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Jan 06 Parents # 2

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#1 foofie

Posted 15 January 2006 - 07:38 PM

New thread already! original.gif

Bel's away ATM so if you have any questions or problems, please holler OK?


#2 Gagsmissus

Posted 15 January 2006 - 09:00 PM

Hi Everybody!!
I never got first in DIJ!! Yay! I got a first!!  hehe.....
Love and Happiness
rolleyes.gif  rolleyes.gif Nat rolleyes.gif  rolleyes.gif

#3 Guest_mel1973_*

Posted 16 January 2006 - 05:41 AM

Hi all the new mummies, Well i've had some rather rough nights with the babies not so much Aerith more so my beautiful Dominic. (by the way very much a mummies boy) Last night was a great night though only having to feed them 3 times during the night smile1.gif They slept i think it was 5 hrs straight which for my two is a miracle cause normally if it's not one waking it's the other. Dominic is all stuffy again. I've got my 6 wks check up today so i will make an appointment for my little boy too. I'm enjoying being a mum to twins but it sure does get hard at times. Mainly the afternoons. Mark has been wonderful in helping with the babies at night which i'm totally grateful for but it sure does put a strain on a relationship when both of you have had little to nil sleep.

As for the questions are we going to have anymore children well i sure feel 7 is enough Mark on the other hand has been giving me the hint he does want more at some stage. I personally think my poor body couldn't do it again and also now that i have had twins i have a 50% chance of having twins again. Now that would be scary.

Caroline i'm with you on that one whether it's worth going to bed at times lol, I look at their beautiful eyes and think well you sure are worth this very little sleep. As you would understand having children and a fair few children too getting sleep during the day too is very difficult if not at all. This is the first year that i have been looking forward to the kids going back to school. I will be able to get myself in some sort of routine and maybe just get a few minutes sleep between feeds smile1.gif

Donna, Samuel is beautiful smile1.gif

well i had better go little miss wants her feed keep safe everyone

MEL smile1.gif

#4 Janibe

Posted 16 January 2006 - 01:37 PM

Thought I had better post in here seeing that I’ve been lurking for a little while now and I qualify for this group as well!!!

Jack is going great guns at the moment. Still trying to work out his sleep patterns…How and when do they sleep for longer then three hours????


How long does each feed take?
10 – 30 minutes just on one breast and then the other breast the next feed. Works well if he goes for a longer feed but find that generally speaking my boobs are soooo full shortly after cause he hasn’t feed for that long.  

How often are you feeding?
Generally every three hours, longest he’s gone is almost four hours and sometimes its every two hours. Completely demand feeding.


I have lost count the amount of times I was asked this question when I was in hospital. We’re waiting the six weeks till I see my trusted GP to look at our options. Not sure how this will go as my GP took me off the pill due to an allergy and I got pregnant three months later!!! At the moment, it’s not happening or we look at doing other things instead (sorry if that could be taken as TMI). The hugs are wonderful!!!!

All the other information

Name: petrie_h (Peta)
Location: Perth WA
Birthday 11th Feb
Child/ren: Jack Harrison DOB: 05/01/06 @ 11:24am

#5 jessob

Posted 16 January 2006 - 03:29 PM

Hi DIJ Mummies!  Finally got organised and thought I'd check out the Parents thread.

Sienna's doing great.  Just had her weighed today and at 7 days old, she is now 200g above her birth weight!  So no problem with feeding for her...

Drats, just been found by the other 2 kids!  Will try to get back to finish my update and provide some details about us all for the list.

#6 Guest_mel1973_*

Posted 16 January 2006 - 04:24 PM

Hi Everyone, Well i must be doing something right my two have gained alot of weight again and only in 6 days this time. Dominic gained the most this time gaining 1 lb. He was 8 lb 13 now 9 lb 13 and my little princess Aerith she is now 9 lb's. It's funny you worry that your feeding them enough and then the weigh in comes in and they are doing great.... I need to stop stressing and enjoy i think. My second born son is now a teenager wow has time gone so fast. I still remember giving birth to him like it was yesterday....

How's everyone else doing? How r your babies doing growth wise and feed wise etc.

#7 Jellybean

Posted 16 January 2006 - 08:26 PM

Hey girls...

