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Ready, Set, Go Girls (AC #1)
Ready, Set, Go Girls (AC #1)

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#51 nala_89

Posted 15 June 2005 - 07:36 PM

Hi Girls,

I am part of the Cowgirls group but am also on my very first ICSI cycle at the moment, so I am hopping between groups.  I hope that is ok.  

I started sniffing on the 8th June.  I was on the BCP up until yesterday when I took my last one.  I am booked in for a scan next Tuesday to make sure everything is quiet, then I should start taking Gonal-F just after that.  If everything goes according to plan, then my EPU should be in the first couple of weeks of July.

Does anyone know the answer to the following questions?

1) How long after the scan which shows everything is quiet, did you guys start taking the Gonal-F injections?

2) I took the Gonal-F for about 7 - 10 days before my IUI, is the length of time the same for IVF preparation?  

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks & Take Care

Age: 28
Live State: Melbourne
TTC #1
IUI - April BFN
IUI - May - BFN
ICSI - Currently doing down reg cycle

#52 littlefeet

Posted 15 June 2005 - 10:44 PM

Hi Nala and welcome!  Feel free to come and go as you need and jump into as many groups as you'd like, the more the merrier I say.

With regard to your Q's I can only tell you what they've given me on our protocol, not what I've done it yet as you're a few weeks ahead of me.

The treatment chart I was given says scan to see that all is quiet is on day 32 and the Gonal-F starts the same day.  So I thought it would mean scan in the morning then start to inject in the evening.

Then it says Gonal-F for 8 days, another scan and if all is OK, the trigger that night.

Obviously these things depend on what's happening. I was told if there are not enough follies at the second scan they may up the dose of Gonal-F for a few more days then scan again before triggering.

I'm scheduled to be on 225 of Gonal-F.

Hope that helps.
I've updated you onto the list so keep in touch and good luck.

Jen it is hard sometimes to make things for other people's children, I've also done stuff like kids clothes, quilts and even little beanbags, but I love doing it, and often the mothers don't have the time to do it so it makes me feel useful in some small way.

DH always says that there should be some good Karma coming back to us when we have kids given how many others we've clothed and provided blankets to!

Imagine if you'd been on that show - it would have been sooo exciting to watch you - but you wouldn't have been able to update us on EB!

I've auditioned for a tv show too, actually my DH signed me up for it but I did it anyway. More about that another day when I feel up to admitting what I might be doing!!  he he

Kat so sorry to hear about the BFN, was it from a blood test or HPT?  Take care of yourself. I'm thinking of you.

Hope everyone is tucked up somewhere warm.
Sweet dreams

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#53 Aqua75

Posted 16 June 2005 - 12:57 AM

Hi there again,
I should be tucked up somewhere warm Kaz, heading there very soon. Still finishing reports for school. taking longer than usual this year, for some strange reason, I've been preoccupied these past few months!
You've got me very intrigued about your possible TV debut!!
Hi Nala,
We are pretty close in cycle I think. I started sniffing 7/6. I am having a b/t to check if I am suppressed enough on 20/6, then nurse to phone next day with results and give the go ahead on the Gonal F. If all goes to plan I inject from approx. 23/6 until a few days before EPU in first week of July. I think I have U/S around 29/6, and another 1/7, to work out when to trigger with the Ovidril (sp?).
I've never done IUI but the timeframe sounds pretty similar, from your description.
OK enough reports for now, good night all

#54 aliciah

Posted 16 June 2005 - 08:23 AM

Good morning beautifuls,
Well, im over saying i am waiting for af. But, im waiting for af!

Just thought id do personals, seeing as i really have nothing else to contribute!

Dj- Im sure your dh is just going through the motions in his own way. Us girls are generally much more verbal when it comes to expressing their emotions!  Keep the doors open to him, perhaps give him a book or info to read, and try to keep him involved. He may not be contributing much verbally but im sure he's doing a lot of solid thinking and praying!
My dh is actually ultra positive. Sometimes it drives me mad. He has a positive slant on everything, and I know he is just doing it to reassure both of us, but I also know that statistics say its not all going to be a smooth run.  He is not involving himself in the research etc, which used to bother me, but not so much now. He says as long as he is doing exactly what the doc says, then he's fine. Im happy with that!!!

