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Jan 06 Parents # 3

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#1 Bel

Posted 24 January 2006 - 08:45 AM

New Thread Time original.gif


#2 ~Cleopatra~

Posted 24 January 2006 - 04:25 PM

I've had a headache for more than 24 hours now sigh. Of course newborn sleeping habits don't help! I was up at 12, 1:30 then 3:30 til 7!!

I also didn't like the baby bjorn carrier we borrowed last time, didn't fit me well. This time I bought one of the tomy safari ones off eb and it fits much better. Will try it out next Monday at ABA.

Xander also has the dry skin happening. I have been moisturising after baths but don't think its making much difference.

#3 Jaynee

Posted 24 January 2006 - 07:29 PM

HI all

We have the dry skin here too- I have used a bit of Sorbelene on him but he is quite flaky and he has milk spots all over his cheeks. Poor little thing!

Still feeding well and I took him to the park this arvo with Zachary nd fed him there which he didn't settle to very well- kept pulling off etc. Then came home and gave him a btah whcih he loved. He looks so sweet with clean hair- it seems to get quite greasy.

I have a Baby Bjorn here which I borrowed last time and hardly used- couldn't work out how to get it on etc blush.gif and by the time I worked out how to use it properly he was too heavy to carry in it. I have used it a few times already and don't mind it but maybe th e sling that Nic is talking about sounds better.

Nipples- Yep mine were quite sore early on as attachment was a problem so I have that crean=m too (Lani something) and I am using a Nipple Shield which is great. I think he will be off using that very soon as attachment is improving heaps.

Hope everyone has a good night and gets some much needed rest. original.gif


#4 mystic gal

Posted 24 January 2006 - 08:47 PM

Hi mummies

How are we all?? Well we had an exciting time Isabelle went on her first long trip to Canberra and she woke once a little grizzly went back to sleep until we were 20mins away from the border and she woke to have a bottle,which was good she went 4hours (usually only 3hours)

Cleopatra i also have a tomy safari carrier and find it really good as it supports your back aswell and since i have had a bad back for years,it has helped, it only aches a little ( you get a bad back when in childcare,lol)You poor thing you have to hate the broken sleep that you get and then those nasty headaches Argh mad.gif

Janine i know the feeling of not attaching properly Isabelle was like that, i used the nipple shields and found that they are the best. With the dry skin i found baby oil/ lotion to help with it.

I hope you all have a great sleep and will talk with you all later

take care

#5 jessob

Posted 25 January 2006 - 08:38 AM

Hi guys,

Sorry haven't posted much but had problems with our internet connection for some reason.  Was completely lost without it- finally got our desktop PC hooked back up and then had to work on the wireless network, as we had to fight DS for the right to actually use the desktop! LOL!

Anyway, Sienna is doing really well... put on another 200g in the last week, so she's definitely not fading away.  Only problem I've had is that I got a blocked milk duct 2 days ago.  Extremely painful and ended up waking her in the middle of the night for a feed as I couldn't stand the throbbing and rock hard breasts!!  She fed really well yesterday which helped immensely and then last night after her last feed in the evening, I expressed to try to ensure that the lump didn't inflame overnight again... it seems to have done the trick and this morning I've woken without the tenderness that was there yesterday.

Finally filled in all the paperwork last night for Centrelink and birth certificate and medicare card.  So will be heading out this morning while DS and DD1 are in daycare to get all of that sorted out.  Sienna will be staying home with DH, as he's off until Friday... so a little bit of 'me' time today!  Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

I also have the Baby Bjorn carrier - I hardly used it with No.1, but with No.2, I used it all the time as it was so much easier to do the shopping with her in that and DS in the trolley.  I used it for the first time with No.3 yesterday!  
I found it really comfortable while they were small, but as soon as they get a bit bigger, its really important to adjust the straps properly and get the cross over thingy right in the middle of the upper back.  If that's not in the right place it definitely puts some strain on your back and can get uncomfortable.

Anyway, better keep going - need to get out of the house in between feeds!

#6 becburger

Posted 25 January 2006 - 08:58 AM

Hello all! It's taken me a while to get around to posting. Eliana will be a month old tomorrow!! I'm very tired and the computer just makes me sleepy, plus it's in her room, so not much time on it. Our neighbours across the road are building an upper story on their house - they started the day we came home from hospital and work on it all day and evening so I can never nap! Really bad timing as I'm so tired.

Everything else is pretty good. Went to my first mothers group meeting yesterday. It was great - the other 4 mums who came all live very close to me so hopefully we'll become friends. One of them told me about the mother and bubs session on today at our local cinema so I might get to that. The film today is Memoirs of a Geisha.

