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Jan 06 Parents # 6

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#26 Rinnie78

Posted 07 February 2006 - 04:31 PM

Hello! biggrin.gif

Waiting for 4- sorry to hear about matty,hope its not to serious.

Jenny77- sorry to hear you have to go back to work so soon, its good your mum can look after Byron , it would be awful to leave him in child care so young,unfortunately it happens for some.I know what you mean about buba looking lost in his cot, ive just put chloe in hers and she looks so tiny!

Petrie_ love the dress! I had blue dresses for my bridesmaids to, just check that they dont come out purple in photos, mine did and i was not happy! mad.gif Could have just been something the photographer did, just thought id mention it.

Dimples- where is the bleeding actually coming from? could it be haemorrhoids? sometimes they can bleed.

Me- finally got to sleep at 5am just to be woken up at 6.30 when Dh's alarm went off GGGGRRRRR!!! managed to get in another hours sleep before chloe woke up for another feed.
Her reflux seems to be worse at night, cant understand why.

anyway gotta go my munchkin is crying .... again


#27 Guest_mel1973_*

Posted 07 February 2006 - 04:39 PM

petrie_h I think the dress is gorgeous


#28 Girlintheredshoes

Posted 07 February 2006 - 04:51 PM

Petrie - the dress is absolutely gorgeous!

#29 Jenks

Posted 07 February 2006 - 05:19 PM

Hi Mummys
Well I have finally made my way over here to the parents thread tongue.gif  Wow, doesnt seem that long ago we were all introducing ourselves to each other after finding out we were pregnant!!

Ryn I hate that when the alrm goes off just after you have finally got to sleep..Arghh mad.gif

loulou Great to hear that you are finding things easier now, newborns may be small but they sure can disrupt your life! On the whole food thing with BF'ing my first DD reacted really badly to garlic and DD #2 reacted to Chocolate and cabbage, they would become very unsettled and have explosive poo's!

Petri H LOVE your dress, as lisajn said it should be available in a few colours.

Gagsmissus Glad to hear you are on the mend, DVT sure is a scary thing. Mitchell sounds so cute and I love the little pic of him.

Butterfly That is so cute that Pheonix misses his Daddy, I bet dads chuffed!

Attersee Brrrr...sounds freezing where you are, glad to hear Sarahs doing well.

Sussan Lovelly to hear from you, please drop in and let us know how you are doing from time to time. I think of you and your precious angel often..((hugs))

Happiness Good to hear from you biggrin.gif


Chelsea is such a good baby, she loves her sleep and we arent complaining!! I found at night though that she woke more often and would fall back asleep straight away if she was swaddled...but I am hopeless at swaddling and she always managed to get her arms and feet out wacko.gif So I did a bit of googling on the net and ended up buying her a miracle blanket..FANTASTIC!!! We are getting 6-7 hours out of her a night. I highly reccomend them to anyone who has an unsettled bub.


#30 EthKait

Posted 07 February 2006 - 06:22 PM

Hi Guys,

Looks like we are all doing well with lots of dirty nappies turning up everywhere, Kaitlyn is keeping up her end of that bargain too, seems every time she get's on the boob she lets one rip.

Sussan:  Lovely to hear from you and good to hear that you are doing ok.  Will be sure to pass on your kisses to Kaitlyn.

Rose:  Gorgeous pic of Josh and wonderful to hear of his first smiles, I love that time and can't wait for Kaitlyn's first one.  She is doing the cute smiling thing now when she sleeps but I can't wait for the real "I love you" smile!

Jenks:  Can you please tell me more about this miracle wrap?  How much is it and where can you get one from.  I am crap at wrapping and Kaitlyn is a little miss Houdini and constantly has her arms out, she was totally uncovered from head to toe thismorning.

Attersee:  Great to hear the weather is so nice over there in sunny Austria. -5 must be simply balmy, you must get out and sunbake in that bikini soon. lol.

OUR FAMILY: Well, our little miss Kaitlyn was having issues feeding and at about 4am last night we bit the bullet and rang Tresillian for advice and then got that advice backed up by our CHN thismorning. I have officially got too much milk supply!!! OMG, this never happened with Ethan, this is so different for me. It appears that I was drowning our little girl with milk which is why she kept on coming off the breast every five seconds. Now I have to express the first 30mls or so to slow down the flow every time I feed her for a few weeks. Will let you know how that goes. But now we know what her problem is I think we will all be happier and we may get some more sleep, yay!!

Our little man had his second hair cut yesterday and he now looks like a little man again! He is so gorgeous. We had him measured at the clinic thismorning and he has put on half a kilo in 1 month and grown another 2cm, I knew he was bloody heavy!!! No wonder I can't seem to recover fast from the C/S when I have been lifting up 12.4kg worth of restless toddler! Ethan is also totally in love with Kaitlyn and he won't leave her alone, he keeps kissing her head and stroking her hair and he tries to put her dummy in and if she doesn't take it, he sucks on it for her, grrrr. I have him help me when I am changing her nappy to keep him involved. Only trouble is he get's me about six nappies out, it is cute though. He is trying his luck with us on a few occasions every day and he is working out the boundaries that he can stretch his parents to unfortunately.

