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Feb 06 Parents # 4

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#1 Bel

Posted 22 February 2006 - 08:28 PM

New Thread Time original.gif


#2 JessieW

Posted 22 February 2006 - 08:31 PM

Just had to get in first... ohmy.gif

I've been telling myself to go to bed early every night..but I just love my adult time!


#3 Tammie_82

Posted 22 February 2006 - 08:42 PM

hey girls

This is the first time i have gotten a chance to post on the forum, anyways for ppl who don't know me my name is tammie, i'm 23 i have been married for just under 18 months and have a beautiful baby girl named Tia Anastasia which was born on the 7th of feb at 1:04pm and she weighed 2420 grams, height was 47cm.

In hospital she lost 180 grams but now she's up to 2530 grams. You know how hard it is to buy 00000 and even some of them are too big it really sucks sad.gif

anyways she waking up for her every 3 hr feed(i'm so glad my hubby is supportive her looks after of the night coz her is on afternoon shift and he is one of those guys that can just fall asleep i wish i was like that sad.gif )

bbs original.gif

#4 3cheekykids

Posted 22 February 2006 - 09:31 PM

Moneo, you can get fenugreek from any health food shop in tablet form or tea (seeds). Information on it can be found on http://www.kellymom.com/herbal/milksupply/fenugreek.html. Other herbs that can also help with supply include milk thistle, fennel, raspberry leaf, blessed thistle and alfafa. I have only taken fenugreek and raspberry leaf tablets in the past for the first couple of months and found that it did help with my initial supply problem. After that, my body just regulated itself. As for mums group, I found the supprot invaluable in the first year of having bub. I still keep in touch with the girls from my group although it has gotten harder in recent years because most of them have returned to work and others have moved. I found joining a playgroup when bub got mobile was another great outlet for me.

Peeling skin - Braden is almost 3 weeks old and his skin is finally smoothing out. I used a bit of sorbelene when it looked really bad but mostly, I left it alone.

Tam - welcome to the group!

Will probably have an early night as Braden has been up every 2 - 3 hours the last 3 nights. I miss the 4 hour stretch. Oh well, this stage will soon pass and I will have plenty of time to catch up on sleep then.  smile1.gif

Good night everyone.



#5 Kygee

Posted 23 February 2006 - 08:23 AM

Can i please join in as well girls?? tongue.gif

Well i am now officially a mummy of 3  
As i thought that me being pregnant would never end it did lol!

Had little Abbi on Sunday Morning after 4 hours of labour, well waters borke at midnight but didnt start getting contratcions till 1.30 and had her at 5.30am!

I think all that mowing on Saturday did the trick  

I went to bed 10.30pm on Saturday and i couldnt sleep i knew something was going to happen that night for some reason, even though she was moving round heaps all of sudden i felt her pushing down hard down there and i thought ok, so i stood up and gush my waters had broken.
I was so nervous i started shacking while waking my hubby up and also ringing hospital as well , as i knew i had to go straight in as i was pos for Strep B!

Got there and with a towel between my legs  
which was soaked by the time i got there, than went to delivery suite and had antibotics put into me, than just starting to wait for thoses pains and me getting all nervous!

Than they started at 1.30am not to bad was bearable!
Than at 4.30am they were that unbearable i thought i couldnt do it anymore and also the nurse did a internal and i was only 5cms dialated  so i asked for a eppy but they couldnt get anyone to do it for another 2 hours so i had pethadine instead!

Welllllll half hour after that i was in so much agony i wanted to die, than all of sudden i felt the urge to push so the midwife check me again and said i only had a little bit of lip there and than i can start pushing!
Well after 10 mins i started pushing and oh my god that pain  !
I could feel her going down the birth canal than after one more big push i could feel the cirle of fire down there and i knew i was nearly there, nurse told me to stop pushing for a sec which i tried so hard but didnt work  than one little push and she was out!
That pain was all worth it once i saw my little princess!
She is the most beautiful babie and could never ask for anything else!

