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Jan 06 Parents # 3

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#26 Jellybean

Posted 27 January 2006 - 08:57 PM


God, I am so over this mugginess! Anyone else sweat as much as I do?
Can't sit here long, sweat is literally dripping off me!  ohmy.gif

I'm still flat out trying to get the house in order, so much to do but it feels good being so productive..

Not long til my little man starts kindy - I'm so worried about him but excited for him at the same time.. LOL!

Anyway, gotta go before I make a puddle on the leather chair. ROFL..

Catch up with personals when it's cooler..

#27 G.H.E

Posted 28 January 2006 - 04:29 AM

Hi Mummies original.gif

Just popping in to let you all know im still alive! LOL

You will hopefully hear more from me once DD is back at childcare on monday and after DS1 starts school no wednesday.

AJ is an easy bub to look after - has the occasional fussy day - but in general he's placid. (Thankfully - one out of three is ... LOL)

Ive been real busy between toilet training DD (well her TT herself wink.gif ) looking after all three kids, DS studying for ecams (so we have to get out of his way wink.gif ), visitors from overseas and getting my online business ready for grand opening day on monday ohmy.gif

Re: Bleeding: I had heavy bleeding for 3 days, then really light bleeding for another week... original.gif Thankgod...but then that meant i was out of excuses for DH wink.gif IYKWIM hehehe. I really need to think of contraception...anyone know the stats on how effective (or not) using BF as a contraceptive is? LOL

Ok im off to try and get some more sleep. Take care everyone - and CONGRATULATIONS to all the new mums original.gif

#28 Guest_mel1973_*

Posted 28 January 2006 - 05:46 AM

Good morning ladies, been a while since i have posted but i have been reading your posts.... My babies are growing so quickly they are going to be 8 wks on monday gee the time is flying... They get their first needles on the 5th. I've told Mark he is going to have to come with me. I'm ok with the needle thing as long as it is one but two to try and comfort well i think thats just going to be too hard  <_<
We are off to the hospital again today so we can see the paed's Dominic still isn't 100% and it's been going on now just a bit too long. I've taken him to gp's and the last one did tell me what is wrong with Dominic (the doctor did give me the tech name but with my brain lately i forgot but i will try to explain on here. When Dominic goes into a deep sleep instead of when his brain says hey it's time to bleath again he starts to gag well this is caused because his chest isn't as tight as it should be. which means he's stops breathing longer than he should and he struggles to breath when he does) but i think he needs to be seen by a baby doctor. His breathing is very laboured at times and lasting quite some time and his Sticky eye well my friend (who's a nurse) thinks that it might be infected. My poor little boy seems to not be able to get a break hopefully the Paed's today can shead some light on things.

BLEEDING Well that is something i've had enough with i'm still bleeding i stop for a few days and then start up again like Mummybinda i have to go for an ultrasound which was meant to be done by now but i'm finding the idea of trying to get an ultrasound and having the babies is going to be hard. Mark is working alot more hours and between Mark needing the car to drop off and pick the kids up from school makes it hard too. Hopefully we will have another car soon. (just don't see my partner making that much effort there though  mad.gif )

Lisa, how did Isabelle's needles go? Hard isn't having them done....

Ghada, Hi how r u? Is your son looking forward to go back to school on wednesday? And your daughter going back to childcare? It will be great for you to be able to spend some one on one time with AJ smile1.gif

Mel, (jellybean) It's been very muggy here too but i have been very lucky that we have air con not sure though when the bill comes in how lucky i'm going to feel though... Yesterday i didn't have to put it on for the first time in a very longtime. The rain has finally cooled things down here yay... The first day of Kindy which is preschool here yes i remember all too well in most cases it's us that freak out more. I'm sure you beautiful young man will do well.. smile1.gif

Mystic gal, Your little girl is beautiful she looks so cute in that outfit.. smile1.gif

Butterfly, Thats not good Phoenix had to have an xray... wonderful it all worked out though...

Nic, I haven't had too much trouble with my milk supply this time round must be feeding two thing.. I know with all my other children i had so much milk. I was worried at first when i wasn't getting the yukky hard boobs but seeing that both my babies are gaining and gaining alot of weight i must have plenty of milk... I find though that Aerith finds the milk flows too fast for her when i'm feeding Dominic at the same time..

Rose, that is wonderful you have your office now smile1.gif Not so good about the blocked milk duct  sad.gif  Yes smile1.gif what a little piggy putting on so much weight in a week. At least you know though that your milk is good smile1.gif

Well Dominic is waking for another feed i had better go sorry to those i didn't personally msg keep safe everyone bye for now MEL smile1.gif

#29 becburger

Posted 28 January 2006 - 09:53 AM

Hi all! DH is entertaining Eliana... lovely.

