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Non-vaccinated kids discussion

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#51 Kisses

Posted 19 September 2006 - 11:53 AM

Can't stay away from this thread now so I hope some of you return real soon  wink.gif .

Sallybelly and Daffodil - it is my understanding also - intermuscular/interveinous vaccinations set off a different, much more severe and unnatural immune response then what would have occured in the body had these diseases entered the body naturally through nose/mouth/g.i.tract.  Daffodil my sister has 3 non-vaccinated kids as well and we have never had an questions on this at any of their schools/preschools.  When the health services come to school for Hepb injections we just sign the forms NO THANK YOU!.  Non of them have been to daycare though so not sure here.

AmyS - my DS(10) had a good dose of the chicken pox when he was in his 2nd week of grade one.  He had one rough night, when, against my better judgement I had a perscription filled for him, (something to relieve his itching I think..) I gave him about 1/2 the recommended dose and it gave him a big bunch of hives! all over his chickenpox!  poor thing!  Apart from that incident he coped really well - didn't really get sick - just the poxes!  Nothing to be worried about - just need to keep them cool and comfortable til healed.

Sachico - I use an organic range called Miessense - it's ozzie made n lovely stuff.  I breastfed my oldest for over 2 years n am watching my youngest grow chubbier by the day on the boobiejuice - how rewarding is that!

JJ - hope your DD is feeling better - when my DS gets crook occasionally he only ever wants to eat fruit and raw carrots!  His body telling him what's good for him!

Would like to stay bu really have to hang out some nappies...

#52 madmother

Posted 19 September 2006 - 01:57 PM

Still lurking, just madly busy and not posting much.....

#53 daffodil27

Posted 19 September 2006 - 06:01 PM

hey all,
glad you have found the thread SoftTouch- its great to have fresh new energy and info into the thread...
Hmmmmm.... dont have anything to add ATM but will be back in later... just wanted to say hi!  biggrin.gif

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#54 localyokel

Posted 20 September 2006 - 09:02 AM

I havent had time to read all the posts here, working fulltime is taking its toll (nothing to do with getting older as well lol)  rolleyes.gif  i have recently run into a slightly different problem.  I have had to be vaccinated at work as part of workplace regulations.  Next year apparently they will also be forcing us to have yearly flu vaccinations or we wont be able to work.  This is interesting as i have been working casual and getting more work than i can manage due to other staff being sick (and a lot of them had been vaccinated).  
I have had my dd vaccinated, for some of the diseases, but done singly.  The other thing is that because we use homoeopathy i always speak to the homoeopath first, get her immune system up and running, make sure she's in top condition before she has anything.  So far its worked well.  She's the healthies out of my 3.  Local yokel

#55 juliavc

Posted 21 September 2006 - 12:08 PM

What a great thread.
I immunised my first, as I was blindly following the recommendations of doctors etc.
Once I decided to research a bit more, I was horrified at what I found out and shudder to think how I would have felt if something had gone wrong.
My 2 youngest have only had the homeopathic immunisations and they are very healthy.  The all have healthy appetites and eat good food, get a balanced diet, plenty of fresh air and are very active kids.
They are rarely sick - DD2 is almost 2 and just getting over her second ever cold.

I am so glad that I decided to do a bit of research, however have found so much negativity when I try discussing with others.  I really have to pick and choose who I talk to about the whole vaccination thing.

#56 jackiehall

Posted 23 September 2006 - 08:49 PM

Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you! Daffodil27, for opening this post.

I have 2 Ds's, 1 is 19mo and the other is 2mo.  Neither of them have been vaccinated.  I did the research with DS1 and decided I was totally against vaccinations.  Throughout the first year, I guess the horror of my research kind of dwindled away, as DH and I decided that when DS1 was 2yo we would selectively immunise.

Now the DS is 19mo, we have been starting to think about which ones we will do.  We have spoken with our doctor and she has suggested the HIB and the MMR and the Hooping Cough one.  I took these suggestions to my naturopath and she didn't like any of them, however but supported my decision either way.

My dilemma, however,was with why I was making this decision.  Did I feel that Ds needed immunising? or was I succumbing(sp?) to peer pressure?

