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Santa Photos

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#1 ~LemonMyrtle~

Posted 06 November 2019 - 12:51 PM

Pre-kids i swore to never get Santa photos done.  I think I only ever had them done once as a baby, so its not a thing in my family.  So, I said to myself, nope, not doing them, its a busy time of year and its a waste of money, and I am not doing them!

Now my kids are 4 and 5 and for many reasons we have had a Santa photo done every year so far! every year!  How did this happen???  I dont even like them, all I see is two scared kids sitting on a strangers lap wondering whats going on.

I want to cut them out this year, but now i have serious FOMO if I dont get them done.  Will i ruin a wonderful tradition?  or just save myself time and money?

And we are sooooo busy this time of year, we have 6 family birthdays for a start, plus the usual catching up with people, and work year end busyness. Its all too much.

So EB, why do you get Santa photos?

#2 PocketIcikleflakes

Posted 06 November 2019 - 12:58 PM

If the kids don't ask for them I don't do them.

Edit to answer the question. I did them under pressure because "cute". The kids actually like doing them so if they ask themselves we do them if they don't we don't.

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#3 annodam

Posted 06 November 2019 - 12:58 PM

We used to get them as kids.
I like looking back on them mostly for the fashions, plus the fact I don't have a lot of photos of myself as a kid, parents didn't own a camera.
I decided to get my kids done every year until they turned 7yo, then we stopped.
Each child has their own Santa photo, never together, neither are their School photos together.
I prefer each child have their own photos to look back on when the time comes.

#4 ~Jolly_F~

Posted 06 November 2019 - 01:00 PM

I only do them if my kids want to, otherwise we do a photo under the tree at some point.

#5 Hollycoddle

Posted 06 November 2019 - 01:01 PM

OP I was the same as you, I'm very big on keeping traditions going so once we had them for the first few years it was very hard to cut them out!  And we would give them as part of our Chrissy present to family.

My boys are 8 and 11 now, we have cut it out now, the last one was probably a few years ago when they were 6 and 9?  It was very rare for us to get either or both of them smiling in ANY of those over the years and of course, the lining up was hell no matter whether we opted for early in the season or late!

Edited by Mollycoddle, 06 November 2019 - 01:02 PM.

#6 Mooples

Posted 06 November 2019 - 01:04 PM

We had them every year as a kid until my younger sister stopped believing so I guess I was about 10 at our last one.
Ds1 is 4 and has had them every year, last year ds2 joined him and I’ll continue them for the foreseeable future. I like looking at them each year and we often pull out our childhood ones too. Both grandparents put our kids one on display each year.

#7 TrixieBelden

Posted 06 November 2019 - 01:08 PM

I like them - i think they’re cute -  but we have a refuser so we don’t do them. We would never push it.

A friend of mine takes her kids every year and the photos are horrible because the kids are clearly unhappy. I don’t get doing it if the kid isn’t enjoying it.

#8 seayork2002

Posted 06 November 2019 - 01:13 PM

We have never been able to have them done - DS has never liked seeing the santas, even as a little baby he grabbed onto our finger and started to get upset so for a few years we walked past unintentionally mostly then when we saw asked him and he was a firm no so we gave up even asking after a while

Even as he in now 12 he looks wary at them.

So we just didn't bother

He has happily gone up to his child care santas and at some other events but for some reason the shopping center ones have freaked him out and I can't say it was adue to a bad experience as due to his dislike he has never been near one enough to be affected by it.

personally I am not bothered either way as I hate the photos of screaming babies who really do not want to be there.

#9 Just Jack

Posted 06 November 2019 - 01:21 PM

We don't do them. I don't want to encourage my kids to sit on the knee of a strange man they don't know.

#10 chicken_bits

Posted 06 November 2019 - 01:31 PM

I don't. I did it for my daughter for 2 years and when she freaked the second year I saw it through her eyes and didn't do it again.

I did it one year with my son as a baby because I wanted a professional photo to give to the family and that was the cheapest option.

Haven't done it since and don't plan to.

