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June 2WW #3
June 2WW #3

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#26 LadyBump66

Posted 03 June 2005 - 07:25 AM

Ali you're up early! hope youre feeling better. The weekend
will breeze pass, keep busy and hopefully soon you'll have
the good news you deserve!

Steph, sorry your other embies didnt freeze, but hopefully
those safely aboard will be going strong (sorry cant
remember if you've got one or two aboard!)

hope everyone has a great day. The weekend is nigh, have
lovely relaxing ones! I am off for pampering massage
tomorrow morning!

tracy x

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#27 squirt70

Posted 03 June 2005 - 09:56 AM

Good morning..

Tracey, your day y/day sounds full on. Glad you were able to relax last night. Enjoy your massage tomorrow!

Ali & Lifesgood, I can totally relate. My DH's mate's sister told me on the w/end that she's 6 wks pg. I hardly know her! And I can't believe she's telling the world so early. They're idiots. Ali, hang in there - no doubt this w/end is going to drag! Everything's crossed. Lifesgood, I hope your u/s shows good lining thickness today!!

G, I hope you're preparing DH for your obsessiveness next week original.gif I'm the same in my last week of 2WW's.

Oh Steph, I'm really sorry about your embies. That's very disappointing I know. We've just got to have faith in the one that's onboard. Look after yourself!

Kirril! Today's the day! Good luck with EPU. I hope you get some great eggs for PGD. Take it easy & get DH to pamper you.

Suzi, I'm sorry to hear about your levels. These next few weeks are going to seem like a lifetime - and oh joy - sniffing for a month. Bet you're rapt with that! I can't believe your friend challenged you to a race & then made the comment about it getting late after 30. What's that sh*t!? Please tell me she doesn't know about your situation - that would make it even more cruel! OMG.

Mel, oh the 14th must seem like next year to you right now. It's a day-at-a-time thing isn't it - drives you bananas!

Ratty, reading your post has made me really sad. You're so right - time and time again it doesn't work, and we go back & do it all over again. It's so disheartening. And we obsess & analyse & re-think every damn scenario and problem. This cycle in particular for you has been a shocker, it's any wonder you're feeling it! Hang in there till Monday & talk to your little blast as it's being transferred (I do - crazy huh?). I'll say a prayer for you. I really hope you're feeling a bit better today.

Roz, how's the knitting going? I hope it's keeping you occupied & the 2WW isn't driving you insane.

Flick, wow your ovaries sound *very* cramped! What's the latest? Is everything full steam ahead for EPU?

Alisona, all the best for your transfer on Sunday!!

Tintin, hmmnn that's unusual about the Synarel - I bet you're really enjoying the extra daily dose! :|

Sarah, sorry to hear about your prog. What a pain in the a*se for you. Gotta' love our bodies - aarrgghh! come on AF!!!

Firni, hang in there love. It must have been hard to get that card, and your SIL may be a bit of a b*tch, but on the other hand, it's the standard thing to do isn't it - to send 'thank you' cards for baby gifts. It's rubbing your nose in it though I know, with the gushing! And not to have had even any support from her. It's very insensitive. I hope you're feeling a bit brighter today. Just blame the drugs - they play havoc with our system!

Mum2lara, hope the jabbing is going ok!

Well, another essay from me as usual sorry  blush.gif I am so long-winded at times. No real news from this end. Start 3 x progynova today & u/s on Monday to check lining.

Have a great w/end girls,

DH 33
DDog Roxy
TTC since Jan 02
2003 - 3 x 100mg Clomid, IUI
2004 - Lap, 2 x ICSI, 2 x FET, 1 x M/C
2005 - Lap, 1 x ICSI, FET - June

#28 ratbag

Posted 03 June 2005 - 10:57 AM

Happy friday to you all! Well not nearly as  homocidal today  blush.gif  poor dh!

I bought a beautiful wedding pic into work today and it's sitting pride and place on my desk to remind me of the great things in my life.

Mel - 14th June does seem ages away - R U going to htp??
Ali - That woman needs to be shot! What a d*ckhead. Not long now - hang in there xxx
suzi - thanks for that lovely hug mate
Kirril - aww you're a sweety. How'd EPU go???!!!
Tracey - ah yes the esky full of goodies - know it well. Have one under my desk today too. Is yours blue? wink.gif Enjoy that massage love
Steph - I'm with you - that pregnyl does my head in
lifegood - LOL about "rant off" very funny he he
g - I hope we are ALL in that thread by the end of this month!
Karen - shucks that is just the sweetest thing to say. Made me tear up.

