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Jan 06 Parents # 11

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#1 Bel

Posted 22 February 2006 - 03:59 PM

New Thread Time original.gif


#2 Jellybean

Posted 22 February 2006 - 03:59 PM

Is it me??

Could it be??

#3 KateE81

Posted 22 February 2006 - 05:03 PM

WOW! I went out for the day and when I get back find that we have a new thread.  It is moving so fast.  Sorry if I miss anyone but there is so much to catch up on.

rorstey1 - Sounds like Tahlia is doing really well.  Can't wait for Chloe to start giggling, she did give me some cute smiles today and starting to make some small coos but think shes far of giggling.  Must be so precious though.

Mystic Gal - Thanks for commenting on our pics.  Belle is just absolutely gorgeous (think I have told you that before) but she is.  Don't think i'm as brave as you though.  Chloe likes to hold her head up when we are holding her and when shes lying on her tummy but not attempting to sit up yet.  Think I might get one of those pillows but.  Where did you get yours from?  Is it a certain brand?

Carmen - I agree with the Brauer's Colic relief.  We have been using it for just over a week now and have found that it works wonders.  Chloe doesnt particularily like the taste but she now brings her wind up without even patting or rubbing (9 times out of 10) and since doing so rarely have an unsettled night and she is only waking once during the night (previously 3hrly).  We initially tried the Infacol but it didnt agree with her at all.  She tolerated taking it a lot better but she was very pukey and made her wind worse.

Jenny77 - thanks for the comments on the photos.  Byron looks like a very alert little boy - very gorgeous.

Dimples81 - Thanks for your concern and comment about Chloe.  her rash seems to be clearing up really well.  Just a bit left on her back and arms.  Just worried that it will come back as I am really still unsure what it exactly was that i ate.  Am guessing by your username that you are also born in 1981.

Rose - Not sure whether you saw the post about me living in Forest Lake cause I went back and edited the message instead of just writing a new post so may have got missed.  Thanks for the comment on Chloes pics.  Hope that Josh's feeding pattern settles down for you soon.

Butterfly - Great to hear that the swing is working so well for you.  I hope that you bought spare batteries.  Keep a stash somewhere for next time.  Hehe.  What part of Forest lake fo your parents live?

Ryn - Sorry to hear that Dh isn't pulling his weight, can really make the difference.  BTW love your daughters name.

JellyBean - I love those beds if I had a boy would buy it of you myself.  Have you thought of putting up a flyer at you local shopping center/supermarket on their boards.  Might get some interest that way.  Because it is a big item people may not be as interested in buying over the net.

Petrie - how did your child health nurse appointment go.  Any luck with a mother's group?

Luchresa - Congrats on the first smile.  Chloe started smiling today also.  It is just such a special thing to watch them grow and learn all of these new things.

Jenks - Hope that all works out with Chelsea.  Just wondering should everyone take their bub to see a pead at a certain milestone or only if you have concerns?

Well I think thats all now for the questions.

1. What do you miss about being pregnant?
Definatley feeling her move around.  Sometimes I feel my stomache hoping to feel that sensation again.

2. What don't you miss about being pregnant?
The morning (should I say all day) sickness.  I ended up the hospital twice with dehydration and was on tablets and when they stopped working injections at the docs.

3. What do you love about being a mum?
Watching Chloe grow and learn.  I also just love holding her and watching her watching me knowing that she knows who I am and needs me.

4. How is your partner enjoying being a dad?
Absolutly loving it.  I think that he would trade places with me if he could.  Hates going to work and is always late (he used to be the first person to work most days).

An update on Chloe - she has started to be more aware of her world.  She is having much more wakful times and plays under her jungle gym and enjoys being interacted with and having little chats.  When I went to the dr she had put on 300grams since last Friday.  She is such a chubba.  She has been great today.  Slept while I went to the shops with a friend and has been really content. Hope that she is this good when I go to playgroup tomorrow.

Well think I have taken up enough space.

hugs to all

#4 S-E-A-L

Posted 22 February 2006 - 06:13 PM

hi all

great to see so many people in here!

for wind i've just started to use the brauers colic relief too and it works well.
i'm wondering how often to use it? just when he seems windy or aftr every feed?

i also want to cloth diaper but after using disposables fora week in hosp they just seem soo big on him..any one have any pics of  their cloth diapered bubs bum? as i'm not sure i'm doing it right! i might get some fitted ones any one use bambino mio?

it sure is hard to type with one hand!!!! original.gif

cya anna

#5 Tildababy

Posted 22 February 2006 - 06:28 PM

Hi All,

Well, not so little Grace is going well. She has put on 3 pounds and grown 3 inches in length in her first six weeks. We went to visit another mum and baby that were in hospital at the same time and little Molly is 3 days older and Grace looks about 4 weeks older than Molly!! We have a little chubba here!

Now to answer the questions...

1. What do you miss about being pregnant?
I didn't enjoy much of my pregnancy so nothing really.

2. What don't you miss about being pregnant?
Too much to list.

3. What do you love about being a mum?
Everything! We have been so lucky with a happy baby that sleeps well at night!

4. How is your partner enjoying being a dad?
Loving it. He wants his little girl to hurry up and grow up so he can take her out in the paddocks when he goes to work! I think she is growing up too quick already.

Anyway, better get tea started.

#6 mystic gal

Posted 22 February 2006 - 07:46 PM

Evening Mummies & Babies

~carmenb ~ Thanks, i thought i was extremley brave too.. original.gif She has mastered turning around in her cot doing 180 degrees and laying across the cot and she kicks the side of the cot, ( little bugger wakes me up during the middle of the night )..

