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Ready, Set, Go Girls (AC #1)
Ready, Set, Go Girls (AC #1)

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#26 littlefeet

Posted 12 June 2005 - 02:26 PM

Hi girls,

Back from the day with the in-laws, I'm really lucky - mine are great people. We drove almost 2 hours to spend the day with DH's sister for her birthday so tht probably gives you an idea of how much I like her!

We've had a busy few weeks, away for the last two weekends and I was studying the two before that, so SIL said not to come, to stay home and relax but she's the sort of person who always puts herself out for others so we thought it was important to spend the day with her.

Welcome Bunnydip - sorry I missed you in my last post on Friday - you must have been posting the same time I was and I missed your first one.  I'll update the list now to add you in.

It's interesting to hear of the different protocols, you have to do lots more injections because I think it's right what Jen was saying, different drugs performing the same functions.

I know what you mean about not being able to have a baby in the way you planned, it's much less romantic and more scientific, but like you, as long as the end result is the same I don't mind.

Jen it sounds like you have more blood tests than me too b/c I have a scan to see if the Synarel is working rather than a B/T, and another scan to see if the Gonal F is working to produce lots of follies when the time comes.

Good on you for standing up and getting your treatment where you want it. LOL at the mad scientist image that popped into my head when I read your post about the Dr. and the petri dish!!  

Simone that's so cute about the pram, did you get it?  I became a bit of a serious addict to babyshops for a while but have now weaned myself off them b/c they just tended to make me sad.  

It's hard not to feel excited and get your hopes up when starting IVF but my f/s has been very much saying not to pin our hopes on cycle 1 but to work towards success by cycle 3.  So while I hope we'll be off this rollercoaster before then, I have to keep telling myself that there could be 3 attempts (or more), without being pessimistic.

Anyway let's learn a little about each other, here are a few Q's to help!
What do you most like to do in your spare time?
Favourite TV show?
Who's your dream guy on tv/movies/sport etc?
Place you'd most like to visit?
Three people you'd invite to a dinner party - living or dead?

And the big one - one embie or two?

Here are mine
Spend time with DH going places we haven't been, playing sport (netball/basketball) reading or sewing (sounds nerdy I know!!).
I'm an ER addict - though also pretty keen on CSI, Cold Case and The Amazing Race.
Luca off ER is pretty hot as is the new guy nurse Abbey is seeing and I didn't mind Tom Williams getting his shirt off though I had never looked twice at him on The  Great Outdoors!
I'd most like to visit Egypt - the history fascinates me, second would be Italy - went there for only a few days in 2000 and would love to go back.
People for dinner would be Nelson Mandela, psychological profiler John Douglas and Sting. Should be an interesting evening!

Lastly - after much discussion we think two embies!

Sorry this has been so long!  Hope the weekend is going well for all.


#27 Ms Jane

Posted 12 June 2005 - 03:38 PM

Jen - I'm sure your dr will understand you didn't want to travel for hours, its stressful enough without having to do heaps of driving.  How many more days of sniffing for you?  

Bunnydip - I think I will sniff and then inject, I find out on Tuesday when we have our nurses appt.  I guess we might all be doing things that are slightly different.

Kaz - yes we got the pram and both had a little turn of it before it being packed away in the wardrobe.

Tintin - so you are injecting at the moment?  How many days will you do that for?

Trish - hope you are having a good long weekend - counting down till Thursday??

What do you most like to do in your spare time? I like to spend my spare time with DH and our furbaby, we ususally see my family on a Sunday for lunch, love to go to the movies, read books and spend time with friends

Favourite TV show? I have many favourite tv shows, big ER fan, love McLeods Daughters, Gilmore Girls fan until they took it off, pretty much watch it all!!

Who's your dream guy on tv/movies/sport etc? I have to agree - Tom Williams is yummy and my all time favourite if George Clooney!!

Place you'd most like to visit? I love going to the beach, so any where that its warm and relaxing.
Three people you'd invite to a dinner party - living or dead? This is a hard one - but I would love to meet John Mayer, Owen Wilson could be very funny and Dr Phil could give me some advice!!

