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Due in January 2019 chat #1

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#51 N1kk1louise

Posted 15 May 2018 - 06:05 PM

I was starving when pregnant with my son and lost my appetite when pregnant with my daughter so for me I consider it a gender prediction sign 😉

#52 cinnamonnutmeg

Posted 15 May 2018 - 06:26 PM

Lol Canberragirl, I've got a cold too (really? No! I hear you all think. She handles it so well! Never hear a complaint from her 😂) and I am both starving and yet completely uninterested in eating. Unless its sugar. I want all the sugary foods.

And I also had the runs the other day but it passed.

#53 Nee29

Posted 15 May 2018 - 09:44 PM

I remember with my daughter I lost weight from having zero interest in food and the only thing I could eat or would feel like was sweet- raspberry bullets and red skins 😋... like I knew I had to eat, but there was nothing that I felt like.... I have heard that girls are linked to sweet foods! Will be interesting to see!

I don't seem to be having any obvious symptoms anymore. And I'm trying to remind myself I had pretty much nothing with no. 1 either except horrific back pain...

When I got my bfp with dd I had constipation as wel as runny poos.. but definitely try keep up with the elevit. I'm also taking iron tablets so not looking forward to the effects (or lack of 😑) of them

#54 countrymum2b

Posted 16 May 2018 - 01:16 PM

Hi All! Congrats everyone!
I'm similar to JB5! This is our third pregnancy - we had an ectopic in Jan. So have been a little slow to acknowledge this one but we had a scan on Monday and the little thing is in the right spot this time. I have an 18mth old too. It's been so great having him I hope things don't change too much when this bub comes along. EDD is 2nd Jan! Hope we can make it past Christmas. JB5 I am also in Country NSW and went public last time - our only option unless we went to Newcastle or Taree. Looking forward to chatting more to you girls. So lovely hearing your stories so far.
Oh symptoms for me so far is nausea throughout the day and some pretty severe heaving first thing in the morning. Not really feeling like eating much due to that. Probably a bit tired. No sore boobs this time but still bf my boy once a day so wondering if that has kept the soreness away? Anyone else had experience with that?

#55 Canberragirl1990

Posted 16 May 2018 - 07:30 PM

Soooo happy!! Just got my repeat hcg results and they came in at 130, which is more than double woohoo . It’s all seeming real now. I’m going to have to find some patience to wait for my first scan!! Bring on the next 3 weeks :-)

#56 cinnamonnutmeg

Posted 16 May 2018 - 07:58 PM

Canberragirl that is awesome news!

Am I the only one that is SUPER hormonal right now? One moment I'm sad and crying and the next I'm happy then something sets me off and I have my grumpy pants on.... its a nightmare

#57 Nee29

Posted 16 May 2018 - 08:46 PM

That's awesome Canberragirl, hope the next 3 weeks fly for you (and probably all of us haha)
I don't *think* I've been too emotional yet, but husbo would probably tell a different story 🙄

Hi countrymum, congrats and I'm sorry about you ectopic. So amazing that you've had a scan, in hanging out for our first one... I really want to go early because I'm impatient but also want to wait so there's more chance of seeing a healthy sized bubba with a heartbeat.
My last two first scans have been a bit stressful, the first babe should have been 8 weeks and measured 6... we told family that night at dinner and not an hour later I was bleeding.... the second time (DD) I should have been about 7+4 and measured about 6 weeks. I asked for an extra scan 2 weeks later and everything looked perfect. So either my babes are just little from the get go (DD is 22 months and still hasn't cracked 10kg) or they implanted late and my dates were out.

Anyway... here's for a speedy few weeks 🤞🏽

#58 countrymum2b

Posted 17 May 2018 - 07:39 AM

Nee 29 - My DS is a little guy too! Was born average though but I've been worrying about his weight too. He's been sitting between the 1-3rd percentiles.

#59 rosebebe

Posted 17 May 2018 - 09:53 AM

Welcome to all the new ladies! Sorry I have been a bit absent lately I am on holidays overseas (trying to relax!).
Canberragirl I am super happy to see you in here and very excited for you about the HCG results. Mine were very similar at dpo9 and dpo11 and no bleeding so far :) fingers crossed that one is a sticky one!
I had a viability scan to rule out ectopic at 4w+ 5. I have booked in for another one at 7w+3 to hopefully see the heartbeat and make sure everything is ok. GP have me 2 referrals so I’ll use both.

