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Oldies Support Thread January 06

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#26 Bloomer

Posted 11 January 2006 - 02:03 PM

Welcome Lotzy Congratulations on your pregnancy. I assume your other kids are excited about a new baby.  Does it feel different from your other pregnancies (I have been 41 and 44 for my pregnancies).  I must admit I still look at pregnant people and miss being pregnant but know I didn't feel that great through the pregnancy.  I am sure the scans will show nothing, they check everything these days, I am not sure if it is our age or just what they do for everyone.

Keep well and welcome.

#27 SLJ

Posted 11 January 2006 - 03:04 PM

Hi All

At last a day under 40 degrees!!! And raining!!  biggrin.gif

My little man is back to sleeping well, getting between 8 and 10 hours out of him at night, generally goes to bed  between 8 and 9 pm and wakes around 5 or 6 am.....Now if only it was cool enough for me to sleep!

Just back from the health centre for Haydns check. He now weighs 6330 g which by my calculations is almost 14 lbs, geez I knew he was getting heavy! lol  huh.gif  He has started to put some beef on now although still pretty long with it, so is just starting to grow out of his 0000 suits length wise. He's right on the 90th percentile for weight height and head circ. So still on line for a big boy.  unsure.gif

It's good to see so much activity on here!
But it does mean I have heaps to catch up on.

Heidi - Boring??  I think you sound very busy! I admire your ability to juggle the kids and everything else.

Claire - I found different sounds caused different reactions in the womb, for instance at a party they put on some country music cd, Haydn went mad started kicking and wriggling, when I moved away from the music he settled down...I'm hoping this means he won't be into country!
I too had aching hips during pregnancy, they have settled down now, I reckon my prolem was sleeping in awkward or different positons.
I too have been called a control freak on more than one occasion, it is not easy to reliquish control, especially of your own body and life! I still have trouble!  <_<
Can't help you on the support advice, I went through our local base hospital, through the midwives clinic and had great care right through, but it isn't a very big hospital, such as in capital cities.

Sharon – Haydn was born with quite a bit of hair, and I never had much heartburn at all.
I used to buy a couple of things each week before he was born that way you don’t have to find the money for everything at once! We were told he was a boy but they weren’t 100% sure so we bought bright colours, figured we could pink it up later if needed.

Cathy – I’m with you on the family visiting, it is great to catch up with them, but it takes a while to sort the place out when they leave!  On the camping, why do men think camping is so easy.....they don’t seem to realise the stuff you have to pack and the food you have to take and keep cold!  Lol
Hope Isabella is more settled.

Sue – No thanks don’t think I’d like that sort of humidity, It gets very hot here but it is a dry heat, I can’t handle the humidity.  Fingers crossed that 2006 will be your year!

Michele – How did Ashleigh handle the immunisations? Haydn had his 2 month immunisations last week (Thursday)  and was very unsettled for a few days afterwards, Saturday he wasn’t himself, and screamed for four hours before we were able to settle him with a bath.

Mergie – Maybe now you are not watching for every little sign it might sneak up on you....here’s hoping!

Toni – Welcome!

#28 Bloomer

Posted 11 January 2006 - 06:06 PM

the ladies in my Parent group complained that my announcement cards couldn't be seen so I will try again...

I scanned it a bit wonky..

This is what it looked like when put together.

Haydn's bigger than Isabella and he's younger,  she is not putting on weight very well.  She doesn't complain about it.  He of course was bigger to start with.  How long is he?  Isabella seems to have grown about 10cm..I'll get a proper weight and measure next week... after intensive feeding.

#29 SLJ

Posted 11 January 2006 - 06:14 PM

Me again...twice in one day must be some sort of record.

Cathy - the cards are beautiful, I've accumulated a heap of scrapbooking stuff to do an album for Haydn (was given one as a gift)but just don't know where to start!
Haydn is going to be a big boy so they tell me, his dad is tall and solid too, Haydn was 61 cm in length at his check today.. The HC nurse reckons he is not far from turning over as he is very strong in the back and neck, and has very good head control due to the position he was stuck in for so long.
Maybe Isabella will be a petite little girl.

