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Non-vaccinated kids discussion

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#1 daffodil27

Posted 09 August 2006 - 09:01 PM

Not sure if I should put it here or not - but perhaps those that choose not to vaccinate may also be into natural therapies.

Often I see for or against discussions on vaccination pop up here on EB, as in the one currently going. I dont really post in them any more as I am not interested in battling the issue or proving my point as such! But I thought it would be good to have a thread for those that choose not to vaccinate to share their research, situation and circumstances.

Its always nice to chat to like minded people... wheather you dont vaccinate or partly vaccinate or delay... come share your experience.

***this is not a thread to bombared with any insults to those who choose not to vaccinate their children****

#2 *newmum*

Posted 11 August 2006 - 07:57 AM

Hi there,

We vacinnated DD up until her 18month ones and we missed one of the 12 month ones.  THis was because we had been seeing a natural therapist since she was a few months old for feeding problems and then again for ear infections and other.  They tested her against the vacinations and found she was reacting to every one of them but one. The natural therapist was shocked at how bad this was and we then read a book on it and decided not to continue.  She has been much more well ever since.

#3 daffodil27

Posted 11 August 2006 - 09:59 AM

Hi *newmum*,
Glad you DD is much better. It obviously didnt agree with her body at all! Its amazing how people can think that one drug or vaccine can be suitable for everyone when we are all so different.
I am not against medicine at all, but prefer to use natural alternatives where I can. I recently was really sick and was given some medication that was considered very mild and lucky me was the 1% that had very severe reactions - it was really scary. I generally dont tolerate pharmacutical drugs well and have allergies.
My decision not to vaccinate DS started over 10 years ago when I started doing research on my own health. I always knew I wouldnt do it, but I had to reconfirm that decision once he came into the world. Lucky I have a lot of friends that dont vaccinate and also know many medical practictions that also dont and have supported and guided us on our decision.
I look forward to hearing more from those that have chosen this path and sharing any information that I havent seen yet.

#4 daffodil27

Posted 14 August 2006 - 01:23 PM



#5 MrsLittlebear

Posted 18 August 2006 - 01:33 PM

Me! Me! Me!

Ella has had no vaccinations other than Vitamin K at birth.  I have made a researched, laboured and conscientous decision to not vaccinate her.  I am a Member of Vaccination Information of South Australia which I find very helpful and informative.  It is difficult to find others that are of the same opinion as it seems to be mostly 'taboo' to discuss it for fear of being judged.  I have only one close girlfriend who has just had a baby yesterday, who is of the same opinion as me.  It is great to be able to discuss it freely with her and not feel judge or ridiculed.

Ella is a healthy little girl as free of chemicals as I can possibly help her to be.  I use no creams or lotions on her that contain petrochemcials, I just dont see the sense in smothering her beautiful skin in bi-product.  I make a conscious effort to use natural products and will only use others if I *have* to as a last resort.  I try to be as conscious about her diet as I can be, but 19 month olds can be pretty fussy!  I would love to only use organic fruit and veg but its so expensive, so the goal is to establish our own fruit & veg garden in the next few months.  To read me, I sound like a mega hippy (not that there is anything wrong with that), but I'm not.  I come across as being pretty 'normal' but am just very passionate about keeping my little girl as free from pollutants and chemicals as I can.

Ella's only ailment is she gets dry, eczema'y skin.  I haven't taken her to a skin specialist because I know that they will tell me to smother her in sorbolene cream or prescribe cortison creams for her.  So while it is still manageable, I am trying natural remedies.  She doesn't have it bad, and it doesnt bother her (she never seems itchy), but if it got to a stage where it was a major concern I would seek the mainstream medical help that it needed.  I have just, today, bought the Greenridge Chickweed Ointment to give that a go.  Next step is to take her to my Naturopath....

Sorry for such a long post.  Its great that we can have a thread of our own!

#6 ~Susan~

Posted 18 August 2006 - 01:37 PM

Me too I am a non and delayed vaxxer.

Will be backlater to share more of our story, am meant to be working and not even on EB!

