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Ladies of leisure stealing child care places???

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#51 katie78

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:04 PM

This is my only issue with childcare use by SAHM;s

It is not a need, its a luxury if you don't work. If its a luxury, then you should pay a fair price for it.

I need childcare, so I can go out and provide for my family.  I pay full price for childcare.  If I stopped work tomorrow, I could continue to keep her in childcare and pay just about nothing, even though I wouldn't need it.   (having a day to make a dentist appointment doesn't count as NEED).

You get paid Family Assistance for staying home, I don't see why you should also get CCB without a damn good reason (ie ill health).

If you are getting paid to look after your kids, why should the taxpayer also pay CCB for someone else to look after your kids.  

Shouldn't you get one or the other ?


#52 Radler

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:05 PM

Rach, I bow down to your superiority!  If you don't need time out, then all power to you!  

I, however, DO need time out.  Obviously a personal failing.

#53 JRA

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:09 PM

katie, I do agree on the CCB. But is ccb based on combined income or one parents income?

#54 Lu

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:10 PM

I just love the superiorty complex that comes with a few working mothers. rolleyes.gif Just because SAHM's choose to stay at home with their kids, they are somehow less worthy to have the option of placing their kids in childcare. They are less worthy of wanting to have a day to themselves. How selfish are we wanting those things? We should just be happy to be couped at home all day!!

My two are home with me 24/7. They are not in childcare. My boys are not on any lists for a place. I have no family under a hour away that is able to care for my kids. Not that I would want to leave them with those people for any extended period of time. So, I am not even going to say I deserve the place I have. Because I am not taking any place. But ***! I know that I need a time out every now and then. And if I choose to put my children in daycare. Then I have every right to do so. And I am not going to feel any guilt about doing it either.  

It is not a need, its a luxury if you don't work. If its a luxury, then you should pay a fair price for it.
Katie, they actually do! I know I did, for the short time I had my two in care.

#55 workingmum

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:12 PM

I'm not saying that I don't need time out - I'd love some.

All I'm really trying to say is that there is a difference between wanting and needing childcare.  I use childcare because I work every day.  If I am at home, my children are at home with me.

It's frustrating when working mums on waiting lists, and paying top dollar for childcare, when SAHM's can get it for much cheaper, and utilise it to run errands and go to appts.

It's not really anyones fault, it's just the system, which I believe needs some major tweaking!

Like I said in my first post....my sister doesn't work, utilises childcare three days a week, and pays a total of $30 for the week.  I find it all very frustrating - that's all.


#56 Lu

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:17 PM

Where is this childcare center that charges $30 a week? When my two were in daycare at the end of last year I was paying over $80 for just 2 days!!

#57 Cath-In-SA

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:19 PM

I cannot believe how many gross generalisations are being made in this thread - and not just in the original post.

People, realise that everyones situation is different and unique.  There is no "one-way-suits-all" approach to child raising.  As I said in an earlier post, the only thing everyone here has in common is that they are all trying to do what is best for their child.

I realise that it is a raw nerve for a lot of people, but remember to breathe and calm before you post.

Personally, it seems to be a situation that is controlled by men in Canberra who have private nannies and have never had to worry about finding a day care spot for their child.

#58 The Princess

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:21 PM

Not all SAHM's get it cheaper - if you are not on centrelink benefits then you still pay FULL price.

#59 Hana

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:21 PM

How can you quantify the need for a childcare place? Does the child of a family of dual incomes over $200,000 deserve a place more than the child of a SAHM with one family income of $50,000?

The SAHM might need a mental health day on occasion, while the dual inome earners are aiming to buy their 3rd investment property. How can you distinguish whose need is greater, and who is more deserving?

While the dual income earners contribute through their taxation, statistically a SAHM will have more children than a working mother and will make a significant contribution to the future tax base.

#60 miriams

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:23 PM

Katieb, I can somewhat agree with the argument that the CCB should only be for working mums (under a certain income). Then again, we've never qualified for Family Assistance or the CCB when using the preschool last year and a lot of families are in that situation. We could also argue that our higher income taxes  are subsidising the Family Assistance and CCB's of lower income families tongue.gif  But really, all the centers/preschools/HDC's care about is whether you can pay the fees or not and whether your kid is a nice kid to have. The rest is all moralizing about who has the 'right' to use childcare which is, and should be, beyond their scope.

#61 furmum

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:25 PM

Well said Cathy !!!!!!!!