So she was born 5,30am
after 4 hours of labour
and no stiches!!!

I am so happy now, my family is complete!

Cant wait to go through the journey with you all and babies!

#6 JessieW

Posted 23 February 2006 - 08:51 AM

Welcome Tam  biggrin.gif

Kylie - She's pretty damned cute! And how wonderful to have a girl after two boys. Your family certainly is complete now my dear original.gif


#7 Morts!

Posted 23 February 2006 - 09:39 AM

Morning girls!
I'm sitting here with Laura asleep in my arms. I couldn't get her to settle in her bed after her feed this morning. Think she just wanted cuddles. She slept from 9.30pm until 5.30am this morning which was brilliant. I think my boobs are even settling a bit coz they weren't quite so engorged this morning. I still had to express a bit but not so much.

Does anyone know how long it takes for stitches to dissolve? Mine are still there and it's been a month.

It's good to see all the girls from the DIF group moving across!

#8 pas

Posted 23 February 2006 - 01:04 PM

smile1.gif HI everyone

Hi to Kylie and Tam! Welcome to the group!!!

Tam - wow, Tia is a littlie isn't she. How early was she? With the 00000's, I've got 3 little short-sleeved 00000 bodysuits that Annabel has just outgrown, so they've hardly been worn. If you could use them, I'd be very happy to send them to you. Just PM me and let me know.

Kylie - she's a CUTIE!

George - so's Emma! Love the cheeks! (Sorry, not posting in DIF today so doing it here instead!)

Mon - so glad to hear things are improving for you. Great news.

Mothers groups - I would say, definitely go along to try it out. As Jess says, it's very dependent on who turns up but it's great to be able to share experiences with others in the same boat and realise you're all going through the same thing (bit like here on EB). And you could make some really good friends. I've been so lucky with my group. We met when DS was 3 weeks old (he's now 5 1/2) and, of the original 20 at the ECH centre, there are 5 of us who still see each other heaps and are really close friends now, despite having all moved away from our original area. We get together for coffee nights once a fortnight or so and have weekends away in the Blue Mountains twice a year (just us girls), and weekend BBQs with all the families etc. And what's great is that we still bounce ideas off each other re our kids, have a vent to each other etc. Of course, not everyone will be that lucky to form such close ties but it's surprising how often it does happen.

Dena - sounds like you've got a very caring GP. Really pleased that you're booked in for a stay. I know they've done wonders for friends here in Sydney so do hope it works well for you too original.gif

Bel - I'm no expert on post-natal care but with tummy crunches, it's all dependent on how much of a split you have in your muscle. If you do a very gentle crunch (ie just lift your head up) and feel the area between your navel and breastbone, you may feel a dip. Some people can fit only half a finger in, others (like me) 2-3 fingers. That gap is where the muscle has split and you can feel into your abdomen (eeuuww!!) You really want that gap to have closed considerably before you go trying to do full crunches, otherwise you'll end up herniating your abdominal contents! Very hard to explain what to do in writing. Your best bet, if you are a keen exerciser, is to go and see a physio and get yourself properly assessed. They can then recommend what exercises to do and when. Either way, keep it gentle initially and feel that dip regularly. In some people it closes within a few weeks, others it can take a year or so, depending on your previous level of fitness, how many kids you've had, what exercise you do after the birth etc etc.

Actually, while I'm on my soapbox, in regards to our backs and the softened ligaments that occur during pregnancy, do be aware that the relaxin hormone that is responsible for softening the ligaments is still circualting in the body long after birth, especially if you are breastfeeding. In other words, you don't have the normal strong ligaments protecting your backs until well after you stop BFing. So PLEASE all be very careful with lifting/pulling/pushing etc as this is a prime time in our lives for injuries to occur.

Suzy - wow, can only imagine how hard that must have been for you, having DH away so much when James was born. Sounds like  very different scenario this time, thank goodness.

Jess - mmm - sleep vs "adult time". It's such a dilemma isn't it!