#7 daffodil27

Posted 18 August 2006 - 03:46 PM

Oh wow - its great to see a few replies and this thread getting up and going!  cool.gif I just have to apologise for the title of the thread - its a bit "how you going" but at the time I couldnt think of anything else to title it.  blush.gif

~Susan~ look forward to hearing from you - now go back to work  wink.gif

MrsLittlebear - great to hear your ramble. You are right, its great to have our own support thread as it is important to disucss and update our decisions even if they are not "popular" decisions.

I suffer from exzema and noticed that DS had a little the other day too. hmmmm <_< He is a sensitive boy like me but robust in health. I think that some people are just compromised by chemicals and toxins in modern medicine where others seem to able to be able to tolerate a tone of drugs in their system. Both DS, DH and myself all have much healthier immune systems when we are free to toxins in our life.

I might sound hippy too, but I am far from it and I am very open minded.

A couple of months ago DS had a cranberry and a blueberry but sucked them and spat them out. he had berries before but this time he came up in the massively aggresive looking raised rash that was swollen all over his skin and his faced puffed up. The doctor took one look at him and said "food allergy" but when I told him he had eaten them before and didnt even eat them as such this time he said that he probably had a reaction to the pestisides that are sprayed quite prolifically on berries and they were not washed properly  ohmy.gif  So I cant imgaine what reaction he would have if I injected toxins directly in his blood stream???????? ohmy.gif

My decision was tested yet again when we moved to Malaysia. But it is quite a clean and modern country and we still visit a naturapath, kinesiologist and chiropractor here so we are still doing out bit to maintain our wellness.

Now I am rambling... just so excited to have some buddies in this thread!!!!  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif

#8 valksy

Posted 19 August 2006 - 02:57 PM

Another one here. YEA....

Great idea daffodil27.
My DD is now 20mths and she has not had any vaccinations or neither did she have the vitamin k and I must admit she has never had a cold or been sick in any way.
At the moment I am 22 weeks preg and we have made the decicion not to vaccinate our new baby either.
I agree it is great to talk to like minded people as I keep this to myself as I am sick and tired of getting into heated debates about this topic.
I also have never given my DD panadol or nurophen as she has never needed it.
Hope to get to know you all .

#9 sallybelly

Posted 21 August 2006 - 09:28 PM

smile1.gif Hi everyone great to hear from you all.

I have two children 4 & 2 whom are both unvaccinated.  I have done extensive research into the vaccine debate and the more I did the more I found to indicate that by injecting the vaccine, the first stage of immunity to a virus being formed is bypassed!

Not only this but it also is contrary to how the immune system works.  Instead of the virus being broken down by the digestive system into a form that will not damage vital organs it is put straight into blood/skin of our children leaving their organs open to extreme damage if our child happens to be one of the unlucky ones to have a reaction.

Because of my decision not to vaccinate I had to make sure that I understood everything I possibly could about the risks for both sides of the story.  I am the one responsible for the decision and at the end of the day I am the one answerable to my child for the decision.

We never use any medications from Medical doctors or Chemists.  Ocassionaly Panadol.  Maybe once a year.  I rely totally on Homeopathics & Qi Gong.  Our 2yo almost 3 has only been sick once with a fever.  Our 4 you almost 5 has been sick with a fever two or three times.  We try to eat healthy most of the time.  With the ocassional meal from the golden arches say 1 a month.  So not fanatical.  But otherwise no takeaways as we live out of town.

I feel confident that if they did come down with one of the childhood diseases they would fight it off easily.

Love and light...


#10 daffodil27

Posted 22 August 2006 - 11:28 AM

hi sally and welcome!
A great post!
I agree that the vaccines delivered directly into the blood stream is contary to how the immune system works. Its amazing in the many debates that this doesnt come up much.

It certianly is a very important decision, one that we have to be fully informed about to be comfortable about our decision.

Although cases of Polio etc can be very damaging, if a very healthy child with a robust immune system gets Polio, measle etc it can pass very mildly. Its sort of like put your faith in vaccines or the natural immune system - not that you would really want to test that out either way!

On a side note - a friend of my mothers DD has been Vaccinated over and over again as when she has blood work done to check her immunity status it is always NIL. I think they have given up by now and she for some reason doesnt take it on???

