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June 2WW #3
June 2WW #3

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#1 The_old_me

Posted 01 June 2005 - 03:09 PM

New thread time, JB's orders!

June 2WW BG

•     Stilltrying (Roz): IUI#5 (double) 21 and 22/5, BT 7/6  sad.gif
•     Soniq: IUI #2

•     Smiles: IVF/ICSI #2, ET 25/5  sad.gif
•     s_m (Steph): IVF/ICSI #2, EPU 25/5, BT 11/6  sad.gif
•     Niphredil (Mel): IVF#2, EPU 26/5
•     6749: ICSI #3, natural cycle, BT 12/6  sad.gif
•     Mum2Lara (Cathy): IVF#1, EPU 8-10/6
•     Flick: IVF/ICSI #1, SIVF, EPU 10/6 - freeze all cycle sad.gif
•     Tracy: IVF#1, SIVF, EPU mid-June
•     Simi: IVF #3, stimming now
•     Tintin78: IVF#1, RPA, EPU 20/6
•     Belleshel: Donor IVF, flare cycle, EPU 6/6
•     k&s: IVF#5 bt 11/6/05  sad.gif

•     mum2brodie (Felicity): IVF/ICSI with PGD, EPU 6/6  (canc.)  sad.gif
•     Kirril: IVF/ICSI#1 with PGD, BT 20/6
•     Sheree: PGD Flare cycle, Concept, starting 8/6
•     Brighton (Sarah): IVF#1 with PGD, SIVF, EPU 17/6

•     Ratbag: FET (with IUI) week of 23/5
•     Alichris (Ali): medicated FET, 25/5, BT 6/6  sad.gif
•     Robby1: HRT FET 28/5
•     Alisona: FET, SIVF, 5/6
•     ckrmum (Helen): medicated FET, 8/6
•     Milk&coffee: medicated FET #1, 8/6. BT 19/6
•     Firniby: medicated FET #1, 9/6
•     Salval(Karen): medicated FET
•     Lifesgood: FET #1
•     WannaBMum (Michelle), Fertility First Sydney

•     Raisin74 (Suzi): GIFT #1 - p/poned til July

Good luck everyone!   original.gif

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#2 magicmummy

Posted 01 June 2005 - 03:14 PM

Kirril's on it...thanks sweetie...so I'll get rid of the double list...

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#3 magicmummy

Posted 01 June 2005 - 03:19 PM

Hi girls,
I just copied our list over from thread 2...just so we have it on the front page for all to see. I'll keep it updated if you let me know any changes (particularly those BT dates).

My update, quickly, is that my 125iu Puregon jabs and Synarel sniffs are continuing for now (E2 was 621 on CD4). I've got another BT and my first ultrasound tomorrow morning so fingers crossed that things are going as they should be. EPU will be next week sometime - all going well.

Good luck - and I look forward to cheering on some BFPs now that June has arrived! wink.gif

Flick (32), DH (33)
TTC#1 since April 2004
Lap/Hyst/D&C March 2005
Male factor, PCOS
Clomid tracking cycle(50mg)- March/April 2005
IVF (ICSI) cycle #1 - May/June 2005 - sniffing & injecting now!

#4 ratbag

Posted 01 June 2005 - 03:48 PM

Is anyone testing this week  original.gif

MF and a tardy endometrium
TTC#1 - 4xICSI, 1xFET and 1xIUI
Happening now - IUI 27/5 and Blast FET 6/6

#5 The_old_me

Posted 01 June 2005 - 03:51 PM

Ah hi Flick! Yes, a client called in the middle of my formatting the list... in the 2 minutes it takes to copy and paste and post, would you believe LOL.

Good luck for some fantastic u/s results tomorrow for you. So EPU will surely be quite early in the week next week for you?

I had my last Synarel and Gonal-F last night and the Ovidrel trigger is tonight at 6.30pm!!! Wow not long now.

Q for Monash girls: does anyone here know Dr Tony Lawrence? Don't scare me with any bad news - he's doing my EPU and I've never met him! I know his name, is that because he's good (she said hopefully).  And more to the point, am I ever gonna see my own FS again?! LOL

Ella's story
7 more angel bubs, lost early
TTC since Jan. 2000
Our first ART: PGD, EPU sched. for 3/6!

#6 Jubilant

Posted 01 June 2005 - 03:59 PM

Goodluck for tomorrow Kirril!  I can't wait to hear how it went!