And the big one - one embie or two? Easy - one.  I don't think I could cope with twins.  I have this dream about the pregnancy, birth and first 6 months and having twins would blow that dream out of the water!!  A good friend has twins, went into labour at 30 weeks, flown to Melb, emerg C/S, first 2 months in hospital and I know it isn't always like that but it scares me.  I have picked my dr for pg and birth, she has a great reputation for no intervention and at our local hospital that don't deliver twins so after the "not dream" like conception I am really hoping that all else can be dream like - yes I am a huge dreamer!!  But of course if we are unsuccessful for a few cycles I may then change my mind and put back 2 - DH wants to do 2 but I say its not him that has to be at home, carry them and deliver them.  Who knows really.

Hope you have all had a lovely Sunday.  We are going to the movies tonight to see Madagascar - should be funny.


#28 tintin78

Posted 12 June 2005 - 10:35 PM

hi all!!

I just spent the afternoon with my cousins and my 4 month old god daughter to be. She is absolutely gorgeous. I am exahusted now. But dh put on a dvd, so i thought i'd pop in here 4 a minute.

simone- I am injecting my Gonal F ATM-aswell as still sniffing synarel. I don't mind the injecting at all. I started it on friday and now have 3 little marks on my belly from each time!! I have my B/T on Wed to see how i'm going.

What do you most like to do in your spare time?
read, watch dvd's,shop (when i have money!)
Favourite TV show?
Friends (Of course it's over now, but that's what DVD's are for!)
Who's your dream guy on tv/movies/sport etc?
Josh Dhumal-Las Vegas...YUM original.gif
Place you'd most like to visit?
Three people you'd invite to a dinner party - living or dead?
Jon Bon Jovi-for music, Josh Dhumal-for looks,Patrick Swayze-to dirty dance with!! ;p

I almost 4 got!! 1 embie or 2-Well that is kind of already decided for me..Our clinic will only put back 1. But if i had my choice i would want 2 as i've always said that my first kids would be twins!!! I don't mind that they only do 1 but i can always try to will my egg to split in half!!!!! original.gif

Hope everyone else had a great day.
I think it's bed time now...

ttc since Jan 03
me 26
dh 26
IVF#1 June 05

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#29 Darkchylde

Posted 13 June 2005 - 01:08 AM

Morning girls...I can't sleep again, I got these terrible pains just below my belly button, so I'm waiting for the panadol to kick in.

I hope you have all been well...just catching up after a couple of days away.

Excellent idea Kaz.

What do you most like to do in your spare time?
Read and gardening and baking.

Favourite TV show?
Footballers wives and Dead Like Me.

Who's your dream guy on tv/movies/sport etc?
James Martin, Alan Rickman, Brendan Frasier.

Place you'd most like to visit?
UK and Egypt.

Three people you'd invite to a dinner party - living or dead?
John Rzeznik, Rob Thomas and Keith Urban as it would make a great karoke night.

Well take care.

Me 30 DH 35
2x DD
TTC 3yrs

#30 bunnydip

Posted 13 June 2005 - 02:24 PM

Hi again
A couple of questions - how come some of you are sniffing as well as injecting? I thought it was one or the other. Also have you been told to take Elevit specifically or is any Folic acid ok - I take 2x Megafol .5mg

Now down to the more interesting part -
What do you most like to do in your spare time?
Spend it with DH as don't alway get a lot of time during the week - fav thing to do is exploring a new area and finding great new cafes and restaurants - we are big foodies!
Favourite TV show?
At the mo enjoying Lost and Desperate Housewives - loved Footballers Wives too
Who's your dream guy on tv/movies/sport etc?
This is actually a hard one - don't think there is anyone in particular I can pick out - can generally appreciate tall dark good looking men with fit bodies - especially that 'v' just above the pants line!

Place you'd most like to visit?
am really fortunate to have done a lot of travelling - but would love to go to China and Vietnam
Three people you'd invite to a dinner party - living or dead?
My MIL who I never got the chance to meet; Richard Branson - really admire him - and Nelson Mandala cos I think he is such a great man
And the big one - one embie or two?
One - dr has suggested one and can't say I am keen on the idea of twins - would love 2 babies but one at a time so have time to enjoy each baby.


#31 littlefeet

Posted 13 June 2005 - 02:53 PM

Hi bunnydip,

I'm doing a down regulation cycle so I start with the BCP (tomorrow!!) then Synarel nasal spray and then Gonal F injections.  There's a period of days where the sniffing and injecting overlap.

