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Jan 06 Parents # 7

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#1 Bel

Posted 08 February 2006 - 09:23 PM

New Thread Time original.gif


#2 Jellybean

Posted 08 February 2006 - 09:26 PM



#3 Jaynee

Posted 09 February 2006 - 01:30 AM

HU all
Just finished a night feed and thoughtI would check in while waiting for Ethan to settle.

Gosh it is getting busy in here and hard to keep up with everybody. Glad it seems to be going well for all .

Anyway all seems quiet so better get some slep whilst I can original.gif

Hope you are tucked up in your beds with beautiful settled and sleeping babies LOL


#4 ~Butterfly~

Posted 09 February 2006 - 06:12 AM

Hi girls.

Phoenix has decided that during the day he does not need more then cat naps sad.gif Really should not complain as he is sleeping so well at  night. But I get nothing done during the day as All I am doing is either feeding, Rocking in arms or trying to settle him in swing or bouncer. Even started to give him belly play more often. Yesturday he was awake from 6am till 6pm With little cat naps inbetween. Even took him for a long walk in pram hoping that would settle him lasted 10 min then he wanted out sad.gif

I really think he is also piggy to much LOL I seem to be feeding him every 1 1/2 hours during the day. That by 1pm or so he starts to bring his milk back up. last night he slept from 6pm till 12  then fed then slept again till 2am (had belly pain) back to sleep at 2.30am slept till 5.30am Now he is in craddle making some wonderful grunting noises LOL

#5 Jenks

Posted 09 February 2006 - 03:11 PM

I have been a bad birth buddy blush.gif blush.gif blush.gif
My mobile went missing at the hands of my 2 year old, just retrieved from her toy box......and

Kylie has had a gorgeous baby girl 10lb 8oz.

her name is Daisy Eileen Brown


IPB Image

#6 Rinnie78

Posted 09 February 2006 - 04:25 PM

Hi everyone biggrin.gif

Congrats Kylie! biggrin.gif Daisy is bigger than  chloe and she is five weeks old!Well done smile1.gif
Dimples- cant give any advice on the terrible 2's thing,sounds stressfull, hope she settles done for you soon.
i cant remember if it was you with the bleed problem, if so how is it going? did you find out what the cause was?

Luchresa- i hope its not reflux, ive just discovered the wonderful world of reflux, i would hate to have to go through it again with my next babe. i have my fingers crossed for you, maybe sam will be a happy chucker blush.gif

Sorry not alot of personals, im too lazy to go back and read the last thread.

me-  not much to report. Chloe had an awful day yesterday, her reflux seemed worse than ever. She didnt feed well and was crying and napping for most of the day. well... more crying than napping. Im glad i had my mum over to help.She slept well last night so im happy about that.She is a bit better today, sleeping better which is the only reason i managed to get on EB today! happy.gif

Dh was away last night for work, it was strange not to have him there all night, bit lonely and i was glad Chloe was a good girl.

Has anyone, throughout their first preg, swore they would not do it again coz you had a bad pregnancy, then once baby was born thought of having another?
i was sooooo sick for 4-5mths and hated being pregnant, but now that Chloe is here i have been thinking how nice it would be for her to have a brother or sister. I know its early days to be thinking of getting pregnant again.
i just wander if i could go through such an awful preg again.
Has anyone had a bad preg then gone on to have a good one? or if it was bad, was it easier to cope with than the first time?

anyway i think im rambling now! ive got plenty of time to think about another baby.

Take care all, and i hope you all get a fairly good sleep tonight


#7 Jeny77

Posted 09 February 2006 - 08:28 PM

Hi Girls
Just going to re introduce myself to the girls on the thread I don't know.  I am jenny first time mum to Byron who is almost five weeks old I have been a member of EB for one week now and I am enjoying reading through all the threads and talking to other mums.  I just updated my signature tonight to include a picture of Byron is'nt he gorgeous.

Hope that you are all having a good night.  Byron has had a great day he is eating and sleeping really well today.  The nurse came yesterday and Byron is hitting the 4 kilo mark.