Kaz- Definately lots of baby vibes happening around you with all those blankies! What a special thing to give people. Im still hanging out to find out what show you might be on!!! Hee hee!!

Kat- so sorry love. I hope you are surrounding yourself with good people at the moment. We are here if you need to vent.

Shell- welcome! Hope sniff-city is going okay for you. Not sure about answers to your q's as i am yet to start process, but the 'experienced' cowgirls may be able to help you (?).

Hi shaz, hi jen, hi everyone else.

Hope all the melbourne girls are rugged up! Brrr!


#55 littlefeet

Posted 16 June 2005 - 09:51 AM

brrrr, it's cold... still haven't dug out the gloves.

Jen what are you doing you crazy girl, still working at nearly 1am!!  I'm a bit of a night owl too but now that we're on the IVF train (or is that roller coaster!) my DH is getting very stern about looking after myself.  Growls about early nights and not making lots of commitments, but it's hard.  I don't want to put my whole life on hold waiting.

What grade do you teach? You're also in quite a difficult place when it comes to kids, I'd imagine small children and babies would sort of be thrust on you if it's a primary grade.

How'd the first sniff go Jen?  What about your yesterday Emma?  That's my next task so I'm keen to know..

Tell you what girls, if you guess the show I'll confess!  Of course I'll let you know if/when I go on tv so you can have a giggle at my expense!

DJnAnita - I just thought of something else that might help your DH, a friend (also on IVF) recomended Ben Elton's book - 'Incoceiveable' about his journey on IVF and it gives a guys perspective from a lighthearted point of view.  Might be helpful. Also our f/s recommended a book called the Infertility Handbook by Jacqueline Tomlins and DH said the other people's personal experiences really helped him understand what's ahead, and know a bit of what I might be feeling too.

Have a great day.

#56 aliciah

Posted 16 June 2005 - 10:32 AM

AUSTRALIAN IDOL??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

#57 aliciah

Posted 16 June 2005 - 10:52 AM

My meeting has been cancelled. So here i am again on my new addiction, EB!

Just wanted to run this by you guys, see what you thought.

Whaddya know, its about my missing af!!!.....
I have pcos. Since losing lots of weight (22kgs) i managed to get af semi regular again. So for the past 6 or so months ive been on a 22 or 23 day cycle.
Now, incase you hadnt heard ( wink.gif ) , i havent got af yet and im on cd28.
The thing is, i started taking metformin 2 days before my last cycle started.  Do you think taking metformin may have altered my cycle pattern a bit?

I know some of you arnt on metformin, but those that are, id appreciate your feedback.

Cheers chaps.


#58 littlefeet

Posted 16 June 2005 - 11:03 AM

ROFPML at the Aus Idol suggestion!!!

Apart from the fact that I'm too old (how sad is that!), I can't sing to save myself, so that's a no!

With regard to the Metformin, given that its purpose it to cause you or help you to O, it doesn't sound unfeasible to suggest it may alter your cycle.  Yours was pretty short so maybe it's made it more 'normal'.  

That said AF must be pretty close....


#59 Baby~amore`

Posted 16 June 2005 - 11:31 AM

Simone - we also
visited the accounts section!!!  Our nurse was good, she reminded DH that I would be moody, tired, headaches and that he had to be very nice to me!!
Now my DH knows I am not making it up
thank you everyone for your warm support for my Dad - he was a little better yesterday and still very sick but stable -
waiting for update today from DRs rounds this morning
I started Synarel this am and hey it isn't too bad - but ask me again in a few days - tho a few minutes ago I had sharp pain near my ovaries (guessing)on R side - so wondering if any else has felt this.
Goodluck for tomorrow when you start sniffing

I will put up with anything (and so will DH) it is our ticket to ride babytrain express
On 1 or 2 embies our clinic now advises one after routinely doing 2 - because they had high incidence of twins - Nurse said still our choice
I said 2 - on way home my sweet stuff DH asked me if we can breastfeed one baby and bottle feed other alternate feeds - sounds like he is getting excited - he said he could help then ... what a man !
He won't be doing my injections poor thing will not cope - I was nurse so I will do my own - I worked in kids ward and heaps of kids gave their own -diabetics.
I start injecting 1st July

Alicia - hope detox works - sometimes b'd gives things a move on...

