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IUI Buddies #3
IUI Buddies #3

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#26 seahorse

Posted 30 May 2005 - 07:16 PM

Hi everyone,

Welcome Kylie - I can't imagine doing so many clomid cycles! Hopefully the IUI will work for you.

Adell, sorry about AF arriving. It is really quite depressing isn't it? It is amazing how we keep on keeping on though because you just don't know if the next one might be 'the one'IYKWIM? Big hugs to you.

Donna, It looks like we will be IUI'ng on the same day. I had my blood test today and am surging so Tuesday it is.

Can you believe I didn't end up having any dental work done when I went to the dentist because I was too sick when I got there with the flu and sinusitis thing! If I get pregnant this cycle it will be put off again (what a wonderful reason that would be, even if I lost the tooth...). I just couldn't believe it because it would've all been finished and over and done with. Oh well.

Big hi to everyone else.


#27 *Donna*

Posted 30 May 2005 - 10:36 PM

Jill, good luck for tomorrow.  You make 3 along with myself and Cherry.  It will be nice to have someone obsess with this time around.

Adell, so sorry the old witch found you.  Life sucks sometimes doesn't it.  My clinic also makes us take a break inbetween cycles and only let me do this one back to back cos I begged !!!  They say it is because your body doesn't respond as well with back to back cycles and after doing this one like that I would have to agree.   Last cycle I had two nice follies and had my IUI on CD13, this time I only had one and it will be CD16 because I have not responded as quickly.  To be honest, I am ready for a break if this one doesn't work but just a short one !!!

Chook, good luck to you for this cycle...

Kylie, welcome... I did 6 clomid cycles before this and that was bad enough, I definately can't imagine how you must be feeling after doing that many.  If I had realised how easy this was going to be (compared to the clomid) I would have pushed for it ages ago.

I am soooo nervous about tomorrow, I know exactly what to expect and know that it is no biggie IYKWIM but the butterflies have started already.

Will try and jump online tomorrow night if I get a chance.  Talk soon...

#28 *Donna*

Posted 30 May 2005 - 10:43 PM

In 2WW
StillTrying (Roz) BFP 12 June
Kylie - BFP 13 June
Cherry - BFP 14 June
Donna BFP 14 June
Seahorse (Jill) BFP 14 June

Injecting Now
Tees (Teena)

Waiting to start next cycle

Snookims (Karlene) Due 21/12/05
Nicole   Due ?
Reny   Due 24/12/05
Melly99 Due ?
Netjubes Due 25/12/05
Bec Due 26/01/06

Updates Needed

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#29 StillRoz

Posted 31 May 2005 - 06:51 AM

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#30 Peta05

Posted 31 May 2005 - 01:22 PM

Hi All,

Jill, Cherry and Donna - good luck!!

Looks like i am out for at least 6 more weeks, so i wont be around.  If we decide to continue with AC I'll touch base with everyone - hopefully you'll all have moved on to other pregnant places!

I'll try and keep an eye on things, and i will be thinking of you all,

With love, thanks and fingers crossed...

#31 kirsim

Posted 31 May 2005 - 02:30 PM

Thought I'd check in.  I had an ultrasound this morning to check for follies and I have a 25mm on the right and an 18mm on the left.  Yippeee!  I was soooo hoping for 2.  I am so relaxed from the acupuncture that I'm having at the moment that I actually forgot when my appointment was!  Usually I am obsessed.  I have acu again on Thursday just before and just after the insemination.

We had a big talk with the dr about all the stuff that you ladies do in your IUI cycles, why I am doing things differently and why some drugs are better for some people.  It was very informative.  I feel lucky to have the chance to chat with all of you and see what everyone is doing, as it keeps me better informed and in charge of this often mystifying process.  Thanks.

Best of luck with the waiting girls.  Sending good baby vibes to all of you...

#32 Kyles

Posted 31 May 2005 - 04:35 PM

Hi there,
Thanks everyone for making me feel so welcome.  I am trying to be positive but am also a bit scared about this because I don't want to be too disapointed if we don't get the result we hoped for.  I guess I'll figure it out.

Roz - No he hasn't talked to me about doing injectibles.  I am sooo over clomid, I have asked many times if there is an alternative but they just say no.  Maybe if we have to do another iui I will ask if I can do injectibles instead of clomid.  Rather than asking for an alternative I think I need to be more direct....  I had no blood tests and I was supposed to have a scan on Friday but because I was going to be away I asked if we could skip it.  Not sure if this was a good idea or not but he agreed.  I think he said yes also because I had already missed the cycle before because he was away and could also miss the next one.  Yes DH semen was washed and he said that they were pretty good.  I don't mind all the questions thank you for your help.

