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Feb 06 Parents # 2

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#1 Bel

Posted 16 February 2006 - 09:58 PM

Here is your Feb 2006 Parents Group Thread # 2 original.gif

Congratulations on the birth of babies!

May I ask you to please read the Parents Group Guidelines, and ensure that you all stick to them please, so our time together is enjoyable.. the last thing you need is me nagging you all to follow the rules!


All of these threads are locked at 40 posts or so. There is a link to the previous thread in the first post, so it doesnt really matter if you post near 40. And if you really want everyone to read what you have to say, if it is near 40, wait til the new thread original.gif
I have more groups to manage than the DUE IN Groups, so please understand there are reasons why your threads are shorter than you probably are used to!

CONGRATULATIONS to all February 2006 Parents, and if you need anything, please feel free to contact me!

Link to Previous Thread:   http://members.essentialbaby.com.au/index....howtopic=191892

#2 mummy2

Posted 17 February 2006 - 02:51 AM

Hi mummys , Fineally get to come an join you guys!!

By the way , Im Vicki a mummy of 2 girls now , One is 5 an other is 2 days old now , I was due on the 16th Feb , but beleaved the 13th Feb was more right wink.gif
*Nikkitta alexandra*  was Born on the 15-02-06 an been hangin about the DIF group for the last few months while bubs an I grew;)

After a speedy stay in hospital im now home with the joys of lack of sleep an sore nipples , Im gettin there an hope we all can help each other ,
Sooo glad to be home thou lol biggrin.gif

#3 LiLMinx

Posted 17 February 2006 - 07:39 AM

Hiya Vicki,

Congratulations to yourself and your family on the birth of Nikkita.

All of the ladies are lovely in here and the good thing is we are all going through the same things at the same time  biggrin.gif

I spent 5 days in hospital after my caesar and I cried for 4 days after that.  I was having so much trouble with the BF, it hurt soooooo much and I would spend my days glued to the couch 2hrly feeds or airing my lansinoh coated nipples  sad.gif

Now I am in week 2 and a pro  biggrin.gif  the pain has gone and I am enjoying it.

#4 ~TCBF~

Posted 17 February 2006 - 08:43 AM


Do it, Do it, Do it!! Its the only way to get them into a routine..

That said though,

If you are happy with the way things are going in your household, then dont change a thing. I know the midwives have all the training and it definitely isnt my position to tell you all that they're wrong, but they dont have to live with the babies.. They just have to put up with them for a few days in hospital. I know the midwives at the hospital I had Will at were doing whatever made their life easiest.. I was watching the Mothercare TV channel that the hospital has running 24 hours a day and it said to never feed a baby to sleep.. Yet when I asked for Will to be put in the nursery and he was unsettled, they would bring him in to be fed to sleep so they could have some peace and quiet. And I guess if I had to work with 40+ newborns every day then I would probably do the same thing.. But it doesnt help the already very confused Mums.

So if you wanted to do bathtime at 1830 each night, then I would wake baby at around 1800, feed them (obviously or else they are too cranky for their bath), bath them and then feed again at 1900. It is one small thing you can do to get some order in your life. It would then follow that the baby would be due again for a feed at 2200 and then let them wake you for any feeds that come during the night. As they grow and their stomachs get bigger, then the length of time that they can sleep for will extend as well and you will find that you start getting more and more sleep.

Like ive said though, if you arent comfortable doing this then dont!! There is nothing worse than trying to force yourself to do something you arent comfortable with (I tried controlled crying on DS#1 on the advice of Tresillian and it was a nightmare). If you want to let your sleeping baby go then by all means do.. Ive just found that having a routine works for us and sometimes that means waking Will from his sleep.

Ok, im definitely the one hogging the thread now, so ill take 5 minutes to breathe and let others tell us what they think. I dont mean to be so full of unsolicited advice, I just hate seeing new Mums struggle as I know how tough it is. This website really is a Godsend sometimes..