After getting a little reminder of some of my research from my naturopath and also reading all the posts on this topic, I have reconnected with my gut instinct and we have decided to not vaccinate our DS at all.  Knowing my DS to be such an active, healthy and happy little boy, it would break my heart to see him change his behaviour because I injected him with toxins and poisons.  So thank you daffodil27 for starting this post and reminding me why I'd made this difficult decision in the first place.

BTW, I agree with PP who said that they felt that their children rarely got sick.  My 19mo DS has just gotten his first real cold.  He's had a runny nose here or there, or a little cough for a day that never turned into anything, but this is the first time I would consider him unwell.

Has anyone got their children in daycare unvaccinated?  I have just put DS1 in 1 day a week (hence the reason he's got his first cold).  My mother is hounding me to vaccinate DS now that he is in daycare, but I'm not going too.  What are others' thoughts?  As discussed with my naturopath, it's really a contradiction - if all the other children are immunised, then my child shouldn't put them at risk, and if my child isn't immunised and all of the other children are, then my child shouldn't be any higher risk of getting these illnesses?  What is your rationale on daycare and illnesses?

Anyhow,  I must go.  Thanks for the support group, it's great to see I'm not alone.


#57 jalmd

Posted 23 September 2006 - 10:16 PM

Hi Local Yokel - You might find this interesting... This is from www.informedvoice.com.au


First of all, I have to say right here that it has been an incredible privilege to have worked over the last few weeks, with an amazing and powerful young woman named Brigitta Harvey. She is the nursing student and registered nurse who has taken on the establishment who have told her to vaccinate or get out. I am proud to reveal to you now that Brigitta has won her battle. But not only has she won it, she won it for all of the other students in NSW who also want to learn to help others and work within the hospital system but don't want to put their health and lives at risk by taking vaccines they feel are more harmful than good.

The battle is won but the war continues as this decision will not extend to the other states and territories nor, I fear, will it prevent employers in other sectors as well as the military from exercising undue force to make people vaccinate.

I will paste Brigitta's own words below so you can read it for yourself but I also have to let you know that there were several developments which were not covered in Brigitta's summary and some things happened after she had written it.

Brigitta has been given permission in writing to do her practical work to complete her degree. Her situation is slightly different than many others because she was already employed by the hospital in question and therefore, she had a bit more leverage to push her demands that she be allowed to complete her practical work.

As a result of her victory however, all students who are doing practical work in hospitals and universities all across NSW will now be able to do their work without fear of forced vaccination - as long as they know about this, that is!

You see, it is my belief, that the hospital gave in to shut Brigitta up. They probably feel that since she won this battle, she will just quietly fade into the background and there won't be any problems.

They are wrong, of course, because Brigitta refused to cut a deal with them unless the arrangement included all current and future students as well as those who are currently employed. How is that for courageous?

But if nobody knows about this, students will still be told that they can't get through without their shots and no one will be the wiser. So - let every doctor, nurse, chiropractor, homoeopath and student you know about this decision. Again, perhaps you'd like to forward this email to 10 or more people and ask them to forward it on as well?

We have so much power and strength if we stand together. There is no way we can ever be beaten. It is only if we feel weak and helpless that we will indeed lose this battle and all others. Feel your strength! Know your power and help to spread this vital message as far as you can. Look at Brigitta Harvey who did this all on her own at the ripe old age of 21!

And now, on to Brigitta herself: (Please note - I have deleted all names as I am unsure if we could be sued for naming these people.)

Hey Meryl,

Please note that the quotes in here are not exact as I cannot remember the situations word for word, however I have tried to explain very simply what I remember I was told. I decided to do it in chronological order from the very beginning, so here goes.

Last semester - I, along with all the other students who were to attend placement within Northern Sydney Central Coast Health (NSCCH), was informed early on in the semester, that at least 2 weeks prior to the placement I needed to present my immunisation record card, Child protection form and other important documents to a lady who worked for the area health service named ___________. As I knew that I may face difficulties with my immunisation choices, I spoke with _______ and explained that I wasn't going to be able to show her a completed immunisation record card as I had chosen not to be immunised. She then instructed me to complete a statutory declaration which stated that I was aware of the risks that I may be taking and that I would take responsibility for any illness I may contract that may be related to my immunisation status. So I did as she said.