Karen - I'm not actually sure whether or not my stitches have gone. I know I've lost a couple but I don't actually look to see! I remember with my first bub thinking the stitches were stll there but discovering it was actually scar tissue I ws feeling, not an actual stitch. Could that be the case for you?

Apologies for my typing - Ellie is sitting on my lap and has fallena sleep, sucking her thumb, with her head on my right arm!!! SO cute!

Jen - great to hear Thom's doing so much better, Must be a huge relief.

All's well with us. Had a good night (usual busy evening then sleep at 11.30, feed at 2.30 and 6). Bub is now as;eep, so is E so might be my turn before I have to pick u James from school! Time to get some blood back to my right arm! tongue.gif

Cheers for now

#9 livnik

Posted 23 February 2006 - 01:32 PM

Hi ladies,

wow where do I start, I have kinda been MIA this week as I wound up back in hospital last Friday and only just got out yesterday afternoon.

I originally got home from hospital the Monday before last with Liam, and we were doing well, then on the Wednesday I started to feel pain in my side, then for the following 2 days I got fevers too, one  really high fever it was that bad I thought I was gonna convulse.

So I went to DH's dr on Fri morn, who is pretty crap but I couldn't get in to see my dr til late in the afternoon and I desperatley needed pain killers, and he prodded at me for a minute and then prescribed me some antibiotics and then sent me on my way.
Later on I still went to my dr as I wasn't happy with what the other dr said, and when I got there he was really unhappy with what was wrong, he said it looked like it was a urine infection, but he wanted me to go back to the hospital, so I went back to the birthing unit, thinking my dr was over reacting and that they would just send me home with the antibiotics, but no it turns out I had a really nasty urinary tract infection that had spread to my kidneys and ended up infecting my blood too, and I ended up staying in the hospital for 6 days, which honestly was quite traumatic for me in the end, as I missed my girls so much and they were reacting so badly from me not being there, one minute I was visiting the dr and the next I was being whisked of to hospital, Nikki told me I didnt love her coz I wouldn't come home and that just broke my heart. But hopefully we can all get back to how we were.

DH is totally exhausted by it all, running back and forth and everything, I think he will enjoy going back to work today.

Liam is just divine, he stayed in hospital with me and was such a good boy, I am so pleased with him, to say he has spent most of his life in hospital I feel bad for him.

Phew and I think that is it. I am still not 100% and I am just taking it easy, my mum got here from UK on Tuesday so that was a huge relief, take a bit of pressure off DH. The worst thing of the whole thing was the high fevers that I had for 5 days straight and how I wasn't allowed home til I had gone a staigh 24 hours without one.

well since I have missed a whole thread I will try and get back another time to do personals

take care

#10 sarzy

Posted 23 February 2006 - 02:21 PM

Hi all
1handed typing here too so sorry for any typos.

Saira - so glad you're home. what a horrible ordeal for u. I bet your girls are loving having u back

Jen and Karen - sounds like Thom and Laura are really settling. Max also had 6 hrs sleep last night from 8.30 to 2.30 - feel great today.

Jen - with the co-sleeping I usually bring Max into my bed when he wakes for his first middle of the night feed, say 12 to 2 am. I simply lie him down next to me and feed until he falls asleep again. He will often then sleep until 6 or so when the other kids are stirring anyway. I find he rarely needs burping when he feeds this way - not sure why?? but be warned if you fall asleep too with yr boob out you may wake up to a wet bed! Also don't cover them with your doona, just wrap and cover with baby blankets. I have read recently that co-sleeping may help prevent SIDS as the baby regulates its breathing to yours. Obviously never do it if either you or yr partner have been drinking or smoking.

Polly - just wanted to pick yr brains. wld it be Ok to start brisk walking on a treadmill and/or yoga at this stage ?(1 week after birth). really feeling the need to blast away some of my remaining podge.

Moneo - things are sounding much better. I'm so glad! take good care of yrself and rest as much as u can.