Flick - Goodluck to you too!  I hope you u/s and b/t are results good.  Hopefully you'll see some nice follies.

DD (Clomid baby)
TTC#2 since August '03
Clomid 100mg for 5 months
HSG 8/04 - tubes blocked.  Lap 8/04 tubes unblocked
3 IUI's - BFN
IVF#1 - Injecting since 27/5

#7 raisin74

Posted 01 June 2005 - 04:07 PM

Hi Girls,

Had my b/t this morning and my results are not what I was hopeing for. My levels are still to high and because all GIFT procedures are done on the same day it looks like I wont be able to start stimming until about the 17th of june and then have GIFT on july 1. Now I'm going to spend a whole month sniffing.(Not happy)

Kirril are you getting exited yet? Good luck for Friday.
Flick good luck with your b/t & u/s tommrow.
Tin Tin how come you are on so much Synarel?

I hope everyone else is going ok, I will catch up with  you all when I'm feeling a little better as I still have this head cold.


#8 firniby

Posted 01 June 2005 - 04:39 PM

Hi girls

Kirril and Flick - thanks for continuing to manage this discussion so well, and for keeping us all up to date!

Been away for a couple of days and haven't caught up on everyone's news yet.  As usual, I'll give my news then go back and read through what I've missed before posting personals.  Warning - I'm feeling a vent coming on (or out?).

Well, I'm discovering every day, in new and exciting ways, just how badly these new drugs are affecting me.  I seem to have turned into my menopausal mother (or at least how I remember her being when I was a snotty teenager and she was going through 'the change').  I'm just not coping socially.  My workmates say I'm ok, but either they're being polite or I've got an entirely different reality going on in my head.

*hmmm... maybe I should be venting to a psychologist*

Anyway, as much as I'm loving my drug addled self at the moment, I find out today that it's about to get worse.  I'm soon to be taking the same dose of estradiol WITH 2 progesterone pessaries AND 2 crinone sticks per day.  Lovely...  won't my bits be special (a comment for those in the know!)

To help me in my dark mood, I find in my letter box yesterday a card from my charming sister i/l who's just had a baby.  Keep in mind, I had an ectopic pregnancy last year, which she knew about... and if that little embie had travelled just a little bit further, it would have been due at exactly the same time as her baby.  

So, she's writing to thank us for baby gifts (which we actually shopped for within a day of discovering we'd failed our first IVF attempt).  After the 'thanks for your love and pressies', she gushed about how well everything is going - baby is an angel , sleeping and feeding perfectly, crying very little.  She then went on to say how cute the baby is ("we think she is so cute") and how people constantly stop them to gush over her.  She finished with 'can't wait to introduce her to you'.

Nothing of our situation, never had any words of support from her.  She knows everything that's been going on.

Now, I know I'm hormonal but please...?  How should I feel?  I don't know - perhaps I'm the one who's self indulgent when I'm trying to suggest that of her???  God, I really don't know.

Ahh, the AC rollersoaster... STOP - I WANT TO GET OFF!!


#9 brighton

Posted 01 June 2005 - 05:39 PM

Hi Girlies

just a quick one from me...had my blood test results yesterday and my levels are still too high (oh crap) so continue Lucrin until AF arrives which could be a while, wont be saturday as planned. My progesterone was 17 and it needs to be about 2. I'm on CD 40 now so its going to be a long one! I sort of knew my body wouldn't do as it is asked. Little down about waiting but I'll get there.

Kirrill - good luck for tomorrow!! I'm so excited for you. I'm not at Monash so can't help on Dr. I posted in the PGD thread too to you.

Flick - good luck for BT and ultrasound, wont be long now too for you!

Suzi - sorry to hear your levels were too high also. Its disapointing for you I know. Hope you get rid of the cold soon, mine took a good couple of days and it wasn't fun.Bring on your BFP in July.

Firni - that was some vent you poor thing. I don't know much about the drug c*cktail you are about to embark so I can't really begin to understand but you reacted like anyone would on AC with your SIL. I too would be a little sad and feeling like "no-one understands". Rather unthoughful of her really so if it was me I'd go for the silent treatment with her for a while.

ckrmum - next wednesday! a week today you'll be there, very exciting!

ratty - i've got the messaries fun to go yet so I'll take your word for it! Not long now til your FET!

tracey - good to hear AF is on her way, you'll be ahead of me now. I have a DH that is no good at the injections, got a massive bruise when he did it so I'll stick to myself thanks.

m&c - thanks for that info on AF delay, made me feel better as I just keep thinking it wont ever come!

ali - BT is not far away now, how are you feeling?