DJNAnita - not long now till 20th for Lucrin

Nala - welcome - what are looking for on first scan ?

Bunnydip - are you on short protocol cycle - you will start injecting - MOnday - this month is going to fly

Shaz- when do you expect AF - are you regular cycles ? then what is next for you

Hi Kat -sorry for BFN - what's next for you ?

Emma - I will like you - I have to make my calender tonight - I am hopeless at rem to take 'drugs' but didn't as a nurse - how do you feel after 1 day of sniffing ?

Jen - not long till you (or DH) starts injecting -how have you found Synarel after a week.You sound very crafty - we all need something to take our minds off this gruelling babyquest process and with all the waiting in between
I may pull out my crossstitch again...

Tintin- how are you follicles coming along ,can't wait to hear -you are one of first  

Kaz - are you a good singer or brainy ? good karma will come back doubly so for all your gifts to babies
thanks for updating the list it is so helpful to see who is up to what  

there is going to be so much activity in here and hormones everywhere else

my cup of hope is quite full atm because when I come in here I get it refilled -you lovely ladies are amazing support to each other

take care and be good to your DH and if you can't be good tell him to be careful and carefilled for what we are going thru

nearly lost this post -it logged me out I think lucky I saved it ...

Take care
DD angel~ Charlotte Rose~ 1/9/04 @26 weeks
IVF down reg June
Stim July

#60 Darkchylde

Posted 16 June 2005 - 12:47 PM

Thanks Jen, Kaz, Alicia and Bam.

I start Serophene again on the 20th, so here we go again.

Me 30 DH 35
2x DD
TTC 3yrs

#61 Baby~amore`

Posted 16 June 2005 - 05:36 PM

what is serophene ?

#62 Aqua75

Posted 16 June 2005 - 06:08 PM

Hi Ladies,
I teach 6 and 7 year olds, They're great, the only hard bit is when mums come in and suddenly I look at their changing shape and realise they're pg with #3 or #4 and I haven't managed #1. And I'm older than a few of those parents now too!! BTW, nearly finished reports so will definitely have an early night tonight! Promise!
BAM-serophene is the same as Clomid, and it induces ovulation in some ppl (not me tho!)
I have managed the sniffing a bit better this week. If one side is too blocked I just use the other. Have only had it drip straight back out once, so I resprayed! Glad your Dad is stabilising.
Kat-Hope you are doing OK. What else do you take during your cycle or is it just serophene? Are they monitoring you closely with u/s as well as b/t? Sorry to bombard you with so many Q's!
Alicia-I took metformin for a short time (about 6 weeks) because I read so many positives about it in relation to PCOS. During that 6 weeks I had bizarre week long (TMI coming!!)brown spotting then nothing for about 11 days then back to bizarre spotting, then nothing for another 11 days, etc! so I am sure it could somehow impact on the absence of AF. In the end I ran out and never followed it up with the Ob/Gyn. I was hoping it might help shift some Kgs but it just made me hungry!
Hi Sharon, Shell, Emma, Bunnydip, Tintin, DjnAnita and Simone, gosh is there 12 of us now? Wow!
original.gif Really hope I haven't missed anyone this time!

ME 30 PCOS/dodgy tubes
DH 30
ttc#1 since July 02
Clomid 100mg=no O/no AF
Clomid + Gonal F=BFN
LAP Feb 05 damaged tubes
Next stop IVF/ICSI July 05 Monash sniffing now

#63 stejen

Posted 16 June 2005 - 06:26 PM

Hello all,
Do you mind if i join in please?
this is my first time on IVF/icsi split
i am now on the 2week wait.
i had 20 eggs retreived, and got 11 embryos, 6 ivf and 5 icsi.
we had two embryos tranfered. and had no embryos that could be frozen.
i am through week 1 of waiting and due to BT on 27th.
i did a HPT last night it was neg.
But no sign of the red witch yet so i will remain a little hopeful. i am on crinone but did not have HCG injection, i suffered over hyper stimulation before egg retrievel when my estro level was 23000.
anyways, i cross my fingers for you all, Good luck!

