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Feb 06 Parents # 3

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#1 Bel

Posted 20 February 2006 - 01:14 PM

New Thread Time original.gif


#2 3cheekykids

Posted 20 February 2006 - 01:55 PM

Moneo, just wanted to chime in and say that you are doing a fantastic job and not to feel guilty about bottle feeding. I have friends who don't even bother with breastfeeding and go straight into bottle feeding from the start. You have given Ivy the best start possible and keeping her healthy and you sane, is more important than anything else at the moment.

You mentioned taking tablets. I took motillum from day 2 - 8 to help with bringing in my milk and it worked. Not sure if you are on the same thing although I vaguely remember someone saying they are on it (could be you). Not sure if you are interested, but there are some herbs that can help as well, the most commonly used is Fernugeek. Good luck!

Jen - As you will know by now, I don't believe in nipple confusion. happy.gif It would be great to give yourself a break once in a while and it also gives your DH a chance to participate in feeding Thom, which I am sure he will enjoy. Funnily enough, all my kids took to the bottle but they all spat out their dummies.  

Have a lovely day everyone.


#3 BDJ06

Posted 20 February 2006 - 02:12 PM

Hi, I was an occasional poster in the Due in January group, but our little princess decided not to arrive until February so if you girls don't mind I would like to join you in here.

Our first child Annabelle Karen was born at 11.06am on 2nd February 2006 weighing 3.73kg (8 pounds 3.5 ounces) after a fairly lengthy labour.

I am really enjoying motherhood, which is quite a change of pace for me after having a professional career – I am taking 12 months maternity leave off, so due to return in late January 2007.  

Congratulations to everyone in this group, hope you are all enjoying your little ones.

#4 ~TCBF~

Posted 20 February 2006 - 02:12 PM

Jen, Will has already had his first bottle of EBM and tomorrow he is having his second.

I had an unavoidable appointment last week, which meant that DH was baby sitting for a couple of hours.. Hence the EBM. I also have an appointment tomorrow which Will cant accompany me for, so I have expressed a spare feed today and he will receive it whilst im gone tomorrow.

We are using an Avent bottle with slow flow nipple which is supposed to very closely simulate a breast.. Its working for us so far, but who knows, maybe a $2 cheapie from Woolies would do the same job.

With expressing, I wait until Will has just had a feed, then I express off the less used or unused side.. I will usually have to do it twice ie at 2 feeds to express of enough for him to have 1 feed (if that makes sense). He takes about 100ml.

You arent bad for wanting to delegate to your DH and as you have no supply issues and your DS is happy to take a dummy, hence different nipples, then I would think you will be ok.

Good luck and enjoy your break xxx

#5 Morts!

Posted 20 February 2006 - 04:04 PM

Wow these threads are moving now!

Just wondering if anyone has really achy breasts.
I keep getting that 'letdown' feeling a lot of times during the day but it's been a lot stronger over the last couple of days - almost like a real ache. I keep getting very engorged as well. Normally it takes the full 3-4 hours between feeds for my breasts to feel really full again but it's happening a lot sooner now. They end up feeling so hard and full and very uncomfortable. A couple of times lately I've had to express because Laura has only fed from one side and the other side is so full and sore I can't handle it, but then a couple of hours later it's full again!

#6 LiLMinx

Posted 20 February 2006 - 05:41 PM

Hello Ladies and welcome BDJ06!  biggrin.gif

Jen - I am also looking at EBM for exactly the same reasons.  I have just purchased an electric pump, but also heard the same thing as you about not introducing the bottle till 6wks of age.  I haven't decieded if I am going to wait that long yet or not.  BF is just so exhausting my 2hrly stints 24/7 are completely draining me.

Morts - I hear you loud and clear, I also get that let down feeling when I am not feeding and a tightness between my breasts.  I don't have any engorgement problems though... I did and I know how horrid it is... a warm flannel is all that helped me.

Hope you other girls are doing well and surviving these first few weeks.  I myself am completely worn out and seriously feel like a zombie, the little princess of darkness  ph34r.gif  has been keeping me up all night the last few days and not sleeping during the day.  sad.gif

I hope it is just a phase and tomorrow brings me some sleep.

