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July 06 Parents #23

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#1 Lucky Mama

Posted 21 November 2006 - 11:35 AM

New thread time



#2 MamaCass

Posted 21 November 2006 - 11:42 AM


No way it is a first for me yayyayyayyay!!!!

#3 :)Helena

Posted 21 November 2006 - 11:53 AM

well done cassie!!
Silver for me it is then!

LOL at the penis stories gals!!
I was wondering recently if this topic would pop up on the forums, so to speak! tongue.gif Jenni, I had exactly the same thoughts go through my head when my friend was over with her 6 month old DS recently but didn't dare sare anything out loud! (she's super-sensitive and a bit competitive so not worth stirring her!!) When Caelan was born, he had masive balls, Dh was so proud!!! They've since become better proportioned but if proportions are anything to go by, I reckon he'll be happy with his package!!! blush.gif  biggrin.gif  blush.gif  biggrin.gif

jenni, I love the quotes from Mitchell, keep 'em coming! tongue.gif  tongue.gif

Karen, any chance of posting a photo of the quilt? wink.gif Hoping James naps well for you and DH gets some rest too!!

Sahra, glad to hear marcus was so good with his jabs- what a trooper!!

Cal, good luck with your driving lesson, you'll be right!!

Atelier, sorry to hear bubs still isn't sleeping well, maybe it's a growth spurt?! Is there a sleep school in your area? It seems to work well for some mums n bubs- you may just need some new strategies for both settling and coping. I've started putting Caelan in his cot for daytime naps and there's definitely less settling required than when he slept in the lounge room, whether it be in our arms, on his sheepskin, in his rocker or pram. He also seems to respond really well to the cd I play- its designed to relax babies and Caelan never wakes up grizzly if it's playing. I've started putting it on when I change him before his nap so he knows it's chill time. If you'd like a copy, just let me know!  Anyway, chin up, you'll get through this ok! original.gif

oops been posting forever!! Took some phone calls, gave caelan 5mins of boob, did a load of laundry which I've gotta hang out now... as you can see, i'm easily distracted!

I hope everyones keeping cool and bubs are resting peacefully!
cool.gif hel

#4 JoRiCo

Posted 21 November 2006 - 12:35 PM

Bronze or Jen did you beat me


#5 ProudMum2Three

Posted 21 November 2006 - 12:48 PM

Poor Mitchell is so sick today. I'd NEVER send him to daycare if he were even slightly sick, so not sure whether I'll be able to work tomorrow anyway!!!

Beginning to think I should hire him out because he is such an efeminate boy!!!

Wow... aren't I going to be in for a shock if Ashton is active!!!

#6 wiggler

Posted 21 November 2006 - 12:56 PM

the new due in july group has some triplets......now that would be hard work

#7 cuddlymummy

Posted 21 November 2006 - 12:57 PM

oh POO!!! i missed it, oh well i get second runner up!!! hehe! wink.gif  tongue.gif

#8 cuddlymummy

Posted 21 November 2006 - 01:33 PM


so i thought i would say hi today it is disgustingly hot today and i have riley on his mat kcking around.  Hopefully the A/C will cool it down soon i have only just turned it on.  I think it is 36 degrees at the mo so not very nice at all.
Tomorrow is suppose to be hotter so great!!!

sorry have to go, Riley is chucking a wobbly!

Ok, just be quick,  Riley slept a bit better last night.  went down at 730pm, till 145am then a quick feed, down till 4am when the cat decided to scrathc on his cot, Grrr!!! Bloody cats!!!!  So he went down for another 45min nap and then we were up for the day at 6am!

Hopefully now that the cat isn't here tonight he might sleep a bit better.  We have arrived home from sydney today so ll back to normal hopefully.  I had to leave the cat at my folks place because i accidently let him out this morning and he didn't come back!!!  He was out all day yesterday till 8pm so i wasn't waiting around till then tonight aswell!

