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Jan 06 Parents # 10

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#1 Bel

Posted 20 February 2006 - 01:16 PM

Happy 10th Thread original.gif


#2 Guest_mel1973_*

Posted 20 February 2006 - 01:31 PM

wow could it be so i've made it in first for the first time lol.

I was a bit worried about Aerith earlier she couldn't open her eyes and was acting very lethargic not like her at all. So rang the Doctors to make an appointment and wham she's fine now wouldn't that be right. lol Little monkey the eye does look a little swallen and red though so will still take her. Hope everyone is well keep safe


#3 mystic gal

Posted 20 February 2006 - 02:06 PM

WWOOOOOOOHHHHHHOOOOO first time back and i get Second place great!!!

Hi mummies & Babies i'm back on, i have to catch up on the threads though,lol

Isabelle is doing well she has started putting herself to sleep... will come back tonight and catch up, she is due to wake soon.
Have missed you all *hugs*

#4 mystic gal

Posted 20 February 2006 - 02:58 PM

Hi mummies & Babies

Just thought i would reply to some personals. since Belle is sleeping still..

~Butterfly~ I hope that Phoenix is feeling better soon

~butterfly~,RYN & Dimples~ Thanks for the concern with belle Re: LICE.. she hasnt got them i got rid of them all the day i found them.. My sister got a blasting and has been banned from my house til further notice... Only to Find that they gave them to me!!!  mad.gif No t happy. i ahve been in childcare for 7 years and NEVER got them, am not happy, have been putting everything in boiling hot water and in the sun... Happy to say they dont live at my house anymore (lice that is).lol

~Mummy Binda~ Sound slike a great idea and  iwould love to meet up too. i have mothers group on the 28th of feb and that doesnt finihs til 12-12.30pm... i am avaliable every day except friday til 12pm and every second tuesday... if it could be chnaged i would appreciated it alot.. would love to meet up with you all..

~Jellybean~ Give the shield ago if it works then you save yourself some pain original.gif

~CJPJ~ Congrats on Lily sleeping for 5 hours thats great

~Jeny~ She has said she has but she is doing something wrong and a childcare worker and know how they can get out of hand... hopefully she fixes it soon the poor kids are missing out on their aunty & cousin sad.gif

~Dimples~ the was talk about a bad GP visit, and someone mentions the Barrum swallow, but just to let you know all babies have reflux to a degree, and the barrum swallow shows that 100% of babies have it.. I have been attending some classes and we had a doctor talk to us, she specializes in babies & kids and she informed us of this, as one mum asked about reflux... She seems like a good doctor and is in Castle Hill if anyone wants the details let me know..

The answers to your questions

1. I guess i didnt cope as much as  ithought  iwould, there were days where i though what is this little baby doing with me, and especially when she cried alot and i was sleep deprived, i never really understood how parents can shake their babies ( i havent done that). but now i am feeling alot more positive and enjoy every minute i get with belle. original.gif

2. I get my time out when she is asleep, i get on the computer or watch a vidoe.. Weekends are the best DH gets up and attends to her and lets me sleep in original.gif

3. Yes we will have more kids probably when Isabelle is 1yr will start trying

4. My safari baby carrier, it's fantastic and settles her quickly especially when taking washing off the line or doing the shopping.. and her kicking carnival she loves watching the lights and the music

5. Least useful would have to be cloth nappies,only because she doesnt like them when they are wet, yet she can stand disposables...go figure.


Well last week i was sick for 3 days and DH took the last two days off to look after belle.. Apart from that am doing well, belle is sleeping for almost 7hours and we wrap her and put her to bed at 8pm , and she falls asleep by herself, no more rocking or patting.. have been gettting alot more done around the house now aswell, though she has unsettled periods from 5-7 in the night. doing alot better with her bottles and i am getting her weighed on thursday am interested to see what she weighs, i think at least 6.5kilos... LOL

Am starting up a mothers group i have 14 ladies coming and they are from my antental class and friends aswell so if anyone is interested in joining it is on the 28th of Feb just pm me.

