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Jan 06 Parents # 12

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#1 Bel

Posted 24 February 2006 - 09:19 PM

New Thread Time original.gif


#2 Rinnie78

Posted 24 February 2006 - 09:22 PM

Me first? WooHoo! first time eva!
off to read the last thread

#3 --binda--

Posted 24 February 2006 - 09:49 PM

damn that's what I get for b**ching on msn about warren lol

#4 ~Butterfly~

Posted 24 February 2006 - 09:56 PM

attersee Phoenix is like that tho his is from about 2pm till when he decides when night sleep is going to happen LOL (up to midnight). I was getting worried about it. But one thing my clinic lady said was to look at it this way he is putting in his order for the next day original.gif And as he is sleeping so well during the night he is just making sure order will be ready for him LOL. Makes it a little easier for me to cope thinking that LOL.

Tho today He has been perfect original.gif Feeding every 4 hours and sleeping inbetween no screaming tonight original.gif Tho think he is catching up on his sleep. As poor thing was so irritable the last couple of days (due to eye sad.gif )

Phoenix's eye is so much better now original.gif He is waking now without all that icky gunk keeping his eye closed.

#5 ~4LittleDucks~

Posted 24 February 2006 - 10:23 PM

blush.gif ohh been hanging round all arvo for 1st spot..lol

Congrats Ryn,on being first..lol

~Butterfly~:My Cooper has also had yucky eye.When he was born they said it was blocked duct in left eye.Within 3 days he had both eyes oozing green gunk and unable to open after sleep..They told us to just keep using saline solution and keep cleaing,and try massaging the area whilst feeding.After 2 wks of getting worse mad.gif ,we finally went to gp he prescribed some drops..He now 5 wks and both eyes are no better..We have days where we think they better but then just as bad with in few hours again..What did your doc prescribe,we might have to try some cause this gettin ridiculous for my poor little man... sad.gif ..

Anyway im off to bed ,been on the phone to a dear friend havnt spoken to in awhile..

Nite All wink.gif

#6 EthKait

Posted 25 February 2006 - 12:20 AM

Hi Guys,

God these threads move fast, I have been reading, kind of, but I get one page read and missy needs me again!  I have to answer all the questions that have been posted but I have to go back and find out what they are again.

I don't know what I was thinking when I was pregnant (blissfully ignorant) but this mother of two under two thing is a hard gig!!  I have not had a moment to myself in days.  I am sooooo tired it is starting to get to me.  It is alright for the clinic nurses to say to get someone to help and that you need to get out on your own, blah blah blah, yeah right, what happens when you have noone that is willing to give you that option?  My mother is absolutely useless when it comes to helping, in fact she is a real hinderance and expects to be waited on herself, she got the poohs tonight because she rang about her house sale for some advice from DH (he is a financial planner) and we were bathing Kaitlyn and it was dinnertime for Ethan and everything was going on so we couldn't talk, she hung up without even saying goodbye when I told her we would have to call her back, to be honest I have not got time for my mother's selfish behaviour at the moment.

Kaitlyn is not feeding well, I think she is now lazy because of my over supply and fast letdown.  This is what I think, I think she is just getting the foremilk and when she has to work for the hindmilk she just comes straight off the boob constantly.  It is doing my head in.  I am getting so frustrated with her.  I have resorted to expressing at least two feeds a day just to make sure she gets it into her and I get a break.  She seems to be a really light sleeper and wants to feed every two hours or so only to latch on for a few sucks.

God, listen to this post would you.  I need sleep.  What the hell am I doing up at this time (1.16 am)!  Sorry about the whinge girls and lack of personals, I am trying to catch up on the past 2-3 threads.  All your photos are gorgeous.

Amy:  We were planning on having Kaitlyn's naming day on 22 April but now have to postpone that as we appear to be moving house around then, bummer.  Your little ones are absolutely gorgeous, I love your sig!  For Cooper's yucky eye squirt some breastmilk into it, it sounds yucky and looks cruel but it sorted Kaitlyn's eye out overnight, the clinic nurses told me to do it, we were doing saline which didn't work.