The movie on Wednesday was great. I highly recommend 'cry baby' sessions. There were heaps of mums there - so cute to see all the babies. And I met some nice people too. Saw Memoirs of a Geisha and it was really good.

Hope you are all doing well and getting used to baby sleep and baby feeding - I kind of am and then she'll change something!!

#30 2littlekiddies

Posted 28 January 2006 - 02:55 PM

Hi to all the mummies

This weather is awful for little bubbas.  So hard to work out if they are comfortable with the fan on or off and I think it gets too cold for Tahlia with the air con on.  Such a juggling act.

Worked out that Tahlia does possits after each feed which is not a vomit but just the bit that is the overflow that never reaches the stomach (does that make sense?).  So when she has a feed, I sit her up for a burp and about 2 tablespoons comes running back out (looks like more).  So I am now half sitting her up for feeds and it isn't happening...HOORAY.  

Is anyone else experiencing this too??  When it happens it makes me feel like a bad mother for overfeeding.  Had a lot of blue days recently.  My mum came down from Toowoomba just to support me through it....and DH has been the shoulder I have been crying on.  I didn't get the 3 day blues, I got the 10 day blues.

Nearly had a very embarrassing moment the other night.  Went into the nursery to settle Tahlia and forgot that the baby monitor was still on and that we had visitors and I said to DH while in the nursery..."When are they leaving??".  I really hope that didn't hear me....how embarrassing...but it was 10pm and I was needing to sleep.  Anyone else done the same?

#31 Jaynee

Posted 28 January 2006 - 04:26 PM

Rorstey2- Don't feel bad they should leave and let you rest.

Possetting- Yes my boy possets after feeds but this is fine. I am  not concerned about it as it is normal.

I think the mugginess is really affecting Ethans sleep -he has been quite unsettled. So those of you who are dealingwith the same- just keep feeding them etc they will settle eventually.

Back later

#32 ~Butterfly~

Posted 28 January 2006 - 05:10 PM

rorstey1 I have the same with Phoenix. The midwife said it was due to some wind being stuck under the milk. And when I finish feeding him to gently rock up and down. (from lay down position to sitting up very very gently and slowly a couple of times)
Sometimes this lets the wind get onto of the milk original.gif Have found it works most of the time for us original.gif

Tho I have noticed now with Phoenix he has worked out how to suck and spit the milk out at the same time LOL. He loves to suck all the time. We have given him a dummy and he took to it very well.

#33 Guest_mel1973_*

Posted 28 January 2006 - 05:11 PM

Hi Ladies well i'm not in the best of moods this arvo. Just got back from taking Dominic to the hospital and picking up my daughters birthday cake.... Well my poor little man needs to have an operation... I look at my beautiful little boy and think you poor bugger...It also turns out his eye is infected very p*ssed at that one as i was only at the doctors on monday should have been picked up... Dominic also has to be admitted to the childrens ward too on tues or thurs not sure which day yet so they can monitor Dominic's sleeping and breathing. Then after leaving the hospital with that lovely news i went to pick up Faith's cake i ordered a care bear mud cake. I got to the shop to be told that they hadn't made the cake. So you can imagine how angry i was by now but i took it quite well not the guys fault i was talking to in the end they gave me two small cakes free. They also couldn't apoligize enough... So i thought to myself well i've had a rather yukky day i'm having a coffee a lovely gloria jean coffee. Got to the car put the babies in put the huge heavy pram in the car and the cakes and then sat down with my coffee between my legs i took off and the damn thing fell onto the floor so by that time i had lost it i threw what was left of my coffee out and drove home rather upset.... Also both babies decided they wanted attention so i had they crying in the back too. Now i'm sitting here just letting it all out before it all gets the better of me and i start to cry.  sad.gif  I'm going to go now and sit with my beautiful twins and thank god i have them. That will cheer me up i think... Take care ladies sorry for the huge vent bye for now

MEL  sad.gif

#34 july

Posted 28 January 2006 - 06:02 PM

Hi ladies,

I have finally made it to this thread.  biggrin.gif
Matthew James is 3 weeks old today and has been very unsettled for the last 4 nights, he seems to have his days and nights mixed up.  He sleeps well during the day after a feed and takes up to 3.00am to go to sleep each night.  blink.gif  blink.gif

Anyone else experiencing unsettled nights?  I think I might try some gripe water tonight after a breastfeed as he seems pretty windy.   blink.gif  blink.gif  blink.gif

My dd has a 2 hour sleep during the day, but Matthew decides that's his wake time.   blink.gif  Hoping he settles soon as dh goes back to work on Monday and I have to cope with no sleep and a very active 2 year old LOL. I'm a bit scared about looking after 2 kids on my own.   blink.gif  blink.gif

Sorry about the whinge post feeling a bit over whelmed and sleep deprived.