When I presented this to Sandra, she then stated that it is NSW Health 'Law' that I would not be allowed to go on prac (practical work) unless I:
. Presented to her a completed immunisation record card


. Showed her a document written by the Nursing Unit Manager (NUM) of Wyong's surgical ward 1 (S1) stating that I was allowed to do prac on their ward despite my immunisation status (as this is where I was supposed to be attending placement for 2 weeks)

As she said it was the law I asked her if I could see this law in writing, and she was unable to show me this as she did not know it herself. All she showed me was the same letter (which all students received at beginning of semester) which stated that it is NSW Health law that we are vaccinated prior to their placement (Note: some other students who also tried to refuse their vaccines had asked to see this law and were also unable to see it on paper!!) This made me very angry.

I then spent the next few days trying to contact the following people: The NUM (Nursing Unit Manager) of S1 at Wyong, the DON (Director of Nursing) (for Wyong hospital) and NSW Health to locate this 'so called' law.

It took a few days to get in contact with the NUM and when I did speak with her, she then went away and discussed the situation with the DON. A phone call later confirmed that 'after much consideration it would be too risky to both the patients and myself for me to attend my placement, and after all, it is NSW Health Law' (in a nutshell).

During this time I was also trying to get hold of the DON to explain my situation and gain permission to attend her hospital (keeping in mind that when I trained as an enrolled nurse in '04', I attended one of my 8 week placements also at Wyong hospital 'un-vaccinated'). This was a difficult task and I think it was only once that I briefly spoke to her. This was after I was told several times (by her secretary) that she would contact me and did not. Most of the communication was through her secretary and this made me very unhappy as I just wanted to hear it from the DON herself. When the DON finally contacted me, the news was what I thought- Discrimination.

When I attempted to contact the NSW Health headquarters in Sydney, I was shipped around over the phone to about 6 different departments, all of whom were unhelpful. I did however get in contact with the NSW Health  worker based on the central coast who informed me of the policy 2005_338 which states that students 'must' be vaccinated before working within the hospitals. She also stated that this policy is due to change soon ('in the next few weeks') so that it will encourage/enforce NSW Health employees be vaccinated. (From the way she explained it, it sounded like the policy will eventually become mandatory for all employees to be fully immunised or else they will not/no longer be employed) editor's note - this is indeed the case with the current policy which affects only students in 2006 but all hospital employees as well as students in 2007.

I was sickened by the fact that it was law and that the hospitals could abide by such a discriminatory policy which so obviously removes an individual's rights to choose whether an invasive medical procedure is performed on their body.

I approached ________ once again in support of my placement, and did so several times in the last week. Most of the time, these meetings ended in tears as she treated me with little or no sympathy nor did she seem to understand my situation, nor could she direct me anywhere else to get help. Thus my placement was officially cancelled the Friday before the Monday commencing placement.

Second Semester after all placements have been completed (by those who were allowed to attend)

Mon 31st July - Daily Telegraph featured my story/situation  (editor's note - this article was in the last issue of Doing the Rounds)
- Katie from Newcastle Uni contacted me stating that I needed to inform her when I do anything further with the media and told me that it was the NSW Health policy which was stopping me from attending placement and not the Uni. I understood where she was at and let her know that I would inform her of anything further.

Wed 2nd August AM - Had an interview with Matthew from Newcastle Herald, explaining that it was NSW Health policy which was delaying my placements and that it was the hospital which refused to accept me (NSCCH, even though I was already employed as an Enrolled Nurse in this area health).

                          PM - Matthew called back and explained that he had spoken to a NSCCH Gosford sector public relations worker who explained to Matthew that 'surely they could work something out' and 'surely we didn't refuse her' (Matthews words to me, not direct quotes). I explained that this is the first leniency that they have shown toward me since the beginning of the issue. I was very upset that it had to be their fear of the media that brought about change on their part.