I think I'm keeping Eliana awake so I might leave the room, or play with her depending on how she looks.

Take care everyone.

#7 Jellybean

Posted 25 January 2006 - 11:46 AM

Hey there lovely ladies..

So glad it's been a bit cooler here in Sydney, the humidity was a killer!

Thanks for the advice re the nipple.. The joys hey? It feels a bit better today but still stinging a bit.
Took a while for Summer to find you hey? Wish we could say the same!

How's the head today? Hope it's feeling better!

mustic gal
WOW, you had a good run to Canberra! Well done!

Enjoy your "me" time.. I can't see much of that happening for me now! LOL
I should try to get out once before DH goes back to work on Monday!

Hey there... movies sounds like a great idea. Let us know how it goes.


1) How long did you bleed for? Or are you still bleeding? (Sorry TMI but I'm curious)

2) Which maternity pads do you use? I need to change mine coz the sticky stuff doesn't work properly  mellow.gif

Talk soon,

#8 Dee29

Posted 25 January 2006 - 02:22 PM

Hi everyone
Finally I have a chance to post in here as both children are asleep.  It is so hard to find time for EB these days.  Oh will have to make this quick as I can hear the baby crying.
Sorry will have to try again some other time.

#9 ~Butterfly~

Posted 25 January 2006 - 03:37 PM

Hi Girls

Thought I better come in and post original.gif Feels funny moving from one group to another. (sad in a way also).

Phoenix is going well now original.gif after not latching on the first 3 days at all. Now there is no stopping him. He only lost 100grams of his birth weight so he was sure getting enough.

JellyBean My bleeding this time has been so different to my last 5. It is just like a peroid. (tho still only day 5 here LOL) But wondering if it was the rasberry leaf tablets.

With my other 5 I bleed for the full 6 weeks WAHHHHH with the first 2 weeks not leaving the house due to spillage sad.gif And had to use maternity pads for about 3 weeks.

This time I have already been to centrelink, medicare (did this on Monday) And today shopping (Tho think I over did it belly is caining now)

And Hardly any lose at all original.gif I am now using normal pads.

#10 mystic gal

Posted 25 January 2006 - 04:20 PM

Hi Mummies

I hope that everyone is keeping well.

Bec Sound slike a great idea let us know how it goes at the movies as i was thinking about taking Isabelle and trying to watch a recent movie.lol

Jessob Enjoy your me time and take your time you deserve, Sienna is gorgeous original.gif

Jellybean Yeh i did have a good run hope it's the same going back,lol. I bled for around 2-3 weeks after and then got a light period at the end of december. I find the Libra ultra thing maternity pads really good, as i am a heavy bleeder. Hope you can find the perfect ones for you. original.gif

~Butterfly~ You poor thing bleeding for 6 weeks with your other children, hope things go alot better this time around. Great to hear that Phoenix is doing well

Well i got Isabelle weighed yesterday and she is 5.5kilos and 58cm long and has a big head at 41cm

Well better run hope you all have a great evening talk later
*hugs* to all

#11 2littlekiddies

Posted 25 January 2006 - 05:09 PM

I finally made it to the parents group.  And just in time as Tahlia will be just about to start waking up....how typical.

Anyways, Tahlia Elizabeth was born on Tuesday, 17th January 2006 after a 10 hour labour.  Almost a emergency C-section as she had the cord wrapped around her neck twice...she ended up being a forceps delivery...I am still finding it hard to sit down.

Just to share, this is my birth story.

Got to the hospital on Monday, 16th January at 7:30pm and got the gel applied at 10pm.  Started having really bad cramps from there but it didn't start any contractions...never got any sleep that night.

At 7:30am Tuesday, 17th January, (3cm dilated) my waters were broken by the doctor (WORST PAIN EVER!!) then my contractions started straight away.  I pretty much stayed in the shower the whole day with the water running on my back and a portable shower head on my belly...so relaxing.

After 12:30pm I decided that I had had enough of the pain and asked for the gas.  They checked me out and I was only 5cm dilated.  The gas did absolutely nothing except make me almost faint from breathing in so deeply to get some drugs.  Then I decided to get the pethidine injection at around 1:30pm which did nothing either.  I was so exhausted that I was nodding off to sleep in between contractions.

At around 3:30pm I asked for the epidural if I wasn't going to deliver in the next hour.  They checked me out and I was only 6cm dilated, so I got the epidural with the drip to widen my cervix quicker (PURE BLISS...I HAD A 1/2 HOUR SLEEP).  DH had to go out of the room because he was really worried that something would wrong would happen with me after having the epidural.  Poor darling...he was the best birth companion.