Keep well girls and bubbas.



#31 2littlekiddies

Posted 07 February 2006 - 06:59 PM

I have finally had time to get on here and update.  Tahlia is just a little angel...she is sleeping through the night still and giving me time during the day to do jobs....just an angel!!  We had our first outing by ourselves yesterday and it went really well...went to the new parents group and then shopping.  She behaved herself really well.   smile1.gif

Just have to mention a very funny moment that JUST HAPPENED.  DH just got home and was giving Tahlia cuddles and then she pooped her pants enough that it spilled all over his work pants as well.  It was a whopper!! She hasn't had a good poo in about 4-5 days so it was building up.  So then DH and Tahlia both had a shower together...she loved it.  It was her first shower.  So cute seeing her little naked bottom in her daddy's arms.  Videoed it for her 18th... blush.gif

Went to the clinic nurse on Thursday and Tahlia has put on a pound since birth....my little chubby bubby...she is now 4.5kg.  Very healthy.

Well better get back to her now for her night time feed and have some dinner myself.  I am hoping to be back on here again soon to do some personals.

Hope all is well.

#32 Jellybean

Posted 07 February 2006 - 07:11 PM

Righto girls..

I have a TMI question for you  blush.gif  blush.gif

How do I know if I have thrush??
(dumb question I know)..

#33 cjpj

Posted 07 February 2006 - 08:46 PM

havnt had  chance to read rest of thread,   saw jellys ??  had to help original.gif  neca mind eb ate my first answer

Thrush in nether regions,  itchy/dry   or itchy with discharge like cottage cheese!    ging to loo can hurt, and dont even think about BD  OUCH!

nipples,  shooting pain

mouth,   white dots in your mouth

Canesten cream works well,

Will need to treat you and bub, ( chek emmerysons mouth for the dots, and her butt too )

daktarin gel works well for oral thrush and u can use it on babies bottoms too original.gif

#34 Jeny77

Posted 07 February 2006 - 11:05 PM

Hi Girls
Hope you all had a good day.  

Byron slept and ate well today, was in a very good mood.  He has just started to stir and I am waiting for him to wake up for his 12.00 feed.  Hope the rest of you are getting some sleep.

rorstey1 - love the story about your little one and hubby.  My hubby always manages to give me the dirty nappies, he always gets out of it.  

GES473 - Hope Kaitlyn is feeding better.  Let us know how you go.

Hope you are all having a good night and getting some decent sleep.

Take Care

#35 Tildababy

Posted 08 February 2006 - 11:06 AM

Hi all,

I noticed Jellybean was asking about thrush.

I have somewhat itchy nipples but no pain as described by nic when feeding...if anything bub feeding scratches the itch so to speak. Could this be the beginning of nipple thrush? I checked bubs tongue this morning before feeding and it was a lovely pink colour...no white spots. If it is nipple thrush even though Grace hasn't got oral thrush now do I treat her as a preventative?? DH is going to town this arvo and I will get him to get something for my nipples JIC. Any guidance greatly appreciated.


#36 mystic gal

Posted 08 February 2006 - 02:08 PM

Hi mummies & Babies

I hope that we are all doing well and that your gorgeous babies are giving there mummies a nice little break.LOL ( mine hasnt)

~Dimples~ Thanks the check up went great Isabelle is now 6kilos, 61cm long and has a big head at 42.5cm. She is doing fantastically original.gif am so please with her. Hope your check up goes well on friday for summ :)Oh you always hope that there is some sort of weight gain.. Grea that you lost a bit of weight hope that, you dont get too full you might explode

~Petrie~ YOur wedding dress is gorgeous it's so stunning you will look fablous original.gif

~Aftersee~ Great to see that Sarah is sleeping well. it's always great when you get a decent sleep original.gif

~Tildababy~ Sorry dont have any advice but i hope your nipples feel better soon ,and hope bub doesnt get thrush  mellow.gif that wont be pleasant

~Jellybean~ You'll know it will be burning and really itchy. not nice at all  huh.gif . How's the kids going?

~Jenny~ Great to hear that Byron is sleeping and eating well, hope it keeps up original.gif

~rorstey1~ Great to hear that Tahlia is sleeping well original.gif oyu have to love that.. Hehehe thats funny what happened to DH, the smae thing happened to my DH a few weeks ago he was getting belle ready for a bath and he took her nappy off and picked her up and she pooped on him,lol it was funny.

~GES473~ Great to hear that Ethan has grown heaps, your lucky you didnt rip your stitches open lifting him up.. Lovely to hear Kaitlyn is doing well, not good that you are nearly drowning her with milk though!!!

~jenks~ Great to hear that you are getting more sleep, can be tricky wrapping them up!!! Can i have the website of where you got yours so i can look into it please. Thanks

~Butterfly~ ~ thats too cute that Phoenix  misses his daddy. Belle has been talking to daddy on the phone and smiles when she hears him then looks around it's so adorable original.gif

~GagsMissus~ Fantastic to hear that Mitchell is growing well, you sometimes forget that they grow,lol DH came home after being away for 6days and said she has put weight on and gottne longer i never noticed. lol Grea that he is sleeping well. nothing wrong with putting them in bed with you for a little more sleep did that with belle and got an extra 2hours   biggrin.gif . Hope the treatment for DVT goes well.