Well i better go she should be waking soon. i find in the morning she wakes about 6-7 and then stays awake until 9 goes to sleep til about 10.30-11 and then goes back to bed about 1-2 and sleep for about 3 hours in the afternoon. am trying to get her in a good routine. she wakes plays feds and then bed again or she wakes feds, then plays..lol

Hope your all doing well am glad to be back Take Care
*hugs* to you all and those gorgeous babies

#5 ~waiting~for#5~

Posted 20 February 2006 - 04:27 PM

Jellybean my terry cloth nappies are spew rags/bath towels LOL

#6 ~Rose~

Posted 20 February 2006 - 06:02 PM

HI everyone original.gif

Twice in one day - it's a record wink.gif

Joshua had an amazing day, slept from 9:30am till 11:30am, opened one eye for about 10 mins & had feed. Then went back to sleep until 2:10pm when I woke him to pick Tash up from school original.gif

mystic gal
We are having lice issues at the moment! A few kids in Natasha's class have them so I treated both her & Jordyn just in case. Congrats on starting up a Mothers Group original.gif I started one when Tash was born, it's still running but sadly I don't make it anymore

Sounds like your daugher is keeping you on your toes! I've missed our little chats  - hope all is well with your family original.gif

best go & organise dinner original.gif

#7 mystic gal

Posted 20 February 2006 - 07:29 PM

Hi there mummies hope you have a good night and get some decent sleep

~ROSE~ Yeh my sisters children have them and have for ages!!! when i went to the chemist they said the best thing for getting rid of them is using plain conditioner and a fine toothcomb. Apparently they are becoming resistant to all chemicals.. Hope you dont have too much hassle with them original.gif
Yeh i'm looking forward to hte mothers group should be good original.gif

Great to hear that Joshua had a good sleep original.gif. Isabelle has just put herself to sleep.

~Mel~ Hope that Aerith's eye gets better and that she isnt too cranky

Well i'm off to bed since Belle is asleep. will talk with you all soon

*hugs* to all
Well i'm off to bed

#8 Jellybean

Posted 20 February 2006 - 07:53 PM

Hey there,

Just wanted to know, those of you using terry cloths, do you use covers??

#9 ~Rose~

Posted 20 February 2006 - 08:39 PM

Hey Mel,

I used terries for both the girls & used covers.

When around home I used the ol' plastic ones you get 3 for $0.99cents lol but when we were going ok I used the velcro ones from Big W & found them to be very good. On super hot days I didnt use a cover.

#10 KateE81

Posted 20 February 2006 - 09:04 PM

Hi Mel,

I use terry cloths and use Bummis SWW PUL covers during the day (I have two of them that I rotate) usually I just air them out but if DD has an explosive poo sometimes they need a wash as they catch the bits that come out the legs.  Then I also have two Tots Bots Fleece Covers for night time.  They are supposed to be better for night time as they are more breathable.  They say that wool is the best for night times but take more effort to wash and longer to dry.  So while she is still doing the exlosive BF poo I will just stick to the fleece as they wash and dry quickly.  Hope that is helpful.  I bought them all on the net could not find them in any shops.


#11 Guest_mel1973_*

Posted 21 February 2006 - 04:55 AM

Thankyou Rose & Mystic Gal thankyou for your concern for Aerith. She's a very cheeky girl she is perfectly healthy now, but poor Dominic is now on antibiotic ointment for his eye. His sticky eye turns out to be infected again. Dominic seems to never catch a break. His reflux is starting to settle a little but still giving him some grief.