At around 4:30pm the doctor started to get worried as bubs heartbeat decreased from 130 to 70 every contraction.  So he decided that we had to get her out really quickly.  I started pushing every contraction and finally got her out at 5:37pm with the help of forceps and a snip.  She had the cord around her neck twice which explained why her heartbeat deceased so much each contraction.  She was blue when born but so alert...not a problem at all....very very healthy.

SLEEPING: She is such an angel...we put her to bed at around 9pm, she wakes around 2-3am for a feed and bum change, then 5-6am, then 9am.  I am getting heaps of sleep....she is such a good girl.

Has anyone had the stuggle of overfeeding....Tahlia likes to comfort suck and therefore has been overfeeding and I sit her up and a waterfall of milk comes out that fills a nappy.

#12 Jaynee

Posted 25 January 2006 - 05:39 PM

Hi all

Bleeding- at 3 weeks i am still bleeding lightly.

Haemeroids (sp?) Has anyone else got these??? What do you do for them??

Overfeeding- I have stacks of milk and my pooor child gets absolutely covered in milk every feed as do I. At first he would posset heaps but now has settled down and not quite so much is being possetted.

rorstey1- Your baby is a dream child- Congrats

Mystic Gal- your bub is growing beautifully- how old is she?

Back later- have a good night original.gif

#13 ~Butterfly~

Posted 25 January 2006 - 07:17 PM

This typing one handed is hard lol Phoenix wants cuddles he falls asleep but the moment i put him in the craddle he crys. He seems to do this twice a day. Looks so peaceful.

Jaynee  I had a huge roid in my pg was shocked it has not come back.  There are some creams to use from the chemist (buba in my arms so cannot dig through my draw for the names that I used)

How long does afterbirth pains last? I cannot remember. Mine seemed to be really bad today tho I did a lot of walking this morning and think that might be why.

#14 ~Cleopatra~

Posted 25 January 2006 - 08:58 PM


1) How long did you bleed for? Or are you still bleeding? (Sorry TMI but I'm curious) Still bleeding, just on regular Libra thin pads now.

rorstey1 - I'm still a bit uncomfy with my stitches too. I had a similar delivery to yours but with the vacuum and I tore as we ran out of time for the episiotomy I think!

Butterfly - are you talking about the period pains? I had them for a few days I think, they are gone now.

Can't wait for the sleeping to settle down, I'm finding it really hard arter getting used to a toddler sleeping lol. I was basically up from 1 to 7 am this morn yawn. He keeps going to sleep but wakes up again! I do get a sleep in later but overall not getting nearly enough.
Feeding is going well not the engorgment has settled.

#15 mystic gal

Posted 25 January 2006 - 10:06 PM

Hi Mummies hope your all good

Cleopatra I bled for 2-3 weeks and it was light after the first week.

Jaynee Thanks i think she is doing great aswell. Tomorrow she is offically 2 months old but on saturday she is 9weeks,lol it's very confusing at times. original.gif

Rorstey1 Congratulations Tahlia is very gorgeous, your lucky that you have a great sleeper on your hands,hope it lasts original.gif. Isabelle used to comfort suck and then let it all run out of her mouth it was like a waterfall of milk. I gave her a dummy to suck when she wanted to comfort suck and it helped alot. She now eats 180mls without any problems. hope this helps

Well i better go Isabelle is due for a fed anytime now. have a good night

#16 ~waiting~for#5~

Posted 26 January 2006 - 08:25 AM

Just a quick one before I forget

Afterpains~ mine lasted about a week and a half  huh.gif  It's three weeks now and they are a long distant memory  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif
Boy do they get worse with each child you have!

#17 --binda--

Posted 26 January 2006 - 11:39 AM

Bleeding - I stopped last Wednesday, had a discharge for 3 days, and then have been bleeding heavily ever since with clots. I had to go to hospital on Tuesday Night, and have an U/S booked for tomorrow morning, as they think I might have retained placenta - I hope bloody not!!

Jade didn't slepe much yesterday, 10 min cat naps all day, she was awak from 2:30am, til roughly 5pm.. and then the hour/two hour sleeps came. THANK god for the public holiday as W. just bought her in to me for feeds, and she stayed in the back room with him til 6am when he was chucking his guts up. Felt weird waking up without the bassinette beside me. But oh well... I had sleep that's all that matters!!

Hope all is well with everyone!

#18 mystic gal

Posted 26 January 2006 - 11:59 AM

Hi all you mummies out there hope your all doing well!!