Anyways, i will go play with Riley in the cool, pop in again tonight as Jamie is away aso have no one to talk to.  But i love talking to you girls,


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#9 geraldean

Posted 21 November 2006 - 02:52 PM

hello to you all hope everyone is well.

well just a little on the warm side today ariana is napping at the moment so iam pleased about that as she had a play this mornig and a little time in her pool which she enjoyed as cooled her down a little i didnt have cold cold water i made it luke warm.

she has been feeling the heat but been making sure she drinks some water in between feeds and she has liked it very happy ro drink.

had a busy weekend as went and seen in laws and of course mil just had all go in one ear then out the other lol but its all good as its the normal thing.

yesterday went and bathed horses and they liked that also gave the dogs a hose down and as soon as pool gate open they went in the pool ariana looked at them like what the..

ariana is really enjoying time on her tummy and she tries to lift herself up and tries to get moving but nothing happens but she tries in the big bath she tries to do back stroke as loves a play in the bath.

anyway i better go and hose down the dogs and get arianas bottle ready for when she wakes
hope all other bubs have been ok in the heat and not feeling it to much.

hugs geraldean and ariana

#10 SmallDarkHandsome

Posted 21 November 2006 - 03:20 PM

HI girls

Phewie it's hot today! ohmy.gif

Aaagh, this thread moves too fast for me to keep up!! I've been really busy since getting back - we had Marcus' christening on Sunday which was a wonderful day (even if he did fill his nappy loudly with a pooop just before being stripped off for the dunking in the font, necessitating a swift clean up at th side of the church!!  wacko.gif ) - and my sister is over from the UK too...just packed her off travelling this morning though so hopefully we can now finally relax (and get over our jet lag!). Means I haven't spent any time on EB until this afternoon!

So, apologies (again!) for the fact that I will miss lots of people with personals - have only skimmed the last thread since my last post! But here goes:

Racheal: I SO hear you on the sleeping. Marcus has rarely 'slept through'. We occasionally got a 11.30pm-6am sleep but not very often. Then when I went to the UK it ALL went to pot - he was waking THREE times in the night, and wasn't settling during the day. I swear, until last ngiht I hadn't had more than 3-4 hours sleep in the night for about a month, I am not kidding. I was getting so desperate, because Marcus USED to be a lot better but the trip really unsettled him - he totally lost the ability to self settle as well and needed to be rocked / fed to sleep all the time. Since we've been back, he's been getting better and we finally got a decent night's sleep last night when he slept 7-10.30pm and then 11.30pm to 6.30am. We were in shock! I hope it wasn't a fluke. He's been v unsettled again today - just catnapping - so who knows. It is VERY hard sometimes to hear about all these bubs that sleep so well for so long - makes me wonder what I am doing wrong! Just have to keep telling myself that all bubs are different and so long as he is happy and healthy he will sleep through in his own good time. I do wonder though if I were giving him formula / solids as well as b/f that he would sleep better but he seems to be putting on weight and I give him EBM top ups as well so I don't know if that would make massive amounts of difference. Anyway, I totally know where you are coming from. Hope things get better soon.

Denise: Yup, got a few goodies! Picked up a few clothes from Baby Gap and Monsoon kids and Mothercare for the little guy. Also picked up some Birds custard powder, English cadbury's dairy milk and Lyle's GOlden Syrup for me!!! strange the things that I miss that I can't get over here!!!!

Marina: I'm really sorry to hear that weight battles are getting you down as well as the PND. It's really hard isn't it, cos if you are anything like me, gaining weight can be pretty depressing in itself. I'm pretty fed up too as I have put on weight AGAIN during my trip home and so am a good bit heavier than i was and fed up cos nothing fits. I wouldn't give up the ADs though without taking the advice of your doctor - perhaps talk to her and see if there are different ADs you could take that may not have the same weight gain side effects? You are NOT the worst mother in the world. You are a fab mother. And you are human like the rest of us. I've also had days where I've just yelled at Marcus and felt like I just couldn't take it any more. It's not always easy this mothering business and I know how hard PND/depression is - one of my best mates has it and most of my family have clinical depression and it is a really difficult thing to cope with - you feel like you are in a bit of an abyss of despair at times. We're all here to support you though so feel free to have a whinge any time you like - that's the great thing about this group!!!