#11 JJ

Posted 22 August 2006 - 12:13 PM

Hi girls, I thought I'd join too, it is nice to see a little group forming. original.gif

Our two kids (DS 5 and DD 2) are also unvaxed, mainly due to a family history of autism. DH has 3 children from his first marriage and his son, now 23, has Asperger's (apparently that is no longer classed as autism though!? unsure.gif I hope I'm not offending anyone by calling it that), and basically all the males in DH's family (including DH) are showing signs of high functioning autism. So it was clear that we'd do whatever possible to protect our children.

DS is a very healthy child, much healthier than his peers. DD has had a bad run lately, she's basically been sick non-stop for the last 3 months and has picked up bug after bug. So there goes my theory that my children are much healthier because they haven't been immunised! blush.gif I guess on the whole she's still doing better than many children her age though, i.e. she's never needed antibiotics etc. I'm thinking about taking her to a homeopath to see if we can give her immune system a little boost.

We're a pretty normal family mostly, although I do try to limit the use of and exposure to chemicals, we're also trying to cut down on processed foods and all the artifical crap that goes in it!

So that's us. original.gif

Edited by JJ, 22 August 2006 - 12:13 PM.

#12 reachforthestars

Posted 22 August 2006 - 12:40 PM

Another one here. Well, I did delay vacc until the third time. DD had bad reactions to two of them so never again. I wish I'd never done it in the first place, gave in to pressure sad.gif Stupid, considering I have immune system problems (FMS, CFS, Endometriosis) and am sure they were made far worse by vaccines.

When I have another child I will not be giving them any at all. Both Molly and I are having kinesiology treatments for food and other allergies and treatment for vaccine damage for both of us is on the list. I use a chiropractor and homeopath. I think I've taken Molly to the dr once in her life to confirm roseola, but that's it. Doesn't mean I don't worry about her getting measles (that one in particular although I know it's rare). Chicken pox, while it can be nasty, doesn't bother me.  Has anyone here had their child come down with rubella, chicken pox, measles etc? Molly is only 23 months old so plenty of time for all that yet!

#13 JJ

Posted 22 August 2006 - 12:56 PM

Hi Amy & welcome! original.gif

Yes, my two had chicken pox last year. DS's case was very mild, he only had a few spots, mostly on his face... in fact we thought they were mozzie bites! blush.gif He only got diagnosed accidentally because he went along to a doctor's appointment with DH.

DD's case was worse, she was covered in spots from head to toe, but she coped well and didn't seem too bad, we just gave her lots of baths, which seemed to relieve the itch. She didn't feel too bad though, so we were lucky.

#14 daffodil27

Posted 22 August 2006 - 02:03 PM

Welcome to all our new members!
I think it is really important to be able to share our stories and experiences.

*~MyLittleMen~* I found your post heart breaking! Whether or not vaccinations alone cause your boys problems I am sure it didnt help at all. I think thats where doctors need to be brave enough to say that based on the outcomes on your first child perhaps the subsequent children need not be done. I dont know what else to say... except I really feel for you.

My SIL is a network chiropractor - she uses an technique that is not of the crunching variety but more focused on the mind body connection, I would highly recommend this for your boys - it can have massive results. let me know where you are if you are interested as I know quite a few newtork chiros in different states.

AmyS - I understand the social pressure to vaccinate and that makes me really mad because you didnt really want to. There are so many medical decisions that at times we have to make and making people feel pressure for their decision is just crap - for want of a better word! tongue.gif

Anyway... welcome to you all... look forward to sharing more!

#15 jalmd

Posted 24 August 2006 - 11:10 AM

Great Thread! About time! This will become a great resource not to have a for and  against debate but on how to build our childrens immune systems naturally and gain greater confidence in the decision we have made is the right one.

I too don't vaccinate my children at all. My husband is a chiropractor who has done extensive research on this and me with my totally unscientific brain has also read as much as I can. The main thing for me was the ingredients, some which there is no safe level for human ingestion, let alone a baby. Also if you look at the rates of polio cases they were declining before the vax was introduced. Now the only cases are from the vaccine. It doesn't make sense. I don't believe in herd immunity.

We subscribe to Informed Voice Magazine which is published by the AVN (Australian Vaccination Network) it is a brilliant magazine.

My three year old has never been to a doctor and never has had anything but a runny nose so no need for antibiotics. My new baby is only 2 months old.

