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Feb 06 Parents # 5

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#1 Bel

Posted 25 February 2006 - 01:59 PM

New Thread Time original.gif


#2 sweetbaby

Posted 25 February 2006 - 02:04 PM

Hi everyone,

Could i be first???

Oh gotta go Chris nagging

#3 ChickenSalt

Posted 25 February 2006 - 02:07 PM

Hey 2nd!!!!!

That's a first for a while biggrin.gif


#4 3cheekykids

Posted 25 February 2006 - 04:54 PM

Looks like a few of us ventured out yesterday. I was going to get a few things but it was such a disastrous trip that I only got 1/4 of what I intended to. At least I got the nappies from toys r'us.  biggrin.gif

Luckily DH was with me yesterday as DD (2 1/2) was not very co-operative. I had Braden in the stroller and she was walking. Not a good idea as she soon realised that she can wander around, especially when she saw the rides. Then she got tired and wanted to be carried.  Braden got a bit upset as well as apparantly he got caught in the stroller straps (I was in Medicare while DH was having lunch with DD when it happened). So we ended up with a upset baby and a whinging toddler at the end of the hour.

So now, I have decided to get a tandem pram with the money that my family sent me, so that I can hopefully have better control of the situation when I am on my own with the two in the future. Has anyone got one? Any recommendations?

Then last night, Braden was up from 2 - 6am! I hope there will  be no repeat performance tonight. <_<

I have enjoyed looking at all the photos. What beautiful babies we all have.   biggrin.gif

Take care and I hope that we will all have pleasant nights tonight.



#5 Tammie_82

Posted 25 February 2006 - 09:06 PM

So how was everyones day??

Today in Melbourne was totally yuck with the storms and i think tha made Tia abit unsettled only drinking half her bottle and feeding every 2 hours mind u it isn't much different normally it's every 3 hours but she is upto 100mls which is good well that's when she is feeding properly. I hope she goes back to every 3 hoursr tonight or we wont get enough sleep, but i think she has gain more weight cause she is starting to fill out her 00000 clothes original.gif

I had a bad day today sad.gif i just wanted to cry all day this was  the first time i had cried in happiness or sadness since Tia was born and today she just didn't feel like she was mine, but once i cried i felt alot better i even don't feel as tired which sorta weird  wacko.gif

A quick question when can i start the eat, play, sleep pattern because i'm not so sure cause the nurse said that we couldn't start the routine because she was so small but now that she is a bit bigger would i be able to start the routine?? (this might help her sleep a little bit longer (fingers crossed))

2cheekykids-i feel sorry for your bad trip to the shopping centre that's the one thing i can't complain about Tia when we go shopping she just sleeps though but i'm too scared to go out on my own with her (meaning i'm afraid she'll play up) hehehe at least if ur partner is there one of u can look after the baby and the other can still do the shopping original.gif

And i'm so proud of my 2 cats they have taken the change in the household very well they only thing is they are more affectionate when i'm on the computer and when Tia is sleeping at the moment my little kitty cat is laying on the computer desk and her head on the keyboard it is so cute original.gif

#6 ~Dragonfly~

Posted 26 February 2006 - 07:03 AM

Joan - 2cheekykids - maybe instead of a tandem pram you could look at a pram with an attachable toddler seat. That way, when she does get a little older and less likely to "run for the hills" you can remove the seat and still have a single pram for bub.

#7 sweetbaby

Posted 26 February 2006 - 09:10 AM

Morning lovely ladies and bubbas,

We had an alright night with Chris last night after a shocking night before.We have the problem that it takes him 2hrs to settle after a feed.Which meant we're up at night for 2hr lots wacko.gif  Oh and he is bound to wet himself at least once a night.Does anyone else have this prob.I make sure his nappy is on right but sometimes he leaks(Using Huggies mind you).
He still gets fussy at the boob.Not sure what's going on there.He'll be fine for the first 5min then refuses to go on again.I suppose his getting enough.He'll last 2 1/2 - 3hrs and has a wet nappy every feed.It just gets a little fustrating as i don't know how much his getting.Oh and there are always spews just after feed and in between.The Nurse will be coming next wed so hopefully she can put my mind at ease.

JOAN-i bought the twin stroller(childcare) that was from Big W for $200.I didn't wanna spend too much money as it's our last kid.The only prob with this one it doesn't lay Flat.Even though it said it on the box.I just kept as i thought having a spewy baby it prob better it's up a little.Everyone i've heard whose had a tandem said it was really hard to steer.When yopu go shopping for one just test a few out and see which best suits you.Also think about if you are gonna have any more kids before buying one other wise Dragonfly's idea is great.Good luck.Hope you had a better night.