I also need to remind myself during the day and find it a bit hard to firgure out what to eat/ not eat when travelling.
Boobs are finally getting heavy and sore (and nipples aaaargh).

I also feel bloated in the evening and still have cramps on my left side + left hip pain. Not sure why.
Trying to tell myself that everything will be fine and that 80% of pregnancy are happy ones. So hard not to be scared... any tips?

Who is going to find out the baby’s gender?
We’re tossing up if we should keep the surprise for our first

#60 gogoface

Posted 17 May 2018 - 11:47 AM

View Postcinnamonnutmeg, on 16 May 2018 - 07:58 PM, said:

Canberragirl that is awesome news!

Am I the only one that is SUPER hormonal right now? One moment I'm sad and crying and the next I'm happy then something sets me off and I have my grumpy pants on.... its a nightmare

I cried at a re-run of The West Wing the other day. I was in the shower and watching and DH walked in to find me sobbing over Glen Close becoming the first female chief justice of the Supreme Court... so normal.

#61 pippa89

Posted 17 May 2018 - 12:34 PM

Hello ladies - tentatively dipping my toes in to say hi.

5 weeks today since my LMP and got my BFP on Sunday. Cautiously optimistic.

I have my first GP visit this afternoon and I feel so nervous! I struggle with doctors on the best of days but this just feels really serious and overwhelming. I know it probably sounds silly but what can I expect at the first GP visit? Thank you x

#62 MapleBaconE

Posted 17 May 2018 - 05:03 PM

Rosebebe we will definitely find out the gender. I'm not so keen on alot of boys names so knowing what we are having will help narrow down name choices a bit.

Pippa89 I feel like you're me! I had a faint BFP on Saturday night and a solid BFP on Sunday morning. 5 weeks today and first GP appt too tonite.

From what I've read, theres not alot they do in the first trimester. Will be interesting to compare what different GP's do at the first appt though :-)

#63 pippa89

Posted 17 May 2018 - 05:13 PM

Hi Maplebacon - how nice to have a buddy at the same stage!

I can report back on GP appointment now - pretty basic. Did a urine test to confirm, blood pressure and blood test, checked height and weight. Talked about diet and exercise, no smoking, drinking etc. Also gave me a referral for dating scan in 4 weeks so week 9. That was it!

Blood test results back tomorrow and feeling good!

I'm super keen to find out the sex and so is hubby, I feel like it will help me to feel more in control of a process I have no control over.

#64 gogoface

Posted 17 May 2018 - 07:24 PM

View Postpippa89, on 17 May 2018 - 12:34 PM, said:

Hello ladies - tentatively dipping my toes in to say hi.

5 weeks today since my LMP and got my BFP on Sunday. Cautiously optimistic.

I have my first GP visit this afternoon and I feel so nervous! I struggle with doctors on the best of days but this just feels really serious and overwhelming. I know it probably sounds silly but what can I expect at the first GP visit? Thank you x

Yeah Pippa! My old testing buddy. Good to see you in here :)

#65 Nee29

Posted 17 May 2018 - 10:08 PM

I'm exactly 5 weeks today too! Looks like a lot of bubbies are due on the same day 😁
My morning sickness kicked in today- but has been all day and I'm secretly loving it ☺️ I've been peeingon sticks almost everyday just to see that line and it has been darkening so I'm feeling optimistic for this early stage.. it's the next 7 weeks now...

We will be finding out the sex this time around, soo exciting! Will people be waiting for morphology scan, or nipt or early gender scan? I think we'll do 3D scan at 15 weeks, but I also kinda want to do harmony test or something to be sure.. can't imagine being told boy if it was a girl! Mainly because we already have a girl so wouldn't need to buy more stuff and also dh will literally jump for joy if it's a boy haha

#66 pippa89

Posted 18 May 2018 - 09:04 AM

Hi Nee29, I think I'd like to do that harmony testing too. Unfortunately there isn't a testing facility in our small town so it would probably involve a day off work to travel for it and its also quite expensive right? Definitely thinking about it though.