We don't use any chemicals in our house to clean (use Enjo and tea tree oil, eucalyptus, bicarb soda etc) We use natural skin care products mainly a brand called MooGoo.

My 3 year old takes Smartfish everyday and probiotics for kids.

We eat organic about 90% of the time. Expensive but we go without other things to pay for it. I breastfed my first until 12 months old and will do the same with my little one.

We filter our water so there is no chlorine or fluoride for our shower and drinking water.

They see a chiropractor once a month starting from when they were 2 days old to help their nervous system funtcion properly and in turn their immune system.

I am 100% sure we are making the right decision when I see my healthy children.

#16 valksy

Posted 24 August 2006 - 02:10 PM

One thing I do find amazing is that everyone has said that their kids who have not had any vacc had never been or rarely are sick.
My husband has a 9 yr old DS who has never been vacc and our DD who is 20 mths have both never being sick and my Brother inlaws kids 13 and 9 also neither have been vacc and never been sick.

I spent months of reading about vacc before my DD was born as my DH doesnt agree with vacc (due to his research in earlier years)and he didnt want his DD vaccinated.At first this scared me but It is amazing what you find out when you research.My clincher was when I asked my   doctor what was in the vaccinations and he could not tell me as he didnt know and I thought you are injecting people with a substance and you dont know what is in it?
After getting the ingredients from the manufacters of the vacc I was totally convinced.
Sachiko you are right about no safe level for humans especially when they have Poisons such as formaldehyde and mercury in  them.......NO THANKS
Just wondering if anyone has also read Dr Vera Scheibner book.
I gave her a call as I had some questions on the vitamin k,she is a very nice lady.(just thought I would add that)

Anyway hope you all are well and that you all have a lovely day. biggrin.gif

#17 Guest_fendi_*

Posted 26 August 2006 - 10:47 AM

Can I poke my head in here?
My situation is a little different again - DD is fully vaxed, and DS is currently up to date but I'm in a quandry about the MMR.

Basically I did all the research before having my first and found it so hard to make a decision that in the end I just did it. We delayed hers though and declined hep B and chicken pox.

Same with DS except he had his on time. The idea of vaccinations has never been something which sits comfortably with me, I still feel uneasy about the justification for it and the quantity at which they are given to our infants. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Aaannnnnywaaay, in my roundabout fashion I am getting to the point. Is it possible to have the MMR separated so I can just give DS the measles vax?

My thing with vax is that now we are seeing older children and adults get these diseases because of course "immunity" from vaccination is not life long. When older people contract these diseases they are usually sicker and have more complications. When a young child catches something they rarely suffer complications and it is generally milder. Also when you get something naturally the body's immunity is usually lifelong afterwards - something which vaccination has not yet been able to replicate.

Edited by fendi, 26 August 2006 - 10:52 AM.

#18 daffodil27

Posted 26 August 2006 - 11:05 AM

Fendi - from what I have read in other threads you can get them seperate, you have to order them and they make take a while.
This is second hand info as I dont know personally, perhaps start a new thread and ask as I have read a few people that have vaccinated this way.

Hi to our other newies!

Questions: to those that have older children, have you had any run ins with educational facilities in regards to registering your children and them not being vaccinated? (being that they CANNOT descriminate)

Edited by daffodil27, 26 August 2006 - 11:09 AM.

#19 valksy

Posted 27 August 2006 - 10:28 AM

Yes ...my husband and I had trouble with my Step sons school as they were not going to accept him due to not being immunised.We had all of our information and approached the principal who had absolutly no idea that it was illegal not to accept children that had not been immunised.He Appologised in the end.
We also had another time where there was an outbreak of chickenpox at the school and the principal sent him home and was told not to return till it was over.Once again we went down to the school and informed him that this is not allowed and that he had to remain at school.
He got the chickenpox in the end and was fine.
All I can say is be prepared for anything people are going to throw at you.
What people dont understand is that there is also children with disabilities that cannot be immunised and is the schooling system going to say no to them as they havd a dissability.....I dont think so.
I also just recieved the immunisation payment as We filled out a conciencious objection form so if the government allows this, schooling,kinder and childcare should not be a problem. biggrin.gif

#20 MrsLittlebear

Posted 28 August 2006 - 02:19 PM

Hello Everyone

Fendi, it was my understanding that in Australia you cannot request the MMR separately, I thought that you could in the UK though.  Things might have changed since I last looked into that though.  