~KateE81~ Yeh my little girl is gorgeous and you have told me.. Chloe is gorgeous original.gif you can get them from ToysRus they are 50-60 dollars compared to $80 from babies gallore... Am sure she will start holding her head up soon.. it took belle awhile..

~Tildababy~ i know what you mean belle is 6kilos get her checked tomorrow my friend had her boy 3 days after belle was born and he is 7.2kilos alot bigger than belle..

~Rose~ How did it go at the parent interview???

~Eddiesmum~ i too thought they looked big on belle,so i have held off unti lshe is alitttle bigger... fold it in a triangle it's the best way..goto this website and they have ways to fold the nappies www.bigsofties.com.au

Is there any news if there is a catch up for the sydney mum's????

Better go watch prison break and then goto bed... am soo tired and have hurt my shoulder now sad.gif

Take care and have a good nite

#7 KateE81

Posted 22 February 2006 - 08:23 PM


I have been using  cloth on Chloe since we left the hospital and yeah they make them have a big bum.  What fold are you using?  I use the Jo fold it is pretty compact and then a PUL cover during the day and a fleece at night.  Have a look at the photos in my Signature, she has cloth on in all of them.  I will also take some pics tomorrow of her with just her nappy no cover and post that for you.  Hope that helps.

There are some pretty good websites if you want more info on folding and on fitted nappies.  Have never used fitted ones but I have heard that they are a bit smaller (not as big bum) but main advantage is not having to fold them.


#8 ~Butterfly~

Posted 22 February 2006 - 08:24 PM

KateE81  My parents live in the first part of Forest lake that was built (mmm old part LOL) Not far from the Primary school.

EddiesMum  We use that colic stuff also. I try not to use it all the time. So find the arvo's he gets a bit windy and give it every 4 hours.

I have stocked up on batteries LOL
Here is a pic I got of Phoenix today sucking away on his thumb
My 15 year old reakons he looks like he is on the phone  wacko.gif

1. What do you miss about being pregnant?
The whole body movements Phoenix did

2. What don't you miss about being pregnant?
The pain. Seemed it if was not one thing was something else

3. What do you love about being a mum?
Everything. Love watching the older kids interact with Phoenix and him watching them.

4. How is your partner enjoying being a dad?
Cliff loves it original.gif He takes over on the weekends for me. At night he is up before me if Phoenix wakes. I think if he could BF he would do that also LOL.

#9 G.H.E

Posted 22 February 2006 - 11:20 PM

Hi Ladies,

Hope everyone is travelling nicely original.gif

Im going well - AJ is fine as are my other 2 wink.gif

Got lazy today and could be bothered filling up AJs bath - so i filled up the Bathroom sink instead LOL. Bit of a tight squeeze but he seemed to enjoy it. Here's a pic of his 1st (and last) bath in the sink original.gif original.gif original.gif

Attempting some personals:

~Butterfly~ How adorable is that pic of Phoenix!!!

JellyBean Congrats on getting 1st post original.gif

Well, thats my shocking attempt LOL.

Answers to the Qns

1. What do you miss about being pregnant?
The baby kicks, the round belly, the moments of bonding thats only felt between mother and baby.

2. What don't you miss about being pregnant?
The morning sickness and last few weeks of the pregnancy - feeling exhausted all the time, heavy and unable to complete normal everyday tasks.

3. What do you love about being a mum?
Alot of things, having a gorgeous part of me and my husband born into this life and watching them grow and discover the world around them, being able to love someone so much it makes you cry and seeing their beautiful smiles after a hard days work lights up my life.

4. How is your partner enjoying being a dad?
Loving it - though this is third time round for us, he still lays there on the bed next to AJ admiring him and chatting to him. So lovely to watch wink.gif

Ok i better get off, will try and attempt peronals better next time i hope original.gif

#10 ~4LittleDucks~

Posted 23 February 2006 - 05:44 AM

biggrin.gif Good morning,

Wow this thread moves quick...

Just popped in to say hi.

Is anyone planning babys christening yet?

I had both Rhys' and Georgia christened quite young,so i figured i better pull my finger out and start planning..lol.I'm hoping for Cooper to wear Rhys' christening outfit.I put it in to be drycleaned on monday,as it had bad yellow mark right down the front.I have to pick it up this morning and i have my fingers crossed that they were able to get it clean.I think it will be very nice for Cooper to be able to wear his big brother outfit.Ohh wish me luck.I'll be pretty upset if they are unable to get it out sad.gif ...

Anyway better run..

Have a great day  rolleyes.gif

#11 mystic gal

Posted 23 February 2006 - 08:01 AM

Hi Mummies & Babies.. How are we all?? i hope that you got some good sleep..

~Butterfly~ Phoenix is gorgeous, he does look like he is on the phone.. so so so cute original.gif so adorable sucking his thumb original.gif
thats great to be able to watch all your kids interacting. fantastic to see

~G.H.E ~ he he AJ must have loved it either way... pitty we cant see the picture though.. must be something wrong with the link.. Hope you havea good day

~jayamyc ~ My Dh and I havent really thought about a christening as we are not religous people, i have thought about having a naming day, but figured everyone knows what we named her. so it's pretty much not even thought about anymore...lol I hope that they can can the outfit clean, it will be great for Cooper to wear it.. So good luck

~ME ~

Well a dilema occured this morning Belle was laying in her port a cot and playing with her kicking carnival then i heard this whir whir and i'm like whats that noise, YEP it was dying so lucky that she went to sleep before getting too worked up.. will have to go stock up on the batteries, it's sad when you rely on something to keep them entertained, then the battery dies.. As ~Butterfly~ knows too well.. you never think to have some batteries put aside, i did but wrong kind DUH!!.. Isabelle slept for 7hours last night and so happy!!! especially since i'm not feeling well am coming down with something have a major headache, sore throat and i have hurt my shoulder big time,hurts to lift belle up sad.gif and there is only me.. Belle's ears arnt hurting her she has slept on her side and they dont bother her..