Just a quick one.. I have a couple of questions for you lovely ladies.

Emmersyn has it, was under phototherapy in hospital & it got a bit better. She is 10 days old now & it's still quite noticeable. Will it go on it's own accord? It's mainly in her eyes, nose area.

Ok.. is it normal for a newborn to sleep A LOT? I seriously cannot remember if the boys did it but all Em does is sleep, feed, sleep, feed. She has about 1 awake period a day but not for long. Any ideas?

Clicky Hips
The doc that checked her out of hospital said her hips are a little bit clicky (barely) and told us to get an ultrasound in 6wks. He said it's very common & usually nothing. Anyone else experienced this?

I want to get back into exercise. I went for my first walk yesterday & experienced some discomfort in the nether regions (due to stitches & a hemmoroid  blush.gif ) but otherwise was ok. Planned to go tonight but it decided to storm (otherwise I'd walk in the rain).. How long before I can ride an exercise bike or jump on a tramp? They were my back up plan for rainy days but with the stitches didn't think it was a great idea.

Thanks in advance girls..


#8 Jellybean

Posted 17 January 2006 - 07:32 AM

Hey Caroline,

Thanks so much for your reply.. I do feel better now.. bit more "normal"  wink.gif

Your exercise routine puts my walking to shame  blush.gif .. Oh well, I will crank it up when she's a bit older & my nether regions have healed a bit more I think.. The thought of popping a stitch or something makes me physically ill.  huh.gif

Had an ok night last night. Went to bed about 10.30, Em woke at 12 for a feed then went back to bed about 2.15 & slept til 6am. Would love to have gone back to bed but it was a smidge too late & DS1 got up looking for brekky. LOL
So, I've already done 2 loads of washing, cleaned kitchen, made beds, cleaned 2 bathrooms & 2 loos. Can't do too much more just yet coz it's raining.

Should I venture out on my own with a brolly for a walk in the rain?? Hmmmm

Hope you're all well.

#9 --binda--

Posted 17 January 2006 - 07:53 AM

Hi Girls and Babies!!

Well hopefully I'll be able to type more of a post in here 'cause Jade has FINALLY gone to bloody sleep!! (She's been awake since 4.03!!)

We have the R/E coming for a House Inspection today, so DP and I had to get everything in order last night and were up to midnight doing so - House looks completely different! But much to the way it was before I moved in, and we left all my stuff in the Dining Room, well its now where its meant to be, thank god! I told him we should have done it months ago, but nooooo he is such a perfectionist!

Exercise - Walk Walk Walk!! I try to get out everyday and walk to Westpoint and back - Its uphill so its good to get out with Jade in the pram (oh and the bonus - she LOVES the pram and falls asleep at the top of the driveway!!)

Anyways, the real estate just came, 2 min walk in and out! and I'm stuffed, so Jade and I are going back to bed! Will msg Warren before I fall asleep so that he knows!

#10 Guest_mel1973_*

Posted 17 January 2006 - 09:10 AM

Well we have survived another rough night lol. Little Dominic was awake every 30mins he seems to have a sore tummy poor little man. I think i might have eaten or drunk something that doesn't agree with him. I'm not sure how often Aerith was up i think it was about 4 times which is not too bad. I had to in the end have Dominic on my tummy and lay down with him to help him sleep. He's a beautiful baby it's so horrible to see your baby in pain and be able to do very little to help them. Something i find hard to understand is why some mums get so angry/p*ssed off that their babies wake alot at night or don't sleep so well. They don't know any better they are babies and we chose to have these beautiful babies i could never get angry at them.

Exercise now that is something i need to do get rid of this tummy. Having two babies in your tummy sure makes the tummy big... I've been trying to get out of the house to walk but haven't had the chance yet but once the kids go back to school i think i will have more time to get out and walk. I'm actually looking forward to it. I love to walk, it's the safest type of exercise there is. And it's great for helping those with PND....

Belinda, Glad to hear that inspection went well. I hope you get the sleep your looking for....

Mel, (jellybean) I think your doing great... getting all that housework done. Gee this morning i've been lucky to get breaky... smile1.gif to be honest i can't remember when the babies started having their wake periods i enjoy them though spending time with them.

Caroline, wow your little man still has jaundice i hope it goes away real soon for you and he doesn't need to have the lights or transfussions....