I'm the FIRST to apologise for not having taken a breath & being "calm" before i posted !! I probably wouldn't have written 1 thing-only 1 !!!!!!!  He He !!!!!

I'm sorry for offending anyone on here.........

We ARE all in different situations & as Cathy said above it is up to the men in Canberra to change this situation !!!

Anyway, good luck to all, i'm sure EVERYONE is doing theie best to raise THEIR family whether it be your work or your're a SAHM !!!!


tongue.gif  blush.gif   blush.gif   blush.gif   blush.gif   blush.gif

#62 Radler

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:28 PM

All I'm really trying to say is that there is a difference between wanting and needing childcare.

Agree. But who are you to say which parents 'need' childcare and which parents merely 'want' it?

#63 furmum

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:31 PM

* just wanted to reply to Hana's post-didn't see it cause i was posting mine- we have 3 properties on 1 income !!!! - What's that got to do with it?? I'm a SAHM or WAHM as someone else has put it & we do just fine-properties included !!!

We dont NEED to be making $200,000 a year !!!!!

#64 Sambambino

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:31 PM

I would just like to say that the comment that SAHM's do more work in a day than a working Mum does in a week was really unfair.

Also who ever said that working Mums think they are superior to SAHM's? I am a mother who works at a job outside the home and I certainly don't feel superior to anyone else.

People need to STOP GENERALISING and start thinking - just like I did before my original post (back on page 1 if anyone is interested).

We are all Mums whether SAHM, WAHM, Working Mums, Studying Mum's etc etc and I am sure we all want the best for our families. Of course everyone has different needs/wants/opinions on what is best for them.

Let's just stop judging, criticising and putting one another down and perhaps do something constructive like offer some support to each other.

Samantha - a Mum who works HARD both in and outside the home.

#65 Isis

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:33 PM

Apologies to those who posted on pages 3, 4 and 5. I haven't read them. I am a SAHM who uses up a precious day of care in the only CCC in our town. In this town there are only 2 FDC families and one occasional care attached to the community centre. I chose the CCC for DS to go to for one day per week as I preferred the staff, the centre, the activities over what the OC has. Still on the wait list for FDC. Today, I have actually just woken up from a nap, after pottering around with my music on this morning tidying up. DD is at kinder on a Tuesday, so I have DS in CC to give me the chance to pretend that I am a lady of leisure. 6 hours to myself, to do what I need to get done, to drink a coffee while hot, to shower alone, to sit on the loo and stare at the wall in peace.. And to tell the truth, I am very happy with taking that day. We pay for it, it rejuvenates me, DS loves it madly, there was a position available, so I took it. And we do get a reduction in fees.

All of us mothers know that the system sucks, in availablity and financially, no matter what. Stamping our feet and saying nasty things to each other here on an internet forum isn't the same thing as stamping our feet and lobbying the pollies is it? Just easier and less work original.gif

#66 The Princess

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:34 PM

Very Well said - Samantha.

I agree 100%


#67 *Shandy*

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:40 PM

Amen to ISIS

#68 tle

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:43 PM

Another quick comment from me for the working mums that believe that do everything that SAHMs as well as their paid work.  

I don't agree with that because for those 8hrs per day (or however long) that you are away from the house you are not wiping dirty noses, changing nappies, cleaning up spills/vomits/wees, soothing scraped knees, entertaining and generally just interacting with your children.  These are the things that take up alot of the time for SAHM.

I should probably also clarify that although I think alot of sahms work just as hard as working mums I think the comment that they "do more in a day than working mums do in a week" to be totally ridiculous.  I dont see how anyone could possibly think that working mums have it any easier than sahms.

#69 katie78

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:44 PM


I don't think being a SAHM is easy, I've been one too, most working mums have been both.  

I just don't agree with the comment that "SAHMS do more work in a day than working mums do in a week".   The maths just doesn't add up.  

Sorry Radler, Don't think you are failing if you want to have time off, I just don't see it as a need that taxes should fund.  As a SAHM, I would give up daycare before I gave up food, housing, electricity,  stuff like that. biggrin.gif  

My issue wasn't with people using daycare at all, just the fact that it shouldn't be a top priority for Govts to provide 3+ days for some Mums for $9 a day.  I think the hospitals need that money more than day care does.

#70 ~Kathryn~

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:46 PM

My last job involved groups of people coming in about once an hour. In the downtime we played basketball and mucked about with the displays. It was MUCH easier (and better paying lol) than being a SAHM.