Well i better go have a shower than get stuff ready and take belle to get weighed and some more BATTERIES!!!! cant forget those.

Have a great day and i will be back later
Take Care

#12 G.H.E

Posted 23 February 2006 - 08:24 AM

Hi mystic gal,

Bummer about the battery dying...lucky she wasnt awake to get scared by the sounds. Sorry your not feeling well, hopefully youll be back to 100% soon original.gif

Oh you cant see the pic? Its showing up on my screen normally - i dunno, these computers love playing up dont they lol.

Can anyone else see the pic? Or am i the only one hehe???

Check back in later girls, take  care original.gif

#13 JEZ

Posted 23 February 2006 - 08:32 AM

I thought since I am such a serial lurker and everyone would be seeing my name at the bottom of the page that I had better let you know that I have changed my user name from Mummy2jake to JEZ.

I am really naughty as I love to read where everyone is up to however very rarely post myself. Jake is at preschool this morning, Em is happy watching the wiggles and Zoe is asleep at present so I thought I had better make an effort.

I will attempt a couple of personals but they are really old ones that have stuck in my mind.

GHE – Did you work out what you are going to do in regard to contraception? I fell pregnant with Zoe whilst breastfeeding Em so I wouldn’t rely on it to much as a contraception option unless you don’t mind having a fourth. Amazingly it took us 18 months of Clomid to conceive Jake, Six months naturally to conceive Em and Zoe was whilst breastfeeding. Admitably Em was only having about 4 -6 feeds a day.
Did anyone PM you in regard to the list? I really don’t think I am the person for the job as I very rarely post. Love the photo of AJ. He is so cute.

LUCHRESA – I think it was you that mentioned the snuggle beds. I love mine we have used it for all three of our babies and I think it is one of the best things we bought.

BUTTERFLY- I love that photo of Phoenix

Welcome to the new mums that have joined us and hi to everyone else. I really should be getting organised but want to answer the questions first.

Question Time

1.What do you miss about being pregnant?

Definitely feeling Zoe move. I absolute love that. Strangely enough also my
doctors appointments. I love my Doctor and his wife who sees you first and does your blood pressure, weight etc. I miss our chats.

2. What don’t you miss about being pregnant?

Morning sickness and being so uncomfortable

3. What do you love about being a Mum?

Watching them grow and learn and knowing that DH and I have created three beautiful children

4. How is your partner enjoying being a Dad?

Since it is third time around for us not much has changed. Although I do think that DH hasn’t gotten used to having three yet.

Hopefully it wont be to long better post for me in future.

Take Care


#14 Jeny77

Posted 23 February 2006 - 08:35 AM

Hi Girls
Hope your all having a good morning.  

Just a quick post while Byron is sleeping and before the inlaws get here.  Byron is doing well not much to report he is feeding and sleeping well and staying up for longer times during the day but still only sleeping four hours at night.  He is smiling more and is much more alert I am really enjoying this time with him.  I booked him in yesterday for his two month immunisations (ouchy) whilst I was at my 6 week check up which went well.  I am going to buy a baby sling today so I can carry him easily when on the plane next week when we fly up to Townsville.

Will come back later for personals, hubby is working late so should have plenty of time later to catch up on threads.

Have a great day biggrin.gif  tongue.gif

#15 --binda--

Posted 23 February 2006 - 09:33 AM

Sydney Meet - Nat - what day was best for everyone?? I'm willing for anyday, btw.

If anyone wants to add me to MSN - its jonesee_chick@hotmail.com

My Baby weighs 5kgs now yay! She's starting to settle into herself now... Not as much screaming antics going on at night.

Although W. p*sses me off when he talks to her when she's whinging... So I told him that too, so his tone of voice has changed, it was the tone that was annoying me.

Have a friend that I met on the net about 5 years ago and her kids coming over today, they live on the central coast, and I haven't seen her since before she had her first bub - who is now just over 2! So it'll be good to catch up with her and her DF - Who I set her up with original.gif

ETA - Questions!

1. What do you miss about being pregnant?
Feeling Jade move, and the excuse of being pregnant (ya'll know what I mean wink.gif)

2. What don't you miss about being pregnant?
Bloody Sore hips, and looking like a huge elephant!

3. What do you love about being a mum?
Jade. I just love EVERYTHING about her, the way she sleeps, the way she "talks, her smiles.. everything.
4. How is your partner enjoying being a dad?
Well he isn't my partner anymore, but he loves being a dad. Couldn't ask for anyone better, and even though he p*sses me off at times, I know how much he loves Jade.

Christening - I need to get my a*se into gear and ask him who he wants as god parents LOL.. I've got my cousins gown to wear, but not sure how old she was when she got christened. Also need to find a church of england church around Blacktown (anyone know?!) my old church was next to Blacktown Workers Club, that's where I got christened. And unfortunately, we can only have it on a Sunday these days, (do they do them on Sundays?)

#16 G.H.E

Posted 23 February 2006 - 09:45 AM


Funny you mention the contraception issue...i have my appointment with my OBGYN on the 6th of March, and im hoping to discuss my options with her then, though at this stage its looking like the copper IUD (as i had issues with the Mirena).