Still feeling pretty good so far just tired. I was asleep in front of TV by 9pm last night and also have a bit of heartburn which is unusual for me. I hope you're all well ladies! xx

#67 MapleBaconE

Posted 18 May 2018 - 09:31 AM

So I went to see the GP last night, she seems to think I'm closer to 4 weeks more than 5 due to my irregular cycles. The second last one was 31 days and the last one was 56 days so I have a dating U/S in 2 weeks to find out how far along I actually am.

In terms of finding out gender, I really want to do the NIPT/Harmony test. My sister works for a sonographer so I'll probably go see her for a 3D U/S later on aswell just cause :p

Hope everyone is well!!

#68 pippa89

Posted 18 May 2018 - 09:38 AM

I'm a bit jealous that you get an ultrasound in two weeks Maplebacon! I have to wait until week 9! That seems like forever away.

#69 Canberragirl1990

Posted 18 May 2018 - 10:04 AM

Pippa - that does seem far away!! Can you just go earlier? Is there a reason your Doc wants you to wait?

Mine is booked for 7 weeks with my FS (to keep it away from current and old employees - news/gossip spreads too fast in this industry!) and I am making sure DH keeps me sane and patient until then. I know I can easily have one earlier - I am lucky and work for a private ob and also used to work for a female US  company, so they would do one for me anytime! but I know it's better to wait until 7 weeks, as you have a better chance of finding a heart beat then.

DH is being super supportive and nice. My only symptom atm is reeeeeeally sore boobs and gas (burping) every time I lie down, to the point I get really nauseous and have to sit up again until I am able to "burp it all out" weird - I know! DH just says - is there anything I can do?!? lol cute!

#70 MapleBaconE

Posted 18 May 2018 - 12:07 PM

Haha Pippa I'm hoping the early scan will ease my anxiety a bit! Can you just book your scan a little earlier?

I have an 8 week old puppy coming home next week and we're getting married next year too so super stressed at the moment which isn't too good for our little bean. The next 12 months are going to be crazy!

#71 MsLaurie

Posted 18 May 2018 - 12:31 PM

My GP seems pretty keen for me to wait for 12 weeks for first scan... first time around I had one at about 5 weeks & then at 8 as well, as there had been some weird cramping... so i’m a bit thrown by the idea of waiting to 12 weeks!! That’s ages away!!

#72 pippa89

Posted 18 May 2018 - 02:24 PM

I guess I probably can book in a bit earlier, she said between 8 and 12 weeks gives the best chance of hearing the heartbeat so aim for week 9 but I have the referral so I might go somewhere between the 8 - 9 week mark.

I know there is quite a long wait for non-urgent ultrasounds in our small town so I'll have to book soon and I'll ask them the best time.

That's exciting that you're getting a puppy Maplebacon! I wanted another pup soon but now we're pregnant hubby is having second thoughts about it.

That's so sweet Canberragirl my DH is being quite doting and adorable too.

#73 Procrastinating

Posted 18 May 2018 - 05:27 PM

Oh hi everyone! #3 for me, due late January. I was temp charting for the past few months because of irregular cycles so I’m sure I ovulated on day 18, BFP on DPO10. Yay!
I have two boys, ages 2 and 4. Haven’t yet had my bloods done but have booked back in with my obstetrician for the 3rd time for week 9. I better get a steep discount! 😂

#74 Nee29

Posted 18 May 2018 - 07:43 PM

Hi DDC81, congrats.
MaLaurie, you're stronger than me I would lose my mind waiting until 12 weeks. I thought they did the dating scan earlier so that the NT tests could be done at the right time around 12 weeks.

I'm so exhausted tonight and nauseas on and off. This is a week earlier than with dd and I'm questioning why I thought it was a good idea to be pregnant and studying in the same year. Gosh I hope I can cope!
How very exciting to get a new puppy Maplebacon! What breed are you getting?

Pippa, I've heard that the harmony tests are about $500... it's a pity there's not one they can do specifically for gender and not the other genetic stuff. I planted the idea that they can be wrong at the scans in dh 's head so maybe he'll let me do it..?

#75 Procrastinating

Posted 18 May 2018 - 08:31 PM

I did the harmony test when I was pregnant with DS2, it was about $500 then. I think we had the results at about 10wks? When I was pregnant with DS1 it was $2500 so we didn’t do it!

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