Ryn - I had a good pregnancy but during labor I had a difficult time.  First half of labor went well but when it came to pushing Byron did not want to come out.  I pushed for 2 and a 1/2 hours and then had to have an epidural and epesiotomy (I don't think thats how you spell it but to lazy to check) and forceps delivery.  For the first couple of weeks after Byron was born I swore never to do it again but now that I am feeling better and my body is healing I start to think that I would like another one.  They say you forget about the pain and I think that is what is happening to me.  But look what you get at the end of your pregnancy all worth it in the end.

Dimples81 - Hope everything settles down for you soon.  I also can't really offer any advice on the terrible two's as I am a first time mum I do work with kids but have not worked with that age group.  I m sure things will get better soon. biggrin.gif

Hope you all have a good night
Take care

#8 Janibe

Posted 09 February 2006 - 09:03 PM

Evening all,

Thought I would pop on and give a quick update on my beautiful boy plus do some personals - I have been so bad lately just reading everyones posts and not posting myself.

Jack has started to feed every 2 hours during the day and still isn't really sleeping - just cat naps. Today all I wanted to do is sleep but everytime I got a chance to lay my head on the pillow Jack started crying and just wanted to be cuddled - Think he had a little problem with wind.

He is officially starting to get the smile going - we're calling it a smirk at the moment cause it's only one half of his mouth thats turning up. We tried to get a photo of it today but he seemed to smile just before the photo was taken and then straight after the photo...Will have to try tomorrow.

QUESTION - It is most likely different in each state but how many times have you seen the child health nurse already??? Everyone seems to be regularly reporting on weight gain etc - are you weighing your babies off your own back or is it through an appointment with the CHN. We have only had one appointment (1 week after birth) and have just made our second appoints (6-8 weeks after birth) and Jack hasn't been weighed once since leaving hospital.

Jeny77 - Great pic of Byron - He is a cutie

Ryn - Hope the reflux gets better. I was just thinking the other day about having another one. I had a good pregnancy but a terrible labour but am planning on another 2-3 (DP wants one set of twins though). At the moment though Im set on not going through labour again - elective c-sec's.

Dimples81 - Hope brianna gets over those Terrible Two's!!! Sorry I can't give you any advice on it.

~Butterfly~ - Jack went through a phase were he wouldn't sleep at all during the day - not even cat naps - for just over a week just before he was a month old but now he has started cat napping. The advise I got was it was just a phase that they go through (normally around 6 weeks I think) Don't know if that helps much.

Luchresa - Not sure if Jack got teh hormone rash or heat rash but they sound the same - He's had it since he was three weeks and its only just really starting to clear up now.

Anyway must dash - having home made hamburgers for tea and its almost time to go through the night time routine with Jack - he loves his lavender baths like his mummy.


#9 Jeny77

Posted 10 February 2006 - 02:26 AM

Hi Girls
Yes I know what time it is.  I have been up twice tonight once at one o'clock to settle Byron (he went straight back to sleep) and just now to feed him (he has gone straight back to sleep) which is were I will be going shortly.

Luchresa - we spoke a few days ago, Byron is the same age as Sam born on the 7th of Jan.  They are birthday buddies.  That sucks about the child nurse, you should complain about her as she may have missed something if she is not thorough even though I am sure Sam is perfect she would see a lot of children.  My nurse is fantastic she visits me at home and often rings even to see how I am doing if she knows I have had a bad day the day before.

Petrie-h  How exciting that Jack is smiling.  Byron has started to smile.  The first time he smiled at me Hubby was filming with the camera so we have it recorded it was a fluke that we were filming at the time but it was fantastic I keep going back to watch it.

Anyway I am crazy to still be up when Byron is off to sleep so I am off to join him.  Hope everyone else is getting some sleep.

Take Care

#10 Tildababy

Posted 10 February 2006 - 09:09 AM

Hi all,

Well, my little girl isn't doing the 5-6 hour stints during the night like she was but I won't complain as 4 1/2 is still good....it is just that 5-6 is better!

