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Feb 06 Parents # 4

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#26 JessieW

Posted 24 February 2006 - 01:48 PM

Thanks for the tip Shelly – I’ll look into it – but I actually travel on a NZ passport!

Tammy, Sarzy and Jillian  – Cute pics! And Tammy – I was going to say that my favorite is Tia in the stripy hat – but Sarzy beat me to it

Welcome Threeforme  biggrin.gif

– I actually love planning weddings! Not that I’m married mind you (been bridesmaid 6 times, even getting my license to be a celebrant and DP still hasn’t asked me! I’ve threatened to conduct the ceremony one night while he’s sleeping). DP managed a top wedding venue/catering place in Sydney for 5 years – won all the awards, so if you have a specific question ...feel free to PM me

Have you girls sent your thank you cards off yet for baby gifts? I had a cute pic printed out and stuck card on the back (with matching envelope) Quite proud of myself that I've signed off on that.

On another note...I had my own Princess of Darkness last night. Oh My God, Frances was terribly unsettled from 12.30 - 2.30am, then fed and fussed on the boob all night. She didn't sleep for longer than an hour at a time. I gave her a bath at 11am and she's now been sleeping for 3.5 hours.

She really seemed distressed - and I know that she is ok to settle herself, so I was sure it wasn't grumpyness or over tiredness. I went searching for some info online and I'm pretty sure she had heartburn. Here's a snippet from an interview with Tracy Hogg the Baby Whisperer (sorry for the length, just ignore if it doesn't interest you!:


Q:  I know when they find their thumb, that might be the cue, they’ll turn their head and stick their thumb in their mouth, and even if the eyes are still open but starting in the distance, you know you’re okay.  What about for young babies, are they doing the snuffling?

T:  Right.  What you’ll find for a newborn is that they don’t do that, because they’re nasal breathers.  What you’ll see for a newborn is that they’ll shut off very quickly.  And you think, there, I’ve done it, he’s asleep.  But a couple of minutes later, they’ll start up again.

Let’s talk about newborns:  It takes a newborn 20 minutes to go from consciousness to being deeply asleep.  A lot of moms, when still teaching sleep, that is when they’ll leave the room at 10 minutes, and then the baby starts to fuss and wake up and then they’ll have to go back in and spend another 20 minutes getting them to go to sleep again.  The essence there is to stay the whole 20 minutes, because then you’ll get a baby who’s going to sleep a whole hour and a half to two hours.  Really, this is by you just standing there 20 minutes.

Now, eventually, over 3 or 4 days you won’t have to stand there that length of time because they’ll start to learn the skill of going to sleep – but in the beginning it’s well worth that 20 minutes of your time to watch your baby go through those three definite stages.  It’s usually after about 10 minutes that they drop into the second stage, and that’s when they’ll wake themselves up.

Q:  Now this is assuming that you’re putting them down at stage 1, basically, that you’ve made it to that point.

T:  Right.  Usually an infant up to 3 months – well actually, if you like, 8 weeks, doesn’t generally cry because they’re being put down, it’s because they’re overtired.  And also it could be because they’ve got a little bit of heartburn.  That’s why I ask parents, always from day one, have a slight elevation on your mattress.  Because their digestive system is very immature, and they tend to get heartburn, which if it’s not – I always go with prevention rather than cure, that’s why I elevate all mattresses for all newborns, full stop – but if it starts to get really bad, with putting a newborn down you really have to see if this is the problem. I was just talking the other day with a dad who said we’ve been resorting to accidental parenting because we can’t put him down, and clearly with all the signs he gave me, the baby’s got esophageal reflux.  They took him to the doctor, who sent them to a gastroenterologist, and the baby’s got very severe reflux.

Q:  Can we list here what those signs are?

T:  Some of the signs are:  Explosive poops.  Fussing and bobbing on and off the breast, and crying.  And the cry is clearly uncomfortable, and on and off all day. They’ll make a wincing noise when they swallow.  They clearly bring the legs up, but it’s more things like bobbing on and off – they don’t necessarily have to spit up.  That’s a common misunderstanding; sometimes people think it has to be as extensive as projectile vomiting.  But that’s not the case.  Heartburn, you know yourself if you’ve got heartburn you don’t spit up.  If it comes into the upper part of the esophagus, then you’ll see spitting up.  But normally, it’s the lower part, just above the sphincter to the stomach where they’ll feel the burning sensation.