Tammie i know what you mean about feeling better after a good cry.Sounds like you had a really tiring day with Tia yesterday.Hope you have a great day today and she drinks all her bottles.Great to hear she's starting to fill out the 00000.Not sure about when you can start her on a routine.How much does she weigh now?She sounds like she's doing well with her 3hourly 100mls feeds.

My 3year old and 16month old have been pushing there boundries too.They just seem to be getting into everything there not suppose to.I've noticed that it has gotten worse since coming home with Chris.I think they want the extra attention or it could be that they are at that age,lol.

WEIGHTLOSS-I've lost 10kgs since the birth.So i'm 68 now.I was 63 pre pg.So only 5kg to go.Although i would like to lose another 10kgs.What is everyone gonna do to lose the weight,GYm,weight watcher,sureslim,skakes,ect?Last time i joined joined the gym but i think this time i'll just do excerise dvds at home.

bbel good luck with all the wedding preps.My sis is getting married in November.She's having 400 people but she's pretty much organised.I just love organising weddings.My sis got married two years ago.So all this wedding stuff is still pretty fresh in my head,lol.

Jillian you are so lucky to have a good sleeper/eater baby.This is my fourth and i've had no luck with any of them.They all turned out like dad big NAGGERS.I'm guessing you guys are building.We built our house too.It's exciting and draining at the same time isn't it?.When will it be ready to move into?

Threeforme i remember you from the DIJ group.My darling was due 27th Jan but decided to arrive 3rd feb.

Jessie interesting reading about heartburn in newborns.Sounds like my bubs with all the symtoms.Will bring it up when the clinic nurse comes on wednesday.Gorgeous pic btw.

Kylie good to hear her drinking is back to normal.

Karen your thankyou card look wonderfull.

Jen sounds like Tom is doing great.I find it hard not to run for every little noise but i'm trying.

How's everyone else going??.

It's my birthday tomorrow.Turning the big 28,lol.It's funny though people think i look 18 years old and freak out when they see me with all my kids.Not doing anything special.Dh has to work.Might cut a cake but that's about it.

LOL it's only taken me 1hr to tpye up this post.Inbetween i made pancakes for the kids and gotten my 16month old out of everything.

Hope everyone has a lovely sunday .IT's overcast here in Sydney and i have washing to do so i better get started before Chris wakes up for a feed(in 10 min).

#8 ChickenSalt

Posted 26 February 2006 - 10:57 AM

Hello Bella Mummies

So much going on.  As I was catching up with the posts yesterday afternoon, my cousin arrived for an unexpected visit.  It was great seeing her, she's a fantastic friend.  We also had some of my DH's old work mates over for a little while last night, it was great seeing them too.  The people at his old office are fantastic, they feel like my family too and I've only met them a few times.  I love people like that!!!

Anyway, I won't do many personals today - sorry if I miss you.  Amelia is due a feed shortly and I'm off to do the groceries after that.  I'll be walking around Coles immersed in my iPod and shopping list, might even treat myself to a hot choc at Gloria Jeans.  Need something to pick me up - still have MIL staying with us and it ain't getting any easier.  Still have no idea when she's leaving either, I don't think she trusts me with her grandkids.  Well, I certainly don't trust her with anything of mine especially my kids atm, but that's a whole other issue.

Prams - I can't remember who asked but the Phil & Ted's is a great pram with a toddler seat.  Very easy to steer and push, even with a 12+ kg toddler sitting up front.  It's a bit expensive but worth it if you're planning on more kiddiewinks.

Jen - We have a Bertini Shuttle that drives like a 4WD that we want to sell.  If you're interested in getting a 2nd hand pram pm me.  It's still in really good knick, we used it for just under a year.  Otherwise I don't have any suggestions re: prams.  (Having a brand new pram is really nice though original.gif)

Jess - Thanks for the info on babies and heartburn.  Aside from the fact that it was very informative, I was able to use it to inform my MIL that when Amelia has a bit of a chuck it's not necessarily because she's full.  I know, I'm nasty.

Kylie - When we were bottle feeding DD#1 we were told to give her a little bit of boiled water in between feeds.  That might help if you're worried about Abbi being dehydrated or not getting enough liquid into her.

Weightloss - I only put on 11 kgs with Amelia (20+ with DD#1) so I'm pretty much fitting into my old clothes (haven't tried any of the pants yet though).  Would like to weigh myself but haven't any scales here so might have to wait until I can use one of those machines in the shopping centre Tounge1.gif.  Yes, I'm sure I'll look like an idiot!

