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Jan 06 Parents # 11

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#26 ~Rose~

Posted 23 February 2006 - 06:10 PM

HI All,

I'm such a donkey!!! I've been sitting on the other thread thinking where are all the girls gone, no one has replied at all today.

I've checked it about 10 times, then I finally see it's been closed  blink.gif

Will be back later to post - have to take tash to swimming

#27 Jayla

Posted 23 February 2006 - 07:08 PM

Hi all! Thought it was about time i popped in here! Have been reading, just not posting.

For those who weren't in the DIJ group or don't remember me I'm Jody mum to Breanna, 4 1/2, and Zoe who was born on the 21st January.

Glad to see everyone is doing pretty well with the whole parenting thing so far!

Rose: Happy Birthday for tomorrow! If you're getting old that means I am too, I turned 25 on the 16th! LOL

Ghada: I couldn't see the first pic but can see the second one. How cute is your little man!

Peta: Thanx for doing the list! Wow the girls out number the boys! When we were having u/s for those that found out it was the other way around!

Donna: Yay on the 4 hours sleep!

Kell(JEZ): Love your daughters name!  tongue.gif  I didn't think Zoe was that popular but there's 3 of us that named our DD's that! Plus Nic's daughter has it as a middle name. We must all have good taste hey!

Me: Zoe is doing really well, such a good baby. Has her unsettled period between about 5-6 and 8-9, much rather it then then in the middle of the night!  We got her first smiles last week, so gorgeous! In one way I can't wait til she starts smiling and laughing more but on the other hand I don't want her growing up too much yet.

1. What do you miss about being pregnant?
Same as just about everyone else, feeling her move around.

2. What don't you miss about being pregnant?
Feeling sick, though was mostly at the start, and the tiredness. Am still tired now of course but it's different!

3. What do you love about being a mum?
Everything! Except maybe the middle of the night feeds!

4. How is your partner enjoying being a dad?
Loves it. Zoe is his first and he's taken to it really well. Simply adores her.

Ok enough from me for now. Look forward to chatting with you all.

#28 Jenks

Posted 23 February 2006 - 07:14 PM

Hi there

It is so nice to be cool at last..the last few days here in Perth have been SO hot mad.gif

I have just got back from taking Chelsea to the Dr's as she has been vomiting heaps today and has a rash all over her body, the Dr's are miffed to as what it can be and have asked me to take her back in tomorrow to have her looked at again, Poor little Princess!!

GHE I can see the pic and he is adorable!!!! Is Mirena the implant you get in the arm??? I too dont go well with any form of hormanal contraceptives, both Lexie and Chelsea were conceived on the pill ohmy.gif

Peta Well done on taking over the list smile1.gif

Tildababy I know what you mean about going out for a few days and the house looking like a bomb has hit it, we have been SO busy of late and the house work has really suffered! Must get my butt into gear and get this place organized.

Butterfly Hope Pheonix's eye gets better soon lol at him smiling at you whilst squirting him in the eye. Where do I sign up to sell my breast milk smile1.gif

Nic Ash sure sounds like a big girl, the pic of her and the girls is too cute!

Mystic Gal Great to hear Belle has had a healthy weight gain. The pics of her yesterday were very cute!

Luchresa Wow! Sam sure is piling on the weight. LOL at your giblets being back in working order.


#29 ~Butterfly~

Posted 23 February 2006 - 07:46 PM

Hi Girls

Phoenix has a blocked tear duct hat is infected sad.gif  So on drops now to help clear it up.

Jenks Hope Chelsea gets better fast.

G.H.E I see the pic now. So cute.