By the way, my daughter isn't taking anyones daycare place. My centre (and others run by this chain) have 3 or more spots available each day in each room allocated for the "casuals". These are generally the kids of the SAHM or part time workers who get called in that day. If 3 workers needed the casual spots that day, my child or one of the other casuals would be asked to swap rooms or they would simply get another staff member to work that day as well.

By the way, you don't get subsidised for 3 days if you are on 100% CCB. It is 20 hours which equals 1 day fully subsidised if your centre is open 12 hours a day. I pay $9 for one day but if I wanted her in 2 days, the 2nd day is something like $48 and the 3rd day would be the full rate ($80ish I think). You also still pay for the entire day regardless of if your child is there for 1 or 12 hours that day.

#71 Radler

Posted 11 April 2006 - 01:52 PM

Thanks Katie, I don't see myself as a failure for needing time off! I think everyone needs time out every now and again.

I agree with you completely on the taxes for childcare. That is one reason I don't use childcare centres at all. (Another reason is that I don't like them for children under 2).  I use a babysitter for approx 4 hours per week, during which time I catch up on paid work, unpaid work (housework) or get a haircut, go to appointments etc etc, occasionally maybe even grab a coffee!

So, am bowing out of this discussion now...

#72 Luly

Posted 11 April 2006 - 02:00 PM

You'd prob define me as a SAHM...I am a Mum and I stay home. AND goodness gracious.....I have DD in Daycare for one day a week.

I actually work from home. Because I look after my DD (which I must admit is a LOT harder/more challenging than I ever thought it would be!!!!) it means I actually end up having to do most of my work at NIGHT or on the weekends when DH is home. My immediate family are interstate so I do not have that support. And DH's family are way to busy working themselves.

Occasional care in our area has a huge waiting list as they are permanent places. The care at our YMCA is for when you go to the gym. (otherwise you'd be 'stealing' places from those who DO want to use the gym facilities no??)

So YES I 'took' a CC spot when it came up....and YES occasionally I will go and have a coffee and read the paper. I would give ANYTHING for a 'lie in' though. I wish!!!!! And my nails done?? What is that??   blink.gif

I know a LOT of women who went back to work for themselves...not because they financially needed the income....so why would they be entitled to the places above others?? Do you have to determine who REALLY needs to work and who doesn't?? Ridiculous!!

I don't think it would be possible to fairly regulate places based on if a parent is working or a SAHM as everyone has different circumstances and reasons for doing what they're doing.

I doubt I'd end up with $5 in my pocket if I went back to work 5 days a week and had to put DD in care. I would never want to anyway. I love staying home  and if it means I have to work at night then so be it.

To the OP hope you do eventually get the places you need. I was lucky. I was offered a place within 2 weeks of submitting the paperwork. Must have been good timing. To clarify though this is a Privite CC centre not community CC or family day care etc. and I am only claiming the minimum benefit. (oo what is that? 50c? *lol*)

#73 ittakestwo

Posted 11 April 2006 - 02:01 PM

I started reading this post last night, and I thought that the knives would be out in force today and sadly enough I was right.

I am currently a SAHM, as I have just had a second child.  However I intend to go back to work 3 days why because I love what I do and having completed a masters in my field of expertise I want to keep working and yes if I wanted to Stay at home my DH would support either decision.

I personally think that everyone should have an opportunity to have CC, however I think that the rebating system needs to be overhauled.

What I would have also liked to see is the CC debate centre on availability and what this gov't is doing about it.  Having said that I have just seen that they are opening a CC in Canberra for the politicians........Must check to see if my taxes are being used, whilst SAHM and working mums are battling for the few places that seem to be available.

PS At the moment, my DS is in CC (hangover from when I was working) and Yes I do go to the gym a few days a week in an effort to get back my shape.  LOL

DD 19.09.2005
DS 02.08.2003

#74 mum2brodie

Posted 11 April 2006 - 02:01 PM

Can I ask ladies when did the conversation go from Childcare to Who is a better mother eg: SAHM - V-s Working mothers?

We all know that all of us try to do the very best that we can.

This post shouldnt have resorted to us against them.

I do wonder if the poster is a Troll or a trouble maker someone with so few post.

Lets agree that we are mums doing whatever we can for our family.

It really is up to the Government to give more funding.


#75 Lu

Posted 11 April 2006 - 02:02 PM

I remember a thread just like this, almost 2 years ago now, and the assumed going rate then for daycare for SAHM's was $4.50 a day. Now it's assumed it's $9.00 a day. Hmmm, that's inflation for you.  tongue.gif

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