Weddings - Aside from the grief that my mother and maid-of-honour caused, I loved organising our wedding.  It's been almost 6 years - goodness!!! Bel, maybe you could ask your best friend to sign the certificate or something, my best friend is getting married next month and we made the mutual decision that it was best if I wasn't chief bridesmaid.  I'll still be signing her wedding certificate though.  I was a bit disappointed though not to be in the wedding party (I can't even go to the Hen's night as it's just not practical, it's a good hour and half away) but for both of our sakes I was willing to step down and just be a good friend instead.  She comes and whinges to me about all the crap that's going on original.gif.  Hope you have fun at the expo today.

Karen - I love your thank you cards.  Very cute!!!

All of your pics are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Well, I'm getting very uncomfortable sitting here and would really like a cup of tea before I feed Amelia.

Take care

#9 JessieW

Posted 26 February 2006 - 11:29 AM

Great news about Thom Jen! Yes I reckon it's much better in the long run to have baby be able to settle in their bed. Frances needs help to sleep these days, but I'm able to do it in the bassinet and I only pick her up if she gets that all over body tensing, arching the back etc. Frances makes many smiling faces but I'm sure it's wind!

Tam - I'm not sure about the routine/too young question, but in my 3 weeks of experience (wow you're sooo experienced Jess!) newborns are just a bundle of needs, and while you can gently suggest that routine, eg by trying not to let them fall asleep on the boob, you won't really be able to do a lot until they're 3 months or so.

Christy - I support you in sticking it to your MIL! (gently of course!  tongue.gif )

Heres hoping those of us with nipple weareness get some respite soon. This growth spurt - if that's what it is - is killing me. I can't believe I used to enjoy having them played with!

Weightloss: I'm now 58 kilos, I'd like to lose 2 kilos. I won't be joining the gym again as a few friends did that post babies and they just never got the time to go - I think it's best to find an activity that includes baby, that way no excuses. Like walking...I've also been getting stuck into housework when I've got the energy and we have stairs which has been good for the legs.

Have a good one


#10 4forme

Posted 26 February 2006 - 02:48 PM

Sweeybaby- Yes we were both due on Jan 27th, Guess our babies didn't like the month of January. Happy birthday for tomorrow too.

Tam- I have a leaflet from the nurse which has a chart with feed, play, sleep routines which says it can be started from 1 week old. I am guessing every baby is different though. With Daisy it is usually enough to let her have 5-10mins of nappy off time in between boobs.

Weightloss- I have 5 kilos to go so am rather happy with that considering I put on about 22, but ideally could lose 10 kilos off my pre preg weight so aim to start some serious walking perhaps this week.

mmm- Am I a bad mother, I agreed to let dh re connect austar today as I figure it will be great to occupy Bailey with when dh goes back to work. Bailey is 4 in 3 weeks but has been extremely hellish whenever his father ducks out and Daisy wakes for a feed so I'm hoping half an hour in front of Nick Jnr will keep him from riding his bike to the police station where daddy works. Or calling a taxi as he pleasantly put it the other day.

Ok best be off for now- I feel guilty being on here unless I'm occupied with feeding Daisy as there are always so many things to do..
Take care all

#11 sarzy

Posted 26 February 2006 - 03:17 PM

Hi all,
Having a great w'end so far.

Last night we had dinner at friends and my MIL looked after my 2 big kids so it was just us and Max and he slept for a solid 4 hrs, so actually had a quiet dinner for a change. Then he had a big feed and slept for another 5 hrs.Bliss!

Today we had 8 friends + their kids around for brunch. Was a lovely relaxing day sitting in the sun and chatting. Again Max was great and slept most of the time, woke for a feed and was passed around for a cuddle and then back to sleep.

I can hardly believe how great he is being after having 2 hard to settle babies, but am not going to jinx myself just yet in case it doesn't last!!

Prams - I agree with Christy - The Phil and Ted's is great - lightweight and good for walking as well as shopping ctrs. The attachment thing is also really easy to get the hang of.

Christy - sympathies on the MIL situation! Is Poor Jem still sleeping on the floor? Would it help to think of some jobs to give her that would keep her busy and out of your hair and also make her feel useful? Anyway enjoy yr shopping and hot choc!

Weight loss - hmm.. Have still got to lose 13 kg to get to my ideal weight according to WW. Will do the WW plan and walk on my treadmill starting tomorrow!! Today is all about finishing off yummy brunch food and resting! Also will re-join my gym when Max is 6 weeks old as they have a fab creche and I feel really comfortable leaving him with the ladies there.

Ok am going to have a quick surf before next feed. BFN S x

#12 2FairyGirls

Posted 26 February 2006 - 05:41 PM


I have finally found this thread and I am loving reading about all of your adventures with the newborns!   Think I was stuck in a timewarp still reading through the Due in Feb thread!