Steph - great news on the good looking blast. great news.

tintin - I'm with you waiting for AF. Hopefully not much longer now.

6749 - yes, I do feel the same way about new mums! I'm surrounded too, there's just me and one friend in the same boat and all the others just wind me up at the moment so I'm staying away.

Karen - wish my cycle was as quick as yours! good luck with the US.

sorry if I missed anyone, you know I'm thinking of you all anyway.

going home now to take it easy as eat (I swear Lucrin makes you hungry??)

love Sarah xxxx

#10 LadyBump66

Posted 01 June 2005 - 05:51 PM

hello all you lovely girls, sorry havent got time for
personals but dropped into say that AF arrived today
and start stimming tomorrow with first puregon dose.
Its all moving along. I'll see if i can give a nudge
to the old witch to get her moving on over to tintin
and sarah - sarah I was enjoying us being on the same
schedule, sorry it didnt last!  Still doing OK, work
is crazy busy so keeping me too busy to think about
anything else.
Love to all and will catch up with personals tomorrow



#11 tintin78

Posted 01 June 2005 - 06:22 PM

hi all,

I've just been reading my 'IVF info handbook' to see if there is any reason for taking Synarel 3 times a day and can't find any reason why?? However it gets reduced to 2 times a day next Wednesday which is the day after my hormone blood test.
Maybe it has to do with the fact that since RPA is Public they told me that they try to schedule all the tests and procedures through the week as the clinic is closed on weekends whereas i'm assuming other places do it 7 days a week.
Has anyone been through RPA or is going there at the moment?

ttc since Jan 03
me 26
dh 26
IVF#1 May/June 05

#12 Lifesgood

Posted 01 June 2005 - 07:38 PM

Hi all, sorry I've been absent for a while, I actually wrote a really long post the other day with a whole string of personals and it didn't register for some #%*&#@ cyber reason, so I logged off in disgust. I have however been lurking and keeping up with everyone's progress.

Today I had my first B/T and scan which s/b CD8 I think and they are just monitoring hormones and lining to make sure I O and conditions are right for a FET. Didn't actually find out what the results of the B/T were (SIVF just leave me a voicemail message saying when to come in next), but the lining measured 5mm. It needs to be at least 8mm. I have to go in for another B/T and scan on Friday. Will update further then.


#13 alisona

Posted 01 June 2005 - 08:15 PM

Wow - so many posts in this thread.  I am way behind.  I'll give a quick update and then read the last thread.

Well all the blood tests and ultrasounds have gone well and I O'd yesterday apparently, so my FET is this Sunday.  I start the pessaries tomorrow (lovely) and have another blood test on Saturday, and then after Sunday I'll be in the 2ww!  Can't believe how quickly it has come around.

I'll go and try and catch up on everyone's news now.

#14 6749

Posted 01 June 2005 - 08:41 PM

Hi Gals -
Firnby - right there with ya sister! SIL's are sometimes the worst (I know mine are very difficult and not at all understanding - and sometimes downright smug with their burgeoning broods!)  I try to be like a duck and just let it roll right off my back, but it is sooo hard. I think the fact that b-day is looming is making me touchy too - you too?

I'm better today, my DH is trying really hard with me b/c he knows how upset I am about our fragmented little embryo (read: my egg quality). My family is overseas so he is trying to be DH, sis, mum, best friend etc. It is nice!

Kir - I am not sleeping well either, earplugs, eye mask, aromatherapy - nothing works until cycle is done! Good luck on Friday, you'll be fine and I am so excited to hear your results!

Hope everyone else is doing well.
Until tomorrow...

#15 magicmummy

Posted 02 June 2005 - 08:43 AM

Well Ali - you were spot on...LOTS of eggs is exactly what they found. (Hopefully some with good quality.)
My left ovary is going beserk. (Hopefully not TOO beserk...) I had 12 follicles measuring between 10mm-15mm and 14 follicles measuring less than 10mm just on the left hand side. The right ovary was much more civilised with just six 10-15mm follies. (So all up I have about 30!!!!) The GREAT news is that there was no mention of anything weird and my endometrium lining is apparently "looking very good". I'm a bit concerned about possible OHSS...but I guess I'll discuss this more with doctor when I get the BT results at lunchtime. Fingers crossed!!!