Thurs 3rd August - Went in person to the Public relations building to locate the person who had spoken with Matthew and to find out what understanding he had of the situation. One of the women in the office located him on his mobile so I could speak with him. The conversation was a bit of a blur as I did not quite nderstand where he was coming from. I think that he was under the understanding that it was a Uni problem, however he directed me to see the manager of NSCCH Human Resources (I never ended up there as the situation changed quickly).

About an hour later, I received a phone call from the DON of Gosford Hospital, ___________who insisted on 'sorting the situation out'. Her understanding was also that it was a 'uni thing' and that she would speak to them to produce some sort of agreement between the students who are conscientiously objecting to immunisations and the university that the students can sign if they wish. She also advised me that she would be happy to accept me for any placements within Gosford hospital and that 'she cant see why not as I was already one of her employees'. I asked her if the same would go for the rest of the area health (particularly Wyong as they refused me) and she stated that she brought my situation up in a board meeting that the DON of Wyong was attending and she felt that she felt the same. And then my greatest concern.for future students who choose the same pathway as me, will this apply to them also? Veronica agreed that this decision has been made with future students in mind as well.

This is what it has come to presently, however I do want things to change beyond Newcastle uni and NSCCH. Supporting and encouraging me through all of this has been the AVN. Thanks so much for encouraging me not to give up and helping me to fight for a greater cause.
Brigitta Harvey

I don't have my little boy in kindy yet but even at the gym creche the carers were saying to me that I should be really careful that he doesn't get colds and sick! Colds and sick!! Since when do vaccines cover colds???  I don't understand the logic either.

As for the illnesses for which vaccines are available, the vaccinated children "should" have nothing to fear right, because they are vaccinated.

And my little boy should have nothing to fear because everyone else is vaccinated.

As for chickenpox and other childhood illnesses...bring them on!

#58 madmother

Posted 24 September 2006 - 07:41 AM

Wow - what an amazing young woman!  My cousin is a med student and his mother (my 1st cousin) has always compared my oldest son's behaviours to this, her middle son.  He has had the immunisations but each 3 months when he is tested it has left his body without any protection or sign!  So not only can they damage our kids, they can also provide no benefit at all to some!! Until now he has been told it is compulsory for his career choice (as I was pushing homeopathic remedy) but will e-mail his Mum this link!

#59 daffodil27

Posted 24 September 2006 - 05:04 PM

sachiko - thanks for the post! It just goes to show that when push come to shove no one can MAKE you vaccinate for any reason... so many people gets pushed into it for such invalid reasons. There is such a peer pressure on a massive level going on with vaccinations  mad.gif
jackiehall -  thanks for contributing to the thread! And I am so glad that you have refound the best decision for you and your family. Any decision made out of fear or pressure can never be a good one! Congrats to you!
The rationale that a lot of people have around illness and vaccinations is just pathetic and more often that not uninformed and ignorant. I dont get why people who have vaccinated their children and believe them to be immune are so fearful of unvaccinated children??????? I also find people who talk about herd immunity rather annoying.

Sorry... very hormonal and cranky pregnant woman rant  ph34r.gif

#60 Kisses

Posted 26 September 2006 - 10:49 AM

Thought I would add a link to this excellent article: What They Don't Tell You About Vaccinations Dangers Can Kill You or Ruin Your Life

#61 daffodil27

Posted 27 September 2006 - 06:34 PM

thanks for the article SoftTouch!

I just wanted to say thankyou to everyone that has contributed to this thread! Its really given me a renewned interest in reading up more and renewing my research and more importantly it has made me more confident and secure in my decision not to vaccinate.

The support of this little thread has been invaluable! Thanks!  biggrin.gif

#62 Guest_fendi_*

Posted 05 October 2006 - 09:31 PM

I have just read an article by Meryl Dorey in a magazine called Informed Voice and DH and I have decided on no more vaccinations. Scary stuff. Did anyone know about a proposed vaccine which is currently being worked on called The Holy Grail? It will contain 100 or more vaccines and will be administered to babies at birth  ohmy.gif . There are over 250 new vaccines being developed right now, which include things like smoking, hookworm and ear infections.

