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July 06 Parents #23

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#126 *~Tinker~*

Posted 26 November 2006 - 07:36 PM

ph34r.gif Lurker/stalker here ph34r.gif

how much sleep does bub have during the day??
Really depends on what we have been doing, and the heat, usually though she manages 1 hour in the morning, around 10 and then 30-45 mins at around 5ish

How many feeds do they have??
Ummm, depends, sometimes it is 6-8, sometimes more, demand feeding in the heat is sooo much fun! (NOT)

What solids have been a favourite (to those that have started)
Tried her on farex, she pulled a face like "Mummy, why are you trying to poison me?" so I guess we'll try again later, might even try something else...haven't plucked up the courage yet.

what toys are proving to be a hit??
anything that she can 'sink' her gums into
a kiddy mirror
unusually - Robbie Williams CD (I know not a toy, but a huge fav of hers anyway.)

bubs favourite games??
peek-a-boo, bath/shower-time, singing songs

I have a question for all you mummies who have been feeding solids to their bubs...

Did it help with sleeping through the night?

ph34r.gif I will now go back to stick my head in the mud. ph34r.gif

eta: Darned typos! Tounge1.gif

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#127 SkyeMummy

Posted 26 November 2006 - 07:55 PM

Hi All,

Just a quickie!

Fi - LOL at Cory! How cute. We started teaching Skye her full name about a month ago, on and off, along with our address etc. She can say her full name (Skye McKenzie Hornidge)when you ask her "Whats your full name?" But doesn't quite get the concept because then she will ask other people "Whats your Hornidge?" Hehehehe.....so funny and cute!

Hel - Am probably goin to Rosebud next weekend. When/where is the Rosebud Carnival?? I don't know anything about it. But we will probably be going most weekends we can from now on! YAY!!

Schell - Can't help with the solids sorry, haven't started yet. And DD was sleeping thru long before she started solids - I just wish her brother was the same! Think I'm hoping along the same lines as you......PRAYING solids helps them sleep through!! Still leaving it till 5.5 months, so will probably start in a couple of weeks.

Foxari - Hope DD is a bit better for her sake and yours!!
Patrick is such a happy looking fella!

Moniegee - Hope you feel better and Ella's eyes are all better.

Went to a local footy club Christmas Day today. DD had a ball and came home exhausted!! Went straight to sleep bless her.

Oh and the audition went well. Don't find out if selected for another week or so. The taping is in Sydney too, so if I get in they will fly me to Sydney - cool!! Might be able to meet some of you Sydney girls!!

Hi to everyone, hoping all are well or on the mend....

Gonna go to bed now and actually get a decent sleep. Jett is having a FF when he wakes so I might see if I can get a solid 6 or 7 hours sleep before the next BF. Will be the most in nearly 5 months - I'm actually excited!! (Prob won't be able to sleep now...?!)

Later, Kellie

#128 Ducky*Fuzz

Posted 26 November 2006 - 08:40 PM

Kell, if you come up to Sydney, we might actually have to get our butts into gear to meet up!!!  Good luck.

We are also trying to teach Scott his full name.  He says
"Totts Tameron" instead of Scott Cameron.  So cute.  He totally messes up our surname!

He has been SO naughty today, so we are really tired.

Off to find a quick mix cake for playgroup tomorrow!

Have a lovely settled night!

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#129 wiggler

Posted 26 November 2006 - 09:18 PM

solids hasnt made any differences to james sleeping. sorry

moniegee - ella sounds just fine. i rarely get chuckles out of james but loads of smiles. but when he does chuckle it melts my heart. sounds like she is doing all the appropriate things. rememeber on this thread some bubs may be a fair bit older. james is nearly 6 months old (shock horror) he was initially due at the start of july but was born at 38 weeks in the middle of june.

once again james didnt want to go to sleep. 9pm i finally got him to go to sleep. no idea what has gone wrong.

off to go to sleep

#130 wiggler

Posted 27 November 2006 - 07:06 AM

im guessing everyones bubs are sleeping well???

we had a good night. once we finally went to sleep we slept until 230am, fed and went back to sleep until now.

now he is fussing at the boob. wants to drink but doesn't want to miss out on what dad's doing so he keeps pulling off, having a look, beams a big smile and then reattaching. cheeky monkey....ahhh enough. im off to express james cant be that hungry the way he is behaving.

what has scott been up to??? sounds interesting.

hope everyone has a good day

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#131 ProudMum2Three

Posted 27 November 2006 - 07:33 AM

Fi – LOL Cory. He's really getting into the spirit of the festive season isn't he!!! Wonder if he's telling everyone his Dad is Santa!!! When people ask Mitchell's name he always answers his full name including middle name... very cute! He also calls Ashton, Ashton Robert all the time, so we've fallen into the habit of that too.  tongue.gif

Karen – The gardens sound lovely.