Take care girls xxx

#5 ~TCBF~

Posted 17 February 2006 - 11:31 AM

Bel, because Bree was a few weeks early she may be a bit more jaundiced than a regular newborn, which would be what makes her so sleepy? My first was born at 37 weeks exactly and we had all sorts of dramas with jaundice.

Keep feeding her often, take her out into the sun as much as you safely can and watch for the yellowness (if she has any) getting worse. Looking at the whites of their eyes is a good place to check... A simple blood test can tell you if the bilirubin levels are getting better or worse. Once she gets a bit older she will be more alert and will feed for longer.. Thats my prediction anyway... Of course if your worried, go and see your ECHN or GP, they will be able to tell you for certain.

Jen, with your DH having a cold.. I wouldnt worry too much about it, BFing is the best protection you can offer your newborn against germs. Once your body has been exposed to the cold, within 20 minutes it will start making antibodies and putting them in your milk. When I was BFing DS#1 he didnt get sick once for 7 whole months and interestingly enough, either did I.

Take care girls xxx

#6 3cheekykids

Posted 17 February 2006 - 01:36 PM

Just thought I'll add my 2 cents into some of the topics.

Waking baby up - I don't do it unless he hasn't had a feed for a while. With the bath routine, I just make sure that I do it before the last bedtime feed at night so it could range from 8 - 10pm.

Breastfeeding - I always offer both sides but make sure that the first is drained before offering the second. Then, feed off the last one you had on at the next feed, completely drain it off then offer the other one. Does that make sense?  <_<

Time of each feed - It really depends on the baby as to how long s/he takes to drain the breast. Some babies take 5 minutes, some takes almost an hour. My first two usually take 15 - 20 minutes to drain both breasts but Braden takes a bit longer, about 15 minutes each side.

Throwing up - my first two threw up quite often but Braden hasn't. So my conclusion once again is that it depends on each child. The only thing I try to make sure is that they have a good burp after feed and I sometimes prop them on the rocker for a while so that they are not lying flat all the time. I even propped up one end of the cot (with yellowpages) so that it is on an incline when my DD used to chuck up. This is the trick I was taught by mums with reflux babies.

Bleeding - having had a c-sec, I had very little bleeding from the beginning and have been able to wear just a liner on and off the last week.

Colds - I also believe our breastmilk will boost the baby's immunity and protect them against colds for a few months, although I would still avoid contact with those I know that have them. But if it is something more sinister than a cold, I will definitely keep bub away.

Hope that all the new mums are having a nice, settled day with bubs today. Am going off for a little nap before DS comes home from school.


#7 LiLMinx

Posted 17 February 2006 - 04:05 PM

Heya girls,

Bleeding - All I can say is you girls are lucky.  I finished for 3 days and then it just started up again worse then before  sad.gif

My question for today is "Do you still look pregnant?"

My belly has deflated some what, but its just gone *ughhh* jello like.  So, for the moment I am still wearing my maternity clothes.


#8 livnik

Posted 17 February 2006 - 04:47 PM

Hi all

Well I feel like I am dying. I have been unwell since wednesday night, and only managed to get up coz I finally got to dr's today to get more Panadiene Forte. I looks like I have some sort of urine infection and it is exremely painful, I am off to see my Dr, in half an hour coz I couldn't understand what the hell the GP was goin on about he rushed me in and out so quick, where as my GP takes his time, hence the reason I have to wait all day for him, but I have my pain killers and some antibiotics so hopefully I will be fine.
Last night was the worst night of all as I had such a high fever I thought I was gonna convulse, it was so scary. But as soon as I popped some panadol the fever broke and I was much better.

Anyway on a brighter not, Liam is doing realy well, he is going on his first outing to the dr's with me, incase I need to feed him, haven't had the strength to express.

Waking baby I dont generally havea routine in the first couple of weeks there is no point for me as I have a mother carer and DH, so routine will go back to normal when my life goes back to normal and I am on my own.

BF I would offer both sides but he falls asleep after one and shows no interest

Bleeding I too had a CS haven't bled today, doesn't mean I wont tomorrow though.

