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June 2WW #3
June 2WW #3

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Posted 05 June 2005 - 12:40 AM

Hi All

Sorry I have been MIA (Missing In Action) for so long.  Lots has been going on.

Well I started my Lucrin tonight.  I didn't even feel Ron put the needle in!!!! LOL  I was about to ask him why he was taking so long when he reached for the Sharps Container.

So we are on our way and THAT is so exciting.  FINALLY!!!!!  Egg Collection is approx 27 Jume.

I'm about to start catching up on what has been going on.  That seems like such a forboding task LOL.

Hope everyone is doing really well and that there is good news out there.

Regards >>>>>>>>> Michelle

#52 StillRoz

Posted 05 June 2005 - 07:31 AM

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#53 ~*Roachie*~

Posted 05 June 2005 - 09:33 AM

Hey Roz...and anyone else using HPT's..just thought I'd pop in and remind you ..it's never over until theAF lady sings..(and then sometimes not)..I didn't get a positive HPT until a week after AF was due...and my HCG levels were always on the high side...I used lots of different early detection tests...so don't lose hope.

"I've made it to 14 weeks"

#54 blanky

Posted 05 June 2005 - 09:36 AM

Hi Roz,

Yes the clinic have told me why nothing was freezable. I am with SIVF so they are very fussy and we trust the embryologist - quite literally with our children's lives! I am 39 so crappy egg quality is the most probable cause according to my RE when we saw her at transfer.

I'm 10dpo today and still a bit AF-y feeling so hopefully I won't need frosties but you can't tell till the fat lady singe! I promise by the end of the week (ie12-16dpo) I'll be just as nutty as you and the other girls nearing your beta date are now!

I'm not sure whether I agree with Diva about the HPT. I have used Fortel OPKs quite a bit and found them reliable, so I would think their HPTs should be ok. Must admit when I went to buy HPT last time I bought a chemist brand (Crystal Clear) and will probably do the same this week. Trying to hold out till at least Thursday (14dpo) to test but might cave in on Tuesday?

edited to add stuff

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#55 6749

Posted 05 June 2005 - 11:49 AM

Roz, Smiles and Ali -
It is still early and there are so many variables at work here - don't give up on your embies yet - they are still cooking! Here is a list of fun movies to go and rent to keep you feeling positive today:
Two Weeks Notice
Legally Blonde
Rat Race
Something's Gotta Give
The Wedding Singer
Freaky Friday
How to win a date with Tad Hamilton
Old School (one the DH will like too - very silly)

Ratty - Good luck tomorrow! TGIF = Thank God it's Friday

Kir - don't lose that positivity, wishing you all the best for tomorrow. Your hubby sounds like a sweetie!

Michelle - good job Ron! Congrats on being on your way!

I'm having another quiet one - 1 week into the 2ww - gearing up to get a little crazy! So glad I get to suffer through the long weekend not knowing! b/t week tomorrow.


#56 smiles

Posted 05 June 2005 - 12:01 PM

Hi All,

Firnby and Roachie:  thanks for your words about those dreaded HPTs.  You are right and they are not conclusive, oh but it would be so nice to see two little lines.  I think I've become a serial home pregnancy tester - does this hold a jail term???

6749:  Thanks for you encouraging words, and great idea about the movies, DH is at work today, so sounds like a great idea

Ratty:  hope your little frostie is hanging in there.  Good luck for tomorrow.

Kirril:  hope you are feeling ok and your embies are staying strong for you...  Had to laugh at your description of those tykes in the s/c.  It is soooo true.  Thanks for your encouragement

Ali:  I've got everything crossed for you tomorrow.  Have you managed to avoid the HPTs?  If so how did you do it - tell us your secrets!!!  Hope you sleep well tonight.

Roz:  It so is the pits, you are right, please let us know one way or the other, it's only fair one would think..  Every sign you think is preg related can be attributed to AF or the progesterone.  Hang in there , you're not alone.  HOpe the next two days goes quickly and you'll be at beta day.

Steph:  Sorry you didn't get any frosties, hope the 2ww is kind to you and that your embie does what it should!!