On the up side Matthew put on 580g in 11 days. My milk must be good.

Take care ladies.


dd 2.7 years old
Matthew 3 weeks old.

#35 G.H.E

Posted 29 January 2006 - 04:33 AM

mel1973 Sorry you are feeling down sad.gif You get days like that i truly do understand.

Me and AJ I have mastitis sad.gif No wonder i was feeling so crap yesterday, temp went up to 39.2deg and i had the worst headache and whole body aches. AJ has severe heat rash the poor thing, so weve have to try and keep him cool as the doc said he is sensitive to heat. We also shaved all his hair off (and there was alot of it mind you wink.gif ) due to it causing him to sweat more and therefore get more rashy. He was so good, loved the vibrating sensation of the hair clippers LOL. Looks funny but cute, i must post a pic as soon as i get the chance original.gif

So im just trying to recover now - lots of panadol, lots of feeding and also turns out were both dehydrated to have to drink that gross 'gastrolyte' stuff...ewww.

Hope everyone is doing better than me. Take  care!

#36 mystic gal

Posted 29 January 2006 - 03:04 PM

Hello mummies hope we are doing well!!!

Just came back from Canberra and to my surprise Belle slept all the way back home until we were 10mins away from home ( anyone would think she was hungry!!!LOL) had another unsettled night last night she went to bed at 1am then up at 2.30 took 15mins to settle, then woke again at 3.30 which took another bloody 15mins to settle, then she woke up at 4.20 for a bottle and stayed awake until 5.50am thne woke at 6.20 put her in bed with me and then she woke again at 6.50am she went back to sleep at 7.30 for 2 hours and then came home.I was so angry and tired and then drove 3 1/2 hours home sad.gif very tired now my eyes are hanging out of my head

~Mel~ thanks for that original.gif Am very sad to hear that Dominic is not well, the doctor should have picked up the eye. What operation does he need to have? If you need any support while he is in hospital let me know i'm from the blacktown area and am happy to help. I hope that things settle and that Faith enjoyed her cake. Cuddle the twins and you'll feel like a million bucks. Take Care *hugs*

~July~ Yes have unsettled nights with miss Belle she has not be too happy, not sure why!!! I used Gripe water with her and it worked a treat so good luck original.gif

~G.H.E~ i hope that you feel better soon, and that AJ gets alot cooler. cant wait to see a pic original.gif

Well ladies have to call my DH he comes home from NZ tomorrow YAY i have missed him sooo much

Have a good night


#37 Jellybean

Posted 29 January 2006 - 03:11 PM

Hey girls,

Sorry to hear some of you are having a rough time.. hope it all gets better soon.

What's the op that Dominic has to have??

Isn't the heat terrible? Em has heat rash too.. Liam is very concerned about the pimples all over her face.. LOL

I'm from the Blacktown area too.. live in Glenwood actually.

How'd the gripe water go?
We had the same problems with DS1, he was colicy & horrid for the first 12wks. LOL

I don't think it's uncommon for bubs to "posset".. Em does it & I know my boys did it too.

Glad you enjoyed the movie.

Took the boys to the Children's Museum in Merrylands today, bit of a waste of time but they seemed to like it  mellow.gif

I'm feeling a tad emotional at the moment.. everyone is deserting me!
Tim goes back to work tomorrow, my Dad left on an extended holiday today, Liam starts "big" school on Thursday and my Mum is moving to Canberra in a couple of weeks!!  sad.gif  sad.gif  POOR ME!
Feeling very alone at the moment..
Wondering how I'm gonna cope with 3 on my own...

I have trouble getting the 3 of them buckled in the car (I have a bad back & it's squichy in the back seat) - any suggestions? (of course I'm stressing about this too)..

Hope you've all had a good weekend.

#38 G.H.E

Posted 29 January 2006 - 04:36 PM

Heres a pic of my little baldy as promised wink.gif :

#39 mystic gal

Posted 29 January 2006 - 05:36 PM

~G.H.E~ Oh he looks so cute, heheheh it suits him, and it's only hiar it grows quickly. As long as he is comfortable. original.gif

~Jellybean~ I am from Kings park i used to work at Caddies creek school a few years ago doing before & Afterschool care. I know how you feel with feeling emtional of late, and i can understand having a babd back i have one aswell and it gets sore when bending over heaps!!! Thats not good that oyur mum is moving in a few weeks and the your dad has gone on a holiday, pitty Tim had to go back to work. Seems like you have a lot going on, if you ever want some help just yell out and i will assist where needed. it always helps to have good friends original.gif

Better go take care mummies and will speak soon

*hugs* to all

#40 Gagsmissus

Posted 29 January 2006 - 06:37 PM

Hi Everbody!

Thought I should pop in and say Hi!! I have been lurking alot so a hello is definitly in order!!!

