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#26 --binda--

Posted 18 February 2006 - 05:56 PM


1. How are you coping with your newborn? As expected - worse than expected or better? Pretty good I think. Although I do have a slight case of PND. I still cry at the drop of a hat. Better than  I  expected though!

2. What do you do for some 'time-out' when things get hectic in the household? HAHAHA. No time out for me. I do everything! Although I do EB  a fair bit!

3. Are you planning on having more children? If yes, how soon will you start trying? I am, yes - who knows. When W. wakes up and smells the roses and realises the grass isnt greener on the otherside of the fence!!

4. What is the most useful baby product/item youve bought so far? I didnt buy it,but my rocker!! Shes in it all the time!!

5. What is the least useful baby product/item youve bought so far? Ummmmmmmmm....Nothing yet!!

Syd meet - im available any day xcept 27th december - am having tooth ripped (great way to spend my fav nieces b'day!!

#27 AllyxMoore

Posted 18 February 2006 - 07:49 PM

Hi all,

I just got Allyx to sleep (hopefully she is down till the next feed, Im sooo tired) thanks for the help on the photo im going to try it now so I hope it works.

Any way here is my story. Since i was 18 i got told i could never have kids so i resigned myself to loving everyone else's kids. Then at 34 i found out i was pregnant wow what a shock. I had a great pregnancy no morning sickness hardly put on weight except for allyx, worked till the stress got to me . I wasnt due till 23rd Jan but waters broke and ended up in hospital 3 wks early. They induced me and nothing happened I got told that my cervix was closed (after 4 people examined me) so had a C section. Allyx was 2.320kgs and doing great. I breat feed for 2 wks but i wasnt getting enough milk so went on formula. Since Allyx has grown heaps. Went to see child nurse on Wednesday and Allyx was 4.050kgs and had grown from 47.5cm to 56.5cm in 6 wks. Everything has been going great till the last couple of days or should I say nights as she sleeps great during the day but hates nights.

so that me up to date any info would be great. Hope the photo works

#28 AllyxMoore

Posted 18 February 2006 - 08:32 PM

Thanks heaps EddiesMum

#29 Jeny77

Posted 19 February 2006 - 06:08 AM

Hi Girls

I have been busy the last 2 days and have not posted but have been reading to try and keep up.  To the girls on the thread I don't know (and there are a few this weekend) I am Jenny have been a member of EB for about 3 weeks, I am a first time mum to 6 week old Byron (wow it goes so fast).

Mel - Your photos are fantastic

Allyxmoore - Hi and welcome, hope Allyx is sleeping well for you.  Your photo looks great Allyx is a cutie.  I read your story what a miracle child Allyx is.  Just thought I would tell you that when I put Byron down to sleep I wrap him nice and tight and he seems to sleep better and longer than if I don't wrap him and during the day when he wakes up for a feed I try to keep him up for about an hour to an hour and a half including feeding and changing.  He has been sleeping for about 4 and a half hours at night (I hope he starts to go longer soon).

Girls - I usually let Byron stay awake until he gets cranky usually at least 1 - 1 and a half hours a littl longer if he is happy to be awake.  At night just his bottle and a change and then back to bed.

rorstey1- Hope you enjoyed your dinner party I can't believe how long your little one slept for.  I have also just moved Byron to his cot from his bassinet, he is so little and looks so lost in it.  we sometimes still use the bassinet during the day though if we want him with us.

Luchresa - Goodluck with the biggest looser club.  You can do it.

Me - Have been busy the last week with visitors from perth.  We were having hubbys nan visit us in early March from Townsville so that she could see Byron (her first great grandchild) but she has just come down sick and is unable to travel she is not doing well so we have decided to take Byron up there so she can see him.  We are travelling by plane and just wanted to ask if anyone has had any experience taking a baby on a plane.  The trip will only be for two hours but I am still a little worried he will be just over seven weeks old.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Well must go hubby is off playing golf and Byron has just gone to bed so have lots to do.  Will try to come back later and answer the posted questions.

Hope you are all having a great weekend
Take Care

#30 carmenb

Posted 19 February 2006 - 02:46 PM

Hi gals, its the resident serial lurker here!  I come and have a look in here every day, but always get sidetracked by one of my boys before I get to post.  Good to see everyone seems to be coping well with their little ones.

Mitchell is 1 month old today.  I can't believe it.  I do keep wishing away his baby time though in the hope that I will get more sleep and he will stop feeding so much sooner rather than later.  He is such a little guts.  Quite often during the day we are doing 2 hourly feeds, and between 5pm and 8pm he just wants to be fed each hour! but then night time is 3 - 4 hourly thankfully.

1. How are you coping with your newborn? As expected - worse than expected or better? I feel like its a bit harder this time than what I can remember with my first, but thats probably due to havinga toddler to deal with as well now. Mitch is fairly good most of the time and he seems to self settle quite well when I put him down for a sleep.

