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Jan 06 Parents # 5

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#1 Bel

Posted 02 February 2006 - 10:09 PM

New Thread Time original.gif

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#2 Janibe

Posted 02 February 2006 - 10:19 PM

Yay me!!!!! (There always has to be a first for everything!!!)

#3 crissty_au

Posted 03 February 2006 - 10:31 AM

Hey beautiful mummys biggrin.gif

I thought id better come in while i have the time and go my monthly post lol!

Were travelling along really well here, Brayden and Kynan are being great with Hudson, its just really fullon and busy with 3 under 3 and my work from home business im trying to get off the ground properly!

Hudsons tests are all going well, kidney scan was all perfect, his brain scan showed that nothings changed at all so thats great news biggrin.gif
They didnt tell us any results about his heart scan, but im going with the no news is good news thing.

I had a health nurse checkup yest, and in 2 weeks the little porkers put on 970gms!!  She was amazed at how well hes doing, and said hes one of the fastest weight gains shes ever seen heheh!  Scotty reacons maybe his brain problem is just going to make him eat and eat heheh!
Hes doing well with his sleeping, we moved him into his own room in the cot and he sleeps 1000 times better, i think he likes to look around and see whats going on, so the bassinet sides were too restricting for him!

Weve ventured out a few times a week since having bub, im so glad i have my twin with toddler seat pram, otherwise id be housebound and thats not good for anyone!  This afternoon were going for a nice long walk, and then to the park while daddy gets some painting done on our new pergola biggrin.gif

I hope all the other bubbies and mummas are doing great, havent had time to read and do personals sorry, everytime i sit down to try one of the kids flares up!  In the time since i started this post ive gotten 2 more bits of toast, fed hudson and put him to bed, put the other 2 to bed and made 4 phonecalls rofl, it never ends, everything takes forever!

Anyway Im going to dash, get some stuff done around here while its quiet, till this afternoons bedlam session starts anyway hehehe!

Take care and big hugs to all!

#4 mystic gal

Posted 03 February 2006 - 10:42 AM

Hi there mummies

Well thank you all for your advice, and i have been reading it very carefully, i gave a little to her the day i got told to, but havent given it to her again.. The reason i give water to her is because she sometimes gets constipated because of the formula, my paed also recommended giving water between feds, this is part because of Isabelle's Thyroid, she needs to keep her fluid intake up. This way she doesnt overfed either, she only ever drinks about 10-15mls of water and she sticks with her normal feeding times.. One the Isabelle factor she has slept 4night for 7hours and then wednesday night 6 1/2hours and last night she went 5. So it's pretty good. ISABELLE PUT HERSELF TO SLEEP TODAY YAY!!!!

~Nic,Dimples~ Thanks for your advice with the juice i really appreciate it, i'm happy to have others opinions original.gif

~Luchresa~ Thanks for the advice on the juice factor. Great to hear that you had a good day out, it's always good whent ehy sleep while out original.gif

~Crissty_au~ Fantastic to hear that the kids are taking well to Hudson,great news that the scans came back clear that what we want to hear. Good to see he is putting weight one too.

Sorry if i forgot anyone just busy in between things. hope to talk with you all soon
Take Care

#5 *munchican*

Posted 03 February 2006 - 04:44 PM

hello mummies, i have finally made it here YAY!! i never thought it was going to happen lol   smile1.gif

we are doing well, natahlia is doing well enjoying ehr milk, and has put on 100gms in the last 2 days the little piglet lol, my milk is finally settling down after a couple of days of full engorgment, oh thats sooo uncomfortable, glad they didn't burst!

My little girl has been very good she is very alert and seems like she is a couple of weeks old rather than 6 days! her head control is great and she is just soooo observent, they are such time wasters at this age, i find myself just staring at her little face and watching her expressions.