I too Rose miss our chats i guess being mums again and with your business we just don't get the time. Maybe we should put an hour a week aside just for chatting smile1.gif

Sounds like fun Mystic gal starting up a mothers group. I don't think there is enough Mackay women in my area to start one here. I've tried a few times to get some of the mums to meet but we all must be just too busy. So now i just have one on one meetings with mum's from eb.... Glad to hear your alot better now and Belle is sleeping better for you. I still have trouble with Aerith falling asleep at night but when she finally does she sleeps 7 - 8 hrs most nights which is great. Dominic on the other hand well he's great with putting himself to sleep just doesn't sleep as long as Aerith the most he has ever slept is 4 hrs between feeds. I'm enjoying the wake periods with the babies mind you i get so wrapped up talking to them and enjoying them smiling and cooing at me that i tend to neglect the housework lol. smile1.gif

Well i had better go and at least try and get some more sleep keep safe everyone bye for now

MEL smile1.gif

#12 KateE81

Posted 21 February 2006 - 07:02 AM

Hi girls, I posted this in the "your new baby thread" but didnt get much help hope that someone has some ideas:

My DD is four weeks old.  Over the last week I have noticed some small pimple looking things.  First thought that they were milk pimples but didnt look the same as they were more red than the milk pimples.  Then this morning I noticed that she had a patch of them on her forehead going in to her hair line.  They look like hives (which I have had before - related to a food alergy).  Then tonight I found another bigger patch of them on her back.  It almost covers a 1/3 of her back.  Have tried calling the health nurse line but always engaged.  Will try and get her an appointment with the dr tomorow but if not have her 1 month chech up on Wednesday.

Has anyone got any ideas what it would be from and should I be concerned.  She has been a bit restless today and not sure whether that is why (would it be itchy?).  I have just tried putting some SUDO cream on it to see if that would help - nto sure whether that is the right thing to use though????

Would appreciate any ideas or suggestion on what I should do.  Thanks

#13 KateE81

Posted 21 February 2006 - 07:52 AM

Thanks Dimples,

I think that maybe I am being a paraniod parent its just that I think that I have got rid of it (seems the SUDO cream is working) and then I find another big patch of it.  Its now on her shoulder blade and on her arms.  They poor thing is quite restless when sleeping so I think that it is itching her.  Cant ring my dr till 8:30 so am hanging out to ring them.
Thank again

#14 mystic gal

Posted 21 February 2006 - 08:04 AM

Morning Mummies & Babies hope you all had a good nights sleep and feel a little refreshed!!!!!

~MEL~ Thats sad that there arnt man people interested in mothers group.. I cant wait for it to start i have 15 ladies coming it's great!!! Poor little Dominic hope he is feeling better soon sad.gif... Thats awesome that Aerith sleeps for soo long, and dominic only sleeping for shor periods, at least this mean you get to spend some quality time with each of them seperatley.. I wrapped Belle up on friday night the first time we tried it, and put her in the cot at 8pm she cried for awhile but in the end she put herself to sleep in 45mins and now she sometimes just wants a cuddle and falls asleep, i never rock her anymore, just have to get this through to other people, my mum was patting her yesterday  mad.gif  after being told thats not what i do... We also took her musical mobile out of her cot, so this does not get her stimulated.. Your not the only one when Belle is awke ( like she is now) nothing gets done, i sing and play games with her, it's so much fun original.gif Hope you got some good sleep talk with you soon *hugs*

~KateE81 ~ It could jsut be a sweat rash, but if you are worried just take her to the doctor can never be to careful, you could just try putting some babypowder on her back so this calms it and doesnt get irrated with the sweat

~Dimples~ Oh yeh i was furious trust me she got the biggest mouthful and is no longer welcome at my place, and when she goes to my parents place i jsut leave..not risking it again.Hope DD felt better afterwards, it's no good when they are in pain sad.gif I dont blame you for being cranky, i mean when you have fun you want it to be with your DH especially for the first time and for him to be having fun with others thats just not on, he should take your feelings into consideration..thats not good that you didnt have a good 1year anniversary ((((SUPER hugs))))

~ME ME~ Well belle is sleeping for roughly 6-7hours at night. YAY original.gif which is great. We have lots of play time, she is in her portacot atm playing with her kicking carnival ( it's a god send)LOL she loves the music and lights.. DH has been great he has been leaving for work a little later so i can have abit of a sleep in, he feds and baths her, it's very good original.gif. though he wont get hoem till 7 tonight but thats the price to pay..she has started smiling alot more, has fun putting her hands in her mouth, and she has a cute laugh.well i better go while she is happy. will try to get back on later. will leave you with a pic of Belle

Have a great day and take care
(((hugs))) to all you mummies & Babies XXXXXX

#15 ~Rose~

Posted 21 February 2006 - 08:43 AM

Morning everyone!