#64 Aqua75

Posted 16 June 2005 - 06:41 PM

Hi and welcome stejen!
How are you coping with the 2ww? You are a little further down the IVF road than most of us (having made it to EPU and ET) so brace yourself for lots of Q's!!
Hope all is going well and you feel ok. What a shame they couldn't freeze the rest of those embies tho.
I am planning to do IVF/ICSI split too.

ME 30 PCOS/dodgy tubes
DH 30
ttc#1 since July 02
Clomid 100mg=no O/no AF
Clomid + Gonal F=BFN
LAP Feb 05 damaged tubes
Next stop IVF/ICSI July 05 Monash sniffing now

#65 stejen

Posted 16 June 2005 - 07:08 PM

thanks aqua..
the 2week wait is the worst part, the longest wait of my life really.
ask away with the qs but i am running blind ourselves,
we are with westmead clinic, but we have found the best source of our info has come from monash ivf sight factsheets, (very helpful sight)
i am a little down on myself due to doing a HPT and it being neg, but i am still hopeful as i said.
i have been told you can get false neg HPT because of crinone but i dont know if this is true. so i wait and wait and wait .... till the 27th or for the red witch... hows everyones hubby coping, mine has been a tower of strengh and brought us tremendously close...
good luck girls and their hubs. lets hope beginners luck is on all our sides

#66 Ms Jane

Posted 16 June 2005 - 08:40 PM

Welcome Stejen - hope the 2ww goes quickly for you and you get good news.

Jen, not much longer till your BT, if all is good will you start injections?  Seeing pg ladies can be hard when its part of your job, today I saw 2 trainees who were pg (10 years younger than me!!) 1 of them got married the week after I did, some days its hard to put on a happy face!

Kat, sorry to hear your news, lets hope that this is the one for you.

Trish, looking forward to starting to sniff, it means we are one more step closer!!  I am going for a scan on 30th June, I guess if everything is okay then I might start injections the next day, we might start together if your date is definitely 1st July.  I have already written all of the different days onto our calendar - its looks a little crazy if a visitor should stop to pay attention with things like CD4 and BCP12 and now S1 on tomorrow - but it makes sense to me!!

Kaz, I think its The Price is Right or Deal or No Deal!!  Yes, its been freezing, we just had the guy here today about central heating, now just wait a couple of weeks for him to come and install it - we can't wait, last night our pillows actually felt wet they were so cold.

Alicia - can't help with your question but just wanted to say AF if you are coming hurry up so Alicia can get started!!  Or give her a BFP!!  Glad to hear your DH is being a doll.  I've been a little snappy lately, I promise I'll be good when this is all over.

Hi Shell, which clinic are you with?  I am doing ICSI too.  You are ahead of me so I can't help with your questions - sorry.  Bet you were glad to have your last BCP, I am looking forward to stopping mine.

Sharon we are going through MIVF at the Freemasons so I might see you there one day - our next appt is on 30th.

DJnAnita - not long till you start Lucrin.

Emma, how did the sniffing go?

TinTin - are you injecting at the moment?

Bunnydip, good luck with the Lucrin on Saturday.

Well personals take a little while now, hope you are all well.  Must run as ER has just started.  Will catch up with you all tomorrow or Saturday.


#67 nala_89

Posted 16 June 2005 - 09:56 PM

Hi Girls,

Just back from a pilates class.  Damn that is hard work.

Simark - I am seeing Dr John McBain at Melbourne IVF.  I noticed you are also at MIVF, which Dr do you see?  I was certainly glad to take that last pill, just can't wait until the scan now so we can moving with the injections.  I responded well to the injections when I had them for IUI treatment, so hopefully I will get lots of nice eggs.  My Dr said he is aiming for 16 - 18.  Man that is going to be uncomfortable.

Stejen - Welcome.  Can I ask what an ICSI/IVF split is?  I have not heard this before.  Good Luck with the 2ww, hope you are not finding it too painful.