Jenni: congrats on the job - sounds great. wish i could find something like that. i am dreading going back to work. LOL re the penis comments!!! Marcus's little fella stood out a mile on his 19 week ultrasound, much to his daddy's pride! And his plums were also certainly very large and red when he was born although they settled down soon after! No idea how it compares now...actually I had heard that they don't change size much from when they are born until they are about 5 or 6? don;t know if that's true! I don't have much experience with little boys since I only have a sister!

no more news from me - just a bit knackered still from the whole trip and have lots to catch up on so prob won't be a mega poster for the next couple of weeks. But will try and read as much as I can and keep up with you all... rolleyes.gif  rolleyes.gif Sorry again for the distinct lack of personals.

take care all

nic x

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#11 Lee~XOX

Posted 21 November 2006 - 03:56 PM

Hi Ladies.

I went to the GP and she has taken blood to find out if i'm PG.  She has no clue as to why AF hasn't arrived.  

VENT -- Welcome to skip!!!

I am so annoyed at DF.  He knew I was going to GP today and still hasn't asked what happened although we have spoken twice.  Actually, everything he does is annoying me at the moment.  blush.gif  On Sunday, he finished at 8.30am and came home at 12pm.  He finished work at 4.30pm yesterday and then finally came home at 7pm.  He went and saw all his mates/brother and didn't even bother to tell me he wasn't going to be home in time to go out or in time for dinner.  Now, he's just finished (4.30pm) and rings and asks me if I will drive his fire gear into him as there is a fire burning and he is going to wait in town for a call. mad.gif My answer wasn't so pleasant.  Campbell's in bed (always is at this time) so I am not waking him to take crap in there just in case. mad.gif I know it is a very gratifying thing him being in the RFS, but how come he has his full life and i'm the one struggling...?  He isn't the same person anymore and I am sick of trying to do it alone.  VENT OVER...  I feel a little better  wacko.gif

Nic - with you on the heat.  Airconditioner has been getting a workout here today!  Glad the trip itself went well. I hope Marcus settles into a routine soon.  Altho, most babies seem to be dropping their routine and giving us mums trouble!

Anyone else bubs on the move...?  Campbell has been content to lay where we put him and just wiggle a little bit but this last week he has covered the entire loungeroom floor!  Not even bothering to roll, just looks like a frog on its back as he brings his feet up, lifts his bum and slides along...  Not much point in his playgym anymore, he wiggles away from it... ohmy.gif  I've just never seen a baby so active.

Anyway must go.  Now that Chris is wandering around town again, I have to get organised.  


#12 whydoibother

Posted 21 November 2006 - 04:12 PM

Lee:amelia does the same kinda thing moves around in circles on her hands/pushes with her feet.  sorry to hear df is being a d*ck!

#13 wiggler

Posted 21 November 2006 - 04:25 PM

okay - i have just steamed some parsnip, carrot and zucchini and put it through the molee. tatses pretty good to me. here betting james decides to gag on it. he is a bit of a pumpkin fiend and im trying to coax him into trying other sweet veggies. fruit is "yummy mummy", mouth wide open banging hands for more but veggies get a whoe range of facial expressions ranging from "disgust" to "i'm horrified i would even try to serve that to me mum"

any one discovered any good baby cook books yet??? i am kind of just making it up as i go.

lee- i would sit down and have a good chat to your partner. let him know how you are feeling, what would help. also ask him how he is feeling. dads dont always talk. chris knows that that 4pm - 6pm time is a little horrid. he admitted that driving home from work the other day all he wanted to do was relax and have a beer and the thought of coming home to a baby that not only demanded his attention but may be grizzly was really hard. he said it was tempting to go elsewhere for a while but he knew i needed someone to hand james to. chris loves james to pieces and he is proud as punch, i can see that in his actions but we are both in our 30s and have had fairly selfish lives and all the sudden there is this little munchkin demanding so much from us all the time with no break. chris also admits that james wasnt much fun for the first 5 months. now he is starting to interact more and reach for things and grabbing our faces and smiling away chris likes it much more. the fact that james absolutley adores his dad helps. his dad is like this great big toy. they dance together and babble together. im glad chris told me how he felt. it made me feel awful for a while thinking he didnt like his son but he admitted he did, just didnt always like what being a dad involved and that adjusting to being a dad was really hard. he admits that is improving now. chris also told me that he liked how "comfortable" our lives where before james arrived. not in a money sense but in the sense that we knew each other, we travelled around, we camped and sailed and worked. he felt good at his job. then all the sudden this little being was thrusted into his life and he no longer felt comfortable. everything had got hard again.  he even admitted that he resented james a little for that. having said all that he wouldnt send him back for the world (though he does threaten to sell him when he is being naughty). i was so wrapped up in myself for a while and how tired i was i didnt ask chris how he was going and he didnt want to load me with more problems. im glad he did in the ended. all i had to do was ask. im sure your partner has similar type feelings and is too scared to say anything. let him know its okay to find it hard and frustrating. if he needs it organise a night that is baby free for him here and there so he doesnt feel he needs to find it himself. might help him get his head around things. lets us know how it goes.