Another day goes by without AF, (15 days post trigger) could of sworn she was here last night, felt sooo crampy, imagining that is the progesterone just taunting me.  Another -ve hpt this am.  So the jury is still out.... Wish they would make up their minds one way or another.

Hi to everyone i've missed, hope your cycling is going really well


Me:  36
DH:  46
Endo, High FSH, Vasectomy
ICSI #1 Cancelled-Poor Response
ICSI #2 Transfer 25/5/05
Blood Test 8/6

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#57 raisin74

Posted 05 June 2005 - 01:06 PM

Hi Girls,

Ali goodluck with your b/t tommorrow, hope its good news.
Roz & Smiles hang in there girls its not over yet, hope the witch stays away.
Karen goodluck for your u/s tommorrow.
Steph, smiles & G I hope af stays away for you girls.
Flick how did your b/t go?
Mel hopefully you you will get a bfp and wont need to do a SCSA test.
Mum to Brodie best of luck for epu tommorrow.
Kirril hang in there. Hopefully all three make it for you. Goodluck.
Birghton I'm glad AF came and you are able to start stimming.
Ratty goodluck for your FET tommorrow. Now you just gotta get through the 2ww. Goodluck.

Well the headaches and hot flushes have started so I know the synarel is working I just hope this month dosent go too slow.

Hope everybody is having a nice weekend.


#58 LadyBump66

Posted 05 June 2005 - 01:10 PM

HI again, Only just got my BT results from yesterday a day
late. They said things are responding a little slowly so far  -
Roz, they didnt tell me what my e2 levels are - what are they
anyway ? ! I will ask tomorrow, have another one tomorrow
morning. Sarah we may end up back in sync again, now my
ovaries are being a little lazy!

Have a lovely sunday everyone

X tracy

#59 magicmummy

Posted 05 June 2005 - 01:52 PM

Hi girls...thx for your thoughts. *appreciative hugs*
Not good news again I'm afraid. My E2 levels are now 19000 today so I'm officially an OHSS risk. (Which i already suspected.) I have to trigger tonight and have EPU on Tuesday morning but have been told to prepare for a "freeze all" cycle. Needless to say (with these hormone levels and that news) I'm more than a little emotional and upset atm...am hoping for better news after the EPU. Wish me luck...I have a feeling I'm going to need it. Back to the sofa (with my glass of water) I go.
hugs to you all...

Flick (32), DH (33)
TTC#1 since April 2004
Lap/Hyst/D&C March 2005
Male factor, PCOS
Clomid tracking cycle(50mg)- March/April 2005
IVF (ICSI) cycle #1 - May/June 2005 - sniffing & injecting now!

#60 ratbag

Posted 05 June 2005 - 02:49 PM

Oh I'm so edgy about tomorrow I can't settle. Out of 3 frosties only 1 has ever made it so I'm really hoping that because it's a blast it will make it through and be transferred.

I've washed,defleaed, brushed, walked and given new collars to the dogs, done the washing and housework,grocery shopping for the week, washed and cleaned the car, seduced dh and OMG it's only early afternoon LOL

Flick - O you must be feeling very nervous but try to stay postive

Tracey - note to ovaries WAKE UP ALREADY!!!

Hey syneral Suzi  Tounge1.gif Those flushes are dead sexy hey

smiles - not long hang in there!

G - good idea the video list original.gif

Steph - almost there - stay sane!

Roz - LOL about menopause comment - I have a good feeling mate...

Ali - ohhh this could be it!!!

Michelle - funny how you were waiting for needle and it was already done. I'm abit like that with gonal -f but man those pregynl ones really sting me

Kirril - can you pass me a pod please Tounge1.gif

Cheers everyone,

MF and a tardy endometrium
TTC#1 - 4xICSI, 1xFET and 1xIUI
Happening now - IUI 27/5 and Blast FET 6/6

#61 The_old_me

Posted 05 June 2005 - 03:14 PM

Oh Flick, I've just read your post here again (saw it in the other BG too) and my heart's skipped a tiny beat with nerves for you. Tomorrow is going to be a b*tch to get through but I hope you have lots to do to keep you distracted. And if not, lots of comfort food. hugs, sweetie, hoping and praying for the best.