The Synarel supresses ovulation, which is why it's so important the sprays are taken exactly 12 hours apart, and the Gonal F helps build up lots of follicles.

Hope that makes sense.

I'm at work today so no time for personal's so BBL!

Edited to add - I'm just on Blackmores folate - nothing special.

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#32 tintin78

Posted 13 June 2005 - 04:37 PM

hi girls,

bunnydip-when i had my initial appointment with the nurse for IVF, she was the one that told me about elevit. The tablets i was taking only had 250 of folic acid(they were a multivitamin womens health tablet). Elevit has 800ug(0.8mg)of folic acid and i think she said you need at leat 0.5, but i also found that it has higher levels of other vitamins & minerals that my other tablets didn't have. They are a bit more expensive than other tabs-I pay $19.95 for 30 tabs ( Although i did see it at another place for $30!) and i think you can only get it from chemists.I also found that with the other tabs they were turning my wee fluro yellow (Sorry, i know TMI!!!) but these aren't.
To answer about the injecting Kaz is right. I have sniffed for nearly 3 weeks now and only been injecting gonal f since friday and i think (hope) if all goes to plan i finish both this time next week.(Grow follies,Grow.. original.gif )
Kat-I hope u r feeling better and that the pain didn't stay 2 long. What stage are you up to atm? let us know so we can pop your details on the list.

ttc since Jan 03
me 26
dh 26
IVF#1 June 05

#33 littlefeet

Posted 14 June 2005 - 10:09 AM


Are you all back from long weekends now?

How is everyone?
Kat - are all the pains gone?  Is it OK to use any sort of pain reliefe or are there some you can't use?
And who's James Martin?  Name doesn't ring a bell?

Bunnydip there's a calendar of footy players coming our here soon and I swear they all have that 'v' you're talking about.
Good luck with the Provera today - is that the first injections you've had to do? Did you do them yourself or enlist the help of DH?

Tintin our clinic are advising us to put back one embie for the first go but (like you) we're keen for twins (clearly we've no idea what we'd be in for!). DH's dad is a twin and so after lots of thinking we've decided to go for two.  The other factor is DH is nearly 38 and we want more than one child so figure if chances of success are higher with two we might as well give it a try.

Simark - how could I forget the lovely George Clooney!!  As a fellow ER fan so you'll understand my impending depression about the show ending in a few weeks!
How was Madagascar?

Good luck at the clinic today - hope it all goes well. It's a big day - lots of information - we left feeling exhausted!  We saw a nurse called Heather and she was lovely - took time explaining everything which was great.

Jen - how's the voice - all back to normal now?

BAM - I meant to say I love your DD angel's name - it's lovely. I love that old names like these are back in 'fashion' again.

Aliciah - are you there - has AF reared her ugly, but welcome, head yet?

DJnAnita - how'r you doing?  Did you have a good weekend?

Emma - only one day to go until you start with the sniffing - how exciting!

Hope everyone has a good day.

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#34 aliciah

Posted 14 June 2005 - 11:22 AM

Hi lovelies.
We went bush for the weekend (Soooo nice!) and just got back last night. Very happy to see this thread has taken off! Yippee!

Well , first things first....  I STILL HAVENT GOT AF!!!!!!!!!! URGH!  :mad:  Im on cd28, which is not too bad, but late in comparison to my recent cycles. Go figure.  I just wish i could stop thinking about it! I am so impatient right now!
My accupuncturist-God said this morning that it is nearly here. And the pains in my tummy are suggesting that there is some major movement going on down there! Urgh! Ha.

Kat- hope your tummy pains have gone away. Bloody bodies!

Bunny- welcome. Nice to have you on board.

Bam- my dh is going to be the same with needles. He had to have lots when he was a kid, and is now paranoid. Its bizarre. He shows absolutely no fear with anything else in his life, except needles! Things happen for a reason hey!

Simone- omg! You guys are unstoppable! How cute, going out and buying a pram! If i let myself go i would be decking out a nursery and living in fantasy baby-land, but firstly I wont because i dont want to get my hopes up, and secondly, i dont want everyone thinking Ive lost the plot! But, like you, ive bought one or two things that ive hidden away.