Flick (32), DH (33)
TTC#1 since April 2004
Lap/Hyst/D&C March 2005
Male factor, PCOS
Clomid tracking cycle(50mg)- March/April 2005
IVF (ICSI) cycle #1 - May/June 2005 - sniffing & injecting now!

#16 StillRoz

Posted 02 June 2005 - 08:59 AM

***Edited by Roz***

Edited by StillRoz, 31 May 2008 - 07:15 AM.

#17 ratbag

Posted 02 June 2005 - 11:54 AM

Hi ya groovers,

Kirril - not long now
Flick - hooley dooley-drink water girly!
Suzi - bummer what a pain to have to sniff 4 a whole month  sad.gif
Oh firni - pessaries AND gel ...noice
sarah - hope Af arrives sson and hormones cooperate!
tracey - hope stimming stated without any drams
tintin- never heard of syneral 3 times a day sorry
lifegood - good luck with FET
ailsona - good luck to you too - wish mine was sunday i getting very anxious about the length of time b/n 'o' and transfer
g - try not to worry too much about your embie...easier said than done I know
ali - oh getting close!!
roz - can you knit me some booties please Tounge1.gif

Well I've been doing really well so far but I'm feeling very down today. Damn drugs. I freaked myself out this morning thinking - nope my window of endometrium receptivity for implantation is all wrong and the FET transfer is going to happen at the wrong time and anyway frosty not going to make it blah blah blah.

TOLD YOU I'm having a shocker. I am getting so sick of it not working time after time - it's just  breaking my heart into small pieces bit by bit.

Sorry gals but I'm feelin it today  sad.gif

MF and a tardy endometrium
TTC#1 - 4xICSI, 1xFET and 1xIUI
Happening now - IUI 27/5 and Blast FET 6/6

#18 Niphredil

Posted 02 June 2005 - 02:03 PM

Hi all,

Just a quick update from me today:

My beta is scheduled for 14th June (seems a bit long to wait, even if they want to play it safe with the hcg shots??)
I’m feeling very full in my belly, with very sore boobs, and hungry all the time, but i know this is probably just the Pregnyl right now…

Best of luck to everyone!


TTC No 1: 2+ Years.
4 cycles Ovulation Induction
IVF#2 underway - 2 embies on board!

#19 raisin74

Posted 02 June 2005 - 04:32 PM

Hi Girls,

Ratty I'm sorry your having a bad day. I'm sure that everything will be fine. I hope that Monday comes quickly for you. I know it's hard ttc and it gets you down so I'm sending you a (((hug))) to cheer you up.
Brighton sorry to hear you have high levels as well. Hopefully you will get started soon.
Flick all is sounding good at the moment, how did your b/t go?
Lifesgood best of luck for your scan tommorow.
Tracy glad you are able to start stimming.
Kirril good luck for epu tommorrow.
Alisona glad to hear everythings gone well. Good luck for Sunday.
6749,Ali,Roz & Mel hope the 2ww is being kind to you.
Firni you have every right to feel the way you do. I think that some people dont give any thought to other peoples feelings sometimes. I have a friend who called the other day to tell me she is going to start ttc and she tehn said lets race to see who gets there first. then she said as long as I have one before i'm 30 because its getting late then. I found myself wishing she has ttc problems as well thats how mad I was but I realised she is just so in love with herself she dosent think. So hang in there.
Karen how are you?
Gotta go, hope everybody else I missed are all ok.


#20 The_old_me

Posted 02 June 2005 - 04:35 PM

Ali and Ratty your posts today have broken my heart! Of COURSE you're feeling it.  And you're allowed to have a day off from your beautiful, funny, warm, generous selves every now and then.  But only one heh heh!  Honestly, I don't know how all you ladies do this cycle after cycle. My road's been far from easy but my journey has been a 'natural ttc' one. This AC bit, all the waiting, clinical watching, hormonal manipulation .... it'll be doing my head in for sure if it takes a long time (not that going it alone without help from scientists is any friendlier to your emotions, mind you).

I hope you're both feeling much more like yourself after a decent sleep. Tomorrow's a new day. Geez that sounded naff. Sorry...  blush.gif

Mel Mel Mel - oh I just SO have everything crossed for you. Remember, way back when, when we carefully positioned our elephant trunks and rice and baby clothes to bring good fertility luck? mwahaha seems like yesterday *sigh*  Tounge1.gif

#21 raisin74

Posted 02 June 2005 - 04:37 PM

Ali I just read your post and I'm sending you a big (((hug))) also. Hopefully the next person to announce their pg is you. Hang in there sweetie.


