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Oct 03 Parents # 4

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#1 Guest_Lush_*

Posted 15 July 2006 - 08:40 AM

New thread original.gif

Last thread


#2 -Leo-

Posted 16 July 2006 - 07:38 PM

biggrin.gif Hi Girls,
Sorry I have't been around for a while just don't seem to have much time ATM.
Brooke is doing well loves being an older sister is doing really well with her speech can hold a full conversation that most people can understand most of it.
Georgia has turned out to be a great baby I did have trouble in the being found most of the problem was due to a slight toungue tie but is going really well sleeps from 6:30pm - 5 has a feed back to sleep until about 8.
Any way better go back and read the posts I have missed out on.
Hope everyone is doing well.

#3 ~*Tara*~

Posted 17 July 2006 - 11:58 AM

Howdy People,

Another one here that hasn't posted here due to being busy and not a lot happening our way. We're currently travelling to Adelaide every second Saturday as Adam helps out at the place he'll be working at next year. We're getting serious about our house hunting for when we move. We had a look at a friends place on the weekend as they are planning on renting it out however they want tenants in a month and I think that's a little too soon for Hannah and I to move down as Adam doesn't finish until January. We're looking at moving anytime from October with Adam moving down once he's finished. We're also looking into child care and trying to find a centre and get a spot so she's got some where to go when we get there.

Hannah's growing up so quickly now (as all our kiddies are). Where has the time gone. I had a look in my blue book and compared it to Hannah's. She's the same size I was at 3 so it looks like she's taking after her Dad. I was (and still am) a shorty blush.gif

We're trying to figure out what to get Hannah for her birthday. What are you guys getting your little ones for their birthday? We're going to her Hannah a swing set for Christmas as we'll be in Adelaide then and it saves having to put it up here and then take it down to move.

Pam Glad to hear that Brooke loves being a big sister and that Georgia is sleeping so well!

Hope you are all keeping warm. It's blooming freezing here at the moment!!

#4 Jenno

Posted 17 July 2006 - 12:03 PM

Morning ladies,
Welcome back Pam!!!  that is great about Georgia and her sleeping at night.... where do you buy one of those babies  tongue.gif .

We are all good, I have started back at work and today is the first day with both girls in daycare, K has started to cry when we leave, but the carer told us that she stops as soon as we are out the door.  

Kiara still talks a mile a minute and is the best talker in her group of 12 and most of them are 6 months older than she is.  On boy told her to shut up... but she didn't know what it meant  wink.gif .  She asked me when we got home.

My parents are visiting us for 2 weeks and it is wonderful having them around, the extra hands at bath and tea time are great,I won't see them for 4 months after they go as they are going to Europe for 2 months and we will see them when we go down for Christmas.

Hope is talking more each day, still single words but her vocab is growing so much, it is amazing.

Had better go, I am trying to EOFY stuff and I am easily getting bored.  GST just doesn't do it for e  tongue.gif .

Have a great day all

#5 roxasha

Posted 23 July 2006 - 08:19 PM


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#6 Jenno

Posted 24 July 2006 - 11:45 AM

Hi hi hi,
Well i am at work!!! YYYEEEAAHHH!.

This is my second week doing my 2 days, I am taking a bit of time to get used to not being at home, but I a enjoying being out and out.

Both girls are now in daycare Mon and Fri and they love it, but don't like the initial separation and cry.  

Mum and Dad arestill here, they leave on Friday, so it will be sad o say goodbye to them.

DH and I got a night away in Brissy on Sat night which was lovely, but I woke up in the middle of the night with a cold...gggrrrr.  We bought heaps of books and the wooden puzles for the girls so they were happy.

How does everyones Oct 03 girls/boys sleeping. K is a shocking sleeper she is up at least once a night and I am so over it.  She has never been a good sleeper, but it is getting to the lly stage. I don't know what else to do, I can't leave her t cry cause she gets louder and louder.  Mostgof the time she goes straight back to sleep, but it means me getting out of bed and then I have trouble getting back to sleep.

I am so tired last night was shocking, they both have colds so breathing was an issue and I got about 4 hours i think.  ohmy.gif .

