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Ready, Set, Go Girls (AC #1)
Ready, Set, Go Girls (AC #1)

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#76 LovedUp

Posted 17 June 2005 - 01:53 PM

Hi All

This is my first time to site and first time IVF'er! I am day 7 Lucrin injections. Due for blood test on Sunday and awaiting AF so can begin Gonal F.

Anyone up to same?

TTC 1 year
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#77 bunnydip

Posted 17 June 2005 - 05:11 PM

Hi all
Don't know why this seems to be affecting me so much but had really hoped that by some miricle we would get pregnant at the last moment before starting IVF - just spoke to the nurse and BFN so meant to start lucrin tomorrow - had held off buying Lucrin 'just in case' and now find out the pharmacist who said he could get it, can't!!! Now have to go out to Liverpool to pharmacy - at least thank god they have some or whole cycle could have been mucked up.
Just want to cry though - feel so disappointed - it was our time of year to get pregnant (2 pregnacies conceived round this time even tho they ended in m/c).
I am so over all the bloody pregnant women - especially those who just get pregnant so easily- I hate being so jealous and envious of other women - my sister is pregnant and I can't even ask her how's its going and she is so considerate she doesn't mention it unless I ask which I can't- what kind of sister am I - bloody selfish and self centred- can't even get over myself to enjoy her pregnancy with her - and its not as if it came easily for her either.
Sorry for being such a downer - hope everyone has a great weekend - I think I am going to hibernate!


#78 nala_89

Posted 17 June 2005 - 06:53 PM

Hi Girls,

Hope you are all well.  I am so glad it is the weekend, this spray is really making me tired.  I am so looking forward to having a big sleep in tomorrow.  I should not have said that every time I plan to sleep in I wake up early and can't get back to sleep.

Simark - I like Geoff Clarke, he did my IUI procedure as it was on a weekend and he was the Dr on call.  I found him really helpful.  He was the Dr who suggested that we were wasting our time with IUI and that we should move onto ICSI. How do you find him ?
We may have been sitting in the waiting room at the same time !!  LOL

Stejen - Thanks for the info on the ICSI / IVF split as I said I had not heard of that before.

Aliciah - I agree with your DH.  I don't think it is possible for people who have not experienced this to understand what we are going through.  In my experience I have found that people have no idea really what IVF involves, and they just think that oh well you are doing IVF you will get pregnant, when we are sitting here thinking if only it was that easy.  I think the key is trying to find a balance, which don't get me wrong is very difficult to do.  I found that my friends didn't really involve me alot in what was going on in their lives as they thought I had enough stress, but when I said to them that sometimes going through IVF already makes you feel isolated they realised that was not that thee best thing to do.  At the same time I can't be bothered (and I don't say that to be mean, I am just extremely emotional etc) listening to absoultely every single thing that is going on.  I was open and honest and talked about it with my friends and fingers crossed we are going along ok at the moment.  I also got from our clinic counsellor information sheets titled To Family & Friends, How can you support your loved one's going through IVF?  It goes through a number of suggestions to help them to help us.  There is also another one which outlines how to encourage your family and friends to support you.  One of the key points on this is that you need to educate people.  I have photocopied these leaflets and given them to the people we have told and also included a summary of the actual procedure itself, (this was given to us in a book from Melbourne IVF).  I have also photocopied the information leaflet from the medication we have taken and highlighted the side effects.  I really think education is the key.
Hope you are feeling better, we all have these moments, and isn't it great to have EB to vent on.

DJAnita - I am really enjoying Pilates.  I have only been doing it for 3 weeks, so I can't honestly say that I have noticed a change in body shape.  I can say though that in addition to doing Pilates I am also doing a gym work out, and I feel like I have worked alot harder after Pilates than I do after doing that.  You should definitely give it a try, I love just going there to switch off for an hour.

Sharon - How do you find Dr Wilkinson?  We may have been in the waiting room at the same time !!  LOL
Hope you enjoy your weekend away.

CJK - Welcome.

Bunnydip - I am so sorry you are having a bad time at the moment.  It is very hard to be around pregnant women when our emotions are running this high.  Take Care of yourself.