#14 Guest_atelier_*

Posted 21 November 2006 - 04:51 PM

Well it took an hour to get her to sleep then she slept 40 mins was awake for nearly an hour started her screaming fit and is asleep in my arms again.  I hope it gets better as it is like having a newborn again.

Helena - i would love a copy if i could.

#15 cuddlymummy

Posted 21 November 2006 - 08:10 PM

Atelier - i am sorry its been tough for you.  Im obviously not the only one with slep issues!  I am 100% with you on this one so just keep trying to settle her and i hope ti gets better, i am also trying to keep my mind open and my nerves 'chilled'.

Lee - i am sorry that your DF is being like that, i agree with Karen, you need to have a sit down with him and explain to him (not argue, coz people dont listen when they are being yelled at, riticuled - not that you would do it just trying to get a point across to try have a civilised conversation).  Im sure if you both try to work at having some time to yourselves he will hopefully stop springing the outings on you and he might come home when he is suppose to.
Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing, there must be plenty of us that have parnters who are having similar problems, so maybe talking about it s a good thing!

Well, Riley has had one feed in 7hours (yes thats right he fed at 1230-1 and then not again till 730pm.  I was trying to get him to feed a few times but i think he was hot and bothered so didn't want to be 'on' me.  i tried lying down - he just kept kicking and pushing me and then crying so i had to give up.  He then settled at about 715pm when i could ease the dummy out and put the bottle in.  He ended up haing 90mls and i then put him to bed to him waking half hour later crying (obviously he wanted something to eat) but still wouldn't eat even with the A/C on so i give up!!!

He is asleep now and i will go in later and do a dream feed to try and get him to have some more.  I just don't want my milk to slowly drop off, i'm petrified he wont take the bottle properly and then we will be up sh*ts creek without a paddle!!!

Anyways, i have to go Allsaints is on and i am missing it!

#16 :)Helena

Posted 21 November 2006 - 08:20 PM

Hey gals n bubs! hope everyones bubs are sleeping peacefully Tounge1.gif
I just had to stick caelans dummy in but he resettled instantly- magic little things dummies are I reckon! So now Im enjoying a baci icecream and watching Priscilla dancers on telly!! sad but true!!

Karen, how did James like his veges? Sounded yummy! I'm looking forward to making baby food, let us know how you go on your recipe search!

Rach, fingers crossed for a peaceful cat-free night for Riley !! Tounge1.gif

Nic, LOL at marcus' christening poo!! I think Caelan's saving up for a special occassion!! Hopefully not tomorrow when we go shopping!!

Lee, sorry your DH is being a DH! It amazes me what women put up with sometimes, but thats what makes us the stronger sex i think, our ability to see the bigger picture , and our tolerance and resilience!!  They need things spelled out for them really clearly sometimes but in the same token, don't like being told... It's a bit of a vicious circle I know but
you know with deep breaths and maybe a few gritted teeth, you'll get through it!! And a possible impending bfp!! Please keep us posted !! biggrin.gif Tounge1.gif biggrin.gif Tounge1.gif

Atelier, I'll copy the cd for you in the morning and post it off tomorrow if I can. I hope it helps, I find it really relaxing and often sit in his room while he settles , just about dozing off myself! One little trick I've found works sometimes when Caelan's going off his nut, is to whistle to him- usually a tune we've sung or whistled before, or the tune from one of his toys- & pretty much in his face, he hears it and feels it on his face, completely distracting him.. sometimes for a moment, sometimes for good!! rolleyes.gif  tongue.gif

Anyway, gotta go & type up some stuff for dh.

