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#51 Guest_atelier_*

Posted 23 November 2006 - 01:49 PM

Ahh just waited in there a bit longer with her till she was asleep a little more then turned her over.  

Scary when she sleeps on her tummy sometimes she will have her head turned other times she won't.

#52 House-full-of-blue

Posted 23 November 2006 - 02:03 PM

We made it!! It's 3pm and he is still asleep! I just wanted to make it until 3pm. Every minute after this is just a bonus! Well done Tyler youre a legend! - so happy for you original.gif original.gif

Thanks for listening once again girls original.gif

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#53 JoRiCo

Posted 23 November 2006 - 02:09 PM

Me again,

Thought I'd post some of the newest photos
This is one of the three men in my life! Yes the boys are like Daniel.

This is Riley in his jitter bug bouncy car!


#54 xfitpolemum

Posted 23 November 2006 - 02:14 PM

Afternoon Mumma's and Bubba's

Happy_Days251& Jenni_ob:  Hope you enjoy your day at work.  I personally, am dreading it.  I love being at home with Mia!!  Unfortunately, lack of money insists that I go back in January.

Cal_h:  LOL at employed ladies!

Hel:  Also with you things that donít fit the bust.  I bought a dress a while ago and canít wear it until I stop BF as it is a cross over and just completely gaps!

Rach:  Hereís hoping you have a better night tonight and Riley, be good for your Mummy and do as she says!

Fi:  I was so excited earlier this afternoon as Mia settled herself off to sleep, but then one of my Rotties had to go and wreck it by barking.  Iíd put Mia on my bed and left the sliding door in room open to catch the breeze as Miaís room gets the afternoon sun and heats up.  What is Tylerís routine like??

Amanda:  Wish Mia would have a 3hr sleep!  Flat out getting her to have more than 40-45mins.  And I thought my hair fall was bad.  Mine is about 4inches below my shoulders, thick and curly, now I find hair EVERYWHERE!  Yours sounds a lot worse than mine!

Best be off now...

#55 huggles

Posted 23 November 2006 - 03:28 PM

Hi again 2 posts in one day i am going good, just come back quickly to reply to Fi lol... Yeah the portfolio is for free and they take a cut when he does jobs, they are apparently a reputable agency so ive heard, read a thing on them the other day and they get a lot of work just dont know whether they will become too pushy with Seth, i dont want them to be like those "awful" stage parents you see, i want him to be a toddler not a movie star lol... anyways i am glad to hear the bf is going well and Tyler seems to be going great and what a trooper 400 grams in a week, Tianah is 8 kilos at 4 months she is a chibba but she is MY chubba so i dont care lol... and also yay on the sleep front... DANNII- Those photos are gorgeous ATELIER- Tianah hates it on her tummy so im araid i cant help but apparently it isnt good them sleeping on their tummys due to sids etc have you thought about the anti rolling pillows you can get, they are placed either side of the baby and they cant roll with it, maybe this might be an idea... Sorry couldnt be much more help

Anyways gotta go little miss wants a feed


#56 cuddlymummy

Posted 23 November 2006 - 03:38 PM

Damn you son of a b**ch!!!!!  I just lost my post!!!

WTF, now i have to say it all over again.

ALright i'll shorten it.  Riley is doing really well today, being a very good boy, slept well at lunch, had 1hr then resettled after many tears and half an hour but slept for another hour so very happy with that.

He has fed like a champ!!!  Had both boobs after his sleep and then chatted to me inbetween nibbles so loved that feed!

Fi - so glad DH is making an effort and i love the 'date' thing, just what you need!!  have fun i love bowling i bet you win a game too!  So happy the sleeps are going well, i am trying to stretch Riley out aswell so he sleeps better, seems to work.

Atelier - i think cally was having this prob too, if sleeps alright on her tummy then just watch her for abit but i spose you cant stay awake all night watching her can you.  Good luck im sure she'll be fine.

Dannii - i love the pic of all the boys, so cute.  i have on of Riley and dad too i might try to post it if i can remeber!

Regarding the hair - my hairdresser says its normal after birth and mine just started about a month ago but i have thick hair so dont mind losing a bit.

welli better go i have munchkin on my lap and he is trying to eat the wrap, anyone would swear i starve him, he just had two big boobies!!!!

is anyone eses bubs trying to turn around whenever you carry them over your shoulder???  It doesn't matter how i hold him, he just wants to look out at the world.  he certainly is very curious!!!  i guess that explains his shocking feeding!!!  Fi - i was also told its a developmental thing at this age to be vey alert and curious about everything.  so will have to wait it out.
have to go now,

see yas!!!!!!