Hello to everyone else I have missed.

Have a great weekend.

Take Care

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IUI - May - BFN
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#79 littlefeet

Posted 17 June 2005 - 07:06 PM

Hello chickies!

I've been having withdrawals not being on EB!!  I went out to a show last night and then had a day on the road most of the day for work today so I'll try to catch up now.

For the new girls who don't know there is a list in my very first post on page 1 of this thread showing where we are all up to with cycles etc.  Let me know if I miss anything or have anything wrong.

Went to see Dirty Dancing last night - very 80s kitsch - loved it!!  But should have taken a girlfriend not my DH - not really his sort of thing.  Still he had fun celebrity spotting in the crowd. (he's easily amused...)

Big welcome's to Stejen and CJK - let's hope we all have beginners luck and are off to the 'due after fertility problems' thread soon!

Stejen - it must be so tempting to go for a HPT - but there are cautions warnings against it in other threads.  Still, don't know if I could resist!

Simone I know what you mean about there being too many pregnant people - sometimes I feel like a magnet for them. DH has even had it with a girl he worked with rining to pass on her good news - she got married in November!  And another girl in his office just announced she's due too.
Could you please send me over a script for the chocolate flavoured Synarel - I'll need it I think. Well done on having your first sniff though, another milestone.

Alicia it's hard to deal with what you were saying about your friends.  I have to say though until I was personally involved I really didn't fully understand how invasive and stressful IVF is.
Maybe have a chat to them about what it involves so they support and encourage your decision to be kind to yourself rather than mock you.  I'm sorry they made you feel bad - you're doing the right thing - keep that body healthy.
Also Alicia, The price is wrong and there is no deal to be made but...
Jen - are you trying to TEMPT me into telling you the truth? I might just be tempted!  ;p

Shell how did pilates go - is it easy to start? I must either start that or go back to yoga, my back is not great and so either would be really good for it.

DJnAnita maybe your DH will transfer his affection to a child rather than the dogs when the time comes. As much as my DH is great he does sometimes say to me I need to think about something other than TTC, but I can honestly say I think about it every minute of the day - and it's hard not too.  

Bunnydip I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling so down. You are definitely NOT being self-centered and the fact that your sister is not saying much shows she's sensitive to your feelings.  It must be so hard for you right now.

It can be so hard when you hold hope that things will just happen, but I think you need to hold out hope.  We went to Fiji for our 10th anniversary last year and we were both convinced it would happen then.  We had a great time and relaxed and lounged around and thought fate would grant our wish - not to be of course and it was devestating.  Keep your chin up and come here to offload whenever you need to.

Sometimes that makes me feel that if he's not as interested as I am he doesn't care as much or want it as much, but he assures me that's not true, just that he expresses it differently.

Have fun at the lunch. How many EBers usually go?

Kat it must be a struggle to have this hard roadf to pregnancy this time after twice having it happen easily.

Well must run- one ofmy favourite shows is about to start!

Hello's and hugs to all I missed, be back later.


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#80 tintin78

Posted 17 June 2005 - 08:08 PM

Good evening ladies!!

Welcome Stenjen and CJK!! I hope your stay with us is short!
Sharon-Have fun in Hobart. My best friend baby is around the same age. He's soo cute.
Kat-Congratulations on AF arrival. Your on your way now.
bunnydip-I was hoping to get a BFP too when i went for my initial B/T and felt exactly the same way you do. Take care of yourself and if you want to hibernate for the weekend-DO IT!! (Tina's orders)
Kaz-I saw Dirty Dancing in January. I LOVED it!! It is my all time favourite movie-I've only seen it like a gazillion times. I kept secretly hoping that Patrick Swayze would come out for a special guest appearance........i know wishful thinking, but it was amazing!!

Well i had my B/T and 1st U/S today and I have 19 follies. The 8 on the left are small, and the nurse said they prob. won't get much from them. The 11 on the right are all mature-so EPU is on Monday!! YAY!! It's a few days earlier than expected. So ET should be the end of next week.

I'll let you know how everything goes.

Hi and best of luck to everyone i missed....