Jess - I'm another one who loves the quiet time around 8.30pm when all kids are sound asleep. Must try and sleep then too at least once or twice a week, but that's usually the time DH and I catch up on each others day or watch a bit of tv.

Suzy - I had something to reply to you from the last thread but can't for the life of me remember what! Anyway thanks for your posts which are always really informative and great to read.

Dena - also glad to hear yr feeling better. I'm sure yr stay at the cntr will be fantastic and you will come out on top of everything.

Kylie - wow great job on the birth and no stitches!! How wonderful

joan - hope Braden gives you a nice long sleep soon!

Tammie - welcome! I think I will have the opposite prob in that Max will only be in 0000's for another week or so! Glad your enjoying your little girl.

Georgina - forgot to thank you for being a great birth buddy! Sounds like things are going really well!

Max and I - all going pretty well. Am actually having more cravings since bfing than I did while pg. Weird huh? Have been really hungry and have been desperate for brazil nuts and those dried banana chip thingys that you get from health food shops. Also ate half a custard tart earlier. I better stop or will have to join The Biggest Loser soon! Max has stopped hurting when feeding and the nips are back to normal thank goodness. Also seem to have really good milk supply and altho I have a can of formula in the cupboard I haven't had to use it yet. Yay!

OK the natives are getting restless. Hi to everyone I haven't mentioned personally. Love, S x

#11 sweetbaby

Posted 23 February 2006 - 02:45 PM

YAY i got some sleep last night.Boy did i need that.After having a very tiring day with him he slept for 5hrs straight.(12am-5am)I'm so excitited.His still kinda fussy at the boob though.Only still taking 5 or 10 min tops each feed.His feeding 2 1/2-3hrs though.The joys of breasfeeding.........
I called the baby clinic yesterday and now waiting for someone to call me back to book a home visit.It's weird cause last two time they called me.Anyhoos so just waiting for them to call me back now.
I'm gonna try and go to the city tomorrow to hand in birth certificate.It'll be the first time he takes a bottle of my EBM so fingers crossed he takes it.
Does anyones bubs like stay awake for 2hrs after a feed???He seems to be awake all the time.He seems happy just to look around but then gets over tired and it's a bit of a battle to put him back to sleep again.

Peeling Skin- His got it on his feet.When he was born he had it on his tummy,hands and feet.I didn't put anything on it.It just went by itself although he still has peeling skin on his feet.

Bleeding- i'm still going.....It's kinda light but still there.

livnik gees you poor thing.I'm glad your on the mend now and i really hope you feel better real soon.

Pas interesting how brestfeeding can affect us healing like that.I didn't know that.Was gonna jump back into excerising but think might take it easy for a while.

Jen wow sound like you got some sort of routine there.I only wish i could get into one.

Mother groups-You can make really great friend locally which is great.I totally recommend them.You could give it a try and if you like it great and if it's not for you you don't have to go again.

Mort yay you have such a good sleeper there.As for stiches not sure i've been lucky never to get any.Maybe call the hosital and find out Or ask your baby clinic nurse.

Kylie and Tam welcome

Joan hope you had a good night and he slept a bit longer for you

Gotta go Chris is nagging and i'm still sterilising his dummy

hi to everyone else.Haven't had chance to read other thread.Hopefully i can tonight

take care all.......

#12 Tammie_82

Posted 23 February 2006 - 03:48 PM

pas- she was 6 days overdue the only reason they think she was small is because i had a blood pressure problem while pregnant and also small babies run in my family i was born 5p 12oz and my sister was only 6p 1oz. So this was good for me in labour original.gif

Us- she is still on 3 hr feeds which is a bummer a little at night time which i'm glad my hubby is good coz he looks after of the night but he sleeps in the oher room coz i am a light sleeper so i wake up at every slight noise she makes and then it takes me 30 mins to get bak to sleep sad.gif

b/feeding - i had to give that up in hospital due to the fact i was having so much trouble and she was dropping weight and then i was getting depressed (previously was on medication due to depression) so they midwife actually suggested i go to formula so i would relax and have a slightly lesser chance of me getting PND which i felt alot better once i switched and Tia started gaining weight, when i have my next child i will try B/F again but i thought for my sanity i had to change (hubby also had alot to do with my sanity). original.gif

But other than that everything is good at the moment i hope it stays like that (ha yeah right i can always hope hehehe)

anyways bubi for now original.gif

#13 ~TCBF~

Posted 23 February 2006 - 07:12 PM

Hey Jen,

Did the hospital give you the form when you discharged?? Ours gave us the 31 page form with the section about the birth filled out and signed by the hospital and my Ob.

