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Jan 06 Parents # 12

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#26 EthKait

Posted 26 February 2006 - 11:12 PM

Hi Guys,

Thanks for all your messages of support for me, I'm feeling a bit better today, although still very tired.

Well, the three of us (DS, DD & I) are on our own for two nights.  DH's stupid work is having a compulsory two day seminar/bonding crap thingo at the Hunter Valley which he was told he absolutely had to attend which sucks big time!  I have not been looking forward to it but now the time is here I just have to get on with the business of keeping our family running while he is away.  I sound like such a woose but the nights we have spent away from each other since we have been together you can count on two hands (my hospital stay for Kaitlyn's birth stuffed that up), DH is my soulmate and we do everything together as a family.  He get's back on Tuesday afternoon.  I feel most sorry for DS as he absolutely adores his Daddy and he cried when he left which made DH feel even worse.  I shed a little tear after he went.  God I am a woosebag!!!

OH, just remembered a funny moment I have to tell you all about.  I was feeding Kaitlyn last night and I was watching Jaws on tv, it was up to a crucial suspense filled moment when someone was just about to get crunched by Jaws and Kaitlyn let a mighty fart go and scared the living daylights out of me.  I absolutely jumped through the roof! LOL, it was so funny I had to laugh.

Amy:  Cheer up matey, the sleep deprivation sucks doesn't it.  It is doing weird things to me that is for sure, I am one crabby cow at the moment.  That sucks about the sunburn also.  We used those drops for Ethan too and from memory they took ages to clear up his eye and he absolutely hates anything being put in his eyes.  It must be a boy thing because breast milk cleared DD's eye up overnight.

Attersee:  Hope your boobies get better soon, that sucks, it is an excrutiating pain unlike any other, don't you think.  Good to hear you got out with DH too.  We are leaving DS and DD with by brother and SIL on 1 April as we are going to see U2 in concert.  I am a major U2 fan and haven't missed them in concert since the 80's.  I am hating the fact that we can't take the kids as we go everywhere with them.  Oh well, I guess it is only for a few hours but I have never really left either of them with anyone.

Mystic gal:  that photo is gorgeous, I think it must be the done thing to have a photo of DH and bubba curled up asleep together, I have a few of those shots of DH with Ethan when he was a bub.  Must get one with Kaitlyn one day too.

Mel:  Wow, Aerith rolling already, that is one advanced girl!  Dominic is gorgeous too, I love the photo.

Anyway I have bored you with my post for long enough, I am typing this with one eye open so time to go to bed.

Keep well everyone.


#27 --binda--

Posted 27 February 2006 - 07:14 AM

Hi Girls!

I have a dentist appointment at 10:30, really should get my but into gear and have a shower. but Jade's asleep across my lap!

Today is Chloe's 2nd Birthday! She got sooooooooooo many Dora things yesterday at her party! She was really excited when it was time for the cake too!! It was Jade's first birthday party that she has been to, and she wore a dress for the first time too lol.

Anyways, I must be off, hope all is going well...

Dimples - When Jade projectiles back up, its because she has over fed, and the rest of it just sits above the stomach. I find that if I hold jade up after a feed she doesn't vomit as often, but if I lay her down she screams her head off 'cause of the acid burn.

#28 mystic gal

Posted 27 February 2006 - 07:55 AM

MOrnning Mummies & Babies (hugs to all the babies)
I hope we had a good night..

~GES473~ That sucks that Dh had to go away for the seminar, poor Ethan i bet he misses daddy alot sad.gif it makes me want to cry... The same with Dh and i we havent spent alot of time away from each other ( apart from 2 weeks in hospital with belle) it does make you shed a tear.. and your not a woose either... heheheh good on Kaitlyn  she knows how to scare and make mummy laugh... PMSL .... Thanks i love the pic too, and it is compulsary to have a pic of daddy and bub original.gif Hope you have a great day ((hugs))

~Dimples~ sorry i have no advice to help but i hope that summer isnt in to much pain with the projectile vomits... poor little thing

~Mummybinda~ Good luck at the dentist, hope all goes well original.gif
Thats great that it was Jade's first time wearing a dress. original.gif hope you took lots of pics. hope you have a great day