Thanks gals I really don't know what I'd do without you!

Love Ratty

#29 brighton

Posted 03 June 2005 - 12:09 PM

hello, its friday!!!
Just logged on quickly to tell you my news and I'll pop back later with some personals as there's lots i want to add...

AF arrived!!!!!! Can't believe it! I will be starting stimming tomorrow and I have got tears running down my cheeks now as I'm so scared/excited!! OH MY GOD.

I'll be back later, got to pop to the chemist!

sarah xxxx

Tracy - I'll be back with you now, yipee..

#30 mum2brodie

Posted 03 June 2005 - 12:49 PM

Well done Sarah. Im glad things are on the move for you.

Hope everything went well today for you Kirrily and Im thinking of you.

My EPU is booked for Monday . My butt is so sore from the injections and I think my phobia for needles has come back after my awful blood giving experinece on Wednesday.

Poor DH went to give me butt injection last night and it killed and I nearly kicked him in the head. Anyway he pulled the injection out so he had to do it AGAIN.

Believe me there is plenty of butt for injecting LOL original.gif

Hope everyone has a great safe weekend and hopefully my next post will be from a drowsy but happy women.

Ali: I just wanted to say that I read your post and I feel for you - I also had a run like yours every week someone announcing preg - I ripped me up inside like nothing Ive ever felt before- I have to agree its so unfair and I hope that its your turn next original.gif and I hope they much a huge fuss of you. original.gif

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#31 Niphredil

Posted 03 June 2005 - 12:58 PM

Ratty:  I understand that feeling all too well, iíve found myself crying at the drop of a hat lately, and thinking things will never work out for me. Weíre all here for you if you need to vent and let it all out. I *am* going to be a very naughty girl and hpt like mad - once on Sunday to see 2 lines, then every 2nd or so day after that to see it fade, then return again *thinking positive*

Ali, Suzi, Lifesgood:  Iím sorry you have to deal with such insensitive friends or people at your work. The world would be such a better place if everyone ďgot itĒ.

Kirril:  Ahhh the trunks and rice, how could i forget lol  (especially how i was such a nong to think the rice was meant to be an adornment for the carpet blush.gif ) But hey, it worked for Cat, so why not us? ;p I have everything crossed for your EPU today!

Tracy:  Oh i miss hot baths and wine. DH and i moved a few months ago, and this place only has a poxy shower! Hope your injections are going well.

Steph:  Iíve had 2 Pregnyl boosters so far - 1500 at 3dpo (just after my transfer) and 1500 at 6dpo. One left to go of  1500 for this Sunday (10dpo) - lucky DH has that job Tounge1.gif  Iím sorry you didnít get to freeze any embies either - letís hope one is all it takes.

Karen:  It does seem like almost next year - Christmas seems closer than my beta! lol

Sarah:  Excellent! Iím excited for you! original.gif

Felicity:  All the best for your EPU, hope everything goes perfectly original.gif

Sorry and hi to anyone iíve missed.

I had another nasty shock at my doc appointment on Wednesday, when i was told that if i didnít fall pg this time, then DH would need an SCSA test, and we may need donor sperm if that comes back badÖ

Hope everyone has a good weekend, and good luck!


TTC No 1: 2+ Years.
4 cycles Ovulation Induction
IVF#2 underway - 2 embies on board!

#32 The_old_me

Posted 03 June 2005 - 01:23 PM

Hi guys just a quick one from me.  They got 6 eggs... from 14 follies.  Feeling quite despondent, but I know you'll try and cheer me up LOL.

It's just that we've already been told the odds (o-ver and o-ver and bloody o-ver) that only 1 in 6 will be normal.  Yep ok so even if all 6 fertilize, that's still pretty slim that this is going to work this time round. Damn this chromosome rearrangement sh*te!

BBL - going to call the counsellor at Monash and maybe see if I can talk to our embryologist.  I'll be right, just a bit down right now.

Take care everyone.

#33 blanky

Posted 03 June 2005 - 01:34 PM

Hi Kirril,

I know there is nothing I can say to make you feel better - tho I wish there *was* a magic spell for times like these. All I can say is that I know what it's like to feel despondent when news after EPU isn't wonderful and to worry whether there will be anything to transfer. Take care of yourself, today especially!


