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Jan 06 Parents # 8

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#1 Bel

Posted 13 February 2006 - 09:54 AM

New Thread Time original.gif


#2 ~Butterfly~

Posted 13 February 2006 - 10:50 AM

HI Girls

Phoenix has started to protectil vomit . A lot of it. This morning he was in the swing and OMG missed the swing totally and a huge puddle beside the swing on the floor. His poos also are starting to go to the greeny soap suds look sad.gif He is totally breastfed.

I am so hoping he is not doing what Akasha did. She was lactose intorent. (totally breastfed)

Will come back later for personals he is in pain again sad.gif Breaks my heart when I can do nothing for him.

#3 Jellybean

Posted 13 February 2006 - 11:11 AM

Just a quick question.. does anyone think I should try a nipple guard for my sore nipple?
I used one with Ayden & it was a godsend but not sure whether Em will like it, LOL.

I've just noticed another crack in same boob! NOT HAPPY! Must be an attachment problem.. even though I've changed positions etc etc.

I'm embarressed to say that I can't hand express  blush.gif  and I don't have a pump.. I have been starting every feed on the good side though.

#4 cjpj

Posted 13 February 2006 - 11:38 AM

STOP PRESS!!!!   Lily slept for 5 hours last night!  original.gif  Cant believe it original.gif  She woke up at 4am for a feed,.    one very happy mummy,  the reflux, and colic meds must be working original.gif She is also a little grunter, and drove us nuts after her 4am feed, lol.  She seems to go so well on her left side, but after the feed we put her on her back, and of course she grunted and groaned for the next 2 hours then wanted to get up. SIDS info soo good, but i wish they would tel bubs their back is best ( eventho left side goodfor colic and reflux)

Iily fed again at 7 ish, then dh wrapped her and popped her back to bed, took a while for her to sleep, then i fell asleep on the couch and napped for a while. I managed toget her off to sleep after the next feed ( DH been doing it on weekend)  When i hold her after the feed, all she wants to do is find my boob!!  Bit hard to call dh home every few hours to put her to sleep lol.

Ooops gotta go, she just woke up again, sounds like a windy cry  ( didnt give her infacol last feed  :s)

#5 Jeny77

Posted 13 February 2006 - 12:06 PM

Hi Girls
Hope you all had a good weekend.
Again I am seeing some people on the thread I don't know.  I am Jenny I have been a member of EB for two weeks now and I am a first time mum to my beautiful son Byron who is now 5 weeks and 2 days old.

We had a good weekend, very busy.  We have friends over from Perth and have been trying to spend some time with them.  They came to see Byron and they just love him.  Went to see a friend who gave birth last week, her baby was five weeks early but they are both doing well.  

Byron is being very grumpy this morning he keeps waking up and not being able to put himself back to sleep.  I have tried patting and rocking but I have ended nursing him which I don't really like to do.  He has finally settled and just put him in his bassinet (just waiting to see if he will wake back up again)

Just wanted to say how good my Community Health Nurse is as when she came to see Byron on Wednesday he was unsettled and had not been feeding well.  She rang on Thursday and today to see how he was going, makes me feel as though someone is looking after us well.  Made an appointment for his 8 week check up as well even though its not for 3 weeks.
Have just skimmed through the last thread.

Ryn- You have every right to vent at hubby.  Hope all has settled down and you are feeling better.

Mystic gal - Has your sister treated the lice yet.  I am a school teacher and I know what a problem they can be.

Jac&me - Sorry I can't give you any advice on BF as I am bottle feeding but I wrap Byron and this usually settles him(touch wood as it didnt this morning and I had to rock him)  maybe you could try it.  Hope she settles soon.

Mummybinda - Would love to meet up.  I live in Penrith.  Not sure how Byron would go travelling on the train that far but let me know when you want everyone to meet up.

Luchresa - Byron wants to know how his birthday buddy sam is going?  How is his rash is it getting any better?

Tildababy - Hope Grace is feeling better.

Cipj - Glad to hear hubby is helping out and that lily is letting you have some sleep.

Attersee - Byron grunts to I think this is normal, the nurse told me so.  Byron gets quite loud sometimes as well.

Dimples - 8 hours sleep is great.