Anyway - my baby doll Amelia is now three weeks old and going well.  Amelia is growing and putting on heaps of weight and is now over her birth weight of 3.9 kilos.  Her last weigh in was 4.15 kg!  So my boobs must be doing something right....

Some topics I would like to respond to

Feeding: I would LOVE to be in a 3 hourly routine but little Amelia just wants to feed every 2 or maybe 21/2 hours during the day.   This has been for the last 2 days so I am hoping it is a growth spirt.   Is it possible this early?  Jen it sounds like Thom is doing the same?   At night after her bath at around 5 or 6 (whenever the last feed is) I put her to bed and she can sleep for 4/5 hours in a row.  Then during the night feeds around every 3 or 3.5 hours.  Once 6:30 hits though she is back feeding every 2.  I only give her one side at a time(except after a BIG SLEEP) and she refuses the other one so I assume she is getting all she needs.  It is so hard when the books say make sure she "empties the breast" before giving her the next one.  What does that mean?  I always have MILK when I squeeze my nipples, even after a feed.        

Routine : I try the sleep/eat/play routine, but the play is a napppy change and a stare of into space for about 3 minutes then she gets tired.  Definately no play gyms etc.  She does love her natural wonders aquarium thingy but I only put it on for one song as I am afraid she will get over stimulated and over tired.     She sometimes needs lots of cuddles to get to sleep - and she resists sleep so much sometimes with the back arching and getting very tense.   Other times I can put her down awake and she just goes off by herself.  DH is most patient with her and can put her to bed the best.  I get a bit teary if this last longer than 30 minutes..She is a BIG baby so I would think that the play might last a bit longer?  Sometimes I think I am putting her to bed to soon, but she definately shows the tired signs...i.e. gets jerky and yawns etc so I put her down ASAP after that.

Wind : Amelia can get this badly and a few minutes after a feed gets that little confused/constipated look on her face and starts to stretch out her little hands and tries to burp.   I feel so sorry for her.   Over the sholder burps work the best. The more relaxed she (and I are) the less wind she gets though. At night I can mostly feed her and put her back to bed - no burping required.   During the day a different story!  Morts you said you tried some natural remedy product?  Did it work?   What was it called?

Weight Loss : I put on 14 kilos and was up to 86 at the peak of pregnancy.   Am back to 76 now so four more to go.  That 10 kilos was lost in the first week or so pretty quickly.   Find that most of my stuff fits but my hips are definately bigger so only the "fat" jeans/shorts fit.   Will they stay that way?   I am planning on doing lots of pram walks in the afternoon to get back the shape and lose the last kilos.  Good point Jen about exercise making your milk dry up.  Will check with the OB tomorrow when I go for my check.
I do love looking at her and little face - espeically when she is nice and relaxed after a feed.  I think she looks like a cartoon character she is soo cute.  See her photo below!


Anyway - love continuing to catch up with you all and hear your stories.  Makes me feel less alone.

Kisses to all the babies,

#13 JessieW

Posted 26 February 2006 - 06:41 PM

Catherine - She is just the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! and all that hair! (I think I commented on this in the DIF group) I was very interested to hear about how it's going with Amelia too as she sounds quite similar to Frances. When she get's over tired, she arches her back and throws out her arms as well. I agree to that you can think that it's too early to put them down - but they really do get overtired very easily.

I'm hoping each night that I get a 5 hour stretch of sleep, We had this for the first two weeks and I was all like..."Oh my baby is such an Angel baby...she can put herself to sleep and everything!" Not now she's snapped out of her newborn sleepiness. She's really not that bad, feeding every 2.5 hours or so - which is fairly normal I guess.

DP took her this morning as she was unsettled and I was totally tired (at around 5am) and after 40 mins he brought her back into me. She had a feed in bed whilst lying on her side then promtly fell asleep. I have a feeling it's mainly food that she wants when she's unsettled - as the boob always works. Poor DP tries to 'humour' her out of crying, but it is I who have the boob...have boob will sooth.

Perhaps when she's a little older he will be able to sooth her more - I'm hoping he doesn't feel 'left out' IYKWIM

Jess XX

#14 Kygee

Posted 26 February 2006 - 09:07 PM

Evening girls how are we all???

Just wanted to come in here tonight and have a moment as well like Jen tongue.gif

Today i have had one of thoses teary days, every thing i do i feel like i am doing wrong with Abbi sad.gif

Her feeding is starting to go backwards again, she is only drinking half to what she is drinking and than when i am burping her she brings it all nearly all back up

I dont know what to do unsure.gif

I am going to ring Mid wives tomorrow and see what they say, even though she is still having wet nappies and all i still think she isnt getting enough and also this vomitting is making me worried as well.