Kaz. Hi darling. Hope you are going along okay.
Good idea about the q's.

What do i do in spare time?
Text I love cooking. Im also right into nutrition and women's health, and do a lot of reading. I see quite a bit of theatre too.

Tv shows?
Text Dont watch much telly at all. Occasionally we watch Denton, Four Corners, Sixty minutes (omg- i sound so boring!!!!)

Dream guy?
Text Yep, george is noice!

Place to visit?
TextWithout a doubt, France. We went there for our honeymoon. The food, people, countryside, castles, wine, language, art, history...oh!  Take me baby!

3 people/dinner party?
Text Princess Mary (to find out why she did it!), Paris hilton (to find out what she does!) and Shappelle Corby (to find out if she did it!). If Paris cancels, which im sure she would, I would invite Xanana Gusamao, the president of East Timor (just to spice things up a bit!)

1 or 2 embies?
Text We were hooked on two, till specialist suggested one. Her reasons were varied, but mainly due to increased risk and also that im short-ish (163cm). Said that my body wont be able to carry two properly!??.  She also said that our chances are reasonably high, so why put two in? My dh is in his late 40's, that was part of our reason. Kind of dissapointed us, but we can always get more advice, and decide later.  We can always transfer one in first cycle, and two in any others. Will see what happens.

If only id get AF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers girls, hope all is well.

#35 shazburger

Posted 14 June 2005 - 12:05 PM

OK ladies i may as well join in this group too...

We are waiting for Af to arrive so that we can start our ICSI cycle. Am expecting her to turn up in 11 days... We are currently seeing David Wilkinson at MIVF @ Freemasons...

DJAnita - am sorry to see that your cycle was cancelled and that you are still hanging around here. Was hoping that you had graduated. I cannot beleive that we started in the same group ages ago and are still both here...

Aliciah - where is AF???? iy would be amazing if we were on the same day...but i am praying that Af arrives soon for you...

Am excited to be part opf the group and hope that we all see lots and lots for BFP's soon

PS. Can someone tell me why me signature is not adding on!!!!

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#36 littlefeet

Posted 14 June 2005 - 12:36 PM

Hi Shazburger and welcome to our little group if beginners.

I'm hoping we all have beginners luck and we see a few early BFP's in here!

There is a song that sometimes pops into my head with the line "the waiting is the hardest part", someon who was going through AC must have written that.  I hope AF arrives on time for you so the waiting is minimised and you can get underway.

Are you doing a down reg cycle with ICSI? (BCP, Synarel and Gonal F or similar?).

With regard to your sig, you have to make sure the little box is ticked or it won't show up.  On another IT matter can anyone tell me why I can't get colours or bold text to work?  It just writes 'text' in my post - like it did in yours too Alicia.

Alicia what sort of shows do you see, I'm a bit of a theatre buff too. Did you see Two Brothers at MTC?


#37 Darkchylde

Posted 14 June 2005 - 01:30 PM

Ta girls..they went away after about 2hrs..it was like a full on contraction but for 2hrs straight just below my belly button.  Its ok to take panadol for pain relief but not asprin or anything stronger, so I was told.

I went for my BT this morning so here's hoping.

Me 30 DH 35
2x DD
TTC 3yrs

#38 aliciah

Posted 14 June 2005 - 02:16 PM

kaz. nope didnt see two brothers but really wanted too. Heard it was terrific. How are you going? Ive lost track,..when do you start sniffing? sorry!

shaz, welcome!
Yep, the way im going i'll be starting ivf in approx 8years time! If all goes according to plan (is there such a thing!) you and I will be going through this around the same time. All the best.

Kat,2hrs youch. Do you know what that was about? Also, sorry if ive missed the info, but why did you have a b/t?


#39 Aqua75

Posted 14 June 2005 - 07:07 PM

Hi Girls!
This post has gotten way too long. Skip to personals at bottom if you don't have 5 hours to spare!!
Hope you had a great weekend. We finally managed to get away ourselves for a day and night, not to spend time together tho!! I caught up with my friend and DH caught up with his mate. Lucky they’re together!!
Great Idea about the Q’s Kaz!