~ME~ Well lets see Isabelle is pretty good with sleeping between 6-7hours a night which is great, she has two big sleeps during the day usually 2 hours in the morning then 1hour then in the afternoon 3-31/2 and then she is back in bed somewhere between 7-8 original.gif am glad she has sorted it out.. She was cheeky this morning woke at 2.30 for a bottle drank it and then she stayed awake until 3.50 argh... i just ignored her and left her talking in her cot..lol then she laughed.. and scared me. I have started talking lots to her during the day feeds, and at night time i dont talk.. so i hope she starts to pick up the difference. She got soo cranky last night because she wanted to stand, and DH sat her down, she loves standing she does ot for at least 15-20min, before letting us sit her down. Does anyone else's baby do that???
I was excited went to Big W yesterday and Dh got me a starter kit for scrapbooking it is Winnie the Pooh, and i have done two pages already YAY, idid them last night while watching Catergory 7 ( that was awesome).. Belle did not like the thunder though  wacko.gif

Well better go have a shower before belle wakes up and then tidy up a little...

Have an awesome day girls

#29 Jeny77

Posted 27 February 2006 - 08:21 AM

Hi Girls

Wow its getting hard to keep up with all the posts.

Mummybinda - Happy Birthday to Chloe hope you have a good day.

Luchresa - Love your new signature

Mysticgal - Love all the pictures you are posting.

We have had a good weekend.  Byron is starting to sleep between 5-6 hours at night (yay) I am sure he is starting to know the difference between night and day as he is staying up longer during the day as well.  

We are off tomorrow to Townsville so I will be not be able to post this week.  Hope everyone has a good week and I will catch up with you all next week.  Hope Byron is good on the plane.

Take care

#30 S-E-A-L

Posted 27 February 2006 - 09:16 AM

Hi All,

well I'm back from sydney! We had a good time, even though we didn't do much, just hung around SIL's place. DP had some kind of stomach upset on saturday, which knocked him out for the day, Luckly Eddie and I didn't get it.

I need some help to get some kind of night time routine happening, I've been a bit slack in this area and Eddie doesn't seem to know or like night time.

We didn't have anything in place in the first few weeks last week we started doing feed - bath - wrap - sleep but at the wrapping stage he gets upset and then is very hard to get down, lots of rocking, patting and shushing. During the day he goes to sleep quite easily and doesn't get upset at being wrapped and put to bed. He also seems to want to comfort suck at this time too but he'll suck, fall asleep then wake up 20mins later and it starts again!! He refuses to take a dummy and gets very upset if you try to give it to him.

Any way I better go back and read through the threads i've missed!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


#31 4forme

Posted 27 February 2006 - 10:46 AM

mummybinda- good luck at the dentist.

dimples- sorry I have no clue about your dilemma but I really hope you can get some good advice quickly.

oh dear better go, just realised Bailey has kinder in an hour and I'm no where near organised.

#32 clucky79

Posted 27 February 2006 - 11:45 AM

Hi Girls, i just wanted to pop in and say a big HELLO and to let you all know that Marcus and i are doing very well. He is such a good baby. I love him sooo very much  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif

I am visiting DH at his work and therefore have access to the internet. I HATE MY HOME COMP.  mad.gif

I hope everyone is doing well and will go and read this thread to catch up. I have noticed alot of newbies that weren't on the DIJ group with us.

I wish i had a digital cam so i could show off my little man. he is soooo adorable and still tiny  biggrin.gif .

Spent the day with sammijo and her bubby Hailey on thursday. she is such a cutey.
i am soo glad that i was able to form a real friendship with someone from this website.

Well girlies and bubbas will try and get on more often just don't hold me to it. Lots of cyber hugs being sent to you all.

Kisses Carol.

MARCUS JAMES BORN 21st JANUARY 2006 (5weeks and 2days)
Now wieghing 3.780kg and length 53cm

#33 Janibe

Posted 27 February 2006 - 05:25 PM

Hey Mummys and bubbas,

Been MIA for a couple of days - WHAT A BUSY COUPLE OF DAYS THEY HAVE BEEN!!!
Friday - Went shopping with my sister and then took DS to his Pops work place so that he could show DS off to all his work mates. Then we went and had a couple of drinks with DP's brother and friend - Jack had his first outing to the pub (and didn't get asked for ID  tongue.gif )
Saturday - Went to a Bridal Expo with my bridesmaids and my mum. Ended up spending nearly four hours there. Went shopping and then stayed at my Sisters house as DP was having a boys night out.
Sunday - Went to the football (Eagles vs Dockers) while Jack stayed home with Nanna.
Today - Went to the Drs for our six week check up (although Jack is nearly 8 weeks old) and then went out for lunch with Mum.