#30 Isadora

Posted 11 January 2006 - 06:28 PM

Hello Ladies

Just wanted to drop in and say Hello original.gif  Things are slowly getting back to normal around here after all our relatives have headed off home and I am now back at work.  It has been very busy, but fun original.gif

I had a follow up appointment with my gynae on Monday to reassure me that everything is clear and he is happy for me to TTC for another 6 months or so.  In 6-12 I will have a hysterectomy to ensure I remain cancer free.  I told him he can do it when I have my caesarian  wink.gif  he laughed but agreed.

Will try to catch up on personals but just wanted to say your cards are gorgeous Cathy, you girls are beautiful.

Can I also ask the pregnant mums or those who have bubs do you think it took longer to conceive being older?

I'd be grateful for any tips LOL

#31 crockerml

Posted 11 January 2006 - 07:52 PM


Cathy your card is beautiful,  I never thought of doing something like that when Ashleigh was born, I just got cards from the photographer at the hospital.

Welcome and congratulations Lotzy.  I hope everything goes well with your pregnancy.  Regarding how long it took to conceive.  It took only two months to conceive with my last one and that was the quickest time when I was trying.

SLJ  Ashleigh was also unsettled after having her needles.  I gave her panadol for the rest of that day.  She seemed to be much better the next day.

Today, I went and got the kids school shoes.  Four pairs later and one hundred and seventy dollars poorer, I walked out the door.  The boys I just bought them lynx black joggers, but for Melissa I got her a pair of black joggers as well as a pair of school shoes.  I also went and bought Melissa's lunch box for school.  Just waiting on them to go back to school to see what else they need.

Off to the doctors on Friday as all my glands on my left side are sore and my sinuses are blocked.  I am going to make sure that I haven't got an infection.

Mother of Christopher, Luke, Melissa, Jayden and Ashleigh(2 months old)
TTC Feb 07

#32 Chocolate Addict

Posted 11 January 2006 - 09:52 PM

Hi girls/ladies!

Just thought i would popin and say HI again! I have been very slack in my postings.

I actually havent been to EB that often since all the changes, i am not a fan of the new look! lol

Well, we are finally back from almost 4 weeks in brisbane! I hate brissy - it is waaayyy tooo hot!! ELijah is not a fan of it either, he doesnt sleep well and is very clingy! gggrrr So very happy to be home.
Since we have been home (2 days) he has already fallen into a routine, which is very rare! lol everytime he gets a routine something happens and puts it out!! ggrrr

I like the idea of keeping all us "oldies" together, more to talk about! (when i actually remember to come here)

#33 Guest_Lotzy_*

Posted 12 January 2006 - 06:53 AM

Hi Ladies,

Thanks so much for the welcome.
I think it's rather nice to have a posting for us older chicks, regardless of whether we have been mothers many years before or are newbies at motherhood.

You're right, it does give us things to talk about.

It took me well over a year to conceive, but I was having problems with hormone levels and after coming off the Depo Provera, it took my body quite some time to settle down.
I noticed though, ovulation is very erratic even if my periods were regular.
I ovulated very early post period, or else I am having a giant of a baby..please noooo! The last one was 10lb. I am too old to go through that size again.

Cathy, your card is just beautiful. I really admire people who are so creative and you have created a memory for you and your family and friends to treasure. Good for you!

Once again, thank you for the welcome and I think I will be a regular here as time goes on. Gives me others to talk to who are in the same loop as me, instead of those ones who groan and say, oh rather you than me, and...you're mad! Suffice to say, they (family and friends) are all rapt for us.

Take care of yourselves ladies.


#34 4thtimeround

Posted 12 January 2006 - 07:16 AM

Hi Ladies,
Just a quick hello this morning,

Cathy - the card is so gorgeous - now I am at home, I am hoping to learn to do scrapbooking for all our pics etc - there is an artshop in the plaza with all this stuff so I think I will need to look up some ideas on how to start.

I feel pregnant my first cycle off the pill - but I was monitoring the vag. discharge as well - but figured if we just had sex every 2nd/third day there was a good chance.  

Well breakkie time so have a great day ladies - the cooler weather in sydney is a relief


#35 MiracleMum

Posted 12 January 2006 - 02:43 PM

Hello oldies,

I'm sneaking in at work to catch up on you all.

