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#51 IamOzgirl

Posted 14 October 2019 - 08:25 AM

Thanks Gabbitz. I am mostly doing ok.

Miss HLH, my clinic didn't measure a bunch of mine either. What cycle day are you?

Those little ones came up quick right before EPU. My FS was amazed!

Did your FS put you on a long down reg?

AFM, argh pesseries started yesterday! Sigh. Public service announcement. If you have Private health you can claim them as they are off the PBS. And you can go back 2 years to claim for scripts. And your chemist has the receipts on record and can produce copies if asked.

I paid $85 for my recent lot and got $44 back.

As for my embies 3 are really good. 2 are iffy. Further decisions will be made on Wednesday (transfer day)

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#52 MissHLH

Posted 14 October 2019 - 11:17 AM

IamOzgirl - I didn't know about your stillborn son, and Andi - I missed that you lost your son also.  I can't imagine the pain that must cause you both.

IamOzgirl - 3 good embryos and 2 others still going is good.  Good luck on Wednesday.

I had another scan this morning and have same number of follicles (maybe 1 more, but still small, so doctor thinks it's unlikely).  I'm not sure I had any down-regulation?  I've done an antagonist cycle - gonal f from day 3 and cetrotide from day 7.  No changes in doses over the cycle.  I'd sorted of hoped that maybe they'd up the gonal f after the first scan, but what do I know?  Anyway, I'll trigger tonight and have the pick-up on Wednesday.  I'll need to find someone to pick me up, and I don't know who anymore.

#53 IamOzgirl

Posted 14 October 2019 - 12:17 PM

Thank you MissHLH - i didn't want to point it out as us IVF mums have enough angst without me adding to it!

Re your cycle. I am surprised that you are doing a antagonist cycle (short) vs a long agonist cycle. which is typical for Endo patients i thought.

Maybe worth a question to your FS?

I had suspected Endo and so thats why i was on a long cycle. Apparently down reg reduces the inflammation.

Mis HLH - where are you based? if in Sydney i am happy to help with pick up.

#54 MissHLH

Posted 14 October 2019 - 03:42 PM

Thanks, I will speak to the FS about it.  I'm already assuming I'll need to do another round.  I guess it's a bit of a defence mechanism.  I've been trying to reduce inflammation by eat a lot of fibre - maybe hasn't helped, but can't hurt!

I'm in Melbourne, but thank you so much for the offer, it means a lot honestly.  I've found a friend who can get me out of the hospital, so that's a relief.  It's so stressful doing these things alone!

How have you found recovering from the EPU?  I did freeze some eggs a few years ago, but can't remember how I felt the next day, and don't know if I'll need that day off too.  I'm glad this thread exists, I never think to ask these questions when I'm in the clinic.

#55 MSDC

Posted 14 October 2019 - 07:44 PM

MissHLH I had my EPU just over a week ago - I wasn’t too bad the next day at all... a little bit sluggish. If you’re doing an office job, you’ll probably be ok but if it’s more physical, you might struggle.
It’s been 9 days since I had mine and my boobs have been that sore, I’m still getting cramps and I’m putting in down to the hormones still being in my system... all I know is, I’m not feeling my normal self but that’s probably just normal 🤷🏽‍♀️

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#56 Gabbitz

Posted 14 October 2019 - 09:52 PM

IamOzgirl, 5 embies today is great. Hope they’re all still going strong for transfer.

In terms of the long vs short cycles for stim cycles, i’d also heard that long cycles can be effective for endo patients, but as it’s been three years since I’ve undergone a stim cycle myself, things might have changed. I know that my first cycle way back when was a short cycle because despite the endo, they wante$ to see how I reacted to the drugs first. After that I think I went onto the long cycles, but with my endo had poor responses - hence the donor cycle option now.

In terms of trying to reduce inflammation, I thought that was also the purpose of adding prednisone or prednisone to the cycle regime as it dampens down the immune response.

In terms of a simple dietary addition, I’ve been taking a probiotic (a breastfeeding one) as I’ve found that along with increasing fibre, the probiotic seems to help as well. Maybe that’s a simple addition at this point MissHLH.

Good luck MissHLH. Be thinking of you. Hope you recover well too.