Callum and Cooper are loving the big brother thing, callum especially is smitten with her and gives her regular hugs and kisses.  Cooper is fasinated that she has eyes and hands just like him lol  biggrin.gif

I'm doing well still running on empty lol like most of us with other kids i'm sure. my blood loss is almost finished YAY sorry for TMI but i can't stand pads, ewww i just hate them with a passion, so this excites me that my days of them are numbered lol.

Question - Natahlia of a night time won't sleep in her bassinet! has anyone else had this problem? she is a real mummies girl and falls straight asleep next to me, but when i put her in her bed she wakes after 10 mins. i have tries putting my shirt in her bed lol, a dummy which she doesn't like, comfort feeding, but all end up the same and by 1.00am i'm over it and let her sleep in our bed...any suggestions?

ok well this one handed typing has taken forever wil bbl later for personals, hope everyone is well.


#6 EthKait

Posted 03 February 2006 - 08:12 PM

Hi Guys,


They are judging the comp now, we don't hold out any hope of winning though as the people with the other baby photo on there sat at their computer and registered about 27,000 votes! There was no way we could compete with that, we would have had to sit at our computer all night. So, in all fairness we made a complaint that it is not fair that you can vote more than once and the website wrote back stating that they were aware of this problem and they have a proper tallying system going where they can tell how many votes are from the one computer, so we may be in with a chance, thanks to all the girls on here that voted.

Kaitlyn has been getting up to mischief lately, in the middle of the night feed (around 2-3am) she has taken it upon herself to be her awake time and lays there in her cradle grunting and groaning and works up to a cry until you pick her back up. We were up for three hours with her doing this last night, we are shattered. My poor DH goes back to work soon for a rest I think.

Ethan decided to have a huge stack whilst running up the tiled hallway yesterday and he landed smack bang on his face, I picked him up to console him and after cuddling him for a minute I looked at his face and he was covered in blood! I freaked out thinking it was his teeth. It turns out he cut his top lip with his teeth and he had a huge fat lip. Poor bugger. I was an absolute mess, I really have to try to keep it together but I can't stand it when my babies get hurt.

Anyway, thanks again for voting girls.


#7 cjpj

Posted 04 February 2006 - 11:00 AM

oohh my goodness  HERE YOU ARE GIRLS!  When i first looked at jan mums page, it was 1/2 thread long!  NOW look at you !  Goodness i must have missed heaps!

DH is off to the chemist to get some infacol for lily. Grunting groaning ALL night, whimpering, thrashing around etc.  I was going nuts, had her up for millioneth time,layed her on our bed,  DH woke up , flicked on lamp, grumbling bout lily too,  THEn we looked at at her little face.  SHE had the cheekiest look, big eyes staring, then she saw her daddy and i swear she grinned.  LIKE  OOOOOHHH  hi Daddy,  where ya been, ive been callin you for ages!   WE both cracked up, she was soo cute.

Having her bed on angle certainly seems to stop her screaming when put down, or waking up 1/2 hour later,  now all we gotta do is work onthe wind. her butt is louder than her dads!  

Going to catfh up on some of the threads. NOw thats its aytime, lily is asleep, no grunting or groaning, tho i think laying on her side sure helps! (not game to do it at night0

ALSO i posted ???? in other threads  but does anyone know if current target voucher book from bounty bag has discount voucher for baby monitors.  My local target only has "old " bounty bags. we wanna buy a monitor, that is for sale in target, but if its not on sale, we can get it cheaper on ebay. I have to go to melbourne target to get my bounty bag, and vouchers, but was hoping to know b4 then, in case i see a better price 1st original.gif

#8 ~Butterfly~

Posted 04 February 2006 - 11:13 AM

Hi Girls

mystic gal I would not being giving bubs juice either. Tho I do give Phoenix boiled water. Do this as the last 4 days we have had to go out for Appt's that all have been in the middle of the day sad.gif And the poor thing get's so thirsty and was a bit hard to have him on my boobie whail I had to have scan's ect done. Found he will drink around 15ml. Also Phoenix is getting bad pains due to the very strong antibotics I am on. Only 5 more days to go and I should be off them.

crissty So glad Hudson's tests are all good original.gif

Phoenix Slept 8 hours last night original.gif Was so nice. He had his hearing test on Friday and passed original.gif tho he hated the noises as everytime they started it he would scream finally he went to sleep and they were able to do it original.gif He looked so funny with the little head phones on and all the senses on his head and back.

