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Jan 06 Parents # 1

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#26 ~Rose~

Posted 12 January 2006 - 08:55 PM

Hi Guys original.gif

How are you all loving being Mummies??!!??! I'm so inlove with my little boy - he is brilliant original.gif

I do have a few questions for you all.

Those that are breast feeding:

How long does each feed take?
At the moment Josh is feeding for about 15mins but only on one side. He seems to be getting enough - god knows I have enough  blink.gif  but I'm wondering how often the other bubs are feeding?

How often are you feeding
Josh goes about 2 - 2 1/2 hours between feeds except at night when he goes a bit longer original.gif

Joshie umbilical cord fell off on Tuesday - I have scrapped it in to a layout for him - looks so cute hehehe!

I think it will be a while before we will be needing anything wink.gif I'm still so sore down there, I think we will be waiting the 6 weeks definitely original.gif With Jordyn we waited 3 weeks & it was comfortable then, but I'm so much sorer this time. We haven't used contraception ever. I don't ovulate so we have never needed too, so I cant help you with that. There is so much out there now best do some research & find what will be the best for you original.gif

Glad to hear you are doing so well the feeding Lachie. Expressing is a massive job & I appauled you !!! Well done. My nipples have so what repaired a little so we have stopped expressing now & are back to feeding. They are still sore tho, so will see how we go wink.gif

Your baby's routine
Was just wondering if anyone might like to share your baby's routine?

6:30am - waking up
7am - Feed
7am - 9am - Awake time (talks with the girls, love looking around)
9am - Feed
9am-12 - Sleeping
Midday - Feed
Midday -3pm Sleeping
3pm-4:30pm - Awake time
4:30pm Feed
4:30-7pm = Sleeping
7pm - Feed
7pm-11pm - Awake time
11pm  - Feed
11pm - 3:30am - Sleeping
3:30am - Feed
3:30am-6:30am - sleeping

Well better go original.gif

#27 Guest_mel1973_*

Posted 12 January 2006 - 09:17 PM

Hi Rose routine what is that lol with two i just go with the flow... I'm demand feeding at the moment and i don't bother looking at the clock as i know i will get confused which bub is which at what time.... They prob feed for about 20mins plus and only have one side as i give them a side each for the day and change the next day. I'm going to call the breast feeding ass tomorrow and ask them what i should be doing i would hate to loss my milk cause i haven't been feeding them right... Great to hear Josh is doing well... The babies got their weights done again on Tues they are now Aerith 8lb 7 and Dominic 8lb 13 as you can see Aerith is catching up with her brother. Aerith also grew 2 cms in length. Ok i had better try to get some sleep before the next feeding session i have to be up nice and early as we are car shopping tomorrow and are taking one of the cars out for a test drive at 8 in the morn so shall be interesting to see if we can get ready and there before 8  tongue.gif Ok take care and keep safe


#28 Girlintheredshoes

Posted 13 January 2006 - 10:07 AM

Contraception - not sure yet - probably the combined pill


2am - feed time (though he missed this feed this morning!)
2.30 - 6am - sleep
6-6.30 feed time
6.30 -10 - sleep/playtime
10 am - feed time
10.30 - 2pm - sleep time
2.00- 2.30pm - feed time
2.30 - 6.00 - sleep time
6.00- 6.30 - feed time
6.30 - 10 - sleep
10-10.30 - feed time
10.30 - awake/sleep time

#29 ~Cleopatra~

Posted 13 January 2006 - 03:50 PM

Lisa - its the oxytocin (I think!) in the milk. It makes you all sleepy lol I had a lot of trouble keeping awake sometimes. I would even nap on the lounge while holding DS after a feed sometimes!

#30 Aquagirl

Posted 13 January 2006 - 07:13 PM

Hi Mummies,

Jacob is contently asleep at the moment so I thought I'd see who's posting in the parents group.

Rose re routine- Jacob still has jaundice and is still feeding every 2 to 2.5 hours. We have had two nights where he has slept for 4 hours in one stretch. Basically just feeding him as he wants it. He has two periods one in morning and one in afternoon where he is awake between feeds and plays on the floor etc, the rest of the time he sleeps between them.

Jacob takes about 40 mins- to an hour to breastfeed. Have started formula feeds for two feeds a day. Unlike you, Rose, I don't have excess milk, although I did with my other two, so I don't think he was getting a full tummy with just b/f. I will wean him fully onto formula over the next few weeks, I just find b/f too restrictive and takes too long, when you are out plus need to go back to work (one day a fortnight from Feb) so DH needs to be able to feed him while I'm at the office. Oh and my nipples are still sore after 3 weeks too.