What do you most like to do in your spare time?
Lately I have been spending way too much time on EB!! I enjoy all kinds of crafty hobbies and have done a bit of scrapbooking and stitching lately. I also waste my time dreaming about what I’m going to do to my house when we stop doing IVF and have some money again!!

Favourite TV show?
Ahhh so many programs, so little time. I love CSI, McLeod’s Daughters, The Outback House & Desperate Housewives, and if I’m ever home during the day I’m guilty of secreting enjoying Dr Phil and Oprah too. Naughty me.

Who's your dream guy on tv/movies/sport etc?
Still think Johnny Depp is a hottie, as I have since 21 Jump St. oooh now I feel old…

Place you'd most like to visit?
Commercial as it is, I want to go to Disneyland!! Would love to be brave and tour through Europe as well, checking out the art and architecture. Will do that one day!

Three people you'd invite to a dinner party - living or dead?
Hmmmm, what about John Farnham& Kasey Chambers to lead a round the table sing along and Johnny Depp for me to sigh over??

And the big one - one embie or two?
We have been going over this and over this. I swing from one to the other frequently. At this second I am leaning towards two and are reasons are: Our clinic has only offered 2 day transfers. How do I know these little embies are even going to make it to day 3 or 4 let alone survive the whole 2ww to register on a HPT? I feel 2 gives me a better chance that 1 might be strong enough to go the distance.

On the flip side I don’t want twins. My reasons are silly. I’m not looking forward to pooey nappies, let alone double the amount of pooey nappies!! But because I am not completely shallow I have also considered the health risks to me and the baby, the risk of prematurity and possibly losing both babies if that happened. AARRGGHH what to do!! If they get an absolutely genius looking 2 day embie(!!!!) they could persuade me to only put one back. DH is a twin tho, so my luck it would split and I’d still end up drowning under buckets of nappies…. J

Oh and if I get to the stage of seeing a heartbeat at the ultrasound I WILL start dealing with the nappy issue, but until then all babies back to their own mothers when they start to smell!!

Simone-How was Madagascar? Might add it to my list of things to do while in the big smoke! I have ages of sniffing to go! My B/T on 20/6 is to check if oestrogen is suppressed enough to begin Gonal F, then if I’m right to start injecting, I have an Ultrasound about a week or so after that. I have to keep sniffing until a few days before EPU though. It will be nearly 30 days of sniffing all up I think.

Bunnydip-my fertility specialist wanted me to take Elevit. I explained I had been taking folic acid, zinc and an iron supplement for months but he was pushing Elevit. The cynic in me suspects he gets some sort of pharmaceutical kickback out of recommending it, but then the dreamer in me says just do what he says, he’s the expert, he must know what he’s doing … blah … blah … blah… Can you tell I don’t like not being in control of my own body!!

Alicia-the waiting must be getting old by now! This whole process is wait….. after wait….. after wait. What will we be like if we make it to 2WW??

Kaz- my voice is getting better, must be getting used to the synarel, but still not enjoying it! Glad you had a great time with IL’s. None of my IL’s know about our IVF yet. Some know we have issues with TTC tho.
Shazburger- welcome to our little group!
Kat- glad you’re feeling better!

I was surprised by AF today. I stopped BCP on 11/6 and knew she might come but was still surprised when she did. On the plus side-any worries I had about the 1:400 chance I could have fallen pg by accident while taking this c*cktail of drugs that all say DO NOT TAKE IF PG are all gone!
So I keep sniffing and hopefully start jabbing as well next week sometime.
This is so long… sorry  I just have to get it all off my chest and this is a safe place to unload!!
Oh B*gger Synarel time again gotta go
Bye now

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#40 bunnydip

Posted 14 June 2005 - 08:27 PM

Hi there
Littlefeet - am on provera pills then start Lucrin injections this sat - my first lot - am planning to get DH to do the first ones - don't have a prob with needles but also don't want to muck it up! If all goes according to plan after AF will start on Gonal F in a couple of weeks as well.
Aliciah - our specialist has recommended only 1 embie mainly due to risk factor (twins etc) and that we have a good chance of getting preggers (ha, can't help but think that's empty dr talk otherwise we would be pregnant!)If height is a factor then I am only 155cm (I think) so shouldn't be even thinking of 2 according to your dr.