We have the worst night so far I think last night! Joshua kept loosing his thumb & couldnt find it so we had to keep getting up to put it back in. I tell ya I was ready to tape his thumb in that mouth with masking tape hehehe wink.gif

He's going back to bed now & should sleep for a couple of hours so I should get some work done original.gif

OHOHOHOH!!! I forgot to tell you all original.gif I joined a gym!!! I start Monday!! How cool, I have never been a member of a gym before but god know I need it hehehe wink.gif

Is anyone else always starving?
This breastfeeding thing really takes it out of ya! I'm hungry all the time & all I seem to do is feed Josh. It's not like I'm out running a marathon or anything blink.gif

mystic gal
I'm so jealous! Belle is certainly a good little girl!

Have you been able to get on to the Dr. yet? Hope you get it sorted out quickly!

Thanks for the birthday wishes sweetie!! Although my birthday is this friday!!! We are leaving for our weekend away about 3pm Friday & I can't wait original.gif

How's Dom's eye today? Is it looking any better? Poor thing this is really a prob for him! Hey when are you coming to Brisbane?? We have to catch up original.gif

#16 Guest_mel1973_*

Posted 21 February 2006 - 09:45 AM

Hi Rose yes it is looking a bit better today. What a little monkey your little man last night. My two have discovered their thumbs too. I've been trying for weeks now to get them to take a dummy but they just don't seem to like them. I guess it's not such a bad thing i at least won't have to worry about them getting too attached. Not sure when i'm coming meant to be in the next couple of weeks. I'll let you know the dates when they are booked. I hope you have a great day take care.

MEL smile1.gif

#17 KateE81

Posted 21 February 2006 - 09:52 AM

Finally got on to the dr and have an appointment for DD in one hr.  She had been really restless this morning squirming in her sleep.  Just gave her a bath and a feed and have put her to sleep on her tummy (I know i shouldnt but the rash covers most of her back and I think it is itching her).  Also she gets a very swetty back when sleeping on her back.

BTW everyone bubs are just adorable, I really need to subscribe to photobucket or something so I can share my pics of Chloe.

Rose - Noticed that you said that you live in Brissy (south side).  Me too, any other Jan 06 mums living in Brisbane.
I am not so much starving as thirsty constantly.  My mouth is constantly dry and nothing seems to quench my thirst.

Will post once I get home from the dr.  Hope everything is alright.  


#18 Jellybean

Posted 21 February 2006 - 10:09 AM

Hey girls,

I am starving ALL the time! I just want to eat, eat, eat!! I am exercising heaps so that combined with breastfeeding, it's a wonder I'm not fading away  tongue.gif  ha ha ha!
I would love to join the gym but I lack 2 things..
sad.gif  sad.gif  sad.gif

Back soon...

#19 mystic gal

Posted 21 February 2006 - 10:56 AM

Hi there mummies

~ROSE~ thats great to hear, i hope you have at the gym original.gif. Yeh she is good when she wants to,lol she has been sleeping for 2hours and 15mins so cross my fingers she sleeps alittle more, have done soo much house work and i'm very proud of myself original.gif
You have to love that Joshua found his thumb, belle has found her hands but hasnt found the thumb,she can stick with her dummy though she just spits it out when she is done

~KateE81 ~ hope things go well at the doctors with Chloe, it doesnt matter you can put her on the belly your there watching her... I would lvoe to see a pic of Chloe

~Jellybean~ I hear yay with the money to join a gym, i would love to but, it's not possible at the moment so will just keep with what i am doing... Probably have to think about when i go back to work aswell sad.gif

Well ladies i will be back later tonight, have another load of washing to hang out who knows i might get to bake a cake later

Take care

#20 Janibe

Posted 21 February 2006 - 11:14 AM

Morning ladies...
Wow turn your back for 5 seconds and everyone is posting !!!! tongue.gif Glad to hear from those who haven't been around that often.