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#57 House-full-of-blue

Posted 23 November 2006 - 03:43 PM

RACH - Hold him so his back is toward you, with your arm around his waist and holding his crotch (sp?!). Does that make sense? Tyler LOVES this position and it's really good on your back. original.gif

#58 cuddlymummy

Posted 23 November 2006 - 03:58 PM

Yeah Fi - thats how i usually hold him but after a feed it really pushes on his belly and he spews!LOL! happy.gif  ohmy.gif

Sorry the pic is so big of my two boys, i can't reduce it!

thought i'd put one on of me and my boy (excuse the nighty it was in the morning.

#59 foxari

Posted 23 November 2006 - 04:09 PM

Hi Everyone
sorry i have ben a bit mia- life is so crazy sometimes!
Beeen to physion this morning and have a whole hap of excercises to do with patrick and have to see her next week. Have to try and strengthen the muscles in the right side of his neck so that he can turn it that way.
Im feeling really tired today for some reason. I think this week being so busy has caught up with me, and its not over yet.

Lovely to see all the babies looking so good.
Oh and Patrick is rolling blink.gif  Now there will be no stopping him!!!
gtg teenage drama's sorry bbl
foxi xx

#60 :)Helena

Posted 23 November 2006 - 04:49 PM

hi girls Tounge1.gif

Fi, well done with the routine change, I've been considering that myself but each day I plan to, he sleeps longer/ shorter in the a.m., throwing the plan right off! Your boys really do all look alike & I LOVE Riley's car!! BTW you can get infant size in 100 boxes- http://www.nappyland.com.au we have a store locally but they also deliver

Amanda, glad to hear Tianahs enjoying her food! Tounge1.gif Which agency was it that approached you? Fi's right, they shouldn't be charging you for photos, only a commission of any work Seth may get. Some charge a 'membership fee' but that shouldn't be more than$100

Rach, if Riley's putting on weight, filling nappies, accting happy healthy & the dr says he seems ok- maybe he's actually feeding more quickly! I got really thrown off with Caelan recently cos feeds used to take up to an hour in  the past and recently, he's done in 10-15mins. i've tried 'forcing' more into him but he wont take it or he'll spew if he does!! I know he's been a bit erratic & all over the place for you, but how long does he feed for at a time? (I've noticed I can express milk a lot quicker these days too, sometimes 100ml in 10-15mins, and apparantly he'd be getting more than that if he was feeding himself.)So yeah, maybe Riley's similar...

Atelier, I havent had a chance to get out today, your cd will go in the mail tomorrow! Glad to hear bubs was sleeping, bummer it's on her belly tho! i'm not sure about how to stop that, sorry!

Hope everyones had a great day, especially everyone that had to go to work!
ours has been pretty good, got nothing done that Id planned tho! I only had brekky about an hr ago!! Dh kept saying he'd nick out to the shops for some lunch & bits, asked me to make a list- he went out 3 times and came home empty-handed!!  mad.gif At 4pm when caelan woke, I offered dh a bowl of cereal with me, he didnt want cereal but offered for me to wait till he goes to the shop-" i'm starving" I said, "so is caelan so I have to feed myself so I can feed him"... he's just come in (5pm)and wants to keep painting the deck (Caelans dozing on my lap after his feed) "oh thats right, i said Id go shopping!" he says!!.."Do I have to?" "Well we still need stuff" I replied " but I can put Caelan to bed & go myself if you want to keep painting".. so he's back out there painting, caelan woke 5 mins later & whinged so is back on the boob... Seems we're back on our old schedule with caelan so I wont make it to the shops till after he's down at 7 sad.gif

I might skip caelans bath tonight and get him to bed sooner- tho he never really dozes off til 7 anyway.. i'll try.. I'm starving & wanna flop on the couch & watch telly tonight with a nice full belly!!

Anyway.. nearly 2 hrs posting (also chatting on msn tho)I'd better peel my butt from the chair and get this little dude ready for bed!

BBL! Tounge1.gif hel

#61 RHJ

Posted 23 November 2006 - 05:11 PM

Sorry girls...no time for personals.. Ryan is in a crazy mood today! (hayden is finally asleep... but for how long???)