#11 Crombek

Posted 06 November 2019 - 02:08 PM

I did one each as a baby, and now only if they ask. Usually they pester to see him then decide they’d rather admire from afar. I’m certainly not going to force them into a situation that they are uncomfortable with.

#12 Mollyksy

Posted 06 November 2019 - 02:38 PM

I wanted to with DS and have a grand total of one pic. One as a bub then he got an opinion and it was a no for the next five years and presumably more! I shouldn't be surprised, I was petrified. There is a memorable pic one year of 3yo me, then mum, then Santa. Santa and I at opposite ends of the pic! I hated anyone dressed up. Santa, the St George dragon, Big Bird and friends one terrifying matinee performance!

#13 Lucrezia Bauble

Posted 06 November 2019 - 03:18 PM

i think i had one done with my older son when he was around 3.....youngest doesn’t like photos at the best of times so we never bothered. i try to get something suitably christmas-y done but the perfect santa photo has alluded us...

#14 Grrrumbles

Posted 06 November 2019 - 03:44 PM

We were at the shopping centre today admiring the decorations which DD5 loves. We looked down on the Grotto and I asked her if she wanted to meet Santa this year and she said no. Big brother no longer believes. We have had photos with child care ones in the past when they are getting their book but never a professional one.
We have taken some nice photos next to fancy Christmas trees in public places - an economy or stranger friendly option for those who want the theme.

#15 Dianalynch

Posted 06 November 2019 - 03:47 PM

Dd was freaked out by Santa, so we’ve never had the photos...we take a photo every year of the family putting up the tree

#16 timtam92

Posted 06 November 2019 - 03:59 PM

They are free at Harvey Norman. You get a print and can buy extras at reasonable prices

#17 Jingleflea

Posted 06 November 2019 - 04:14 PM

Nope, never done them, never even considered it.

I think they're weird frankly.

It's not like it's the real santa after all.

#18 27plus

Posted 06 November 2019 - 04:30 PM

I wish I got their preschool photos and primary school ones (class not portrait), than santa ones.  They hold more memories and it's fun to work out who the children many years later.

#19 ImperatorFuriosa

Posted 06 November 2019 - 04:40 PM

I have 2 DS, 17 and 10. I have never even contemplated the tacky torture that is Christmas photos.

#20 ainira

Posted 06 November 2019 - 05:38 PM

Is there some place where you can take free ones? I wouldn't do it if kids straight out refused

#21 Kallie88

Posted 06 November 2019 - 05:47 PM

I never thought about it much, wasn't particularly for or against pre-kids. We didn't really do them, but my aunt does with her kids (who aren't kids anymore) and I think it's really lovely. For her it's an excuse to get everyone together once a year for a photo and for us I think it'll be nice to look back on ours when the kids are grown and see how they changed year to year. I really value photos, so that probably impacts my feelings

#22 MadMarchMasterchef

Posted 06 November 2019 - 05:48 PM

 Grrrumbles, on 06 November 2019 - 03:44 PM, said:

Big brother no longer believes.

My 6yo worked it out this year and my 8yo worked it out ages ago :(   I must be raising skeptics!

#23 MadMarchMasterchef

Posted 06 November 2019 - 05:49 PM

 timtam92, on 06 November 2019 - 03:59 PM, said:

They are free at Harvey Norman. You get a print and can buy extras at reasonable prices

Just a heads up they don't give them to you straight away though. You have to return on another day to get the photo!

#24 rosie28

Posted 06 November 2019 - 05:51 PM

Santa visits the kids Christmas party at my work, which is held in a beautiful building with an amazing tree. They have a photographer come and do free photos. They’re always nicer looking than the DJs one so we usually just go with that.

#25 GingerbreadWoman

Posted 06 November 2019 - 06:20 PM

Last year I took a photo of my DD patting the reindeer near the Santa area at the local shops... that was as close as she wanted to get to Santa! If she asks this year I will take her, but otherwise no.

Edited to add, I did get one of her with Santa as a baby (she slept through the whole thing) as a present for grandparents because it was a tradition in my family growing up. But I think that was because photos were much less common then, and only taken on special occasions. I haven’t regretted not getting them done in the last couple of years. We have so many other photos.

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