Then we just filled out the rest and sent it in. The money arrived a couple of weeks later.

I thought this was what all the hospitals did??

Hope this helps,

#14 Morts!

Posted 23 February 2006 - 07:15 PM

Where was the hospital sticker? I don't recall getting one.

#15 Morts!

Posted 23 February 2006 - 07:18 PM

Just had a look but mine is blank. Wonder why I never got one. Oh well - we've got her birth certificate so I'll just have to use that.

#16 LiLMinx

Posted 23 February 2006 - 07:27 PM

Evening girlies,

Had a good day and night with my little girl, so fingers crossed things are on the improve.  I am starting to realise that she is obviously very sensitive to the foods that I eat and I believe that is what is making her unhappy.... So far I have taken all dairy products out, citrus and anything fizzy.

I jumped on the scales this morn and was a bit disappointed  sad.gif  as I have only lost 7 kilos since the princess of darkness's birth.  I have 10 more to go!

How is everyone else going with this?

Its great to see alot of new mums coming in and posting.  Congratulations Ladies on your new babies  biggrin.gif


#17 Morts!

Posted 23 February 2006 - 07:45 PM

Jen - Geez I'm an idiot! I was looking at another copy of the form that I'd picked up in case I stuffed up the original one. I do have a sticker.

Gotta go and express - left boob is about to explode and Laura isn't due for a feed for a while yet.  ohmy.gif

#18 JessieW

Posted 23 February 2006 - 08:05 PM

Saira - That sounds full on...sorry you've had to deal with such a bugger of a health issue...

And can I just say on the maternity payment thingo - I was totally confused as the form included applying for Family Tax Rebate and Immunisation Allowance. I don't know whether it was my drop in intelligence levels since giving birth - but I swear it took me 5 days to finish it. And even now it's not done, I have to get the original of my Citizenship Papers (I immigrated from NZ 25 years ago!) and personally take it in with the form to be photocopied.

What a pain...

Frances oh Frances...can you sleep for 5 hours tonight my pet? after Law and Order ends that is???


#19 sarzy

Posted 23 February 2006 - 09:42 PM

Hi guys,
Just a quickie before going to bed! While we're on the subject of the maternity payment form. I looked at it today and it all looked far too long and hard so I put it away again wacko.gif
anyway Jen is it much quicker to fill it in online. I don't think we're eligible for family tax benefit only the maternity allowance one? Guess I could check it out myself, just need to find the website.
OK talk tomorrow, S x
P.S. Dena - glad you had a good day. My weight loss is about 12kg ish I think so far, but would like to lose at least another 8 or so. Just need to stop eating!!!

#20 shellyb

Posted 23 February 2006 - 09:44 PM

Hey ladies,

  Just quickly as I should be going to bed!!!

Jess, All you should need is your passport for the maturnity payment.I'm a kiwi who's been here for ages (been too lazy to get ozzy citizenship) and thats all I needed the first time.Seeing as they'd already seen my passport I needed nothing this time.

  Saira, Our boys have the same birthday  biggrin.gif .Gosh the UTI sounded nasty especially if you were septic!! I've got an ear infection and am being the biggest sook about it blush.gif

  Right its off to bed I go....