Now these babies like to feed a lot, because when they’re swallowing, it eases the pain.  So they tend to want to feed regularly ever hour or hour and a half, and then they fall asleep.  This is how parents get confused, because they’re giving the appearance of hunger, and then fighting on the breast after a couple of sips, or even with a bottle, they’ll fight, because they can’t swallow fast enough.  That’s why I’ll use the Haberman feeder, because conventional bottles flow too quickly.

#27 Kygee

Posted 24 February 2006 - 05:08 PM

Hey there girls how are well all????

Just a quick one tonight as i am roasting at the moment in the study as it was 36 degrees here in Melbourne today wacko.gif

Had a really bad night with Abbi she was up all night thinking it was time to play, and today has been sleeping heaps and also hardly dirnking anything mellow.gif

It is hot here today so i am worried that she isnt getting enough and will become dehydrated sad.gif
I know most of you are Breast Feeding but i am bottle feeding Abbi and i am getting worried that she isnt drinking enough, she keeps falling asleep or spitting out the drink sad.gif

Any suggestions will be lovely right now as i am panicking, as i dont know what to else to do.

Well i better get going and get dinner ready and try to feed Abbi again  wacko.gif

Hope all bubs and mummies are well,

#28 Morts!

Posted 24 February 2006 - 06:57 PM

Afternoon girls and bubs!

Went shopping this arvo with mum and I used my Target voucher book from the bounty bag to get some clothes for Laura. It was buy $60 worth and get $20 off. I got some gorgeous things for her for winter. Can't wait for her to grow into them now.

Bbel - Oohh, planning a wedding. I had so much fun planning ours. My sister is getting married in April so I've been helping her a bit which has been good.

Jillian - Love the photo of Reaghan, Bailey and DH. She is such a cutie! Glad to hear your house is coming along too.

Jess - Thanks for The Baby Whisperer info. It was really interesting. I've sent out all my thankyou cards. I designed my own to look like a postcard and my sister printed them for me (she works for a printing company - the one I used to work for as well). Here is the card I made:

Jen - I also have one boob that has more milk than the other. It's my right boob and it always seems to refill really quickly. It's very annoying coz I keep thinking that it's that boob's turn for a feed but it isn't.

Kylie - Sorry, not sure about the feeding problem. Maybe post the question in the "feeding your baby" thread.

#29 sarzy

Posted 24 February 2006 - 10:06 PM

Hi all,
Just popping in to say hope you all had a good day and that all bubs are sleeping and eating like little troopers.

Kylie - if Abbi is wetting plenty of nappies and her skin tone etc looks good it probably means she is getting enough fluid. Hope she's had more to drink for you since yr last post.

1 fuller boob - I had this with my DD with my right one ending up about twice the size of my left. Felt very self conscious wearing tight tops! Apparently tho it is more common for bubs to favour the left side!

Jess - Hope Frances is more settled for you tonight. Will have to dust off my baby whisperer book I think.

Us - all OK. Took my boys to the park today. My nearly 2 year old had a ball but as toddlers will kept running into trouble so I spent half the time chasing him around while Max was tightly clamped on my boob. Quite an amusing sight I'm sure.wink.gif I think after having my girly bits and boobs manhandled and shown to the world 3 times, I am over any self consciousness abt feeding in public though!

Anyhoo, time for bed before my little man wakes up looking for some boob. Night all, Sarzy x

#30 JessieW

Posted 25 February 2006 - 12:16 PM

I think Frances is having a growth spurt too...It's amazing how much milk she wants these days

We had two 3 hour stints of sleep last night...that was nice. She's still having her 'uncomfortable' moments..but not as bad as the other night. I raised the bassinet and am hoping that will make a difference

Morts - You're a clever clogs to put that card together from Laura  smile1.gif

Here;s a pic of Frances...what a face!


#31 sarzy

Posted 25 February 2006 - 12:48 PM

Oh Jess, What a great pic! I'd be keeping that for her 21st!!

Bel - glad to hear Bree is feeding well. I know what you mean about being stuck inside. Am actually looking forward to doing some weeding later! Weird I know

OK bye for now, SX

#32 Kygee

Posted 25 February 2006 - 01:23 PM

Hey there girls how are we all??

Well after i came on here and was panicking about Abbi's feeding, she started to want the drink more blush.gif

Last night she had two 100mls bottles, little piggy tongue.gif , and today she is wanting more so now i am feeling better, thanks every one for asking and also helping!

Jess: she is soooooo cute!
Defiently a 21st piccy tongue.gif

Jillian: that is a cute piccy of all your little angels!

Well i be back later just wanted to let you know how Abbi was going with her feeds,

Hope every one is having a good weekend,
Take care

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