I had one of those extremely frustrating conversations with my hubby over the weekend. I’m not ready to admit he might have a point because I thought his timing completely sucked. We got talking about the future and what we’ll end up doing with our remaining embies. My hubby always only wanted 2 kids whereas I always wanted 3. I guess I just assumed that as we still have 3 remaining embies left, that we would be allowing all a chance for life. However hubby basically said that we won’t be going through again and we’d donate the rest of our embies. Now I don’t have an issue with donating them on - as we wouldn’t even have our son without someone donating to us, I’m not sure I’m ready yet to say ‘yep, we’re done and dusted’. Until bub#2 arrives safely, I’m wanting to take it one day at a time. Yes, once #2 gets here I might find that 2 little ones is as many as I can cope with (i’ll also be 39 by the time bub arrives, so I’m considered an older mum anyway). But it was just his flat out decision that yep we won’t be going back for more that threw me for a loop and really annoyed me. I think because technically I have no genetic material included in the embies, he thinks it’s his decision to make. I’m not impressed at the moment and told him, I’ve got a lot more thinking to do before we can make that decision. That also includes making sure #2 arrives safely. Seeing as we had drama with #1, I’m not willing to say that I’m ready to even start thinking about that sort of future yet. Sorry for the rant! Mostly hubby has been supportive and great, but this time just reminds me, he’s still a guy and he doesn’t always pick the best timing for conversations and doesn’t always get the female point of view either!

#57 MSDC

Posted 15 October 2019 - 06:12 AM

Oh Gabbitz... I would feel the same way -  “too soon buddy!” That decision doesn’t need to be on the radar just yet, you have enough on your mind And your body is working over time to take care and develop #2.
My DP has been absolutely amazing throughout our journey - As much as they do support us and the journey is all about them too, they don’t fully live it like we do....

Miss HLH - best of luck for your EPU tomorrow, you might be surprised! Out of my two EPU’s I got three the first time and four the next.... 2 have been tested and I’m waiting - quality over quantity! (That’s what I’m telling myself)

AFM... not baby related but I did get my new job which will be so much less pressure than my current one - things are starting to look up just need these results to come back positive and that’ll be my third bit of luck 🤞

#58 Gabbitz

Posted 15 October 2019 - 06:39 AM

MissDC, congratulations.  A new less stressful job sounds brilliant.  I hope you enjoy the new work. When do you start?

#59 MSDC

Posted 15 October 2019 - 07:26 AM

Thanks Gabbitz... not for about 6 weeks. It’s a government job so they want all the ins and outs about me, my partner, my parents! They do a lot of background checking!!!

#60 Bumbleflop

Posted 15 October 2019 - 09:14 AM

Hi ladies :)

MissHLH- good luck with your EPU tomorrow, really hoping you have some amazing quality eggs 🤞 I was on an antagonist cycle as well with endo so you’re not alone there. I’ll be asking about the long cycle if I need to do another stim cycle though as the inflammation sounds interesting! I didn’t feel very well after my EPU but I ended up with mild/moderate OHSS and I had the flu so it was about 2 weeks until I felt normal. Hopefully your body will handle it better and you will be good to go from the day after ☺️

MissDC - congrats on the new job!! So nice to have a win during the stress of difficulty TTC.

IamOZgirl- Thankyou for the PHI info! I actually asked the chemist this when I collected my first meds and I got told no 🤦‍♀️ Considering it’s $300 of pessaries a cycle I’ll be calling my PHI! Hope the pessaries aren’t causing you too much grief. Good luck with your transfer if you go ahead 🤞

Gabbitz- I think men are just very out of touch with everything relating to making babies. To them the emotional connection isn’t there like it is with us...our bodies and mental thoughts take the brunt of ttc and ivf. The boys are just along for the ride but they don’t really experience it. I hope with a bit more of an in depth conversation he can understand where you are coming from. I would personally keep all my embryos until at least 1-2years after the birth of what we think is our last child.

I’m only 4 days in with my pessaries and I’m hating them this cycle.   I think it’s the viagra making me feel like poo..looking forward to the progesterone to feel like a different kind of poo.
I’ll be asking my FS but does FET cycles mess with your LH and FSH at the start of a cycle? My LH and FSH have always both been around the 5-6 mark on CD2. This cycle however my LH is 1!!! FSH still up at 5. Is it because my last cycle was FET with no ovulation?

#61 IamOzgirl

Posted 15 October 2019 - 09:23 PM

Sorry, once again a rise post cause on my phone.

I final got my car back (did I tell you guys it died last Thursday and I am currently 5 hrs from home and 2 from my clinic?) And so I can head home from my parents via my clinic for my transfer.

I'm more excited to be going home than my transfer TBH.

I miss my cat. She has been well look after by a teen from down the road, but I miss her terribly!

#62 Bumbleflop

Posted 15 October 2019 - 10:01 PM

Awww fellow crazy cat lady here 👋 Hope your furbaby doesn’t give you dirty looks when you eventually get home! Good news on the car ☺️ Hope the transfer goes well and you get home safely, look forward to those kitty cuddles 😻

#63 BeachesBaby

Posted 16 October 2019 - 07:47 AM

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, a bit depressed about feeling like a failure, and wasn’t holding much hope for this cycle. I’d just gotten to the point where I’m not even sure how anyone ever gets pregnant and has a real, live, take home baby. It doesn’t seem like a real thing that happens to real people.