#34 mum2brodie

Posted 03 June 2005 - 02:20 PM

Oh B*gger I was just PM you to see how things went.

Gee I donít know what I can say as I know you must be feeling alittle shattered at the moment. Bl**dy IVF But you just never know with IVF and statistics.

I wanted to let you know Iím hear for you even if you want to vent away. LOL    You've been my twin cycle buddies even with the same amount of follies at the U/S so I have everything crossed for you.

Be good to yourself over the weekend as the wait will be hard - If you can contact Monash and find out what is going on even better for you.

{{hugs}} Felicity

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#35 ratbag

Posted 03 June 2005 - 02:54 PM

- yay for AF sarah (cheering for someone's AF has just struck me as a very odd thing to do LOL)
- Good luck for your EPU felicity! Monday is a very lucky day ( i hope;))
mel - why every 2nd day - i think I'll go everday from wed  cool.gifo:
Kirril - Just rest up mate you've done well and the best your body could do so try not to be too worried. (((hugs)))

MF and a tardy endometrium
TTC#1 - 4xICSI, 1xFET and 1xIUI
Happening now - IUI 27/5 and Blast FET 6/6

#36 6749

Posted 03 June 2005 - 04:43 PM

Kir - hang in there, rest up, forget the odds and have faith in your six fabulous eggs and your DH's swimmers - hope you get to talk to the embryoligist. Good luck tomorrow, will be sending 100% fertilisation vibes.

Tracy - I'm having massage on Sunday - hanging out for it! Hope yours is good!

Karen - hope lining check goes well - will bombard you with tales of my psycho-ness next week.

Ratty - glad you're feeling better, nice to have a lovely wedding pic to gaze upon at work! I spent last night looking at old photo albums of holidays and family - made me feel so much happier. So important to remember that there is life outside of AC.

Sarah - YAY for AF! So excited for you!

Mum2Brodie - Good luck for EPU - keep that hubby of yours away from needles! Sounds dangerous (for both of u!)

Mel - HPT like crazy - my plan too! I don't know why your Dr would say that to you when he doesn't know the outcome of this cycle(pses me off!), seems a little ahead of the game. Try to take this one step at a time and keep sending those positive vibes to your embies and hopefully you won't need the further testing.

TGIF Girls!!

#37 squirt70

Posted 03 June 2005 - 05:00 PM

Oh Kirril, I'm sorry. Yes, you must be disappointed, knowing the odds. Sometimes I wish we weren't told anything - at least we could live in hope.. I'm so sorry. As G said, try to forget the odds and have faith in your eggs. There's just nothing I can say that seems right. Take care of yourself,

#38 Lifesgood

Posted 03 June 2005 - 10:28 PM

Had my 2nd scan and BT today, CD10, and my lining is now at 7mm, which is still 1mm short of the magic number, but they don't seem too worried at the clinic just told me to come back on Sunday for a B/T, no scan. I presume this is because they just want to monitor when I O. My follies were not very big, not that they really measure them for a FET, but the biggest one was only 10mm today. I always wondered how well my follies developed in a natural cycle as I have long suspected that egg maturity was part of my problem. When I was doing IUI with stims my follies would never get to 20mm before I O'd. Usually they were only 14-17mm. Anyway, we'll see what they say on Sunday.

Kirril - don't worry too much about stats and odds. Although on average 1 in 6 of your embies will be good, there is nothing to stop more of this batch being fine. I don't trust the numbers too much in this game, I prefer gut instinct combined with a little blind faith.

Mel - crossing everything for your HPT on Sunday!

Mum2brodie - good luck for Monday.

Sarah - god that made me laugh, being so excited about AF just doesn't seem right does it?

Ratty - glad you are less homicidal, we all feel a lot safer now! We ACers really should come with a flashing warning sign above our heads when we are stimming.

Karen - really impressed with your long post of personals! Thanks, and as you can see my lining is coming along nicely enough. It is a bit surreal reporting the progress of my endometrium to others! LOL!

Anyway, I'm just hiding here in the study while DH shouts at the TV (he's watching Manly play the Roosters, he's a Manly fan). TGIF, what a long and tiring week. Got the in-laws over for dinner tomorrow - I'm doing Coq au Vin and apple crumble with extra thick double cream - lovely wintery food, yum yum. And on Sunday we are going to a Christening that all of my closest friends will be at, looking forward to that but fearing the inevitable 'when is it going to be your turn' questions that always accompany baby-type events. Will work on my witty casual responses before then.