#9 ~Rose~

Posted 04 February 2006 - 11:28 AM

Hi Guys,

I haven't been in for a few days  - Hope you are all well original.gif

It's lovely to see all these January babies growing so well, your photos all look so cute original.gif

We are doing very well. Joshua is still a dream. He eats & sleeps basically, so we really can't complain. He is now 4.9kgs & is very chubby wink.gif He still has a little hormonal rash on his face as do I but I think it is started to clear up.

OHHHHH!!! I keep forgetting to tell you all Joshua has a strawberry birthmark on his BUM  biggrin.gif   biggrin.gif   biggrin.gif Will take a photo for you to see wink.gif It's so cute!

We are laying vinyl flooring today in the Kitchen & Dining room - I will be so happy when it's down. A nice, clean, fresh floor WOOHOOO!!

Business is going well. Enquiries & orders are steady. I've organise for a bit of advertising which hopefully will get my name out there a bit more.


WOW!! 8 hours straight, it must have seemed like heaven wink.gif Josh is still every 2 hours, he is always hungry hehehe! I give Josh boiled water too, I think it's a good idea in this heat. How has Phoenix been coping with the heat? Josh has a slight heat rash on his tummy but nothing too bad.

I've been super slack too hehehe! I haven't been in here for ages & now it's up to thread #5 - insane wink.gif Lily sounds absolutely adorable, don't they know how to work you. Very cute story about last night wink.gif

arrrhhhh....sorry girls will have to come back to finish personals - someone wants my boobies wink.gif

#10 ~Cleopatra~

Posted 04 February 2006 - 12:40 PM

Dimples - congrats on the breakthrough with comping original.gif absolutley feed as much as the 2 of you can handle before offering the comps and you will be through this stage in no time. I comped with DS1 so been there done that if you need any support or advice. Thankfully things went much smoother this time and the only comps we gave were during engorgment hell when the poor thing just couldn't latch on and I only got out so much ebm for him. The sleeping will get better soon too original.gif

RE JUICE for babies - good to see you got that sorted Mystic Gal, just thought I would add that I heard the recommended age was going to change from 1 year to 2 years on that. Got this from an ABA mum who I think is a nutritionist.

I am so far behind with EB atm so a big congrats to all the new babies for the last week or so lol.

Cheryl - learn to live with a baby in your bed! Just keep trying her and you'll get there in the end. You might need to compromise and just aim to have her in there half the time or something. I have both boys in our bed lol. Xander will sleep in his cot sometimes but like his big brother is happier with us.

Rose - a birthmark, how cute. Elijah has one on his leg. Xander has a bruise or birthmark on his eyelid - not sure what it is yet?? Hoping its a bruise though as a birthmark there wouldn't be so nice sad.gif

#11 cjpj

Posted 04 February 2006 - 01:02 PM


twice in one day!

Cleopatra,  i would say, the little mark ono your angels eyelid is a " stork mark"    My poss has them too, worse on one eye than the other.   They can last for up to a year or so i think.

They are called stork marks, cuz its the mark from the storks beak when they were deliverd to the hospital  LOL wink.gif

#12 Janibe

Posted 04 February 2006 - 01:31 PM

Morning one and all...