Also i dont know weather to count my lucky stars or not but all she does is seem to sleep all the time!
I think she is only awake like 1 to 2 hours a day at the moment.
I hope this is ok, as i cant remember what it was like with the boys blush.gif

So all day i have been on and off crying to hubby and i just feel hopeless!
I hope i start feeling better soon as i need to be strong for all three soon, when hubby goes back to work!

Catherine: Amelia is such a cutie!
I just want to cuddle her so he he.

Jen: You know where i am if you need to talk  wink.gif
Sounds like you and me need time out tongue.gif

Well i better get going as i can hear Abbi getting restless.
Sorry to every one else that i didnt do personals for i am thinking of you all though wink.gif

Take Care!

#15 3cheekykids

Posted 26 February 2006 - 09:47 PM

Thank you all for your suggestions on the pram situation. Braden is definitely our last child but unfortunately, the two prams I have cannot accomodate toddler seats for different reasons. I have done a bit of research and have sort of settled for the valco double take tandem as it has the layback feature, lightweight, compact when folded and will cost about $250 if I get it at a sale. Will have a look at Baby Target this week while they still have their 20% sale and do a comparison on all their tandem prams. Also, Braden slept through 3 hours stretch last night so it was definitely a better night for us.

hugs to Kylie and Jen. I hope that you will have good nights tonight and an even better day tomorrow.

Jen - My GD seems to have gone after the birth, but then again, I have PCOS and am normally insulin resistant and am on drugs to combat that. I live on a mainly low GI diet as well, so not much more different then when I was diagnosed with GD during pg except that I am not as strict.

Will do the dishes and off to bed. Take care everyone and have a restful night.



#16 4forme

Posted 27 February 2006 - 10:39 AM

Well I think today may just officially be Daisy's first bad day. She has a bad evening pretty much every night but now I'm wondering where my day angel has gone. Typical it happens now when dh is spending the last few days of his holidays out fishing. oh well 2 hour drive tomorrow each way to get Daisy a sling so I can semi run the household.

Did anyone else not get a bounty bag when they had their babies. I got the first one when I booked into hospital. Must be slack in the country.

Jess- my dh every day makes a reference to going out and buying formula so he can help out more- I find this really hurtful as I want her totally breastfed for as long as I can manage it and don't want her having any form of bottle yet. i have just started him on bathing her each night so he can have some special time with her, and I get to put our other two to bed.

Catherine- I don't think bigger babies need any extra awake time. My Daisy doesn't anyhow. She was 10lb 8oz born and her only real awake time is of course the evenings. She seems to be pretty much the same as your little darling so I figure it to be more of an age thing.
ok off for now, Daisy is fussing

#17 Morts!

Posted 27 February 2006 - 11:13 AM

Catherine - LOVE the photo of Amelia! And I thought Laura had a lot of hair! Amelia's is really long. The stuff I tried for wind was Brauers Colic Relief. I'm not sure if it really did much so I've stopped using it. I've found it helps more if I make sure she isn't gulping when feeding and burping her for longer after a feed.

Jen - I can totally understand how you feel about your friend. I get a bit like that as well with other people. A lot of the time it's over silly things that I don't really want to say anything about so I just try to get over it for now. One thing that really annoys me though is people swearing around Laura. I realise that she isn't going to pick up on language at this age but I don't want her to be hearing swear words all the time and then when she does start talking, thinking that they're normal. I don't let DH swear in front of her but I feel that I can't really tell other people all the time to watch their language. I just hate hearing little kids swearing all the time these days.

Kylie1979 - I had the same problem with Laura a couple of weeks ago. She was bringing up what I thought was all her milk after every feed. She has been diagnosed with reflux but I phoned the Aust Breastfeeding Assoc and the lady gave me lots of ideas. It's worth giving them a call, they're very helpful. As long as they still have lots of wet nappies and are gaining weight then they are getting enough milk. It turns out Laura was still keeping heaps of her milk down, it just seemed like so much when she brought it up.

threeforme - I get my DH to bath or shower Laura a lot too. He loves doing it. I also quite often give her to him to burp after I've fed her. That way he gets to sit there with her on his lap for a while and then he settles her for a sleep. He actually settles her better than I do a lot of the time. I think his hairy chest must be nice and soft to lie on.   biggrin.gif

Me & Laura - Laura had a 7 1/2 hour sleep last night from 10pm until 5.30am so that was really great. She doesn't seem to want to sleep much during the day lately. Sometimes she just has a nap for half an hour and then is awake for a couple of hours. She's finally fitting into the fitted cloth nappies that I made. I've started putting them on her during the day when we're home but I'm using disposables at night and when we go out.