Ryn - I am with you...I had morning sickness for the first 4 months and did not really enjoy much of my pregnancy at all but on the flip side of the coin I am loving being a mum!!!! I also had to have an episiotomy when giving birth and 5 weeks later it finally feels like it is heeling up but I will go back again. I really want Grace to have a sibling and in the picture of things 9 months is such a short period of time (even though when you are pregnant it seems to go on forever). Just think next time with a toddler to look after it won't seem as long....the only thing I am worried about is whether I will cope with a toddler if I get the bad morning sickness again...that is why we aren't planning on having no.2 until Grace is about 2 - 2 1/2 so that she is hopefully toilet trained and a little more independant.

On the smiling front Grace has been smiling well since 3 weeks...it just keeps getting better and better. I love it when I get her up in the morning and change her nappy before her feed as she just smiles away.

Anyway, best fly through the shower whilst the little one sleeps.


#11 Rinnie78

Posted 10 February 2006 - 09:56 AM

Hi girls

jenny77-your labour sounds similar to mine.But i had to be induced coz water had broke but labour didnt start and i i tested positive to the strep swap. Chloe was posterior, so like you i pushed for two hours before they realised she was facing the wrong way and had to have an epsiotomy as well and soooo many stiches and the vacuum was used to get her out. so not only was my pregnancy crap so was the labour. So i think of all these things and wander if i could go through it all again. Oh well we'll just have to wait and see!  blush.gif

Petrie- ive been to the mchn twice now, at 1 week and at 4wks.the next one will be at 8wks, but i was told i could make an appt at any time to have chloe checked and weighed or if there was any issues i wanted to talk about.

Jenny, Petrie and Tildababy- thanks for your thoughts regarding preg labour and having another baby.I have all these thoughts, anyway plenty of time to think about another

Me-today Chloe seems contipated, what next eh? reflux, contipation. All fun biggrin.gif  I wouldnt change it for the world though, i love my little girl to bits! Dh actually got up last night to help WHOOO HOOO! about time!
i was so tired i was falling asleep trying to settle her.
Well im off to the shops and to take my mumto the doctors. Hope i can get through the shopping without bouts of reflux and a crying baby. Is it just me or do you find people stare at you when your baby is crying?


#12 Gagsmissus

Posted 10 February 2006 - 10:43 AM

HI Evevrybody,
How is everyone today? Hope all bubbas are sleeping well!!!

A question.... I have posted this in product reveiews as well but I thought I would get you mums advice too?

Ok Girls......

I made a mistake with my pram! DH and I on a whim bought a Peg Perego Venzenia because it looked nice and was on special (699 down to 320) Great pram it manouvers well but no good for walking anywhere but in shopping centres!! Can't even walk down the shops as the wheels don't seem to like rough surfaces at all!

So my problem is I need a pram for walking/excersising/cross country etc but now money is a bit tight I need to make the right choice this time!!!

Any advice would be much appreciated!!

Thanks in Advance

#13 Janibe

Posted 10 February 2006 - 11:41 AM

GagsMissus - We brought the Childcare - Trilogy (Nero) pram, its extremely lightweight and compact, three wheeler but we also brought the bassinette attachment so Jack also uses it as a bed if we go away somewhere either during the day or at night. If I can remember the pram cost just over $300 and the bassinette was $120. The pram goes everywhere and handles the ground really well. Most likely a little out of budget but I would recommend this pram to anyone.

Im so proud of my little man - last night he was a little clingy (didn't want to go to sleep at 8pm so we just gave him hugs till he feel asleep at 10pm) I woke up  thinking it was 1 or 2 cause I hadn't got up to Jack yet and it was 5am (He then slept till 6am) So my little man gave Mummy and Daddy a good 8 hour sleep. DP then told me this morning that he had been fired from work but rest assurred it was just an evil plan of his to surprise me for my Birthday (Which is tomorrow - sorry another plug:D ). He got the day off and we are going out for the afternoon - apparently a car is coming to pick us up and we are going for a picnic.