Just thought i would update you about Hayden's physio appt. We saw the lady yesterday and she was great! She said his head turn is mostlikely due to his birth. They believe that all the pulling on the head, and the twisting can sometimes tear muscles in bubs neck! DH wasn't surprised of this when i told him as he said Hayden was in a dificult position when he was born and had to be turned around more than a normal birth... he said there was a bit of force used! (didn't feel like it to me...lol)
Anyway she said that we were clearly making a great start on it, as he is starting to get a bald patch on the nice round side. BUT she said that it will probalby take at least a year of work to get his head back to the right shape. No need for helmets or anything drastic... thank goodness! so we just have to try to get him to look to the left at every opportunity. SHe has also told me to sit him up in things rather than lie him on his back during the day. NO back play during the day! just tummy, bouncer or high chair! or he can go in the hug a bub!
anyway.. she said he is doing very well in his strength. He has really picked up in the last week- and is now pushing up on his hands (finally) while on his tum! YAY
so all is good. We just have to do some stretching on his neck through gently guiding it... and that is all! So i am really relieved. We don't have to go back to see her unless we are concerned it is getting worse! SO i am really excited.
Anyway... better get back to dinner! Roast yummm!

#62 House-full-of-blue

Posted 23 November 2006 - 05:21 PM

HEL - I have no idea what you are talking about...LOL!! I think it was meant for Rach..lol!! tongue.gif  biggrin.gif
Hang on, the nappy part might have been for me - if not woohoo! I will look into it, thanks original.gif

This is the position i was talking about;

and just some cute ones of my boys original.gif

Edited by House-full-of-blue, 23 November 2006 - 05:27 PM.

#63 wiggler

Posted 23 November 2006 - 06:10 PM

long day at work but home now.

james was a cheeky monster today. bec's dad had put bec's formula bottle down for 2 secs to grab something and turned around to find james had got hold off it and had started drinking it all by himself. he has had some before. you can get these small packages of the formula (not the big tins) just have one serve and make them up. my mum and i tried one to free me up a little while we where away (really so i could drink lots of nice wine at a wedding) i have them in the cupboard in case needed for the days i work or if im sick, or cant express enough. no problems for james atill tastes good.

the parsnip, carrot and zuchinini went down a treat but i cheated by adding a table spoon of pureed pear. tonight he had mushed c*ck-o-leekie (the base of my soup from last night). not as good as last nights but most went down. the facial expressions where hilarious. might go pumpkin tomorrow as it my treat-james-day and he loves pumpkin

the pictures are all gorgeous - still need to work out how to do it.  blush.gif

fi thats is how james loves to be held.

.....sorry got to go - try to get back later.

#64 :)Helena

Posted 23 November 2006 - 06:57 PM

you can tell my brains not working eh?!

Fi, The photo comment was for Dannii, I think I deleted her name at the beginning of the line when I was cutting and pasting bits!!
But yeah, the nappy comment was for you (& anyone else interested!) rolleyes.gif
I really should read my posts before I actually post them Tounge1.gif LOL

Great pics btw! thats how we hold Caelan too!! he loves looking out at the world and grabbing at stuff, it saves getting my front covered in slobber too! Cory looks like hes having a great time in the pool, I cant wait for Caelan to enjoy it, he's a bit of a wuss at the moment!!  cool.gif

Rach, Rileys just sooooo cute!! He's got a great smile and excellent hair!!

Gotta go eat, tongue.gif
hope everyone sleeps well, tongue.gif
bbl while i pump blink.gif

biggrin.gif hel

#65 cuddlymummy

Posted 23 November 2006 - 07:33 PM

Hi again,

oooh, i love seeing photos!  Fi - yep thats how i hold him usually but sometimes just throw him over my shoulder and all he wants to do is grab at my face (and scratch the sh*t out of it too!) and turn around.  I can't believe how big they are getting, he can do so much now!
Your boys are absolutely gorgeous and they look so alike (aaah duh!)  Can't wait to meet them in person. biggrin.gif
I love the santa hat, i have one for Riley but he doesn't like things on his head so will be a battle to get him to wear any hat!  He's fine with sunny's on tho, LOVES THEM!!!!

He absolutely HATES!!!! his bouncer i think thats because it constricts him and he can't roll around, now that he has realised he can move!LOL!!!  So he has started to actually roll from his tummy to back and then back again!  I couldn't believe it, he's only done it once but it was so exciting.  once he rolls from back to tum, he can now bring his arms around and push up!!  He's such a big boy now!!!!

Helena - actually the doc weighed him and he hasn't gaind anything in a week!  She said this happens when they get older anyway, they start to slow down esp the ones that put on lots at the start (like Riley).  He isnt massive but slightly above the 70% line in his blue book, he is now coming down tho, but not worried.
Yeah i actually think he is feeding quicker, but my boob still doesn't feel empty so this is why i dont think he is getting ALL of the feed.  Anyway, he had a great day today so heas hoping it stays that way!