Anyway, I must go and do some housework.

#18 Mum2M+C

Posted 27 February 2006 - 11:48 AM

Morning all

Just a quick one, as Mitch is due for his next feed.

I am expressing like the proverbial milk cow (MOO!! tongue.gif ), and giving Mitch at least 20 mins on the boob, plus a top up bottle of approx 60mls. Cause he was such a little tacker (4lb 8oz) we are trying to feed him up.

I am getting a bit discouraged with breastfeeding, as over the last 2 days he has taken to chucking a tanty, arching his back, and using his hands to push the nipple away.  This goes on for around 10 mins, but I persist, even though it makes me a bit upset, like he is rejecting me.

But show him the bottle, and he is away.  It is probably that it is too much like hard work to get it from the boob, and easier from the bottle.

Has anyone else experienced this with breast feeding?

I have a second home visit today from the community nurses, so I will be discussing this with them.  I love the feeling of breast feeding, I'm just not sure that he is getting enough from me if he will take another 60mls from a bottle.

Sorry about this, I am feeling a little inadequate as a mother this morning.  At the last 3 feeds Mitch has been protesting at the nipple to the extent I caved in and just gave him a bottle, and then did a major express session.

Anyway, little one is stirring, gotta go.

#19 Expedit

Posted 27 February 2006 - 12:37 PM

Ooh you ladies can chat!
Connor and I finally were discharged from hospital (again) last Friday, lucky me got a nice case of infection and then mastitis to contend with so they kept me back in for another 5 days to get it all cleared up. We are going really well since we got home though, have managed to keep breastfeeding thanks to some supply tablets that I'm slowly weaning off of now.

Connor gained 300 grams in the 5 days we had been discharged from hospital, so he is finally back over his birth weight by a bit- sitting at 8 pound 9 now (was 8lb 8 at birth). I'm going to get him weighed again tomorrow too *makes mental note to remember*

As for the sleeping department, Connor seems to be one of those 'wakeful' babies. He fed hourly overnight (and I'm talking from 10pm to 6am) for the first two weeks straight, thank heavens for DF being on holidays and my nan be able to come over and help with my two year old, I was seriously sleep deprived and sick in hospital for most of it. Anyway the little guy has only just in the last two days started to stretch his overnight feeding out to three hourly (9, 12, 3 then 6) and since it only takes 20-30 mins to feed, wind & change him (my milk let down is explosive!) I almost feel well rested compared to his original schedule! I guess he just needed a bit of time to start settling himself down.

And enter screaming baby wanting a boob! lol I'll be back later to catch up on everyones news (and finish whatever I was waffling on about)
Hope you are all well! original.gif
Expedit xxx

#20 Delbo

Posted 27 February 2006 - 04:23 PM

Danielle - Breastfeeding is difficult and is even harder when you feel stressed.  I find my supply dwindles and my letdown is crap if I am stressed.  Is he pushing away at the start of the feed or during?  When Emma pushes away it usually means she needs to be burped.  Once the wind is up she happily re attaches.  Good that your supply seems ok tho.  Maybe the letdown is too quick for him?

Jen - I am protective of Emma too but for me it is my other 2 kids that bother me.  lol.  They kiss her all over her face and I feel bad telling them to only kiss her on the head as I am worried she will pick up their colds.  But I don't want to discourage them either.

Kylie - Emma does one or two full feed chucks a day.  Frustrating as I then have to start to feed her all over again.  But she is having heaps of wet nappies so I assume she is still getting enough.  Does Abbi have lots of wet nappies?  Glad to hear she is sleeping well tho.  At least she isn't awake and screaming on top of chucking.
Maybe she needs to be burped during the feeds as I find with Emma if she gets a wind bubble, all of the milk on top of the bubble comes out when she burps IYKWIM.

Bbel - sorry to hear you have the chucking problem too!!

3 for me.  I got a Bounty bag when I left the hospital.  

Morts - Laura is the star pupil!!!  What a trooper!!  Send some of those sleep vibes to me!!!!!!!

Expedit - thank goodness Connor isn't feeing hourly now!!  I would have gone off the deepend!!

Me - Everything is going pretty well.  Emma is a fairly placid baby.  She is waking 3-4 hourly for feeds during the day and night.  She is unsettled from aroound 7pm -11pm and just wants to feed and be cuddled.  If I try and put her in her cradle she cries.  I can handle her being unsettled during that time as at least it isn't during the middle of the night.  She is feeding well and gaining lots of weight. So i can't complain.

My 2 other kids just got home from Kinder so better go and catch up with them.