Ive been feeding pretty frequently, so although i know its not reliable, i doubt id be pregnant in this short period... well i hope not anyway LOL.

Re: the list, yep someone PMed me for it and i have emailed it to them a while ago...hopefully it will be up soon - its quite a daunting task.

Ouch - for some reason my nipples are sooo sore (i think its due to a cut/crack) i dread feeding times it kills so much...ahhh, if its not one thing its the other!

#17 S-E-A-L

Posted 23 February 2006 - 10:12 AM

Hi All,

Well Eddie and I are off to Sydney this afternoon! Wish me luck!! I hope DP is there at the airport on time as I've got soooo much stuff hehe

First night home alone last night... very scary but we got throught it! Little monkey decided that he didn't want to go to bed so at 12:30 I gave in and he slept with me. He didn't wake till 4:30 then 7:30 so not too bad!

Kate: Thanks for the info, I'll try the Jo Fold, I'm getting more used to the look, I think i need some better covers I've only got the ones from Target.

Butterfly: Cool, that's what I've been doing re wind. Poor little guy keeps waking himself up with the pain. Love the thumb sucking pic!!

G.H.E: Great pic of AJ original.gif how cute

Got his 4 week check up today as well, Can't wait too see how much he has grown as It's hard to tell when you see them everyday original.gif


#18 mystic gal

Posted 23 February 2006 - 10:33 AM

Hi there mummies.. Hope all is well. Got belle checked today and she now weighs 6.51kilos not sure about the rest yet, will have to have a look.. She is sleeping so i thought i would check the thread out and then go for a sleep myself.. so lets answer some personals

~ G.H.E ~ would you believe it that i forgot the blastered batteries..lol. Yep computers muck up especially when you dont want them too. Tounge1.gif i still cant the pic so i dont know whats going on. hopefully i will be able to soon. have a good day. am off for a nap soon.. original.gif

~Jeny77 ~ great to hear Byron is doing well, i hope that he doesnt cry too much when he gets his needles.. good luck finding a good sling original.gif

~Mummybinda~ RE: atch up anyday except tuesday and friday are good for me. original.gif

Fantastic to hear that Jade is now 5kilos. she is gorgeous. original.gifI hope that your catch up goes well original.gif am sure it wil be a great day for you. Thanks for answering the questions, i know what you mean by the excuse for being preggers... i used it alot original.gif.

~eddiesmum~ have a safe trip. hope DH is there to get you on time. Goodl uck with the check up too. original.gif
Better go talk later

#19 ~Butterfly~

Posted 23 February 2006 - 01:33 PM

Hi Girls original.gif

G.H.E I cannot see the pic either.

mystic gal bummer about your batteries going flat. Dam know all about that one LOL. I have a huge stock here now original.gif And got the right size this time.

EddiesMum Hope your trip goes well original.gif

As for contraception I am so not game to bd yet LOL I see the Gyno/Ob next month for the Marina to be put in. With Akasha we were being so dam careful She was feeding every 2 hours  and when she was 12 weeks old I found out I was 7 weeks PG There goes that theroy that regular BF stops O LOL Out of that whole time only once did we forget to use the rubbers  blush.gif  

Phoenix has Conjuntivits (sp) GRRRRR Off to the Dr this arvo.   I feel so mean squirting Breast milk into his eye's sad.gif But was told by the clinic lady this morning that is one of the best things for it. I think Phoenix thinks it is a new way of feeding LOL he smiles at me when I do it. wacko.gif

OH did you know  some athalets pay $50 PER oz for breastmilk? OMG  they drink it to help build up their immunity.(sp)

#20 Tildababy

Posted 23 February 2006 - 01:51 PM


jayamyc- Well, we have sent the invites out and Grace's Christening is going to be on the 19th March. Grace's Aunt and Uncle asked us when she wasn't even a week old when we would be getting her Christened as they wanted to make sure they were able to make it as they get really busy work wise at the end of March, so we worked it around them. It was so hard picking godparents but we finally settled on my brother (as Grace was born on his B'day), her Aunty Susan (my SIL) and our matron of honour (best friend). I didn't want just Aunties and Uncles. Now it is down to the finger food for afterwards.

DH & I still had our christening dresses but my mum went and bought her granddaughter the most gorgeous dress. The lady in the shop said you can get each child's name embroidered on the dress which we thought was a nice idea. Whether we do it or not is another question.

Anyway, I have had a few days out and the house looks like a bomb hit it!! While my gorgeous little girl sleeps I had better get as much done as I can.

Catch you later

#21 mystic gal

Posted 23 February 2006 - 01:57 PM

hehhhe belle has great timing. will have to come back later, she ahs woken again. argh!!

#22 JEZ

Posted 23 February 2006 - 02:21 PM

Wow twice in one day for me must be a record.

G.H.E. – You have me interested now. Do you mind sharing you experience with the Mirena. Why I ask is because I got it fitted yesterday!!!!!!

EddiesMum – How did the 4 week check up go? You will have to let us know how your trip went.

Attersee – How are you going? I haven’t seen a post from you in a while

Mystic Gal – I can’t believe how often you get to post. Always look forward to reading them. Hope you managed to get a sleep. I was hoping for one this afternoon but it is not to be unfortunately. By the time I got Zoe to sleep and was resting on the lounge, DH popped home and woke Emma up so not sleep for me now and a very cranky toddler. GRRRRR. At least it was good to see him for the 2 minutes he was here.