Also Fi - she didn't really say much about my supply i was worried too, but i guess it will adjust to what Riley wants/needs.  He has only had three feeds today and went to sleep in bed before his other feed (refused it again) so am waiting for him to wake up for it.  I guess he just doesn't need to feed as often as some?!  I dont know im just going with what he wants and if it means only 3 feeds then i guess im up during the night for more!! Grrrrrr!  What can i do??  GIVE HIM A BIG KISS OF COURSE!!!! wink.gif  biggrin.gif

Well i better go, i want to go to bed soon i can tell he will have me up most of the night again so better get some rest while i can.  Cheeky monkey!  

Night all,

Edited by cuddlymummy, 23 November 2006 - 07:35 PM.

#66 JoRiCo

Posted 23 November 2006 - 07:45 PM

Hi All,

Rach- you sound much better today and Riley is going great. I hope he keeps it up for tonight so that you are refreshed for tomorrow. Love the photos.

Helena- I thought I'd swapped bubs with Fi lol. Don't worry you are forgiven and thanks for the comments. I get lots of ppl say that the boys look alike and Daniel can't deny them that's for sure.

Fi- I always carry Riley like that also he loves to see what's going on. Your boys are also gorgeous, and your not bad either lol.

Another good day here, both my boys are in bed asleep for the night (I hope). Riley hasn't slept much today as we were out but he has been in a good mood.

Hope everyone gets a good night sleep.

Hi to Kylie down there, I hope Callen is good.


#67 cuddlymummy

Posted 23 November 2006 - 08:02 PM

Hey Kylie are you coming to the meet tomorrow at my place?

#68 Lee~XOX

Posted 23 November 2006 - 08:31 PM

Hi Mummies.  

What a day.  I'm buggered.  Between getting organised this morning to get to work and drop Campbell of and then major office politics and then arguing with DF and now evening/bed routine on my own, I feel like I could sleep forever... I wish  happy.gif

He went down at 8.50pm so if he is still down at 9.30 (it's currently 9.20), i'm off to bed.  

DF won't be home.  He's out fighting fires which is all very noble of him I know but honestly I'm feeling neglected!  He got the sh*ts with me today b/cos while he had 2 hours to spare after work and before leaving for the fire, I told him to go see his son as he hadn't seen him in 2 days.  He wasn't impressed at all.  He told me i'd be out doing stuff too if I had the opportunity... does that make sense ... I'm sure you get it.  Either way I apparently would be doing the exact same thing as him if I weren't a mother.  Hmmm don't get his logic.  I didn't wander for at least 2 hours every day before Campbell was born.  Anyway I really should stop complaining about it.  No one wants to hear about our relationship saga.

Fi - That's how I hold Campbell too.   He loves it.  I have to change his sling around so that next time we use it it faces outwards too.  

Rach - Gorgeous photos.  I hope things continue to improve.  

What happened to the Sydney meet.  Are we the slack ones again..? I know Fi offered, did anyone agree?

Newy girls, have a nice meet tomorrow.  I'm jealous!  

9.31pm... off to bed!!!



#69 Guest_atelier_*

Posted 23 November 2006 - 09:07 PM

Hi again,

Helena - no probs just when you manage to get to the post office.   Bubs slept two 30 min sleeps in her cot which is a start, i am hoping your cd will help.

We have had major cot issues and i have spent the past two days trying to get s ome sense out of someone, bubs was getting her arm stuck down the side of the cot and the mattress, we bought the cot and mattress together from a baby shop  mad.gif  this should not happen, so anyways have been and got some foam cut the height of the mattress and put it the whole way around the mattress under the sheet and mattress protector so it fits snuggly in the cot, so at least she cannot get stuck while i deal with how they can sell this product especially since it was quite expensive as well.

Well i am off to bed now, very tired and DH is asleep on the couch

#70 House-full-of-blue

Posted 23 November 2006 - 09:13 PM

LEE - yes a few did agree, im the slack one ;(  will sort it out tomorrow  unsure.gif  sorry.

#71 MamaCass

Posted 23 November 2006 - 09:33 PM

Hi girls

Stacie My hair is falling out heaps too and is almost waist length so there is hair eveywhere, plus my DH has long hair too and we have two cats hair everywhere. Poor Dylan he has been born into the haory family. This is really gross but I even found two of m y hairs in one of Dylan's poos I hope they did go through his digestive system.