Both the Child Health Nurse and Drs appointment went really well. Jack has put on 1.5kgs since he was born and grown 1cm a week.

Anyway got to get ready for a meeting tonight...Hope everyone is going fine.

PS Thanks to those who messages me with details about the list. If you have any changes you want to make or add yourself to the list please message me and I will add you - sorry I haven't done it yet but will get around to it in the next few days.

#34 Rinnie78

Posted 27 February 2006 - 06:12 PM

Hi all,
just popping in quickly while my mum is playing with Chloe.

Gayle- it sucks when your Dh has to be away. My Dh was away for one night and it was the worst night ever. Chloe was up all night screaming and i missed him heaps! I hope everything runs smoothly for you.

Dimples- have you tried infant Gaviscon. You mix the satchet with a small amount of water and give it to bubs after breastfeeding. It acts as a thickener as well as stopping the acid burn (well its supposed to doesnt work for everyone).I think karicare have a food thickner too, not sure if you can add it to breastmilk. Ive seen it in the chemist and supermarket but never read the tin so im not sure. You can get the gaviscon over the counter.You might find some answers from the girls in the reflux support thread too.

sorry thats it for now.
Chloe gets her needles tomorrow sad.gif


#35 EthKait

Posted 27 February 2006 - 06:32 PM

Hi All,

Finally, a moment to myself, god knows for how long though as both kids are asleep finally.  Kaitlyn has been restless all day again, hopefully this means she will sleep well tonight.

Finally to answer some of those questions:

What do you miss about being pregnant?Kaitlyn kicking inside of me and the excuse to be able to eat what I like and put off the diet until tomorrow.  

What you dont miss about being pregnant?
SPD!!!  Not being able to walk, roll over in bed, being constantly hot and sweaty, being soooo massive, constant toilet trips, the major fluid rentention...the list goes on.

What do you like about being a mum?
The unconditional love the kids show for their parents, parenting is soooo rewarding, you just don't realise until you actually go through it.  Also the undying love you have for your kids, I never thought I would die for anyone but I wouldn't give it a second thought if I had to do it for my children.

How are you coping with your newborn? As expected - worse than expected or better?  Hmmmm, probably a little worse than expected, don't know what I was thinking beforehand but the toddler/newborn thing is a little harrowing at times.  But all in all I am not doing to badly, I think I am my own worst enemy with the sleep deprivation thing.

What do you do for some 'time-out' when things get hectic in the household? "Time-out" what is that!  No seriously I tend to stay up too late at night to get that time out to do stuff.

Are you planning on having more children? If yes, how soon will you start trying?  DH and I have talked and at the moment we are happy with our two but... you never know, we won't rule it out.

What is the most useful baby product/item youve bought so far?  Hmmm, our Safety sleep thing for the cot, Angelcare breathing monitor, Phil & Teds E3 pram, Fisher Price sensor swing, the list goes on.

What is the least useful baby product/item youve bought so far?  Probably my baba sling and Theodore Bean baby carrier.  We have used both bugger all with both Ethan and Kaitlyn hasn't even been in the baby carrier as she is a big bubba.  We find the Baba sling looks to uncomfortable for baby, plus it is to dam hot in Sydney town to have bubba right next to you all the time, Kaitlyn is hot and sweaty all the time anyway without being that close to me or DH.

When did periods return whilst bfeeding older children:  With Ethan they returned at around 6 months much to my disgust.  By this time he was having one bottle of formula a day though.

I think that is all the questions asked of late.  I have been dying to answer them, just never get the time.  

Mystic gal:  thanks for your post, it is nice to know that someone else feels lost when DH goes away.  DH also got me that Winnie the Pooh scrapbooking kit too for Christmas, unfortunately all I have done is look at it at the moment, I have all this scrapbooking stuff to do and all these photos everywhere and I can't seem to get onto it. Bugger.

Hey, I ended up having an alright night last night, still went to bed too late but I managed to get heaps done, I even made a big batch of spag bog to freeze for the family as well as being my batchelorette dinner tonight.  The kids were great last night, very well behaved.