Kirsim - Excuse my ignorance but those follicle sizes sound good.  All the best.

Good luck to all whose iui's are today.


#33 Kyles

Posted 31 May 2005 - 04:48 PM

Me again,
Sorry I have one embarrassing/stupid question for you lovely ladies........
After the iui is it ok to bd that night or over the next few days???  I rang the nurse yesterday afternoon who told me it was ok as long as it was protected.  She said it should be protected as they had already put the swimmers there.  Why ???  Wouldn't you want more swimmers there just in case??

Thanks in advance.


#34 StillRoz

Posted 31 May 2005 - 05:14 PM

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#35 *Donna*

Posted 31 May 2005 - 10:25 PM

Kylie, I am with Roz, I would definatley ask about injectibles.  I did my Clomid with my Gyno and then was referred to a Fertility clinic for the IUI's and the Doc there told me that even 6 cycles on Clomid was way too many, she said that if it hasn't worked by 3 or 4 then they move onto the next stage.  Also $ wise it works out heaps better.  My clinic charges $395 for an ovulation tracking cycle and that is all non claimable from Medicare so you are totally out of pocket.  With an IUI they charge $1000 and I get around $900 of that back - Even when you just look at the $ side of it you are better off on IUI let alone the better chances of falling pregnant.

Peta, hang in there sweetie.  Sorry to hear things didn't go so well today at the docs. Don't give up just yet ok.

Kirsim, nice couple of follies there.  Good luck for Thursday !!!

Just a note for Kylie, they like to see follies around the 20mm size and on average they grow around 2mm per day.

My clinic also says nothing about not BD that night but I can't see why not.  I reckon the more swimmers in there the better your chances.  We abstained on our first IUI and I have a feeling I ovulated naturally and we missed it.  

This time we BD right up to Sunday night and will be seducing DH again tonight to make sure we give ourselves the best possible chance.  We didn't tell the clinic that as they like the men to abstain for at least 3 days but DH sure must have some good swimmers cos he has just as high a count this cycle whilst not abstaining as he did on the first one while he did.

Roz, Do you remember me saying that my doc told me that she would cancel this cycle if I over stimulated and I wasn't allowed to whinge, I was so happy to only see one follie but I was thinking about it afterwards, she may cancel the IUI but there was no way I was going to waste nice ripe follies which would eventually release on their own so we were planning on BD anyway - what a naughty girl I am !!!

Everything went well today, I don't feel nearly as sore as I did the last time so that is a good thing.  I still took it easy today though and DH took me out for dinner tonight to give me the night off.

Now the 2WW starts !!!

#36 ~PramNut~

Posted 01 June 2005 - 12:51 PM

hi all!
apologies for my absence, i have been floating around though, had two months off - after first IUI and BFN was a bit bummed, took some time to myself!
2nd IUI cycle will start this month, still unstimmed- I'm on anti-depressants, so I'll have to find out if they will clash as by my 3rd cycle I would really like to be stimmed!
Hello to fellow Concept patients, god that place is getting busy- there's never anywhere to sit!!!

Anyone else been ummming and ahhing about adoption?  My husband and I are tentatively looking into it due to my fears of suffering PND!

baby dust to all, and here's to lots of BFP's in June!!!!
Kate   xxxx

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#37 Cherry

Posted 01 June 2005 - 01:33 PM

Hi Girls,

I had my IUI yesterday, and DH had no rapid swimmers again :mad:, and only a total of 40% motile, which consisted of slow and very slow swimmers (he also has 95% morphological defects).  The F/S has been talking about IVF/ICSI for a while now, and suggested that if we don't fall this time (which is very unlikely), then I should take a month of before starting ICSI.  I had a lot of follies this time, so hopefully one of them will be lucky!  I know that I was stimulated more this time, and I was in a bit of pain yesterday while they were ovulating, but today I feel fine.  I don't feel anywhere near as optimistic as I did last time, I feel like I am just biding time until July when the big guns will come out EEK!