I'm not sure if I'm happy or a little angry (bit strong of a word - I don't mean it but you should get the point) with my little man at the moment. Finally he is sleeping longer at night. We have gone from our 2 - 3 hr pattern to a 5 - 6 hr pattern, which is bliss as we get to sleep. However he has now decided that cause he's sleeping longer at night, he doesn't have to sleep during the day. Yesterday he only had 1 nap during the day for 2 1/2 hrs and so far today he has only slept for 1 1/2 hrs. So now with the hot weather we are having lately and him being awake I feel like I am feeding him every hour for half an hour.
Apart from that he is a little angel and I love him to bits. My aunty came over yesterday who is in the middle of treatment for cancer and met Jack for the first time which was nice and Jack was a well behaved gentleman for her (even tried to pull her necklace off) We are going over to her place tonight before we go to a bithday party so Jack can meet his 2nd cousins.

cjpj - posted a reply in the other place - personal opinion don't even bother with the bag.

anyway better go, Jack is at least quite so he may have gone to sleep while Daddy was playing video games
see ya

#13 Jellybean

Posted 04 February 2006 - 04:02 PM

Hi girls,

Just a quick one re: storkmarks/birthmarks.. 2 out of 3 of my kids have them... I consider myself a bit of an expert  wink.gif

Liam.. was born with a large one on his forehead, that extended a little to his eyes & even nose. It's in the shape of a "V". It freaked me out when I first saw it & it bothered me for a long time. It was very dark, almost purple & we got so many comments on it. He's 5 now & it's noticeable but not near as bad. We were told it'd fade by 5/6yrs but I don't think it'll disapear all together. I will leave the decision up to him whether to have any treatment (doctors don't recommend it tho).

Ayden.. nothing! Not a mark on him.

Emmersyn.. same as Liam but a mini version, LOL. In between her eyes (like a finger print almost) and a little on her eyelids.. They're always worse when they're grunting or coughing etc.

They do bother me sometimes but then I see a child/adult with much worse problems/disfigurments & I thank my lucky stars for my gorgeous kids!

Hope that helps anyone who was interested  biggrin.gif

#14 Tildababy

Posted 04 February 2006 - 04:06 PM

Hi Everyone,

Well, little Grace is all over the place!! This is the second day in a row that she has been unsettled...thankfully it is mainly during the day but...the poor little munchkin isn't sleeping terribly well and has her feeding mucked up. She usually feeds for around 25 mins...10 mins one side 15 minutes the other but atm she might feed for 10 then falls fast asleep only to wake up anytime in the next hour wanting more. My boobs won't know what is going on?!?!

Pleased to say I expressed for the first time the other night and was most successful. I got 80ml and topped it up to 120ml the next morning. I now have some milk frozen just in case. Would like to have a bit more on hand as we might start getting daddy to bottle feed some expressed milk to her from about 6 weeks when she is fussy and it will get her used to the bottle for when we want to go out for a romantic dinner and leave bub with the grandparents. I am probably dreaming about the romantic dinner...but you can only hope.

Anyway, plenty of jobs are awaiting me while the little girl is sound asleep...for the first time today!! My FIL dropped all the paperwork in so I can do the BAS. Would like to get that job out of the way quick smart. Then there are all the lovely domestics that just seem to keep piling up...no sooner do you have them all done and things tidy and it all needs to be done again.

Big hugs to all


PS Can anyone help me with my photo that won't appear? In my signature it just comes up as IPB Image with a cross. Please PM me if you can help me out! Thankyou!

#15 nbr3enroute

Posted 04 February 2006 - 04:32 PM

Luchre: According to one of the books I've read... try putting the bassinette on the floor beside your bed so that when your baby rouses you can put your hand down and comfort him/her, and over time move the bassinette further away until it's where you ideally want it to be.  In the meantime he/she can still hear you breathing and won't feel alone.