Hmmm, bummer Kaitlyn is stirring yet again, don't know what her problem is today.

Gotta go

Me again,

Question for Jenks I think it was you with the Miracle wrap.  Does your bub always kick the legs out or is it just because Kaitlyn is so damn long? she does it all the time but we love the wrap, thanks for that suggestion it has been a godsend.

Keep well everyone.


#36 Rinnie78

Posted 27 February 2006 - 06:33 PM

sad.gif just went to the loo. sad.gif my period is back sad.gif
not that you all really needed to know that LOL biggrin.gif But i like to share tongue.gif

#37 EthKait

Posted 27 February 2006 - 06:37 PM

Hi Ryn,

Bummer girl, would hate to have them back soooo soon.  I hope Chloe goes ok with her needles, I hope you have someone going with you, I went for Ethan's first needles by myself and wanted to bawl and bawl (me that is, not him).  I vowed to always go with DH after that.  Just me being a big woose again! lol.

We have OB 6 week checkup tomorrow.  Bit worried about it as my scar seems to have a bit that won't heal and hurts and also there will be no getting out of the old pap smear this time, yucko!!

Kaitlyn seems to have settled herself thank god for the swing.   oooooh no, spoke too soon, she is awake again, gotta go.


#38 ~Butterfly~

Posted 27 February 2006 - 07:04 PM

bummer Ryn I know mine are due soon (PMS so bad LOL)
Hope all goes well with Chloe's needles.

GES473 Hope all goes well with your OB appt.

mummybinda Hope the dentist visit was not to painful

Phoenix seems to be finding a routine original.gif He has been so good the last 2 days. Really starting to take notice of everything around him now. Found out last night he likes watching the simpsons  unsure.gif  Had him on his mat on the floor the simpsons came on and he layed there for the whole time watching the TV. When they finished he wanted to be picked up.

#39 Jenks

Posted 27 February 2006 - 07:24 PM

Hi Girls

It is so hot here at the moment mad.gif  I find it so uncomfortable to feed in this weather as we both end up hot and bothered by the time she has finished....Oh I wish we had aircon!!

My cheeky little girl is rolling all the time now and has been for over a week, I cant beleive she is rolling so early, Lexie rolled at 13 weeks and we thought that was early but cheeky little Chelsea had to out do her big sister biggrin.gif

Butterfly Its nice when they establish a routine isnt it as you feel you can start to plan things around it.

Ryn Bugger about your periods making a comeback, I am so not looking forward to mine sad.gif

GES473 It sucks when hubby goes away doesnt it sad.gif  My DH is heading of to China for work in 5 weeks leaving me home alone with the 3 kids for 2 weeks, I suppose the only upside to it is I get the remote control all to my self and dont have to put up with his constant channel surfing!
Chelsea has managed to kick her feet out of the miracle blanket once, I was very impressed as I thought it would take Houdini to get out of that wrap. I am glad that the blanket works well for you guys, I love mine!

I know that was a lousy atempt at personals but it is so hot in this room that my brain is strating to fry wacko.gif

Hope every one has a great nights sleep


#40 ~4LittleDucks~

Posted 27 February 2006 - 07:37 PM

biggrin.gif Evening all,

Will try this again...I had a massive post this morning at 5.30am.When i went to Add reply,i lost the lot mad.gif ...Wasn't happy.This is the first chance ive had to re-do it..Cooper got weighed today,i must say we have a wittle piglet on our hands,he put on 450gs in 6 days....He real little porker atm,hes now 5.1kg's.He was born 7lb 13oz,he now 11lb 3ish.He is also sleeping very well at nite,apart from saturday nite which i mentioned to nurse and she said sounds like he been having growth spurt,which they do around now 6wks..He feed at 9pm last nite and woke 5am this morn.Gotta be happy with that.But our daytimes are still bit of a worry,he usually has one unsettled day a week and id say that iot must been today...ohh what a shocker of a day i couldnt get nothing done,he wanted to be in my arms all day.. wacko.gif.

Anyway i'll try bbl for personals,dd needs me.She having naughty issues atm  wacko.gif ..

Take care.. rolleyes.gif

#41 Rinnie78

Posted 27 February 2006 - 08:53 PM

hi girls
this is probably a stupid question but i didnt think much of it till now, is it ok to start using tampons again?
Gp didnt say anything last time i saw him, only asked if my periods had come back.i feel so dumb not knowing this but i gotta ask blush.gif im assuming it is ok after your 6 week check.