We will cross the bridge of rubella and mumps, for DD and DS respectively, when the time comes.

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#63 daffodil27

Posted 06 October 2006 - 09:17 AM

fendi - no www link?
what else did it say? what specifically scared you?

#64 reachforthestars

Posted 06 October 2006 - 09:33 AM

The holy grail? They are joking..please tell me they are! I know there are 3 in ones and 4 in ones but that many? Wasy to kill children. God that makes me so angry.
DD was sick last week with a rash. Was hoping she was getting german measles out of the way early, but no such luck.

#65 Guest_fendi_*

Posted 06 October 2006 - 09:41 AM

Here is link to the site, but the actual article I believe is only in the magazine.


I suppose it was all the broad, long term issues around vaccination which scared me (rather than an adverse reaction in my kids to an injection) - that a couple of decades ago the rate of autism was 1 in 20,000 and it is currently 1 in 166.

That in 200 years of vaccination, there has never been a double-blind placebo controlled study done on vaccination. The medical profession just assumes it's safe.

And what I mentioned in my last post. The Holy Grail was set for trial on humans in 2005, but it's not quite ready yet. So it is not far away at all. That really worries me. I need to read more as I'd never heard of it before.

I don't have the article on hand but I'll come back later and give you some more if you like.

Oops! edited to paste the link in!

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#66 daffodil27

Posted 06 October 2006 - 03:33 PM

I did a google and found this in relation to what Fendi has posted about the Holy Grail at this link
I wanted to let everyone know that it isn't just food, plants and animals that are being genetically engineered - the governments of the world through the United Nations are working on a vaccine that is being called the holy grail. It will contain close to 100 different antigens in the one vaccine, many of which are genetically engineered. They will be administered orally to a child at birth and will be micro-encapsulated so that they slowly time-release - like cold capsules do over 12 hours only these will take place over the life of the person - which I believe will be significantly shortened by this procedure.

It is very scary to think about a child, who may be sensitive to one or more of these components, being given the vaccine - especially at birth. Aside from the fact that human babies are basically born without an immune system and exposure to this many attacks at one time can be fatal, if they are allergic to something in this vaccine, and it time releases, they can have an anaphylactic reaction over and over again (if they survive the first one, that is). Not only that, but how could you ever blame it on the vaccine if it is months or years after it is administered? The pharmaceutical companies would be off scott=-free while the child would be dead or injured.

There are already genetically engineered vaccines in use - the Hep B and some influenza vaccines are based on genetically engineered yeast cells. Scientists use yeast because it multiplies rapidly and is very difficult to kill. Of course, these properties are just what makes it so dangerous to inject into the human body.

DNA vaccines are just around the corner and the WHO says that the 'holy grail' vaccine will be available soon after the turn of the century.

The vaccines that we currently use are suspected of affecting our genetic makeup. Injection of foreign protiens, viruses and bacteria that are known to contaminate these substances have been thought for many years to be responsible for everything from the increase in auto-immune problems to birth defects and SIDS. How much more damage would genetically engineered vaccines that are made specifically to affect the host's genetic make-up do?

and I just found this on the bbc site
Millions of people die because hundreds of millions of dollars worth of life-saving vaccines go off and are thrown away every year. Hot third world countries, where they're needed most, are hit the hardest.

Imagine the difference it would make if we could solve the problem. Cambridge scientist Dr Bruce Roser has devoted his life to it, and in our exclusive special report, Anthony Bartram has the remarkable story behind the science set to change the world.

10 million more lives could be saved if half of all vaccines - 300 million dollars worth - didn't have to be thrown away each year because they go off or are contaminated in the field. For years the World Health Organisation's been looking for a stable vaccine - Dr Bruce Roser believes he's found it.

"Millions of children around the world now have much better prospects. Stable Liquid Technology enables vaccines to be stored without refrigeration, giving them a very long shelf life and enabling children from all areas of the world to receive cheaper and safer immunisation from preventable killer diseases."