#21 Tammie_82

Posted 23 February 2006 - 10:31 PM

i have finally got some photo's of my baby girl on my site original.gif

#22 4forme

Posted 23 February 2006 - 11:28 PM

hi girls, figured I would pop in here occasionally. I am from the due in jan 06 group but my baby girl Daisy decided to be 12 days late on feb 8th. Hence I will post in both groups as I got to love my jan buddies but I have a feb bubs so it will be nice to catch up with other mums who have babies at exactly the same stage. off for now as Daisy needs a nappy change before finishing her feed.

#23 sarzy

Posted 24 February 2006 - 07:34 AM

Thanks for the link Jen! Am so hopeless with forms. Even tho I'm an avid reader any time I see an official form or even an appliance instruction manual my brain turns off!!

Welcome threeforme. Daisy is gorgeous. The DIF girls are all fabulous - you are in good company!

Tammie - Tia is a sweetie. I love the pic with the little hat on!

I have decided I love co-sleeping! Max came into our bed about 2 am ish, had a quick feed and then slept until 6.15 am. I don't feel sleep deprived at all like I did with my others and he's so cuddly! Just hope I'm not creating bad habits, but am putting him down awake in his cot during the day and when he first goes down at night.

OK, better go and prepare for kindy. Here's a photo of my little girl with Max. Hope its not too big.. S xx

#24 ChickenSalt

Posted 24 February 2006 - 08:09 AM

Good Morning Bella Mummies

For those of you that don't know me my name is Christy.  I have 2 darling little girls, Jemima who is 2 and Amelia who was born on the 17th of Feb (exactly 3 months before my birthday).  Amelia was a successful VBAC (I am so proud of myself biggrin.gif) but I had prelabour contractions for at least 36 hours before the proper ones started.  It was an agonising 49 hours or so with all the pain, real contractions or not, but she's here and absolutely gorgeous.  I will do up her birth story eventually, have started it but it's already super long.  Might try and finish it tonight before I start forgetting bits and pieces.

I live in the Blue Mountains in Sydney and have a very darling husband.  We will be celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary early next month, I can't believe that it's been so long original.gif.

So far so good with Amelia (touch wood), she's feeding every 4 hours (I was trying every 3 but found that I needed to wake her for just about every feed) and even then I still need to wake her for some feeds.  I have rather engorged breasts which is becoming a bit agonising and scary as I had severe mastitis with DD#1 (if you want to know that story I'm happy to tell but be warned, it's a bit gruesome ohmy.gif).  I'm determined to successfully breastfeed this time as I gave up when DD#1 was about 6 weeks, after comp feeding for 2.  I shouldn't say "gave up" it was more like not having any other options, unless I wanted to get mastitis again.

I guess my biggest problem atm is my 2 year old.  Not sure if she's just becoming more independant and therefore pushing boundaries or if she's acting out because of Amelia (whom she loves to bits).  It's taking it's toll on me, not to mention the MIL that won't leave.  But hey, take each day as it comes.  We all have our struggles and there is no shame in admitting that.

Well, I must be off, I am going shopping today, whether that is a good idea or not is another story original.gif.

Take care

#25 Morts!

Posted 24 February 2006 - 09:58 AM

Morning!  tongue.gif

Laura slept for 6 hours last night - not quite as long as the last few nights but still good. She's asleep in her bouncer now but I bet she wakes up hungry again soon because she didn't feed for very long this morning - although she did seem to empty my boob so maybe she's just getting more efficient at sucking.

Maternity Payment - I've managed to fill in the form (it's taken me a couple of weeks) and I just hope I've done it correctly. It's so confusing. I know what you mean about a drop in intelligence levels since giving birth Jess, I really struggled with it! I filled in the family tax benefit bit as well - I don't think we'll get anything but you never know. I don't know what the cut-off is for earnings.

Weightloss - I haven't actually weighed myself since giving birth (I don't have any scales here) but I'm dying to know what I weigh now. Guess I'll have to wait for my 6 week appt at my Ob - I'm sure he'll weigh me. I'm pretty much back to normal although my butt and hips are wider so I can't do up any of my old pants (gave me a good excuse to buy some new ones though!)

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