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Jan 06 Parents # 4

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#26 Janibe

Posted 01 February 2006 - 05:53 PM

Afternoon all,

Well I guess today was my first offical day at home as a stay at home mum as DP went off to work this morning. I can't believe how fast today has gone!!! My Best friend came over this morning to spend the day with me just in case I turned into a nervous wreck and while I was doing some cleaning she managed to fit in a sleep...Should get her to stay over tonight to look after Jack seeing she is nice and refreshed  tongue.gif I have managed to do three loads of washing and tidy up the kitchen/lounge room plus fold some washing.

Last night was really really nice. We stayed down there for about an hour and had a yummy tea, then came home cause Jack was getting a little cold (little windy) It's going to be really nice when Jack's a little older so he can enjoy the play ground thats down there and kick the soccer ball with his dad (I tried last night but didn't really have the energy to run after a ball) The only bummer about it was that I ended up getting a huge blister on my foot walking down and had to walk home bare foot.

Oh yeah and the other thing is that Jack has had his first few nights of sleeping longer then 3 hrs (first night it was 5 hrs and the next it was 4 1/2) Pity last night we didn't quite have such a long stretch.

Dimples81 - Hope that your milk supply sorts itself out.

~Butterfly~ - good to hear Phoenix is doing well. We haven't yet weighed Jack since he left the Hospital. The child health nurse said they didn't weigh them until the 6 week visit unless we went into the open clinic.

mystic gal - glad to hear isabelle is sleeping well

~Nic~ - I was the same the first time that Jack slept a little longer...Hated getting back into bed after I fed him cause I could only lie on the very side of the bed.

Jeny77 - A big Welcome to you and Byron.

Anyway better go and finish some house work before DP gets home...

#27 Jellybean

Posted 01 February 2006 - 08:24 PM

Evening girls...

It is soooo HOT in Sydney! I am OVER it!
Anyone else have an increased appetite? This happens to me every time I breastfeed. GRRR! Tryin very hard to only eat reasonably healthy snacks though  sad.gif I keep craving coffee too!  huh.gif

My "little" man starts BIG school tomorrow! I am so emotional about it, it's ridiculous! Anyone else experienced this?

WELCOME to our lovely group  biggrin.gif

WOW, how good is your best friend? Can you hire her out? LOL  wink.gif Glad you enjoyed last night.

Glad Phoenix is doing well...

mystic gal
Your little girl sounds like a gem, what a good sleeper!

LOL at the wet patch! How funny!
Sounds like your princess is doing well.

Have you sorted your milk supply out? Wonder what's goin on there? Wish I could help.. Trying giving the Aust Breastfeeding Assoc a call or look at their website, very helpful. I emailed them the other day & got a very detailed reply in no time.

All is going well.. just had my hair cut & coloured (my lovely hairdresser comes to me  biggrin.gif ) and I feel much more human.
Took Liam shopping this afternoon to pick a rain coat & an art smock, he was so excited LOL.
As much as he drives me bonkers, I'm gonna miss him so much when he goes to school tomorrow  sad.gif  Think of me at 9.50am tomorrow, I'll be a wreck I think!

Em is doing well although I think she is feeling the heat. She has pimples all over her little face, I assume they're a hormone rash... poor chicken. Looks like acne.  huh.gif
She is sleeping quite well.. tends to have one awake/unsettled period a day (usually 4am!!!)..
My bleeding is finally easing!! YAY.. my cracked nipple feels much better (although still ouchy).. BUT my tailbone is NOT happy at all.  mad.gif

Anyway.. so hot here.. (says she who just had a cappucino) so I might go to bed in front of the fan  tongue.gif

Nite nite

#28 mystic gal

Posted 02 February 2006 - 08:46 AM

Morning Mummies & Babies

I hope we are all doing well!! original.gif This heat is so annoying argh i hate the heat, Isabelle has got sweat pimples on her face, ( poor little thing sad.gif) lets see Isabelle slept for 6 1/2 hours last night so that 4 nights in a row (YAY) DH was great( he fed her while i slept some more original.gif ) she woke at 5.30 after getting her foot STUCK IN THE GAP IN HER COT !!!!ARGH!!!! not sure how she managed it, but when i got her up at 2am for her bottle she was laying across the cot with her head to the side i pull the side up & Down,dont know what she gets up to at night,lol. We are going for a playdate today with a friend from work who has a little boy who is 3 days younger than belle ( though she was 2 weeks late 41weeks, and i had mine earlier.lol) so that should be good. Time to answer personals YAY  biggrin.gif