This cycle is the first time I have really felt that this whole fertility thing is rocking the boat in our relationship a little.  I found I was quite cranky, and having to collect a sample from DH on the morning, with a 1hr drive to the clinic really puts the pressure on, and I have trouble not getting cranky with him, and get really frustrated when it takes him a while.  I know I am being so unfair.  I also got really frustrated last night when we had to BD to "top up", and I did not feel terribly great, and it was the last thing that I felt like doing, and I got cranky with the poor thing again.  Donna, I know that you have had a similar problem in the past, how do you (or others) seem to deal with this?

Donna and Jill - I hope that everything went well with your IUI's yesterday too!!  I guess we just have to sit back and ride out this 2WW together  wink.gif

Roz - how are you going in your 2WW, I have my fingers crossed for you!!

Kirsim - good luck for your IUI tomorrow, lets hope those swimmers find those follies!

Soniq - hope the months break works a treat for you, good luck with looking foryour new job.

Adell - sorry to hear about AF rearing her ugly head!  I hope the next month off fly's by for you.

Kylie - I am with Roz too!  I have been instructed to BD the night following the IUI to "top up", it does seem a little odd what your clinic said.  Hopefully Roz and Donna have given you a few ideas to discuss with your specialist.  Good luck!

Peta - good luck with whatever paths you choose to follow, make sure you pop in and let us know how you are going.

Kate - welcome back, and good luck with your 2nd IUI this month.

Good luck to all the others I may have missed, and baby dust to you all.

Donna & Jill, I will be looking out for your progress reports, they say that good things come in 3's, so maybe it could be the three of us at once (with Roz & the other girls finding out about her BFP before us of course)!!

Cherry  original.gif

#38 Kyles

Posted 01 June 2005 - 05:32 PM

Thanks to everyone for your advice.  Unfortunately I am in Townsville and there is only one fertility clinic and doctor here (QFG).  I rang and spoke to one of the nurses there this morning becuase I was concerned that I had not yet ovulated. (I posted another discussion about this).  I also asked her whether he usually did IUI's with injectibles and she said no very rarely.  When I asked why she said because of the high risk of multiples then she used the example of the woman who is having quads again.  I don't know the whole story but I thought she used IVF???  So it seems that clomid is the drug of choice and I will try and talk to him about injectibles when my next cycle starts.

Baby dust to all


#39 StillRoz

Posted 02 June 2005 - 08:13 AM

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#40 Darkchylde

Posted 02 June 2005 - 10:49 AM

Hiya Kylie...I'm in Townsville too. I had my first IUI on Tuesday and when I queries the doc about having only one follie he said that it was good as it won't result in multiples :confuse:...

I was given the serophene tabs and a shot of pregnyl 5000iu...but here's hoping anyway my but he also said that it will probably take up to six tries.

Best of luck ladies


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#41 Kyles

Posted 02 June 2005 - 09:39 PM

Thanks Roz, I really don't know much about this and appreciate your advice.
I really don't know what to do.  I guess first thing is demand to have a blood test tomorrow to see if I have ovulated.  At least then if I haven't we have some kind of proof instead of just my word.  When my next cycle starts I will have to say to him that I want to try injectibles and use what you have told me as backup to my plan.  I really am not a demanding person but I think I am going to have to start to be.
Yes I believe they do IVF here so if the monitoring is similar there should be no reason why can't do injectibles iui.  I have thought of going to Brisbane but am unsure about how I would go about this referrals etc.

Darkchylde - Is this your first cycle with serophene ?  Good luck.


#42 Darkchylde

Posted 02 June 2005 - 11:55 PM

Ta Kyles...The only side affect I've had is a bit of spotting and after the IUI on Tuesday I'm just really tired and moody.

I think I'll give it a couple of tries here then try treatment in Brisbane as I've heard that they're excellent there.

Me 30 DH 35
2x DD
TTC 3yrs

#43 kirsim

Posted 03 June 2005 - 03:42 PM

Hi.  Where did all these Townsville people come from?????  That's a good thing, BTW.  I am from TVL too!  Wow!  And we all found EB.  Double wow.

Anyhoo, thanks for the baby-vibes girls.  I think the follies are good too.  IUI yesterday morning (acu before and after) so officially in the 2WW.  The doc was pretty rough with the speculum.  It's uncomfortable enough at the best of times...  Lots of spotting afterwards and today I feel a bit crampy too.  Ah well...

Kyles - this is my 6th seraphene cycle and I asked about different drugs (injections) on Tuesday and was given the same advice: too much chance of multiples.  He's not the easiest Dr to talk to about this stuff, is he?  I think I would have been in Bris a while ago if it weren't for the issue of getting time off work.  