2. What do you do for some 'time-out' when things get hectic in the household? I try to lay down and sleep, but usually can't, so I get up and cook, clean or surf the net.

3. Are you planning on having more children? If yes, how soon will you start trying? We were planning on it, but now Mitch is here and I have 2 to look after, I'm not so sure anymore!

4. What is the most useful baby product/item youve bought so far? Probably the baby rocker as Mitch has a touch of colic and reflux, so he can sit up in this after a feed to help keep the milk down for up to 20 min while I can still do things around the house.  Also the "My Planet" disposable nappy recycling service is fantastic and they have a great indoor nappy bin too. And my Phil & Ted double pram!  Sorry I know thats 3 things....

5. What is the least useful baby product/item youve bought so far? 0000 and 000 size clothes as he is a big boy and growing too fast to wear them.  Already in mostly 00 clothes and 000's that don't have closed in feet

How long does bubba stay awake between feeds? Well, anything from falling asleep before finishing the feed up to about 2 hours.  Sometimes when he has little catnaps for 5 - 10 minutes, particularly in the early evening, he can stay awake for up to 4 hours.

Now I've answered all of these questions, my post is a mile long, so will do personals next time I come on.

Going to Mum and Dads for a roast tonight, so have to get the kids up and organised to leave soon.  Love it when I don't have to cook!

Carmen x

#31 ~Butterfly~

Posted 19 February 2006 - 07:05 PM

hi Girls original.gif

How long does bubba stay awake between feeds?
Phoenix is still all over the place with this. Tho he is now sleeping 8 hours a night original.gif Will wake for a feed then straight  back to sleep will only sleep a hour maybe 2 (he seems to be in a rountine already for the kids to go to school as he always now wakes at 7.45am for a feed) He will then Feed again at 9am then 10am then will go to sleep and wake again at 1.30pm This is when I was waking him up to feed to get ready to collect kids from school by 2.30pm so he is in routine there. He catnaps on the walk to school. Will feed the moment we are back in the house.
He will then cat nap till about 5pm then it is feeding every hour or so till about 10pm -11pm then sleeps for hours this seems to be his very unsettled time a lot of crying, in pain catnapping.
The hourly feeds I was finding a real pain but the clinic lady said to look at it as his way of putting his order in for the next day original.gif  

The last 10 months have caught up with me sad.gif I just want to SLEEP all the time. I am also aware of depression so hoping this is just over tired tho with me getting 8 hours straight sleep a night I do not think so sad.gif The clinic lady is coming to my house weekly original.gif that was very nice of her to do this to keep a eye on me. I suffer depression as it is so they want to really keep a eye on me. I am still fighting going on AD's Just that when I did with Hayden and Akasha it really upset them (I was bf) But I am also very well aware of my signs and making sure I am walking and eating well and contact my support people regulary.

#32 Guest_loulou_b_*

Posted 20 February 2006 - 01:17 AM

Well i was up rocking the basinette after a fees so thought i'd come and say hi!  How hot is it! I am sweating something terrible, i have noticed that during/after b/feedng.  That said, ithas beeen very hot today in syd. Bub is just in a wrap.  Here are my answers:
1. How are you coping with your newborn? As expected - worse than expected or better?
It has gotten better as weeks went by.  At first I was beside myself, I had no idea what it would be like!  Now we have a semi-routine and I think my body is used to the sleep deprivation.  Ciara has been pretty good with settling, it doesn’t take as long to get her off to sleep now as compared with in the beginning.
2. What do you do for some 'time-out' when things get hectic in the household?
I get out of the house and go for a walk, even if it is for 10 mins.  DH is very good and always encourages me to do this, especially if he can see that I am stressed!

3. Are you planning on having more children? If yes, how soon will you start trying?
Yes we will have more, but not for a while. I wouldn’t mind sooner rather than later so there is not so much of and age gap, but we will have to look for a bigger place to buy and that’s not an option at the moment.  Maybe when Ciara is 18 months we will try again.
4. What is the most useful baby product/item youve bought so far?
Well I didn’t buy it, but a neighbour gave me a lovely sheepskin that her daughter used.  It is great, I lay it on the floor and put a blanket over it and ciara lies on it and looks up at the mobile.  It is so thick, soft and comfy for her.

5. What is the least useful baby product/item youve bought so far?plastic pants that go over cloth nappies, they are too big for her and very hot, unfortunately I am back to disposables until she grows bigger.   Does anyone else find cloth too bulky and difficult to use on a newborn?  Maybe I’m not doing it right?

Ciara sleeps for an average of about 3 ˝ to 4 hours between feeds, sometimes up to 6 hours at night if we are lucky!

Better go, think Ciara is asleep.  We are off to the OB tomorrow for 6 week check up.
Take care everyone, big hugs to all the babies,

#33 Tildababy

Posted 20 February 2006 - 09:52 AM


How long does bubba stay awake between feeds?
Grace can stay awake for 3-4 hours but it varies all the time. She is catnapping a lot during the day but sleeps well at night so no complaints from me.