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me 26
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#81 Aqua75

Posted 17 June 2005 - 10:04 PM

Hellllooo Everybody!
Welcome  CJK-we might be close, I have b/t Monday and hopefully start Gonal F Wednesday-ish

Nala-I am looking forward to a sleep in this w/e too. I agree it’s the synarel, at least it’s not given me headaches, but I’ve had other side effects, mostly ‘cause of my cold. Hopefully our EPU is in first week of June.

Tintin-Just read your EPU has been moved forward-Wow. You have prompted a discussion b/w dh and I as his time off work is based more on things going to plan (plan A) or taking longer than planned (Plan B). We just had to think up another plan (Plan C!) for if things happen ahead of schedule! Gosh, hadn’t even considered that one!

Kaz-Did you enjoy your Quiz Show at 7pm??? Glad to hear you enjoyed Dirty Dancing. I am going to see it soon at a Matinee 29 June. Not taking DH, going with GF’s. I love the music in it. Possibly will have u/s same day, but didn’t know that when I booked the tickets!

Bunnydip-let it out girl. You are allowed to feel as yuk as you want in here. We understand a little of what you are going through, especially the bit about hoping for a miracle, and pg women. Dunno why we attract ‘em but we do. They’re everywhere in my life too, even ones that fell straight away. They’re the hardest to deal with for me. So sorry about you m/c’s,  makes this tough ride so much harder.

Trish-cross stitch sounds like a managable thing to be carting round to appts and waiting rooms. I’d dig it back out!

Stejen-your hubby sounds amazing! I do hope we have a bit of beginners luck too
Simone-we are looking into central heating too. My folks have it and it’s one of the reasons I am so looking forwards to staying with them during EPU and ET. Imagine having to worry about carting in enough wood in while all that’s happening to your body! Hope its installed for you soon. Love the synarel taste down the back of the throat-Not! I am looking forward to the Hols too!

Alicia-some friends just don’t get it, do they. I agree with your dh too, that until they’ve walked in your shoes they won’t get it either. There is no way to fully explain how you feel, and its so frustrating when they say and do those kinds of things. People seem to accept you won’t be drinking if you are pg, but don’t understand why you wouldn’t when your not (yet). Does that make any sense? At least out here in the sticks I don’t see much of my partying type of friends.
I am secretly planning to pretend drink when round friends who don’t know about the IVF to throw them off the scent! Harder to do when you are out tho.. “Erm, I’ll have a Vodka and Orange Please, oh but without the Vodka thanks”. Hope your friends develop a bit more understanding.

Kat-ready to go again!

Dj-glad your dh is able to help with injections, gives them a little more involvement in the process, doesn’t it. Hope your 1st appt goes well.
Sharon-Hope Hobart is fantastic. Must put Tassie on my things to do list.
Hi emma, hope all the sniffing is going to plan with you
That’s all folks
Gees, long one again, when I get going I just can’t shut up can I?

#82 Baby~amore`

Posted 17 June 2005 - 10:06 PM

hi girls
welcome CJK -goodluck for Sunday & Monday

welcome  Stejen - are you with WFC or IVFW
I am with WFC - day 2 of sniffing ,
goodluck in 2ww - fingers and everything crossed for you

Simone - how did next puff, sniff go tonight ?
I can't taste Synarel that much (well not sure sometimes LOL 4 goes now) but my nose tingles - think maybe headcold might have something to do with it
will wait a few more days and see , I don't think ti tastes yuk though

Alicia -We are not telling anyone about IVF - so far unless we have too -  just don't want any negative comments or to have to explain anything especially BFN or BFP before we are ready

You girls are so good with personals -

Kaz - keep us guessing - who wants to be millionaire ? what state ?