Take Care All


#7 JessieW

Posted 20 February 2006 - 08:34 PM

Hi ya,

Delbo – On putting baby to bed awake, as a rule yes I do, but if DD starts to cry (I always wait for the fussing noises to turn into cries before I go in) then I do the pat/shush technique in her bassinet. If that doesn’t work, I pick her up and give her a suckle, then over the shoulder for Pat/Shush. Once she’s calm, I put her in the bassinet and continue to pat her back until she falls asleep.

She tends to cry when I first put her down if she’s had an unsettled afternoon or if I’ve missed her tired signs.

Morts – I get the ‘achy’ boobs as well..but they seem to have settled. It may be a few weeks before all our boobs settle

Dena – LOL at ‘the princess of darkness  wink.gif

Welcome Tamara – Your DD was born on the same day as my Frances – which is also my birthday  biggrin.gif  Your comment about having a professional career got me thinking...

What is it that we women do when we’re not taking care of babies?

I’ll get the ball rolling…

I’m a workplace trainer, that is, I run workshops for organizations in Conflict Management, Counselling skills, Managing difficult people....you get the drift...next?


#8 JessieW

Posted 21 February 2006 - 04:13 AM

Hi Mon,

I suspect that allowing yourself the space to explore this motherhood caper may make you an even better psychologist original.gif


#9 LiLMinx

Posted 21 February 2006 - 07:44 AM

ello ello girlies,

I deceided last night to go to bed at the same time as the little Princess of Darkness  ph34r.gif which was 7 and we both slept till 12!

Yayyyyyy Im happy and so are my boobies  biggrin.gif

Although it is not quite the routine that I want (her seeping with me) at the moment anything will do.

I am currently on Maternity Leave for 3 months although I have decided that isn't long enough, just got to work out if I want more time off or go back part time.  I work at a Holden Dealership in New Cars.

Mon - Its great that your feeling better Hun.  Just remember us girls are always here for everyone, we are all going through trying times at the moment and its nice to have caring people around to listen to us.

(((((( hugs ))))))) to you all  smile1.gif


#10 ~TCBF~

Posted 21 February 2006 - 07:46 AM

Morning Girls,

Mon, im glad you are feeling better. I GUARANTEE the sleep deprivation is making everything seem 100 times worse.. Being a Mum is hard!! It will take quite a bit of getting used to, but trust me when I say, it DOES get easier!!

Well, after James' visit to the GP on Sunday the Dr told us to go straight to the RPA for an X-Ray sad.gif Poor DH felt terrible.. We were in the paediatrics section for about 3 hours, had the X-Ray and everything was fine.. No fracture. He seems to be using his left arm more and more since coming home, so it seems as though it will mend itself, which is what the paed told us.... So we're pretty relieved.

We've got a cold going around this house at the moment but both the boys are unaffected as yet. I figured that Will would probably be ok because of all the breast milk he's getting and figured James would just eventually get it.. Thats when I had a brain wave!!! I expressed about 100ml of milk this morning and gave it to James in his sippy cup.. I really hope it offers him a bit of protection.. He drank it no problems, didnt even look twice... It was pretty cute and I feel really happy that ive found a way to give him some natural medicine even though hes been fully weaned for quite some time.

Jessies Question... Im a sailor.. As in, in the Navy. Wont be for much longer though, im actually having a medical appointment this afternoon as part of the discharge process, and ill be a civilian by the end of the month. DH is in the Navy too (no surprises there) and he is an engineer and a diver.. But he will be out at the end of the year too and we'll hopefully be moving to Perth. Love Perth and you can buy a house really really cheap!!

Thats it for now, we have Gymbaroo in 15 minutes so I better fly..

Take care, back later xxx

#11 Morts!

Posted 21 February 2006 - 09:25 AM

Just had to tell you all, Laura slept from 8.30pm until 3.15am last night!!!! DH and I feel so refreshed this morning.

Gotta rush - going shopping with Mum today - although probably not a good idea in this 39 degree heat!

#12 BDJ06

Posted 21 February 2006 - 01:06 PM

In answer to Jessies question I am a chartered accountant working as a financial controller in a financal services company.

I haven't tried giving Annabelle a bottle yet, althought I want to.  I think I will leave it another week or so yet, as I would hate to cause any nipple confusion.

#13 sweetbaby

Posted 21 February 2006 - 02:25 PM

Hi guys,just quickly popping in.