Jenn77 – How did the visit with the inlaws go

Nic – I here you on the 2 yr old being a shocking sleeper. What does Elyssa do or not do might be the question? Emma (who is two nest month) wont go to sleep by herself (even sharing a room with Jake hasn’t helped) and was coming in to our room every night and sleeping on the floor beside my side of the bed. We now let her go to sleep on her floor and for the past 4 nights it has a least stopped her coming into our room.
OMG you are doing Uni with 3 littlies. You are to organised. Go Girl.

Butterfly – I have heard that breast milk is best for things like conjunctivitis. At least Phoenix has a good sense of humour about it and gives you those beautiful smiles. How did the doctors appointment go? I could make a fortune with selling breastmilk if I was bothered to express.

KateE81 – I could just watch the pictures of Chloe all day. She is so cute.

Tildababy- You certainly are organised with your Christening. Good luck getting the house clean. Mine never stays clean for long at all.

Christening – I would really love to have Zoe Christened before April as SIL is due in April and I don’t want a joint Christening however I can’t see that we will be organised beforehand as we have Em’s birthday next month and DH has commitments nearly every weekend from now until end of April.

MummyBinda – How did the visit go with your friend? Bet they loved Jade

Had Zoe weighed this morning and she is now 4.62kg. Currently she feeds every three hours at night and I am waking her through the day after three hours hoping the more she drinks through the day the less she will want at night. I am envious of you girls who are getting great sleeps. Enjoy. Saturday night however she fed every hour from 12.00pm until 7.00am. Made for one very tired Mummy I can tell you. Otherwise things are going great here. Just waiting for the bus to drop Jake home from preschool. Got to love the bus they run as Jake used to cry as he didn’t want to stay and Emma used to cry because she wanted to stay so I wasn’t looking forward to adding Zoe to the situation as well. The bus certainly has saved my sanity. We are hopefully going swimming this afternoon when DH gets home from work.

Take Care


#23 ~Cleopatra~

Posted 23 February 2006 - 03:06 PM

. What do you miss about being pregnant?
Nothing this time

2. What don't you miss about being pregnant?
Worrying about what I eat and missing out on stuff. Nausea.

3. What do you love about being a mum?
Looking at a sleeping baby on my boob or in my arms. Talking with my toddler and messing around with him. What I don't enjoy (lol) when the little brat doesn't do as he is told or hurts his baby brother sad.gif Lots of settling in issues going on here!

4. How is your partner enjoying being a dad? He loves it and wishes we'd done it earlier (typical hey lol). Mentioned having 4 the other day!

Baptism - won't think about it til spring. I was going to do Elijah is spring and ended up being the following autumn so he was a toddler. That was a good age.

Contraception - I have the mini-pill and will start it on Monday. A bit nervous as I didn't use it last time. BF is good if you don't mind another bub coming and maybe coming earlier than expected lol. I think you can use it if you are really clued into your ovulation signs so you know when you are fertile again as well.

gotta check on babes - sleeping off colds today so I have some "me" time original.gif

#24 Janibe

Posted 23 February 2006 - 05:00 PM

OK everyone...The question was asked who volunteered to take the list from Ghada and it was me. Firstly I would like to thank and congratulate her on a fantastic job that she has done throughout the 9 or so months that we were in the DIJ group. It's a big job!!!

For the memory of our DIJ group here is the list once more...

I would like to stress for all the new comers to the Jan 06 parents group, if you would like to be added to this list please message me the details and I will add you. Please don't feel left out.

~The journey continues...into our final month~

"Even though you may be feeling as big as a house, your previous digestive problems and shortness of breath should ease up as the baby's head drops into your pelvic cavity. Sleeping will become more difficult, and you may be having more Braxton Hicks contractions, which will give you a chance to practice your breathing techniques.

By the 40th week, you will probably be feeling very heavy and tired. You may have pain in your groin and pins and needles in your legs as the baby presses into your pelvis. Your skin may feel tight and stretched. Braxton Hicks contractions may increase in frequency and in strength. Now it's only a matter of time!

Your baby is now fully formed and, if it is a boy, his testicles should have descended. Baby's fingernails are surprisingly long and it may have scratched himself. The vernix has mostly disappeared. Baby will gain weight at the rate of about an ounce per day during the last month before the birth."



30th December

1st January
Danni1  Hornsby Hospital ~ NSW  ITS A BOY!!!

2nd January
Woody  St John of God, Perth ~ WA  Correct Prediction ITS A BOY!!!
Katey-a  Mitcham Private Hospital ~ VIC  PREDICTION = Girl
charle  St Vincents Hospital ~ QLD  PREDICTION = Girl

3rd January
criscutho  Frances Perry House ~ VIC
Pipi  William Angliss Hospital ~ VIC  Correct PredictionITS A BOY!!!

4th January
LeilaMills  Mater Hospital ~ QLD
babybear4  Leongatha Memorial Hospital ~ VIC  ITS A GIRL!!!

5th January

6th January
puggle2  Mater Hospital ~ NSW
lovethebelly  Mackay Base Hospital ~ QLD  ITS A GIRL!!!

7th January
Edi  St John of God, Geraldton ~ WA  Correct Prediction ITS A GIRL!!!
MrsK  Royal North Shore Hospital ~ NSW  TWINS!!!  Twin 1 - Wrong Prediction Twin 2 - Correct Prediction ITS TWO GIRLS!!!

8th January
~Bulbi~  Hills Private Hospital ~ NSW  PREDICTION = Girl

9th January
mx_curly  KEMH ~ WA  PREDICTION = Girl

10th January
seababy  John Hunter Hospital ~ NSW  PREDICTION = Boy
miss_Anna  Royal Womens Hospital Birth Centre ~ VIC  ITS A BOY!!!