KateE81 - DS had the kind of rash you have described for a few weeks now. It started off on his face and looked exactly like a really bad case of pimples and then went all over his body. At its worst we simply put sorboline cream on it and in general provided he didn't get really hot, it eventually faded.

mystic gal - Sounds like Isabelle is growing up nicely. Good on you for organising the mothers group!!! I'm hoping that tomorrow when I go to the Child Health nurse she tells me about a mothers group that is available as it would be nice to chat with other mummies.

~Rose~ - Yep another starving Mummy here. I feel like I'm eating all day long. Must do something about it as I think my weight loss has stopped. DP has organised his mum to come and look after Jack for a couple of hours once a week so that I can start going to the gym but my motivation at the moment just isn't there - could be cause I'm not sure I really want the MIL(2b) to look after Jack (damn overprotective parents
tongue.gif )

Dimples81 - Bummer on the wedding. I was feeling like DP was always enjoying himself without me when I was pregnant which was hard cause most of the time as I couldn't fit into the party (drinking etc) I was bored and just wanted to stay at home.

Jack has decided that today he wants cuddles and lots of them and it's only 9:00am. He slept for 8 1/2 hours last night and then another 2 hours so I can't see him going to sleep anytime soon (hopefully by 12) but its going to be so hot here in Perth today (39 with storms). Hopefully we don't get another power strike cause the system just can't handle all the air cons in Perth working. We have our plan of attack though if it does happen - either going to DP's brothers place or my sisters place provided they have power.
Got our frist child health nurse appointment tomorrow which I am looking forward to.
Anyway must dash and hang soem washing out before it gets way to hot


#21 ~Rose~

Posted 21 February 2006 - 12:33 PM

Back Again!

Well I've managed to get nothing done today & now I have a headache!!!

Today ended up being a 'cuddle day'. Josh is such sweetie, he loves cuddles, but it means nothing gets done. I've managed to put him down for a few minutes to post on here - he is watching an special on the History channel wink.gif

Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one eating all the time hehehe! I'm the same as you. I dont think I could leave Joshua with MIL quite yet. DH will look after him while I go of an evening original.gif

mystic gal
It is good he has found his thumb, most of the time he can get it in himself, just seems to be nights we have issues lol
It's really great because I dont have to worry about where the dummy is or remembering to take it out with us - its there all the time original.gif

I tell ya the amount I'm eating I'll be bigger than when I was pregnant. I have about 3 lunches a day. Luckily, my business will be paying my gym membership, otherwise I wouldnt be going either. Self-confidence! I'm packing it about going, I'm so nervous but I'm going to make myself. I have to buy some clothes to wear but none of the 'gym clothes' fit!!!

Yep, there are a couple of us in this neck of the woods! Happiness (Jill) lives in Logan & Lisa (Lisjn) is on the Gold Coast & I'm pretty sure (Butterly) is in Ipswich original.gif Where abouts are you? I'm in Acacia Ridge original.gif

WOOHOO! A couple of weeks! Fantastic! I'm really looking forward to meeting up original.gif

Best go back to my boy....he needs more cuddles original.gif

It's Parent/Teacher afternoon at Tash's school this arvo. It goes for 2 hours!!! Will be great to talk with her teacher!

OMG OMG OMG!!! I forgot to tell you all: Natasha had her eye lashes cut off with Scizzors at school last week!!!! It's a wonder she didnt loose her eye but yep someone cut her eye lashes off!!!!

#22 KateE81

Posted 21 February 2006 - 12:35 PM

Peta - wow 39degrees.  I really feel for you.  I have been winging about the 29 - 32 temps that weve been having in Brisbane.  Hope that it cools down for you soon.