#42 EthKait

Posted 27 February 2006 - 09:34 PM

Hi again,

Ryn:  That is not a dumb question, so much so that I don't really know the answer to that one either as I have had c/s both times and didn't get mine back until 6 months later and assumed it would be safe to use tampons by then, so I am of absolutely no help to you at all, sorry!

Jenks:  God I really sound like a woosebag now, my hubby is gone for two nights and I feel lost, I can't imagine how you must feel for two whole weeks and he is in China so he really can't be called back if anything major happens.  A friend of mine has a DH that goes away for weeks at a time too and she is expecting again too (our sons are the same age), mind you her DH doesn't really do much for the kids/house anyway, bit of an "old school" male chauvenist upbringing I think.

Amy:  Cooper sounds like a wittle piggy who loves his breastmilk.  Kaitlyn is also a wittle piggy, she keeps putting on stacks of weight despite being an annoying feeder so my milk is working, just her method of feeding is annoying to her mother!

Anyway, gotta get off the computer and do stuff before going to bed, am aiming to get into bed before midnight tonight!

DH comes home tomorrow arvo, yippee, poor Ethan stood at the back door looking out into the yard for him tonight saying Daddy - car, Daddy? Daddy?  Made my heart melt because he just doesn't understand why his Daddy is not here for the first time and he cried himself to sleep tonight, poor little man.

Keep smiling.

#43 mystic gal

Posted 28 February 2006 - 07:17 AM

Hi mummies & Babies.. i dont have alot of time to reply have to get my ar$e into gear i have mothers group here today.... just wanted to answer a personal

~Ryn~ My doctor said that you should wait another 6weeks after that way, if there was any stitches or it is swollen that it gives time to completley heel.. but if your comfortable go ahead.. i think it's up to you and how you went after the birth. i dont know if that helps at all original.gif

~GES473~ lets us know how you go at the check up.. and thats great dh is coming home.. original.gif poor Ethan makes my heart melt.. poor liitle tyke... hope he feels better this afternoon. ((hugs)) talk soon

Ok thats my slack attempt be back later this afternoon

#44 Rinnie78

Posted 28 February 2006 - 07:25 AM

goodmorning biggrin.gif

Off to the GP at 10.30 for Chloe's needles, taking my mum with me! not sure how she will go so im taking mum for support blush.gif

Dh got his new business cards delivered yesterday, they look good, so he is all set to start his own business, already has a few clients already which is good He is so happy and excited. once he can get his client base up and stable he can leave his day job and concentrate on his own thing instead and the best part about this is he can work from home as it is a computer based work. smile1.gif

going shopping today, desperately need some new clothes, while i was preg i decided to clean out my wardrobe, not a good idea while hormonal as i dont have much left now LOL!

have a good day


mystic gal- thanks for that, i hate pads but im worried about using tampons as i did have a rough time with the birth. I might wait blush.gif

#45 --binda--

Posted 28 February 2006 - 09:48 AM

Morning Mummies and Bubs!

Well I had to get two teeth ripped out yesterday and it god damn hurtttttttttttttttttttttttttttt so much am still in pain now, and I have to go back next Monday to get another two ripped out. Such a joy. Should have learnt to look after my teeth better as a teenager me thinks!!

Ryn - I got my period back yesterday too, but I think I had mine 6 weeks after Jade was born, it was a big three days after the lochia had stopped, so the Dr and I weren't sure if it was my period or not.. I'm guessing it was sad.gif
I'm too scared to use a tampon at the moment, think it will be a long time before I do.

It just makes me want to go to the Dr though and make sure I get a contraceptive, even if I'm not with idiot, it may just happen one night, and then I'll be a Mum to two under one or something IYKWIM?

Mystic - Hope ya mothers group goes OK!

I think I'm coming down with a cold again sad.gif Have a sore throat and the sneezes. Hope not! And if I do hope Jade doesn't get it!

#46 emmabug

Posted 28 February 2006 - 09:51 AM

Eddies mum- have you tried reversing the order slightly? I find that bathing first just before feeding works *most* nights - Georgia loves her bath but gets cranky when we pull her out, the feed calms her and she's worn out after the bath + cranky.

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