Luchresa, It's amazing what our milk can be used for. I've had 5 children before these two and i had never heard of using breastmilk for anything but feeding them lol. smile1.gif

Well that will do for now from me keep safe everyone enjoy those beatiful babies.......

#11 Jaynee

Posted 17 January 2006 - 05:51 PM

HI ladies

My boy Ethan is doing really well - almost 2 weeks old.

His stats at birth: 4.2kgs 9lbs 4oz

HC" 36cms

Length: 54cms

Feeds Every 4 hours with a longer one overnight of about 5- 6 hrs.

He is back to birth weight and feeding like a little piggy although he possets alot- Is anyone else having this??? Any tips for keeping it down without getting a sore tummy??

HIPS- My first had to have an ultasound at 6weeks as the creases os fat in his legs were not symmetrical which they said was an indication that there could be hip problems but all was OK so don't worry.

EXERCISE- Feeling pretty good but will wait befoe I go back to do Preggi Bellies that I did while preggers.

CONTRACEPTION- abstinence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and use condoms!

Back later to update.


#12 Jellybean

Posted 18 January 2006 - 10:30 PM

Hmmm, tis slow in here too  unsure.gif .. LOL


Poor me..  tongue.gif

#13 Aquagirl

Posted 18 January 2006 - 11:33 PM

Hey Jellybean,

It's really quite in both Jan threads....where is everyone. Guess all the  mummies are too busy and tired to post.


#14 Jellybean

Posted 19 January 2006 - 05:33 AM

Hey there Aquagirl... we must be logging on at the wrong times??  tongue.gif

sad.gif  I've only had 2.5hrs sleeps!!!!!!!!!!  wacko.gif

Last night we decided to wait up for Em's 11.30 feed (had plenty to do to keep us occupied so why not hey?), she woke closer to 12 then took til around 1.30-1.45 to go back to sleep! She then woke at 4.15 for another feed and still wide awake at 6am, has a "top-up" feed (not happy about these)then sleeps! In between that, DS2 wakes up with a sore throat & sick belly. We try to get him back to bed but give in & let him get into bed with us.. BIG MISTAKE! Within 5 mins he PROJECTILE vomits all over himself, me & our bed! There goes any chance of sleeping. So, there I was at 5.45am, covered in vomit, baby on one shoulder, 3yr old screaming, shower running, load of washing going, scrubbing our mattress & pillows!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?

Anyway, it's Liam's 5th Birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNNY-BUN!!
Let's hope Tim & I make it through the day  wacko.gif and the party!

I'm planning on walking to Hungry Jack's today, that'll be my exercise and no chips for lunch  biggrin.gif

Long time no hear - hope you, Josh & the girls are ok. Pop in & let us know when you can..or catch me on MSN.  biggrin.gif

#15 Guest_mel1973_*

Posted 19 January 2006 - 07:02 AM

Good morning everyone, Another beautiful morning here. I'm hoping i get a chance to go for a walk today. One of my big fears is to end up with PND and well walking is one of the best things to help prevent or help you if you have it.

My babies are as beautiful as ever i took a load a pictures yesterday of them in shirts with thier daddy's work symbol on it. The things they ended up doing were so funny. Amazing what you can catch with a camera.

MEL (jellybean) You poor thing, i can't think of anything worse than being vomitted on (from the babies thats a bit different it's only milk) I hope you are able to get some sleep during the day....

Sharon, yes i think everyone is busy with their babies. It's been quiet in the DIJ for sometime now. I actually rarely post there now. MOst of the women in there now i really don't know....

Janine, Wonderful to hear you young man is doing well, and feeding every 4 hrs that is wonderful smile1.gif

Well one of my little angels is calling for their mummy i had better go keep safe everyone and chat later bye for now

MEL smile1.gif

#16 mystic gal

Posted 19 January 2006 - 10:33 AM

Hi there everyone, my name is Annette and i am new to this and to motherhood i have a little girl Isabelle and she is 8 weeks old. i owuld love to chat to anyone who wants to, i have been reading some of the posts and have been interested. My daughter has been diagnosed with Congential Hypo Thyroidism if anyone else's child/ren have this i would love to hear form you

#17 Guest_mel1973_*

Posted 19 January 2006 - 02:14 PM

Hi everyone here's a couple of pic's of the babies can't you tell i'm a proud mum showing them off again smile1.gif

#18 Jaynee

Posted 19 January 2006 - 05:09 PM

Hi all

Jellybean- my commiserations re the vomit and the small sleep. I think that is one of the hardest thing with the 2nd is having one (or more) to look after throughout the day which cuts down rest time etc!