#41 EmmyEm

Posted 14 June 2005 - 08:31 PM

hi Girls,

Hope everyone had a great long weekend. I went shopping
with my friend on Saturday and we had a great day. We
also got some great shopping done.

Well the day has finally come and I can start sniffing
tomorrow. I am very excited. I'm also a little scared
that I might forget to take something, as there is so
much to take. BCP,synarel, Folic acid. Oh well
hopefully it will all go well. Although I am a little
bit worried about the side effects of the synarel. A
lot of girls have said that they have been nauesous and  
had bad heahaches. Just have to wait and see.

Hope everyone is well,



Me (27)
DH (29)
DS 5
DD 4
TTC#3 Jul 02
M/C 08/03 8.5 weeks
Ectopic 01/04 7.5 weeks
IVF #1 Sniffing since 15/6

#42 Baby~amore`

Posted 14 June 2005 - 08:36 PM

hi girls just popping in quickly
nothing much to report but we have our nurse appointment tomorrow and start sniffing Thursday if what they said on phone is right
Sorry I haven't yet added my getting to know you - too much happening for me my Dad is very sick in hospital, transferred to ICU this morning but stable - so cannot concentrate for too long as also not been sleeping well too much crappy stuff and bad dreams about everything and then all IVF stats playing on my mind (note #1- stop reading too much scary stuff)  
has anyone else had breakthru bleeding on BCP - read somewhere it meant the hormones levels weren't enough ?
take care and hope those waiting for the witch see her real soon - it is such a pain when she doesn't come on time and b*ggers up your plans  

Take care
DD angel~ Charlotte Rose~ 1/9/04 @26 weeks
IVF down reg June
Stim July

#43 Ms Jane

Posted 14 June 2005 - 09:06 PM

Trish, I hope your Dad is on the mend soon.  I haven't had any bleeding at this stage, I'm sure the nurses will help you out on that one, I'll be a day behind you on the sniffing.

Emma, I'm having the same nervous feelings as you - I just keep telling myself that heaps of other girls have managed to get it right - surely I can too!!  I have decided to sniff at 7.30, it seemed a reasonable time in the morning (especially weekends!!)

Bunnydip, I'm sure your DH will enjoy giving you the injections, my DH is looking forward to it.

Jen, I enjoy Dr Phil and Oprah too!!  The nurse today suggested Elevit to me also - but the pharmacy was out of it, might try the local one here.  Didn't get to Madagascar as the line was huge and we would have missed the start, maybe this weekend.

Alicia - glad you had a great weekend.  Once AF starts the ball will be rolling for you, yeahhhh!!

Welcome Kat glad to hear you are feeling better.

Kaz, when I do colours another box comes up so you can type your text and then when you hit okay your text should be coloured or bold.  I am so sad about Carter leaving ER, there will be tears for sure that night!!  We saw Rachel today at the clinic and she was really nice.  So today was your first day of BCP?

Welcome Shazburger, we are also at MIVF doing ICSI, we see Dr Geoff Clarke.

Tintin - hope those follies are growing

Well today we saw our nurse who advised that I continue taking BCP until 23 June.  I start Syneral on 17 June and go in for a scan on 30 June and will be advised on what is the next step.  We also had our counselling appt which was ok and visited the accounts section!!!  Our nurse was good, she reminded DH that I would be moody, tired, headaches and that he had to be very nice to me!!

Hope everyone is well, I'm very tired after a big day in Melbourne (with a litle shopping!!) and then the drive home so its off to bed for me.



#44 aliciah

Posted 15 June 2005 - 08:08 AM

Well, still no sign of the witch (my best friend) girls. Im just doing my best not to think about it. Have decided to go on a one or two day detox, which i think may flush her out of me!! (sorry if tmi!)
I have a feeling that my body is a bit 'clogged' at the moment, and needs a good cleanse. (especially after all the cheese and wine over the long weekend!)

Jen- disneyland is magical! You will love it. It doesnt matter how old you are, its just awesome. We have been to the one in LA twice, and the one in Japan is just as fantastic. Dont worry, even if you are 80 by the time you get there, you will still love it!

Bunny- yes, i thought the height factor was interesting, in regards to having twins. It does make sense, although i have never really considered myself too short!!!  Btw, (*general question for everyone*), can the choice of two or one be left till the last moment when you see the quality after epu???? When is the decision final?