#22 LadyBump66

Posted 02 June 2005 - 08:04 PM

Hello beautiful brave girls,

Ali, sending you a big hug, its so not fair what we have to go
through. If it makes you feel any better, I am sure that  
insensitive people like that have miserable lives anyway
because they are so self consumed that they couldn't
possibly enjoy the feelings of empathy and friendship that we
have in spades.  

Mel, am getting very excited for you, not long to go now. All
digits, limbs etc crossed for you.

Ratty, its so hard taking continula knockbacks but it CAN still
happen for you. One of the girls in last months (may) 2WW
had a BFP after a long history of BFNs. Read her story and i
hope it may boost your spirits. Her name was Bec.

Roz, are you testing soon?

Flick, great news ( hope no OHSS just a great harvest with
lots of little possibilities!!) Hope BT came back with good

tintin sounds like the sniffing is a chore, hope you are coping
OK and that things move along soon.

Sarah, how you doing? any sign of AF yet?

Firni , be kind to yourself. This ride is so not fun. Book a
massage, get hubby to pamper you, you deserve it.

Suzi sorry things are delayed for you, hang in there/.

Kirrill, not long till EPU, very exciting cant wait to hear how it

Lifesgood, good to hear from you, hope all is going well.

6749 your DH sounds like a sweetie.

Hope haven't missed anyone else.

Me - Had first puregon stimming this morning. Had to get up
at ungodly hour get organised for work and go into clinic to
get my mega fridge pack full of goodies which I then had to
take to work with me. Was on a shoot today, crazy busy day
and AF was out of control.  Treated myself to a nice hot bath,
candles and sneaky little glass of red wine when I got home.
Early to bed tonight, am getting very tired, but coping!

G'night  xx


#23 blanky

Posted 02 June 2005 - 09:50 PM

Hi all,

Kirril: Is your EPU tomorrow? Good luck I hope the eggs are there that you need for PGD!

Mel: How many Pregnyl boosters have you had, when and what dose? I had 1500U at 2dpo and 1500U at 6dpo.

Ali: (and probably others too) Don't stress about AF cramps they can also be an early pg sign - in fact I would say AF cramps with no AF is a good sign!

Was going to try and do a full list of personals but my head is a bit foggy - blame yesterday's Pregnyl booster! Sorry everyone else I know I have left out heaps of ppl. Oh, and don't get me started on SILs :eg:.

Me: Not sure if I've mentioned that I checked with my clinic yesterday (day 6) and none of our other embryos made it to the freezer sad.gif.

Steph 2dp5dt

#24 Lifesgood

Posted 02 June 2005 - 10:01 PM

Just read Ali's post about the cow she works with (the one that bailed her up in the lift) and it makes me feel like hitting someone. #@&*%!@!!! There should be a law against announcing to the world you are pg before 12 weeks. A girl at work told me (just me 'cos I'm so close to her - NOT!) when she had just done her HPT the weekend before! Quite apart from my infertility (which she knew nothing about), what does she expect from me if she m/c? I'm not there to give her emotional support and a shoulder to cry on, I'm a work colleague for gods sake!

//rant mode off//

Ahh, that feels better, thanks girls!

#25 6749

Posted 02 June 2005 - 10:09 PM

Hi Everyone -

Ali - I think it is only us AC-ers who worry about heartbeat u/s (even then I am worried as I had two normal at 6 and 8 wks and then a m/c at 10wks) my friends seem to be telling me as soon as they get their first + hpt! So sorry you are surrounded at work - I can think of little worse - be strong you are going to be joining them soon! I am very crampy too - I think it is the prog. I am testing 12/6 - you're first in the group I think! Hoping with everything that you start us off with a BFP!

Roz - I am the same as you beginning of wait is business as usual - but this time next week will be unbearable - torturing poor DH with my progesterone fuelled moodiness, insecurity and inability to sleep through the night! Analysing every twinge etc etc :-)When are you testing?

Ratty - Hope you're feeling better tonight. AC is a balancing act between hope and despair - I am finding it increasingly difficult too. Try not to let yourself get too low - you are going to be in the "p after fp" thread before you know it.

Tracy - red wine has lots of antioxidants and helps you sleep!  Sounds like you need it with your busy schedule! Hope you have a relaxing weekend planned.

Hang in there girls!

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