I raised the issue of swapping to IVF yesterday too (a couple of months ago he said we would have to change after 6 IUI cycles because of low levels of donor sperm).  I told him that I didn't want to go down that path just yet because we would like this to be as natural as it can.  (For the new folk I would like to point out at this point that I am in a same-sex relationship and this is the only baby-making we've been doing!)  He was resistant to keeping up the IUI but came around in the end and then told me that Medicare might STILL not be an option even after all this time.  We haven't had a single medicare rebate in the last 6 months which has left a huge hole in our pockets - about $750 a month (apologies to those ladies who've spent trillions on IVF...I know, nothing like you!).  We were told in the beginning that it would be 6 cycles of 'socially infertile' (clinic's phrase) before medicare rebates would finally start to be applied.  So right now I am feeling a little p***ed off, as we've done the 'waiting period'.  The financial impact is adding heaps of stress... stressed ladies do not make babies... doctor should try to alleviate all stresses.  That's my 2-bob.  Do any of you know about medicare rules (since that's what he's claiming: that it's a medicare issue, not personal)?

Trying not to think about all this drama though...this lady's trying to build a baby.


me-32 dp-32

#44 Fiona9

Posted 03 June 2005 - 04:54 PM

Hi there.

Can i join you guys ?

My name is Fiona and this is my first post in the IUI buddies. I was hoping there would be an IUI thread. I am trying to understand the process.

I just found yesterday that my hubby and I need to have IVF as my hubbies normal morphology (sperm shape and form) is very low. We were so upset. I am a bit scared of going onto IVF so my doc suggested we give IUI a try. That sounded like a good idea. but i am now concerned about whether low morphology means higher chance of an abnormal child ?? Docs says no, but we fell preg 2.5 years ago and loss the bub at 22 weeks to heart abnormalities. CONFUSED and WORRIED.

The other thing is, my doc really does not want multiple pregnancies, but I know am ovulating and releasing eggs, and we did fall pregnant 2.5 years ago. So I am wondering if you can have IUI without having the hormone injections.

has anyone had the IUI without having the hormone therpay ?

And does any one know how much the injections cost ?

Thanks so much,

#45 x-girl

Posted 03 June 2005 - 08:09 PM

Fiona 9 - OMG I'm in the same boat as you (sort of).  DH and I fell pregnant 4 years ago and lost our precious bub at 22 weeks to heart abnormalities (hyper plastic left heart syndrome).  I'm having my first IUI on Monday morning hopefully (that is if i'm ovulating on that day)  i'm having blood tests over the weekend.  My Dr says that i'm 100% healthy and that i've been ovulating and producing healthy eggs, it might be that DH has a low sperm count that we haven't got our BFP.  My advice would be give the IUI without injectibles a go first.  I think they only give ladies injections if they aren't producing eggs etc... Am I right to say this??

Good luck to the rest of you all !!  Sending positive vibes to each and everyone of you

X-girl  original.gif

#46 seahorse

Posted 03 June 2005 - 08:16 PM

Hi all,

Just popped in to say hello. Sounds like you Townsville girls have got it a bit difficult with the Doctor - he has some strange ideas from the sounds of it.

Welcome Fiona - I am doing IUI with no drugs or anything.  I ovulate etc and was also concerned about multiples. They just test my blood and do scans and then when I surge they time the IUI. This is our 3rd IUI and besides feeling like a pin cushion sometimes due to the blood tests (more some months than others)and just the pain to get to the clinic all the time, it has been easy.

I didn't want to go straight to IVF either so I am glad we have been able to do the IUI's. I think if we have to go to IVF now, I feel much more ready.

Kirsim - the medicare stuff sounds horrible and confusing. I can understand you being $#^%$% about it all. That just seems so unfair and it does all start to add up doesn't it?

Cherry - hope you are feeling a bit better. It is all so stressful at times isn't it?

I am plodding along in the 2ww. Hopefully with Cherry and Donna and I having our IUI's on the same day, it will be good luck coming in 3's!



#47 becj245

Posted 03 June 2005 - 08:29 PM

Hi all,

I have been checking on all of your progress and seeing where you are all up to...

Fiona - I had done 9 cycles of unmedicated IUI's before I decided to go onto meds. There was also nothing 'wrong' with me, so I figured that I should have been able to concieve 'naturally' (as if this is natural!). I needed to know that I had given it a go on my own before I went onto drugs and more invasive procedures. The benefit is that with using drugs you are increasing your chances.... It really is something that you need to decide and you will know when the time is right for you to take 'the next step'.  Best of luck with it.