Have a great day all

#7 roxasha

Posted 24 July 2006 - 02:27 PM

Jen - It sounds like you had a nice time away on the weekend.  I am a little jealous as I don't think that DP and I have done anything without the kids, apart from going to the movies twice since we have had the kids.

In answer to your sleeping question, I am afraid I am not going to be much help.  Tenille is sleeping through almost every night.  She may wake up and get me to help her with the toilet every once in a while, but we don't really have a pattern of waking.  

I hope that you are able to come to some solution soon, before you get too sleep deprived.

Tenille had kinda this morning and brought home piles of paintings and pasteings.  I have such a huge pile here that I don't really know what to do with.  I am keeping the bigger sheets of painting to use as wrapping paper for presents from her, but the rest is just driving my crazy.  She won't let me throw it out, or even give it away to family and friends.  What do you all do with your budding artists artworks?

Have a lovely day ladies,

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#8 Jenno

Posted 31 July 2006 - 11:39 AM

Hey Kaz,
I have no idea why K is waking up all the time, but she has never been a good sleeper, if she is only up once a night, it is a good night.  I am over it, i mean it has nearly been 3 years!  Hope usually sleeps better than Kiara, but poor little Hope is getting 2 eye teeth and 2 other teeth as well so sleeping is not happening in our house.

Our weekend away was great, we usually get no time with just us cause we live in QLD and all our family and friends are in NSW, so we enjoyed it thoroughly.  But I still have the cold that I got when we were away, so that was a bit of a downer.

Tenille sounds like Kiara she loves painting and I have a huge pile, what I do is keep a scrapbook and paste them in, I only keep one from a pile, I put them out when she isn't looking.

All the things that she does at daycare go into a scrapbook that they keep there, so soon we will have a huge pile of the scrapbooks.  I send some to family and friends, I let her post them so that gets rid of some of them and she loves to post letters and stuff.

We had a great weekend, it poured rain on Friday but Sat and Sun were beautiful, so we got outside and had some fun and worked in the garden.  My Mum and Dad have gone home, so it is just us now and we miss the help already.  

I had better do some work, Dh left me a pile cause he had a business lunch, I don't think he will be too happy if he gets back and nothing is done! tongue.gif .


#9 jaygee

Posted 19 October 2006 - 01:37 PM

A big HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY!!!! to all the October babies biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Hope everyone is doing well, we are flat out at my place as per usual. My computer has all but died, but I am hoping to get back in here regularly when we get our new one next week, yay!

Cheers for now,

#10 -Leo-

Posted 19 October 2006 - 08:56 PM

biggrin.gif Happy 3rd Birthday to all of our Oct 03 Children

Flat out here to!

Brooke is doing well and loves being a protective big sister.
We still have trouble with poos in undies everyday mad.gif but yet sleeps through all the night in undies with rarely and Accident(what the!).
Brooke is a Determind willful little girl with a huge personality and equally huge temper <_<  so I guess you could say a very normal little almost 3 year old.
For her birthday is getting a big woodern kitchen as she loves to play house (and won't leave me alone when doing house work or cooking <_< .)

Georgia is a dream baby ATM, Content lazy and happy sleeps through and loves her big sister.

so I feel blessed to have my 2 girls.....

Even though somtimes I could give them away(lol) biggrin.gif

Cheers to 3 years (I have heard it's even better than 2yrs sad.gif  )

Look in again soon

#11 -Leo-

Posted 14 November 2006 - 08:12 PM

Just thought I'd Bump us up!

And thankgoodness Brooke is getting better with the number 2's I was soooo over it a long time ago.
Besides that all is well here can't believe Georgia is almost 8mths old no how time flies.
Hope you all are well?


Caz I Love your ticker your two are just beatiful.

#12 ~*melissa*~

Posted 17 November 2006 - 02:08 PM


Oh gosh I almost forgot about the group!

Well - us, Amelie is amazing. Still can't believe she is already three! Loving this age though (okay, except for some of the extra stubborn attitude that has crept in since! or maybe I've only noticed it more recently - lol) and all here is well. Expecting baby number two in May next year - I'm 14 weeks this weekend - yay! So excited!

Not much to add for us though, just plodding along nicely.