Bye for now,

#39 LadyBump66

Posted 04 June 2005 - 09:50 AM

HURRAY SARAH! Happy to have you back on track with me,
I was ecstatic when AF came too. Although she sure hit me
hard after all those drugs.

Kirrill, try not too worry about the odds, and try the blind faith
trick and lots of positive thinking. 6 is my lucky number! I have
a feeling you'll get a few winners out of that lucky batch!

Lifesgood not long to go now. Enoy your lovely foodie
weekend, sounds delicious.

G, enjoy your massage, off to mine in a couple of hours!

Ratty glad youre feeling a bit better

Ali and Steph hope youre both staying calm and busy at the
same time! LOL Thinking of you and your little embies.

Mel-  stupid bloody doctor just ignore him and take things
one step at a time.

Karen thanks for the good wishes, hope alls good with you

Felicity - your poor bottom!

Thinking of all of the rest of you...

I just had day 3 B/T on puregon (stimmers) EPU should be
early next week.
Exciting! and Scary! Starting to get a bit edgy now, told DP I
am on strike this weekend meaning no cooking cleaning or
laundry. He cooked and cleaned last night, but all my
nervous energy still got me frantically doing laundry then
more cleaning this morning anyway!!  Trying to relaxxxx...

Tracy x

#40 firniby

Posted 04 June 2005 - 10:01 AM

Hi girls

Ahhh... doesn't it feel good waking up to a Saturday!  Is it just me, or do the weeks drraaagggg out when you're on this rollercoaster?  Think it's because everything else in life (work etc) is so NOT where our minds are - it's an effort to get through the days with the requisite smiles and small talk.  When the weekend comes, we can just be ourselves and not pretend.  Well, that's how it is for me anyway.

Thinking of you girls who are nearing the end of your 2ww.  Ali, Mel, 6749, Roz... sending the biggest, stickiest, most positive thoughts your way.  Isn't it funny (?) how 'easy' the first week and a half is, then those last few days are just a nightmare!  

Ali - Could so relate to the crying thing.  The other morning I couldn't untangle a clothes hanger from a shirt - burst into tears!  And as for your work situation... sh*t - how do you cope with that??!!  Hope you're going better now.

6749 - I had sleeplessness in 2ww too.  Never saw it written anywhere as possible s/e, and was never warned by the nurse.  I thought it must have been my own anxiety.  Don't think so now. Hang in there!  Oh, hope you got onto your embrylogist - they're the best people to talk to, I've found.

Roz - how's that knitting?  What do you knit??  Your SIL story far surpassed mine!!  Unbelievable! LOL at your suggested SIL support group!  Fingers crossed for you..

Flick - where are you and what happened with EPU?  Been worried about possible OHSS.

Kirril - Sorry to read your EPU news.  They say stats are always only a guide - this could be a quality crop for you.  Have faith... keep hope.  You'll soon get what you so deeply deserve, I'm sure.

Ratty - Glad to hear you're back on track for Monday after that shocker mystery phone call.  You must have been so stressed! Poor thing.  Does this mean you'll transfer blasts on Monday?  I'm doing the same.  Maybe we can help keep each other sane over the next 2 weeks?  Good luck for Monday.  Lol at HPT every day!!  You and Mel should find a sponsor!

This is getting too long.  Sorry to those I've missed - will catch up next time.


#41 magicmummy

Posted 04 June 2005 - 11:29 AM

Oh Tracey - I can so relate to that nervous energy! I've been told to rest but I am hopeless at doing nothing.

I had my second scan today and another BT (CD9 of stims). My follies are still going a little berserk but I am comforted that the sonographer still seemed calm. This morning I have 33 good sized follies and 10 that are too small to worry about. I am definitely drinking LOTS of water. Don't worry about that!!! OHSS scares me but I hope that all will be OK and we end up with some good quality eggs in that haul somewhere! I'm waiting for the BT results from today before I know when trigger and EPU will be - but I suspect I might be told to trigger tonight or tmw. Am so anxious at the moment waiting for that call...and hoping things are OK.

Ali and Ratty - I hope you are both feeling a little better now. *hugs*

I am sorry for being a bit slack atm...this is harder than I could ever have realised (while still being so exciting!) and I'm having trouble keeping up with everything. After I get "that" call I'll be back hopefully to catch up properly.

hugs everyone,

Flick (32), DH (33)
TTC#1 since April 2004
Lap/Hyst/D&C March 2005
Male factor, PCOS
Clomid tracking cycle(50mg)- March/April 2005
IVF (ICSI) cycle #1 - May/June 2005 - sniffing & injecting now!