Well better head off then
Take care

#9 ~TCBF~

Posted 17 February 2006 - 08:42 PM

Oh Jen, I feel so bad for you!

Please dont doubt your breastfeeding.. Its such a weird thing to get used to and I dont think ive ever met a Mum that hasnt questioned whether her baby is getting enough. Its fine to dread the feeds.. Dont feel guilty for saying it out loud, everyone feels the same at some point or another.

Dont forget that 95% of our problems at the moment are hormonal.. All of our bodies have just been through a huge change and you have so many new hormones racing around now that you are BFing.. Its tough sometimes but YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT. Its only very early days still, youve got the rest of your life to be a Mum, so of course it will take some adjusting too.

The big message I want to get across right now is for you to not doubt your ability to feed your baby. You are doing so well, your baby is undoubtedly thriving and that is a big achievement... So give yourself a pat on the back.

Take care, come here anytime for support xxx

#10 JessieW

Posted 17 February 2006 - 08:49 PM

Jen honey...You're not alone there. I too have had nights where I've 'dreaded' the two hourly feeds. I went to a BBQ tonight where I got a speech about 'enjoy evey moment' when I said "Oh absolutley, but also there are some times where you're soo sleep deprived, you can't enjoy..you just want to sleep" and they said "No you MUST ENJOY as they will soon be grown and you'll regret not ENJOYING"!
"huh?" it's ok to feel the effects of no sleep! It's used as a form of torture in some places!

On waking from sleep
I did do this one day after 1.5 hour naps and DD was very unsettled that evening - then the midwife said "the more they sleep the more they sleep" But I think this needs to be balanced with what Suzy has said, establishing a bit of a routine is good. I would probably not let Frances sleep for longer than 3 hours during the day - that doesn't seem to be a problem now though. she wakes very 2 - 2.5 hours.

If I've missed her 'window' for getting her to sleep in the evenings (when she's tired), I will nurse her to sleep.

I drain one boob, it takes DD around 20 mins, then offer the other, and she sometimes will take 5 mins worth then that's it

I'm nearly done. I thought you bled more after a c-section but it's definately lighter. The belly is quite jelly like too...but gone done a fair bit. I really want to be a Yummy Mummy and so am eating very healthy food during the day, the evenings are my weakness. Got a sweet tooth.

Hope you have 5 hours of sleep tonight me lovelys!


#11 ~TCBF~

Posted 17 February 2006 - 08:52 PM

I really mean it Jen.. Im so worried your going to quit breastfeeding over this, and you dont need to.

Everything you are experiencing is normal and you can take it from someone that has been there and done that, that it will get easier.

I hope you have an easy night with Thom tonight and ill be back tomorrow to see how you're going.

Please, please dont quit BFing because of this.. You have to trust your own body!!!


#12 3cheekykids

Posted 17 February 2006 - 09:00 PM

Livnik - I hope that the infection clears up for you soon. Just wondering if it could be mastitis as the symtoms sounds similar to when I had it. Take care.

Jelly tummy - Yep. I have one of those. Back to pre-pg weight but still can't fit into most of my normal clothes without the muffin top effect.

JenRen - Ditto what SuzyK said. Hang in there. You are doing a wonderful job and it will only get better.

Me - Jinxed myself after saying what a settled baby Braden was yesterday. He was up every two hours last night and this evening, was up from 5pm till 9pm (perfect timing as this is our busiest time with the kids). Only settled after he had his bath. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. wacko.gif

Take care everyone.