11th January
samjrae  Royal North Shore hospital ~ NSW
Fi30  Womens and Childrens Hospital ~ SA ITS A BOY!!!

12th January
TL  Mater Hospital ~ NSW
ebonnyjames  Townsville Hospital ~ QLD  Correct Prediction ITS A BOY!!!

13th January
maccavet  Mater Mothers Hospital ~ QLD

14th January
court80  Crystal Brook Hospital ~ SA

15th January
Ruby82  Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital ~ WA

16th January
sarahcampbell  Orange Base Hospital ~ NSW

17th January
Jac&me  Nambour Public Hospital ~ QLD  PREDICTION = Girl

18th January

19th January
suecc  Royal North Shore Hospital ~ NSW

20th January
Bronny01  Frances Perry House ~ VIC

21st January

22nd January
jess84jez  ??? ~ WA
my2kids  ??? ~ VIC  ITS A GIRL!!!

23rd January
Dimples81  Shoalhaven Hospital ~ NSW  PREDICTION = Boy

24th January
Kinki  Mercy Birthing Centre ~ VIC
squeezy  Mercy Hospital ~ WA

25th January
Bubblz  Gosford Hospital ~ NSW  Wrong Prediction ITS A BOY!!!
annajane  Calvary Hospital ~ ACT  

26th January
rahngirl  Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital ~ WA  ITS A BOY!!!
jojodes  Latrobe Regional Hospital ~ VIC  Wrong Prediction ITS A GIRL!!!
mpgomes  Werribee Mercy Hospital ~ VIC  PREDICTION = Boy

27th January
sweetbaby  RPA Hospital ~ NSW  Correct Prediction ITS A BOY!!!
threeforme  Bairnsdale Hospital ~ VIC  Correct Prediction ITS A GIRL!!!
munchican26  Casey Hospital ~ VIC  ITS A GIRL!!!

28th January
rainbowgirl  St John of God, Murdoch ~ WA  PREDICTION = Girl
kymvass  St Vincents Private Hospital ~ VIC  PREDICTION = Girl

29th January
BDJ06  St John of God, Subiaco ~ WA  Correct Prediction ITS A GIRL!!!
jlb  Ashford Hospital ~ SA  PREDICTION = Boy

30th January
sammijo  Liverpool Hospital ~ NSW

31st January
clucky79  Liverpool Hospital ~ NSW  PREDICTION = Girl


Gone but not forgotten

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2. Hospital &
3. State

Also, if anyone needs anything adjusted, please PM me with the changes and i will be more than happy to do so original.gif Thankyou.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Girls : 38   Boys : 33

Posted Image

Isabel Petra born to lisajn
DOB: 29/11/05 @ 2:05am
Weight: 2265g or 5lb
Length: 50cms
HC: 31cms
Labour: NVD 2hrs
Gestation: 32w 5d

Aerith Olivia Jade born to mel1973
DOB: 5/12/05 @ 3:38pm
Weight: 2576g or 5lb6oz
Length: 50.5cms
HC: 32.5cms
Labour: C/S
Gestation: 36w5d

Jade Emily born to MummyBinda
DOB: 22/12/05 @ 5:22am
Weight: 3400g or 7lb5oz
Length: 48cms
HC: 36cms
Labour: NVD
Gestation: 39w3d

Jessica Anne born to kim24
DOB: 19/12/05 @ 5:18pm
Weight: 2685g or 5lb9oz
Length: 45cms
HC: 33cms
Labour: Emergency C/S
Gestation: ???

Kiara Annamieka born to frazzlerock
DOB: 23/12/05 @ 6:08pm
Weight: 3485g or 7lb11oz
Length: 49cms
HC: 34.5cms
Labour: NVD 3hrs
Gestation: 38w

Lily Marilyn born to cjpj
DOB: 29/12/05 @ 4:48pm
Weight: 3140g or 6lb15oz
Length: 49.5cms
HC: 34.5
Labour: C/S
Gestation: 38w5d

Eliana Letizia born to becburger
DOB: 29/12/05 @ 2:54am
Weight: 3230g or 7lb12oz
Length: 48cms
HC: 34cms
Labour: NVD 11hrs
Gestation: 39w

Tia Kaye born to Sussan
DOB: 28/12/05 @ 11:22am – 7/01/06 
Weight: 3670g or 8lb1oz
HC: 37cms
Labour: C/S
Gestation: 37w3d

Ruby Elizabeth born to alison2747
DOB: 30/12/05 @ 10:59am
Weight: 3719g or 8lb2oz
Length: 53cms
HC: 34cms
Labour: NVD 36.5hrs

Chloe Alison Anne born to Ryn
DOB: 1/01/06 @ 6:35pm
Weight: 2327g or 5lb13oz
Length: 51cms
HC:  32cms
Labour: NVD
Gestation: 37w3d

Sienna Eden born to Elshar
DOB: 4/01/06 @ 10:20am
Weight: 2900g or 6lb4oz
Length: 49cms
HC:  34cms
Labour: NVD 45m

Molly Morgan born to squirrel
DOB: 3/01/06 @ 10:20am
Weight: g or 8lb 14oz
Length: 50cms
HC:  35.5cms
Labour: NVD 25m

Emmersyn Jayne born to Jellybean
DOB: 6/01/06 @ 11:01am
Weight: 3860g or 8lb 8oz
Length: 53cms
HC:  36.5cms