Bunnydip - (hugs) it is hard sometimes - I swear the last few days I have seen so many preg. women  

Tina- so far so good must be pleased to see those follicles - goodluck for Monday - you are the first to go for OPU -

Djnanita - have fun tom. I am not far from Castle Hill but so much to do maybe next time - it sounds like fun = blind date - I first met my DH on blind date

Shaz- hope the witch comes on time and leaves quick and smart, you are all set now

Kat - hope AF isn't hard on you goodluck for strtaing again 20th - 3 days what is your protocol /treatment cycle

Shell - my friend raves about Pilates I have a DVD (free) I must pull it out and try it - might help with stress we are sure to get and weight gain they say

Emma - how is sniffing for you day 3 - I think it is trickier with left nostril/ hand

Jen - you are sniffing pro by now - what are side effects like ? apart from it dripping back out -
someone mentioned tiredness when does it kick in ?

I feel short tempered tonight - have to catch myself - OMG what is my DH in for – hormones have only just started wait till I feel uncomfortable too

I felt very teary today – but mostly about my Dad still very unwell
And hate traffic –how people cope everyday is beyond me – I could see road rage everywhere and my own language in car shocked me biggrin.gif -hope I don't have too many trips to Westmead for BT & scans (unless DH drives - calm fellow and never in hurry... will con him I mean coax him nicely to take me early - we have to be abck to open our business though at 9am )

Keep warm everyone enjoy a nice cuddle with DH (your own)
We have busy weekend with all the in-laws Sat & my family Sun over for DS birthday – so might be MIA
Just have to work at remembering to sniff without them being the  wiser

Maybe will set oven timer and pretend to get something

Take care
DD angel~ Charlotte Rose~ 1/9/04 @26 weeks
IVF down reg June
Stim July

#83 Darkchylde

Posted 17 June 2005 - 10:37 PM

BAM & Jen, I forgot what the date was...thanks for the three day heads up....didn't realise it was that close.
My treatment is 5days on Serophene and this time they've got me in for US on day 13, pregnyl on day 13 then the IUI on day 15.

But my aim this time is to relax more and just veg out for 14days.

Me 30 DH 35
2x DD
TTC 3yrs

#84 littlefeet

Posted 17 June 2005 - 10:44 PM

OMG! OMG! OMG! Go Tina!!

How eggciting (Sorry couldn't resist that one!).

That's great news about all the little follies doing so well and ahead of time - who would have thought.

Had to come in to say what great news.

Time for bed now.
Sweet dreams.

PS - did enjoy that show by the way Jen.....  original.gif

#85 littlefeet

Posted 17 June 2005 - 10:47 PM

Ooops DP

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#86 Ms Jane

Posted 18 June 2005 - 06:59 AM

Alicia - love the bit about the ICSI fairy - I hope she waves her wand for us too!!  I totally understand that you feel sad about your friends. I agree with your DH - until you go through IVF you can't understand how it feels and how you need to be supported by friends/family.  We have told my 2BF and our parents and my sister as they have gone through it.  Also told some close friends at work as I felt I needed some support during the day - have to say my work friends are being fantastic.  But pretty much have gone AWOL with the rest of the world - and I've decided thats okay - I'll be back in the land of the living one day!!  So you vent all you want!!

DJnAnita - a get together sounds great, do you get many people there?  I love Sydney but its a bit far to go for an afternoon!!  Hope you have a great time.
Good luck at your 1st appt - are you seeing the nurses and counsellors?

Would any Melbourne girls be interested in a get together?

Sharon have a great time in Hobart - a girls weekend is always fun.

Kat, good luck with this cycle, June 29 is not far away.

Welcome CJK, you are ahead of me but good luck for Sunday, hope all is good so that you can start on the Gonal F.

Bunnydip, its okay to be on a downer, this ride is very up and down.  So sorry that you have to start IVF.  Hope you are able to get the Lucrin.  I'm sure your sister understands.  Be kind to yourself this weekend, hibernate and indulge yourself.  I think today would be a great day to go to a day spa or the movies or just curl up on the couch reading a book.

Shell, I like Geoff and I am pinning all my hopes on him!!  Good luck with your scan on Tuesday, does that mean you then start injections?

Kaz, I have been thinking of going to see Dirty Dancing as I loved it when the movie first came out (think I went to see it about 3 times!!)  Might see if my BF (we saw the movie together all those years ago!!) would like to see it with me.  Might be a treat to look forward to.

Tina - Yay for you.  Good luck for Monday, I think we will all be eagerly awaiting your post.  I think I will be a little anxious about the EPU.