Thank you for your replies on the Child Health nurse issue. We have talked to the nurse about some issue but they told us to go to see a chemist as they were extremely busy. Our second appointment is booked for when Jack is 7 weeks.

Take care today Ladies and babies.


#14 Jellybean

Posted 10 February 2006 - 03:07 PM

Good afternoon Ladies...

Hope you're all well and your bubs are thriving.

I'm so over SUMMER let me tell you.. roll on WINTER!

Got my new baby sling today - fingers crossed that Tim & I can work out how to use it.. LOL

Anyone want to swap some dinner ideas with me? I'm so bored with my current meal list...

Anyway.. too hot to sit here long (so much for the lovely 25 degree day today  mad.gif )..

Will catch up with personals soon..

NAT I have a Bertini Shuttle (4 wheeler) and I LOVE it.. have used it since Liam was 6mths old... check one out!

#15 Jeny77

Posted 10 February 2006 - 05:00 PM

Hi Girls
Hope you are all having a great day

Luchresa - I know all about baby brain it is happening a lot lately I have to many things to do and think about.  Byron was born at 12.24pm so he is about 6 hours older than Sam.  won't be long before he is smiling then.

Jellybean - Sorry can't help you with recipes I am lucky and hubby does the cooking for me.  He enjoys it and is good at it I hate it and am a bad cook.

Petrie-h  I can't believe how long Jack slept for you must of had a great night sleep.  Happy Birthday to you!

Ryn - we must be twins our labours sound very much the same, I also tested positive for strep b as well and had to have antibiotics.  However I had a forceps delivery and he was head first  I went shopping with mum today and took Byron with us he started crying for his bottle so we stopped at Billy Baxters and had a drink and gave him his bottle and yes everyone looked when Byron was crying.  Thankfully once his bottle was in his mouth he stopped and everyone in the restaraunt said how cute he was.  He is usually pretty good while I go shopping as he sleeps the whole time.

Well must go hubby just rang and we are having visitors tonight we were going to get takeaway but now he wants to cook.  So I have to go and clean the house and get ready.

Have a great night and weekend
Take Care

#16 mystic gal

Posted 10 February 2006 - 08:42 PM

Hi mummies & Babies

I hope you are all going well and getting sleep. original.gif Things are going well here, isabelle is sleeping 6hours at night so it's better than nohing,lol. Though  ithink she is coming down with something she did a poo earlier and it was runny and very smelly sad.gif and she is running a temp. my poor little baby. Just letting you know that if i dont reply or not on here it's because my parents have moved out and they will be getting the computer tomorrow, not sure how long til we get the net.. so hopefully it's not too long


Am not bloody happy, my sister is a mum of triplets ( yes you read write, they are all girls) and they have had head lice for ages now!!!! Well Isabelle has some marks on the back of her neck and then they were gone.. This morning when feeding i noticed something on her bib, YEP you guessed it was a Beep "LICE" was not happy so then i was on the search and i found 4 friggen eggs in her hair ( meantime she was screaming) i was so P***ed off, i told my sister not to come around if they had Lice... so then i had to wash everything thank god it was really really hot and it all went out for a sunbake in the sun!!!!

Well sorry about that i just had to let it out, i gave her a mouthful..

Well i hope that you all had a better day than mine.. There was talk about having strep B, after Isabelle's Cord fell it was infected they did a swab and it came back as Strep B but they never teasted me!! It's funny how they get things even though your careful.