Christian and the other kids have been keeping me on my toes!!Christian is starting to get really fussy at the boob lately and it's really draining me out.He'll be fine for the fist 5-8 min,burp(if he does or takes forever)Then when i try and put him on again he doesn't want or starts fussing.I change boobs and that doesn't help either.Then he wakes hungry within 2hrs. wacko.gif Also after some feeds he won't go to sleep till after twohr,have 1hrnap then wake up have 5min then go back to sleep and wake 2hrs later starving.
Breastfeeding is so hard.It's always been hard for me(and thousands of other women).I think it's being so sleep deprived and tired that makes you think twice wheather to give a bottle or not.So fingers crossed i can keep doing what i'm doing.I know it will get easier in a month or two.Just have to keep telling myself that.

Mon i'm so glad your feeling better.We never expect motherhood to be what we thought it would be like till we actually have to go through it.It's hard the first couple of weeks and your doing really well.The only thing i can say it will get a little easier(like suzy said).Hope those tablet are working for you.

Bel-wow you lucky thing,too bad about the wet nighty,lol but i'd give anything to have Chris sleep through,lol.

Morts- i get that let down during the day too.It only last about 20 second then goes away.Funny story went to have shower the other day and got that let down.My boobs started dripping all over the place.I just sat there laughing at myself thinging how am i gonna stop it.Yay on getting some sleep.have fun shopping today.

BDJO6 welcome.I think if you give the odd bottle here and there there shouldn't be nipple confusion.That's been in my experinces anyway.

Suzyk Yay on James's xray.It must be a relieve to know nothing was broken.Hope the colds get blown away out of your place soon.

Dena Yay you got some sleep too.My bro work for holden too.Although he works in the service dept.

Jen if you wanna give a bottle of EBM don't feel guilty at all.We all need a break from time to time.I have a bottle in the frezzer which i'm saving when i have to go hand in all the neborn forms(medicare,centrelink,etc....)The odd bottle here and there seemed to be fine with my kids and they had no nipple confusion.

Putting bubs down awake-I try and do this but doesn't always work.He sometime falls asleep on my boob.At night i do sometime but the prob is that Chris always spits up some milk so sometimes when i do put him down he'll just spew and dirty the place.I try and keep him up(position) as much as possible before he sleep.Then i'll put him down.I have to get it right this time .with all my other kids i had to rock the all to sleep.So i'm hoping this time i'll get it right and not resort to old habits.

Jes to answer your question-I do nothing except look after kids all day/night. sad.gif Exciting hah!
I've been a SAHM for about 5years now full time.Before that i use to work for westpac as a teller.

Hello to everyone else must go Chris nagging.He ate only 1 &1/2 hrs ago so gotta go put him back to sleep for another hr.I tell ya i try to stick to 3hourly feeds but just doesn't work all the time.So much for me getting some sortof routine going.Must dash.........

#14 JessieW

Posted 21 February 2006 - 03:04 PM

Just wanted to say that I always laugh at the phrase 'nipple confusion'

I always get a picture of a baby looking deeply troubled at a nipple, then looking at a sandwich...nipple...sandwich, nipple...sandwich

I'm jealous of you 6 hour or more sleep last night girls...I had a great sleep in until noon today (with DP bringing in baby for feeds in bed) but I've speant the whole day feeling dopey. Can't win!


#15 ~TCBF~

Posted 21 February 2006 - 03:07 PM

Hey Girls,

Just went for a coffee in Balmain and had the hugest piece of chocolate cake... With icecream.. It was great. Apparently, breastfeeding takes an extra 500 calories per day, so I dont feel guilty at all. For over two years now ive either been pregnant or breastfeeding, so I havent really had to watch what I eat.. I guess ill just make the most of it while I can original.gif

Ive got the ECHN coming tomorrow to weigh Will, which im a bit nervous about. Im pretty sure hes thriving, but whenever my babies get weighed, I feel as though im being tested IYKWIM?? Should be fine though, im sure im worrying about nothing.

PUTTING BABY DOWN AWAKE - During the day Will goes down once hes already asleep.. And if I cant get him to sleep, I just chuck him in the pram and go for a walk.. He loves it. At night, he is much easier to settle (this is after around 2200 each night) and we can put him in his bassinett awake after his night feeds. He just lays there, making little noises and I usually nod off and wake up to him crying quite a few hours later.. I hope he keeps this good behaviour up original.gif

Yay to Belinda and Karen getting huge chunks of sleep all in one go.. Sooooo jealous original.gif

Baby is awake, must go xxx

#16 shellyb

Posted 21 February 2006 - 07:12 PM

Hi ladies,

  I was pretty much a lurker in the DIF thread, being my 2nd pregnancy with a toddler and working I had no time to even remember I was pregnant half the time.