#21 2FairyGirls

Posted 27 February 2006 - 05:45 PM

Hello : Thanks for all the lovely comments on little Amelia the cartoon character baby!   As you may be able to tell she is Eurasian and the mix is quite striking in a baby!  Who knows what she will look like when she grows up...

: Sounds like you have a great sleeper on your hands.  Would love to know your routine that you use at night time to get that long a stretch?

Amelia LOVES her bath and is MOST settled after a bath.   I typically bath her after the late afternoon feed - typically at 5, but can be as early as 4.  I feed of one side only.  Then we have a lovely bath in the kitchen sink.   Some powder, moisteriser, nappy cream (the full spa treatement!).  We have a top up feed on the other side in the dark bedroom and she goes to sleep.  The BEST sleep she has all day.   It generally lasts until 10 or 11 - one time even midnight!   It gives me and DH the chance to do normal thing around the house, play on the internet, get dinner ready, watch prime time TV! Though I generally have to get up twice at night....1:30 ish and 4:30ish.  She feeds well and can be put to sleep again.  Once morning comes I have my generally hard to please and unsettled baby back!   Not sure what I am doing "wrong" in the day.   She sleeps in the basinette downstairs with me in the living room because we have a two story house and I would be forever getting up and down for her.  Generally she is much harder to settle during the day and if we have any adventure or outing and she misses her correct amount of sleep.  Well - lets just say we pay for it later!!!   She loves the pram and will go to sleep well in that, so in the afternoon my sanity is a walk in the pram.   Basically all day is taken up with Baby....really was not prepared for that!!   Morts - you said Laura has more awake time during the day now.   Is it happy awake time?   Like alert and non jerky?   blink.gif I am looking forward to that!

Delbo : A full feed chuck?  That has got to be a lot of vomit.  Poor little mite and poor you having to re-feed.  Hopefully that settles down soon.  Have you tried feeding while lying back?  It makes them suck harder and if your letdown is strong it prevents them from gulping...

Expitit : hugs to you on getting home from hospital!  It must have felt dreadful being in there again.  I have to say the sooner I got out of hospital the better I felt in myself.  Yeah on Conners Weight gain too!  

Kisakat : PLease don't feel inadequate as a mother.   YOu are doing a GREAT job!  If your baby won't take the boob you HAVE to feed him with a bottle.   Your dedication to expressing will keep the milk juice going strong and your baby will take the boob again soon. I am sure. *hugs*

Threeforme : Thanks for clarifying about the awake time for Amelia.  It definately makes sense as an age rather than weight thing.  Many books say 1.5 hours awake time every 3.  There is NO WAY that Amelia can be awake that long (well she can, but she would be VERY unhappy after about 40 minutes)....Maybe once per day and that would be pushing iy.

JenRen : Have you tried the dreamfeed yet?   I have to say I feel confused sometimes as to weather Amelia is "windy" or just wants more food.   blush.gif  I think I have been mistaking "wind" for "still hungry".   Am now giving her the second boob after she has rejected the first at least twice.   She seems better and calmer when she has more food in the belly.  And a whole LOT easier to burp.

Jessie : Hopefully frantic frances the voracious boob sucker is going a bit longer between feeds.  I felt HOPE today because DH actually managed to settle Amelia even thought it was only 2 hours after last feed.   She then slept for another 30 mins.   Miracle!   You know when they are hungry NOTHING will settle them.   What also helped me was knowing that the open mouth give me food / eating DH's arm etc is also a TIRED sign.  If you are confident your baby has had a good feed then feel confident in knowing that some of the signs she is making are also just tired signals.   esp if only 1.5 hours after last feed.   Sounds like your DH is a gem though with the 5am stint and the looking after baby all day and only bringing in for feeds.  Would like my DH to do that.   If my DH has *ONE* bad night he is terrible the next day.  I feel like saying I have not had a good nights sleep since Amelia was born (in fact for 3 months before too!).   Get over it!!!!  Don't think he really understands as Amelia is generally a very good night baby and DH doesnt even hear us get up.   Fingers crossed she stays that way.  Though I have really appreciated DH being home for the past 2 weeks,  Still have one more week to go. Yeah!!!   What will I do by myself with Amelia all day I am not sure....hmmmmm.  

Anyway - baby is sleeping soundly, DH is making dinner and desperate housewives is on TV and Amelia should sleep through for me.....all is good with the world!!!

Speak later

#22 Morts!