Felicity, ohh thanks so much. I did talk to the embryologist and she was great. Don't know how I'm going to make it through another two days... but at least tomorrow I'll have another update again. I wanna know who's still "going" now though!! It feels dreadful. It really does.  How are you going?

Steph, thanks to you too. It means so very much (as a newbie to all this) to get the wisdom of strong women who've gone before me! And it's even more comforting (though unfortunate) to know that you know exactly what I'm feeling atm, particularly when we don't have support of many people IRL (by choice of course).

Well, better go and see what DH is up to, I am going to try and convince him we need to go splurge shopping! Wish me luck with THAT one  ;p

Ella's story
7 more angel bubs, lost early
TTC since Jan. 2000
Our first ART: PGD, EPU sched. for 3/6!

#62 tintin78

Posted 05 June 2005 - 04:33 PM

Hi all,

Well i don't check my computer for 2 days and i come back and there are like 40 posts that i've missed out on!! We have been busy!

Well, AF made her appearance on Friday!! Thanx for sending her tracy. original.gif I'm so used to doping up on naprogesic that i don't feel her wrath, however since that's a no-no i've had to settle for panadol which does absolutely nothing.

I have B/T on Tuesday for hormones & start Puregon on Friday. I've noticed that most start just after they get AF.Hmmm it's interesting to see how it can vary at different places. But you know what-as long as it works.... ;p

Kirril- I have everything crossed for u & your 3 little ones.Good Luck!!

Flick-I'm so sorry. Hope all goes well for you this week. I've got positive thoughts going your way.

Suzi- I know exactly what you mean about the synarel, however i've only been getting headaches for the past 2 days. At least the panadol works for that!!

Sorry i've missed everyone else. I will catch up in the next couple of days to see what everyone is up to.

Good Luck to everyone this week!!! original.gif

ttc since Jan 03
me 26
dh 26
IVF#1 May/June 05

#63 Lifesgood

Posted 05 June 2005 - 06:52 PM

Hi ladies, just got home after the Christening, boy what a marathon, it started at 11am, we are shattered! That's Italian's for you, we really know how to have a long lunch. Sooo many gorgeous babies and littlies, it nearly broke my heart. At least I got lots of cuddles and kisses in today. Dinner with the MIL/FIL last night was v.nice, the coq au vin and apple crumble were a success.

Had B/T this morning, no idea what the result was but I have to go on Tuesday for another B/T and scan. Might phone the clinic tomorrow to find out what the story is - everyone else here seems to know their hormone levels day by day, makes me feel like I should get a bit more info on mine! Usually I just go along in ignorant bliss and rely on the nurses to tell me what to do/when to do it.

Roz, Smiles, Ali - I know you are all struggling with your last days of 2WW, everything is crossed for you, and I am thinking of you with positive karma. God I am dreading that stage. Hope I get there!

Kirril - stay positive, 3 fertilised out of 6 isn't disastrous by any means. If they are good eggs they'll all pull through. When will you get your next update? Your DH made pizza???!!! If he made the bases I'll be v.impressed!

Ratty - desperately waiting to hear your update, good luck girl. TGIF = thank god it's friday, I say that at least once a week LOL.

Flick - I hope it isn't a freeze all, but the main thing is to get a decent crop and make sure you are not at any risk. Best of luck to you.

6749 - you're getting to that really tough stage, stay busy - it's the only remedy. It sounds like you love your food as much as I do. I'm just about to subscribe to Gourmet Traveller magazine as I buy it every month anyway. Food and travel - two of my favourite things in one magazine!

Tracy - have you got those injections down pat yet? You should be just about at pincushion level by now. Any bruises? I have got bruising on both arms from B/T's, but at least no stims so no bruises on my stomach and legs this time. Sometimes I am black/blue/yellow/green all over!

Gotta go, DH is getting lonely.


#64 6749

Posted 05 June 2005 - 09:44 PM

Good luck tomorrow -
Ali - for your blood test - c'mon BFP!!
Firni and Ratty - For your FET - hope your embies are multiplying like crazy!
Kir - hope your results are positive and you get to transfer that special embie soon!
Flick - hope drug free day is good - sending lots of positive non-ohss vibes!
Karen - hope lining is just as is should be for the stage you're at.
more tomorrow....time for bed!