Sorry about the whingy post!  I think it is just sleep deprivation and not PND but I am keeping an eye on how I am feeling.  I didn't get PND with Ethan so I am thinking I just need sleep and a bit of a break.  So hard with a toddler and a 5 week old bub.  I don't know how you guys with more than two cope.

Better get going.


#7 ~4LittleDucks~

Posted 25 February 2006 - 07:29 AM

biggrin.gif Morning girls,

We are off to my granparents today.They live at a beautiful resort at wisemans ferry here in sydney..The kids love going out there they been excited all week.They have this beautiful massive pool with a gorgous backdrop of the mountains,im looking forward to it.Although i won't be swimming,i wouldnt inflict anyone of having to see this disgusting body of mine in swimmers...lol..Im honestly having major body issues atm.I had lost 20kg's(excess baby weight from rhys and georgias pregs)prior to being preg with Cooper. And was really happy with myself first time id felt back to the pre preg me.And now since having Cooper im just totally depressed with way i look...But i cant stop eating,i try and stick to like 20points but b/f makes me a hungry hippo all day wacko.gif .Ohh i don't know ganna have to figure somthing out and fast..

Gayle: ((hugs)) you are sounding really tired and run down.I'm sorry your mum is this way also.I have a zilch support network aswell in my life.And at a time when you need bit of help it makes it even harder.Things will settle down for you.I have really bad days where i just want to cry.Trying to cope with this lot somtimes can be very hard..And thanks for the b/f in coopers eyes tip,but ive been putting it in and still his eye terribe..Poor bubba couldnt even get the right one to open this morn..Anyway if you need to chat anytime you now where i am rolleyes.gif

Well im off girls,hope all have a great w/end...  biggrin.gif

#8 mystic gal

Posted 25 February 2006 - 08:19 AM

MOrning Mummies & Babies i hope that you all had a good sleep, or tried to anyway..

~Ryn~ Congrats on being the first original.gif

~Butterfly~ Fantastic to hear that Phoenix eye is getting better and that she is eating and sleeping a little better for you original.gif

~jayamyc ~ Hope Coopers eye gets better... i did hear that breast milk is good to spray on their eye, or cold tea bags!!! dont ask why i have no clue.. Have a fantastic time at your grand parents place. Wiseman ferry i hear is nice, have only gotten to windsor and richmond need to do more driving around original.gif have a great weekend

~GES473 ~ Clinic nurses say things they dont know about half the time, they informed me that i had PND and thats not true at all, went to the doc to clear it up, it was said becuase i was stressed and tired, heaven forbid that a mother may feel like this.. It's not good that your mum doesnt help, i know the feeling i had my parents live with me for 4 months, and my mum didn't help at all, ( i expected her too). I hope that Kaitlyn starts to feed better and doesnt latch on just for comfort. ( belle does the same with the bottle she doesnt want it, it's jsut the comfort even though she has a dummy and a hand she cant get in her mouth.LOL) Don't be sorry about telling people you trust about your feelings original.gif we are all hear for everyone to tell whats going on and how they feel, there are some that relate to you and may be able to suggest things.. Do try to relax and have a bth to stay sane, but if you cant know that at any one time there a million mum's doing/going through the same thing. Your not alone.
((((( huge hugs)))))

~rorstey1 ~ Your poor thing i have made sure that noone jsut pops in for a visit, and if they do and Belle is asleep i tell them to leave, even my own family... Luckily i havent had to do that many times.. ihope that DH can say something to them, and it wouldnt hurt your MIL to help clean, god she must remember what it was like to have a baby. I wouldnt feel comfortable leaving my daughter with them either.. stick to your guns, if your uncomfortable tell him...