Mel- Your babes are absolutely gorgeous so feel free to post as many pics and boast! I'm sure we all feel the same abut our babies too.

PND- I didn't know walking was a good preventative thing I did stacks of walking last time but haven't yet with this one. It helps the weight loss too original.gif

It is my 2 year olds birthday today and we have had lots of visitors etc loaded with gifts for him. I made a cake and he blew out the candles but he cried when we sang Happy Birthday (dont know why). He has had a lovely day but is absolutely stuffed now so Dh is giving him a bath and he will go to bed very sooooooon.

Went to MHN today and he hasn't puton any weight since MOnday- not a major concern as he is a bigger baby and is feeding and sleeping well but you know what they are like.

Going to be hot here in Melb on Sunday 41 degrees- not looking forward to that although we do have cooling.

Anyway hope Mums and Bubs are doing well and will try to keep up. I seem so busy feeding, changing nappies, cleaning, looking after my toddler Zachary.

#19 ~Rose~

Posted 19 January 2006 - 05:25 PM

Hi Girls!!!

Haven't been around for a few days. We decided to head to my Dad's place & also visit Josh's Great-Grandma. We had a great time. The girls love going to Grandads - he has a huge property on the Darling Downs here in Qld & the girls love riding horses & seeing all the animals, we had a great time.

I'm still inlove with my little boy. He is brilliant. The only time I get a bit 'over' him in between about 8pm-midnight when he decides to cry the whole time. BUT!! I think we may have found a solution for that one - we went shopping today & bought a fisher price swing! So hopefully that keeps him entertained for a few hours during those hard times original.gif

I'm so excited!!!! I'm finally getting my last bit of carpet laid next week - the last bedroom & the hallway then that's it!!! Tomorrow DH is laying the Lino/vinyl in the kitchen & dining room so then all the floor coverings will be done - WOOHOOOO!

Will try & come back for personals. I'm finding it so hard to get on here with Josh & work, I thought I would be quiet till the kids go back to school but business is booming original.gif original.gif

Would you like to win a free album for your new baby?
Check out this website & enter the competition to be in the draw to win an album !!

#20 ~Cleopatra~

Posted 20 January 2006 - 01:27 PM

Ah nothing like reading about other's crap nights to make me feel better original.gif

Don't you just love engorgement (I'm sitting here with breastpads and cabbage leaves held on with a singlet lol)? My poor little guy is getting so frustrated trying to latch onto the impossible lol. We are expressing today and giving him the ebm to make it a bit easier. He also seems to be sleeping a lot better now too, though like his brother he likes to be held! I'm having like 10 showers a day as I am too sore to sit on the loo! But its good for the boobs as well, good thing we have gas hot water lol.

Further birth details:

Xander William
born 6:59am 16th Jan
weight 2905g ~ 6pd 7oz
HC - 34cm
L - 49cm
apgars 8 and 9
Labour: waters broke ~ 7:45pm Sun, contractions from ~ 11:30pm. Labour assisted from about 5am with drip due to distress. Assisted delivery with ventouse (because of the distress) followed by lots of stitches under spinal anesthetic (couldn't lie still!).

I seem to be recovering ok now, have been very sore with the stitches. Also lost a bit of blood so am on iron tablets for a month. I am a bit gutted about the birth experience and we have decided that next time will be an elective ceaser - not my choice really but 2 babies out of 2 with distress, seems silly to risk it again sad.gif

#21 ~4LittleDucks~

Posted 20 January 2006 - 06:09 PM

Hey everyone,

Thought i'd better pop my head into our parents group....I must say i do feel sad that our DIJ group, will come to an end shortly... sad.gif....

Just abit bout me and my family for the list...