Jen - I had the same problem with the sniffing as well.  I have had this cold that has been going around, so I have had to just sniff with whichever nostril wasn't blocked.  LOL.  I have had to respray a few times because it has just dripped straight out.  I will be glad when this sniffing business is over, that is for sure.  How are you finding it otherwise?  Any side effects?  We are sound as though we are very close indeed, my EPU is scheduled for first week of July as well, as long as everything goes according to plan.

BAM - My first scan next Tuesday is to make sure "everything is quiet", that was a quote from the nurses, they basically just look to make sure that my ovaries are all quiet and the spray and pill have done their job, then they get them working overtime one I start on the Gonal-F.  I hope your Dad is ok. How are you going with nasal spray?  

Kaz - thanks for your replies to my questions, at least that gives me a rough idea of how things should go.  I guess I will find out more on Tuesday after my scan.

Sharon - Which Dr do you see at Melbourne IVF?

Hello to everyone else.  Hope you are all well.

Take Care

Age: 28
Live State: Melbourne
TTC #1
IUI - April BFN
IUI - May - BFN
ICSI - Currently Sniffing
Scan booked Tuesday 21st June

#68 Darkchylde

Posted 16 June 2005 - 10:43 PM

Ta guys

BAM, Serophene is like Clomide.

Jen, I take serophen for 5 days then go for an US on CD 10, then I have a shot of pregnyl on day 12, then I have my IUI on CD14...I think I'm not as monitored as most because its a MF.

Me 30 DH 35
2x DD
TTC 3yrs

#69 StillRoz

Posted 17 June 2005 - 07:07 AM

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#70 Ms Jane

Posted 17 June 2005 - 07:48 AM

I was just about to sit down and type that my first sniff was not the big deal I thought it was going to be, in fact I wondered if I had done it right ...... then I got this awful taste in the back of my throat and had to race out and get a drink of juice, so I think my first sniff worked!!  Next time I might ask for the chocolate flavour!!

Shell, we are seeing Geoff Clarke, I think he is in the same suite as your doctor.

Well its Friday thank goodness and only 1 more week until school holidays.

Wishing everyone a very happy Friday, the weekend is going to be freezing, think I will be staying inside by the heater.


#71 stejen

Posted 17 June 2005 - 07:55 AM

hello all,

nala_89... an IVF/ICSI split is when they let half your eggs fertilise naturally, and the other half of your eggs are atificially inseminated. This is only done if you have enough eggs, it is cheaper then having them all icsi. your partner also needs to have some motility for this to happen.

#72 aliciah

Posted 17 June 2005 - 08:50 AM

Hello buddies!

Bam- I think ive read in another thread that syranel can bring some minor pain in ovaries, but im vague on whether it is substantiated. Someone will know.....
You've got a sweet hubby. Noice!

Jen- Interesting to read that your cycle was all over the place from metformin. It does make sense, but i guess i was just pressuming it would KEEP my body on track rather than throw it off course again!  Interesting also that it made you hungry. While it hasnt made me gain or lose weight, i have DEFINATELY been craving sugar. Really bizarre actually. I have to use a lot of mind power to not eat anything sweet, and have been thinking that it may have been the metformin, as the urge is never this strong. Holy guacamole! Im going f*&%ing banannas!

Stejen- nice to have you on board. Im sure we can learn from your experience, being a few steps behind you. Im Alicia- the one who is stuck on the "READY" at the starting line!  I hope your little embies are sticking. Keep holding onto that faith, and that supportive hubby, and hang out for the 27th. Im sure it is the hardest thing in the world , waiting. Not long to go!

Kaz- OMG!!!! THE PRICE IS RIGHT????????!!!!!!!  

Simone- I hope my af heard you! Thanks for that. Definately no chance of a bfp at this stage. Dh's little suckers are congregating behind his obstructed internal plumbing system, and have no chance of making a move till the icsi fairy comes along! But hey, Im open to miracles!!! Tounge1.gif  
LMAO about your first sniff!!!!! Oh the joys! (*note- chocolate flavour sounds good, but Jen does a really good burnt soup...perhaps we could start a range of infusions! LOL!)