~Jenks~ not good to hear about Chelsea, hope she gets better soon

~attersee ~ Babies can take up lots of our time, i am blessed that belle sleeps alot and that on weekends DH looks after her original.gif. am sure things will settle for you. with the feeding i have no advice sorry. good to hear from you again original.gif

~G.H.E ~ Isnt it amazing how all babies are so gorgeous!!! i just want to squish them and eat them up.. LOL my DH thinks i'm crazy but they are so cute and smell so baby like i love it... Does anyone else love the way babies have that smell about them?? What about a Nipple Sheild?? It amy help especially if your getting crack nipples OUCH!

Well i'm all caught up for now...

I went food shopping last night and left belle at home with DH, it was nice to go out, so i took my time.lol by the time i got home DH had dinner on the table, belle bathed and in bed original.gif i was happy it was peaceful.. Not too much to report Belle is gettting into a good routine of putting herself to sleep in her cot and being wrapped, so am keeping that going, and she has good sleeps in the morning and afternoon in the middle she sleeps for 45min - 1hour.. Cant complain.. I better get going and have some breakfast. DH has offered to make me Scrambled eggs, not going to turn that down. original.gif

Have a fantastic day and will check in later
*hugs* to all

#9 4forme

Posted 25 February 2006 - 08:31 AM

For some reason I couldn't open the last page of our last thread, but what are jojodes baby details as I had been so hanging out for news from her, or how do I do the msn thing to check it out for myself.

Ghe if you do still update our extra long baby lists, Daisy's length was 53cm, head 37cm, gestation 41w+5days, normal delivery, think thats all that was missing.

Bugger I'm gonna have to go, being on here on a sat morning with the whole family home just doesn't work.
Gayle- Big hugs your way, chin up, hope things improve mighty soon.

#10 G.H.E

Posted 25 February 2006 - 08:45 AM

Hey ladies original.gif

Just wanted tyo let you all know that im no longer taking care of the list - petire_h has kindly offered to take over the massive task wink.gif Thanks Peta!

So if you need any info edited or added, maybe you could PM her - if thats ok with you Peta ofcourse wink.gif

Better be off - got a whole heap to accomplish today original.gif

#11 Tildababy

Posted 25 February 2006 - 01:32 PM


Thanks for your reply Carmen. I will check things out at my Dr's visit on Thursday and hope that it might just be a bit more from the birth.

I will put my question here again for those who don't get a chance to look at the last thread.

Just a quick question for those breastfeeding and with older children....when have your periods returned? I am a first time mum and am fully breastfeeding and much to my disgust it looks like six weeks and 5 days after my bub's arrival I am getting my first period. What has your experience been???????

It is raining here which is lovely. Has cooled things down a bit...only problem I can't get my lovely cloth nappies dry in this sort of weather!! Looks like the clothes horses will have to come out. We need the water for our tanks and after four years of drought you will not hear me complain about the rain. Send it down Hughie!!!!

Bye for now

#12 Rinnie78

Posted 25 February 2006 - 07:28 PM

hi all biggrin.gif

just a few personals from this thread as im soooo far behind.

Mummybinda-ive added you to my msn biggrin.gif

GES- sending {{BIG hugs}} your way.i really feel for you, wish i could help somehow sad.gif  Is there a friend or another relative that could possibly help out? Im finding things difficult and i only have the one to look after.Take care of yourself.

Mystic gal- can your Dh come to my house for a day LOL! baby washed, put down for the night and dinner on the table sounds lovely, I wish!!! sad.gif i might get dinner if im lucky .

Ok i finally got round to the questions
What do you miss about being pregnant?
NOTHING!!!!! I didnt enjoy much of my pregnancy at all, although i would be crazy enough to do it all over again! biggrin.gif

What you dont miss about being pregnant?
morning sickness!