D.O.B ME:21st May 1976
KIDS:DS1~Rhys DOB:2/7/99 AGE:6yrs
     DD~Georgia DOB:28/11/02 AGE:3yrs
     DS2~Cooper DOB:14/1/06  Age:5 days  

Coopers birth details:

Baby Name:Cooper Stuart
D.O.B:Saturday 14th January 2006...
Weight:7lb 13 oz
Apgars:9 nad 10

Labour:After complete sleepless few nites,cause was scared out of my brain of having an induction.Induction started 910am with internal that showed still was only 3cm,which had been for approx 2wks,drip and breaking of waters with that dreaded, rod type thing.Ob couldnt break with normal hook thingy(he tried twice,OUCH!!!) cause bubs head had moved up and was too high.Ob concerned with high head as cord can become wrapped round bubs head quite easily.Monitors attached to bubs head and me,drip turned on.Was already having contractions all fri nite and
ob picked this up as soon as ctg started.

By 10am they were prob 5 mins apart,and stating to get bit more intense. And my back had begun to hurt.Both previous labours were back ache ones,and i'd hope to escape that this time round.Things got moving pretty quickly i cant remember exact times but will try.Bubs heartrate was staying round 130-150ish,during contractions would get bit higher.Around lunchtime couldnt take pain anymore so was given shot of pethadine.Things seemed to slow down abit.Ob came in bout 1pmish for internal,only to reveal was still barly 3-4cms,and bubs head was still not were should be sad.gif.We were all shocked even ob,cause i had been havin really intense contracs and closer together aswell.So they decided to turn drip up, to hopfully get things to happen bit quicker.Ob thought cause of previous 6 hour no fuss labours bub would of been born by then,and so did we.By around 2pm instead of bubs heart rate rising bit with contracts it started falling,to bout 70-80 on contract,ob was called and said bub gettin distressed.Decision was then made that drip be turned off for while.

In that time they hoped my body would take over.I kept contracting,but they wernt as close together.I was wanting more pethadeine,but ob said state of bub he didnt want to load bub up on pethadeine.5mins later this man walks in and starts taking blood from me,im thinking what on earth.I didnt realise. But ob had already told Jayson that he was thinking a c-sec at this stage would be the best for me and bub.They continued to moniotor me, i kept contracting but frequentcy had died down alot after bout an hour,bubs seemed to be coping better.They decided to try drip again turned down really low,see how we'd go.Ob knew how addament i was to avoid a C-section,so this was a last ditch attempt that if bub didnt cope that would be it..He said he be back at 7pmish to make a desicion.

By bout 5pm i was having the worst contracs i really couldnt cope with the pain anymore was asking for epi(didn't get one),i begged midwife to check cervix to see how far i was. I thought i'd have to be nearly there it was agony...She checked and yippee was 5cm,i loved hearing it..I continued to labour on but from now everything is really blurry,it all happened soo fast.

Monitor was turned off cause i was goin on my own and bubs heart was fine.Im not sure what time ob got back ,but it was just in the nick of time. Cause as he walked in to make his final desicion, i was screaming i need to push,he checked me and sure enough,we were about to meet our precious baby.

The pushing started i tell ya that pain is like no other(but we all know this dont we fellow dij mummies..lol) I was screaming for an epidural,by now.Both previous labours i've never had anything except pathadeine cause dont like thought of needle in my spine and a ceaser scares me to death blink.gif.Im just a real non medical intervention person,if that makes sence.My son gets stitches and im fainting,thats the type of person i am  wacko.gif.

Anyway pushed for a while still not remebering too well was bit spacy at this point,and then would you beleive i get a cramp in calf musle.So (TMI warning)theres me as big as a whale,laying on my side to give birth cause my back was too soor to lay on,legs in the air trying to push out my baby on each contraction and then my leg cramps up.So now im screaming cause head is crowning and leg is agony...

I think back now and it must of looked like a bloody circus ,obs on the bed likes hes ready to catch a football. Im nearly kicking him in the face, cause legs flapping bout trying to rid myself of cramp.Poor dh tryin to rub it out while im kicking and screaming...  :wacko:But anyway kept pushing,dh gets rid of cramp,and it returns just in time for birth of our beautiful baby....So ob trying to get dh to cut cord while ive still got cramp.ohhh the releif of the baby being out,was sooooo good,i felt like this day was never ganna end.So im not sure how long you would say my labour actually was.It started at 910am and i had a beautiful baby boy in my arms at 6.55pm  rolleyes.gif.But from 5pm when was 5cm to 6.55pm was only 1hour 55mins and it felt soo fast,like a lightening bolt..