Jen good luck with the BT Monday, hope you start injecting Wednesday.  Our central heating gets installed on July 5 which will be before my EPU and ET so that will be good, I can actually stay in bed and feel warm, normally when I feel sick I have to get up and lay on the couch as its the only warm room in the house.

Trish, can't believe you can't taste the Syneral, maybe I am a sook!!  Hope your Dad is on the mend.  Hope your DS has a great birthday.  Good luck with the secret sniffing.

Emma, hope all is well with you.

Stejen, almost half way through the dreaded wait!!  Hope you are staying sane.

I have been awake since 5am so thought I would jump on here.  Have to say I dislike Syneral already.  Yesterday it felt like it was dripping down the back of my throat all day which made me feel really ill.  By 7pm last night I was sitting on the floor in tears as I felt so nauseaus.  All I could think of was that it was only day 1 and I still had about 3 weeks to go.  Have woken up feeling okay but dreading taking the next sniff at 7.30am - I am hoping it was just a one off and that I will feel okay from now on.

Anyway that is enough of me being overly emotional, I think I shall hibernate this weekend.  DH is so sweet, he is concerned, last night after tea he went to the milkbar to get me treaties to make me feel better.  I feel sorry for him when I am not my normal self - wow if we make it through our 1st year of marriage we are going to celebrate big time!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


#87 Aqua75

Posted 18 June 2005 - 11:28 AM

Hi Girls,
You're not a sook Simone! Unless I am too. Sometimes I taste it immediately and sometimes it doesn't get to the back of my throat for hours. Occasionally I don't notice it at all.
I am not strictly a Melb. girl anymore but would love to know if/when you and anyone elso might want to meet up. I have built little mental pictures of you all and I'm sure I'm way off the mark! It's so easy to talk here anonymously. Wonder if we'd be as open IRL??

#88 Ms Jane

Posted 18 June 2005 - 09:48 PM

Well feeling much better tonight thank goodness.  Have had a lovely day in the kitchen cooking up lots of goodies.  Tonight we saw 'Mr and Mrs Smith', I really liked it, Brad was as cool as ever!!  Had to sniff in the cinema which was weird.

Jen, I can organise to get to Melbourne usually on a weekend and during the school holidays since I will not be at work then.  We are coming down for a scan on 30th June.  I would really like to meet up with anyone who was interested.


#89 Aqua75

Posted 18 June 2005 - 10:18 PM

Hi Again Simone,
Weekends in school hols is the best time for me also. I'll be in Melb from about 29/6 (first u/s) until late in the 2nd week, around 9/7, but don't know how I'll be feeling during that week after EPU!!
Mr & Mrs Smith looks like it could be good, might add that to List of things to do in Melb.
Can relate to weird sniffing location. We went out to tea tonight with friends, and I snuck of to the loo for a sniff!

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#90 stejen

Posted 19 June 2005 - 09:11 AM

That was my pleasure nala,
and yes littlefeet HPT very tempting.
i did cave and my HPT was -ITIVE
But i stay hopefull as the nurse explained it may have been to early.
Drink lots of water girls, (let me tell you hyperstimulation is no picnic,) and staying positive is all you can do.. if you want to cry... then cry, its ok!
i stop taking crinone tommorrow so then i will just hope i dont have the witch arrive and i make it to BT on 27th.
time to stoke up the fire,  its freezing.
A little about me though.... 20 eggs retrieved, 11 embys and none of them able to be frozen. so its up to the two snow buds on board. fingers crossed.

oh! and babyangelmum.... i am with WFC as well, i wish you the best of luck. its good to have a fellow WFC in here. original.gif

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#91 Aqua75

Posted 19 June 2005 - 02:46 PM

Good Luck Tina!!
Hope you get some great looking eggs at EPU tomorrow morning!!! original.gif original.gif original.gif

Alicia-any sign of AF yet. I'm sick of mine. Told her to b*gger off and find you to bother! Hope your having a relaxing w/end

CJK-how'd the b't go today??

Simone-are you thinking lunch or coffee or something else. I will be based in S/E suburbs but will have car and can travel to a more central meeting place.