Sleep well everyone!
Oh & Cally, I hope Kalgoorlie survived your driving lesson!! tongue.gif

original.gif hel

#17 ttc76

Posted 21 November 2006 - 08:50 PM

Hi Guys,
wow how hot is it?
Hayden has had swims yesterday & today in our pool and is finally getting used to the cold water.... bit different from his warm baths. he was so funny each time I put him a little bit deeper he dropped his bottom lip & held on tighter...very funny indeed..

Well just a quick drop in to say I won't be posting again till next week, off to the Ashes & shopping in Brisy tomorro...can't wait!!!

well betta go & finish packing


#18 **Denise**

Posted 21 November 2006 - 09:26 PM

Evening ladies,

Nic - well done you. Bet Marcus is going to look fab in his new togs. Dead jealous of the english Dairy Milk too. Hope everything is settling down for you a bit now.

Nat - have fun

Lee - agree with the others, you've got to talk. Let us know how you get on. Also, we've just had a 'scare' that I was pregnant again. AF was a week late, and I'm not on the pill. Ooops.

Rach - go Riley.

Atelier - I feel for you. Thomas has only self settled twice. Always needs rocking, patting, cuddling, stroking. He's beena  nightmare today. No sleep, and the one brief catnap, he awoke screaming at the top of his voice. He's really struggling with his teeth, but think he has a bit of an upset tummy too. Just wondering what sort of night we're going to have. I dread going to bed sometimes, because I know it's only matter of time before I'm woken up. Hope things get better for you real soon.

Karen - Thomas loves his pumpkin over everything else.
Hope the veg mix went down a treat for James.

Anyway, we're now the proud owners of a massive print of Thomas. It's beautiful. I will post a pic in the next day or two.

Must go now, sorry for no more personals, but a big hello.
Have a good night mums and bubs.

#19 SkyeMummy

Posted 21 November 2006 - 09:28 PM


LEE - So sorry to hear about DH being like that... If that were me I would have gone apesh*t already!! I think what Karen and others have said is good advice. You guys need to talk, find out how he is coping as well as explaining how you are coping and what you need from him. We are so wrapped up in our new bubbas and how it is affecting us that sometimes the Dads are forgotten (momentarily!) in the respect that it affects them too. Not trying to defend him, he needs to seriously evaluate his actions, but he might just need to vent and explain what he is going through as well as LISTENING to you and what YOU need. Good luck anyway lovey - and good luck witht he possible bfp, which ever way you want it to turn out (((hugs))).

Karen - The advice I got from my MCHN was to start them on different varieties of vegies before you start fruit because naturally they will love the sweetness of the fruit and then find it hard to take to the vegies. Just what I was told of course, there are no real right or wrongs here - we're all just winging it most of the time LOL!!

Rach - Hope Riley has a BIG feed for you tonight. Hopefully he's really really hungry and then may even sleep a bit better for you! Fingers crossed.....

Nic - Hope Marcus slots back into Aussie time for you ok. Glad the christening went well. Which reminds me, I must book Jett in soon....I can't believe how slack I am with that poor little man.

Geraldean - I've been giving Jett water in a bottle the last couple of hot days here too. I don't think he actually drinks a lot of it but he loves to chew the teat and let it dribble down his chin LOL!!

I have officially started weaning. Evening feed replaced with formula tonight. Jett was NOT HAPPY JAN! Screamed for 15 mins before he would drink it, just saying NO NO NO I want BJ!! But I am determined to see if it makes any difference to his sleeping during the day and for longer at night. That is not the only reason, I was going to start weaning in a couple of weeks anyway before I go back to work, I have just started a little earlier. He drank 150mls, fell asleep on the bottle and just zonked it when I put him in bed. He is due to wake up any minute if he goes like normal, so we will see.

I am going for an audition for a new game show channel 10 are doing tomorrow. It involves bluffing and picking bluffs and you can win BIG CASH PRIZES!! Don't know much more about it so will let you know tomorrow! The casting manager (or whatever they are called) rang me today to confirm I was going and I explained to her that I was BF my baby and had to bring him too and she was great! She said she would make sure I was first cab off the rank and then I could go as soon as the audition was over. I just hope he behaves himself and doesn't distract me or lose my track of thought for my bluffs!!