Have a great day all and take care

#6 Janibe

Posted 13 February 2006 - 12:31 PM

Thank - you to everyone for the Birthday wishes!!!
I had a wonderful three days... I can't believe that I stretched my birthday out for so long. DP was wonderful over the weekend - I didn't have to do a single thing plus he let me sleep in on Saturday!!! We had a lovely picnic in Kings Park on Friday and Jack slept right through the whole thing, Saturday we had friends come over for a games night and yesterday I went over to my parents place and both DP's and my family had a little gathering to celebrate my birthday and Jack's arrival. Jack got cuddles from all his great grandparents, grandparents and aunties and uncles.

Jeny77 - Its a nice feeling when you see someone going out of their way to make sure you're alright isn't it. Hope Byron settles a little easier this afternoon for you.

cjpj - Congrats of Lily sleeping for 5 hours.

JellyBean - I'ld say if you really need to give the nipple guard a go. At least you can you tried if it doesn't work rather then just putting up with the pain.

~Butterfly~ - Hope Phoenix get better...

Anyway must dash...


#7 Jaynee

Posted 13 February 2006 - 01:36 PM

HI all

Gosh it is hard to keep up in here as there is so little time free with both my boys.

Ethan is sick with a cold- it is such a shame the poor little thing is so snuffly and his eyes are red. Zachary ( my 2ys old) has the cold too but he is bigger and tougher so I am not as concerned about him.

gotta run


#8 --binda--

Posted 13 February 2006 - 01:50 PM

Jenny - I travelled on the trainf from b'town to lithgow last thursday and friday. jade did really well original.gif much easier though when the pram fits in the train. but on the mountain trains i have to leave it in the luggage part and watch it like a hawk!!

bbl for more

have my niece here too

#9 ~Butterfly~

Posted 13 February 2006 - 03:25 PM

yay Phoenix finally settle and has been asleep for 2 hours. With some moaning ect inbetween but is settling back himself. I smell spew everywhere now sad.gif I have cleaned the floor all the bedding (he did it in the craddle also) Changed my clothes but think I really need a shower as it went through my clothes sad.gif How can such a little thing let out so much of the stuff sad.gif

Jellybean. I have been so lucky this time around (touch wood) With all my other's I always ended up with cracked nipples. I would give the nipple shield ago original.gif I used them totally all the time with Akasha. Think she got use to it.

janine Hope your little ones get better soon for you.

Yay Chris Lily having a good sleep original.gif

#10 Gagsmissus

Posted 13 February 2006 - 04:26 PM

HI Everybody!!

Thanks heaps for pram advice!! I solved my problem!!! I got a Babylove 3-wheeler second hand for 100 bucks yesterday and I love it!!!!!!!!! I have been for 2 walks today! Its just great!!! I have decided to keep the peg as a car pram as it's easier to get in and out of the car!!

Mummybinda- I am keen for a sydney meetup.Parramatta be great kinda in the middle for me. Was only saying to Jellybean the other day we should have a meet soon so we can show off our bubbas!! Should we pick a date? How about TUESDAY 28th of FEBURARY @ 11am for coffee or early lunch? Just a date I pulled from the air? Does it suit? Anyone know a good spot in Parramatta?

Ok I off  my little man is calling...

Love and happiness

#11 Jeny77

Posted 13 February 2006 - 05:02 PM

Hi Girls
Hope you had a good day.  

Byron has not slept all day.  He has not been crying just laying in his bassinet fighting sleep.  He has been gurgling and grunting.  He has only just nodded off (hope it will be for a while) now I can get some things done and have some time to myself.  Hope the rest of you have had a good day.

Gagsmissus - I am also keen to meet up and that date sounds fine.

Take Care all

#12 Jenks

Posted 13 February 2006 - 07:37 PM

Hi Ladies biggrin.gif

Thought I would pop my head in and say Hi!!

Jenny 77
Glad to hear Byron has finally gone to sleep for you, its nice to have some "ME" time isnt it...not that I get much of that these days with 3 under 5 wacko.gif

Gagsmissus Good to see you have the pram situation sorted, I hate not being happy with a pram..probably why I have so many(4 all up!!).almost a pram for every occasion..lol!!

Butterfly I hear you on the spewing thing!! Chelsea has  quite an art in projectile vomiting, usually after I have just changed her and me in to clean clothes for the day..GGrrrr! Hope Pheonix isnt lactose intlorent..what a pain.

Hope Ethan gets better real soon!