Ok does someone want to come and knock some sense into me? LOL
Cliff and I have talked today and both of us want one more child.  unsure.gif But I am more in 5 years time he is more Next year time. LOL. I think as time goes on we will be happy with what we have now original.gif

I finally get all my buba's in one place on Saturday WOO HOO Chris (my 19 year old) Is flying up for the weekend to met his bro. So we are all off to southbank (hope it does not rain) and get some heaps of photo's of everyone original.gif

Chris Also finally got up the courage to ask his Gf to marry him original.gif she said yes original.gif THey have been together for 3 years now. (only taken him since chrissy to get the courage up LOL)

Edited due as I spelt duct as duck LOL

#30 Dee29

Posted 23 February 2006 - 11:03 PM

Hi  I've been finding it very difficult to have time on here let alone post.  Trying the one handed typing now.
Austin had his 2 month old needles today.  He didn't enjoy it much.  He was given 2 needles in one leg and one in the other leg.  He was also weighed etc.  Weight is now 5.8kg so he is obviously well fed.
Had my 3 yr old daughter in hospital a couple of weeks ago with asthma.  I'm hoping Austin doesn't have the same problems with eczema and asthma.
We're really enjoying Austin now.  He gives lots of smiles and goos & gaas.  He feeds every 3 hours during the day, last feed at 10pm, usually wakes around 3am then at 6am so not too bad.  Much better than the 2 hourly feeds he was wanting before (day & night).
Well bedtime for me now.

#31 4forme

Posted 23 February 2006 - 11:37 PM

Just thought I would quickly before changing Daisy's squirty nappy. Yay to me for today working out how to breastfeed in the computer chair so no more falling asleep on the couch while breastfeeding at night. Hmm probably get less sleep this way.
Ghe- love the pic of Aj he is sooo cute. Don't know that you will get much longer out of that sink though.

Ok back soon

#32 Jeny77

Posted 24 February 2006 - 02:30 AM

Hi Girls
These threads sure move quickly.  I am again seeing lots of people on the thread that I don't know so I will just re introduce myself.  I am Jenny my son Byron will be seven weeks on Saturday.  

I have just been up to feed him and I am just waiting for him to nod off before I go back to bed.

Petrie_h - will message you my details in the morning.

Just finished reading posts and Byron has nodded off so I am going to go catch up on some sleep and will post again in the morning.

Hope the rest of you are getting some sleep

Take Care blush.gif

#33 Jeny77

Posted 24 February 2006 - 05:55 AM

Hi girls

Twice in a 12 hour period.  Don't worry I have been to bed and had some sleep.  Byron just woke up cranky, he was a little constipated but has just done a big poo and feels much better now.

What do you miss about being pregnant?
Feeling him kick and move around.

What don't you miss about being pregnant?
Heartburn, I had it constantly and being uncomfortable in the heat.

What do you love about being a mum?
Everything, even getting up all hours of the night.  Talking to other mums.  I am also closer to my mum now as she went through the pregnancy and labour with me.  

How is your partner enjoying being a dad?
He loves it.  As soon as he walks in the door from work he has to nurse him or check on him.  I love watching him with the baby he is a natural.

Ghe - love the photo, looks like lots of our babies enjoy their baths, Byron loves his.

Dee29 - Glad to hear Austin is giving you some sleep during the night.  It's good that he is doing so well.  I booked Byron in for his next round of needles the other day.  I am not looking forward to taking him, I think I get more upset than he does.  He will also have a check up at the same time.

Butterfly - Hope you have a good weekend with the family.  How is Phoenix's eye.  

Jenks - I hope that Chelsea is doing better and that the weather is cooling down.  I have friends that live in Perth and they are finding hard to cope with the heat too.

Jodyt - Hi look forward to chatting with you.  First smiles are so exciting.

Anyway can hear Byron will chat later.  Have a great day.
Take Care

#34 ~Rose~

Posted 24 February 2006 - 06:31 AM

Morning everyone!!!

thanks so much for all the birthday wishes! No one remembered here until MIL dropped around on her way to work, not even DH! Not surprising tho, he hasnt remember for the past 7 years  mad.gif

Kids are off to school today so it will be just Josh & I. I should be able to get all the housework & packing done for our little weekend away original.gif I'm so looking forward to it original.gif

best get the kids to school original.gif

#35 Jayla

Posted 24 February 2006 - 08:07 AM


#36 Jayla

Posted 24 February 2006 - 09:30 AM

Hi all. Just thought I'd let you know for those who haven't seen it yet, Jojodes had her bub! She's posted a message in the MSN site if you want to check it out...