#42 6749

Posted 04 June 2005 - 11:36 AM

Good morning girls,
Just back from a run around the Tan - feeling like the world isn't such a bad place now!

Lifesgood - nothing better than a Saturday in the kitchen making yummy things! Hope you've got some good music (or TV - NOT rugby!)to chill to! Good luck with the christening - I'm sure you'll be your most charming and witty self.

Tracy - hope massage relax you. Must get DH to wait on you had and foot! Forget the laundry!

Firnby - hope you're enjoying your Saturday - couldn't agree more about not having to "small talk" when mind is in another world altogether!

Kir - hoping fertilisation results are good this afternoon. Thinking about you.

Ratty - How was your transfer? (just kidding :-)) I can't believe you dragged yourself to the clinic at 6:30am! That nurse is going to be in BIG trouble on Monday!!!! Hoping that you and DH can switch off for the rest of today and tomorrow!!

I'm off for lunch with my MIL and out to dinner with friends in the city tonight. Nothing like food to take your mind off 2WW!!

#43 The_old_me

Posted 04 June 2005 - 01:17 PM

Hi all

Have to be really quick, darting in between getting home from hours-long brekkie with an EB buddy and a hair appt shortly....

Nurse called first thing this a.m. - 3 eggs have fertilized.  I can feel my positivity about this cycle slipping away by the second. Uh oh...! Just can't stop tearing up, man I am only just beginning to realise the intense pressure you girls go through cycle after cycle.  You amaze me all over again with your strength and courage.

I will bbl to do personals, promise! I feel so guilty for not opening out my energy to you all atm, please know I am reading everything you're all posting.  Lots of luck and hugs to you all.

#44 magicmummy

Posted 04 June 2005 - 02:11 PM

Just got my CD9 (of stims) BT results back...Hhhmmmm...a bit of a worry now. My E2 levels are 10909 (up from 2845 just 2 days ago). The nurse told me that they are "starting to get up there" but when I asked if I should be concerned, she assured me not at this stage. They want to keep a close eye on me though and so I need another BT tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately those follies aren't quite ready for the trigger so I have to do another shot of Puregon tonight (dammit - was hoping I might have finished that) and I'm still meant to take the Synarel.

I'm so scared and wish I could somehow tell my body to calm down. I know it is desperate for a baby but this is over the top!!! So I guess it will be rest, rest and more rest for me for the next day or so. (And lots of water.) I'm getting really teary now too...a lot!

I'm sorry for being so slack with personals ...I'm just not able to concentrate. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend though!

Flick (32), DH (33)
TTC#1 since April 2004
Lap/Hyst/D&C March 2005
Male factor, PCOS
Clomid tracking cycle(50mg)- March/April 2005
IVF (ICSI) cycle #1 - May/June 2005 - sniffing & injecting now!

#45 StillRoz

Posted 04 June 2005 - 05:58 PM

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#46 diva

Posted 04 June 2005 - 06:04 PM

Sorry to barge in - have been keeping an eye on you guys...

Roz - those HPT's you are using are garbage.  I couldn't get a +ve on them when I knew my HcG was over 40.  Don't be despondent.

Kirril - Oh sweetie, I know exactly how you feel.  You might remember we only had four eggs fertilise from 10.  Two ended up growing out to blast - so don't give up hope.  I'm cheering them on.

#47 smiles

Posted 04 June 2005 - 06:25 PM

Oh Roz, I'm hearing you girl!!! I'm 14 days post trigger and in the same situation.  Have had three days of negative HPT  sad.gif and the dreaded witch hasn't visted yet.  AF feels like its about to arrive but then I read it can also mean other things......  I just don't know.  I feel like a total zombie and unfortunately seem so self obsessed with what my body is doing.  I must look down in the dumps too as i was about to hit the next person at work yesterday who said 'are you ok' - one person asked three times...... grrrr.  Oh and those bloody shopping centres I swear every baby was eyeballing me today, i'm sure they know (heh heh).

Its so hard to just sit patiently and wait, so of course I'll be testing everyday until the witch arrives...

Hope the fertility Gods are kind to you....