Chelsea Mae born to Jenks
DOB: 6/01/06
Weight: 7lb 10oz or 3465g
Length: 51cms
HC:  35.5cms
Labour: C/S

Jordan Dominique Anne born to MattnMars
DOB: 6/01/06 @ 1:24am
Weight: 3730g
Length: 53cms
HC:  35cms
Labour: C/S after 16hr labour

Georgia born to emmabug
DOB: 3/01/06
Weight: 6lb 13oz
Labour: NVD 9hrs

Sienna Jorja born to Jessob
DOB: 3/01/06 @ 5:13am
Weight: 8lb 10oz or 3910g
Length: 50cms
HC: 35.5cms
Labour: NVD
Gestation:  39w6d

Ciara Mary born to loulou_b
DOB: 6/01/06 @ 7:22pm
Weight: 3130g or 6lb 14oz
Length: 49cms
Labour: emergency C/S

Zoe Claire born to Mummy2jake
DOB: 10/01/06 @ 7:13pm
Weight: 6lb 7oz
Labour: NVD – 73mins

Grace Alanda born to Tildababy
DOB: 9/01/06 @ 3:10pm
Weight: 3640g or 8lb 2oz
Length: 51cms
HC: 35cms
Labour: NVD – 12.5hrs
Gestation:  39w 1d

Ashlynn Zoe born to ~Nic~
DOB: 16/01/06 @ 7:05am
Weight: 4600g or 10lb 3oz
Length: 59cms
HC: 35.5cms
Labour: NVD 3hrs
Gestation: 42wks

Gabrielle Rose Kathleen born to raptmum
DOB: 11/01/06 @ 10:22pm
Weight: 3920g
Length: 51.5cms
HC: 37.5cms
Labour: NVD 2h20m

Madilyn Kate born to raptmum
DOB: 13/01/06 @ 12:51am
Weight: 7lb 4oz

Sarah Sophie Ruth born to Attersee
DOB: 16/01/06 @ 12:16am
Weight: 3580g
Length: 51cms
HC: 34cms
Labour: NVD 8hrs
Gestation: 40w2d

Indianna Paris born to Inditaj
DOB: 16/01/06 @ 3:45pm
Weight: 7lb 14oz

Talia Elizabeth born to rorstey
DOB: 17/01/06 @ ???
Weight: 8lb 10oz
Length: 51cms
Gestation: 40w1d

Phillipa Louise born to edi
DOB: 17/01/06 @ 10:20pm
Weight: 8lb 7oz
Labour: emergency c/s

Kaitlyn Lily born to GES473
DOB: 19/01/06 @ 11:46am
Weight: 10lb 8oz
Length: 54.5cms

Zoe Laura born to Jodyt
DOB: 21/01/06 @ 4:40pm
Weight: 7lb 5oz

Zoe Jacinta born to Squeezy (Tanya)
DOB: 22/01/06 @ 4:01pm
Weight: 3260grams
Length: 48.5cm
HC: 35cm

Sophia Scout born to Squeezy (Tanya)
DOB: 22/01/06 @ 3:59am
Weight: 6lb 9oz
Labour: NVD

Summer born to Dimples81
DOB: 25/01/06 @
Weight: 8lb 1oz
Length: 54cm
Labour: NVD

Evony Ashla born to Jac&me Candy)
DOB: 26/01/06 @ 2:37am
Weight: 8lb 3oz
Length: 51cm
HC: 35cm

Natahlia Paige born to munchican26 (Cheryl)
DOB: 28/01/06 @ 7:52am
Weight: 6lb 5oz
Length: 51cm

Emma Grace born to Delbo (Georgina)
DOB: 29/01/06 @ 8:12
Weight: 6lb 12oz

Annabelle Karen born to BDJ06
DOB: 02/02/06? @ 11:06
Weight: 3.730kgs
Length: 50cm
HC: 34cm
Labour: NVD

Hayley born to Sammijo
DOB: 06/02/06 @ 4:03pm
Weight: 3.5kg
Length: 49cm
Labour: NVD 7.5hrs

Daisy Eileen born to threeforme (Kylie)
DOB: 09/02/06? @
Weight: 10lb 8oz

Posted Image

Dominic Jamie Xavier born to mel1973
DOB: 5/12/05 @ 3:37pm
Weight: 3026g or 6lb6oz
Length: 47cms
HC: 33cms
Labour: C/S
Gestation: 36w5d

Joshua Douglas born to caroline-3
DOB: 8/12/05  @ 6:14pm
Weight: 3005g or 6lb10oz
Length: 50cms
HC: 34.5cms
Labour: NVD 2hrs
Gestation: 37w5d

Mitchell William born to Gagsmissus
DOB: 19/12/05  @ 12:07pm
Weight: 3856g or 8lb5oz
Length: 52cms
HC: 38cms
Labour: C/S
Gestation: 38w1d

Lachlan Matthew born to Happiness
DOB: 22/12/05  @ 7:36am
Weight: 3629g or 8lb
Length: 51cms
HC: 35cms
Labour: C/S
Gestation: 38w2d

Austin born to Dee29
DOB: 19/12/05  @ ???
Weight: 3545g or 7lb 13oz
Length: 50cms
HC: 36cms
Labour: ???
Gestation: 38w

Jacob Jonathon David born to Aquagirl
DOB: 23/12/05  @ 1:20am
Weight: 3080g or 6lb 13oz
Length: 50cms
HC: 35cms
Labour: NVD – 4hrs
Gestation: 38w4d

Jack Michael born to Byrnebaby77
DOB: ??/12/05  @ 11:43??
Weight: 3856g or 8lb 5oz
Length: ??
HC: ??
Labour: ??
Gestation: ??