Rorstey1-You are so not a bad mother! Babies dont overfeed they drink what they want and need! A bit of overflow is ok!! Sosorry you have the blues!! I cried for about 2 days solid in week 2 if that helps? So glad your mum and DH are there for you. Big hugs!! P.S as for embareesing so far this weekend I have upset my MIL and my best friend with things I didnt mean to say so you are not alone!

Mel1973-So sorry to hear of your little mans health problems! I hope all is well soon and op goes smoothly.

MysticGal-Yay for your DH coiming home!! My DH is in the Navy so I know how mucxh those homecomings mean!! Enjoy!!

Jelly-Big hugs for tomorrow with Tim going back to work!! Sms if I'm not online and you need a cheer up!

GHE-Your little boy is so handsome!! and so alert! Sorry to hear of your mastisis!! I hope it clears quickly for you!!

Me and Mitchell- Well we are doing qite well! His feeding going so well I am so pleased!! My doctor through me a bit by suggesting I give him a bottle WTF?? But I now know from my CHN that my doc is not a pro breastfeeding doctor. She asked me how much milk he was getting? How am I supposed to know? Boobies aint see through I''m afraid!! But Mitch has gained a kilo above his birth weight and is thriving according to both CHN and pead so I am a happy mummy!! We are getting lots of smiles that are so close to being real ones its not funny!!

A big hello to al the mummies and bubbies!!!!!!!

Love and happiness

#41 ~4LittleDucks~

Posted 29 January 2006 - 06:47 PM

Afternoon all,

My Baby Boy is 2 Weeks Old....

TWIN MEL:Am sorry to hear your little Domonic,will be needing an op..I hope all goes well with everything.

GHE:Sorry to hear bout Mastitis,its horrible...Your little AJ looks adorable,bet you were sad to chop all that gorgeous hair off tho..

MYSTIC GAL:That is great your dh will be home tomorrow.I don't know what i'd do with out my Dh atm...Especially the days when i am a sooky mess...lol

JULY:I hear you with the unsettled nites...Cooper had 3 really good ones last week.But the last few esp last nite...He decided to stay awake from 2am to 6am...Today im feeling rather 2nd best...lol

JEL:My dear Mel,i hope you start to feel a bit better soon(((hugs))).I can see why you would be feeling deserted.My dh goes back next Mon and everytime i think bout it i get teary...Im ganna miss him sooo much..

NAT:Glad to hear Mitchy is doin well...You do what you think is best for bub,he is obviously thriving...

ME:We had a great day today went to friends place she had her bub on weds,another little boy..Cooper and he will be great little mates.Born within 2 wks of each other..And he is adorable also.The kids were all swiming,with there daddies while us girls sat inside and clucked bout our babies...lol..

Anyway am sorry to anyone i may have missed.But that will have to do,my little man wants his milk bar to open NOW!!!!!


Till next time,Take care.. smile1.gif

#42 Gagsmissus

Posted 29 January 2006 - 06:49 PM

HI Again!

Just trying to work out how to post a picture of  my boy!

Jayamyc- Happy 2 week old birthday to Cooper!!!!!

#43 ~Rose~

Posted 29 January 2006 - 07:38 PM

Hey Girls original.gif

My baby is over 3 weeks!!! Where has that gone?!?!?  blink.gif

Dh heads back to work tomorrow & I must say I'm scared!!! He has been so much help to me over the past 2 weeks that I'm worried now how I will cope without him.

I'm missing my sleep! Joshua is pretty good he feeds about 10pm, then midnite then through till about 4am but OMG I miss my sleep  wacko.gif  I feel like my brain is turing in to mush!!

Oh sweet I so hear ya!! DH goes back to work tomorrow after having 2 weeks here at home, Tash has started Grade 1 & Jordyn is going to kindy 2 days a week plus Mum has now gone home - it's just me & Josh - Scary stuff wink.gif

I'm so sorry to hear Dom isn't well. What sort of op will he be having? {{{hugs}}} to you all & a special one for little Dominic!!! Sorry to hear about Faith cake mix up, that's terrible. Sounds like you were having a very bad day. {{{hugs}}}

Well best go, I'm on the lounge tonight with Josh so DH can get some sleep before heading back to work tomorrow - thanks god out couch is comfy!!

He's gorgeous!! You bake em well wink.gif

WoW! 2 weeks already, that has gone so fast....too fast for you I bet. Congrats to your friend on the birth of Cooper original.gif How fantastic you will have bub that will grow up together

mystic gal
Sounds like you have a good sleeper there! We went to friends house yesterday, they live about an hour away. Josh slept the whole way - I was very surprise!!! How great your DH comes home tomorrow - I bet you have missed him heaps. Enjoy catching up wink.gif

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