Pamela - that's great to hear that Brooke has mastered the number 2's now! You muct be so happy about it original.gif It can be such a frustrating time eh? Gosh, I remember when you had Georgia and even when you were still waiting to have her! Time does really fly original.gif

Would love to see more people come back in here. Really miss the old group! original.gif

Time to go - Amelie is down for a nap (this is unheard of these days for us!) and want to get some more stuff done around the place before she wakes, as we are off to the playground after that!

Ta - ta!

- Melissa

#13 GothicVamp

Posted 23 November 2006 - 04:07 PM


I havent popped in here for ages...  blush.gif

Everything here is going well, Bay has been diagnosed with both developmental and motor dyspraxia as well as autism.. so theres never a dull moment around here.

He still is very small in stature and weight, im not a big tall girl so he obviously takes after me. He's started preschool as part of us trying to gauge how he will cope being in a school setting and get him used to outside routines. So far hes doing really well.

We dont have sleep issues with him.. he goes down at 7.30pm and wakes at generally between 7.00- 8.30am.

He doesnt talk much at all and when he does he's not easily understood. We are teaching him Makaton signing which he can do quite fluently.

Thats about it from us.. Congrats Mel!


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#14 Jenno

Posted 10 December 2006 - 09:27 AM

Morning everyone,
We just got back from taking a group of 24 of our clients to NZ to look at horse studs and such.  So tiring but it was worth it, everyone had a great time, ate and drank heaps and laughed like nothing else.

The girls are good, Kiara can now count to 25 and can say about 15 nursery rhymes.  She talks all day and Hope is starting to take after her, they just don't stop all day and it is sooo tiring.  Hope has a very little voice and Kiara likes to talk at the top of her lungs.

We are currently down in Sydney until the beginning of Jan, DH is back up on the coast just finalising the end of year stuff and he should be back down in about a week.

Fiona - sorry to hear about the autism, my friends son has it and he is the most gorgeous boy.

Mel - Congratulations on your pregnancy, how does Amelie like the idea of being a big sister?  when exactly are you due?

Pamela - Yeah for Brooke!  that is excellent, I was lucky with kiara that she did hers pretty early, but sometimes she still wants to do it on the potty, so I still have to have it out.

Better go, I have my laptop down here to do the accounts for the office, so I had better work or we won't get paid  <_< .

Have a great weekend

Jen xx

#15 ~*melissa*~

Posted 11 December 2006 - 08:20 PM

Hello again!

OOh the chat in here is picking up - Yay!

Thankyou for the congratulations... I am sooooo excited to say the least. Have been looking forward to this again since not long after Millie arrived - heehee! I'm due around the 20th May so I'm 17wks now - finding out next monday if we are possibly expecting a boy or girl!

Fi - Hi! It's great to hear that Bayden has taken well to preschool along with the other challenges in his little life at the moment, the handsome little darling. That's wonderful you can communicate so well with Makaton together original.gif How is Liliana  too - will she be at school next year? And you too of course! Hope you are well too despite the stresses Ive read in the venting room, you poor mite.

Jen - Haha about Kiara being such a chatterbox. Hope will soon leatn to keep up with Kiara volume wise im sure. how close in age are your girls again and how have you found the age difference to be so far? Hope you are enjoying your time in Sydney until January. Where will you be off to then?

Pamela - is Brooke is going great guns with number 2's? Hope that is going well for you now! How is Georgia too?

Ahh well - quiet night in here. Still working part time until March then THAT'S IT - all done for good (well, at least 5 years I think! Feels like forever to me that's for sure!) Things are going well pregnancy wise and I just feel really well - and look mighty pregnant! Millie is such a cutie and very funny too. Comes out with such funny things... but does backchat a little and sometimes it's hard not to laugh it's so funny! But never the less, she is growing up so beautifully and too quickly and I'm just incredibly proud of her in every way. *teary moment coming on!*

Oh - does anyone remember Laura, Ella's mum, who was on the MSN group? IM sure I saw her back on EB recently and she is expecting next year sometime too. Yay! Would love to see more people come back here original.gif

Time for icecream I think - hehe original.gif Will lurk with interest - hope to read more replies soon!

xo Melissa

#16 jaygee

Posted 24 December 2006 - 05:41 PM

Hello ladies  smile1.gif

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Sorry I haven't stopped by for um, months ph34r.gif but I've been pretty busy! Zoe is off to big school next year and Ava is starting preschool, so a big year - and I might get some more time for EB then too?! Ava has been a handful but is finally beginning to settle down a little now (thank goodness). Still isn't TT'd at night time, and still has the occaisonal accident (when she's just too busy to go, lol) but I'm not forcing the issue *shrug*.