Contraceptive- Will start on mini pill stil I stop b/f then go back on the combined pill.

Speak soon

#31 Tildababy

Posted 13 January 2006 - 07:52 PM

Just copied this from DIJ group. Have not had time to catch up on what has been going on but will check in here from now on...when Grace allows me to!

biggrin.gif Hello

I have some wonderful news....our little surprise has arrived!

We had a beautiful baby girl on Monday, 9th January at 3:10pm. Her Uncle Adam's birthday.

Grace Alanda Whittaker
Born 9th January 2006 at 3:10pm
Weight 3640gms or 8 pound 2 ounces
Length 51cm HC 35cm
Delivery VB after 12.5 hr labour
Gestation 39weeks 1 day

We have come home this afternoon and look forward to some special time with DH who is soooo in love with our new princess. She has lovely dark brown hair and will post a photo when time allows.

I believe we have had some sad news from Sussan....our love to you and your family!

Better go and eat some dinner..have just woke up from a sleep while DH babysat!

Love Tildababy - Kylie

#32 ~MinnyMoo~

Posted 13 January 2006 - 08:50 PM

Hi mummys and bubs,

I can come and join your group now that my beautiful baby girl as arived.

Abbie Lee was born on the 6th of january at 5:13pm.
Weight-7lbs 9oz
Delivery VB 2.43hrs labour (very fast and very very painful).
I would love it if I could be added to the list Rose when you get a chance,
location- Canberra
Children- Holly, 05,11,02 and beautiful Abbie.

Rose: About the breast feeding, Abbie is the same. She will feed for 15-20 minutes and is quiet happy. With that said today she has been feeding longer and taking both boobs.

Contraception: I havent even thought about it, But I guess will talk it over with GP at six week check up and if needed before hand will use a condom. But im bot to keen on the pill. I fell pregnant with #1 on the pill.

I have a quick question for you ladys, does anyone know if your aloud to colour your hair while breast feeding. I didnt colour my hair while I was PG because I wasnt sure but my mum is getting married in march and I wanted to do something about my hair a few weeks before hand.

Thanks mummys
Hope to get to know you all and im sure I will love having you all to share our experiences with.
I will have to get used to this one handed typing. Its driving me nuts!   wacko.gif

#33 kidwrangler

Posted 14 January 2006 - 05:08 AM

How long does bub breastfeed? : Isabel used to take 45mins to an hour, usually on both sides with time outs to burp etc, but now the feeds are getting faster and often on one side only for a few, then a longer feed that'll be from both sides.

I was starting to get a bit worried, but just keep reminding myself that she just knows what she wants /needs, and that my body is more than capable of supplying that... plus those weight gains are proof enough for me too!!

So now feeds are on demand, take anywhere from 15 - 45 mins and are spaced from 2 - 6 hrly (usually 3-4hrs apart, with closer times in the morning and bigger breaks overnight).

I think the feeds would be even faster, but I leave her next to the breast for a bit to make sure she's had enough and isn't just resting, and always offer the second breast, and again leave her next to it for a bit. The midwife told me on Thursday that feeds get quicker as bubs get better at it.

As for routine, we just go with the flow and are letting Isabel set the pace. She still spends most of her time asleep, and when she's awake (and not feeding) we give her a bath, some tummy time, cuddles or simple, calm play. Prems can get stressed with too much stimulation, so we take it easy and don't try to dance, sing, touch, look and chat all at once! On the other hand, life around her goes on just as noisily as usual original.gif

Yesterday morning Isabel and I walked around the backyard and I did things like talked about the plants and birds, crushed some lemon-scented tea tree leaves in my fingers and held them near her to smell, held a frangipani flower up for her to see and smell... she was really alert and laid back looking up and all around into the trees before drifting back to sleep. It was lovely original.gif

Hope you don't all mind such a me,me,me post, but I really should try to get some more sleep I suppose original.gif

#34 Jellybean

Posted 14 January 2006 - 09:38 PM

Well... I am finally here too! YAY!

It's amazing that we are moving into a Parents Group - it feels like only yesterday we all joined DIJ! What a journey hey?