  Matthew was born on the 9th and is a lovely little boy and seems sooooo much easier to handle than my DD was.Amelia hated sleeping and was really hard to handle, plus she had a really loud cry.Matthew has his unsettled time  and usually wants to cluster feed and suck for hours.This is apparently normal and helps make the milk for the next day.Other than these times he usually feeds, sleeps for 4 hours then feeds again.The last couple of nights his unsettled time has been around 6/7 until around 10/11 which I can handle because Amelia's in bed, DH can help and then he usually sleeps for 4 hour stretches overnight.

  For me at least the 2nd time is made easier in that I have this adorable 18month old so I know all the good stuff thats ahead.I got to give her a proper hug today without a big/sore tummy getting in the way total bliss biggrin.gif I did struggle the first time though as lets face it you have no idea what its like until you're a mum, and its a total change of lifestyle and a shock to the system if like us you have a difficult baby.She quickly grew out of it and was sleeping through by 5-6 months.

  I b/f my first for 7 months plus comp feed her with formula, never had probs with confusing nipples and have a very hardie/healthy toddler.

  I'm a registered nurse in a transplant unit.I'm off until at least october as have long service leave so will be paid until then with maturnity leave etc.

  SuzyK, Hows your toddler dealing with the new addition?

  Karen, Yeah I end up with rock hard melon boobs.I did last time as well, they do settle down but it took ages for me the first time.

  Anyhoo I'm supposed to be having a shower before my little man wakes wanting the milk bar.He had abit of a cluster feed earlier so hopefully thats it, I got to read heaps of my book so happy about that.Doh!!!!!!!!!!! guess who's awake will have to stay smelling like milk for abit longer ohmy.gif

#17 ~TCBF~

Posted 21 February 2006 - 07:40 PM

Hey Shelly,

Hes not too bad with him.. At first it was like Will wasnt alive but hes slowly warming up to him. James is a bit rough sometimes and doesnt really understand the concept of being gentle.. So im always watching him around the baby.

We are also having a very minor jealousy issue.. If im feeding Will, James will come over and climb all over me and want my attention, but we are dealing with it. He did the cutest thing today too.. When Will was crying, James ran over to where we keep his dummy, grabbed it and tried to put it in his mouth.. Missing by a mile... But it was still very cute.

I cant wait until Will is old enough for them to play together original.gif

How is your toddler going with it all?

#18 sarzy

Posted 21 February 2006 - 10:41 PM

Hi guys.

I can't believe I forgot to come and look at the Parent's thread. DUH! Was sorta waiting for all the babies to have arrived, but glad you guys are up and running. Anyway thought I'd check in quickly.

Well, day 6 with Max today. Going pretty well, overall I think and the kids have been great with him. My new little man is a real guts and will drink for absolutely ages, but I'm hoping this will settle down as I'm also getting incredibly sore boobs if he sleeps for more than 2 hours.

I mentioned this in the due in thread but last night he just wouldn't settle and the only way i could get some sleep was by lying him next to me in bed and letting him feed through the night. Has anyone else done this? I'm hoping not to make a habit of it but after sitting and feeding and rocking and settling for nearly 3 hrs I was getting pretty desperate.

Hope you don't mind I have a few questions:
1) I notice Max has heaps of skin peeling off his little hands and feet. Am thinking this could be coz he was a little overdue..altho I don't remember this with the others. Don't think its hurting him at all but looks a bit yukky. Am rubbing baby sorbolene in which will hopefully help. Anyone else's bub have this?

2) For you girls who have had yr babies a little longer, how long has it taken for your tummies to get back to normal ? - I still look about 5 to 6 mths pregnant atm and am so sick of wearing pants with elastic!

3) Also on blood loss - how long does it go on for? I honestly can't remember but am looking forward to ditching the pads SOON. I'm still going thru about 3 a day.

OK guys hope I'm not repeating anything you've talked about in prev threads as haven't had a chance to look just yet and thanks in advance for any replies.