My Cooper is the most adorable baby,and i know it was all worth it in the end..But the pain is still so fresh,and i honestly don't know how i got thru it...  wacko.gif

Would i do it again??????If i was completly Knocked out, MAYBE????????

Sorry it has gotten so long,prob the wrong place for it to.But anyway ,hope you enjoyed reading how our baby boy entered the world,even if in some parts i cant remember. Prob fear has made me forget...lol...

#22 Jaynee

Posted 20 January 2006 - 06:19 PM

HI all

Tracey- Don't worry they will settle- just get that beautiful baby on and feed feed feed! Love the smell of the cabbage!

My beautfiul boy is settling in well. Am slightly concerned about weight gain as the MHN has said he should be putting on more weight now. So am keeping that in mind but what can I do if he is feeding well and sleeping?????  Sometimes I wonder about the things these MHN's say........ IYKWIM.

Gonna be a hot weekend here in Melbourne so hope everyone keeps cool.


#23 ~MinnyMoo~

Posted 20 January 2006 - 07:49 PM

Hi beautiful mummys and bubbys,
How are you all?? biggrin.gif  
A bit of a me post to start with!
Abbie only woke up once last night. biggrin.gif  
She has a feed and a change and was back asleep within an hour! It was fantastic. And my poor boobs had a much needed rest.
And then both my girls didnt wake up until almost 9.

MEL~ Your babys are beautiful!! Very very cute.  biggrin.gif  Show us as many photos as you like. I love baby pics.

Tracy~ Engorged boobs sucks mad.gif I was told to express a bit before trying to get bub to latch on. Not alot but just enough to soften up the nipple IUKWIM. It worked wonders for me.

Hi Annette, welcome to the group.

Mummy2caleb~ I know what you mean about big boobs!! I went and bought some new maternity bras yesterday and had to get a F cup. I almost cried sad.gif .

So if anyone know where I can get some big maternity bras that dont look like grandma bras it would be much appreciated.

Caroline~ Trampoline sounds like fun. I want one. Coles do have the carpet cleaners. Thats where we hire ours from.

Rose~ Glad you had a nice trip. Glad to hear your finally getting the rest of your carpet layed. And that business is going so well.

Janee~ Happy birthday to your son for yesterday. Hope he had a great day. I have heard alot of people say that mhn's stress you out over nothing. I used my gp with holly for all her weight ins and needles because of the things I heard about mhn's

Jayamyc~ Glad that little cooper had a safe arival. Maybe not the way you planned but I bet your glad he is here. I had to smile when you desribed the way you were on your side with your legs in the air.

PND~ Any form of exercise is good. The only problem is that  if you get pnd its so hard to make yourself go outside when all you want to do is hide. I am trying to walk everyday to avoid pnd this time round and hopeing it wont come back.

Anyway better get my girls ready for bed so I can have a rest and a cupa. I havent had 5 mins to myself all day. Well maybe I have if you add together all the times I have been to the toilet. lol

Sleep vibes to you all

#24 mystic gal

Posted 21 January 2006 - 02:28 PM

Hi to all the mumies out there

Amy ~ Thank you for the welcome i am sure i will enjoy this room

Caroline ~ Thank you for the welcome i have already found this helpful. To answer your question on what is "Hypo Thyroidism" is when they have an underactive thyroid , caused by not having enough Iodine in their system and this interfers with their metabolism, she also had Jaundice ( Not enough to warrant the lights) she was very floopy and she had a poor suck ( didnt feed well), she couldnt attach to my nipples and had been bottle fed, she wore herself out quickly and this was because she didn't have enough energy. If you want to know more you can goto this website [quote]http://www.thyroid.org.au/[quote]We were lucky that i took her back in 2 days after we left hospital and then the next day they found out that she had it and started the medication when she was 1 week old, Thank God for the Newborn screen test. Id it wasnt picked up before she was two it could have lead to Brain Damage or Stunted growth, so i close eye has to be kept on her weight and she gets blood tests regulary to check her levels