~Dimples~ Good idea waking Summer up and doing the way you are hopefully things will settle down. Hmmm DH needs to be a little more sensitive i think, keep up with the breastfeeding, and it takes the same time while bottle feeding most the time anyway, i take about 1hour to fed belle and thats on a normal day,lol she can finish a bottle in 30-45mins most time. Do you fed in the bedroom?? Perhaps try feeding in the lounge or a different room?? i tried that when i was breastfeeding and DH got his sleep. I only breast feed for about 3weeks, as i had to give formula on top to make sure she was getting enough ( ue to her thyroid) but she got too used to hte bottle and didnt want my boobie sad.gif. Hope things work out well for you. just try to stay relaxed original.gif your doing a great job

~JellyBean~ WOOOHOOOO what a day you have ahead of you,You will be fine and as i'm typing this i am thinking of you, i'm sure he will love it, and if you need to cry just do it darl!! :)Liam will enjoy himself so much, you'll wonder what the fuss was,lol. Great to hear that your nipple is getting better original.gif not good that your tailbone is still mucking up. perhaps get it seen too??? Great to hear that Em is settling, Belle used to have unsettled periods aswell. Belle is a good sleeper which is good,lol though it hasnt always been like that.LOL I bet you do feel alot better for having your hair cut and coloured thats great she comes to you it can be hard to get out sometimes,lol ( am still trying to do my hair, i got a streaking set and never get time to do it argh). Hope your day goes well, cant wait to hear about Liam's day original.gif *hugs*

~Petrie~ Gee your friend is good, and then falling asleep.lol perhaps you should get her to watch jack since she is refreshed.lol Thats awesome that you ahd a great time, not good about the blister though. Am sure you would have played soccer given the fact if you had energy. Jack will love to do that when he is older :)FAntastic that he is sleeping well original.gif. You did a great job getting so much house work done,lol ( i did the same yesterday inbetween isabelle) hope things go well today original.gif

~Butterfly~ Fantastic to hear that he is doing so well original.gif thats just awesome!!! thanks she is doing very well

Well lets see i have offically gotten my first real period ( and not enjoying it, which i was pregnant and missed them for 9months again,lol) not too bad i guess. I'm managing to get lots of house work done, i did 3 loads of washing yesterday, folded it all up and put away,then in between i played with isabelle, she is moving heaps!! We brought her a kicking carnival for chrissy and she has worked out if she kicks things it makes music.. Sooo cute original.gif she ahs been staying awake longer during the day 1-2hours depending sometimes she jsut sleeps.I'm tired but good getting there slowly DH gave me a fabulous foot massage last night biggrin.gif was in heaven.

Has anyone else thought about giving Juice to there baby?? The baby juice that is, as it's already diluted down?? Isabelle doesnt like water and i think her problem is that she is thirsty and has extra bottles to compensate. I brought some juice yesterday and diluted it down even more, she seems to be ok with this, just wanted to see what you all thought,( Being a childcare worker i know that this is ok!!)

Well i better get in the shower to go out, hope to talk with you all soon take care
*hugs* to all Mummies & Babies

#29 july

Posted 02 February 2006 - 10:08 AM

Hi ladies,

Hope all your bubs are doing well. biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif
I look like death warmed up at the moment, dark grey circles under my eyes.  My dh went back to work on Monday, so can't have any nana naps with dd around.  She has a 2 hour sleep and it seems when she does Matthew is awake.

I'm hoping Matthew eases off on his feeds soon, he is feeding 2 hourly during the day, breastfeeding and 3-4 hourly at night.
I'm exhausted.

Sorry for my whinge post maybe I am just looking for tea and sympathy LOL.  blink.gif  blink.gif

Matthew is thriving at the moment and is a little piglet when it comes to my milk.  

Catch you all later.


DD 2.7 years old
Matthew 3 weeks and 5 days old

#30 EthKait

Posted 02 February 2006 - 11:19 AM

Hi All,

Well, I thought it was about time that I tracked you girls down and joined in on the Jan parents group.  So, here I am.  Good to see the same faces here in this thread plus a couple of newies.