I too recently got my Maternity Immunisation Allowance!  I had to refax them the conscientious objection form though, even though they should already have record of it, but nevermind, it came through in the end and that's what matters......

#21 jazmum

Posted 28 August 2006 - 02:43 PM


I am another non vaxxer.  Like you all i did my research before making my decision and my three boys have never once had prescibed medicines.  Sure we have had colds, gastro and other common illnesses but never anything requiring medication.  We do take them to gp if sick (some have accused me of not taking them to Gp)but he has never felt the need for medication.  We are lucky to have a GP that does not over medicate which makes it easier.  I have come up against some negative people but they soon back off when they know I have done my research and they have not.

#22 daffodil27

Posted 28 August 2006 - 02:57 PM

I have filled out the objecters form but havent submitted it as we are living outside of Australia.

Do you all have supportive GP's about your decision?

At first I was really scared of seeing a doctor who was going to confront me on the issue, but now I just tell it how it is going to be and say I have done my research etc etc. So far they have been pretty good, I think they are a bit taken a back more than anything as people here are either disease fearing expats or conformist locals who revere and obey people in authority including doctors.

Although I am happy and confident about my decision, it is something that I avoid talking about with others unless asked directly. Its more to do with my non-confrontational personality.

This has nothing to do with anything.... but I was thinking the other day - whether I was iffy or sure about non vaccination, I just couldnt do it! I could not stand by and have my baby injected with all that stuff - it sends shivers down my spine even thinking of it. ohmy.gif

#23 Guest_fendi_*

Posted 28 August 2006 - 10:07 PM

This has nothing to do with anything.... but I was thinking the other day - whether I was iffy or sure about non vaccination, I just couldnt do it! I could not stand by and have my baby injected with all that stuff - it sends shivers down my spine even thinking of it.

I felt like this too - that is, worried about the idea of getting the children vaccinated. My dilemma though is that my worry also flips the other way - like, what if they catch one of these diseases and they are in the minority and have a major reaction to it? I think I read too much. I felt like I had one hand full of reasons not to vaccinate and the other hand full of reasons to vaccinate. The decision just became too hard for me and unlike some of you strong women, I wasn't sure that I had the conviction to stand up for my choice.  sad.gif

#24 daffodil27

Posted 28 August 2006 - 10:47 PM

The decision just became too hard for me and unlike some of you strong women, I wasn't sure that I had the conviction to stand up for my choice

I can understand you pain on this! But I also take it as a real compliment as it has been a real test of my convictions not to vaccinate - I am proud of myself for that!

My dilemma though is that my worry also flips the other way - like, what if they catch one of these diseases and they are in the minority and have a major reaction to it?

I hear ya! I feel the same. But as a PP said, if your child gets sick, it will filter through their natural immune system and their body has a chance to fight it - especially if you have helped them along with a good diet, chiro, or other things that help build a strong and robust immune system and nervous system. As opposed to injecting it directly into the blood stream - that method is a real assult on the body.

There is also the chance that vaccinating isnt effect (as with my mum's friend's DD) and they get the disease anyway.

But your right - its a risk either way, it just what ever risk you are more willing to take.

Its still not a cut and dry issue for me, its an evolving one to make sure I am always fully informed and educated so I can continue to feel confident about my decision.

At least you did some research on the flip side of the coin rather than just taking gospel what your doctor advises (and some advise "just because" and cant give you full and accountable info anyway)

If I did vaccinate my child and something went wrong and I was never warned of the side effects or did my own research - I would never forgive myself. If my kids get a disease I know how I can help them fight it.... if something happened and they had a reaction to the disease?????? Well......?????  huh.gif I hope I never have to!

#25 Belly82

Posted 30 August 2006 - 02:58 PM

Hi all... thought id pop in to say that we also have chosen not to vax our little man... my DH's older sister developed austism symptoms after being vacinated for few years so his mum did not get him done and his younger sister.
It freaked his mum right out that right after vacination she developed into a totally different baby overnight.

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