Petrie H Sounds like you had a great birthday weekend, i LOVE Kings Park, its so nice and relaxing up there...hope you got lots of nice pressies biggrin.gif

Jenny 77 Your CHN sounds great, its nice to know there are people out there looking out for you isnt it.

CJPJ Glad to hear Lily gave you a few hours sleep, poor little darlin' sounds like she is having a very uncomfotable time, you sound like you a handling it well, its not easy when they are screaming in pain is it, hope things improve every day smile1.gif

Me,Me,Me Had a lovelly weekend, went down to Busselton(south of Perth) as DH had a sailing regatta on, us girls spent our time at the beach, did a walk of the busso jetty and pigged out at the Margeret River Chocolate Factory..Yummo(so much for my weight loss regime unsure.gif Chelsea was so well behaved on the trip and did all the right things, just ate and slept with very little whinging inbetween, she left that up to her older sisters!!
I have my pead, Chn and OB appointments this week, I will be interested to see how much weight Chelsea has gained as she vomits alot and is still a rather sleepy baby, not that I am complaining about that tongue.gif .

Hope every one is well

#13 attersee

Posted 14 February 2006 - 05:29 AM

Hello ladies!

JellyBean: re cracked nipples: I got some really good compresses at the pharmacy. Just go there and tell them about it. I am sure they will have a solution for you.

GHE: You poor girl. I hope people are getting better in your house, soon! This is a really tough time for you.

Luchresa: Thanks for the info on the grunting. Makes me feel better. I always wake up, thinking she is suffering.

Dimples: 6-8 hours of sleep. Wow, you are one lucky person!

Jenks: Your weekend sounds great. So lovely that your DD was well behaved.

Jenny: Me time sounds great, but is rather rare at the moment. Enjoy every second of it.

Butterfly: Ah, don"t you "love" it when everything smells like milk.. you clean up everything and 2 hours later something smells sours because you missed one small spot somewhere.

Me: Doing ok. Just too much snow and lousy weather here, so it is difficult to get out. The fire department had to come to clear off my Grannys house as the masses of snow could break the roof. At least in the city there is less snow.
I am hoping that I can finally get rid of the carpal tunnel syndrome as I would like to play a concert again next Sunday!
Sarah had a difficult day today. NOW she is asleep, which means that she wont sleep during the night. However, I will not wake her up. This would be cruel.

Talk to you soon, ladies

#14 ~Butterfly~

Posted 14 February 2006 - 07:47 AM

Dimples81 Sorry to hear you are still having problems with your supply. I am giving Phoenix one bottle of formula a day at the moment. (only as I find that settles him for night sleep original.gif And he can have boobie first and still drink 70 mls. As I was expressing tho I know he gets heaps from boobie as I can always get about 70 - 80ml from both. At the moment in the mornings I am feeding Phoenix every hour (find by about 2pm he has worn himself out and goes to 3hr feeds. So I am grateful for the sleep at night.
When we found out Akasha was lactose intorentant (took them 5 months to work the problem out still do not know how I survived 5 months of screaming and totally breastfeeding) She was put straight onto script formula and they still had me giving her very little amounts of Diary to help build up her immunity. Now at the age of 4 and a bit you would never know she had a problem. Only when sick does diary really upset her.
My sister's buba is 5 months and he has also been diagnose with it sad.gif Tho my sister has taken total dairy out of her diet and eats and drinks soy. To be honest I do not know if I could do that yuck.

Attersee hope your carpal tunnel syndrome settles for you fast original.gif Mine is all gone now

Phoenix did no spewing last night after feeds original.gif Tho think he had wind finally got him to sleep at 11.30pm He is back asleep now in the swing grunting away  unsure.gif

He has really started to get vocal. Funny when he makes a loud sound himselfs and startles LOL. Gives you a look as to say hey what was that me. Also getting lot's of smiles now but never when camera is around.

Oh also how do you girls go with sucking of thumbs ect. Phoenix for the past week has been finding his thumb and past few days a lot. To be honest I am a dummy person LOL but hey if it helps him I go with the flow. Just with wrapping him just never know if I should keep his little hands out just incase he wants thumb.

#15 4forme

Posted 14 February 2006 - 08:01 AM

Hi girls. Wow it's so strange to go from pregnancy threads straight into all that lovely baby stuff. Reckon whatever time we can spend on here would have to be a god send. Was stoked last night to actually get about a 3 1/2 hour sleep and then a 2 1/2 hour sleep coz Daisy hasn't been much of a sleeper, just a real boobie girl. Must have something to do with my girls as Chloe was the same.