What do you like about being a mum?pretty much everything, except sleepless nights and reflux!
Watching her grow and smile:smile:

me- well not much has changed, Dh is still work focused, and i feel like i do alot more than he does with Chloe and taking care of the house. We have been fighting alot lately, not sure if its me being hormonal or he is just being a pain in the butt. The thing that annoys me the most is when he tells me that CHloe is hungry (even when i tell him she ate 1 hr ago!) or just tired or whatever, when i know she is crying because of the reflux. And when MIL tells me she has colic, when i know its reflux blah blah blah. I have read up on it enough to know what the signs are.
We went to the inlaws last weekend for a family dinner, so the whole family plus grandmother and aunty were there.
Picture this....all the women sitting around the table telling me why my baby is crying, each has a different opinion from the other. Also, Chloe started to get a gunky eye that morning , being sunday the doctors is not open where i live so i planned to take her on the monday, it looked like conjunctivitis(however it is spelt) so i was not too concerned.
Anyway, i get asked have you got anything for it , i should bath her eye in salt water,(i had been all day)What do they think i am stupid.And i should also use cammomile tea coz thats what they used on their baby for the same thing.
And, Chloe feels very hot, thats why she is crying,lets take her clothes off.next minute i look my bub is half naked and its not even 20 degrees,She felt fine to me, but what would i know, im only with her 24/7!
And the amount of times ive said not to take her bib off coz she chucks all over her self she has reflux, even though she ate 2hrs ago, we still come along to find the bib off and a family member saying, have you got spare clothes with you she just chucked on herself. well duh! I get the feeling they dont beleive me on the reflux thing.
Look i know they are all well meaning nice people, but seriously, im 27years old, not a child, i do have a bit of common sense when it comes to my daughter.
Im sorry this turned into a vent sad.gif
My DH's family are all very nice dont get me wrong but being told what to do with CHloe really bothers me, i dont mind suggestions, but sometimes...(sigh)

Anyway, on tuesday im taking Chloe to get her needles sad.gif
not looking forward to it, and also to the health nurse to see how she is going.
better go my little one is crying for her bottle.

take care all, and when i come back i will be a happy little camper and not vent, i feel every time i log in im whinging to you all about stuff!

i gotta get one of those photo tickers!

#13 mystic gal

Posted 25 February 2006 - 08:20 PM

Evening mummies & Babies i hope that everyone had a good day.

~RYN~ Am sur emy DH wont mind if i start hiring him out,lol he is very good  and i must say i'm pretty lucky compared to my sisters partners, they do nothing yet my DH is the sweetest most caring guy out, he makes sure i have a drink all the time gives me a Massage ( i know dont rub it in...right.lol)without me asking,he does the washing,ironing,lawns,and makes bottles.. My sister had Triplets and she did everything her Hubby did nothing...
You poor thing your ILS dont sound nice sometimes,you know whats best your Chloe's mum, and to your Hubby... He needs to be more supportive and know that you are aware of her crying and that it's not because she isn't hungry.. He needs to focus on family before work.. You need to have him support you, otherwise you will go crazy. ((((hugs)))) Good luck with the needles original.gif

Well we havent long gotten back from MIL it went well, Belle had a 3 1/2 hour sleep this afternoon.. and only had 1/2 hour sleep while out.. she is over tired and fighting it.. argh.. glad DH is attending to her while i type..hehehe ... am so buggered so i think i better get to bed...

Hope you all have a good night and i will talk with you all soon

**hugs** to all

#14 Jellybean

Posted 25 February 2006 - 08:25 PM

Just a quickie for Amy

Ihear ya on the weight loss issue.. I've shed many a tear over it in the last few weeks. It SUCKS!  I despise myself at the moment.
Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone.
We should be helping each other out.. let's catch up on MSN soon & we'll sort each other out!  wink.gif

Oh, and don't try to stick to 20 points.. I was talking to someone the other day who said that on the WW plan, if you're b/f exclusively then you should be on 32 points a day!!!  ohmy.gif
Can you believe that?

Take it easy hun..

Hope everyone else is well.. sorry for lack of personals.