Moni – Bumma about Ella being sick. And then you got sick too... yucko! Nothing worse. Should be a worldwide ban on Mums getting ill!!! Also, try not to get too hung up on supposed "milestones". Us second-time-Mums you will find, are alot less vigilant then we were first-time, because we know that worrying is more-often-then-not, a waste of energy. She'll get there, and Ashton sounds like he's doing about the same. He is definitely not close to rolling from back to tummy... no interest at all. Also, don't worry about her not being interested in food. She's only nearing on 5 months afterall, and the general recommended time to start solids is still 6 months. I've been told by health professionals that a baby being "interested" in watching people eat doesn't often mean they really want to "eat" as such... just simply that they are fascinated by people doing something different to what they've seen before... like they watch eagerly if you are doing funny faces or having a dance. Having said all that though... there are still bubs that are definitely interested in having a taste of things earlier than others. Though I think this PG might hold the record for the most bubs starting solids early!!!  smile1.gif

MuffinTop – (Speaking of which... must remember to start doing exercises to get rid of mine!!!). Sounds like Scotty enjoys keeping Mummy on her toes!  tongue.gif

Hi Lee – See you down there. Was just telling Mum you're a local from Southern Highlands. What's the weather like down there? Mum and dad are heading home today.

Hi Dannii & Helena... hope you both had a good night.

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#132 Lee~XOX

Posted 27 November 2006 - 07:43 AM

Morning everyone.

We've had a busy few days hence why I have been MIA.  FIL made a suprise visit to see Campbell for  Christmas as they're going away.  FIL is from Vic so a long drive for just a night!

We started getting the house ready for Christmas.  As FIL came, we didn't get around to putting the Xmas lights up so will do that during the week and Saturday.  We bought some more yesterday to add to our collection.  

I bought Campbell a jolly jumper yesterday (it's for Christmas).  For those that want one, Target had them on special.  I think they were $40.  Now I just have to find a TJ Bearytales... but I think I'll have to get that in Campbelltown.  

Here's a pic of the tractor that FIL gave Campbell.  It's too old for him at the moment but i'm sure he'll enjoy it when it's time:  

That's not good news about the cot.  Must keep that in mind.  We've bought the matress and it is the Boori recommended one so hopefully won't have any issues.  I'm pretty luck with Campbell in his bed as he doesn't move, wiggle etc - even when unwrapped.  He is the youngest though so maybe just hasn't started yet.

Anyway i'm trying to get on top of the housework and washing today.  I have another meeting with my mum tomorrow  ohmy.gif  blink.gif.  I'm sure it will go fine but it's not something I look forward too.  I still think if it wasn't for Campbell I wouldn't be interested.  

I hope everyone is feeling better.  

We've had two good nights from Campbell.  The night before last he went down at 7.30pm woke at midnight had a feed and then slept until 8am and lastnight he did a sleep-through.  Got up at 7am.  Makes a nice change.  I did need it though.  I feel a bit under the weather...

Must go, he's starting to grizzle, probably getting cold as he has no nappy on.  BBL.


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#133 If You Say So

Posted 27 November 2006 - 08:19 AM

morning girls,

Monigee - have you tried expressing a little breast milk into Ellas eyes to help with the conjunctivitis? I did it with Priya a couple of months ago and it worked a treat. And like Jenni said - dont stress too much about Ellas development. She sounds pretty much on par with Priya, and Priya has only just started laughing more and has rolled from front to back only the once. At this age there is such a huge variation in what is normal as they all tend to catch up as they get older.

Lee - Campbell will love zooming around and doing earthworks on his tractor before you know it.

Fi - thats a classic. Cory Christmas.

I tried Priya on a little mashed pumpkin the other night as she has been watching so intently when we eat. She didnt even want to open her mouth up tho, so i guess the farex can just wait for a while longer.

Well after having no water on friday (due to a burst main somewhere) we have had dirty water for the last couple of days, and stupid me washed my whites in it on the weekend, so now my fave white top is a murky browny colour. Any idea how to get it back to white without ruining the top? I have also ruined a few other things but they can be replaced. GRRRR.

Anyway, i can hear little miss talking to herself, so i should go and get her.

Take care all

#134 Guest_atelier_*

Posted 27 November 2006 - 08:20 AM

Stupid Stupid retailer, he did not sell the Kingparrott mattress which is made for the cot, i just rang the manufactuer and they said that i need the mattress made for the cot.  AHhhhhhhhhh he told me that was the only one he sells with them.  I am going in there today again and asking for the Kingparrott mattress.

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