Me:  36
DH:  46
Endo, High FSH, Vasectomy
ICSI #1 Cancelled-Poor Response
ICSI #2 Transfer 25/5/05
Blood Test 8/6

#48 firniby

Posted 04 June 2005 - 07:02 PM

Roz and Smiles - the last few days of the 2ww are dreadful.  Absolutely dreadful.  I'm really hoping things work out for you both, despite the -ve HPTs. The experts say it's still too early for a conclusive result with HPT.  Good luck    original.gif

#49 ratbag

Posted 04 June 2005 - 07:43 PM

Oh girls - I hate it I hate it too, you poor things

Smiles!!!!!!!!!! hang in there precious

Roz!!!!!!!!!!! u 2 beautiful xx

Diva - I've just bought 5 packs of those suckers...oh well back to the shops tomorrow...

Flick - I'm sure you'll been fine love - I've stopped asking for my levels (except for beta that is!)

Kirril - With all my heart I am wishing your 3 all the best - I mean it xx

6749 - how was lunch? mmmmm - dh is just picking up takeaway now!

Firni - Oh mate  r u de-thawing 2 of your little ones? I'm sooo nervous..just the one for me eeek!

Tracey - LOL about your not doing ANYTHING and then....he he

Lifegoods - I'll be thinking of you tomorrow - let us know how you go

G - I know I'm blonde but what does TGIF mean cool.gif|:

Karen - stay sane lovely

As 4 me -


MF and a tardy endometrium
TTC#1 - 4xICSI, 1xFET and 1xIUI
Happening now - IUI 27/5 and Blast FET 6/6

#50 The_old_me

Posted 04 June 2005 - 08:12 PM

Oh Roz.  I know the tests you mean. p*ssiest little stick, yes. Actually, it all seemed so flimsy that I didn't trust my results using them and vowed never to get one like that again. Like the cup, but prefer the chunkier ones with plastic coated section to hold onto for dipping (with lid etc.). DOn't trust your result with that type of test! Listen to Diva!
Your expression of your catch-22 type state atm is soooo familiar to me. I wish I could go 'poof' and just make that second line appear for you. Is it good that you have no af signs though? Is this something different to your past cycles?
(btw, despite everything, I had to chuckle at your use of the words 'dodgy post', was so cute somehow!...)

Terrie - feel like you're an angel to me or something! Thanks for hovering. Gosh forgive me, I had actually forgotten your fertilization rate. And for 2 to get to blast, well I just understand what that means so much more now than just words on screen/paper. It's so nerve wracking. But we're nearly there.

Smiles... ohh I know what you mean about babies in s/c's! We've discussed this before many a time, I know, but (and this doesn't happen for me if I'm in no state/mood to accept what I'm seeing) for me, sometimes these little tykes just catch my eye and don't stop staring! And you know, I can't help but think ... they do know! What, have I got a big sandwich board on saying "I should be pushing a pram right now"?!? You poor love. You're so close, it must be dragging like nothing else.

Ratty - thank you!! Praying and hoping your thaw goes well. OMG..... such insane pressure. Stay strong. xo

Flick - sorry to sound dumb.... are you going backwards?? What's "E2" level, is it estrogen? My nurse gave me ZERO info on my b/t, only a trigger date and time. In hindsight, a figure would've been good. When you say you wish you could tell your body to calm down, is it from emotional stress/anxiety or do you mean you wish your physical E2 levels would calm down? Oh gahhh, so awful for it to be dragging out like this for you when you're RIGHT THERE.  It's like they've moved the goal posts on you at the end of the final quarter! xxx
p.s. don't be silly, slack with personals?! snap, again LOL.

6749 - great idea, going out. And a run round the Tan too? Wow you're too good girl!

Firni - thank you for your thoughts. I hear you too, about the 'letting down' of pretences on the w/ends. I'm so fortunate to work from home, only going out to visit clients, and I so often marvel at how you girls all do it day after day for so many hours of the day.

Tracy - awwwww! Love the strike action and then the need to keep your hands busy LOL. That's gorgeous. Ohhh good luck for a really successful EPU. Thanks so much for what you said, it made me stop and think.

Oh dear, DH is calling out. He's made pizzas and they're on the plates!  I fear I've missed so many of you out, I'm sorry.  Truly wishing everyone the kindest of remainders of their 2ww's, and good luck all round~


Ella's story
7 more angel bubs, lost early
TTC since Jan. 2000
Our first ART: PGD, EPU sched. for 3/6!

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