Emma- YIPPEE!!!  original.gif  You start sniffing today! Another milestone. Well done! Im sure you will soon have a routine down pat, and popping, sniffing and shooting up will become second nature!

Bam- All the best for your nurses appointment today. Let us know how you go. Im really sorry to hear about your dad. Gee, you are going through a lot at the moment. I hope this forum can be a haven for you if you need. Surround yourself with as many beautiful things and people as possible. {{big hugs}}.

Simone- only a couple more days till the big sniff. Yippee! Great to hear your nurse had a whisper in dh's ear. Im hoping ours does the same!!!!

Cheers girls,


#45 MamaNita

Posted 15 June 2005 - 10:06 AM

Morning Ladies. Sorry it has taken me so long to come back.

Shazburger - Yes it is a damn pity we are both here. And to think that most ladies we started off with have graduated and are holding their loved ones in their arms. We will get there and our babies will be that little bit more special.  

Alicia - Hope the witch visits soon...

Trish - Hope your dad is ok?

Littlefeet - Thanks for the welcome. I did take Lucrin and this cycle will be the same or it could be Puregon as the clinic use both. I like the fact that with Lucrin the injection is disposable and you get another when the dose runs low whereas with Puregon you have to change the cartridge. Anything to make IVF less stressful.

Let me ask a question......how is everyones DH/DP with the whole AC process? Mine is still hesitant but goes along with everything as he is too scared to go against what I say. lol. I hate the fact that I have to worry about his thoughts and feelings when I am the one doing 'everything'.

Hope everyone is well. Will come back soon.

TTC #1 - 4 years +
June 02 - Lap, Hyst & D&C - Clear
September 04 - IUI #1 - BFN
November 04 - Lap, Hyst & D&C - Severe Endo
May 05 - IVF/ICSI #1 - Canc. Poor Responder
July 05 - IVF/ICSI #2 (If DH is up for it)

#46 littlefeet

Posted 15 June 2005 - 10:24 AM

hello lovelies,

Interesting new layout for the forums - I'll have to get used to this.

It's sooo cold here in Melb today - I must go home tonight and dig out my gloves, or tomorrow morning my fingers might fall off on the way to work!

Jen - what sort of stithing do you do, hand stuff or machine? I make (of all things!) baby blankets for friends/family on cashmere wool.  
They take a while each to do so I have a pledge that I only make them for the second child, who's less likely to get new things when born.(Can you tell from that comment I'm a second child!).  
Although that said I made one for my younger sisters first child because she's different - she's my best friend so I made an exception.

I really liked that show The Outback House - the sheep guy was great, so down to earth but he had a soft nature, he was so sad when the lamb Ali died.

Love your twins rationale - despite having 10 nieces and nephews under 10 years of age my DH has never changed a dirty nappy, and only 1 or 2 wet ones!!

Bunnydip it's interesting what you wrote about height - my f/s also made reference to height and said I would probably be OK as I'm 172cm, but then she also said the babies could be big as my Dh is 195cm (6ft 5in)!! I guess the theory is you have a larger/longer frame if you're taller so more space to cary the babies without them pressing on your own organs as much.

Emma - I've got a calendar up inside my wardrobe door with dates and details on it.  So I have the date when I'm supposed to start sniffing and when I have to call the clinic for more instructions all listed, maybe that might help you keep up with all the sniffing and injecting, there's a lot to remember.

How'd it go this morning?  Any tips for those yet to do it?

Trish - That's terrible about your Dad - I hope all is OK, we'll be thinking of you.  Good luck with the nurse today and congratulations that tomorrow is sniffing day - another milestone down!

Simone - Glad to hear the clinic visit went well, and that you still had time to shop.  Everyone I've met there so far is lovely.  We had a funny thing happen - our specialist, her assistant and the counsellor we saw were all called Kate!! Thankfully we got the nurse Heather, apparently there is one called Kate though!

Fingers crossed you can get started soon.