#37 cjpj

Posted 24 February 2006 - 10:16 AM

Hey girls im excited!!  i got this to work!  original.gif  can you see my little possum???

you can click on the pic to see it better!  Ive also FINALLY managed to upload a few pics on msn.

Lily and i went to sleep school yday, will fill ya all in soon biggrin.gif

HAPPY BDAY TO ROSE  original.gif

#38 carmenb

Posted 24 February 2006 - 11:46 AM

I'm going for last place  tongue.gif  I seem to have a knack for it, so will come back later when a new thread opens....
Carmen x

Thats if Bel is around  ph34r.gif

#39 ~4LittleDucks~

Posted 24 February 2006 - 11:49 AM

Afternoon girls,

Just popped in to say .....

biggrin.gif Congrats Jodie and family on the birth of your princess... biggrin.gif


smile1.gif Happy Birthday Rose... smile1.gif

This thread probly get closed,but anyway..

And to my dear friend Chris am glad to hear from you can't wait to catch up... tongue.gif

will hopfully be back later,in new thread..lol

#40 *munchican*

Posted 24 February 2006 - 12:17 PM

my goodness, these threads are moving soooo fast, will bbl for personals once i have caught up on the last one, and by them we'll probably have a new thread too...lol  smile1.gif . oh well.

Hope everyone is having a good day and not too hot where you are, we are staying inside with the protection of the ducted air con lol...

Jelly Belly rubs to all wink.gif

DS Callum Jan 00
DS Cooper July 03
DD Natahlia Jan 06

#41 Tildababy

Posted 24 February 2006 - 01:51 PM

Hi All,

Just a quick question for those breastfeeding and with older children....when have your periods returned? I am first time mum and am fully breastfeeding and much to my disgust it looks like six weeks and 5 days after my bub's arrival I am getting my first period. What has your experience been???????

#42 mystic gal

Posted 24 February 2006 - 01:56 PM

[size=7]HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSE!!!! hope you have a funtastic day original.gif ((((huge birthday hugs)))

Will come back alter to do personals as belle is sleeping and  ihave a few things to do.. oh bugger it...

~G.H.E~ AJ looks so so cute original.gif great pic

~JEZ~ am glad you look forward to my posts..lol i get to get on coz Belle is a good sleeper.. sometimes during the day for sure i know i have at least a few hours and then she plays quietly. I did get an hour of sleep before my beautiful daughter woke me original.gif You have to love having a cranky toddler... hope you have a great day original.gif

~Luchresa ~ fantastic to hear that Sam is doing well and congrats on the 4 hours of sleep original.gif

~Jenks~ hope that  Chelsea is feeling alot better today.. Yeh i'm stoked on how much she has put on it's great original.gif. thanks she's a cutie for the camera. she looks straight at the camera now ..thanks

~Butterfly~ Poor Phoenix hope he feels better soon. enjoy the weekend having your whole fmaily togehter and congrats to your son, you'll make a great mother in law original.gif. Have a funtastic weeekend and take lots of pics to share

~Dimples~ thanks am feeling alot better now original.gif *hugs* gotta love the projectile ones wink.gif

~cjpj ~ Lily is gorgeous good photos original.gif

~Rose~ hope you have a great weekend away.. original.gif

Belle has been really good sleep extremly well today original.gif she slept pretty well last night as well, am getting alot better which helps alot. I'm getting excited i have my mothers group on tuesday should be a ball!!!! Thats pretty much it from me will post a pic of belle in abit..