Well i'm off to bed hope you have a great day tomorrow and hopefully i'm not gone too long

#17 ~Butterfly~

Posted 11 February 2006 - 07:58 AM

Nat Have no idea about prams sorry. I got a jogger that was on special at Target. Love it for my walks but find it hopeless around shopping centres LOL. (tho think I still need to learn how to drive it)

mystic gal ARGHHHH NITS Hate them. Akasha came home on Wen with them GRRRR. Was a good thing I noticed her one crawling in her hair as we were walking home from preschool. So off we walked to
the chemist and did all there hair as they went inside original.gif

Phoenix slept for 8 hours last night original.gif But I still feel ikky. Have PND and finding my mood swings so OVER the place at the moment. I snap very easily. Going back on my antidepressants. Was so hoping not to have to but I admit defeat original.gif I would rather be stable then over the top. For the kids sack. Just hoping they do not affect my Milk. Found with both Akasha and Hayden they upset them for a bit.

#18 Rinnie78

Posted 11 February 2006 - 08:27 AM

morning! biggrin.gif

im am so over my DH sometimes, sorry girls but i need to have a little vent!
last night i was sooo tired after we had been out shopping and i guess the week of not enough sleep was catching up to me, so chloe woke for her first feed approx 3am, as usual DH sleeps away, Chloe has been very fussy with her bottle an hardley drinking any, she seemed to be stopping so i checked to see how much she had drunk, 20ml in 20min, not happy! so here i am practically falling asleep so i wake Dh to help.
He tries still she only eats 30ml more, well what can you do? not much but i was upset coz i was convinced she was going to wake in 2hrs or so and i just couldnt cope, needed sleep. Anyway to the point of my vent, i put Chloe down and she wakes and reflux rears its ugly head and she becomes unsettled and cryed out. i pick her up and DH says "what are you doing, she only cried once leave her be and she will go to sleep" Well i see red, who is he to tell me what to do with our daughter, im the one who gets up three times a night , im the one who feeds her, washes her. I know her routine now, he doesnt, he never gets up at night to help, WHAT WOULD HE KNOW! Just coz he has had two kids before doesnt mean he knows everything, and every baby is different.
So i tell him so and well you can guess the rest. off to bed i went and left him to it.

now this morning im not made at him anymore! all is forgiven.

well i hope you all had a good night, well stress free anyway.

Mystic gal- i cant believe you sister hasnt taken care of the nit infection, id be soo peeved off with her.poor belle.

Butterfly- i know what you mean about needing a license for the pram, i hate the thing, every time i go out i get stuck in doors, close doors on my feet, got stuck on the escalator, left pram at bottom of escalator while i proceeded to the top, i went on before pram, lucky my mum was still down the bottom with her! dont worry too much about going back on your antidepressants, i understand how you feel, i am not on them now but i was before being preg and was very worried, so far so good, but you never know. like you said better to be stable.It will be Dh who sends me over the edge not Chloe!LOL take care.

Anyway better go Chloe is having a good morning and wants to play.
take care all

#19 Rinnie78

Posted 11 February 2006 - 10:14 AM

Happy Birthday Petrie biggrin.gif

Hope you have a great day!  tongue.gif

#20 --binda--

Posted 11 February 2006 - 02:57 PM

Happy Birthday Petrie original.gif

Nat - I have a Three Wheeler.. BLOODY BRILLIANT! Its the "Bravo" model from Babyco. I love it, but I really wouldn't have chose it if I had to myself LOL.. Jade's Pram is nicely decorated too LOL.. I'm bad...

Well we went on our big trip to Orange by train/bus. Such fun. Jade met her Poppy and Aunty Megan for the first time on Thursday. As soon as I went into the hospital my Dad got her out of the pram. Did the same yesterday morning too... We stayed with him til about 2pm, then we had to head back to his place so I could pack up the porta cot (bought the one on sale at toys r us for $89 - is a bargain...!)

She travelled really well up there, but was a little cranky on the way home, or maybe it was my cranky vibes going off onto her.. Who knows?!

Child Health Nurse - I go when ever I feel like it. But I usually just get Jade weighed at the Chemist!

Oh well my princess is chucking a sook.. Best be off

#21 jacevy

Posted 11 February 2006 - 03:59 PM

Hi everyone.

I've been reading heaps but not posting.  I guess I'm just trying to cope with having a toddler and a new baby.  Anyway the advice I would give has already been given by the time I read the thread.