Hiya to shell, kat and everyone else i have definately forgotten.

Im having a bit of a moment.....

Went out with some of my closest friends last night, who surprised me with their attitudes. To cut a long one short, I am trying to look after myself as much as possible (no alcohol, no late nights etc) just to preserve myself (you understand this?).  They really carried on about me going home early. Made a real fuss, saying that "ive changed" and that "i never go out any more". I just kept nodding my head saying "well, yes I have changed" etc. Urgh.
They are aware that we are getting started with ivf, but as dh said, they dont understand and may never understand unless they actually go through it.

While im a bit cross at them, im saddened by the fact that they may never actually 'get' how BIG this is for us, how important it is, and how difficult it is  and will be.

So this morning, i have come to the conclusion that they are my HAPPY DAY friends.

Have any of you had to deal with any of this yet? Am i just being overprotective of myself and dh?

Sorry to carry on. Really needed to vent.

Thanks girls. Keep cosy today and look after those WOMBS!!!!!!!!

Aliciah (29)
Dh- vasectomy
ttc #1
ivf/icsi- when af arrives!

#73 MamaNita

Posted 17 June 2005 - 09:35 AM

Morning Ladies. I am forever MIA.

Stejen - Welcome to our buddy group. Hope the -HPT was wrong, wrong, wrong and that the witch stays well away from you. Oh have you tried the new SIVF website? I found that their new site is a lot more informative. Try clicking here:  Sydney IVf

Simark - Staying inside this weekend sounds great except that I am really looking forward to catching up with EB AC ladies tomorrow at Hogs Breath - Castle Hill. It is on at 12noon. If any of you want to come you are more than welcome. There are more details in the sticky...

Nala - I am looking to start Pilates as my Beauty Therapist started about 3 months ago and I can honestly say that her body shape has changed. She has lost so much weight also. Are you experiencing any body changes?

Further to my DH question on my last post, DH last time did ALL my injections bar a couple of them and I found this great. He just doesn't talk about really wanting children. He is great with our dogs and carries them around like babies but when it comes to the IVF process he would rather not know. I just tell him what is happening and he is happy with that.

Nothing new with me other than still taking the BCP. Off to my 1st appt on Monday will let you know how I go!

Have a great weekend and remember if you are in Sydney, would love to catch up tomorrow!

TTC #1 - 4 years +
June 02 - Lap, Hyst & D&C - Clear
September 04 - IUI #1 - BFN
November 04 - Lap, Hyst & D&C - Severe Endo
May 05 - IVF/ICSI #1 - Canc. Poor Responder
July 05 - IVF/ICSI #2 (If DH is up for it)

#74 shazburger

Posted 17 June 2005 - 10:39 AM

Shell - we are seeing Dr David Wilkinson at Freemasons.

We made our next step towards our cycle and went and bought out pur spray and BCP on Wednesday night. So they are home in the cupboard waiting patiently for Af to arrive...wheenever she feels like turning up.

Am off this weekend to Hobart with 2 other girls to see a great freind of ours who had her first baby 8 weeks ago. I am so looking forward to this.

Hope you all havea great weekend..

Good luck, sniffing, injecting and waiting (for the 2WW)...

Sharon (35) Paul (42)
trying for over 2 years
M/C Feb 03 @ 6 weeks
IVF (ICSI) No#1 - waiting for AF

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#75 Darkchylde

Posted 17 June 2005 - 11:19 AM

Aliciah, I'm trying to do the same thing by no alochol, no late nights on the town etc.  The thing that annoys me is that both of my DD were concieved on alcohol.  With my oldest DD I fell with her during O week at Uni...it was a good week , well what I can remember of it.  I gave up all the naughty things the day I found out that I was pg with her and done the same with my second.
I had suggested getting blotto to my DH and, but he's very against it as he wants the most perfect little cosy spot for that little person.  

But your friends are your friends and will always be there for you, when you think they're being insensitive just go to that happy place and smile.

Sorry for dribbling...I guess I'm just trying to be positive today...AF came last night, which is good becasue I start again on the 20th.

Me 30 DH 35
2x DD
TTC 3yrs

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