Loulou-b - I am using cloth and the fitted are OK but the flats can be quite bulky. I am surprised though as I am using the flats just as much as the fitted. As for the covers I only have PUL covers which are breathable and don't get hot. They are fantastic and cover the entire nappy...none of the leg bits popping out like with some covers. I have Tots Bot covers and Motherease.

Speaking of nappies I experimented with my compostable nappies yesterday....with mixed results. With one pad in the cover it bunched up and didn't handle the breastfed poo...well I should say the cover contained the poo...no leaks but it soiled the cover so we were straight onto a new cover...it worked better with 2 pads. I got them for when we travel as I am very much anti-disposable due to environmental reasons. At this stage will stick with cloth when I can. I may have to resort to disposables when we travel and have no problem with those who choose to use them...I just didn't like the idea of the waste product of the disposable still being in the environment when my kids have their own kids. Thinking about my little girl's future in this ever polluting world.

Anyway, domestic duties are piling up as I type so I had better get back to it!

#34 KateE81

Posted 20 February 2006 - 10:02 AM

My name is Kate, have just stumbled across this thread and thought that I would add my post.
I am a first time mum to DD Chloe.  Chloe was born on the 23rd of January (Due 10/2) so nearly 3 weeks early.  She is four weeks old today. She was 6lb 4oz (2830kg) when she was born and is now 4kg.  She put on 500g in the last week (little chubba).  

1. How are you coping with your newborn? As expected - worse than expected or better?
I am coping better than i expected.  I thought that I would be absolutly buggered all the time.  For just over a week now Chloe has been only waking once during the night so getting enough sleep (except one night when I changed from natural colic relief drops to infacol - didnt agree with her at all).
2. What do you do for some 'time-out' when things get hectic in the household?
I read a book, go on the net and at night time when DH is home I have a bath or we go for a walk together.
3. Are you planning on having more children? If yes, how soon will you start trying?
Yes we are hoping to have one more.  Not sure when but think we will need a bigger home.  Hope to buy our own home before trying for number 2.
4. What is the most useful baby product/item youve bought so far?
I have two fave items.  Number one is the cloth nappy covers that I bought on the internet.  I bought 2 PUL covers and 2 fleece covers.  Have had no leaks even when she sleeps for 6hrs and they look soooo cute on.  Number two is the bassinette on wheels.  It makes it easy as i just wheel it to our lounge room during the day and then back to our bedroom at night.  Have also taken it with us to friends houses at night times and when we went away for the weekend to visit relatives.
5. What is the least useful baby product/item youve bought so far?
Ummmmmm... cant really think of anything.  Although was quite surprised at how varied clothes are in sizes.  Have some clothes that say they are for NB and they still swim on her.

Louise - I have been using cloth nappies since I got home from the hospital.  They have been working really well.  But I would be lost without good covers.  Also what sort of fold are you using.  I use the Jo Fold and does not seem to be too bulky as it is really easy to adjust the size to suit baby.  Sure they do have a bigger bum than in disposables but not a concern to me and she doesnt mind one bit.

Well think that is all for now should do some housework before DD wakes up from her sleep.


Sorry forgot to say that I am using Bummis SWW and Tots Bots covers also have some Motherease covers but too big at the moment.

#35 ~Rose~

Posted 20 February 2006 - 12:10 PM

Hi Everyone,

Long time no visit, no read, no see!!!!! I've missed you all terribly sad.gif

I've been pretty busy with my business & all other available time is spent admiring my precious Joshua original.gif

I have missed so many threads! I will try & catch up.

We are both doing well, Josh will be 7 weeks this week & is just perfect. He feeds & sleeps well & has put on a lot of weight  - he has grown a 1cm a week since he was born original.gif

We are heading to the Coast on Friday - it's my birthday!!!! I'll be 25....I'm getting old wink.gif Looking forward to having a weekend away

I will try & keep up with the threads from now on original.gif

#36 Jaynee

Posted 20 February 2006 - 12:25 PM

hi all

Ethan has been a bit more unsettled throughout the day- I think he must be having a growth spurt. He has also discovered the 'witching hour" between 4-7 where he is very unsettled. I hope he settles back into a better sleep routine throughout the day soon but at least it isn't at night I suppose.

Hope everyone had agood weekend.


#37 Jellybean

Posted 20 February 2006 - 12:59 PM

Hi girls,

Just a quick (one handed)post to let you know I'm still around.
Been busy with school, swimming, pre schhol, baby etc etc.

All is well although I am suffering some ailments  sad.gif

Anyone using terry cloth nappies????

#38 ~Rose~

Posted 20 February 2006 - 01:02 PM

Hey Jellybean,

I'm not using terry sorry! I've got fitted cloth but I am missing my ol' terries. Even for spew cloths they are great wink.gif

#39 KateE81

Posted 20 February 2006 - 01:05 PM

Hey Jellybean,

Yes I am using only terry cloth nappies and am finding them great to use.  I only every use disposables if I am going out for a long time during the day.


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