I do need a little advice myself though.  My little angel is really really good.  However she needs to have something in her mouth to fall asleep.  The only exception to this is when she is on a milk high after BFing.  I have tried giving her a dummy (2 different sorts) but she flat out refuses to take it.  I have tried rocking to sleep and yes this does work but takes a looooooong time and then she will only stay asleep for a few minutes.  I usually relent and give her the boob but hate doing this as firstly it makes me sore and also I don't want to encourage her habit.  I have tried letting her cry herself asleep a few times.  She cries for 10 heartbreaking minutes, falls asleep and then is awake again in 30 minutes.

PLEASE has anyone else experienced this?  Do you have any advice?  Should a bite the bullet and just never give in?  Should I try different dummies?

Please help


#22 --binda--

Posted 11 February 2006 - 08:07 PM

Sydney Girls -

Any of you interested in meeting up anytime soon??

I live in Blacktown, but would prefer to meet up in Parramatta (I don't drive, and have to catch the train, and it seems pretty central for everyone?)

Let me know if you guys want to original.gif

#23 ~4LittleDucks~

Posted 11 February 2006 - 09:49 PM

Evening girls wacko.gif ,

Just thought id pop my VERY sleep deprived head in, and say hi...Cooper woke every 3 hours last nite and has hardly slept today...I tell ya the nites r soo hard when you already have 2 kids to be running after...I am exhausted.. wacko.gif

I have ordered me one of those Miracle blankets,so im hoping it is as good as they say it is.....

The pram ???

We have the valco runabout,with bass attachment.It looks really good but is really big and bulky,not good if small boot..Its great for any where really too.Shopping walks etc..

Anyway cant keep eyes open..

Take care all.. rolleyes.gif

#24 Tildababy

Posted 12 February 2006 - 11:37 AM

Hello all,

Well, I am one very happy mummy....my gorgeous little girl fed at 9:05pm last night while we were out at a friends place and we didn't get home and to bed until 1am and I was expecting her to wake at around 3am....but she didn't wake until 4:45am....nearly 8 hours since her last feed!!!!! She then woke at 7:30am but I just put her into bed with me and she didn't wake again til 8:45am!!! I am pretty proud of my little girl who isn't quite 5 weeks old yet! We have been getting 5-6 hours of a night time but was so surprised to get nearly 8.

We have had trouble settling Grace at times but we have a strict settling technique that DH and I stick to now and it is working well. We use the pat/body rock technique and it is only if she is unconsolable that she is picked up and she will usually settle on the shoulder and then we put her back to bed when she is nearly asleep. Then if she stirs we do the pat/body rock again. You would swear at times she was after more tucker but we soon found out she was just trying to put one over on her mum and dad as once settled she would sleep for 1 1/2 - 3 hours. Although really hard to stick to at first it is working so well now. Wrapping her nice and tight also seems to help....we weren't wrapping her at all during the day for a while but she would only catnap that way. Thank goodness the weather is a bit cooler or we probably still wouldn't be wrapping her as she was getting too hot.

Anyway, plenty of jobs await me while she is asleep.


BTW happy to say I have lost another kilo...was 88kg when full term....now down to 77!!!! Hope everyone else is going well! Still can't fit into my pre pregnancy clothes so I will have to go shopping this week cause I am sick of wearing maternity pants still!

#25 july

Posted 12 February 2006 - 04:23 PM

Hi ladies,

It's been a while since I was last on here.  happy.gif

Hope every one and bubs is going well.

My ds has come down with a cold on Friday night, so the poor bubs has been waking every two hours at night trying to breathe.  I think he is getting better now.  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif

DD went to child care for the first time on Friday from 9.00am to 2.00pm, she was so good.   biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif   I got a little break and she got to mix with children her own age.

Matthew gets weighed tomorrow so will update you on his details soon.   biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif

Must catch up and read everyones posts, sorry for the lack of personals.

Take care ladies.


DD 2.8 years old
Matthew 5 weeks and 1 day old.

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