Oh yeah, Jess to answer yr question, I'm an optometrist in private practice. I specialise in paediatric vision and currently should be doing a post grad fellowship in this area but lately my study has been non-existent! Hoping to get back into it soon. Will prob go back to work 1 or 2 days in about 4 mths and gradually increase my hours. I'm lucky to have a wonderful lady who looks after my kids at our home when I work (she has been with us since my DD was 4 mths old)

OK I think I have rambled enough. Love to all. Am going to feed Max again and then hopefully put him down for a few hours. Bye Sarzy xx

#19 LiLMinx

Posted 22 February 2006 - 09:02 AM

Hi gals,

Help me out please because I am getting very dispondent.  I read all the posts on this website and truly have to wonder if I have given birth to the devil herself  blink.gif

Everyone (90%) seems to have the purrrrrfect baby, why don't I???
Nothing I do for her is right, I am lucky to get a non crying period for longer then 5mins.  I don't get those wonderful moments where I can look into her eyes as she floats off to sleep on her own.  Due to the fact my DS was milk intolerant from birth I have put myself on a Non dairy diet, but that seems to make no difference in her.

She isn't a happy baby, but where do i start with the Doc???  There isn't a particular area which is bad, its all bad.... the feeding, the sleeping, the settling, the baby.

I truly have to wonder how many of the posts on here are the real thing or are there really that many HAPPY babies and mums in the world and I am just unlucky????

I actually just can't read anymore posts (cept u girlies) cos the others just make me depressed... All the happy mums with their purrrfect babies.

Sorry, but I just feel so alone  sad.gif

#20 ChickenSalt

Posted 22 February 2006 - 10:42 AM

Hey Bella Mummies

Thought that I would join this group as I am now an official Feb Mummy.  Still can't believe that it's happened!!!

Right, well, I only skimmed the thread.  Will come back later to go over it properly.

Take care lovelies

#21 Morts!

Posted 22 February 2006 - 11:03 AM

Lilminx - Big hugs to you. Definitely give Tresiliian or Ngala or one of those places a call. They have so much advice to give and even if it just makes you feel better to talk to someone, it's worth calling them.

#22 shellyb

Posted 22 February 2006 - 11:16 AM

Hi ladies,

  LiLMinx, I do know how you feel as my DD was pretty much the same.We were pretty desperate in the early days and  I was really serious about wanting to go back to work full time and have DH stay home.Keep in mind this was only 17 months ago and I just had to ask DH what we ended up doing about it so eventually the good times cloud over the bad ones.What we ended up doing was giving her formula as a top up which helped us.There may be a million reasons though and at the time we just wanted someone to tell us what to do and we weren't really getting this.Who really knows if the formula thing was the right thing to do but hey at the time desperate times lead to desperate measures, and it never lead to any problems with b/f etc. In hindsight she probably just needed me to feed, feed , feed as they're always having growth spurts at this age and I had no idea that it was normal for them to want to feed for hours on end in the beginning. Amelia was settled and in a great routine before any of my friends kids the same age so an unhappy newborn doesn't mean an unhappy baby/toddler.My neighbours recently bought home their newborn and every time I asked how she was going they always said "oh she only cries when hungrey" otherwise sleeps is happy etc.I really thought babies like this were a myth and to be honest I was jealous as hell. Sorry for the waffle it just bought back lots of memories.

  SuzyK, Yeah amelia plays up abit when I'm b/f but as long as she has her daddies attention its all good.God help me when he goes back to work.She's also tried to put her dummy in bubs mouth.The other night they were in the bath together and she kept pointing at his boy bits then pouring water over them almost in an effort to wash the confusing extra bits away!

  Sarzy, Matthew has peeling skin on his feet at the moment and he wasn't particularly overcooked.

  I had a c/section so my bleeding was never very heavy and has stopped.

  My tum also came down quite quickly and you'd never know I was pregnant now.Don't get me wrong its certainly not flat, doubt that will ever happen again.

  Matthew must be having a growth spurt as he's been munching on me all friggin morning, talk about boob abuse!!!