Shauna - you've changed your sig to Shauna from Jasmyn?  Yes the ten year age gap.  We're lucky we don't look like the odd couple I suppose as I've aged quite well.  However, age isn't important (even though I reckon he's as lucky as bl&&dy hell!).  Bad luck with the arthritis by the way, I hope you find a good way to manage it.

Banana-peel - it's lovely to see you.  I haven't been into my old Due In group for quite some time, not that I haven't been thinking of you all.  It's odd, I shed a tear at xmas and another one at new year and have been generally getting on with things.  However, it's 25 days until Pumpkin's due date and for some reason, I've been feeling like I'm going to drown over the last week or so.  Very strange.  And not very good I've got to say.

Jahbee - not sure about splitting the group, will leave that to the consensus.  I personally don't have a problem with it as it is, but I know that some women may not be comfortable with others dealing with loss?  I think we're old enough to cope with that thank goodness and I like to keep up with everyone - don't think there's a lot of us.

Ooops, just read an update from you that the thread stays as is.  Disregard previous comment and hope you have a nice trip away.

Susan - I'll add to your Grandmother's wise mantra "you're only as old as the chap you're feeling".

Heidi - welcome to the group and thanks for your story.

Claire - good on you for taking over the rollcall.  You're obviously used to being busy as most of us are at our age.  Just briefly for you, my parents were told from when I was six that I would never be able to have children.  As I got older, I hoped that modern technology would catch up and then I hit 40 and gave the idea away.  I must admit, I was happiest then.  Last year I fell pregnant and DH and I decided it was a miracle.  Of course Pumpkin decided not to join us after all but I still feel that miracle and haven't changed the handle.  Ah well, things happen for a reason.  Well done on your EB purchases by the way!

Cathy - speaking of international, I am a Kiwi and DH is South African.  We would've given birth to an Aussie!  Isn't that great?

Mergie - good to hear re AF!  I laughed out loud here as I had to sit down and have a REALLY good think about when AF was due this cycle.  Looked at DH, he looked blankly back at me... errrr... then it arrived yesterday.  My cycles seem to have gone down to 26 days now so I can't even pinpoint the day.  I think it's a great milestone for you buddy.

Toni - welcome to the group and good luck with your exciting journey!

Hi to Sue, Sharon, Michele, Susan, Kerri, Michelle and everyone I've missed.

Not much news from me I'm afraid as I have very little time to myself these days.  Work is taking up a lot of time, DH's and my social life is always hectic.  And we're looking to buy a new place to live and renting this one out.  Put an offer in today (just a verbal at this stage) so anxiously waiting for a reply.

Anyway my Oldies, talk to you soon.


#36 Bloomer

Posted 12 January 2006 - 08:59 PM

Announcement cards are a big thing in the US and the Netherlands apparently.  I have a GF who used to do them for people as a baby present.  She offered to do them for me first time but it is so much fun doing them and we add more technology every time.  WE did our wedding invitations as well.  Of course DH is dutch adn his family has been pressuring us since the day she was born for the card.

RedgirlShell - the changes took a bit to get used to but they are great after a few weeks.

4thtimeround - I have so many photos I would like to do electronic scrapbooking maybe learn photoshop.  there is a wonderful site www.momento.com.au  and they will print all your digital photos in a photo album very expensive but it looks wonderful.  DHs sister had something similar done in the netherlands heaps cheaper.  I should do like a year book it would be wonderful to have.  Should  get into gear.

MiracleMum - GF has a similar gap with her partner.  If I didn't know their ages I would have said she was younger and he was older.  I think he is the youngest of 6 so is older than his years. Mind you another international relationship he is irish and they met OS.

Took me ages to get the girls to sleep tonight with DH being away.

#37 Bloomer

Posted 13 January 2006 - 09:57 AM

QUESTION - My parents In Law have just asked which airline should they travel from Europe.  QANTAS or BA.. ???  Any opinions?  I have travelled for work on BA but it wasn't as nice as QANTAS for work..( only time I travel Business class)  any ideas?  Probably a code share flight anyway.