The science is new but it's based on a natural phenomenon billions of years old. A desert flower called the Resurrection Plant can lie in a state of suspended animation for a hundred years or more. Its molecules are trapped in a soluble glass which come alive when it rains. Dr Roser's company Cambridge Biostability has replicated the process, heating and drying vaccines into a powder, which is actually tiny glass micro-spheres with the vaccine trapped inside. Tests have shown it's completely stable after six months stored at 55 degrees Celsius.

"The trick is the suspension fluid is the same density as the micro-spheres. You can have it in the glove compartment of your Land Rover in the desert and it's ready to use. The suspension fluid itself is totally bio-compatible and is simply breathed out naturally within minutes of the vaccination."

Dr Roser began his quest at Anglia Polytechnic University in Cambridge before setting up the biotech company in 1998. Now his team believe they're within touching distance of delivering the "Holy Grail" to the international vaccine programme...

Shevanti Sen is in charge of research and development. "Unicef and the WHO (World Health Organisation) have been crying out for this technology for years. We have bench-tested it in the lab and with new major funding we just need to keep the momentum going to get it out there."

Testing should be completed with funding announced today by the Department of International Development. The Biostability vaccine's impact should be felt in India first within 3 years.

Also, by developing a device so that anyone can inject the vaccine, another major issue has been tackled. By 2010, 130 million children will be born each year which means the World Health Organisation will need to deliver 3.5 billion vaccinations a year, and they simply don't have enough trained healthcare specialists to do it the old fashioned way.  We'll also feel the benefit at home. The stable technology makes it possible to mix different vaccines into a single shot. Dr Roser has his eyes fixed firmly on the future, the next step it to control the rate at which the microspheres dissolve to delay the release of vaccines into the system; "The aim is to have a single shot multi-valent vaccine which can immunise against all life-threatening diseases for a life-time, there wouldn't even be a need for boosters."

Rt Hon Hilary Benn will announce the DFID support for the groundbreaking technology at the Royal Society of Medicine Headquarters in London on Tuesday 19th October 2004.

hhhmmmmmm.... your right fendi, its getting really scary!  ohmy.gif

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#67 melapril

Posted 10 October 2006 - 10:04 AM

Hello ladies!

I am SO happy to have found this topic!  We have a 13mnth old that we have not vaccinated and I find it tough having to constantly defend our decision to medical people,friends and family. For a while there I was even tempted just to give in and vaccinate him, but I held strong. We donít know anyone else who hasnít vaccinated, so havenít had anyone to talk to. Finally a place I can come and find out information and share my thoughts!!!

Our boy is very healthy, hes only had the sniffles a couple of times. Meanwhile his little mates, who are all vaccinated, seem to always be getting sick. Donít know if itís a coincidence, but makes me wonder if our sons immune system is that much stronger then theirs cause he hasnít been vaccinated?  Very interesting.

Am considering the homeopathic immunizations, anyone tried that? would appreciate any feedback

We want to go on an overseas holiday next year, my hubby is freaking out a little about the boy not being vaccinated and traveling abroad with him, have any of you done this?  


#68 daffodil27

Posted 10 October 2006 - 04:41 PM

Hi and welcome melapril!
Can I ask where you will be travelling to?
I have travelled through the USA, Europe and Asia in the last few years without vaccinations and had no problems and like anything you just need to be sensible.
We currently live in Malaysia and have travelled a fair bit throughout Asia with our unvaccinated DS - again no probs.
The biggest risk we have here is Dengue fever but there is no vaccination for it anyways and treated properly there is no cause for alarm, (*touch wood*) And we always wear repelant.

I think like a lot of things, it is fear of th unknown. knowledge is a great empowerer and once you know the risks (if any) of where you are travelling you can put preventitive measures in place.

let me know if you want any travel tips...

#69 daffodil27

Posted 12 October 2006 - 04:25 PM

"Stick to your guns"

very good advice alicat78!!!!
My biggest hurdle with the whole non-vaccination thing has been over coming my need to please, as lots of people are displeased with our decision!  blush.gif

But yes.... its interesting to know that there are people withing the medical establishment that are also against vaccinations!