Rose - I live in Forest Lake

An update on Chloe - Her rash seems to be getting better (SUDO cream is great).  The doc thinks that it is an allergic reaction to something that I ate.  Think it might have been the tim tams that I ate.  When I was a baby I had a very bad intolerance to milk including Breast milk so have been trying to avoid dairy but just coulnt resist the tim tams.  It is a long shot and could be unrelated but seems to be leaving her system.  

Will get my DH to put some photos on my laptop tonight so that I can upload them and show of my beautiful DD.

Well am really hungry so going to make some lunch.  Thanks for all of your advice and concern about Chloe.  Its nice to share the worry.


#23 ~Rose~

Posted 21 February 2006 - 12:36 PM

WOOHOOOO! Well done Sam!!! Smiles!! fantastic  biggrin.gif

#24 Jenks

Posted 21 February 2006 - 02:02 PM

Wow these threads are really starting to move along, it is great to see some new people have joined us and to see that most of us from the DIJ have jumped to this thread, has any one heard from Happiness latelly? I have been wondering how she is getting on.

KateE81: Glad to hear that Chloes rash is nothing to serious, Chelsea has a rash at the moment too but I think hers is due to heat.

Luchresa: Chelsea smiled today for the first time too, isnt it so cute, I now find myself spending hours trying to get more smiles out of her tongue.gif

~Rose~ Hi There!! Great to hear from you, Joshua sounds like a real cutie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Friday, hope you have a FUNTASTIC weekend smile1.gif OMG about the eyelashes ohmy.gif

OMG isnt it a stinker today blush.gif Where abouts in Perth are you? I hope the power stays on for you, we dont lose the power here very often at all(twice in 4 years) as we are on the same grid as SJOG Murdoch.

Jellybean I too am starving all the time, i was so good not snacking at all between meals and wasnt overly hungry either, but my milk was affected and started to dry up so I had to up my calorie intake and eat more regulary, since I started doing that I am constantlly hungry..ARGHHH! mad.gif

Me,Me,Me Have had a busy week of Dr appointments, Chelsea saw the pead on Friday and is gaining weight slowly, she is now 4.1kg so has only really gained 600gms since she was born 6.5 weeks ago huh.gif  Also she has to go back to have her wind pipe looked at as it seems the flap on the top has not formed like it should have causing her to make strange squeaking noises kind of like whooping cough.
Apart from those things she really is a great bub, very placid and loves her sleep, on friday she was 6 weeks old and celebrated it by rolling over from her tummy to her back, she now rolls over every time we put her on her belly...clever girl!!
It is so HOT here today and Chelsea wants cuddles, I feel like I am going to melt, think I will give her a cool bath and see if that will relax her enough to have a snooze for a few hours.
Better go and pack Lexie and Chelsea into the car so that we can pick abbey up from Pre school..
Bye for now

#25 ~Butterfly~

Posted 21 February 2006 - 02:19 PM

Hi Girls original.gif

KateE81 Hope the rash is nothing serious. I live at Riverview (on the way to Ipswich it is) My parent live at Forest Lake it is nice over there.

~Rose~ I always have food in my mouth sad.gif My weight is not going up or down at the moment so not to worried yet.

Phoenix has finally fallen asleep. He has been awake since 6.30am this morning sad.gif He is only catnapping at the moment (when dummy falls out I know he is fully asleep.)
Batteries ran out on his swing this morning. Stupid me got the wrong size WAHHHHHH So I have spent up to now rocking and walking him. He has had a lot of colic today.
I think my eating to much bread is causing it now. I cut all milk out of my diet apart from my coffee (gotta drink coffee with milk) And found he was starting to really settle down. Then the last 2 days he has gone back and looking at what I have been eating bread is the one thing I have eaten a lot of over the past 3 days. Will cut that out and see how he goes.

Also Phoenix has had no formula top ups now for over 48 hours WOOHOO. He has decided boobie only will be for him LOL. He was only having 50 -70 mls at night. But now refuses it totally.

Better go and get ready for the rest of the kids to come home from school original.gif 10 min I have of peace LOL

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