Dimples- Do you have access to a lactation consultant? They will be able to tell you if you really are attaching properly. The midwifes hardly checked me in hospital and I seriously wonder if I have the attachment thing right as my nipples really kill when she first attaches and I don't know that it is normal. I don't feel like i have any let down either. It's all so confusing. Hope you get it sorted.

Bugger gonna go, time is limited with a 6 day old and so much to do.

Ps Jenks- You are not a bad birth buddy, pretty funny about your phone in the toy box. Gotta love those kids, reckon it's even worse when it's your car keys that go walk abouts though- esp if you only have 1 set.

Be back when i can.

#16 ~4LittleDucks~

Posted 14 February 2006 - 01:53 PM

Happy Valentines Day....

Hi there,

Just popping in to say hello..

Cooper is doin well gaining heaps of weight etc.We have had some good nites,of 5-6 hrs.But atm,he is liking 3 hourly feeds thru the nite and will sleep 6 hourly thru day.What i would do to have just 1 full nites sleep...  wacko.gifI know it doesn't last forever but it is very hard getting use to it again..We  have been having a few settling issues ,but think we have it sorted now..lol.

Dh just rang to tell me he has booked us in for a nice romantic dinner at our fave restaurant.He wanted to suprise me ,but thought better let me know so can have Cooper fed etc..Rhys and Georgia will be cranky at us as they not liking nanny minding them..  wacko.gif.

I hope you are all doin well and enjoying your bubbas...

Take care..  biggrin.gif

#17 ~Cleopatra~

Posted 14 February 2006 - 02:06 PM

Dimples - can you get to an ABA meeting? its so much better to see them in person and they can check your attachment etc for you as well. You also need to be expressing whenever you give a comp to make up for losing that stimulation. Don't stress too much, I comped at the beginning with Elijah and he went on to BF for 20 months.

Butterfly - do you think he's getting too much foremilk? I have heard that cause the frothy green poos. If that happens you are supposed to express a bit at the start of a feed.

Me - DH went back to work and away over night yesterday!! Talk about chucking you in it lol, he wasn't happy. Fortunately I had a good night. Xander was happy to sleep in the cot and Elijah only woke up once just as Xander was going back to sleep after a feed so I managed ok. My brother visits tomorrow to meet Xander so looking forward to that. (he went overseas for work 2 days before the birth and just got back for a while).

Hope everyone's having a great Valentines, we did our's Satuarday as we weren't sure when DH would get home today.

#18 --binda--

Posted 14 February 2006 - 03:17 PM

Nat - That Date sounds great to me - although the day before I'm getting a tooth ripped out (I should be right lol) Not sure where would be pram friendly lol.. Maybe westfields??

Had Chloe here for a few hours yesterday, was great fun. Much easier now that Jade is older and to me she's not so fragile.. Except Chloe kept trying to get her outta the rocker LOL. Was pretty funny, the house got trashed but oh well!!

I'm loving Jade's smiles!! Just don't like having to work so hard for them sometimes!!

#19 ~Butterfly~

Posted 14 February 2006 - 03:56 PM

~Cleopatra~ I thought that also. Remembered with Akasha they checked all that stuff out first. Today he has been good tho went and got some colic stuff and it seems to be settling him down a bit. Also noticed not feeding as often today as I had been. Today he has had 5 feeds since 5am. And only 2 poo's today back to the nice mustard colour  rolleyes.gif (man how can anyone call them nice LOL)

#20 Aquagirl

Posted 14 February 2006 - 04:22 PM

Hi girls,

I finally got a minute to post, I feel like a stranger itís been so long since Iíve posted. Have been reading the threads but just too exhausted to sit down and actually post. Boy the last 7 Ĺ weeks have gone so quickly since Jacob was born, he is now over 5 kgs and has grown 5cms, he is such a gorgeous, happy little boy. He is fully formula fed now, for various reasons, and so we have, in the last 3-4 weeks had constipation, colic and reflux, what funÖ. Things are starting to settle down, except he still wakes for feeds 3 times a night, so Iím still sleep deprived. He has started to smile now and itís just so gorgeous when he recognizes us and smiles and laughs.

Glad everyone seems to be coping overall, I guess we are all still having good and bad day/nights. Will try to get in here and post more often. Have updated Pic of Jacob in my sig.