#65 firniby

Posted 05 June 2005 - 09:48 PM

quick update from me...

I'm getting very edgy and excited for my FET tomorrow.  3 of my little ones were thawed on Friday to be grown out to blasts for transfer tomorrow.  I spoke to the embryologist throughout the day on Friday.  She said 2 looked 'really good', but one had lost a couple of cells in the thaw (gone from 4 to 2 cells).  Amazingly, when I asked if this one was unlikely to make it, she said not necessarily.  It could still come back strong and in fact be the best candidate for transfer.  It's all mind boggling! but scary as the chances of them making it to blast aren't great.  Possible that we'll have none for T... have to be prepared for that.  Odds are we should have one, but hoping for two.  I'm planning to ring first thing tomorrow to see how they've gone over the w/end. Precious little bubs.  

eeekk...!   cool.gifo:


6749 - missed you while I was typing.  Thanks for thinking of me.  Just that little mention in your post is enough to lift my spirits!    original.gif

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#66 Darkchylde

Posted 06 June 2005 - 02:07 AM

Best of luck firniby..hope all goes well and my prayers are going your way.

Me 30 DH 35
2x DD
TTC 3yrs

#67 The_old_me

Posted 06 June 2005 - 07:10 AM

Just popping in quickly to wish Firni GOOD LUCK for today!

Hope you're in the position to have to choose who to put back.  All the best, everything crossed and I can't wait to hear how it went. xx

Edited: ack, thanks Roz!!! ALI meant to wish you lots of luck for today too. SORRY!!  btw...... Pods are necessary to create a welcome womb for an emby aren't they? DH didn't believe me... ;p

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#68 StillRoz

Posted 06 June 2005 - 07:12 AM

***Edited by Roz***

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#69 firniby

Posted 06 June 2005 - 08:37 AM

Hi again.  Thanks for your support!

EB is a sanctuary - can't stay away!  

Flick - How did trigger go?  I swear those needles are blunt!  Trust you're not working today?  Thinking of you a lot - hope EPU goes well tomorrow.  Still have a good feeling about you.

Mum2brodie - is it epu today?  Good luck

Ali - ...don't have anything wise to say to you.  I know how hard it is.  I just pray you get the ultimate result today.  Good luck.

Roz and Smiles - beta tomorrow...  the wait must be agonising.  Think of the wave of positive thought behind you from the girls here.  We all have everything crossed for you both!

Ratty - all I can wish for you is what I wish for me today!  Hope your little one is strong and healthy.  Hope your body is warm and ready.  Hope transfer is smooth and easy.  Good luck to you!

Kirril - thanks for your thoughts, although I have to admit that 'having to choose who to put back' sounds... well, I don't know.  You've touched on something that's been playing on my mind.  It's hard to know what is the right and ethical thing to do when faced with the decision of how many embryos to thaw.  We were told to thaw 3 with the hopes of getting 1 to transfer.  If all 3 survive, we are faced with having to discard a perfectly good embryo. Not sure how to think / feel about this - it doesn't sit well with me.  

I hope I'm not offending anyone - I know some don't even have a choice.  Sorry.  I just think, everyone's cycle is different, and we all face our own heartache despite our individual epu results, or fertilisation numbers, or b/t levels etc.  This AC journey is unbelievably challenging for everyone.  

We're all bloody amazing!!!


edited - Kirril - I'm sorry.  Hope your littlies are going strong.  It's surreal knowing they're in the lab, growing and growing.  By now they'll be so keen to be back with you!  Hoping for great results for you.  Best of luck.

This message was edited by firniby on Monday, 6 June 2005 @ 8:42 AM

#70 ratbag

Posted 06 June 2005 - 09:09 AM

Yippey!!!!!!!!! My little blast made it and was tranferred this morning. The scientist said it had expanded since the thaw which was a very good sign. As it went in she goes 'now you hold onto this one ok we don't want to see you again alright' and doc goes' well not until bubs number two'. To say I'm excited is an understatement.