#38 Guest_Lotzy_*

Posted 14 January 2006 - 09:01 AM

Hi Cathy,

I think your parents-in-law can't go wrong flying either Air NZ or Qantas, both have exceptional staff and services for comfort. Air NZ Business class is wonderful. Pacific class (economy), is really good too.
I have only ever used BA once, and that was a very long time ago, my first flight experience, in fact.  Singapore Air is supposed to be very good too, or used to be. It all comes down to personal preference though in the end.

Good luck with that.

Kind regards,

#39 dory-delay-fish

Posted 14 January 2006 - 09:30 AM

Hello Everyone,

William's kicking around inside me, reminding me to sit still and enjoy the sensations of carrying life. I'm finding that sitting up for an hour (while sleeping) means I get my 8 hours of sleep. Otherwise my hip-ache keeps me awake.

I have been reading the 'what to take to hospital list' and sounds like I will be taking the big suitcase, not the cute little red one! John has decided he really wants me to have a doula, so I will. He needs the support too and would immediately go for full pain relief rather than see me suffer. For so many reasons I want to stay drug free. Of course that may go out the window if a C/S is required, but it can't hurt to aim for what I want.

Cathy, LOVED your cards. It will be a sweet reminder to both of them as they grow through the usual sibling battles. The best airlines I have been on in the last 5 years are Emeritas, Singapore and Malaysian Airlines. I had very bad experiences on BA and Quaintarse which was like being an anchovy stuck in a jar. Love the idea of a year book too. I started an album for special pictures when I was ten. I guarded it so well that it is my only surviving album after a series of floods in Brisbane. Now that my mum and one of my sisters have died, its great to remember them in happy times.

Miracle Mum - I'm delighted with my EB purchases, thanks. Such tiny stuff! I'm only getting enough to get through a couple of months. My greatest fear is of filling my house with 'stuff' and then something goes wrong. So sorry to hear that you are feeling sad. In the Shinto religion in Japan there is a special shrine women can go to pray to spirits who didn't reach earth. I find that a formal ceremony (followed by a bit of a weep) makes me feel better - I would have a 17 year old now if I hadn't aborted at the age of 18. I apologise to the spirit. I know your experience isn't the same, but maybe a little ceremony would help?

Lotzy - welcome! You are due just a few weeks after me. There will be a couple of us within a month or so including 4thtimeround/Sharon. Cool!

Crockerml - hope your doctor's visit gave good news and that you are feeling better.

I'm off to lumber across the city to buy my vitamins. Have a fab weekend!


#40 SLJ

Posted 14 January 2006 - 01:28 PM

Hi All,

Just dropped in to see what is happening.
We are just back from a local market (town about 3/4hour away) was a very wander amongst the stalls, Haydn behaved very nicely and slept all the way too and from! DP's Mum came with us, bought a few bits and peices, all in all a very pleasant morning.

Miracle Mum - Big hugs to you for on Pumpkins due date. The idea of a little cermony sound really nice, one of the girls in my due in group lost a baby a few years back and every year on the anniversary she takes some yellow roses down to the beach and drops the petals into the water while going over her memories.
As far as the 'only as old as the chap you're feeling', don't think I can use that one...that would make me older than I am... ohmy.gif and that's not right!!!   tongue.gif

Claire - I found I looked at the 'what to take to hospital list' and didn't use much of it at all! Had to bring it all back home unpacked.

Cathy - sorry can't help with the airline info...I've never actually flown anywhere ohmy.gif

lotzy - I think it was you asked about time it took to conceive. I had an implanon implant for 2 and half years, had it out AF returned 3 weeks later and after 2 cycles I conceived, unfortunately that one didn't stick and I miscarried at about 5 weeks. The following cycle I concieved again and now have Haydn.
Have just had the implant put back in and am hoping it works as well this time round.

I'm sitting here trying to avoid writing a sympathy card. One of the ladies in my due in group just lost her 2 year old son after a long battle with cancer, it is not an easy one to write, what is even sadder is there are special sympathy cards from children.  sad.gif  I avoided those and got one with a polar bear hugging it's cub and 'Sending you a big, warm bear hug' written on it.  Thought it more appropriate, as there’s not much you can say in comfort.  Does make you appreciate what you have.