Well, have to go prepare DD's bag for daycare tomorrow while I wait for Jett to wake up. If he's not up by 11.30 I'll go to bed. Murphys law dictates as soon as I put my head on the pillow he will wake up anyway   <_<

Catch Ya!  Kellie

#20 2ndBub74

Posted 21 November 2006 - 10:13 PM

hi everyone
been MIA again!! rolleyes.gif
I've been moslty lurking  ph34r.gif due to lack of time as i am now officially back at work for 3 days as of next week and Bethany is going to start at child care  blink.gif its all a huge learning curve and all i hope for is that she adjusts ok and i hope i don't miss out on too many of the milestones while i am working  sad.gif
I haven't really had a chance to catch up as i usually only log on once or twice a week so apologies for being "outta touch"
Due to the heat Bethany and i went to the beach today and it was the first time her little feet got to wade in salt water! so needless to say she had a ball and luckily we lathered her enough in sun block that she didnt get sunburnt  cool.gif she even had her Gap bathing suit on that family sent over from England and her sun hat so she definately looked like an English Rose with her beautiful pale white skin and blue eyes ~ will try to post some piccies in the next week or so.
hope you are all doing well and if there are some rough patches i hope they are getting better

Try to take it easy over the next couple of days with this heat!!!  blink.gif  
Take care and i'll try to keep up with you all as best i can  wink.gif
over and out for now

#21 xfitpolemum

Posted 21 November 2006 - 11:16 PM

Hi Mumma's & Sleeping Bubba's (well hope they're all asleep)

My little girl is not so little anymore.  Mia weighed in at 6.65kg, 64cm long and 42HC.  She's grown 11cm since she was born and nearly doubled her birth weight.  She had her 4 month needles today.  She was pretty good on the whole.  She even had a 2hr sleep today which she doesn't normally do.   biggrin.gif

She took until just before 9 to settle to sleep tonight.  I have no idea what is causing this.  I have noticed that she doesn't seem to be bringing all her wind up.  I can wind her and wind her and she'll burp, but then 2 hrs later you'll pick her up and she'll burp again.  I wonder if maybe the settling issues are what I'm eating?   sad.gif   I was talking to my neighbour across the road and she is having the same problems with her little girl (5 days older than Mia).

Lee:  I've hit panic stations now that you've mentioned about being on the mini pill and not having a visit from AF.  I am assuming that by BF, AF is staying away.  I have been extremely vigilant with taking my pill as Mia was an accident.  DH and I even waited over a week after I started taking my pill to BD.  Might pay to ring my GP tomorrow and get some advice.  If I had've known earlier today, I could've seen her while I was there with Mia!

Nat & Gig:  I've taken Mia for two swims now (before the cold snap last week) and she tries to pull her legs up when I first dip them in the pool!  Mia loves the water once she's in and completely wet.  I'm not game to put her head under yet although you would think that as I've been swimming my whole life, that's the first thing I'd do with her.  She looks so cute in her little togs!!

Sorry about the distinct lack of personals tonight.  I'm just too tired and now I have washing to hang out in our spare room.

Good Night

#22 :)Helena

Posted 22 November 2006 - 07:20 AM

Good morning! Tounge1.gif

Hope everyone slept well. Caelan slept from 11.30 ish til 4.45 but took ages to settle- just as Id doze of he'd pipe up again so Iwas sticking the dummy in till about 6.30. Hethens lept till 7.30 or so and only fussed when he was lying in a pooy nappy!... just reread that.. hethans didnt leap, he then slept!! LOL  tongue.gif  tongue.gif  tongue.gif glad to see my brains working!!

So here we are, he's fussing thru his feed again  mad.gif
Ithink it's just the right boob but on the lefty now, he's drooling half of it down his cheek, i;ve got to put my finger on his cheek to stop the leak !! blink.gif  blink.gif

Kellie, Caelans the same as Jett with drinking water- he just loves to slobber over it and let it drip down his front, neck & back!!! He drinks a little tho cos I got some decent bburps from him yesterday after trying some water ... Hey,good luck with the audition, how did you find out about it? was it just one of those ads on telly?

gig, good to see you back, sounds like you had a great time at the beach- which sunscreen do you use? I hope Bethany settles well into her childcare routine and doesnt miss you too much (or vice versa!!)