~proud mum to 7 ~ Am sure you will look gorgeous when you get married. It's the golden rule it's doesnt matter what you look like the day you get amrried your a princess original.gif ( i was 12 weeks pregnant when i got married lol) I know the feeling they grow up too quickly, lets slow time a little  wink.gif

~loulou_b ~ Am glad that things are settleing down and your enjoying being a mum original.gif thats great

~Ryn ~ Argh that happens to me all the time then i just stare at DH and he quickly turns the alarm off, hope you got some rest

Congratualtions to Sammijo on the birth of Hayley hope thigns are going well original.gif

~MummyBinda ~ How is Jade's thrush going? hope it better

~happiness ~ No Isabelle was due in december. but wanted to come a little earlier original.gif great to hear about lachie original.gif

Well thats all done i apologize if i have forgotten anyone good timing belle has just woken up


Things are going well have been shopping and brought outfits in size 0 ,they have been on special.. You have to love that she has 5 pairs of shoes now!!! I'm going good parents are moving out tomorrow am happy about that.. Nothing else to say at the moment hope your all well take care

#37 kidwrangler

Posted 08 February 2006 - 04:13 PM

Tildababy : I was a bit paranoid about nipple thrush too, because I had slightly itchy nipples when I started breastfeeding, (but I had a similar itch pre-bub), and when I asked about it, I was assured I would KNOW if it was thrush because apparently it hurts a lot! HTH

#38 Jeny77

Posted 08 February 2006 - 04:45 PM

Hi Girls
Hope you are having a good day.  I spoke to soon about Byron eating and sleeping well.  From 4 oclock this morning he refused his bottle and continued to refuse up until about 3 oclock this afternoon.  He just cried and then slept.  However he just did a big poo and finished his bottle so I think that he must have been a bit constipated as now he is all happy.  Thank goodness I was getting a bit worried.

Nic - Good to hear that Ashlynn is doing so well.  I have not had any poo incidents like that, yet, touch wood.

Mystic gal - glad to hear things are going well. tongue.gif

Have a great night, take care
Jenny rolleyes.gif

#39 mystic gal

Posted 08 February 2006 - 07:01 PM

Hi Mummies & Babies

Wow i get to hope on again.. how lucky am i.lol

~ME & Belle~
Lets see i havent been able to have a nap today as belle has been unsetteld it's her third day and am hoping she stops soon.. blink.gif she has been funny with her bottle aswell only drinking 80-100 but this evening she drank 180 and has been asleep for an hour the longest so far. argh!!! Am hoping with my parents moving out will help settle her and get us into a routine fingers crossed.lol

~Nic~ WOW i cant believe that she is that big, thats amazing  ohmy.gif Gee i bet cleaning that would have been fun.lol it is amazing thatthey can poop like that huh.gif It's so wonderful when they are asleep on daddies chest original.gif

~Jeny77~ Gee thats no good  i hope that Byron settles down now he has done his poop.. must be the day for unsettled babies.lol

I hope you all have a great night will talk with you all later

Take Care

#40 EthKait

Posted 08 February 2006 - 07:22 PM

Hi Guys,

Well, have been trying this expressing thing for the 30mls before feeding, it is hard to do because when Kaitlyn wakes up, if you don't have the boob in her face within five minutes, she screams!  So have been successful on a few occasions and the other feeds I have tried my luck with her and I just let her come off the boob when she wants and I have to try to stem the flow of the spurters with a cloth.  She is feeding much better though and it appears to be working, she has been much more settled and we are both happier people.  Though she has been a little bit unsettled this afternoon though, I think she has a pain.  Better now than at 2am!

KAITLYN'S CORD FINALLY FELL OFF TODAY, I was getting a bit worried about that, it is still bleeding a bit though, poor little girl.

I can't believe she will be three weeks old tomorrow!

Jenks:  I found that website, I googled miricle wrap and found it and ordered our girl a pink one.  Can't wait for it to arrive, I am hopeless at wrapping and houdini girl is a master at getting unwrapped.  So, thanks for your advice.

Nic:  OMG I can't believe your princess is that big, I thought Kaitlyn was long, she is 57cm and is now 5.2kg!

Hope all mummies and bubbies are doing well and that the girls with lazy hubbies get them into gear soon.  My DH is great with helping out, I know what you mean about snoring whilst you are feeding though, bummer.

Gayle  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif

#41 EthKait

Posted 08 February 2006 - 08:11 PM

Hey Girls,

I just wanted to thank all the girls that voted for our little man in that recent photo comp.  Unfortunately it seems that the comp was a little bit rigged by the people who had the photo that won and they ran up their own tally of votes to over 27,000 which we could not compete with.  Hey, but we all know who should have won!

I finally worked out how to post a photo so here is the photo of Ethan that I promised you guys.

Thanks again for voting!


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