#41 Bloomer

Posted 17 January 2006 - 03:23 PM

Does any one else find as they are getting older they are more confident and find themsleves saying things they never would have when they were younger.  I had a go at a middle aged guy in ta fourwheel drive today parting in a Parents with Prams spot. Mind you I just said "parent with pram?" in a normal voice as i walked past his open window.  He of course was embarassed but continued.  I was walking 3 metres to a perfectly good park he could use.  He then had to tell me he had more kids than I did and I would do a terrible job bringing up "that little baby"  What a moron? Inner city sydney is full of them.  He must have been flustered he walked the wrong way into the centre. He was shorter than I was so I wasn't worried..

#42 SLJ

Posted 18 January 2006 - 12:35 PM

Cathy - that's one of my pet hates, inconsiderate people, we don't have parent with pram parks here but they are much the same with disabled parks, irritates me no end.

Had a few bad nights and grizzly days with Haydn, I'm hoping it is just another growth spurt.

#43 crockerml

Posted 18 January 2006 - 01:25 PM


Yes there is a lot of inconsiderate people especially at the shopping centre.  You see it all the time People driving out of the parking spaces which have parents with pram written over it and they still park there. They have no car seat and no baby in the car.  They are just too lazy to walk an extra few metres so they park in the spots that they should not.

I think Ashleigh is also going through a growth spurt because she does not seem satisfied with the amount I am giving at the moment,  I am thinking of putting her formula up shortly.

Trust it to rain when the school holidays are on.  At the moment we had rain for almost a week and it is very wet and the kids are stuck inside.  They are getting bored.  Thankfully this afternoon their pop has taken them to the movies.

Mother of Christopher, Luke, Melissa, Jayden and Ashleigh(2 months old)
TTC Feb 07

#44 dory-delay-fish

Posted 18 January 2006 - 02:39 PM

Hi Everyone,

Cathy - my DH was unsurprised, but like me, shook his head because it's just so predicatable. I wonder if as a species we are going to learn that there is no downside to cooperation? I tell him about some of the things that I read about here, and he's pleased I am getting so much support and info.

SLJ - poor Haydn. Isn't it nice to be a grownup and be able to soothe yourself? By the way, I would love to know what is needed at the hospital - you are right that the posted list is very comprehensive. When I get closer, I might ask you experienced folks.

Miracle Mum - hope you are feeling okay... it's hard to know what to say as it's such a private grief, but I think the hugs sent by SLJ is what I'd offer too.

Lotzy - I don't know what the general experience of Depoprovera is, but it caused very serious depressive episodes in me. I would be interested in the research as I will have to think about contraception again after bubs.

I'm back to 4th gear at work after a wonderful break. I am hoping that bubs will allow me some time to do other things. I've just noticed how much of my brain is devoted to work, so when I'm not working am hoping to learn a bit of photography. Is that what happens mums? or do you just get busier? would love to hear your experiences.

#45 Bloomer

Posted 19 January 2006 - 03:31 PM

Claire36 - I don;t know how you will go but it took me a good 18 months to really look forward to going back to work.  Then I  got pregnant and with a toddler it was impossible to do so.  I had worked 23 years quite long hours.. A normal day for a while was 7 til 7 with extra hours at time.  I was doing IT Business consultant/project manager etc...  which can get very stressful.  For a while I just veged outbut it did take a while to "unwind"..  enjoy it is so much fun, I never knew or suspected how much.

#46 MiracleMum

Posted 20 January 2006 - 09:45 PM

Hello oldies,

How are we all?  It's pretty hot still and doesn't look like much respite for the next seven days at least - don't care, I love it.

Claire - thank you for your kind words.  It's not exactly feeling sad, it's more of a choking feeling.  Quite weird, it should pass as I'm very busy and haven't a lot of time to think about the dreaded date.

Susan - ditto to you too.  You're all so nice.  I'm so sorry for your friend.  That is the worst thing in the world in my opinion, the loss of a child.  Poor little thing.

Cathy - I was always a mouthy woman.  But now that I'm older, wiser and know everything there is to know wink.gif I tend to take very little sh*te.  So to answer your question, yes we're pretty comfortable in our own skins at our age.

Hi there Toni, Michele and everyone I've missed.