There are also a lot that dont have the slightest clue why you wouldnt vaccinate! even if you are pro vaccination you think you would be aware of possible risks  unsure.gif  unsure.gif  ohmy.gif

#70 Veritas Vinum Arte

Posted 14 October 2006 - 11:54 AM

I have seen vaccination as a necessary evil, but am not really happy with it, a definately not happy with how much they overload bubs systems at once.

DS has just had his 12m injections last week. He had a mild fever for the 2 days following (as he did with the 4 & 6m ones). As it was also the MMR one, which I really didn't feel happy about, I was watching DS at 7-10 days in case he also developed a mild measles reaction which is a possible side effect.

I also previously enquired if I could get the MMR seperate over time, but Dr advised that not components could be given separately (I know a PP also said that was what she had been told too).

So beyond my better judgement I did allow DS to have the MMR too.

Well 8 days following DS started up with a 40 plus fever (so much for a low grade one) which would NOT go down even with panadol/neurofen and sponging with warm water. He had this high fever (even going above 41) for over 48hrs. I did take him to the Dr to check for other things (UTI, Chest, Neck, Ears, Throat etc) and all tests came back negative. At the end of about 50+ hrs, DS fever broke and he started to get a rash. Dr could not advise if rash was the measles rash or something else. Dr said highly unlikely Fever and Rash was MMR, but personally I think it was.

From this experience I am definately reconsidering my necessary evil position. I will be asking for blood tests to check DS immunity for items he has already been immunised for and if he has high immunitly levels or low/non existent levels I will not be giving DS the 4yr shots and NOT the MMR.

I feel like I have been a bad mum for going with the "flow". I have read up about immunisation from all sides, but am sceptical about the truth from both sides so am really just confused wacko.gif . I have read the MMR autism findings, but I have also read that most of the Dr associated with the initial study have recanted their findings and criticised the study methodology, but I still have my suspicions. AGRH life is too hard trying to work out what is "best" for your children.

Mmmm I am definately thinking of not continuing DS immunisation schedule and reconsidering what/if anything I will do for any future children.

#71 Freethinker888

Posted 17 October 2006 - 11:23 AM

Hi everyone, another non-vaccer here.

I'm a bit concerned over the whole forced vaccination within the medical industry. My plan was that when the girls started school, I would start a career in the aged care industry, and maybe going on to enrolled nursing while working in aged care. Would I have to get vaccinated? I'm thinking that because older people are more at risk of contracting a lot of these diseases, it would be mandatory. Does anyone know what QLD law has to say about the issue, or do you think it would be up to the individual aged care facilities? I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and would hate to have to pursue another career just because of this issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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#72 daffodil27

Posted 17 October 2006 - 07:51 PM

Kristy -  read back in this thread, there is an interesting article posted about a medical student refusing vaccinations. would be very relevant to you.

Also see this article on the Australain vaccination Network website called Forced vaccinations for health students

I think its a matter of standing your ground!

#73 Guest_fendi_*

Posted 18 October 2006 - 05:07 PM

Ok so now I'm after GP's in Vic eastern suburbs who are supportive of my decision not to continue vacc'ing. Anyone know where I could start?

#74 jalmd

Posted 19 October 2006 - 05:53 PM

Hey there

Someone posted earlier about  being confused about the motives from both sides.

I have always thought that money is a big motivating factor. Drug companies stand to make alot of money from vaccinations and there is no money to be made from not vaccinating.

What is in it for people who are anti vaccination?

#75 daffodil27

Posted 19 October 2006 - 08:34 PM

What is in it for people who are anti vaccination?

Not sure if this is a rhetorical question? blink.gif  wacko.gif  But I cant see that there is an "up side" or a motive for the masses for not vaccinating, other than health concerns etc. Nothing like the motives of the drug companies and the push for vaccinations for financial gains.
I friend has told me about a book called "Selling Sickness" which is not about vaccinations as such but the general pushing of drugs by the pahrmacutical companies. He said it was an eye opening read so I might get it!

Good luck in finding a GP fendi, if you dont get a recommendation you could always do a bit of research. Also if you have a natural practicioner that you see you could ask them.

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