DJnAnita I was wondering where you'd got to, glad you're back.  
It's funny having to worry about someone else's feelings at this time isn't it, but I guess it's a little hard on the guys b/c they feel a bit out of it all.  
Our counsellor suggested that DH do something to be involved, I was thinking maybe he'd do the injections but he went all sweaty palmed and lightheaded when I did the trial one, so that's out!
I guess I'm lucky that he's really keen - he's almost as desperate to be a dad as I am to be a mum so he tends to want to be involved.  But maybe try giving your DH/DP a specific job so he has some responsibility and more involvement.

Alicia - go the detox - give anything a try girl!

Hi to Kat, Tintin and Shazburger - hope you all have a great day.


#47 littlefeet

Posted 15 June 2005 - 11:28 AM

Trish - Meant to say I was told to expect a bleed of a few days at the end of taking the BCP (while still sniffing), but a friend of mine also on a down reg cycle said she bled for 8 days, while she was inejcting the Gonal-F.

Not sure if this helps, hope you're feeling OK.

#48 shazburger

Posted 15 June 2005 - 11:48 AM

DJAnita - ia m crossing everything for you so that you geta  BFP very very soon.

Kaz - yep am doing the down reg cycle and am going to get our script tonight, am very excited about this. Where are you doing your ICSI though???

Kat - any news on the blood tests???

Trish - am very sorry to hear about your father. I do know how you are feeling as my FIL was diagnosed with terminal cancer only a weeks ago...prognosis is not great. Saying a prayer for your family tonight

Simone - who knows we might bump into one another one day at MIVF. Are you doing it through Freemasons??

Well ladies, keep all those positive thoughts going...we will be sucessful in this group..

as for my signature...is ticked to add but is just not doing it and a really don't know how to fix....maybe oneday it will work

Take care all


Sharon (35) Paul (42)
trying for over 2 years
M/C Feb 03 @ 6 weeks
IVF (ICSI) No#1 - waiting for AF

#49 Darkchylde

Posted 15 June 2005 - 01:01 PM

Hiya girls BFN here...still waiting for AF to arrive.

Me 30 DH 35
2x DD
TTC 3yrs

#50 Aqua75

Posted 15 June 2005 - 07:18 PM

Hi there Girls,
How’s everyone today? Hopefully the new forum setup will make it easier for our little BG to stay on the first page for longer!!
Kat-I am so sorry that your IUI was a BFN. I hope you are OK. Look after yourself and if you need to talk, we are here for you.

Kaz-I thought the sheep guy was a sweety too, the way he looked after that lamb. I nearly applied to be part of that show. Spent 3 hours online filling out an application, but didn’t know how to answer one question so left it and went back to fill it in at the end. Well as soon as I started to go back I lost the lot!! Didn’t have another 3 hrs to spare so never did anything else about it. My reasons for wanting to do it were that I wondered if 3 months of total back to basics living and labouring would impact on the PCOS, as they say our modern lifestyle is a factor in it. Now I have to watch so I can tell myself I really couldn’t have hacked it anyway!!

As for the stitching, that is just lovely that you make them for the second child. Is it hard to be making baby stuff and doing IVF at the same time?? I just stitch country style folksy wall hangings and cushions at the moment. Am also doing a little bit of basic machine patchwork, but my mums more into that than me right now. I plan to get a few hand stitching projects ready to take to melb. to kill time b/t appt’s.

Emma-as well as the calendar, Tintin suggested trying to take as much as possible at the same time. I have a little beeping alarm clock that I keep with my current ‘drug stash’. How was your first sniff?

Alicia-LOL at your description “and popping, sniffing and shooting up”. In my OI cycles, I didn’t have a sharps container, but had loads of used needles so I put them in a clear plastic lidded bucket that I christened my Junkie Bucket. Looked great sitting on the coffee table! Hope the detox brings the witch out SOON.

Trish-really hope your Dad is getting better. So sorry you are having such a rough time at the moment. Thinking of you.

Simone-not long now til sniffing time!!

DjnAnita-My DH is OK with the process. He realises (finally) that this is probably the only way we can conceive together. And he wants kids and is not ready to really look into adoption or other avenues. He will probably do my injections. That’s his big contribution!! He didn’t want to do it initially, but with the old Gonal F where I had to mix it in the syringe, I found it impossible to inject myself, aside from feeling like I was going to spew when I stuck myself. I suspect the pen will be easier to use and that I might be able to do it myself, but he will be doing most of them!!

Hi to anyone I’ve missed!


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