DH and I bought a new house which is our big news.  Signed the contract last night and have been running around like a blue ar&ed fly.  It's getting late, DH wants the PC so I'll BBL to fill you all in.

Take care,

#47 Isadora

Posted 21 January 2006 - 07:16 AM

Hi girls,

Just wanted to share my exciting news! I got a BFP original.gif  I am still in absolute shock, this is our first cycle back after my operation.  I am just hoping this little one sticks.

My brain has been in overdrive since I tested on Wednesday and got a really feint positive with a eBay cheapie test.  I retested on Thursday with Crystal Clear and it came up straight away.  I am so happy original.gif My EDD is 30th September.

Just a quick question did you find it harder physically during your pregnancy being older?  I had my first at 30, second at 34 and with this one I will be 38.  Last pregnancy I got bad varicose veins in a rather unpleasant spot so hoping it doesn't happen this time  blush.gif

Hey Cathy I have a dutch hubby too original.gif Wonder if your is as mad as mine at times, I've found his whole family has an odd sense of humour  biggrin.gif

Claire - I agree with SLJ a lot of what I took to the hospital I didn't use, but then again I only stayed overnight with both my girls so really need much for the birth. We have a similar age gap between you and your hubby, ours is 15 years but it never feels like it.

MiracleMum - Congratulations on your new house, how exciting.  Hope it's everything you've dreamed of!

Hi to everyone else original.gif I will try to catch up a bit more soon

#48 Bloomer

Posted 21 January 2006 - 11:25 AM

Isadora - Well done and congratulations I hope it sticks for you.  It is a shock isn't it especially when you have been so stressed about it happening.  Doesn't matter how feint it is but it is great it is getting darker. I don't know if it is harder, I was never as young as you are now.

My DH's family are all in the netherlands he is the only one here, they are lovely people and he has a big family. Think is parents are waiting for their 14th grandchild on the 2nd of Feb.

MiracleMum - Congratulations on your new house, we got a new (2nd hand) cubby house.

#49 SLJ

Posted 21 January 2006 - 12:29 PM

Hi all

First up
Congratulations to Kerri!  Sending you sticky vibes.
I am finding of late that I miss being pregnant, never thought it would happen but i see all these pregnant bellies around and...well not yet anyway...lol blush.gif

Also congrats to Dianne on the new house, it is so exciting until you realise all the stuff you have accumulated!!   ohmy.gif We are in for a few very hot days here too, been having mid 30's but looking at low to mid 40's for the next 3 or 4 days, looks like the aircon will get a work out.

Cathy - so when are the girls moving in to the new cubby?? Or are you moving in there and leaving them in the house?    tongue.gif

Michele - Haydn should be having around 150ml 6 times a day, according to calculations, but he rarely takes more the 120ml in one go before dozing off or rejecting the bottle, I was a little concerned but he seems to be ok, we are still getting a lot wet nappies, and he seems to be growing.....so what can you do!   wacko.gif
Hope you enjoyed the movie time too!! wink.gif

Better night last night with Haydn, went to bed around 9ish and woke for a feed at 4.30, mind you when I went into pick him up he was at the opposite end of the cot and facing in the opposite direction from where I put him down..lol I can see a sleeping bag will be needed in winter.
Bought a few winter outfits for Haydn at the Kmart sale, where you get 50% of the second item, saved quite a bit, and got some very cute (although way too grown up looking) tracky and jacket/jumper outfits, they look way too big now, but I guess by then he will be a lot bigger too.....growing way too fast... ohmy.gif

#50 dory-delay-fish

Posted 22 January 2006 - 02:05 PM

Hello Everyone,

Sticky vibes to you Isadora! biggrin.gif My best friend on IVF just had the same news and she's just trying to concentrate on the positive future rather than worry about not sticking. It's very exciting!

Just got back from a shopping expedition where I got stuck on the wrong floor of my building cos the lift couldn't decide if it was Arthur or Martha! Won't be getting back into that lift! 8 of us were stuck for about 30 mins - could have been worse. It's a hottie in Sydney City today, so lying low. Lovely thing about being six months up the duff.... everyone looks after you a bit better and lying down isn't something you have to explain!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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