Posted 27 February 2006 - 06:33 PM

Catherine - Laura has basically developed her own routine for night time. She won't do the routine I tried to get her into which was bedtime at 7pm. She has a bath around 5.30pm, a feed around 6.00-6.30pm then I try to get her to sleep but she usually is really unsettled and keeps having small feeds over the next couple of hours (normally demands one just as I'm about to eat dinner - I've only eaten once in peace since we had her - it doesn't matter if we change our dinner time, she always interrupts us). We don't really get her settled to sleep until at least 8.30-9.30pm, then she sleeps for 6-7 hours. We've been pretty lucky in that she has always self-settled really well in the middle of the night after a feed. I think she just knows that when it's night time I put her back in her bassinet and she goes back to sleep. During the day I have her bassinet out in the family room and she sleeps in there. She has been awake more during the day but it's not 'good' awake. She tends to cry a lot and want to be held all the time. I keep having to nurse her to sleep then I sneak her into the bassinet and hope that she doesn't wake up.

#23 JessieW

Posted 27 February 2006 - 08:43 PM

Hi Girls

Jen...Feeding while lying down...
I do the night feeds like this. I lie with a pillow under my head and my arm stretch out alongside my face, baby on side, head just below the nipple, I then gently bring her in nice and close and she snuffles around until she finds the nipple. Sometimes I have to hold the nipple and guide her head though. I also find it helpful to put a bunny rug underneath her so that I can drag her around on the bed when I need to. I read somewhere that putting a rolled pair of socks under the boob helps if you're big - don't know how well that would work while lying down though!

Tired signs
Thanks for the reminder Catherine that sucking on the arm is also a tired sign - I've got into the habit of offering the boob at any hint of unsettledness. It seems to work a treat though!

Threeforme....Maybe our angel babies will come back every now and then and sleep for 7 hours!

Frances loves the bath too...I'm sometimes unsure though of whether to do it or not if we've got to 6pm and she hasn't napped in a few hours and is a litlle grizzly - I get scared of making her over tired...she also gets the longest sleep at this hour 6pm - 11pm ish. Shame it's the only time I really like to stay up myself!

Kiss to all the babies


#24 Tammie_82

Posted 27 February 2006 - 08:58 PM

Hi everyone!!

hope everyone had a good day original.gif

I'm so glad my mum and dad live just 2 doors down cause yesterday after my DH went to work i got this massively bad headache and all i wanted to do was take panadine forte and crawl into bed and die that's how bad it was and i didn't want to make DH come home from work that early so i called my mum to look after Tia and i took the panadine forte and passed out. They were happy to take her and love sending time with her which is good. But once DH knew how bad i was he came home to look after me I felt so guilty but he was great original.gif I thought by this morning i'd be better but no i woke up this morning and it's still there so i went to the doctors and he checked me over and done my B/P and it was a little nothing really to worry about but still he wasn't happy with it but that wasn't the problem, i have hurt the muscle in my neck and top of my back(don't know how i done this) but that's causing the really bad headaches but there isn't much i can do for it but heat pack and massage it and DH decided to stay home and look after us he is sooooo sweet and he keeps giving massages original.gif
Maybe i should play up on it when it's better to get more massages heehhe  tongue.gif

Tia has been staying up longer during the day and starting to feed every 4hrs lets hopes it stays like that *fingers crossed* and she has been wanting tummy time she cry if we place her on her back on her play mat but if we put her on her tummy she is happy she look so cute original.gif but she has started getting a milk rush sad.gif

anyways i'll be back for personnals later original.gif

#25 2FairyGirls

Posted 27 February 2006 - 09:04 PM

Jen : What you describe re Thoms antics at the boob is EXACTLY Amelia.   I rang the ABA line and they said it was because the flow wasn't FAST ENOUGH!  i.e. the let-down was not there yet (you get multiple letdowns in each boob).  This happens to me after about 10/15 minutes of feeding.  I end up switching sides (because the let down has already happened in the alternate boob) if Amelia is still unhappy.   What makes you think the flow is too fast?  Does Thom do it at the start of a feed...hmmm confusing matters I know.  

Also dream feed is a "forced feed" before you go to bed at night.  Just stick nipple in sleeping babies mouth and let him get to it.   The idea is it gives you a few more hours rest rather than wake up 1 or 2 hours after YOU have gone to sleep.   Other than that the night feeds sound exactly like Amelias.  Quiete, settled and easy.  Why not during the day is all I ask of the little babies  rolleyes.gif ??

Jessie: Thanks for the night time feed tip lying down.   I am definately going to try that.  If only Amelia wasn't so frantic...not sure how long she would last if left to root around for the nipple herself.... biggrin.gif

Just after my gloating of long prime time TV sleeping Amelia wakes up with 10 minutes of desperate housewives to go.  I missed the ending..  Oh well.  Babies - don't they read the TV guide??   tongue.gif

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