But now I’m 9dp5dt, and 5 days past my last pregnyl booster, and my lines haven’t faded, and are getting darker, about equal to the control line. I’m not excited yet, my first beta is in 2 days at 11dpt, and I decided early on that I wouldn’t ask to bring it forward unless I thought I was having another chemical. But I’m cautiously hanging on, hoping they continue to darken, as at this point I know it’s not pregnyl anymore (I’ve compared to prior pregnyl cycles which were bfn at this point), but I know there’s just such a long way to go between seeing a second line and getting to have an actual baby. I just told my dh, who’s equally as cautious so we’re both just pretending nothing had changed, and waiting on Friday. I felt like I had to get this out into the universe somewhere, but don’t want to tell anyone I know in real life yet...

#64 Bumbleflop

Posted 16 October 2019 - 08:27 AM

Beaches that’s awesome news but completely understand your hesitation. I hope the good news continues for you and you get to the point of having a gorgeous take home baby. Let us know how you go with your beta tests ☺️ xx

#65 IamOzgirl

Posted 16 October 2019 - 08:51 AM

Beachesbaby - Yay

This is exactly what happened to me when i had my successful transfer. I was put on Valium to clam me. I was a mess.

So fingers crossed the same happens for you.

ASF, well turns out stressing would have got me nowhere. There was no decisions to be made today over iffy or top grade embie transfer.

I only had 2 transfer quality embies (thankful the top grade) one was transferred. One was frozen. Two others are being given a day to catch up to freeze quality.

#66 Gabbitz

Posted 16 October 2019 - 08:39 PM

Beaches that’s great news so far. One day at a time is so hard during the ivf wait periods, but I’m cautiously optimistic for you. I found that for me, pregnyl was out of my system after 5 days, so it’s great that your lines are getting darker. Hope your results are encouraging on Friday.

IamOzgirl- 2 quality embies is great. Hope the other two catch up to freeze. Hope all wen well with the transfer and you’ve had a chance to just relax today. I hope you have a nice stick emby!

#67 Gabbitz

Posted 16 October 2019 - 10:01 PM

BTW beaches - you’re not a failure. I understand the frustration and depression having been through it on this stupid ivf journey. You are simply a woman who needs science to give her a bit of a helping hand and there is no failure there. I know it’s probably hard to hear from me as I already have my little miracle and I found it difficult before him when others told me ‘it’d happen’ or ‘keep trying’ or other random platitudes. But science can and has helped many women to hold their little bundles of joy. I hope you get the results you want on Friday and then every little milestone from there. I hope we can celebrate them with you.

Anyway, you were in my thoughts before I went to sleep tonight and I just wanted to send you big hugs of encouragement tonight as you wait out the last little bit before your blood test.

AFM, I forgot to mention (and have been trying not to think about much!) I’m back to work tomorrow for the first time since DS was born. I’m a bit nervous about how I’m going to cope considering my conversations in the last few weeks consist of car, bus, cat, dog! Having an adult conversation is likely to strain my brain a little bit and having to string together reports of a scientific nature might be more challenging than I’m hoping.

Also, I suspect I’m going to miss spending time with my son. I’m just consoling myself that #2 is due next year, so I’m back for all of 6 months before being back on leave again as long as all goes well. I’m also not needing to tell work for at least another month officially.  

I’m a bit nervous people will be able to tell though as im already getting big due to all the ivf hormones, so I’m not sure if people will guess or just think I didn’t lose weight after DS1.

Just thought I’d blurt out my nerves to you guys.

#68 IamOzgirl

Posted 17 October 2019 - 10:39 AM

Morning all.

Wow its amazing how things just turn out (and i know it is easier said than do for all of you first timers)

So my two iffy embies caught up. So i have 3 in the freezer so if this one doesn't work I have back up (more than one!)

Beaches - i hope you are feeling a little better.

Gabbitz - good luck! And feel free to vent away with your first day nerves. All good :-)

#69 MSDC

Posted 17 October 2019 - 12:10 PM

Awesome news Beaches!

IamOzGirl - I'm so excited for you... 3 in the freezer!

Gabbitz - Best of luck going back to work. I can only imagine how you're feeling. Venting on here actually works well for me so happy to lend a cyber ear for you and anyone else who needs to air their feelings.