Rose has added my details to the list but I will put them here in case anyone misses them  wink.gif

Me (Mel)    25/08/75
DH Tim      14/02/72
DS Liam     19/01/01
DS Ayden    24/10/02
DD Emmersyn 06/01/06

I am hoping to post a brief birth story in the next few days but as you can all imagine, coming home after a week in hospital has been a bit chaotic. My poor house looked a little like a bomb site.. Tim does a great job with the kids but his housework leaves a lot to be desired.. LOL. There were even rotten bananas in the fruit bowl & I mean ROTTEN. exploded, black bananas! I was almost sick when I walked into the kitchen! But Tim hadn't noticed  blink.gif
Oh well.. things are slowly getting back to normal & I feel so much better. (Yes, I am one of those sad, anal women that NEEDS everything to be just where I want it  rolleyes.gif ).

Anyway, I'm off to catch some shut eye before Princess Em wakes.
I have added a few pics on our MSN site if you're interested.

Talk soon

Answers to Rose's questions:

How long does each feed take?
Mostly about 20-40mins. Some feeds are lazier than others and she may just have 20mins on one side then the next feed she makes up for it and has 3 x 15min feeds. I'm sure it'll all change soon.

How often are you feeding?
Approx 3-4 hourly at the moment. She is sleeping so well! Angel she is (for now  wink.gif ).

Hmmm, I think it'll be condoms for a while. I can't take the pill as I have high blood pressure and Tim is unlikely to volunteer for the snip just yet. LOL

As far as routine, I will get back to you in a few days time.

#35 Gagsmissus

Posted 15 January 2006 - 02:09 PM

Hi Everybody!!
I finally made it!! Yay!! I've been so slack in posting anywhere lately! Feeling a bit sorry for myself so didnt want to whinge too much!!

Qusetions Answered.....
How long does each feed take?
Well can take from 10 minutes to an hour depending on Mitchy. He gets lazy sometimes and is happy to just have the boob in his mouth and do nothing! A prod or a tickle on the foot usually gets things moving again. Sometimes he has one boobie and other times he has both. I don't really have a clue what I am doing but he is gaining weight ( 4.4 kilos at last weigh in) and he is happy so I'll keep doing it!

How often are you feeding?
As often as he wants. Completly demand feeding and its working for us. Nightimes are about 3-4 hourly with usually a 6 hour stretch somewhere. Thank Goodness for my wonderful DH who does everything but the feeding bit at night!!! Love that man!!!


Mmmmm well not sure about ever having sex again but the urge may overcome us so.....
We have always used the withdrawal method combined with a very regular cycle and I always knew when I was ovulating and it was very successful for us both as a contraception and for the 10 days it took us to concieve Mitchell but I am now thinkig condoms for awhile untill body settles down again and because I really don't want another baby. Pregnancy was so difficult and then the horrible C/S and the DVT which has followed doesn't make me wanna do it again!! And we only wanted one baby anyway. But in saying that I am not keen on permanent methods either although DH quite happy to have the snip. I cant use any chemical contraception methods due to DVT's. But enough I think I am rambling!!

I have a question too? (Warning TMI)

Has anyone else got hemoroids to deal with? I am wondering if there is anything I can do to reduce them? I didnt have a labour but my bowels have been so out due to pregnacy and then medications afterwards. I am using proctostyl(sp?) but doenst seem to be doing much?

Mitchell is doing so well!! Amazing little boy!! I keep looking at him so amazed that we made such a perfect little boy!! Four weeks old tomorrow! Gone so quick!!

Looking forward to hearing more about everyones babies growing and learning more about this wonderful world of parenting with you girls! Its been an amazing journey so far and looking forward to this next part!!

Love and Happiness to All

Update for the List.....
I'm in Sydney and my birthday is 19/4/73

#36 ~obsidian~

Posted 15 January 2006 - 03:42 PM

Hi everyone
Wow - I can't believe my little Ben is 3 weeks old tomorrow! He is absolutely glorious.
We have had an amazing few weeks - as I'm sure you all have! It was a bit rough at first getting used to a totally different way of life, plus Benji was a bit jaundiced and sleeping too much and not feeding. Now he's feeding every 4 hrs during the day (have to wake him mostly!) and doin his own thing at night (usually a 5 hour stretch for Mummy which is awesome).

Feeding - I got bloody mastitis a few days ago so am on antibiotics but the fever and flu symptoms nearly killed me! It is slowly getting better but advice to anyone - if you suddenly feel like you've been hit by a truck nd have a sensitive boobie go straight to the Dr!!!!

When he feeds its usually about 20-25 mins on one side and most times he won't go the other side.

Must post my birth story one day soon...

Love to everyone, hope to get in and post more now things seems a bit more 'normal' around here!


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