Take care have a great day and i will talk later

*hugs* to all

#43 mystic gal

Posted 24 February 2006 - 02:13 PM

These were taken this morning my baby is so gorgeous,good timing belle just woke now i get cuddles original.gif.have a good afternoon

#44 carmenb

Posted 24 February 2006 - 02:49 PM

Tildababy I breastfed Blake for 12 months although the last few months there were only 1 or 2 very quick feeds a day and I didn't get my period back until then...everyone is different though.  My whole mothers group also fed for 12 months and didn't get theirs until then either, so maybe yours is just a little bit of loss from after the birth still??

I'm still going for last place !!!
Carmen x

#45 Jellybean

Posted 24 February 2006 - 03:22 PM


I'm a big, fat PIG!!!

#46 2littlekiddies

Posted 24 February 2006 - 05:15 PM

Someone was asking about christening their babies...sorry I can't remember who it was, but yes, I am christening Tahlia on the 30th of April.  I am really looking forward to it.  I can't wait to dress her up in a beautiful little dress.

The MIL and FIL have just been turning up at our doorstep in the afternoon wanting cuddles without ringing beforehand....it is just sooo rude.  And if Tahlia is sleeping they have been waiting around until she wakes!! Makes me sooo angry.  The MIL came around Monday afternoon and DH asked if she could help with some housework and she rudely said "I come round to see my grandaughter...not to do housework".  Whereas my mum comes 2 hours to help me around the house.  I think I might have to get DH to say something to them.

DH wants his parents to babysit her in a couple of weeks.  Not feeling too comfortable about that at all!

#47 Jenks

Posted 24 February 2006 - 05:16 PM

Happy Birthday Rose

I too feel like a big fat pig!! I have 10kg to lose, but for some reason they just seem to want to hang around mad.gif  I am eating healthy and starting at an all womens curcuit on Monday.

Well took Chelsea back to the Dr's today and they seem to think she may have a viral infection of some sort, her rash is still there and she is also rather unsettled, the Dr has asked me to take her back to him on Monday so that he can check her again.

Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy your precious babies smile1.gif

#48 attersee

Posted 24 February 2006 - 05:41 PM

Hello ladies!
Well, I was missing in action. I never thought that Sarah could consume all my time!

Happy birthday Rose!

Just a quick question: How can I get Sarah to drink on a more regular basis? During the night, she sleeps for 7 hours, then for 3. But during the day she wants to be fed every 1.5 to 2 hours. Only if I go for a walk, she does not drink for 5 hours. It is difficult to do anything else at the moment. I am very thankful for suggestions.

Rostey: I am sorry to hear about the bad behaviour of your parents in law. I hope DH will have a word with them soon so you can relax a bit more. I understand your mixed feelings about the babysitting.

I love all the photos you girls are posting! Can one tell me how to do it?

Jenks: I am sorry to hear about the virus infection. I hope she will feel better soon.

JellyBean: Gosh, I know how you feel. I am back to my original weight but my tummy is so flabby that I cannot wear my jeans. Pretty depressing.

That was my attempt of catching up. I hope I will be able to return on a more regular basis. I MISS YOU GIRLS!!!!

#49 carmenb

Posted 24 February 2006 - 07:13 PM

Happy Birthday Rose!

Congratulations Jodie!!!

#50 G.H.E

Posted 24 February 2006 - 08:38 PM

Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments on my bub in his squished bath wink.gif

Gorgeous pics everyone original.gif

attersee Welcome back - we seem to have identical bubs with the feeding / sleeping patterns. AJ does the same thing, during the day feeds constantly, sometimes 1hr, sometimes 2hrs it varies alot. During the night, hell have one stretch of 6/7hrs then a 3ish hour one...exactly like your little sarah. Sorry i dont have any advice, just letting you know that i understand how it feels. Ive regularly got something wrong with my breasts due to his frequent feeding, and strong sucking. If its not a cracked nipple its mastitis, if its not mastitis its nipple thrush - and it goes on and on. Hope you find a solution - let me know if you do find something that actually works. original.gif

Gnite all original.gif

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