To all you other wonderful women - I hope for those of you who are cycling that this is your month!

Bec original.gif

#48 *Donna*

Posted 03 June 2005 - 11:18 PM

Does anyone else find they get to this stage in their cycle and they are absolutely exhausted.  With all the blood tests, ultrasounds and injections I manage to hold it together and then as soon as the procedure is over and done with I fall apart.  I don't even remember feeling this tired, I have been sleeping at least 10 hours each night and having a nap with bub during the day but I am still having trouble keeping my eyes open.

Kate, which AD's are you on ???  Don't take my word for it but I am pretty sure that most are safe to take during TTC and even pregnancy and after but speak to your doc about it anyway.  I go to Pivet in WA !!!

Cherry, I definatley hope this cycle is it for you but I think that you should definately look at ICSI as a positive step forward and not a negative one.  I am with you on the rocking the relationship too, DH and I have been quite "short" with each other and it makes it even harder when you try to back up the IUI with some BD to get in the mood.  

I think if I was honest to myself then I shouldn't have done back to back cycles this time but taken my docs advice and had a cycle off, of course, now I am in the 2WW it is easy enough to admit that though :confuse:

Kylie (and I really need to apologise in advance) your doc sounds like a real prat.  I have never heard of a fertility clinic that doesn't do IUI's with injectibles (or even rarely for that matter)  Each cycle is carefully monitored, I had 4 blood tests in the weeks leading up to mine as well as an ultrasound to ensure that you don't overstimulate.  My clinic considers anything over 2 follies to be a over stimulated cycle and they cancel it.  

I am with Roz, this has just made me angry.  I sort of feel like your doc is burying his head in the same about this and following some sort of archaic protocol.

I will share with you a story about a friend of mine.  She TTC her first bub for quite a few years and her doc did 9 straight cycles of Clomid without a break before suggesting she try Metformin, she did 3 cycles in a row (that makes 12 cycles in a row !!!) and luckily fell on her last cycle.  This time around I urged her to get into a fertility clinic.  She did 3 rounds of Clomid at 200mg and had no luck.  When I spoke to my doc about my 6 rounds she said that it is great to try Clomid but if it hasn't worked after 3/4 cycles then it is highly likely that it won't.

My friend is having all the tests etc ready to head straight into IUI.  Now whilst I have great respect for doctors to let her do 12 straight cycles is just beyond ridiculous.  There is no way your body can stand up to that sort of pressure, your hormones, your sanity it just so unbalanced that it is not funny.

Injectibles is by far a better option because it is fully monitored, they can turn up or down the dose depending on how you are reacting to it.  I am sorry, but I am just getting more and more mad now.

Darkchylde (Katrina) welcome to you...

Kirsim, good luck in this 2WW for you, looks like I had better update that list !!!

Fiona, welcome to you as well and sorry to hear about you losing your bub.  I would have to agree with your doc on that score, from what I understand that any deformities in the sperm will prevent them from fertilising the egg, or on the slim chance that they do, the embryo doesn't develop.  I know that it probabaly doesn't put your mind at rest much.  As with the cost, check with your clinic cos they vary so much but all my meds etc come included in the cost of the IUI so I only pay one fee.

X-Girl, another newby, welcome to you as well !!!

Jill, I am clinging to that good luck comes in 3 theory for sure...

Bec, great to see you popping back in, how have you been feeling ???

Now off to work on that list...

#49 *Donna*

Posted 03 June 2005 - 11:29 PM

In 2WW
Tees (Teena) BFP 24 May
StillTrying (Roz) BFP 12 June
Kylie - BFP 13 June
Cherry - BFP 14 June
Seahorse (Jill) BFP 14 June
Darkchylde BFP 14 June
Donna BFP 15 June
Kirsim BFP 16 June

Injecting Now

Waiting to start next cycle

Snookims (Karlene) Due 21/12/05
Nicole   Due ?
Reny   Due 24/12/05
Melly99 Due ?
Netjubes Due 25/12/05
Bec Due 26/01/06

#50 *Donna*

Posted 03 June 2005 - 11:31 PM

I forgot to mention this earlier.  I was looking at my paperwork today and my clinic doesn't want me in to have my BFP blood test until the 15th June - Cherry, Jill and Darkchylde - we all had our IUI's on the same day, what day does your clinic want you in for a  blood test ???

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