Had abit of a freak out when I got to the clinic - went to reception and they sent me straight up to floor 4 without doing any paper work and so I was thinking the worst. When theye put my wrist band on I almost kissed the nurse LOL.

Firni - Hope it's all good for you too - waiting for for update!

ali - good luck with your beta - I'm waiting anxiously for your news xxx

lifegoods - LOL about dh getting lonely

tintin - i know what you mean about panadol. i have the reminants of a cold and panadol is doing nothing. dh is taking cold and flus and charging through the day! Mt temp was abit high this morning actually which feaked me out abit but was not over 39 which is there cut off for transfers.

kirril - did that shopping trip yield wonderful wordly possessions Tounge1.gif

Hi to everyone else,

MF and a tardy endometrium
TTC#1 - 4xICSI, 1xFET and 1xIUI
Happening now - IUI 27/5 and Blast FET 6/6
BT 17/6

#71 The_old_me

Posted 06 June 2005 - 09:28 AM

Awwww Ratty I've got goosebumps!! (about your little passenger I mean, not about the excellent plants we bought yesterday for a new garden project we've nearly finished... yep that was the extent of my "spree": I was only allowed to go to Bunnings. *sigh*)

Firni, after I wrote what I did, I was hoping I hadn't offended you! Gahhh! Oh no...  But you know, it did make me wonder what would happen (in the situation you described, about what if all three were to make it). I thought about it, and your situation, for a long time afterwards and tried to imagine what I'd do in the same scenario. I couldn't actually decide what I would do. I'm really feeling for you, and I hope you know I didn't mean to wish you more anguish at having to make such a decision (more that I hoped you'd end up with a perfect one or two to transfer than be faced with the opposite of having too many). I'll shut up now! I feel awful! Sorry!

#72 StillRoz

Posted 06 June 2005 - 09:51 AM

***Edited by Roz***

Edited by StillRoz, 31 May 2008 - 07:11 AM.

#73 ratbag

Posted 06 June 2005 - 09:56 AM

Oh roz nooooooooooooooo. God I hate this stuff so much - it's so not fair.

Look after yourself today precious ((((hugs)))

Damn it to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

MF and a tardy endometrium
TTC#1 - 4xICSI, 1xFET and 1xIUI
Happening now - IUI 27/5 and Blast FET 6/6
BT 17/6

#74 firniby

Posted 06 June 2005 - 10:14 AM

Roz.... so sorry.  Don't you move from that couch until you absolutely need to.  Thoughts are with you during this hard time. **hugs**

Ratty - congrats on frosty being onboard!  Glad it went smoothly.  Scientist and dr sound really nice.

Kirril - don't feel awful.. it's all good!  You just happened touch on a nerve IYKWIM.  Besides, it's not an issue anymore.  Rang the scientist and only 1 is progressing normally, 2nd is lagging but probably ok for transfer, 3rd is a no go.


#75 squirt70

Posted 06 June 2005 - 10:59 AM

I need a vent.. had my u/s this morning to check lining for FET. Lining 8mm which is great, but HEAPS of cysts, Endo has grown heaps, and ovaries very big. Nurse not sure whether transfer can go ahead. She's very surprised that doc has put me straight into FET so soon after cycle, and commented that this is why they recommend a month between cycles!

$%@! I'm so angry with my doctor. He was the one who suggested we move straight into the FET. He should know better! Now he's on holidays for 4 weeks.. and I've been taking Progynova for no reason. The nurse will have to check with another dr to see whether they will go ahead, but with the cysts and the ovaries the way they are, it could affect the success of the cycle. Great.

So much for being "so lucky to be able to get straight into another cycle!" Yeh right.

Girls, learn from this - DON'T do back-to-backs. Wait a month to let your ovaries calm down.

Sorry - I just needed to let this out. I'll read updates now & be back later to do personals.


DH 33
DDog Roxy
TTC since Jan 02
2003 - 3 x 100mg Clomid, IUI
2004 - Lap, 2 x ICSI, 2 x FET, 1 x M/C
2005 - Lap, 1 x ICSI, FET - June

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