#15 ~Butterfly~

Posted 25 February 2006 - 08:26 PM

Hi Girls

Just quickly I am so tired after being at southbank most of the day. Phoenix HATES being out sad.gif Anyway

jayamyc the drops are called Chlorsig Eye drops (Chloramphenicol) We give him one drop 4 times a day. Inbetween this wipe eye with salty water. (Mixed up as 130ml and 1 teaspoon salt that we keep in a bottle on his change table)

Here is a Photo of all my kids together original.gif
Chris (19) Robert (15) Selina (14) Hayden (7) Akasha (4) and baby Phoenix original.gif

#16 attersee

Posted 25 February 2006 - 08:42 PM

Good morning, ladies
Thank you for your suggestions. I, too, have problems with my breast at the moment. Cracked and infected. I am not a happy camper as breastfeeding is very painful at the moment.

Last night, DH and I went out to see a comedian. It was fantastic, I laughed so hard that my muscles hurt. My lovely sister was looking after Sarah. I would not leave Sarah with anybody else in the world, not even my mother! It was good to get away but I am very tired this morning.

Ryn: Sorry to hear about everbody else telling you what to do. No advise from my side, just a big hug and hang in there. You are doing just fine. Fighting with DH: Seems to be a common feature. Also in our house, things a big tight....

Butterfly: Love the photo of all your kids. They do look pretty tired as well! Where was the picture taken?

JellyBean: I am trying to lose some weight again. I am good all day and in the evening I am so tired and exhausted that I just eat way too much chocolate. This way I ruin my efforts from the entire day...

My time is up. Big hugs@!

#17 --binda--

Posted 25 February 2006 - 08:56 PM

Hi Girls and Beautiful Princesses and Princes original.gif

Not much happening my side of town tonight.

Am currently watching Sliding Doors (woops now its finished!)

Chloe's birthday party tomorrow! Jade is going to her first party.. She's going to be wearing a pretty pink dress, and she even gets to go for her first swim in a pool!! Scary!! I'll have to hunt down where I've put her hat too!!

I've got a really wiggly sore loose tooth! Its annoying me!! I'm too scared to pull it cause it'll hurt too much, and I have my dentist appointment on Monday anyways!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!



#18 mystic gal

Posted 26 February 2006 - 09:46 AM

Morning Mummies & Babies.. Hope we are all going good today original.gif

~~Butterfly~~ Your kids are jsut so gorgeous.. they all look so tired, no wonder you are tired aswell. hope you enjoyed yourself original.gif

~attersee~ glad that you and DH got out and enjoyed yourself... Me and DH havent been out i dont want to leav Belle with anyone.. i guess it's jsut me thinking that she is my responsibility. she goes anywhere we go.. original.gif hope your not too tired today

~Mummybinda~ WOW i bet Jade will look gorgeous original.gif thats so exciting her first birthday party.. hope you all have fun.. And good luck at the dentist tomorrow

Well i'm going to jump in the shower while DH cleans and then Belle and I are going to visit a friend. should be good.. My back is so sore today, dont know why either..argh...

Talk with you later have a great day

#19 ~4LittleDucks~

Posted 26 February 2006 - 09:52 AM

biggrin.gif Morning,

Im not as bright as i was yesterday morn  sad.gif .Cooper decided to have an all nighter last nite..At my granparents he was a complete angel..He slept the day away basically.So we knew we were in for it last nite..Unfortunatly though im suffering for it big time today.Im so tired,just having the whole day out,long drive there and back with dd constanly are we there yet??,them 2 fighting in back seat, the heat etc etc, took it out of me let alone no sleep last nite.And im acheing all over..lol.I know i sound like winging old cow,but anyway..Must be getin old wink.gif.

Ohh and dh and ds1 face are very sunburnt im not a happy jan. Esp with ds as i applied cream to him 3 times,but he kept taking his hat off.His face looks very painfull but he not complaining..

~BUTTERFLY~:They are the drops we have for Cooper already.And my doc has given us a repeat prescription.Last nite his eyes were lookin better but by morning  they horrid again  wacko.gif .We too keep saline solution by the change table and claean then regularly but still icky..I guess just ganna take bit longer..When my Rhys was born he had same thing with his eyes, but think it was pretty much gone by 6wks..It must be somthing with my boys,cause Georgia never had it..