#23 Delbo

Posted 22 February 2006 - 12:01 PM

LilMinx - I just wanted to let you know that what you are feeling is completely normal.  I remember with DS#1 he would cry and cry, especially all night long.  I was always in tears and wished I had never had him.  Life before this baby was sooo much easier.  I remember DH saying to me one night "this isn't fun is it?" I just wanted things to go back to how we were before we had him.  I was exhausted and never had a break from the baby. I dreaded night time as I knew what was to come.  I felt so alone at night when DH was alseep like I was the only mother up with a screaming child.   And i don't feel guilty at all for feeling this way.  Your first baby is always the hardest.  there is so much to learn and they don't come with an instruction manual.  Exhaustion also makes everything seem worse.  I too get sick of reading how much other mums are in love with their babies and how they just feed and sleep.  Makes you feel so jealous and a little bit angry that you don't feel this way and that your baby isn't like this and what am I doing wrong.  You aren't doing anything wrong.  Things with my DS settled down at around the 12 week stage.  People told me the first 6 weeks were the worst but for me it lasted 3 months.  But it did get better.  Can I ask with the milk tolerance thing, are her poos coming out all frothy?  This can be a sign of lactose intolerance.  I agree with the others to get her checked by the MCHN or a DR.  You need some strategies to help you get through the day. Does she settle with a walk in the pram?  But I just wanted to let you know that what you are feeling is normal and don't feel guilty about it.

sarzy:  Skin peeling - Emma had this also on her hands and feet.  The top layer of skin peeled away.  I just put sorbeline cream on it and it has now cleared up 3 weeks later.
        baby belly - yep still got mine.  Just a small pot.  But I can't fit into my old clothes yet as most of my weight gain is around my hips and but.
        Bleeding - mine is only stopping now thank god.  It started and stopped for a few weeks.

Jen - glad to hear that Thom is settling better.  Makes your day so much enjoyable doesn't it?

Ok better go and get somethinng done b4 Emma wakes up.

BBL Georgina xx

#24 sarzy

Posted 22 February 2006 - 01:01 PM

Just a quickie as my toddler has just let himself out of bed and needs re-settling.

Wanted to say Lilminx no babies are perfect and with mine we are definitely having good and bad days and nights.  I think the first is definitely the hardest as with subsequent bubs you are more able to let them cry a little and are also a little more relaxed in general.

My DD (first born)was a nightmare for 3 to 4 mths and I actually think I had mild PND as she just wouldn't settle. I would finally get her to sleep and as soon as her head touched the cot mattress her eyes would spring open and it was all on again! In hindsight I think she had reflux that I just didn't know enough about as she hated to lie flat on her back and would vomit all the time.. Anyhow she's now an adorable 4 year old so it does get better.

If it makes you feel any better I slept with my baby in bed again last night and fed him 3 or so times through the night. Honestly just do what you need to do to get through the first few weeks. Accept all offers of help and refuse visitors if you're tired or not up to it.

Thanks for the replies to my questions. Here's a link to my birth story if you're interested. BBL, Sarzy xx
Max's Birth Story

#25 pas

Posted 22 February 2006 - 01:56 PM

smile1.gif Hi everyone

Boy, this thread has taken off, hasn't it!! I kept forgetting to come and check in here instead of just going to the Due in thread!

Might reintroduce myself as there are loads of new girls here since I first posted. My name is Polly and I live in Sydney with my DH and 3 kids, the newest of whom is Annabel Grace, who was born 2 weeks early on 24 Jan, 7lb 13oz (same as the other two!) and 51cm long. So she’s now 4 weeks old.

Hope you don't mind me sneaking in as a Feb parent but she was due Feb 4 and I've been chatting with the Due in Feb girls the whole way, so keen to continue!

I was born in England but grew up in Sydney.  DH is a Kiwi and we were married 10 years ago next month. Prior to kids I worked fulltime as a physiotherapist, treating patients with neurological conditions like strokes, Parkinsons etc. Since kids, I'm mostly a SAHM although I do a few hours on a Saturday at the same place which suits me perfectly.  Not sure when I'll go back to it. James is 5 and started school this year. Ellie is 3 and started pre-school this year. They’re both loving having a new baby sister and are really gentle with her – thank goodness!

Annabel is doing well. Had our first Early childhood check on Monday and she has put on 610g and 5cm since birth, so is now 4.15kg and 56cm long. She has a typical unsettled period mostly from 6-10pm, although the other night it was 5.30pm till 12.30am – aagghh! Great fun when you’re trying to organise two other kids for dinner, baths and bed as well. Otherwise she’s feeding 2-4 hourly (with the occasional puke when she’s been greedy!), sleeping pretty well, settling quite well etc. No routine of any sort and not expecting there to be at this stage. I tend to just go by demand.