#13 mummy2

Posted 18 February 2006 - 01:20 AM

oh ladies sounds like u are all doin good

Jelly bellys mines fine when i lay on my back ! lol but unless i rember to hold tummy in look a lil preg lookin still biggrin.gif not asamed thou ! ill get there

Bleeding today has been so light for me (was told number 2 preg u bleed less)its good but hate it all the same

Bfing Last nite (fri am) i was stupid an bf with the lightg of TV an as a result nik didnt latch proper cause of me so now i have a big crack on each an sooo hurt , havint Got anything for them just squeazed milk over them , have som vit e ill put on thou just gota rember to wash it off
im gettin there thou love bfeeding just hateing the latching part still.
Oh BTW is any one gettin lil lumps ( blockages? ) i been gettin them an massage them asap if bubs isnt ready for feed an even squeaze some out.
Am i doin the right thing?

i to tired to person but arnt we all just to tired?? I do have a vent thou !
i was givin loan of a sling from me nice SIL an tryed it out today , ive Never been so scared an upset in my life well of late any ways
But if wasnt for me stoping all time or stepping back i would of had ppl just hittin her head ! sad.gif
in the end before i blew my top of rude ppl not careing about our lil new borns head i had to get DP to walk in from of me to stop the cuttin in front of me !!

anyways after a crapy day an a short1hr or so sleep till before i think better hang out niks clothes an get sleep before next feed, i ended up been under clothed so no means hand washin ever few days , O well no rest for the wicked wink.gif

hmm was about to say belly rubs LOL

but umm Soothing nipple feelings for all an um sleep dust for u an bubs!

#14 JessieW

Posted 18 February 2006 - 09:54 AM

Mummy2 - Yes I think you're doing the right thing by expressing some milk when there's a bit of back up...

Well Frances slept 9pm - 1.30 and then woke at 5am last night what a treat! Just when you think you're in for another 2 hour marathon, they go and sleep 4 hours in a row.

Oh and we had our first spew..god it was awful! she convulsed - I got scared as I didn't understand what was happening...and then torrents of milk went flowing down my back. mmmm lovely

Hope you have a good day girls


#15 mummy2

Posted 18 February 2006 - 10:24 PM

Jen , OH Yes! i got some today an helping allready ! its great
Partners are a savour when bubs are unsettled arnt they !
mine has a great nack for burping her

i just got her settled an really hope i can go to bed in a tick she seams to do alot of pooey nappies lol an i just cant get the hang of when she is finished or not lol

anyways i was goin to do more but i m just so over tired , nite nite all

#16 Kafkaesque

Posted 18 February 2006 - 11:06 PM

Hi everyone

I poped into the Due in group a few times during pregnancy and have been lurking around on here for the last day or so and just had to reply to Belinda's post about lack of supply...

Belinda don't doubt your body too much.. the soft and squishy is probably just your body adjusting to your bubs requirements and no longer making you really full all the time.  Also evenings are often a really unsettled time for bubs as that is when you milk supply is at it;s lowest and so often they may just want to cluster feed for a couple of hours and be generally unsettled.  If it took 2.5 hours to have 100ml I would say that she didn't really want it that much!

Expressing is also not a sign of how much milk you produce, the action of expressing is very different from that of the baby sucking and some people just can't express much. I never got more than 30mls or so each time yet DD#1 thrived on BF.

If she is having lots of wet nappies and is putting on weight then be confident that she is getting enough milk and enjoy it.

By all means if you think you need to increase supply then do as you are and express after feeds but I would be hesitant about introducing formula so early into BF. Your supply will take about 6 weeks to be properly established and if you DD is filling up on formula may not end up taking as much from you.  Also they can find the bottle easier and then refuse the breast, my DD did that at about 9 months when she was having both bottle and breast due to going to Day Care.

Sorry to butt in your thread and rave on but I get frustrated with my friends who have ended up stopping BF as they think they have a lack of milk when really they just don't trust their bodies. I am by no means a BF nazi and have even considered formula feeding this bub but I think it is sad when people stop for no real reason.

As for me well I am finding having a 2 year old and a newborn HARD WORK!!! I can't believe I ever complained about anything with #1. original.gif

Again sorry to butt in from nowhere and preach! Have a good night everyone.

#17 ~TCBF~

Posted 19 February 2006 - 07:44 AM

Ditto everything Kirsty said.. You really do have to trust your own body. I couldnt have said it better myself original.gif

Be thankful that your boobs are soft and squishy, it means your supply is adjusting to what your baby is using and your arent making too much anymore which is very very normal in the early days.