Anyway must run,yet to have a shower,its ganna be one of those days... wacko.gif [color=#FF6600]

#20 Rinnie78

Posted 26 February 2006 - 11:18 AM

morning mums and bubs

hope you all had a better night than me sad.gif
Chloe was very unsettled and had trouble staying asleep due to her reflux. Still waiting to get an appt with the specialist.i wish they would hurry up mad.gif

having a good morning, Dh is out of the house till approx 2pm.
So i have the place to myself, Chloe is hanging out with her Nanna.

Mystic gal- Your sister should have kicked her Dh's butt! Triplets! i just wouldnt cope, well done to her. My Dh was attentive to my needs but i think he has become lazy. Its probably my fault as i started to do more for him and around the house i guess he just expects it now, where as when we first moved in together he was really good with the housework ect.

Attersee- {hugs} i really feel for you hope your breast heal, nothing worse than being sore especially when you have to keep feeding.

Mummybinda- jade will look gorgeous at the party, dont forget to take a pic for us in her pretty dress smile1.gif

Jayamyc- You sound tired, need to rope your Dh in to look after the kids while you soak in a nice warm bath.

take care

#21 Guest_mel1973_*

Posted 26 February 2006 - 12:23 PM

Good afternoon everyone, Thought i would share some news with your guys my little angel Aerith has started to roll smile1.gif at first i thought it was just a one off but nope she kept doing it after the first time... She's developing so quickly not fair she's not going to be a baby for long. Also thought i would  share this pic i love it they have such cute feet... Ok i know bragging mum here lol....

ok enough showing off my babies bye for now everyone....

#22 4forme

Posted 26 February 2006 - 02:29 PM

Ohh Mel, they look so nice and chubby now don't they? Thats fab news about Aerith starting to roll. They grow up much too fast don't they?

Attersee- Sending hugs and healing boob vibes your way deary.

Ok off for now. I really should only pop on here for Daisy's feeds coz then I don't feel guilty, as I could be ironing school dresses or baking bikkies at the moment.

#23 mystic gal

Posted 26 February 2006 - 04:22 PM

Afternoon mummies & Babies ( hugs N kisses ) to all the babies original.gif

~jayamyc ~ You poor thing, i'm in the same boat, belle slept alot yesterday and dint goto bed late, but she was out of her routine sad.gif ((hugs)) to you.. Nothing like kids fighting and saying are we there yet..lol Thats not good about the sunburn either, bet it's not nice.. Am glad that Cooper was well behaved while out thats great to hear.. original.gif Hope your day improved

~ryn~ I agree i would have kicked his ar$e dont you worry...i told him off a few times.. He was ok when it come to show them off he would do things,but even now they are 3 and he is in Young for 3weeks (trying to get work) and my sister is looking after by herself..My DH was like that lucky he jsut kept it up even though i would do heaps for him... you poor thing i hope that Chloe is feeling better, hope you get the appointment soon aswell (((hugs)))

~Mel~ Thats fantastic that Aerith has started rolling congrats original.gif.. she has gorgeous little feet original.gif Dominic looks gorgeous too what big smiles.. Keep bragging girl you have the right to original.gif

~threeforme~ You shouldnt feel guilty think of it as the means to stay sane..lol


Well i'm so excited Belle is 3 MONTHS TODAY!!!!! it's gone by quickly.. Isang happy birthday and she was smiling ans talking to me. original.gif it was a precious moment between us... got some more pics developed of her today aswell.. She jsut seems to be growing to quickly sad.gif
It's such a cute moment Dh and Belle having a little nap together on the floor original.gif

Better go and get some scrapbooking done, havent done any for ages... (fingers crossed)..
Have a great afternoon/evening
*hugs* to all

#24 Rinnie78

Posted 26 February 2006 - 04:32 PM

mystic gal, i love the pic of Belle and your Dh, so cute

#25 mystic gal

Posted 26 February 2006 - 04:41 PM

~ryn~ thanks i think it is aswell.. hehhe he jsut notice i put it up there and he jsut smiled original.gif

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