Hopefully I'll be back here more frequently next year.

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#17 Jenno

Posted 28 December 2006 - 07:26 PM

Good evening everyone,
I just wanted to pop in and say Merry christmas to everyone.

We had a huge day, the girls woke up at 6am and went full steam from then until about 8pm when they finally collasped!

We go back to the Gold Coast on Sunday and then back to the office on Tuesday.

Melissa -  My girls are 16 months apart, and at the first 18 months were very hard, but now they are playing together and interact very well with each other, it is a lot easier and it is finally starting to be fun!

jay - Kiara isn't TT'd at night either and I am fine with that, she will do tiw ehn she is ready and I am kind of guessing that she onl does one wee at night now, so it won't be too long.

Have a great night everyone


#18 Oleander*

Posted 05 January 2007 - 06:23 PM

Thought I would stick my head in here and say hello.  I remember Melissa and Fiona from our old due in group way back when!

I'm Christine, with Emma my Oct 03 terror and Daniel, born Oct 05.

#19 Jenno

Posted 23 January 2007 - 01:37 PM

Afternoon everyone,
just thought I would bump us up a bit.

We are doing well, we got broken into last Tuesday and they took the girls piggy banks and all of my jewelry and an old  laptop, so I am in th emiddle of trying to do poilice reports and remember what was in my jewelry boxes and stuff.

Apart from that we are good, Kiara had tonsilitis last week for the first time, so she was a bit grumpy.

They are now playing together all the time and now t daycare they are in the same yard for play time and they play with each other all the time apparently, so that is nice.  Mind you they still fight like nothing else, but it is nice when they play nicely.

Hope you all had a nice new year and are healthy and well!  biggrin.gif .

Jen xx

#20 GothicVamp

Posted 20 June 2007 - 02:36 PM

Bumpity bump....

How are you all?

#21 Princesspink

Posted 02 August 2007 - 08:40 AM

Hi Ladies,

Hi Fe,

Thought i'd say hello, Scarlett is an october 03 baby, hard to believe she'll be 4 this year!

She'll start preschool next year (the canberra way, they dont start until 4) and she feels like she has just thinned out and shot up over night this morning.

Anyway - thought i'd say HI!!! original.gif

Han x

#22 Jenno

Posted 02 August 2007 - 02:46 PM

Afternoon ladies,
It has been ages since I have been in here, life is just so busy, I keep forgetting where I have posted  glare.gif .

I can't believe Kiara is nearly 4.  In some ways it has gone so fast, but other ways it is the opposite.

Kiara this week has had the lovely gastro bug that is going around SE QLD.  I spent 4 days at home and was climbing the walls by last night.

She is back to daycare tomorrow, I think she needs to be away from me again  blush.gif .

Have a great day all

Jen xx

#23 GothicVamp

Posted 12 September 2007 - 08:47 PM

Hi Han and Jen original.gif

Ive had a spewy boy here so I havent had much fun all day.. lol.

Still very quiet in here though... I must get up here more... blush.gif

#24 LeniK

Posted 19 January 2008 - 11:03 AM

Hello, it seems this thread has preety much become extinct.

I'm Leni mum to Billy who was born October 14th 2003

I also have another son Jorge who is a 2005 baby..

Billy attends daycare 5 days a week as I have to work at DH and I company.

my msn is lenik_82@hotmail.com please add me

#25 ~mamma~

Posted 12 September 2008 - 06:58 PM

Thought I would track down some of my old DIG now it's coming up to birthday time... a few people here I remember...

I had #3 in July this year and DD loves being a big sister. I can hardly believe she's off to school next year...


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