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Doubts about 10 week old baby name HELP

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#1 Doral

Posted 07 January 2020 - 10:44 PM

Hi guys,

My baby is 10 weeks old and I’m driving myself crazy overthinking her name. I just want to feel happy and at peace with it so please help!

We had a name that we agreed on and were referring to her as (between us only) throughout most of my pregnancy. Towards the end I started to have doubts and wanted to at least have another option to consider when she was born just in case. We both liked Sophia but didn’t think my husband would actually change his mind.

When she was born he surprisingly said straight away that she looked like a Sophia and not like the other name at all. I wasn’t sure if it was because of hormones or being exhausted but I didn’t think it was her name. We announced her name and I still couldn’t shake the feeling of it not being right. So we changed it to Sophie which I actually love so much more and it suits her so much more too.

I’m having doubts though because even though I always loved the name, Sophie was never on our lists as I had dismissed all names ending in that ie/ee sound as our surname ends in i. Now I’m worried it’s too rhymey but the paperwork is done now and we have told everyone again that it’s Sophie not Sophia.  Am I crazy?

#2 Amica

Posted 07 January 2020 - 11:00 PM

Rhymey with what, your last name?

#3 kerilyntaryn

Posted 07 January 2020 - 11:05 PM

Sophia/Sophie are both great names.  I wouldnt worry about the ending,  If you love it so much more, I'd keep with Sophie

#4 PuddingPlease

Posted 07 January 2020 - 11:20 PM

I agree, it's a lovely name and names that rhyme a bit really aren't a problem.

#5 Gudrun

Posted 07 January 2020 - 11:50 PM

1. You're way ahead of most name self-torturers because you love her name. You are not doubting the name.

2. The rhyming thing might be an EB sensibility (if you've been a lurker and I know I've played my part).  It doesn't mean it's a sensibility 'outside'.

3. The name grows with the person and this will matter not at all down the track.

One of mine has the same rhyminess but I think it sounds great because there's other things at play.  She's 35 and thinks her whole name is perfect.

Can I set you a task?  Listen out for first name-surname combos that have the same rhyminess; people you know, famous people etc and assess whether anyone cares or notices.  Bet you find they don't.  I play this game. These combos are common.

Sophie is gorgeous.  Light and lyrical and classic as well.  I'm pleased to see that you really love the name you chose and that even at 10 weeks that it suits her so well.

Edited by Gudrun, 07 January 2020 - 11:53 PM.

#6 Lime-Polka-Dot

Posted 08 January 2020 - 12:04 AM

My first and last name rhyme (end in the same letter/ sound) some of my cousins with the same surname do aswell, my mum thought it was helpful to hyphenate my first name to put another sound in between but honestly, having a hyphenated name hasn't been helpful, especially as it wasn't officially marked as such on my birth certificate with a hyphen (officially on certain ID I have now it has to be consideredas a middle name/initial) . I'm very rarely known by both first names and don't introduce myself that way.

I think there are worse things than having a rhyming full name TBH and I think Sophie is a lovely name.

#7 Tinkle Splashes

Posted 08 January 2020 - 12:50 AM

My first name and surname both end in an ie/ee sound. This hasn’t caused me a moment’s concern in my entire life. If you love the name, I think you are overthinking the rhyme issue.

#8 Veritas Vinum Arte

Posted 08 January 2020 - 04:13 AM

My DDs name 2 syllables has ‘ee’ sound with surname also 2 syllables also ending in ‘ee’ sound.

Has never been seen as an issue. Don’t forget the Australian thing of shortening names so Sophie/Sophia often becomes Soph.

I love the name Sophie and prefer this over Sophia

#9 daisy007

Posted 08 January 2020 - 04:57 AM

I much prefer Sophie over Sophia, it’s a lovely name.

#10 IamzFeralz

Posted 08 January 2020 - 05:34 AM

My first and last names ending also rhymed.  It was never something that came up as a problem for my life.

#11 Sancti-claws

Posted 08 January 2020 - 05:45 AM

As a Sophie in real life, kids will find rhymie things to go with it regardless.

Much as the do with any name.

You have a year to change the name (I believe) if it is too overwhelming, but its definitely not the worst thing to lump your kid with.

#12 Bigbaubles

Posted 08 January 2020 - 06:14 AM

It took me months to really be ok with both my daughters names. They have quite big and unusual names so it took a bit of time for them to 'grow' into them.

Now I have 100% no regrets, I think sometimes it's hard to see this little shrivelled baby turning into a person with a proper name. I mean there's adult men named Craig and Barry and they were once babies (I find it hard to imagine a baby Craig lol).