Anyway, Id better get on with my day, we're meeting some friends for a bit of shopping later so I've gotta get us organised.

Hope everyone has a great day

bbl original.gif hel

#23 If You Say So

Posted 22 November 2006 - 07:53 AM

Morning all,

Its gonna be a hot one today. I'm going to try to avoid even opening the door today. Newy girls, i wont be venturing out in this heat to meet up with you today, but i'll see you all at Rachs on friday.

Priya was a little unsettled yesterday amd a bit warm too, so i figured she needed some panadol, but as she hated the taste so much i thought id try a diff brand with diff flavour, and bingo, the amcal brand went down much better (hardly any got spat back out!) After that she was as right as rain.

i got a little chrissy tree yesterday with the fiber optic lights in it, and now DD1 cant wait to get all the chrissy stuff out. If im brave i might get it out today (but it means going outside)...hmmm...decisions decisions.....

sorry for lack of personals, but i can hear someone stirring again. What good timing she has!
Stay cool

#24 cuddlymummy

Posted 22 November 2006 - 08:10 AM

Morning all,

No not 'good' morning either!!!! mad.gif  wacko.gif .  I am soooooo tired, Riley took a while to settle last night and then woke at MNfor a minni feed but atleast he had something.  He then settled back down till 2am and then woke every 1.5-2hrs after that.  I tried feeding him throught eh night but he just kept refusing.  I then tried feeding him when we got up at 7am and he just kept bucking like usual.  So he is still to have a good proper feed, hasn't had one for a few days!!  
He does still have very wet nappies (somehow?) and had a nice pooy one this morn too so im not worried just really angry and frustrated that its not all going like it should!

Why wont he eat??  I called the ABA and they always seem to talk over the top of me!!!!  I try to explain to them whats happening and then they just start talking.  They even ask what i was about to tell them anywyas, its like "if you waited to let me finish what i was going to say you would've got your answer"!!! mad.gif .
Anyways, she told me try usig sippy cups and spoons if he isn't wanting to be "on" me for a booby feed but he just doesn't want me near him at all even for a bottle or a cup, QUITE FRUSTRATING!!!!!!

So i will see how he goes for a feed before we go to leave for PAT but if he doesn't feed then i will have to give it a miss.  I need to concentrate on getting him back to normal and eating rpoperly.  He is shocking in public as it is (he gets sooooooo distracted by all the other happenings around him).  So will text someone to let you know if i won't be making it.

His hinus is awake at the moment playing and babbling in his cot so he can't be too hungry the little rat bag!!!

Best go i need to get dressed, i am also waiting on my Castle Hamper to arrive sometime today aswell, i was just going to risk going out and hope they didn't show.  I was also going to leave a note to take it next door too so hopefully they dont mind (i will ask, im not that rude! wink.gif ).
Anyway, see ya later girls, stay cool today, its gonna be a scorcher!!!!

Newy mums - i looked on Foxtel and Friday is suppose to be 28 so a nice day for us to meet!

Have a good one!!

#25 JoRiCo

Posted 22 November 2006 - 08:37 AM

Morning All,

Rach- It must be so hard for you atm with DH away, hopefully Riley has a good feed and you can join us at PAT. Really looking forward to Friday also as I think you need some support and us Newy girls are so supportive (and modest).

Tracey- I agree with you about the heat but I'm going stir crazy being at home all day so I'm going to venture out. See you on Friday.

Helena- lol on typing errors I was having a hard time working out what you were saying. Hope he didn't fuss for too long. Enjoy your shopping trip.

Lee- Hope DP talks to you soon, I go off at my DH every now and then as he plays golf on his days off and we don't get to spent time together. It seems the only time he wants to see me is for BD which atm I have better things to do. But make sure you sit down and have a chat I'm sure thing will work out.
Also Riley is on the move like Campbell it's so funny when they lift their little bottom up and slide on their head.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

I feel guilty about Riley sleeping with everyone else having problems but hey Josh was a terrible sleeper so maybe it's mainly the 1st borns that play up.
Well must go and get ready for PAT.


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