AJ (Akram Junior) born to G.H.E
DOB: 29/12/05  @ 7:55am
Weight: 3688g or 8lb 2oz
Length: 51cms
HC: 34cms
Labour: NVD 55m
Gestation: 38w4d

Hudson Scott born to crissty_au
DOB: 30/12/05  @ 11:00am
Weight: 3810g or 8lb 4oz
Labour: C/S

Benjamin born to Mummytobesoon
DOB: 26/12/05  @ 7:55am
Weight: 3220g or 7lb 10oz

Kai Feliks born to Agnieszka
DOB: 4/1/06  @ 3:05pm
Weight: 3795g
Length: 50.5cms
HC: 35.5cms
Labour: C/S after 10hr labour
Gestation: 39w3d

Ethan Alexander born to Jaynee
DOB: 4/1/06  @
Weight: 4200g or 9lb 4oz
Length: 54cms
HC: 36cms

Joshua William born to ~Rose~
DOB: 5/1/06  @ 6:14am
Weight: 4370g or 9lb 10oz
Labour: NVD 1h 15m
Gestation: 40w

Matthew born to ~waiting~for~#4~  
DOB: 4/1/06  @ 9:20pm
Weight: 3360g or 7lb 7oz
Length: 52cms
HC: 35cms
Labour: NVD 1h 57m
Gestation: 41w

Jack Harrison born to Petrie_h
DOB: 5/1/06  @ 11:26am
Weight: 3460g
Length: 51cms
HC: 36cms

Jack born to Melcq
DOB: 6/1/06  @ 2:00pm
Weight: 11lb 4oz
Length: 57cms
HC: 37cms
Labour: NVD 3hrs

Samuel Alexander born to Luchre
DOB: 7/1/06  @ 6:48pm
Weight: 3600g or 7lb 15oz
Labour: NVD 6h30m

Daniel Jay Chick born to Proud Mum to 7 (janefive5)
DOB: 4/1/06  @ 11:11pm
Weight: 9lb 7oz
Length: 52.5cms
HC: 35.5cms
Labour: Emergency C/S

Matthew James born to july
DOB: 7/1/06  @ 6:17pm
Weight: 7lb 5oz
Labour: NVD 2.5hrs
Gestation: 40wks

Jonathon born to vicca
DOB: 15/1/06  @ 8:15pm
Weight: 7lb 14oz
Length: 50cms
HC: 35cms

Cooper Stuart born to jayamyc
DOB: 14/1/06  @ 6:55pm
Weight: 7lb 13oz
Length: 51cms

Isayah Carlen born to lecourt
DOB: 12/1/06  @ 4:15pm
Weight: 3350g
Length: 48.5cms
HC: 36.5cms

Xander born to cleosmum
DOB: 17/1/06  @ 6:59am
Weight: 6lb 7oz
Length: 49cms
HC: 34cms

Hugh Matthew Gray born to Lise
DOB: 16/1/06  @ 11:47pm
Weight: 4040g or 8lb 14oz
HC: 38.5cms
Labour: NVD 6.5hrs

Jordan Gregory born to Peta~Mon~Squid
DOB: 17/1/06  @ 1:35am
Weight: 7lb 6oz or 3320g
Length: 55cms
HC: 34.5cms
Labour: NVD 3h5m

Harrison Andrew born to Corrine
DOB: 17/1/06  @ 3:52pm
Weight: 3960g
Labour: Emergency C/S

Mitchell Joseph born to Carmenb
DOB: 19/1/06  @ 8:55am
Weight: 9lb 6oz or 4250g
Labour: C/S

Pheonix Dylan born to ~Butterfly~
DOB: 20/1/06  @ 11:36am
Weight: 9lb 5oz
Length: 54cms
HC: 38cms
Labour: NVD

Marcus James born to Clucky79 (Carol)
DOB: 21/01/06  @
Weight: 2.590kgs
Length: 46.5cm
Labour: NVD (13hours)

Jake Brian born to rahngirl
DOB: 21/01/06  @ 6:55pm
Weight: 9lb 10oz
Length: 54cm
HC: 35.5cm
Labour: NVD

Edward born to Miss Anna(Carol)
DOB: 23/01/06  @ 11:14pm
Weight: 4.1kgs
Labour: C/S

Angus Graham born to ms.g (Sacha)
DOB: 29/01/06 @ 12:56
Weight: 3530grams

Christian born to Sweetbaby(Georgie)
DOB: 03/02/06  @
Weight: 3.4kg


~Rose~ you had started a Jan 06 Parents group list in the first thread...Are you still keen to carry it on or wanted to handball it to someone. If you are I would be willing to do it.

#25 G.H.E

Posted 23 February 2006 - 05:10 PM

Hey girls original.gif

Just a quick reply to JEZ - with the Mirena apparently its got the least side effects for most women, but unfortunately for me it wasnt the case. I had recurrent infections in that area, pain and shocking mood swings..took it out then fell preg with AJ original.gif (Planned though) I had it in for 8 months, they say you never really know if its suitable till youve had it in for at least 3 months. Fingers crossed it works well for you. It seems hormonal contraceptives dont mix well with my body LOL.

Hmm i dont know why some of you can see the pic and others cant, lol, very weird. Ill try and post it a different way:

Hey Peta original.gif Thank you so much for taking the overwhelming task off my hands original.gif Ive enjoyed creating it for the last 9 months original.gif original.gif original.gif

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