I usually just give Will one side at a feed but in the evenings because supply is starting to get a little low, he might have a go at the other side if hes unsettled. Even though I do a feed at 0230 my boobs are still at their fullest first thing in the morning.. Maybe its the sleep that helps get your supply back up.

I wont go on but please please put the formula away.. Everyone ive ever known thats has introduced formula (including myself) has started the beginning of the end of their breastfeeding. Everyone doubts their supply at one point or another.. Our bodies trick us into thinking were not making enough milk and next thing you know, you're weaning.

Take care girls, come here for support xxx

#18 JessieW

Posted 19 February 2006 - 10:40 AM

Belinda – I missed all the hospital classes thanks to DP’s Italian family dropping in! I was rather perturbed.

Yay Jen on getting 6 hours in too…Frances slept in 3-4 hour blocks again last night, I could really get used to this twice a night feeding thing.

It takes a while to get the timing of baby care and outings doesn’t it? We went to a picnic in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney yesterday and were 2 hours late due to last minutes feeds, being scared the baby was too hot in the car - so pulling over to give her a top up feed for the fluids (our damned aircon is on the way out)….I found myself feeding her whilst walking through the park, I didn’t care how it looked!  DP and I will not be going out in the car with her in the heat of the day again…we get very worried about her and it’s not worth the stress (had a lovely picnic though after all that original.gif

A quick question for you girls…Frances’s poo is more of a greeny colour today – not the mustard yellow. Is there any reason for concern that you know of? Or is it normal body changes?



#19 sweetbaby

Posted 19 February 2006 - 11:05 AM

Hi everyone,

Gees i haven't been on for about a week and wow so many of us now.Welcome and congratulations to you all can't wait to get to know you all better.

Last week was a nightmare for me had major probs with hemmroids(had to take antibotics)Then a few days later got a really bad fever.It took me till friday to get better.So i'm now looking forward to getting on with life and deal with my kids.

BF-Christian eats 2.5-3hrs.He only has about 8-10min on one side and maybe if i'm lucky 5min on th other side.The babyclinic in my area is just ridculas.They haven't even called and asked about us.Not that i need them to but would like a home visit as it's hard to take all my kids with me.Everyone keeps telling me he has gotten chubbier

Sydney Meet-I'm up for that maybe in a month or two,lol.

Poos-he use to have one every feed but now he does about 4 a day.

Jen you lucky girl.Can imagine how you must feel.

Bel i too have squishy boobs.There's pleanty of milk in there so don't worry.You bub must be a good sucker,lol.

Jes Chris did one or two of those green ones but then later it went back to mustard colour.Not sure if it really means anything though.I've had four kids i know but i still learn something everytime.Hopefully suzy or Kristyanne have more info for you.

Oh i so much more to say but jessica(15month old) is really trying to pull me off this chair.I'll have to come back later to finish my post.......................

#20 3cheekykids

Posted 19 February 2006 - 11:51 AM

Breast vs bottle - I struggled with this when my first was born as I have also been told that once you introduce the bottle/ formula, the baby will give up on the breast. I had no choice but to introoduce formula on day 3 at the hospital as my milk hadn't come in (now I know it takes at least 1 week for mine to come in) and was a total emotional wreck over this. However, DS breastfed well (about 10 months) once my milk came in and I always supplemented with a bottle when he needed one (he was a big baby, always on the 97th percentile). When I had my second, I asked for her to be supplemented as soon as she needs to and started on the second night. She had the bottle for about a month before rejecting it totally and breastfed for 17 months. With Braden, he also started the bottle on the second night and is still breastfeeding like a champ. I guess what I want to say is that it is possible to combine both breast and bottle. But I only offer the bottle after the breasts have been drained and if the baby is still hungry.

Jen - Congrats on the 6 hour sleep! Woohoo! You definitely deserve this. Have fun showing off Thom today.

have a good Sunday!