- E

#16 ~Butterfly~

Posted 04 February 2006 - 04:39 PM

Rose this heat at the moment is horrid sad.gif not to bad if we stay inside as we have aircon. But everyday last week we had Appt's and all in the middle of the day sad.gif Phoenix does not cope with the heat at all. Just wants to drink and drink. Which is fine. But boobies get a bit sore.

storkmarks Phoenix has one right between his eyes. All my kids had one there. When I am very very angry or been crying Mine comes out still original.gif Gives me away when I have been upset or about to lose my temper LOL

#17 ~waiting~for#5~

Posted 04 February 2006 - 05:13 PM

Have not read back yet but saw that STORK MARKS have been mentioned...
My 7yr old has a very large and dark one smack bang between the eyes, also in a huge V shape. It is just as noticable as day one  mad.gif
But I agree that they are GREAT mood detectors ROFL

Mummy loosing her marbles here..
I lost my 3yr old DD on friday at school, I completely forgot I ever had her!
I only realised I didn't have her when another mum asked me if I had three kids & then I went no 4, only to turn around and go "crap I'm missing one aren't I?!"
Came home to make myself a de-stress coffee, only to have my 18mth old dip his cookie in it and loose it in my cup before I even had a sip  wacko.gif
And yes my day got worse LOL

#18 Jellybean

Posted 04 February 2006 - 05:31 PM

Wow.. it's amazing how many kids I see with these "stork" marks now.. Apparently it's very common.. would love to swap pics with you, see if they are the same??  PM me if you like..

I have posted a pic of Em on MSN so you can see hers.. Liam's is usually covered with hair or hat LOL.. will try to find pic tho.

#19 cjpj

Posted 04 February 2006 - 05:58 PM

hi all!   3 posts here today!

munchican.   i had lily in bed with us a fewtimes when she was mega grizzly,  but was paranoid id fall asleep and hyrt her. in the end, we put one of my tops, one of dh  an wrapped them around a small ticking clock, in the bassinet.  seemed to help a bit.

Petrie,  thanks for your answer re bounty bags.  original.gif  also managed to speak "live" to butterfly, who confirmed no discount voucher for monitors.  looks like ebay the way to go.

#20 ~obsidian~

Posted 04 February 2006 - 06:32 PM

Hi girls
I haven't been in for ages (I am the old Mummy2besoon from DIJ). Everyone seems good.
We are great, Benji is a legend and we are totally in love! Ben is now about 4.75kg.

Petrie- Just wanted to reply to your post re your bub's sleeping (or non-sleeping!!) during the day... I posted this morning on the exact same thing! Have a look under Your New Baby and my post was called 6 week changes. I'd guess your boy is going thru something similar a bit earlier though. I know it will change, and infact today Ben has been absolutely perfect 4 hours b/w feeds and sleeping perfectly!!

Expressing- I expressed today for the first time too, not as successful though as you Tildababy!! Wow you must be a super milk bar mumma! I only got about 10mL MAX! But I did it after BJ had a huge feed, so will attempt it again tomorrow morning when my boobs are so huge and full they could almost snap off...blink.gif

Hormone pimples - Rose - My little boy got the pimples around 2.5 weeks and has only just started to get rid of them now at 6 weeks. They are yucky but totally normal and I still think he is the most beautiful boy ever. He actually got a pimple yesterday that looked like a big adult pimple, but it was gone by the night. Wish some of mine had done that back in the day...! tongue.gif

Cuddles to all, oh, and check out the pic on my sig of my man laughing at me!!!

#21 ~Rose~

Posted 05 February 2006 - 08:40 AM

Morning Girls,

Had a shocking even - Josh has a cold  mad.gif

ATTENTION!!!!! Urgent answer needed

I'm sure I read somewhere on here a few weeks back about someone putting breastmilk up their baby's nose to help clear it??!!??? Does that ring a bell with anyone?? Poor Joshie wants to feed but can't breathe through his nose.

Better go & cuddle my little bubba original.gif

#22 bradandkris

Posted 05 February 2006 - 10:34 AM

hello everyone my baby is jayden peter and he was born on the 28th of jan we now have him at home and he is very difficult to settle my husband and i are struggling is this normal please help wacko.gif

#23 Tildababy

Posted 05 February 2006 - 11:10 AM

Good Morning,

Well, I suppose it is actually nearly afternoon.

Donna & Rose - Grace has a snuffly nose too. She has still been able to feed but the poor little darling sounds so blocked up.