Just the Facts
• Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid
gland is underactive and does not
produce sufficient thyroid hormones.
• Hypothyroidism is the most common
thyroid disorder and usually strikes
after age 40. It is more common in
women than in men, and affects 6%
to 10% of women over the age of 65.
• Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an
autoimmune disorder, is the most
common cause of hypothyroidism.
• The signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism
- Low energy
- Depression
- A slow heart rate
- Weight gain
- Cold intolerance
- Muscle fatigue
- Dry skin
- Hair loss
- Constipation
- Goitre
• Hypothyroidism is diagnosed through
a simple blood test
• Synthetic thyroxine (T4) is a safe, effective
and low-cost hormone replacement
therapy for hypothyroidism.
Dosing must be carefully monitored
for best results and the therapy must
continue for life
• Synthetic thyroxine is one of the top
three most commonly prescribed
drugs in North America.[quote] thats a little bit from the webiste, My husband and I are still learning more each day, Isabelle is on Tyroxin for the rest of her life, but is doing fantastically original.gif. Hope this helps you understand a little

Tracey~ Because your son doesnt latch on to your nipples have you ever thought about using a Nipple Shield? i used one with Isabelle as this was the only way she would latch on, you can get them at the chemist and the one i got was an Avent on. Maybe try that. hope it works for you though.

I'm not entirely sure what else to type  so i can let you know abit about me and Isabelle

Name: Annette

Went in to labour 12days early at 4.10am on saturday the 26th of november,they were going to give me panadol and sleeping tablets and send me to the postnatal ward, but when monitoring bub, they took me into a labour room and did an internal at 10am i was only 3.5cm, the midewife put a electronic monitor on bubs head ( which wasnt pleasant at all, it monitors heart/pulse rate), then checked again at 11am i was 5cm, they inserted the drug to help contractions came along, meanwhile i was in every position you could think of, i was exhausted, i went 8-9 hours with out anything, then i had gas that was fine for awhile until i was sick,then at 3.25pm they checked i was only 7cm and had enough by this
stage, they offered me Morphine and i said "YES" i just wanted something then they said because i was in labour so long what about an epidural, i said ok i'll have one ( i was adamant that i would never have one!) they came back and said i could get one for 1 1/2hours so i have the morphine, then 10min later i got an epidural put in. Mind you they like to tell you to sit still for 15mins while having major contractions, once it was in it was fantastic i even managed 10mins sleep. The doctor came in there was concern if i gotten further than 7cm i would have to have a c-section, thankfully bub's head was there and then at 6.30PM i started pushing  as the head came out i touched it and was so amazed by it, then at 7.28pm my gorgeous daughter Isabelle came into
the world, it was the most wodnerful feeling ever, the pain was worht it. I was stitched up while holding Isabelle and then they did what they had to.

I guess the scary part was when we left hospital as she wasn't feeding well, and  iwas concerned two days later i was back at the hospital as she was floppy and not feeding well and slept heaps, she was also jaundice, now after going through a long labour and hoping to settle down into motherhood, i was so scared for her not knowing what i could to help her, then we got told she had Congential Hypo Thyroidism and i was a mess, i know now that it's nothing major but the doctor said this [/quote]She could be brain damaged or stunted growth[quote] not if this wasnt found now she might have. but since then thing have gotten so much better.

Isabelle is 8 Weeks old
weighs 4.7kilos
length 58cm
head circumference 40cm and is cooing and smiling lots.
she was born at Blacktown Hospital

I hope everyone has a nice day it's so hot here in Sydney and i am hoping to get abit of sleep, while i can!! Hubby is doing alot and has taken over with feds, so i can have a little break ( house work still has to be done!! LOL)

Hope to talk soon

P.S how can i add pictures??



#25 mystic gal

Posted 21 January 2006 - 05:28 PM

~Nic~ Hi there firstly just want to say congratulations your daughter is gorgeous, and it sounds like you had a very interesting birth. I am amazed that there heads can stay under the water yet the rest of the body in you. I agree i wouldnt want to keep the placenta stuck to the cord, thats just not me. It's awesome you shared the experience with Ti, thats something so special. i hope that your both doing well and that your getting lots of rest. Also if she has a problem attaching, obvisouly first thing is first try to get her to attach if not try using a nipple shield, i used one with my daughter and she went well. Take care

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