It is getting lonely in the other thread, just a couple of girls racing for the first baby in February, go girls, can't wait to have you over here in this group.

OK, we need your help!

Ethan (DS) is up for the grandfinal in a photo contest we had him in on the web.  What we need is votes for him to make him the winner.  He is the summer entry in this competition and this is the link:


What I am asking is if you guys have the time, can you please pop into this site and swing a few votes Ethan's way, we would be so grateful!!  We have figured out that you can hit the vote button as many times as you want and it will register votes, so please, please, please vote for our little man.  I have tried to put a photo of him on this message to persuade you that he really is cute and deserving of a win (of course I am not a biased mum at all!!) but I can't work out how to post a photo, can someone please enlighten me.

Kaitlyn is doing really well and has put on 220 grams in one week since leaving hospital and she is already up and over her birth weight.  She has also grown 2.5 cms in length, at this rate she will be taller than her mummy in no time.

I can't believe itKAITLYN IS 2 WEEKS OLD TODAY!!!

Hope all you other Mummy's are doing well and I hear you all on the sore boobs thing.  I also have a numb bum from the epidural still which is a bit of a worry.

Luv you all and we really, really appreciate any votes you guys can swing Ethan's way.  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif

Gayle, Ben, Ethan & Kaitlyn xxx

#31 Jellybean

Posted 02 February 2006 - 12:20 PM

Hey girls..

Well my "little" man is at "BIG" school.. I can't believe it  sad.gif
He cried, as predicted. But not for near as long as I thought he might. Once he discovered the blocks & the craft stuff he was set! LOL..
I cried later...  blush.gif

mystic gal
I didn't give the boys juice or water for quite a while.. Not sure what the standard is with this though, might be worth a chat with your CHN or GP?

I've voted!! Hope it helps.

Have you have the coccyx problem? I assume it's chilbirth related? Do you know what can be done about it?

HOW HOT IS IT????? Sydney is just disgusting! God I wish we had air con! Might have to move house before next summer, don't think I can stand it (mind you I say the same thing every summer)..

Any ex-smokers among us? I gave up almost 8mths ago now and for some reason I have craved one the last 2 days?? GRRR

Anyway.. onkly an hour before I pick my "baby" up from school. Geez I hope he's had fun  blink.gif

#32 fourbears

Posted 02 February 2006 - 03:29 PM

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to drop in and show you all a picture of my Beautiful little Princess "Indianna Paris" 16 days old.
Pictured with proud big sister "Kalanii Skye" 2.5yrs.
Hope everyone and their babes are doing well, and getting plenty of rest and relaxation......
Talk Soon
Kellie xx

#33 mystic gal

Posted 02 February 2006 - 04:39 PM

Hi mummies

this was advice from the doctor to give juice!!! said its no big deal.i do give water,dr said too give water especially when hot. i have to wait until mon when my paed is in. In my last post i meant to say that being a childcare worker i know that you shouldnt,lol i'm not thinking properly. so no time to reply to personals yet.
be back later on

#34 Jeny77

Posted 02 February 2006 - 04:41 PM

Hi everyone

Thanks to you all for your welcome to the site I have enjoyed reading all your posts and it is good to know that there are other mothers out there all going through the same things as me.  Today I took Byron out in the car for the first time on my own.  Have taken him out with my mum and hubby before but not on my own and am happy to report that it was not as hard as I thought.  Byron slept in the car and when I took him out and put him in the stroller he slept.  I took him to my work to show him off.  It is good to know I can leave the house on my own with him so I don't go stir crazy being at home everyday.  Hope everyone else had a good day to.

Take care

#35 Jaynee

Posted 02 February 2006 - 05:10 PM

Hi all

Mystic Gal- I have to agree with Nic on the juice factor I don't give juice to my 2yr old due to the sugars in juice which can cause dental decay etc so apart from the fact that a newborn gets enough from breast or bottle I wouldn't give juice.

Ethan has milk spots and millea (i think that is what they are called the little whits spots on his nose) I am not worried as they go away naturally.

went to MHN today and he is doing really well in a week and 3 days he has put on about 360gms- he loves the boobie!!!!!!

Hope the sleep improves for those with troubles.


Gotta go as No. 1 is out of bath and ready for Mummy storytime original.gif

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