Elizabeth - Expressed again today after feeding Grace and got 110ml. I found it really helped to get my milk going by doing 5 quick pumps followed by holding a pump for 2-3 seconds. It may take 30 seconds to a minute for your milk to start flowing but it certainly does the trick for me. DH couldn't believe the flow of milk I was geting when I expressed for the first time the other night.

bradandkris - A couple of midwives gave us a few tips in hospital which have worked well for us. It involves laying your baby on their tummy....supervised of course...and placing downward pressure with one hand firmly on their back while patting their bottom quite firmly. We also do this with Grace while she is in our shoulder. Then before they doze off fully put them to bed. We generally may have to continue to pat her on and off for around 5 - 10 minutes if she gets really upset to calm her and help her off to sleep and if that doesn't work we pick her up and most times she brings up a bit of wind before putting her back down again. It has worked for us, hope it might help you a bit too.

Anyway, I have an upset bub so I gotta go.


#24 Tildababy

Posted 05 February 2006 - 11:58 AM

Back again....gave Grace a little nappy free time but was not completely happy til I gave her a little boob. She is now sound asleep.

bradandkris - The book Baby Love by Robin Barker is a fantastic guide on everything in the first twelve months for bub including settling techniques etc. A friend highly recommended it to me and I would highly recommend it too. I have been able to look up so many things and Grace is only four weeks old tomorrow.

There was something else I was going to add but for the life of me I can't remember what it was?!?!

Anyway, some washing is waiting to be hung out to dry...had best not keep it waiting.


#25 jessob

Posted 05 February 2006 - 01:22 PM

Hi Mummies of DIJ babies!  Finally have a few free minutes to post!  Looking after 3 kids under 4yo, kind of takes away any "me" time... usually get a chance to read but no time to post!

Just to weigh in on the stork bite discussion - my DS had a stork bite on the back of his head at birth... it faded in the first year and then his hair grew over it and now if I go looking for it, can't find it at all.  Sienna was also born with one - the wider v is between her eyebrows and the tip of it is on the end of her nose.  The part between her eyebrows has already faded significantly and can only be seen when she's hot of really upset, however the one on the end of her nose is a little more noticeable, but has faded a lot already too.  I would say that they will disappear even more during her first year.  My DS's paediatrician told me that they usually fade significantly within the first year.

Sienna has also been a little more unsettled for the past day or two.  Before that I have been waking her 4 hourly during the day as otherwise she just sleeps and sleeps!  I let her go overnight and we usually get one sleep of 5-6hours and another of 4 hours, so at this stage I'm only getting up to feed once per night... which is lovely!  She is 4weeks on Monday, so I was expecting her unsettled period to start shortly and I guess this is it.  For those first time Mum's who's bubs are not yet a month to 6 weeks old, babies usually go through an unsettled period which is usually linked to a growth spurt at around this time.  So you may find they feed a lot more and are harder to settle.  I'm guessing Sienna is about to go through this now, as she's beginning to catnap during the day rather than do the long sleeps - just need to resettle her more frequently.

All our normal activities resume this week... doubt I'll get anywhere on time with trying to get 3 kids organised, fed and dressed!  Wish me luck!

Our car went in on Friday to have the air con fixed as there was a problem with the vents.  Anyway, they called DH to tell him they found another problem... apparently fuel was somehow coming into the air that was being pumped into the car and it was too dangerous to return to us until they had it fixed.  I thought that I'd noticed a fuel smell when I had opened the rear door to get the kids out a few times!  Luckily they picked it up as its pretty dangerous, especially with 3 young children breathing in the fumes!  But unfortunately as we now only have one car that fits all three car seats across the back seat, we haven't had a car to go anywhere since Friday and hopefully we will get it back tommorrow, but they aren't guaranteeing it! I have 2 kids that are currently going stir crazy and getting cabin fever, so I'd hate to think what they will be like if we can't go anywhere for another few days!

Anyway, Sienna's just woken and is unsettled again after her catnap... will go settle her again and hopefully be back to do a few personals!

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