Ok I'm off to get another glass of water! thanks for the reminder stejen!!

Enjoy whats left of the weekend girls


#92 stejen

Posted 19 June 2005 - 03:47 PM

first we wait and prey that we get AF.

And Then........

we wait and prey we dont get AF original.gif

And our hubbies wonder why we are so weird to live with at the moment:)

(oh and babyangel..park in the police college carpark it is only 2 dollars and easy to get a spot...you drive in take a ticket at the boom gate and pay when you leave)

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#93 littlefeet

Posted 19 June 2005 - 06:11 PM

Hi Ladies,

Hope you've all had a good weekend, mine was quite relaxing.

Spent most of yesteday at a training day for a kids mentoring/friendship progam I'm hoping to volunteer with then had a stay home night cuddled up on the couch. Watched the scariest movie - Saw - anyone else seen it?

DH is insisting I 'slow down'.  Apparently one of the chapters of the book recommended by the f/s says this, so he insisted I sleep-in today and made me bacon and eggs! Yum. Spent the afternoon cooking and now I'm off to basketball then a quick dinner with some friends. All very pleasant.

Shell did you get the sleep-in you wanted?  I hope all the nasties in your system didn't wake you up early.

Sharon - how was Hobart?  I'm another one who must go there, heard Tassie is lovely and it's so close to Vic there's no excuse really.

Bunnydip - how are you going?  Feeling a bit better I hope...

Jen and Simone I like the idea of meeting up!! (ooh scary concept, feels like a blind date!).  I work in the city though and catch public transport to work so on the Thursday when you're here Simone I probably won't be able to get away to meet up near the hospital, I could on the weekend of the 2nd July if that's any good, but I guess you head straight back?

Jen great idea to take a GF to the show - and Simone you should book a ticket and go for some good foot tapping light-hearted fun with some friends.  Might be just what you need depending on where you're at with your cycle when the tickets come up.

Jen - you got it - I do like that show - Temptation is it!!  Quiz games are a vice for me - love a good quiz board game so DH signed me up, all a bit scary now it might be real!  
Hope you haven't been sniffing in any more loo's of late you poor thing! Is it tomorrow you have your supression scan? Do you come to Melb for that too?

Simone - So sweet of your DH to pamper you and get you treats.  What have you been cooking up in the kitchen?

Alicia - wheeeree aaare youuu?  Has the witch arrived on her broomstick yet?

Kat - good luck with the Serophere tomorrow, you're back on the horse.

Stejen - why didn't you get any frosties? Was it to do with the grading of the embies? Praying that the witch hasn't found you, but has gone in search of Alicia instead!!

Trish - how did the discreet sniffing go?.. and the party?

DJnAnita - good luck tomorrow starting on the Lucrin - that's an injectible isn't it? Let's hope all goes well for you this time and you make it to EPU.

Emma - how's the sniffing going - hope the side effects aren't too bad.

CJK - how did the BT go? All looking good?

Whew - I'm exhausted!!

Sending good thoughts and wishes your way.

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#94 tintin78

Posted 19 June 2005 - 06:18 PM

Hi girls,

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!! For me it is just going unbelievably slowww.

I took my trigger injection last nite. I was soo nervous about doing it. But it all went well. ATM i just can't wait untill tomorrow. I'm a little anxious. I just want it to be over!!!!!!! I have to keep myself busy.I brought 2 books today and i can't even read them because i loose concentration!! If i'm like this now waiting for my EPU, what am i going to be like waiting for the ET on friday and then waiting 2 weeks for the B/T results. As you can guess I'm a little impatient ATM!! When is some scientist person going to come up with a test that gives you the results within a day or 2??? Don't they realise that we have been waiting a long time to try and have a child and now they make us wait even more?? I DONT WANT TO WAIT ANY MORE!!!! ;p

Sorry for the vent!!! I just needed to get that out....phwwww that does feel better. Hope i didn't scare anyone!! hehehe Tounge1.gif Tounge1.gif

Did everyone go away for the weekend?? I've noticed its been quiet in here. (Or maybe it's me trying to keep busy that i've read all the posts over again??!!)

