posted 05 February 2018 - 04:29 PM

Still such a small group in here, it's like everyone is hiding in the shadows!

I finally got a Dr's appointment for tomorrow, so will get a referral for bloods, and hopefully an ultrasound referral then to check all is OK, especially after the miscarriage.

My niece (she lives with me, and is almost 1$) keeps asking if I'm pregnant, as I'm really angry lately, and that's how I am when I'm pregnant. So hard to keep a straight face and tell her no - she's adamant that I need to pee on a stick in front of her in two weeks haha! I just don't want the kids to get their hearts broken again if it ends in miscarriage.

Morning sickness has well and truly set in for the moment, especially from around 1pm. Thankfully, it doesn't interfere with life at the moment.

I hope everyone is plodding along nicely.

#66 Teddy17

Posted 05 February 2018 - 05:44 PM

It must be so hard to keep it a secret Binda but I understand why you are. Hopefully the time will go quickly for you to be able to tell the kids.

I just got the results from my blood tests from Friday and all is good! I feel so relieved! I’ll call tomorrow to try to schedule an appointment with the obstetrician-my doctor has sent all of the results to him already, so I’d better book in!!

#67 MrsP2014

Posted 05 February 2018 - 08:27 PM

hi girls,

jumping in here, had my BT today and had HCG of 109. this has been a rocky IVF round with bleeding/spotting from 3 days post transfer. its intermittent and unpredictable. on lots of medication for support so hopefully all is well. I've been getting positive wee tests since thursday but didnt want to jump in here until i had my BT results.

i have a 16 month old little girl also and IVF baby. this baby will probably be another planned section due to my own health issues but we will see (dh is adamant he wants a section).

i wish you all a boring 9 months!

#68 *~Maree~*

Posted 05 February 2018 - 09:21 PM

Hi Ladies

I thought I’d join in too. I got my BFP on 26 January, due date is 8 October. I have a 16 month old son.

My Dr has given me a referral for an early scan which I’ll have some time after 12 February. We’re going to get the NIPT done. We had it last time and also found out the gender through the test.

Hope you’re all keeping well. Looking forward to getting to know you.

#69 stace_wa

Posted 05 February 2018 - 09:29 PM

Welcome and congratulations MrsP! I think I remember your name from the AC threads when ttc my daughter. She's nearly 18 months now so close to your LO.

Great news Teddy and Serendipity!

Hanging for my results tomorrow. After all the stress and anxiety over them this morning, I got so caught up in end of month at work and almost forgot to get them done! Whoops!

#70 Ancla&Owl30

Posted 05 February 2018 - 10:53 PM

Congratulations MrsP and Maree!

Maree, I tested + too on Australia Day and I'm due 7th October!

Wishing you both all the best with your pregnancies

#71 Itsok15

Posted 06 February 2018 - 06:52 AM

Welcome Mrsp2014 and Maree! Congratulations and welcome to our little Dig! Seems there’s a lot of us second time mums which is lovely.

Dating scan this arvo! Nervous but excited!

#72 Ancla&Owl30

Posted 06 February 2018 - 11:05 AM

All the best with your scan ItsOk!

AFM, I've had a small bleed this morning. No cramping but my lower abdomen doesn't feel right. Ob wants me on bed rest today and to get bloods done to check my levels. If my progesterone is low he wants me on pessaries. Trying not to stress but it's so hard

#73 Serendipity91

Posted 06 February 2018 - 12:54 PM

Welcome and Congrats Mrs P & Maree :)

I think I am the only first time Mum in this group so far!

Goodluck with your scan Itsok :) how exciting! I wish mine was sooner already.

Ancia&Owl fingers crossed its all okay for you and positive thinking!!

And hoping to hear good results from you too today Stace!

#74 stace_wa

Posted 06 February 2018 - 01:08 PM

Ancla&Owl, I hope all is ok. First trimester is so stressful!

Itsok, good luck with your scan today!

Afm, had a phone call from my fs and my hcg is up to 7376, progesterone is 59 and estrogen is 715 so all still rising add expected. My hcg has slowed a bit, but that's expected as it gets higher so feeling a bit more relieved. I'll try not to obsess over numbers out of my control! Roll on scan next Monday!

#75 kbmummy

Posted 06 February 2018 - 01:16 PM

View PostSerendipity91, on 06 February 2018 - 12:54 PM, said:

Welcome and Congrats Mrs P & Maree Posted Image

I think I am the only first time Mum in this group so far!

Goodluck with your scan Itsok Posted Image how exciting! I wish mine was sooner already.

Ancia&Owl fingers crossed its all okay for you and positive thinking!!

And hoping to hear good results from you too today Stace!
Hi!I am also a first time mum. I'm due 11th October and very very anxious at the moment.I got my HCG done on day 27 (295) then again day 30 (1575) so hopefully everything is progressing nicely.

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