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Poem to recite

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#1 Islander

Posted 06 December 2019 - 04:03 PM

My six year old (very confident reader) needs to find a poem to recite at the end of year school assembly. Any suggestions of suitable poems that are fun to recite? So far she likes “oh the places you’ll go” although it would have to be just an excerpt for length! Doesn’t need to be about anything in particular, it’s just as a performance. Thank you!

#2 cvbn

Posted 06 December 2019 - 04:25 PM


'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
   Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
   And the mome raths outgrabe.

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son
   The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
   The frumious Bandersnatch!"

He took his vorpal sword in hand;
   Long time the manxome foe he sought—
So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
   And stood awhile in thought.

And, as in uffish thought he stood,
   The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
   And burbled as it came!

One, two! One, two! And through and through
   The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
   He went galumphing back.

"And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
   Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"
   He chortled in his joy.

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
   Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
   And the mome raths outgrabe.

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#3 Ruf~Feral~es

Posted 06 December 2019 - 04:26 PM

I recited The Owl and the Pussycat when I was about that age, and now both my kids have on their primary school journey as well - so it has a very soft place in my heart.  (And I know it really, really well!)

It has a lovely rhythm, which helped them.

#4 tassiekiwi

Posted 06 December 2019 - 04:32 PM

Hard to find, but The Squirdle (sp?) by Spike Milligan is great.

#5 cvbn

Posted 06 December 2019 - 04:32 PM

Wynken, Blynken and Nod

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night
Sailed off in a wooden shoe,
Sailed on a river of crystal light
Into a sea of dew.
"Where are you going, what do you wish?"
The old moon asked the three.
"We have come to fish for the herring fish
That live in this beautiful sea,
Nets of silver and gold have we, "
Said Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.
The old moon laughed and he sang a song
Asd they rocked in the wooden shoe
And the wind that sped them all night long
Ruffled the waves of dew.
The little stars were the herring fish
That lived in the beautiful sea.
"Now cast your nets wherever you wish
For never afeared are we, "
So cried the stars to the fishermen three:
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.
All night long their nets they threw
For the fish in the twinkling foam.
Then down from the skies came the wooden shoe
Bringing the fishermen home.
'Twas all so pretty a sail it seemed
As if it could not be
And some folks thought 'twas a dream they dreamed
Of sailing that beautiful sea
But I shall name you the fishermen three:
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.
Wynken and Blynken are two little eyes
And Nod is a little head.
And the wooden shoe that sailed the skies
Is a wee one's trundle bed.
So close your eyes while mother sings
Of wonderful sights that be
And you shall see the beautiful things
As you rock in the misty sea
As the old moon rocked the fishermen three:
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod

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#6 QuisbySchmoo

Posted 06 December 2019 - 04:42 PM

My Big Fat Cat

I own a big fat cat
The fattest for miles around.
Wherever there's lots of food,
That's where he'll be found.

He's really good at eating.
It's a talent, I suppose.
I'm sure if he keeps at it
He'd win the talent shows.

I own a big fat cat-
He weighs at least a ton.
He couldn't run to save his life.
Yes, he isn't much fun.

His favourite room's the kitchen.
(I'm sure we all know why.)
He eats just about everything,
So that's why, with a sigh...

I'd like to tell you, Teacher,
I'd like to tell you straight,
I might have "accidentally" dropped
My homework in his plate.

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#7 joeyinthesky

Posted 06 December 2019 - 04:54 PM

This one alway makes my 6yo giggle...

Nine Mice

Nine Mice on tiny tricycles
went riding on the ice,
they rode in spite of warning signs,
they rode despite advice

The signs were right, the ice was thin,
in half a trice, the mice fell in,
and from their chin down to their toes
those mice entirely froze.

Nine mindless mice, who paid the price,
are thawing slowly by the ice
still sitting on their tricycles
…nine white and shiny micicles

Written by Jack Prelutsky

#8 laridae

Posted 06 December 2019 - 05:03 PM

Anything from Edward Lear (eg the owl and the Pussycat - but he wrote others) or Lewis Carroll (eg Jabberwocky or The Walrus and the Carpenter) would be fine. They are fairly entertaining.
Or Roald Dahl - something from dirty beasts or revolting rhymes.