#21 ~TCBF~

Posted 19 February 2006 - 12:50 PM

Oh Georgie, 4 kids!!! Im sure you are the guru here..

Just wanted to do a quick comment on poo... Yay!!

Green, yellow, brown, little chunks, liquid.. Its all normal. Dont fret. They might still be pooing at every feed, they may have slowed down a bit.. Still very normal.

They may even (a month or two down the track) start cutting down their poos to about once a week or even less. Totally normal for a fully BFed baby. A bottlefed baby should be pooing at least once per day.

With James (my first) he went from pooing about 6 times per day to once a week literally overnight.. It was very very scary. I spoke to everyone in the world about it, even did a post on EB.. The reply was always the same... Totally normal.. So dont freak out if and when it happens ok?

Thats it for todays lesson entitled "A newborns poo" original.gif

#22 JessieW

Posted 19 February 2006 - 01:12 PM

Lesson #1 "A Newborns Poo" Check! Thanks Suzy

on the caffine Q, the local early childhood centre midwife said one coffee a day is fine. Also with alcohol, it takes about 3 hours to metabolize, so if you are going to have a drink, try to do it just after a feed.

I reeeally enjoyed my glass of wine the other night...after 9 months of nothing. I enjoyed it so much I chased it with a nice cold beer  ohmy.gif


#23 ~TCBF~

Posted 19 February 2006 - 01:58 PM

Does chocolate count as caffeine intake Laurolly?? I dont drink coffee or Coke, but I eat heaps of chocolate.. So if it counts as caffeine then im definitely not restricting original.gif

Who was it that said that the bleeding is less after a C/S?? Is this really true? Do they suction it out when doing the procedure or something?? Almost makes me wish id had a C/S as im still bleeding quite a bit and im totally over wearing pads...

My DH is currently at the Drs with DS#1, who I suspect has a sprain or fracture to his left arm. DH was mucking around with him a bit earlier and got a little bit too rambunctious (sp??) and hes been crying ever since and wont use his left arm for anything and is always holding it with his right.. It looks ok but theres clearly something wrong. Poor DH feels awful and poor little James just isnt himself.. Im not sure what theyll be able to diagnose on a Sunday but I hope we can figure out at least whats wrong sad.gif Im very worried sad.gif

Back later girls, LOL at Jessie with the wine and beer... Ive been indulging a bit too since leaving hospital, but like the ECHN said, waiting until after a feed and then giving myself max amount of time to get it out of my system.. It only takes one or two these days and im practically legless anyway, so probably a good thing I cant overindulge..


#24 ~Dragonfly~

Posted 19 February 2006 - 03:14 PM

LOL at SuzyK's "Lesson of the Day"

My second baby also went from pooing every day to once every 3 days. I panicked too, but everyone assured me it was ok.

BF - milk came in after about 2 days and i seem to have enough for her. (hopefully).

Sleep - Lexie had her days and nights mixed up for a while there, she was awake for 3-4hours at night, usually between about 12 and 4am. She just wouldnt settle, and i was exhausted - thank god for DH who would take her into the lounge for 1/2 hour or so, so i could nap. Having said that, the last two nights have been great. She slept from 9 - 1, 1.30 - 4, 4.30 - 8.

Bleeding - mine was quite heavy after she was born, as i only had 5 contractions during labour, the doctor said it wasnt enough contractions to release all the blood and clots from my uterus (TMI) He had to squeeze my stomach to make it contract and get some of the clots out (ouch). Bleeding has slowed alot now, but every now and then, i get a heavy flow.

Alcohol - I relented last night and had a Kahlua, the first in nine months - (could be why she slept so well?  huh.gif
It was so nice. Just a little tip for anyone who is concerned about their milk supply - my MIL swears by a bottle of Stout beer, She said it is great for bringing milk in and keeping up supply. If you ask me, stout tastes like s**t, but if you mix it with a bit of sars cordial, its not as bad!!

#25 JessieW

Posted 20 February 2006 - 08:06 AM

I found this list of breastfeeding tips quite interesting...



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