Fi I hold Dylan like that too.

I just had to drop my mum at the airport as she is going overseas for a holiday and left Dylan with his dad for his bedtime story and to be put to bed. Well Dylan did not get his story because DH could not find the books??????? And it took Dylan two hours to go to sleep I think it must have been because it was not me settling him, though he has been taking one and half hours with me too.


#72 foxari

Posted 23 November 2006 - 11:10 PM

Hi everyone-
Just a quick one from us tonight as i am pooped! But i just read a catch up on posts and had to respond to Iamjane-
Patrick is having similar problems with his neck and is also having physio- his problems are also caused from the birth or being hunched up while in utero!

Atelier- I dont want to alarm you but having read your post i thought id better post my cot horrow story. My son aged 11 now, got his leg stuck in the cot bars and broke his femur (inside of his leg) My ex- husband and i heard him crying during the night and he went into Kyle who had his leg wedged in the bars. He didnt realise at that stage that Kyle had broken anything and he put Kyle back to bed  ohmy.gif  In the morning Kyle was crying heaps and VERYunsettled so i took him to the dr's and that is when we discovered his leg was in fact broken. He had to be in trction for 6 weeks and it was a complete nigtmare experience and i carried a lot of guilt over it for a long time. Needless to say i got rid of the cot. I am now VERY wary of cots and the gap between bars etc.
Thought i sould just share my experience so you are aware of worst case senario.

All is well this end except we seem to have a flea infestation here at the moment and i keep getting eatan alive. So today we have fleaed the cats and tomorrow we are going to flea bomb the house...grrrrrrrrr i am so itchy!!
Anyway on that note i am going to bed- take care everyone and bb tommorrow-
hugs foxixx

#73 House-full-of-blue

Posted 24 November 2006 - 06:42 AM


Just to let you know my friend and i have started a settling BG in the crawlers section. You are all welcome to join, just pop your head in and say hello original.gif

#74 slummymummy

Posted 24 November 2006 - 07:05 AM

Hi Girls
Atlier - I have tried one of those anti-roll pillows for Molly. Gav and I call it the bolster cushion and it works quite well and stops her rolling on to her belly. The first time I saw her on her belly I freaked because I know it is a SIDS no-no. Molly loves to roll, she reminds me of that woman in We Can Be Heroes LOL. We say she could roll for Australia! Yesterday she did a double roll! I could not believe it, two rolls in a row. Anyway...The pillow we got her is nowhere near her head and supports her shoulders so she does not roll. It is a Safe N Sound brand and I got it from Babies Galore.
Rach and Fi - so glad your bubs are settling for you. Rach - you sound so much better, which is fab. Newey girls have fun at your meet up today.
Lee - bugger about your problems with DF. I am sure it will all settle down once you see him. Perhaps put some time together where you just see each other - a date night or something? He might just be feeling a bit freaked out by the responsibility of being a Dad. Remember be kind to yourself, you have a lot on your plate. I suggest a facial or a massage, really pamper yourself, you deserve it working three days with hubby away fighting fires.
Karen - your story about James grabbing the bottle is hilarious. What a champ.
All went well yesterday at work. I could use Powerpoint LOL and managed to add four slides of my own to the presentation. I was so pleased because I was worried about my post-natal drift. It made me feel really good being out of the house and writing again, because I love writing and thinking up snazzy summaries of issues (sounds wanky but that's PR for you Darrrhling) LOL. Anyway today I do my speech so i better go and commit it to memory.

Edited by happy_days251, 24 November 2006 - 07:06 AM.

#75 :)Helena

Posted 24 November 2006 - 07:19 AM

good morning !!

typing gently so as not to disturb my little booby monster!.. gonna be slow!!He slept well last night from 7-12.35 then 1ish- 5am then 5.15-7.15 so  pretty good, if getting up twice in the night is good?!! blink.gif  better than 3 times I guess!!

I hope everyone else woke less and bubs all settled well.

Foxi, what a scary cot story, that must've been heart-breaking for you! hope the fleas bugger off quickly!!

Just wondering, has anyone heard from Freya & Isaac recently (A&Esmum)?? i'm sure theres some others from the group as well that havent popped in for a while- hope you're all well & happy!!

Anyhoohoo, gonna have to go & deal with my wriggly worm here! Gotta head to school, shops & post office today so will probably go for a walk in this luverly sunshine soon!:P  cool.gif

have a great day everyone, I'll be back later i'm sure!!  rolleyes.gif

Tounge1.gif hel

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