Talk to you all soon!!

ttc since Jan 03
me 26
dh 26
IVF#1 EPU 20/6

#95 littlefeet

Posted 19 June 2005 - 06:27 PM

Hi Tina,

I'm here!  You poor thing - all this waiting and as you say there's more to come.

What time do you go in for EPU?  I hope you don't ahve to wait all day.

Vent away - that's why we're here and you'll no dount have to listen to our vents another time!

Fingers crossed for you that all goes well and they get lots of eggs to play with.

What books did you buy?  I'm a bookshop addict!!

#96 tintin78

Posted 19 June 2005 - 06:41 PM

Thanx for listening littlefeet!!
My EPU is at 9.30am so have to be at admissions at 8.30. I'm so glad it's 1st thing in the morning.

I brought 2 books by Jane Green-Mr.Maybe & Jemima J. I brought her book 'Spellbound' last year to read on holiday and sort of became addicted. I usually like crime books, so not my usual type. I thought that if i'm going to be home for a couple of days this week then i need to keep myself entertained. The only thing is that there is only 1 more of her books i haven't read-so she better start writing again soon!!!
The only things is i'm a speed reader. Once i start a book, I have to finish it and find out what happens!! Only when i've read it once will i then slow down and read it again on the bus or at lunch!!

Talk to you soon!! I'm off to make dinner and spend time with my poor neglected dh.

ttc since Jan 03
me 26
dh 26
IVF#1 EPU 20/6

#97 Darkchylde

Posted 19 June 2005 - 07:46 PM

Thanks Kaz...its just flown by but I bet the 2ww is hell....again.

Have you girls read Barbra Erskine?  I have all of them and they are really addictive and I can't wait for her next one to be released in August.

At the moment I have a really bad tooth ache, I was supossed to have a root canal in December but we couldn't afford it then with Christmas and all so now I have to get it removed tomorrow as its killing me.

Well all my love and best wishes to ya girls, hope this week brings lots of joy and fun.

Me 30 DH 35
2x DD
TTC 3yrs

#98 Aqua75

Posted 19 June 2005 - 10:18 PM

OOOOhhhh kat, ouch! Hope that goes ok, it is top tooth or bottom tooth??
Simone and Kaz 2nd July could be a goer-yep just like a blind date, should we wear a red rose wink.gif
They are checking if I've suppressed enough by looking at my e2 level. If its below 200 then I'm right to inject, if not, sniff a bit longer. I think they are doing a b/t because it's easier to go to the local doc here for blood than go an hour each way for u/s. I have to get the doc to put blood in a labmailer then they phone a courier who takes it to melb, and nurse phones tuesday with further instructions, hmmm makes it sound like I'm a spy or something. Not smart enough for that though because....
Having a minor panic here, a couple of days ago I read someones post about storing Gonal F pens in the fridge or not. I can't recall if our nurse said that we should or not. We were given enough pens to last for 12 days over 3 weeks ago and the nurse knew they'd be in the car at room temp with us for hours before we got home. Last time we used Gonal F we had to mix it up ourselves in syringes, and it just had to be stored below 25 degrees.
So our pens have not been in the fridge, just in our bedroom which is probably about 16 degrees or so. Just had a close look at the box because it's getting close to actually having to work out how to use these darn things and it says on the box "store below 8 degrees" Oh Sh*t :gasp:
Don't think it's worth putting them in the fridge now so their back in the cold bedroom and when my nurse calls tuesday with results of my suppression b/t I'll ask what to do... might have to get new pens but in a small town that could take another day.... I think I'll ring the clinic tomorrow actually!!
I hope they're ok, I can't believe I didn't remeber to check if they needed to go in the fridge!!
So if any of you are going to be using gonal f pens don't be a vague twit like me *bangs heads against keyboard* Check if they need to go in the fridge!!!
AAAAHHHHH too many late nights going to bed now!!
Dum *rse Jen

#99 Jahbee

Posted 19 June 2005 - 10:30 PM

Locking.  New thread time.  Aqua you might like to copy and paste your message to the new thread seeing you just missed out.

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