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#9 Islander

Posted 06 December 2019 - 05:54 PM

These are all great! Thank you!

#10 Daffy2016

Posted 06 December 2019 - 06:15 PM

What about the night before Christmas? It’s seasonal and has a nice rhythm.

#11 Juella

Posted 06 December 2019 - 06:17 PM

Now We Are Six

A. A. Milne

When I was One,
I had just begun.
When I was Two,
I was nearly new.
When I was Three
I was hardly me.
When I was Four,
I was not much more.
When I was Five,
I was just alive.
But now I am Six,
I'm as clever as clever,
So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever.

#12 GingerbreadWoman

Posted 06 December 2019 - 06:25 PM

‘From a railway carriage’ by Robert Louis Stevenson Is another one with a great rhythm

Faster than fairies, faster than witches,
Bridges and houses, hedges and ditches;
And charging along like troops in a battle,
All through the meadows the horses and cattle:
All of the sights of the hill and the plain
Fly as thick as driving rain;
And ever again, in the wink of an eye,
Painted stations whistle by.

Here is a child who clambers and scrambles,
All by himself and gathering brambles;
Here is a tramp who stands and gazes;
And there is the green for stringing the daisies!
Here is a cart run away in the road
Lumping along with man and load;
And here is a mill and there is a river:
Each a glimpse and gone for ever!

#13 Sentient Puddle

Posted 06 December 2019 - 06:44 PM

My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson - I recited that at an assembly about that age and can still recall most of it.  I think I did some actions along with the passage about the rubber ball too - but it was many years ago now.....

#14 seayork2002

Posted 06 December 2019 - 06:45 PM

I wandered lonely as a cloud....

Wordsworth? (I don't know all the words myself so sorry if not age appropriate)

#15 Veritas Vinum Arte

Posted 06 December 2019 - 07:24 PM

View PostJuella, on 06 December 2019 - 06:17 PM, said:

Now We Are Six

A. A. Milne

When I was One,
I had just begun.
When I was Two,
I was nearly new.
When I was Three
I was hardly me.
When I was Four,
I was not much more.
When I was Five,
I was just alive.
But now I am Six,
I'm as clever as clever,
So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever.

My favourite. I have been known to recite this still to my kids. I learned this when I was a preschooler.... 40 years ago and still know it.

#16 ipsee

Posted 06 December 2019 - 08:57 PM

Mulga Bill's bicycle, or The Man from Snowy River have some fun verses you could choose.

#17 leosmum

Posted 06 December 2019 - 09:56 PM

Now we are six - perfect suggestion!

#18 CallMeFeral

Posted 06 December 2019 - 11:02 PM

As a kid for some reason I tried to memorise the Jabberwocky and also "You are old father william". I just loved them both. The latter is funny too.

"You are old, father William," the young man said,
    "And your hair has become very white;
  And yet you incessantly stand on your head —
    Do you think, at your age, it is right?"

  "In my youth," father William replied to his son,
    "I feared it would injure the brain;
  But now that I'm perfectly sure I have none,
    Why, I do it again and again."

  "You are old," said the youth, "as I mentioned before,
    And have grown most uncommonly fat;
  Yet you turned a back-somersault in at the door —
    Pray, what is the reason of that?"

  "In my youth," said the sage, as he shook his grey locks,
    "I kept all my limbs very supple
  By the use of this ointment — one shilling the box —
    Allow me to sell you a couple."

  "You are old," said the youth, "and your jaws are too weak
    For anything tougher than suet;
  Yet you finished the goose, with the bones and the beak —
    Pray, how did you manage to do it?"

  "In my youth," said his father, "I took to the law,
    And argued each case with my wife;
  And the muscular strength, which it gave to my jaw,
    Has lasted the rest of my life."

  "You are old," said the youth; one would hardly suppose
    That your eye was as steady as ever;
  Yet you balanced an eel on the end of your nose —
    What made you so awfully clever?"

  "I have answered three questions, and that is enough,"
    Said his father; "don't give yourself airs!
  Do you think I can listen all day to such stuff?
    Be off, or I'll kick you down stairs!"

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