Binda thats not very good i hope that everything goes well, my thoughts are with you.fingers crossed. Jade is looking more gorgeous all the time. Good that you got some sleep [b]

I know what it's like not getting sleep. DH is in NewZealand and i am in Canberra visitng my aunty & uncle, isabelle decided she wnated her bottle at 12am and not go to sleep until 2am then was back up at4.30 and stayed awake until 6am then woke up at 6.30am, so i put her in bed with me and she stayed asleep until 8.20am and has been on and off sleeping, i'm so dead tired and exhausted, my aunty and uncle have been helping which is fantastic.. Hoe my DH is enjoying his unbroken sleeps.lol

Hope all is well talk with you all later

Isabelle is offically 2 MONTHS TODAY YAYYYY and weighs 5.5kils, 58cm and head 41cm

*hugs* to all

#19 Janibe

Posted 26 January 2006 - 12:14 PM


Nothing much to report here. Jack has become a comfort sucker and is only truly content when sucking something (prefers boob but will lay quietly with your finger in his mouth for 10 minutes) I started expressing yesterday (50mls first go) just to give the Milk Truck a little break - was a bit hesitate trying Jack on the bottle but tried him this morning and he took to it without even blinking and went straight back to sleep - so its relatively peaceful this morning. Just felt a little funny not having him at the boob - but Im going to coordinate it so that we only use the bottle when he's really grizzly and not feeding all that well. (Fingers crossed that it works)

Bleeding - I was bleeding really heavy for the first few days but passed a really large clot and then the bleeding (and afterpains) died down...Now I'm just spotting but that has almost completely died down.

Few Personals
MummyBinda - Hope that the bleeding sorts itself out.

mystic gal - Isabelle is such a cutie...Glad you had a great trip in the car - Jack loves the car most of the time, sleeps and sucks on the padded protector over the straps. He looks so tiny in the car seat though.

~Cleopatra~ - sending sleep vibes your way.

~Butterfly~ - my afterpains stopped after I passed a really large clot...relatively shortly after I got home. As Jack is the first I couldn't really say how long they should or do last.

OK must go do some tidying...DP's Mum is coming down this arvo to sit with me while he goes to a concert...ARGH its meant to relax me having someone here with me but I feel everything but relaxed....


#20 ~Rose~

Posted 26 January 2006 - 03:27 PM

HI Guys,

Life is just a blur at the moment. With Tasha started Grade 1, Jordyn starting a new kindy, Joshua & running a business....I can hardly keep my eyes open today.

Josh has been a little unsettled the last couple of days. I think he might be having a growth spurt coz he is feeding all the time.

He has grown heaps - we took him to the nurse & he has put on a massive 1/2 kilo!!!!!! in a week. Little piglet wink.gif

I finally have my office!!! The last of the carpet went down yesterday so I have been moving in today.

I have another BLOCKED MILK DUCT!!!! Bloody sore - I hope Josh can suck this one out too....last night I thought I was going to die!! It's slightly better this afternoon.

MY BABY IS 3 WEEKS TODAY!!! Can hardly believe it:)

I'm all done now. Stopped about 4 or 5 days ago, happy tho as I was getting sick of wearing those pads wink.gif

Josh is doing that comfort sucker lately. I love feeding him  but will have to knock that on the head pretty quickly wink.gif Hope it went well with your mil wink.gif

mystic gal
2 months!! WoW! How fast has that gone original.gif Glad to hear she is doing so well original.gif

Sorry to hear about Jades sleeping habits, I thought Josh was shocking at the moment! Hope she gets her little time clock sorted out soon original.gif

I'm finding it hard to cope also. I just get Joshua to sleep & then Jordyn arrives, it's really hard & my nights just seem to run into days lol

I have heaps of milk to so your not alone there wink.gif I wait until Josh is finished feeding then I express the leftovers & freeze them, never know when ya might need some of that liquid gold wink.gif I store mine in the Avent Storage bags original.gif

Congratualtions on your little one!! Fantastic news original.gif

Better fly! Josh is screaming for boobie wink.gif

#21 Tildababy

Posted 26 January 2006 - 05:37 PM


Well, DH & I are loving being parents...sleepless times and all. Little Grace is going well, we have been feeding her 3 hourly (if not more often) during the day and getting 4-5 hours between feeds of a night. Sure beats the unsettled awake or feeding between 12am & 5am that she was doing in the early days.

Breastfeeding is going a lot better than I hoped. No real problems yet other than too much milk. I have to lie back to feed her or the poor little thing would get flooded...baby health nurse gave us this tip as well as raising her bed and putting a pillow on her change table and the reflux that she had has nearly disappeared.