Sophie and Sophia are lovely and classic and quite popular so no one will ever really have a bad thing to say about either. Also i've noticed so much more as a teacher that kids first names and surnames often don't flow well or are rhymey. I have a kid that I teach that has a really comical combination of first name and surname (think like Bobby McRobby) and it's fine. My eldests first name ends in the same letter that our surname starts with and I worried that it would smush together badly, but its never caused a fuss.

#13 maryanneK

Posted 08 January 2020 - 06:14 AM

Don't change it. Sophie is lovely, I'm not a fan of Sophia unless you are actually Italian or similar. Plus the hassle of name changes, etc. Dont overthink the rhyming thing, it won't matter!

#14 GlitteryElfFarts

Posted 08 January 2020 - 09:10 AM

2 of mine have names that rhyme a little with their surname, but you tend to not really notice it after awhile.

#15 Freddie'sMum

Posted 08 January 2020 - 09:39 AM

Sophie is an absolutely gorgeous name - on a baby, on a child and on a adult woman.  Just beautiful.

I think you are overthinking it - which is perfectly normal because none of us had named an actual human being before !

Stick with Sophie.  Lovely, lovely name.

#16 MooGuru

Posted 08 January 2020 - 10:02 AM

Unless your surname is Schmofi I think you're fine with the rhyming thing.
Now you've mentioned it I know 2 Sophie's with surnames ending in an ee sound and never noticed it as a thing before.

#17 movingonup

Posted 08 January 2020 - 10:06 AM

if it's any help, my aunt & uncle went through the same thing with my cousin Sophia/ Sophie. I *think* when she was born she was Sophia, but everyone called her Sophie and they ummed and ahhed about her birth certificate. Then one parent has always called her Sophia, the other has always called her Sophie. She's mid teens now, everyone just calls her Soph & I couldn't for the life of me tell you what her actual name is - Sophie or Sophia!

#18 Doral

Posted 08 January 2020 - 11:13 AM

Thank you all so much for your replies!

I think that even though I love the name I have just been having doubts because even after she was born I was referring to her in my head (a lot of times by accident) as the original name we had during the pregnancy. Has anyone else experienced that?

I also sometimes think this name is just a compromise and that makes me sad you know?

Has anyone else had name doubts because they felt the pressure to announce the name before they were ready? This might be playing a part too.

Ah never thought naming a baby would be so confusing!

#19 Bereckii

Posted 08 January 2020 - 11:54 AM

Do you love her in-utero name more than the name Sophie?

#20 Gudrun

Posted 08 January 2020 - 12:01 PM

Re the pressure for the name after the kid is born.  Yep unrelenting. Had it with No2 especially from the inlaws.  Impossible to deal with.

#21 Dawnshade

Posted 08 January 2020 - 02:22 PM

Can you share the other name you had?

I had my bubs name in mind before I was pregnant, looked at lots of alternatives, but stuck with it. My bubs is 5 month now and I still dont think the name suits her, though love the name itself. I think it will grow on me though and suit her more as she grows. The name is Alexandra. :)

#22 MooGuru

Posted 08 January 2020 - 02:30 PM

I sometimes referred to DS as his in utero name. It wasn't a name I loved he was never going to be called that but the habit of using that name was hard to break

#23 Doral

Posted 08 January 2020 - 08:19 PM

The name during the pregnancy was mia. Still really like this name but I’m happy that we didn’t use it now that it is number 2 for girls names in 2019!! I know Sophie is meant to be quite popular, especially as it is sometimes used as a nn for Sophia, but I’ve never come across any and Sophie itself is much less popular than Sophia. Do you agree?

What are your thoughts on mia? Although don’t tell me you like it more than Sophie haha

Thanks to many of your lovely comments I’m starting to worry less about the surname rhyming but am also now a bit disappointed in myself for dismissing other favourites to avoid it. Eg. Daisy. Always loved that name too. Would Sophie and Daisy as sisters sound ok if I were to ever have another girl?

#24 Dawnshade

Posted 08 January 2020 - 08:23 PM

Mia is nice. Was on my short list, but agree its too popular. I prefer Sofie. Daisy would be fine. :)

#25 Freddie'sMum

Posted 08 January 2020 - 08:34 PM

For my second pregnancy, the name I loved was Caitlin.  Loved it, loved it, loved it.  At the 20 week mark I completely changed my mind and Caitlin was dropped faster than a hot potato.

DH and I only discussed names with each other.  Everyone else had to wait until after the baby was born.

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