#70 MissHLH

Posted 18 October 2019 - 03:03 PM

Gabbitz - vent away.  The embryos are both of yours, even if you have no genetic material involved.  He doesn't get to make the decision alone.  You may end up completely happy to donate them, but it's a choice for you both.  And a choice for the future!  I hope being back at work has gone okay.

MissDC - congrats on the job!  So nice to get a win, and less stress is a win!

Beaches - crossing everything for you.  Hope you get good news today...

IamOzgirl - I hope you don't need the frozen ones, but nice to know they're there.

AFM - I had 5 eggs collected and 4 fertilized.  I'll find out on Sunday what time the transfer is, assuming any make it that far.  I guess if I don't hear anything on Sunday then none have made it.
Thanks for all the feedback on how you felt after collection.  I had the day off, and spent it at a friend's house on their couch, while they worked from home.  I also had the next day off too.  I was still feeling pretty crampy today, but it's getting better.  TBH I'm finding it hard to concentrate on anything, but it's just anxiety.

#71 Gabbitz

Posted 18 October 2019 - 03:51 PM

Miss HLH, that’s great news on the eggs fertilized. Hope they’re going strong for transfer next week.

Also glad to hear IamOzGirl. Three stored is great. Although I hope this time takes for you!

I just completed my first ‘week’. I only worked two days, but wow I’m tired. Thankfully everyone was really friendly and I didn’t burst into tears when I left my son, so I call that a win!

I did have a couple of people guess I was pregnant already (stupid Prednisolone making me all bloated!)

But they were excited for us too as a lot of them remember the drama and anxiety during DS’s pregnancy.

So I can start to discuss maternity leave questions with HR now. Considering I’m only going to be back for 6 months, which only just completes the return to work required from DS1!

#72 BeachesBaby

Posted 18 October 2019 - 04:35 PM

Gabbitz - that’s great that your first week went well, and now that people know, at least you won’t be stressed about when will they find out!

Ozgirl - I hope you’re going well, and am very happy to hear you have a few frosties for the future :)

Afm, my beta today is 192, at 11dp5dt. My prog is 77, which is fine, but my last cycles it was in the mid 300’s, so it’s just a bit interesting. I expected my hcg to be over 150, since my clearblue weekly said 2-3 weeks this morning, so I’m pleased but also not celebrating, and just holding my breath until my next test Monday to hear if it’s doubled appropriately.

Part of me feels like a spoiled brat for having this initial success and not being excited for it. My last 2 cycles were negative and a very low cp. but I just can’t let myself go there yet.

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#73 *Andi*

Posted 18 October 2019 - 04:48 PM

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great week!

Well done on getting through your first week back Gabbitz. I hear you on the prednisolone puff! At least you don’t have to hide it at work now and can plan accordingly. I bet the 6 months will fly by!

Miss HLH, everything crossed for your 4 little embies! Hoping you get good news on Sunday and a successful transfer on Monday.

IamOzgirl, that is great news about the 2 extra embies! Congrats on the transfer, looking forward to some good news from you soon.

BeachesBaby, I hope you got some good news today! It’s sounding very promising. I know how you feel though, before IVF finally worked for my first it just seemed hopeless. So don’t give up hope!

Well done on the new job Miss DC, that’s great news!

Bumbleflop I hope you're feeling better with the meds now.

AFM, I had an ultrasound and blood test this week just to make sure my body wasn't trying to cycle. I then spoke to a nurse at my new clinic for the first time on Wednesday, and she said my FS had instructed me to start injections tonight! I thought I needed to induce a bleed first, but apparently not as I'll be doing a freeze-all cycle and PGS. So it's exciting to be getting into things sooner than I thought.

ETA I spoke to an embryologist at my old clinic today just to see if I could get any more details on the sperm/eggs/embryos from our last collection. I thought it was a sperm issue due to the embryos progressing past day 3 and a lower count (but still within range), but they told me today that the notes said suboptimal eggs. So that wasn't great...hopefully it will be better this time seeing as I have been on my supplements for longer. And I'm using pergoveris to try to help quality, as well as hopefully an HCG trigger. I won't be able to do that if I'm at risk of OHSS though.

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#74 *Andi*

Posted 18 October 2019 - 04:50 PM

BeachesBaby sorry, I took too long to type. Congratulations! Totally understand the not getting too excited yet though. I hope you have a nice restful weekend and great results on Monday. Those numbers sound really good though!

#75 Gabbitz

Posted 18 October 2019 - 08:03 PM

BeachesBaby, those #’s sound great for a first test. But I also understand waiting a bit to get excited. I think when we’ve had a few disappointments for whatever reason, you really want to be certain of each stage. I hope your weekend goes quickly and you see some beautiful results next week. Each positive step will help build the excitement.

Andi, great news to be starting earlier than you thought. Hope everything goes well.

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