Bye for now


#21 twosweeties

Posted 14 February 2006 - 04:41 PM

Hi Everyone

Going to try posting in here as regularly as I can - joined the DIJ group rather late in the peace and then didn't get the opportunity for too many posts so hopefully can get my self together now - I find this group just fabulous and so helpful with advice & information, especially as a first time mum.

My little boy Isayah is 4 weeks old now and an absolute joy. I have been staying with my mum in Tamworth now (I am from Port Hedland WA - yuk) since 3 weeks before he was born and I will be here for another 5 weeks. My husband is also here but he goes back home on Monday (boo hoo!!). So it has been great as I haven't had to do much except care for and enjoy my little boy as my mum & husband do everything else - guess it will be a bit of a reality shock when I go home but I'm sure I will adjust.

Isayah has made motherhood pretty easy as he seems to be a very happy & contented baby. We have had our dramas with feeding though. I find that breastfeeding does my head in a bit that's for sure. Isayah wasn't gaining any weight so the community nurse put him on 3 hourly b/feeds followed with a 60-100ml formula feed at every feed (if he wanted to take it) - we did this for 5 days and in that time he gained 470gm!! I couldn't beleive it!! He has now gained just over 600gm in 15 days and weighs 8pnd 7 and is filling out and looks really great for it as he was a bit on the scrawny side.

Anyway, this has made me paranoid about b/feeding and whether he is getting enough from me. The nurse said to try & cut him back to a formula feed after a b/feed at every second feed, but sometimes he just wants both so what can you do. It is such trial & error - and I certainly don't have milk just flowing out of me like alot of you ladies talk of (I wish!!).

So Dimples, I think I may be in a similar situation to you. I started yesterday just giving him 10 mins on one side, burping him and then 10 mins on the other side as he tends to normally take soooooo long to feed (up to an hour), but I think for the most part he was just using me as a dummy or comfort sucking. Then if he wants the bottle after the 10 mins each side I'm happy to give it to him - so far this seems to be working well and he is feeding a little more regularly so I guess in the long run this can only help with the supply side of things.

At the end of the day he is happy and contented and gaining weight so I'll just continue this way until I see the nurse again. The nurse seemd tot hink that I would be able to cut out the formula feed pretty quickly & I want to continue with feeding him but I can't see him going without it now!!

My sister keeps telling me that I am over-thinking it and that babies are just not as complicated as I am making it out to be - just feed him when he's hungry and the rest will take care of itself and he is a really good baby so I should just enjoy it - she is right I guess! I suppose I just felt a little guilty that I am not able to completely nourish him myself. I know I am lucky and he is just so gorgeous and adorable (spoken like a true new mum!!)

Anyway, I did wonder if I wasn't eating enough and whether that may be affecting my supply as I find it difficult to eat very much during the day - I find I have to remind myself to eat alot of the time. Well it could be as last night I went & joined Weight Watchers with my mum and oh my goodness you should see how much extra you have to eat if you are a b/feeding mum so as not to lose your milk - it is about 4 times the amount I would normally eat in a day!! So I'll see if this new eating regime helps on the supply front.

He usually goes 3-4 hours between feeds during the day and then sleeps 5-6 hrs most nights so I think we are particularly lucky.

By the way, I will join all you other mums on the weight loss front - I have no idea what I weighed at the end of my pregnancy but at last night's weigh in I was 68.1kg - I think I would like to get to 60kg or 59 would be nice - it has been about five years since my weight had a 5 as the first number and that would be fabulous....I am fitting back into pre-pregnancy clothes but the body shape is certainly different (hello - where did my nice waistline go!!) so it will be exercise & more exercise for me if I'm going to get there!!

Well, I'd better go now - my husband is taking me out for a romantic dinner tonight and my mum is looking after Isayah ALL NIGHT (granted she is only up the hallway, but it should be bliss). No doubt hubby will think tonight might be his lucky night as he bought me some pretty lingerie to wear (he also bought me a gorgeous gold heart necklace with all diamonds around it - think he may be trying to buy my affections!!). The deed hasn't been done since the baby was born and I had a 2nd degree tear so am feeling a bit nervous at the thought but I guess you can only try and see - has anyone else gone there yet???

Ok, that's all for me - have a nice Valentines Day everyone.