Wow, Bel on Bree's big sleeps! As for you still feeling tired, remember - you've just had a baby, you're breastfeeding, you're on a huge learning curve etc - you'll feel tired! Ooh, BTW - I've just been reading back thru the last thread and noticed you saying something about doing tummy crunches - NO!!! don't! Your "6 pack" muscle at the front will have been split by your pg belly and is not ready to be tested that hard yet. Stick to gently reaching sideways down towards your knees and gentle diagonals but NOT forward crunches yet. OK?!

Suzy - totally agree with making the most of naughty food when you are breastfeeding - me too! Yesterday I had a tiramisu, a piece of home-made banana cake and a chocolate bar ohmy.gif !!! (Not all at the same time mind you!) Naughty me but gee, they were good! I always fade away when I BF so I figure it's not too bad! Glad to read James’s arm isn’t too serious. My DH did the same thing with our James a couple of years back – felt SO guilty! And a friend of mine was swinging her little boy by the arms when he was two and DID actually cause a break – you can imagine how she felt!

Jess - if it's any consolation I've had that dopey feeling for about 6 years now, since I was first pg with James!!! wink.gif

Sarzy – all of mine have had the peeling skin thing, too. Apparently it’s where the outer layer which was in contact with the water sheds – very common I was told. Sorbolene helps it look better but you just have to let it run its course. Annabel’s has all gone now. Now we've got the 4 week spotty face stage!

Tummy – still soft and squishy but much smaller. I almost look normal again! As of last week, can get into my jeans but still more comfortable in elastic waists!

Bleeding – It’s really settled just in the past couple of days. Still the occasional bit of blood, not much else.

Putting baby down to sleep - I usually get her to the sleepy stage and try to get her down awake, wrapping her lightly in the cot. Varies from time to time. Sometimes she’ll have a bit of a cry and get all flustered and unwrapped, so a quick cuddle and rewrap usually does it. If it doesn’t, I figure she’s going to have an unsettled period and see if she wants another boob. Is usually the case.

Breastfeeding is so hard

Georgie, I agree! Doesn’t matter how many kids you have, it doesn’t get any easier. I agree with you though – you just have to persevere as best you can and know that it does get easier with time (usually).

Feeding – one side vs two – With my other two bubs, I was always told to offer the second side. But I often found they’d latch on then give up after a minute or two, by which time the boob had filled up and I was left with an enormous full boob for the next few hours. Most uncomfortable. This time, the hospital midwife said just make sure she drains the one side completely. If she still wants more then it’s fine to give the other side. But if she’s happy with the one, don’t bother offering the other. I’m much happier with that arrangement; seems to be working well.

Mon - do hope things get a little easier for you. The others have all said what I was thinking. You are doing your best and that's all you can do. Ivy's a lucky girl to have someone who cares so much. Do keep trying with the breastfeeding if you can as it really does get easier as the days and weeks pass but please don't feel guilty if you have to resort to formula. big hugs original.gif

Dena – I’m so sorry to read you’re so low too. There are no such things as perfect babies, honestly. My first was a real challenge to settle. Second one was my easiest and this one is somewhere in between. Is there something upsetting your DD? I’m sure you’ve considered all these things but just in case: Is she feeding fully each time? Does she have reflux/colic at all? Is she too hot/too cold? I agree with the others – have you got Tresillian or Karitane or some other advice centre you can ring? They are brilliant. Maybe you could access a lactation consultant to check if she is feeding OK. Professional advice will help rule out if there is any medical concern, just in case - maybe your local childhood nurse or GP? Remember - it is only early days yet. Take it one day at a time and rest whenever you can get a moment when bub is sleeping. It will get easier. All the best.

Shelly –  Lol at “boob abuse”!!! wink.gif Tell me about it – munching as I write!

Well as Ive been writing this for the past two days I’d better actually get it posted!

Just want to give those of you really struggling some unsolicited advice!!! Remember - it is only early days yet. Take it one day at a time, rest whenever you can get a moment when the bub is sleeping, use whatever aids you need that might help (be it dummy, EBM, inlaws, etc) and remember IT WILL GET EASIER, I promise.  It's all so overwhelming at this stage, made all the more so by lack of sleep but you can do it. As I said, just take it one day at a time. original.gif

Right - bub has finished munching, there's a woofy nappy that needs some attention and a schoolboy who needs picking up - so I'd better go!

Love and hugs to all - hope everyone has a good night. Cheers for now original.gif

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