She is having a little more awake time now which I love only cause she is so alert and we love talking to her and of course giving her plenty of cuddles. Grace is only 17 days old but I am feeling like she has grown up too quickly already...making the most of our cuddle time while she is little.

As per the question, I am still bleeding 17 days on. I imagine that it will be another week or so before things settle down...but being first bub who knows?

Anyway, had best go have a shower while my princess sleeps.


#22 mystic gal

Posted 26 January 2006 - 07:56 PM

Hello mummies i hope we all have a great evening original.gif

Peta Yeh Isabelle loves the car, and settles quicklt thankfully. I remember when she used to look so small in the carseat and pram now she looks so big. You have to love when they comfort suck!!! I never got any afterpains and Isabelle is my first. Perhaps i'm lucky, i did pass a big blood clot about the size of an orange  <_< was not fun. Jack is very gorgeous.

~rose~ Fantastic to hear that Joshua is 3 weeks and great  to hear that he is putting on the weight original.gif. I hope that the blocked duct clears soon and doesnt cause too much pain, and i hope you get some sleep or rest between work and kids

KylieGreat to hear that you Grace has a good routine at night i hope it lasts for you original.gif, it seems like they grow upto quickly, Isabelle is my first and she looks so big now sad.gif .I want her to be little for ages original.gif

~Nic~ LOL glad you were the one who had the long baby and not me. It's amazing how each baby differs and how they grow.But you have to love hearing about other babies. original.gif

Well better go hopefully i can get more sleep than i did last night fingers crossed

Take care & Good night

#23 kidwrangler

Posted 26 January 2006 - 10:00 PM

Wow, it's so wierd coming in to catch up and there's another 8week old Isabel in here  wacko.gif

Annette:So were you a DIJer too??? I thought I was the odd one out with the premmie...it would be interesting to compare notes.

Isabel:Has her jabs tomorrow, so it's fingers crossed we won't need the panadol. After the weeks of taking her temp every 3hrs we're pretty good at judging if she's too hot/cold by hand now, but I'm still glad we have the thermometer in case I get paranoid hahaha

It's funny that even though she's now 2 mths, developmentally we'll all still be having everything happen at about the same time...paed said yesterday that it'll be in this next 6-8 weeks that we get the first smiles, long gazes  - I've been waiting soooo loooongg LOL!!! She has the cutest dimples when she smiles, but they're not social smiles directed at DH and I yet.

She's awake, so I'd better pre-empt any grizzles and get her fed. Sorry for the lack of personals, will get there one day soon original.gif

#24 ~Butterfly~

Posted 27 January 2006 - 04:35 PM

Phoenix had to have a chest xray today sad.gif We noticed yesturday when he cries the middle of his chest really goes in sad.gif Then today even when sleeping when he breaths it really sinks. GP was also concerned Rang the Ped at the hospital who ordered xray (Phoenix colour, is perfect she also got me to fed him so she could check him and chest was clear colour perfect still no sweating and he was very calm (the way he is breathing she said looked like respirtory distress :(But he showed no other sysptoms.

Xray is clear original.gif Lungs are as they should be and doing what they should. So looks like Phoenix has worked out a unique way to breath. Hayden (7) also breathed like this but no where nears as deep as Phoenix.
Been told just to keep a very close eye on him and if concern straight up to the hospital. we are going to go buy the angel monitor (think that is what it is) As soon as we have some money (hoping tuesday but poor cliff and I are still worried.

ARGHHHH After pain all gone but my ROID from HELL is back dam it sad.gif it is SO huge compared to how it was when I was PG with Phoenix WAHHHHHH.

Think made worse due to the walking and waiting on bad chairs today at GP.

#25 mystic gal

Posted 27 January 2006 - 07:22 PM

HI mummies  biggrin.gif hope everyone is good

lisajn Hi there no i'm only new to this, it's amazing to bump into another mum who has called their child Isabelle, the old names are coming back in!! Isabelle was born only 12days early so she wasnt very premmie. I hope she went well with her needles

~Butterfly~ While  iwas reading that i almost cried, it's sad to hear that you we so worried, (then thats a mum's job), i'm glad things are good and i hope that things just get better and better. Sorry to hear about the ROID hope it goes soon.

Well lets see in the past two days i have had about 8hours all together, belle has been unsettled think she is having agrowth spurt,she is feeding more aswell. hope i get sleep tonight or i will go crazy!!!!!!!!! ph34r.gif

Have a great night talk later


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