Talk soon

#22 Jeny77

Posted 15 February 2006 - 01:18 AM

Hi girls, hope you all had a good day.

Yes I am aware of the time, but I just feed Byron and just listening for him to go to sleep so I thought I would catch up.  Hope everyone had a good valentines day, what did you all get up to?

Byron has been feeding and sleeping well.  I am trying to work really hard to get him into some sort of a routine as I have to go back to work in 3 and a half weeks.  Not looking forward to that.

Monique - look forward to chatting with you.  Must be good to have the help of your mum and hubby so that you can focus all your energy on your little boy.  Good luck with the breast feeding hope it continues to go well.  I am bottle feeding so I am not up with all the breast feeding advice and info.  Glad that your little boy is continuing to gain weight.  Hope you enjoyed your night out.  Hubby and I ordered in chinese food so neither of us had to cook.  I am also working hard to get to my pre preg weight.  the first 11 kilos came of really quickly it is the last 4 kilos that I am having trouble loosing.  I have started walking each day now so hopefully that will help.

Girls I am a bottle feeder so I am sorry I can't offer any advice on breastfeeding.  Hope it all continues to get better.

Hi Sharon - Glad to hear that your little one is starting to settle with his feeds.  Look forward to chatting with you and can't wait to see a picture of Jacob.  My gorgeous little boy Byron is now just over 5 weeks old.

Jayamyc - glad to hear cooper is doing well with his weight and hope you had a lovely romantic dinner must of been nice to have a break.

Well girls think its time I went to bed and catch up on some much needed sleep.  Hope your all getting some
Take Care biggrin.gif

#23 kidwrangler

Posted 15 February 2006 - 02:36 AM

Well Isabel is sound asleep and has been for hours, but I seem to have rediscovered my pregnancy insomnia!!!! AAArrrggghhhh

I went to bed at about 9pm and got 3hrs before she needed a feed and she went to sleep... I've spent a couple of hours tossing in bed before I gave up. I'm enjoying some of my Valentine's choccies, so there is a plus  tongue.gif

Does anyone else enjoy eating dessert and watching 'The Biggest Loser'??? ROTFL  biggrin.gif

Lecourt: It does sound like you might need to up your food to get your milk supply pumping. Try to make sure you get enough sleep as well (says she who is up at this hour!!) as that helps too. I know the nurse is helping you out, but can I suggest emailing or calling ABA? They are really good with helpful advice and especially support, no matter how things end up. There is definitely no judgement re:formula etc, just the support to help with whatever your needs/ choices are.

Sleepy vibes to all

#24 ~Butterfly~

Posted 15 February 2006 - 08:03 AM

Dimples81 A lot of what you have written sounded just like Phoenix. He was also wheezing that scared me due to how he breaths. Also I was bad and was allowing Phoenix to sleep in the swing upright sad.gif found that the moment we layed him flat he would wake screaming

Yay I seem to have my buba back original.gif  Looks like it might have been colic. Gp got me to use the Brauer Colic relief.(then if that did nothing we were going to suss out reflux) (never seen this one before) But Yesturday arvo Phoenix was more settled with just a little unsettled here and there that I just needed to pat him. (the days leading up to this was Him screaming in my arms and me Or cliff if he was around holding him tightly and rocking and walking ect.)

Well At 6pm he woke for a feed (now this time of day is usally the worst for him with the screaming, spewing ect) So braced myself LOL Got a bottle ready for the incase. I feed him the (breast) he feed for 15 min one side did this huge burb and went to sleep. Woke at 9pm Feed again but he wanted both sides this time. by 9.30pm was back asleep and slept till 4.30 original.gif Woo hoo He wanted play time with that feed but by 5.30am back to sleep and woke at 7.30am Now top see how today goes with him  (he had no fomula at all last night original.gif )

#25 ~Cleopatra~

Posted 15 February 2006 - 08:47 AM

Butterfly - lol DH calls Xander's poos a joy to change compared to our toddlers! I have to agree  blush.gif Glad things are going better at your end.

Irene - congrats on your baby, you will get more time to be on here I promise original.gif

Monique - how did your night go? original.gif My only additional advice on the bf is to feed bub as much as he wants and comp as a last resort. That worked for me last time (I would feed for an hour then offer the comp). Feed more often than 3 hours if he wants to - I presume he wasn't a frequent feeder to start with and that is why she put you on 3 hours?

gotta go original.gif

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